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REVIEWS OF Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation IN North Carolina

fredrick fencher

Very clean and well laid out for anyone wanting to see the history of our airborne soldiers. A great presentation for kids and adults.

Mia Schmitt

Interesting place but wish the store kept up with their inventory. The store rep wasn't very helpful when my father-in-law was trying to find a specific patch that was in stock according to their website. She didnt seem interested in his concerns and it felt like all we got were excuses. It wasn't until after he showed his frustration that she suggested we be put on a wait list and have them contact us when they re-stock. But everything was "I dont know" or "we get them when we get them". Not friendly or sympathetic at all. He ultimately found what he was looking for at the Airborne Museum on base.

Angela Spratlin

Lot of history very good place to visit

Bethanie MacDonald

Love this museum. It’s an important connection in our community and a staple to Fayetteville and Fort Bragg. Took a visiting team of VIP’s here from DC (including a Gold Star Family, Veterans, and Retirees). We were unable to coordinate the visit because Museum staff never returned our calls. We went anyway, on our own. They took our donation at 1640, let us into the foyer, but no farther. They locked the museum and gift shop doors. They told us everything is locked at 1645 to allow the museum to close at 1700 (after accepting our donation to enter). A member of our group asked about the donations made by a large group and they said, “Sorry we need every dollar we can get.” A member of our group asked some questions at the desk since it was still before 1700 and was rudely told to come back another day (but we couldn’t because it wasn’t in the itinerary). All questions were unanswered, and met with, “Come back another day.” Great museum, it’s just a shame that they treat people so poorly in favor of donations and their own interests. These things only exist at the support of the public, great volunteers, and effective leadership. Two of these things seem to be missing which obviously will drive the public away.

Robert Bryant

Not only can you see the history you'll feel it as well. Great tribute to our military.

Michelle Harris

Nice museum. A lot of history here. It has a peaceful atmosphere and you can browse the exhibits at your own leisure.

Justin Depue

Great small town museum with amazing installation and historic items.

Roving Reviewer

What a great place it brought tears to my eyes and fill me with pride so many great exhibits no cost to visit very reasonable souvenirs but I was just very impressed with the realism and all of the great exhibits

John c Garrity Jr

It was a nice to walk through and see the history of airborne and special ops.

Bonnie Firman

My family and I traveled down to Ft Bragg for a Memorial Day Ceremony which honored my late husband and his fallen comrades. While in town we stopped at this 'new to us' museum in Fayetteville and were blown away. The displays were nicely put together. We're hoping to take in the outdoor displays at a later date when it's not so blazing hot outside.

robert s

As a retired soldier myself, I love this place very much. Professional, friendly. Great history from our great people of the military.

Samuel Pruett

Great place to visit. Lots of great things to see and listen to.


The special exhibit in Iraqi Jews was extremely interesting. The museum is larger than i expected. Well organized and concisely narrated. We brought 2, 9 yr olds and a 12 yr old with us. Even though they did complain and say it was boring, (as you might expect) I did challenge them to impress me with one interesting fact. The exhibits were heavy with facts. But also enough human interest to allow these kids to meet the challenge. Free is a good price. But it was definitely worth the donation we were motivated to leave.

Mukhtar Haider Malik

A great Muslim center fort Americans in West Windsor

James Duke

Very well done and much more extensive than I expected. Admission is free, but a $5 per person donation is suggested. We had some younger children with us so we had to move through quicker than I had hoped. The majority of exhibits require reading stories and descriptions. I would suggest about an hour for adults to really experience all the museum has to offer. They also have a simulator ride that seemed to entertain the kids for a bit. The gift shop had a variety of items that were reasonably priced. I would strongly suggest a visit if you are in the area with a group that handles museums well. If you find this review helpful, please like it.


The displays outlining US Army Airborne & Special Forces history are great. A lot of good information. Its a good size museum that would take two to three hours to read/listen to all the displays. I covered much of the material in about 90 minutes but I skipped the video/audio displays as well as displays occupied by others. Highly recommend.

John Larson

A must see while in Fayetteville. If you live here and haven't made it down yet, get down here, slacker. Freedom isn't free.

Talmadge Rogers

Great place for a quick family visit. Great historical displays and very nice facility

Worldwide Wyatt

Pretty awesome place to visit with my Grandfather and Father who both served in the US Army.

Ebony Toland

I visited this museum several years ago and it was awesome. This second time around it was great as well. This was my husband's first visit and to see him explaining things to our children and pointing out where he had been during his 14 years of service was heart warming. We were not able to utilize the stimulated ride but I did previously and its great as well. I think its an underrated tourist attraction in North Carolina period not only in this area.

