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1 Battle Square #1b, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

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REVIEWS OF Asheville Pinball Museum IN North Carolina

CA Lutocka

Great place, fun for all ages, the best games offered throughout time. Enjoy going back

William Ayers

Can't beat the opportunity to play many classic pinball machines and old arcade games. One price to play as long as you want.

Hannah Harris

$15 for all you can play pinball and arcade games? I would go back 100 times. Very cool vibe and super fun games.

Anna Novello

Very cool place to visit if you love pinball games

Eric G

Umm how can you not give this place 5 stars. It has unlimited games from all sorts of time periods, super friendly staff, and beer. It's a kids dream... Yes it made me a kid again. They had machines I haven't seen since I was younger. Definitely a place to check out.

Versace Nell

Nothing like it. Had a great time. A must do

Jeel Dharek

Is more like museum with pinball gaming options. AC was broke during our visit so it was a bit smelly. They have some of the first pinball gaming machine that is just for display as well as some new pinball machines that you can play on. They also have some pinball machine offering free gameplay which was nice. We didn't spend much time or look around at all different pinball machines as AC was broke but nothing against them for that. Cool place to visit if you are in town and have a thing for Pinball machines or if you feeling nostalgic!

Wyatt Bricca

Absolutely worth the cost of admission. So many rare machines and, on a Sunday afternoon in tourist season, we didn't have to wait more than a few minutes to play anything specific. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Mist One

Crazy fun. Pay the $15 admission and play nostalgic games until you drop. This place is a quirky nerd Oasis. So much more than pinball machines. The further I explored the place, the more I wanted to stay forever.

Anthony Dukes

Awesome place to spend an afternoon with the kids. 80s music, posters and arcades.

Kent Sajack

Awesome place if you enjoy playing pinball$15 cover charge all games are free get there early there usually is an hour away

Christian Mai

Very fun place! Great tram working there. Not just a museum, you can actually play with most of the flippers! Worth stopping by!

Jessica Alves

Sooooo fkn cool

Jeremy Pease

Great spot to hang out. Although the place was full everyone seem to play nicely. No one hogging one machine for too long. Seems to be an unspoken rule. Play..enjoy...but take turns. Loved it.

John Quintana

Kind of cool seeing all the vintage pinball and arcade games but definitely over priced. $ 15 bucks per head was a bit much for what you get. Staff was very nice snd courteous but again it was a bit over priced. Building is dark with low ceilings and it was extremely hot inside. It is something different to do but be prepared if you go with expectations not too high.

Dan Della Rova

Old-fashioned fun!! They even had arcade Asteroids. Loved that game...and still do. How can such simple graphics be so much blasting fun!

FrEtBurNeR 89

Amazing place to play pinball and classic arcade games.

julie partridge

Helpful staff keep machines running, limited admission ensuring there are always games for everyone to play, fair price for lots of fun.

Rheanna Burnett

This is an excellent way to spend some time in Asheville! $15 dollars ($13 for veterans) to have all day access to absolute nerd-vana. Pinball machines and old stand up games galore! We had such a good time and their decorating is spot-on! If I could give over five stars, I would!!!

Lindsey Lustig

Fun spot with lots of games to play unlimited with entrance fee. Cute, kitschy, and fun!

Sarah Crosby

Great selection of pinball machines. $15 for unlimited play of most machines.

Andreu Adams

Cool games. Cheap beers

Kristin wright

A great place for kids/teens. And adults. Fun to see all the games we grew up with.


Amazing. All of the fun you couldn't afford as a kid at a very reasonable price.

Nicole Offenheiser

Love love love the Asheville Pinball Museum! Great beer and two rooms of pinball machines! Old games and new games. Pinball from the 50's all the way to 2018 (like Lord of the rings and game of thrones). The back two rooms are filled with arcades. They also had a few flat screen tvs on the wall with old game systems (original Mario, Sonic, etc). Anyone who likes pinball or arcade games should check this place out!!

Diane Kliem

We are a family of 5 & every one of us had a great time here. Staff is helpful & there was always a game available to play.

John Goodyear

If you have any nostalgia for video games or pinball machines from the late 70's and 80's, this place scratches that itch! So many different kinds of pinball machines, arcade classics plus snacks and soft drinks. You may have to wait if you don't get there when they open, they only allow a few dozen people in at a time per fire code. But its a one-time fee and you can leave, grab a bite and come back (again, might have to wait) but you are given a wrist strap showing you paid already. I can't say enough about how fun this place is for someone who grew up playing these games. Take some time and visit, you will be happy you did!

Shahbaz Kazi

Fun place for kids, my 7 year old and I, had lot of fun playing with pinball machines and vintage video games.

Brian Turner

It was like stepping back into 1982! Was able to take my nine-year-old son and relive it all! If you hung out in arcades back in the 80s this is a must do!

Brianna K

Great place for all ages. Visited twice in 3 days. Great staff and games. Highly recommend!

Andrea Muha

Came last year and had a blast! This year they had a few new one machines and changed a few around. Such a fun atmosphere. Its also really nice that you can come and go (grabbing some to eat) as use please, making the price much more reasonable. Highly recommended!

Tirzah Cooper

$30 for two adults and worth EVERY PENNY! The staff was awesome, loved the atmosphere... and we spend two and a half hours and still didn't play everything. My tip is to get there AS SOON as they open in order to get in and play because as we were leaving there were so many people coming in that they started sending new people trying to come in out and putting them on a two hour wait list.

DaJackinCracken Sims

This place is awesome. I went with my girlfriend for her birthday. Had a great time. Recommend it for everyone.

Chris Campassi

Fun atmosphere but make sure to get there early because they cap the number of people allowed inside to 80 people.

Teresa A

We loved this place! It's a great value with lots of unique games. We played for 3.5 hours and enjoyed the craft beer they had available. They also allow you to return after leaving on the same entry fee during the same day.

Foto Jennic

Definitely a fun place to visit. Very popular so be ready to wait as they have limited space, but once inside it's really easy to blow two hours trying out most of the games. Appreciated the small write ups they had on certain games telling about their age & production facts, as well as the small history that explains how pinball was outlawed in many cities from the 1930's-1970's. Bathrooms are awesomely decorated so be sure to check them out before leaving! Only two small things that could be improved upon: not a great selection of snacks, and their ceiling has some leaks when it rains as it's an old building - leaks aren't a big deal but it did cause one of the games to be closed off which was kind of a bummer (just because it was HBO's GoT which is mega popular as the last season is currently on).

Jason Harmon

Almost never ending trove of amazing details, memorabilia, and great games. Plenty of arcade stuff... to go along with all the pinball. Great atmosphere.

Quadcopter Enthusiast

Best place EVER! Only 15 bucks for all the pinball you can play.

Heather M

Came here for my husband's birthday with a friend. We had an awesome time. Definitely worth the admission fee, we strongly recommend coming. There are a ton of games to choose from, pinball or other classic arcade games. You are going to have fun.

Nathan A. Murphy

Super awesome. Pay $15 and you can stay all day and all games but two are free. A lot of great games not just pinball. They have dragon's lair

Benjamin Jones

Super fun, air conditioned, cheap, summer rainy day activity!

John Amosa

This place is retro, nostalgic and a lot of fun. Could've stayed even longer but they closed!

Amanda McGraw

This is a gem! Fun, different experience. Highly recommend for all ages. As some other reviews have mentioned, guests are good about not crowding the machines. If you're from the late 80's generation, head to the back room to play some Sega!

David Field

Went this past Friday with my wife and 2 sons. Awesome place with great staff, great selection of games and super atmosphere with eclectic decorations everywhere make this a truly awesome and unique experience. Highly recommend!!!

Tyler Goodrich

Lots of fun for kids from 1 to 92. Fairly priced also unlike most arcades.

Caitlin George

Super fun! It’s $15 per person to play all the games!


Really cool place to visit! Loads of very old pinball machines, but plenty of modern types to keep you entertained.

Gavin Henthorn

I would love to live nearby instead of visiting on vacation.

Tasha Rayfield

Very nice place! Easily 40+ pinball and arcade machines available to play for a 1 time fee. Very cool and fun. Only downside it is a little cramped in there when it gets full. Super fun! Great for kids too.