Laura Fierce

They have a main exhibit that covers WW2 to today and a very interesting exhibit on some documents for/about Iraqi Jews.

luis chacon

So much military history I didn't know. Modern museum in a great location.

Alan Pfau

History, history, history. Need i say more. They did an amazing job with this museum. One of the best

Timothy T

Excellent museum, free, well kept, respectful and informative. Has a special meaning to those who live in the footsteps of the airborne history

Crystal Wilson

Everything was awesome brought back memories. Enjoyed the history of soldiers,from all backgrounds

James Fasolo

This was the greatest gift to all paratroopers who served with honor and distinction, a treasure of information about the difficulty these men encountered,

Spike Hopkins

Great tribute to the brave men and women of the US Army and Special Forces

bls txi

This was a simple well done very informative chronological order educational site regarding Special Operations and Airborne command. it went from the early Beginnings all the way up to the present day. Would have liked to have seen more artifacts regarding the Airborne side if possible

james breazeale sr.

A great place to reach your children about past wars and the people that fight for our country!

Trina McNair

This place is awesome! Plenty of military history. A must see!!

Luke Ahn

If I could give this place more than five stars, I unquestionable would. You could easily spend a couple of hours here. I just wish the city could better support it. If you are ever at Ft. Bragg, ensure to make a concerted effort to visit this museum. There was a special exhibit on the Iraqi Jewish along with the treasure trove of Jewish documents found during Saddam’s capture. It was very fascinating. Besides the museum, there is the Veterans Park and Freedom Memorial Park just outside the museum. Of course, you must stop and pay homage to Iron Mike.

Daniel Clark

As a vet we all know how important our history is and this is the place for special ops soldiers to visit awesome history

Benjamin Allen

Great historical museum if you're interested in the evolution of modern warfare.

Jacob Webb

We had a amazing visit. The history and quality of the displays was second to none. I would recommend a visit to anyone especially if you want to learn some of the history of the airborne and special operations.

Matt Rosen

Very interesting museum focused on airborne units, equipment, and history.

timothy do

Nice museum. Lots of exhibits, a theater playing the events from Black hawk down from the soldiers that were apart of it. Another area with a theater/simulator of airborne drop.

Russ Townsend

Fantastic venue. Would like to see more about Task Force Ranger.

George Denning

Amazing walk through Airborne history. From WW II till present day. Grateful for all who have served our country through great personal sacrifice. Highly recommend going here.


This was a lovely museum with lots to see a ready about. Our kids loved visiting and ready about the history. Definitely a must-visit place if you are on post!

Jackie Torres

I like the history of learning about the past This place was really nice

Charles Wooster

I very much enjoyed myself, and I had a very good time.

Donna Roddy

Hit post too early. The place is great and very informative.

Greg Ray

I had been in town for work, but wanted to take time out of my afternoon to visit this important museum. I wasn't disappointed. When you walk up to the entrance you are greeted with all kinds of memorial stones that have been placed by the curators, and pay tribute to family members that have served the Airborne. This is probably one of the most incredible military museums I have visited. You can tell from the design of the building, a lot of thought and caring went into it. When you go inside you are greeted by a huge parachute extended and hanging from the ceiling. I can't imagine what it may have been like to be on the ground seeing 100 of these men coming at you! Beauty and terror about to drop on your head. As I progressed through the museum it takes your through the history of Airborne down through the decades. It is a great example to see what kind of equipment was used from WWII on through Korea, Vietnam, and into the Gulf Wars, and beyond. Each display is well lit and gives you a great representation of the type of warfare each decade brought. The insignia is really interesting. There were all kinds of designs of different flags, and badges that in my opinion, are one of the most interesting aspects of military. whether you are into weapons or heavy machinery, or just the human aspect of what these brave men and women do, this museum is sure to have something that interests you. I would say allow about an hour and a half to go through this museum and not feel rushed. I showed up less than an hour from closing, so I wasn't asked for any kind of an entrance fee, but I don't think this museum charges a fee for entrance usually. I definitely say you should check this one out.

Donald Frechette

Wonderful venue to learn about Army Airborne history.


Such an awesome display of courage across all conflicts. Many museums speak of the brave deeds of the ground forces. This museum showcases the daring of the Airborne and Special Operations forces. Worth a visit!

Russell Leier

Wonderful Museum. Lots of real artifacts. Museum covers World War I to present. Great write ups and explanations for each item on display. Displays do change over time. The flight simulator is worth the price. I recommend both versions. If you are easily sea sick, then you may need to skip the simulator.

john Bake

Amazing place rich with history and sacrifices made by great men and women.