Katie Miskell

This place is amazing!!! We are in Asheville for a family vacation and this place was perfect for our family. So much variety, and really cool old video, and pinball games.

Kurt Bassett

Very cool place. You could get lost in here. Get here at 12:45, otherwise there will be a wait.

Rachel B

Funky arcade. You buy a wristband for $15 and you can play all can even leave and come back (same day)! Hubby had a great time reliving his 5th grade passion-endless arcade games.

Michael King

Good selection and presentation. Equipment was a bit lacking in terms of top performance. Still awesome and would go back.

Erica Larsh

This is one of the most interesting local spots in Asheville! My daughter and I unexpectedly ended up here when we had some time to kill and I wish we could have stayed longer. The staff was very friendly, the price was reasonable, and the games were clean and in good working condition. Now my husband and sons want to visit too!

Mike Kafes

I took my son here and we had a blast! He's 18 and had never been to an authentic Arcade before. He loved it! This was the best time I have had in a long time. So nostalgic and enjoyable. FYI it's $15.00 a person but All YOU CAN PLAY. Get there early because there can be up to a 2-3 hour wait, but they will call you when it's your turn.

Paul McAllister

Great spot to hang out. There's something for everyone and the staff is very friendly! Beer and drinks available too! Found some old games that took me back quite a few years. Had alot of fun!

Mike Romot

What a great place for a step back in time. Fantastic.

Steve Alex

We got in just before a waiting list was announced. Played games for 2 hours and only left because we had dinner plans that night. Can't wait to go back again.

Matthew Barker

Amazing place! Tons of great games and an awesome atmosphere!

Vijayanarayanan S

This is the best place for Arcade games. It is 11$/person. Believe me, it's worth it! There are so many varieties of pin ball games here. It will definitely be more than 11$ if you pay it by quarter (but that's not an option anyways) You can stay for as long as you want, but I would say 2 hours is a good time to explore everything. One of the things we missed were the Arcade games at the back. That's included in your price as well. So don't miss it

Brian Weatherley

Amazing atmosphere! Pinball machines from all eras. Bonus huge arcade area in the back with pretty much every machine from the 80s. Great place for nostalgia AND you can buy beer! One of my favorite places in town. The decor will induce euphoria in any retro fan.

Heather Staton

So many games, totally not enough time in the day! We are here from Crossville, TN, on a short weekend vacation with family and will DEFINITELY be coming back to play more pinball and arcade games.

Will Gautney

Very small capacity for admittance, but a very large collection of machines both pinball and arcade. The availability of a bard for non and alcoholic drinks is amazing. Also, all of the machines being on freeplay makes for the awesome ability to actually finish some classic arcade games.

Justin L.

Many classic pinball machines plus some new ones. 15 dollars to play any number of machines. Many old video game machines in the back. Line started forming early before opening on Saturday.

Wes Mcleod

How cool is this place??? For those 40 something's or so out there that are looking for a little nostalgia, this is the place. It even smells like this old arcades from the 80's.

Wendy Medeiros

Wasnt impressed, alot of the machines kepted breaking down and most were to old or on display.

David Fisher

Walk in n and was planning an old favorite in no time. Wife and I spent about 90 minutes in here playing. Had loads of fun.

John Paul Dales

Such an awesome spot! A great collection of so many different machines and not just pinball.

Kelly Smith

The place was awesome, a lot of machines and a good selection of old EM's. Plus I got 1st place on the Metalica. I recommend it o anyone with an interest in pinball

Barbara Rawson

Loads of fun, lots of childhood memories rekindled, attentive and fun staff.

ken s

Such a fun place. They have over 80 Pinball machines from the 30's to present day, as well as a whole back room of older arcade games. It's a single $15 fee to walk in but you are able to play unlimited in 2 hours. They even sell local beer in a can. Everyone in our group 12 to 74 walked out happy.

Omar Abdelgawad

Mesuem? Arcade? Why not both? Play and learn the games they have. Show up early or put your name on the wait list. This place is POPULAR but will only allow so many peeps at a time.

Anthony Corrado

One of my favorite places I've been. I played so much pinball! There are also a bunch of console games systems and other arcade games available to play as well. They have beer, soda, and snacks available to enjoy while you bang away on those flippers. We went with grandparents and grandkids and everyone in-between. Fun was had by all! Great value! Great machines that were all up and running! Vintage to modern pinball with a great variety of themed pop culture models. A must visit when your in town.

Jeff Drake

What a great place! All you can play for one price is brilliant. Nostalgic for people of a certain age and educational for the younger generation. On busy days, plan ahead to get on the waiting list then shop or grab a bite to eat across the street.

Melissa Thiel

3 generations loved it for several hours! So fun

Becky Harden

Had so much fun!! It was awesome! I was in heaven

Kathaleen Baron

This place is just awesome there are antique pinball machines displayed and pinball machines that you can play and other arcade games that is available. I recommend this for a family, singles or just someone who enjoys playing video games and pinball machines.

Taylor Blackley

This is an awesome place to visit when you are in Ashville. The hours on Sunday are strange but other than that, great time all around. They have classic games and even the wicked Wizard of Oz pinball in the corner (although this is the …

Andrew Spohn

Everyone should visit this establishment. Tons of rich history and fun to be had by people of all ages. I wish I could go every week!

John Wedding

Pinballs in great shape. Some arcade games in good shape, others not so much, but was having so much fun reliving my youth I didn't care. Bravo!

Marcus Kirtley

We were in town during a big rain storm and they warned us it would be busy and yo get there early, and they were right. Line started forming in the rain at about 1:30. We got in and played for about 2 hours and had a blast. From 7 year old kids to Grandma's that came with us we all had a great time playing and challenging one another. Staff was awesome, kudos to y'all. They do a great job of regulating the amount of people in there at a time so there were always open machines to play even when at max capacity. I was worried that when they said it would be full you wouldn't be able to play as much and there would be too many people but that wasn't the case. You have to go check this out, but do get there early. There was a wait after we arrived and it was one out, one in kind of deal. Great job on everything Owners! We were very impressed at how organized and we'll run things were. Max capacity was set perfectly for everyone to have enough play time and enjoy it.

David Kinnamon

Absolutely love how this place is run. Really affordable for the amount of fun you'll have. Perfect combination of old classic machines, as well as new ones. They throw in some arcade games around back too for good measure. The wait list may seem dumb to some people (it's not), but it makes your experience inside SO much more enjoyable. Always an open machine, and you rarely wait for more than a few minutes for one that's taken. Get on the wait list and enjoy any number of the awesome local businesses that are a few steps away while you wait to be texted in. Every machine I played worked great. Cheap local brews are a real bonus.

Scott Busby

Awesome place to hang out with your kids or grandkids

Denver Broncos

One of the coolest places I have ever been. We could have stayed all day and played !

Michael Copney

Great prices to play vintage games we all loved growing up

Chris Hines

This place was so much fun... Way more than I expected everyone is so friendly and helpful. Play all day; come and go. Good beers. Win!

Charity Bonapfel

So awesome! Tons of vintage games, many in working order. $15 for unlimited play on pinball machines and classic arcade games. Great decor for fans of cartoons/video games/ pop culture. Even the bathroom was decorated with old games and characters, etc. You can enter and just view for free, but it's totally worth the money to play!

Peyton Hibdon

This place is like a walk back in time seeing so many classic arcade machines in play at once.

Evan Gore

Cool place. Me and my son had a great time. It was $15 a person and you play as much as want. Highly recommend when you are in Asheville.

john sistrunk

A lot of fun for older people that used to play pinball machine and kids that never played them plus video games of the 70s and 80s to enjoy

Peter Bruschi

Super rad! Didn't realize there was more than just the pinball, I'll have to return to play the games in the back!

Troy Wilkinson

KIds (6 & 5) loved this place. Can't say enough good about how cheap everything is for what you get. Fun times.

Allien McNair

So much fun! Had a blast playing new and vintage pinball. Will definitely go back and bring more family and friends.

Jay Milone

Wasn't sure about this place, then, three hours later, I left. Totally awesome staff with pinball and the best arcade games from the 80's and early 90's. Even has SNES and N64. The movie posters on the wall are even more cooler. As an 80's kid myself, I was warped back to the greatest times of my childhood. The only difference was it was all you can play, with beer!!