Patricia Conley

Enjoyed the museum very much.


Nice place to know the history of special operation unit.

Lindy Eatherington

Beautiful museum and well organized. Really highlights the bravery of our soldiers!

Allen Mcnealy

Very informative. Displays are very well organized. Loved it

Jack Myers

Love seeing the displays. Favorite temporary exhibit is a tie between the Blackhawk down display and the POW one

Grant Nordwall

Visited my father stationed in Ft Bragg and he took us here. In its doors are many quality exhibits that really capture the detail of the time period in each unique setting.

Jandi Keum

Wow, what a great museum! This place does a great job of delineating the history in a visually interesting and attention-grabbing way. I found a couple of the displays to be a little bit insensitive ("who will save the third world?" was one of the titles to a display) but for the most part, I think they put a lot of thought into this and it shows. This place would be great for anyone with an interest in military history, with the exception of small children. The gift shop has really fun items, too. Worth the detour from Ft Bragg!

Jorge Vargas

the museum is well planned and organized. great exhibits.

Bruce Bolingbroke

My family loves this museum! It has a history of the army from the beginning with George Washington training the militia to be the Continental Army and covers each war up to the lastest in Afghanistan. Each war shows the military uniforms and weaponry. There is a plaque with a brief history of the conflict. They also explain how the Airborne and Psychological Operation units began. I spent about 2 hours here and could have easily stayed another hour. There is no cost, but there is a suggested donation. There is also a gift store and a ride of some sort.

Aaron Ramsey

Wonderful people. Great in depth look at many brave and selfless men and women. I salute the soldiers of the Airborne and Special Ops devision

Marianne Mares

Honor and tribute to the brave soldiers who serve and preserve our sacred God given Blood bought freedom

Danielle Bier

Very informative and detail oriented. Lots of fun for all ages. We took my grandfather back in 2000. Just this year I took my husband. Be ready to spend some time here, or if you have a military history buff in your group, be prepared to be here a while!

Oscar Brigman

To visit is free but there is a donation box as you enter the building... I put 20 dollars in because my father was a WWII, Korean,and Vietnam vet... It looks small on the outside,but the way they have set up the displays you would think it was a much bigger building once you get inside... the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because they need much more video displays from every war or "conflict", our soldiers have endured... still though it is a great place to visit to learn of the battles our nation has faced with the best soldiers on the planet !!!

William Cook

Great dioramas, lots of neat info! Don't forget to check out the rotor from Super61, either...

Chris Whitfield

Great attention to detail in all of their displays- going as far as to put cans of dip in back pocket and pictures of loved ones taped to the dashboard. Check under the tail of the UH-1 helicopter for a hidden surprise. I was really impressed with the actual rotor head of Super 61. Unbelievable.

Joseph Perrine

Nice museum. Has the history of airborne and special ops since WWII to the present. Separated chronologically by conflict. Free to get in, but they do suggest a cash donation of 5 dollars. Worth it.

Eva Freeman

Always a great place to visit when I'm in town visiting family. There is something new almost every time.

Wally Alvelo

It’s my old stomping grounds 82nd Airborne “HOAH” awesome museum.

Nancy Lee

Excellent. Well worth the drive to see the museum.

P Oneliv

Absolutely one of the Best Museums that I have visited. And it's Free! Please make a donation though. If you are Into History and the Military this is for you. Children will also enjoy the experience. They have taken an exceptional detail in all the excibits, including footprints and tire tracks. No manaquin types here, every face is different and something you think was done in Hollywood. Just Super! Located off of Bragg Blvd it has plenty of Free parking including for Handicap accessible Vehicles. They have restrooms and a very nice gift shop. You Should allow a few hours at least to see the museum and grounds. And remember don't be cheap DONATE!

Elder Sarah J. Roper

Nice place to learn about histories a nice place for famine And groups Just a nice place to go

Michael Woodmansee

Awesome museum. Very well kept, staffed, and super informative.

Thomas Adams

So much new information and history! Loved this place, will be back.

Brian McCulley

The museum is amazing. It far exceeded my expectations. They did a great job telling the history, and also using very realistic looking props to make you feel like you were actually there. It is easy to get to, and parking was no problem. You could be there for as little as 15 minutes, or an hour or longer depending on how much you want to soak up. This is a must visit place if you were visiting Fayetteville

Brandon Johnson

A very good place to go to learn some military history. Lots of information. Very nice presentation. We will definitely be visiting again soon. Free to go, but they run off of donations.