Ken Willis

What a great way to spend an afternoon. One price gets you in and allows you to play all the classics. They have a very good system of staggering visitors so you can find an open game to play. In addition to pinball, there are some console games, too. I brought 11yo twin boys with me and they had a blast. Well worth the visit.

joe stebic

Get there halfhour early play your favorites first. Limited beer and soda and snacks. 15$ unlimited play or free to just look. Not only pinball but video game cabinets and classic consoles in back.

Anthony Trimble

What an amazing little spot. It can be a little cramped in there but it's totally worth it.

Max Hohenberger

Good selection of arcade games and pinball machined. Good value for the price. Parking can be a challenge in the downtown location though.

Connor Granville

The fee to play at first seemed a touch expensive, but once I realized how much time you can spend here it quickly became worth it. While the pinball machines are cool and the main draw, the addition of the classic arcade room really seals the deal.

Shannon Martin

This place is awesome! My husband ran across this place and decided that we needed to give our kids a history lesson on our childhood fun. Great day!


I really loved the decor and selection of games here, as a pinball fan from out of town. Most of the games need a little TLC though- leveling, new lights, repaired mechs, etc- and the modern games are set up to play a little slower than they should. All in all, it was a fun place to spend an afternoon and have a few brews.

Isabella Banich

So much fun! If you just want to look around, it's completely free, but if you play the games its super cheap for an all-day pass. They've got all the popular games from their prime, and they're all really cared for and the entire place is just fantastic to see!

Jennifer Abrell

One of the best places we have ever been as a family! I planned to visit for our 13 year old son and we all ended up loving it. The vintage games brought back so many fond memories of growing up in the 80's. It works well that they limit the number of people at a time...there was never a time we had to wait to play a game. The decor was fun, the staff was helpful and so friendly. We arrived at about 4:00pm and had to wait about an hour but it was well worth it. I highly recommend Asheville Pinball Museum.

Rebecca Steiner

Got in line around 1:45 to ensure we would be let in at 2:00. AC was not working for first hour of play. Machines were in good condition. More of an arcade than a museum. Kid friendly. Staff were helpful.

Sandra Sumallo

Spent 3 hours here easily! Staff is super friendly. They're also very helpful if your ball gets stuck.

Jonny Kentros

Great place. $15 all you can play. It's really an arcade not a museum. Tons of different pinball and old arcade games. Reasonably priced good beer also. Great thing to do on a rainy day

Gary J.

Great old machines, slow to tilt. Good beer.

Greg DeCicco

Great fun, lots of great classic units, also some news ones. Elvira and Martian Invaders really great play.

Mac A

Seriously one of the coolest, most fun places I’ve been to! I’m not a huge arcade guy, but I really loved it here. There were so many different things to do, including pinball machines, arcade games, Nintendo 64’s, you name it. I thought the selection of pinball machines was awesome, and there were even miscellaneous facts about each of the machines so you could understand more about the machine you were playing on. Also, the staff was really friendly and personable which made the experience that much better. I’m really glad I convinced my family to come here, and they all really enjoyed it too! If I’m ever back in the Asheville area (which I hope to be) then I will surely swing by here again!

David Bruton

Love that it's an "interactive museum" where you can play unlimited pinball for $15! You can come in and look around for free and if you change your mind, you but a wristband at the bar. They cap out their occupancy at the number of machines, so you'll always have something to play. It for fill up frequently, so you might find a line out front

Dane Roberts

First off, you play the machines. Second, this place was FANTASTIC! I was visiting family while on leave from the military and my mother brought up this place out of no where. It was spectacular and I think about it at least once a week …

Joshua Schumann

Wow, a full day pass. Great but a little pricey too

Krista Adair

This place is hours of fun for the whole family. We have spent an evening playing pinball and old arcade games every time we traveled to Asheville. The staff is very helpful and friendly, the games are fun and entertaining and the nostalgia is high! Even kids as young as 7 really enjoyed the museum. I highly recommend setting aside 2 hours for a game night! They have a bar where they serve soda and alcohol, fun for all ages!

Triple M

We enjoyed a brief throwback to our teen years and our 10 year old enjoyed the classic arcade games and pinball machines!

Joshua King

Coming here has become an annual tradition I really look forward to. They have a massive rotating selection of tables from the earliest analog games to recent tables from franchises like Game of Thrones to remakes of older tables (my …

Jonah Orr

An absolute must see attraction in Asheville for those who love pinball. There often is a wait list, but it is worth the wait. The price is reasonable for the experience, and the atmosphere is family friendly. For serious pinball players, this is not the place to be, particularly during peak hours. It is not hard to find an open table, as long as you do not care which table. Go in thinking this is a "try famous tables" experience rather than a chance to hone your skills on a table. This may not be the case during non-peak hours, though. Highly recommended.

David D Collins

Pretty cool place, actually. Didn't play but saw many of the games I played in Ocean the 60's.


So much fun!! Low price to ply unlimited and they also offer some great local beer!

Dave Faris

The machines are kind of tired, especially the video games in the back. But the pinball is top notch. I'm sure I spent more that the admission fee in quarters back in the 80's. Though the thrill of getting a free ball or a free game is missing. Still, I could spend a month in there.

Rebecca Dracup

Not a pinball museum but a speak easy call Conundrum. Fun little stop on the pubcycle tour but the drinks are a little pricey.

Janet Ortis

Blast from the past!! Had so much fun playing games from the 80's and listening to music with early MTV videos. Wide range of games from the 50's to now.

John Darby

Place was definitely retro 80s and 90s. A little overpriced for what it was but a great time showing my son what video games used to be like.

Johnathan Garcia

Great experience, friendly staff. $15 for all you can play pinball and classic video games.

Luke Allison

Great place to spend some time playing retro games

Brian Isble

Great staff fun games good beer what more do you need

Adam Szczypka

Serious love for old games and their history. Awesome to get to play the old systems (not just pinball!). Tried a few weeks back and got turned away for a "3 hour wait". Tonight was surprisingly empty (Friday 5pm). All around friendly, and nice to have a beer during the experience. Will definitely return.

Hilary Fry

We had SO much fun here! Absolutely recommend to enjoy this experience of playing old school games! We brought our 3 kids with ages 12, 6, and 5. We all had a blast! This would be a fun date idea as well! When we checked in there was an 1.5 hour wait list so we went across the street and enjoyed the "Grove" shopping area while we waited. We ended up being called back to return to the museum much quicker than 1.5 hours. Must visit!

Tony Bliss

Interesting place to waste an hour or two. If you're into old school arcade games and mostly pinball, you'll probably find yourself coming here a lot. For everyone else, including tourists, you'll probably come here once and and feel satisfied. The people who work there are definitely into the scene and really nice. **Tip: if you get there within an hour of closing, you'll get a discount. We got there at 8p (they closed at 9p) and it was $10 instead of $15.


It took us 5 hours to get in but SUPER WORTH IT!! It was very fun and loud which just adds to its nerdy/ hippie feel which I love!

Oskar Albertson

Love this place!! From 5-95 everyone can play

Chris Schenck

Oh my goodness. Make sure you visit this place early in the day and get a $15 bracelet. It's good all day long as you come and go while shopping the area. So much fun for all ages really. The location is awesome. It's right next to the Wall St parking garage, and central to the shopping district.

Mari Lesniak

Great way to spend an afternoon. Adults play all you want for $15, kids are cheaper. Arriving 15-20 minutes before opening is a good idea even on a sunny day. They only allow 80 people in at a time and within a few minutes of opening they were full. If someone in your party doesn’t want to play, they can observe for free. Great for all ages. They have pinball games from ~1940s to present and a bunch of 1980s era video games (Ms. Pacman, Frogger, Galaga, Space Invaders, Dig-Dug, Centipede) plus a bunch of others. Fun time!

Jen Beckham

So much fun with our kids and they have beer!!


If you like old fashioned pinball, all day pinball for $15? Killer.

Michael Arthur

Lots of selection and I appreciate the info placards about each machine. Had no idea pinball was once outlawed! Star Wars arcade game was a trip for sure

Robert Joines

Super friendly service, no wait, and TONS of machines to keep your pinball juices flowing. The Iron Man machine was the highlight of the trip. Must have played it a half dozen times! Nothing like a museum that lets you play with the exhibits.

Matt Slaughter

I wasn't originally expecting much when my friends suggested we stop by here while in Asheville. I was completely wrong, it's one of the coolest places in the city. Upon entry and payment, there's infinite play of any pinball machine and arcade game in the building, they even have stuff like Space Ace which I've never gotten to play before. I look forward to returning.

Christopher Schmitt

This place is great. Came here with the girlfriend on a Wednesday and ended up spending almost 3 hours here. We didn’t realize how much we loved pinball. It was so fun that we came back the next evening to play again until close! We contemplated visiting a third night in a row but needed to get back to normal life... APM is a sure visit every time we’re visiting Asheville. 5/5

George Price

So many great old games I remembered, and so many I've never seen before. Spent 2 hours there and didn't even realize it. Staff was friendly and helpful. They have a bar but no food that I noticed.

Allen McCumber

I just happened to be looking for things to do in Asheville and found out about this place. I believe it's either $10 or 15$ to get it, they give you a wristband, and you're free to come and go as you please throughout the day. Not only do they have pinball machines, but they have TONS of retro arcade games of every type you can think of. If you want to play Megaman 5 but you're on a cabinet that's more fit for fighting games? Chances are the same game will be on the cabinet next to you. Great place to spend a few hours with a group of friends, or even alone!

Faith Reaves

Think we waited about 2 hours to get let in but it was worth it in the end. So many pinball machines to play and they also had old school arcade machines in the back as well as Nintendos and such hooked up. The pricing was very reasonable in my opinion for the amount of time you could spend in there. Fun was had by all and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely return.

Rachel Evans

This place was great! $15 for all you can play pinball machines, old school arcade games, and the original game systems. There's a limit of number of people they allow in at a time which makes it not too crowded, but also means you might have to wait. They sell soda, snacks, and beer.

Alice Ledford

My teenage grandchildren enjoyed this very much. Had quite a few people playing the games.

Andrew Ho

This place is frickin awesome. The vibe is totally period accurate. It took me back to just enjoying games and the mechanics and details that goes into these pinball machines. They're legit beautiful. We went on a Monday afternoon, so lucked out with some free game time to check out a bunch of these pinball machines. Loved it!!!

Dan Creel

Tons of classic and new machines to play plus two rooms of video games! All free for the price of admission.

Daniel Marlowe

Great games. Staff is ready if a game has an issue. Admissions are limited when crowded.

Steve Shappie

All day one price. If you love pinball this is the place.


If you're over 50, you're going to be reminded of how much fun a pinball machine is. Great place...lots of machines. Go!

Maggie Uhl

Great place!!! Love it you get a little of everything video games pin ball and food and drinks. 15 dollar entry with all you can play for the whole day!!!

Anna Kirby

Super fun to play the games and even cooler to learn some if the history behind pinball machines. Great price considering how many different things you play, and the staff is super helpful.

Melissa Cherie

Great place to waste time, especially in a rainy day, definitely worth the $15 to get in. Was able to play all the games we wanted without waiting long. Wasn't too crowded or difficult to move around. Could have wasted the whole night away here.

Joe Hughes

Good times are here. Like going back to your youth

Matt Stvartak

Awesome place if you love pinball! Good variety of machines and friendly staff.

David Low

Worth the drive to Asheville from Charleston by itself. Really great place and atmosphere. Like stepping into a time machine. A trip will resurrect a lot of forgotten memories from your childhood. Vintage arcade games as well as pinball and in the middle of Asheville's very nice downtown. You can leave and have lunch and be re-admitted with your wristband.

Wayne Lowery

So much fun. Great day trip for anyone who love video games and pinball machines vintage and newer. All the games are set to free play and once you're in you have them all at your disposal. Opens at 2pm and only a limited number can get in once the doors open. After that you have to wait till someone leaves to get in. So be early. I wish I could gjve it more stars.

Dustin Short

The APM is unlike any other arcade in the area! $15 gets you unlimited play, and the machines are kept in good shape. There are even vintage videogames! I definitely recommend this place - it's why I visit Asheville.

Morgan Lane

Very fun for old and young, kids and adults. Haven't played these games in 30 years. They are still fun... Well run business.

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