Nick Schreifels

Great place that gives you a look at how the Airborne was created and how it was evolved over the years. Anyone who loves military history, will love this place.

Stephen Quackenbush

It was a very good museum, and definitely worth seeing if you're in Fayetteville.

Eddie Mathis

The museum is awesome the exhibits are very well made and maintained it has changing exhibits the new missions come. I highly recommend to every vertebrae’s and civilians alike. Don’t miss the garden out the backdoor it is really nice.

Don Lang

Pretty awesome experience. A very cool way to experience parts of our history. Highly recommend

Tara Powell

The paratroopers are awesome when you for walk in!

Chelsea Gillespie

It was really a neat place to learn more about these amazing men that gave all. The volunteers are so friendly and the museum is free. I got teary eyed reading about these men. Not super kid friendly, but a great opportunity to teach.

Steve Bradt

Very good displays and very comprehensive descriptions.

Cassie Cox

Beautifully done. Great stop out of the heat as well. My kids enjoyed it there was a lot to see. Loved it

Kim Neptune

Friendly staff. Easy walk through. Very vivid images and models retelling the stories of history. Souvenir shop. Lots to read and see.

Gary .Smith

It means a lot to those of us who served in this capacity and even more valuable to share with family and friends. A must see. The volunteers are great and don't forget to pick up a souvenir at the gift shop.

michael hluchy

It was a very nice museum.Me and my family had a good time there.I was surprised there was nothing about Long Range Recon Patrol,Long Range Surveillance.My wife noted she only seen one female parachutest.

Jimmy Faulkner

Simply amazing museum. Very detailed exhibits. Very helpful and knowledgeable volunteers and staff. Love to visit thos special place.

Jim Dixon

Love this Museum. We will continue to visit and spend our money here each time we come to Fayetteville Fort Bragg North Carolina

Laura Prudhomme

It's about our history. Ward we fought

Katrina Owen

If you are close by this is somewhere you 100% need to stop at. It's not huge, but there is a lot of stuff to look at. This place hit home for me since most of my family is military. I also recently lost my grandfather that was part of the 11th airborne division. Getting to show my kids what he did when he was younger was wonderful. My children really enjoyed it. They have a very nice little gift shop with items in every price range. They took pictures at the exit on a green screen and added parts of the museum behind them. Those were a nice little bonus to purchase. Also the outside grounds are amazing. We did not try the simulator so I can not comment on that. But this is a must do stop on any road trip down 95 since it's not to farm off the highway.

Patricia Henderson

Great place to visit. Gives you a look back into history. Very humbling.

Julian Sloan

Those who jumped out of perfectly good plane like myself will definitely enjoy this museum

Robert Morey

Awesome display of history that everyone should see

Daisy. Su shine

Truly a amazing place rich in history. Glad I made it today, will encourage others to visit.

Smooth Operator

Incredible museum for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the history of the Airborne unit.

Jacob Archibald

Worth checking out. Definitely best museum in Fayetteville, a lot of money went into this spot. Great history

Heather Burns

If you are close by this is somewhere you 100% need to stop at. It's not huge, but there is a lot of stuff to look at. This place hit home for me since most of my family is military. I also recently lost my grandfather that was part of the 11th airborne division. Getting to show my kids what he did when he was younger was wonderful. My children really enjoyed it.

vanessa royal

If ever in Fayette NC you must visit this museum...very interesting

Pamela Smith

What a beautiful tribute to the men and women, who do and who have, fought for our country. The place is so clean and well taken care of. One of the best museums I have ever been to. A must see for everyone!

Kenny Hawkins

Lots of history, good walk through history, of our troups, and a few, of our comrades in arms during WW1 and WW2.

Garrett Maurice

Clean, organized, and very polite and respectful staff. They have wheelchairs to borrow for handicap as well. There's a nice little gift shop and all of the items seemed reasonably priced. Good experience and it was fun for the whole family.

Claudia Ortega-Lukas

Excellent real-size displays. Impressive.

Ramsey Branam

Our counselor (Hanna) provided a great experience teaching the kids about nature in a very hands-on way. She had full control of the group at all times, engaged well with the kids, and was very knowledgeable about the environment and wildlife.If somebody asked me to give an example of my tax dollars being put to good use, I would tell them to come visit Haw River Park.

Bryan Payne

Amazing museum! I couldn't believe the detail and information that went into their displays. Highly recommend that everyone visits at least once.

matthew shirey

Great place to visit for all veterans and active military members. Lots of history arranged very well.

Lee Minn

One very awesome place. Totally recommended. Free admission but I strongly recommend to donate. Tremendous project and not a place to be missed if one is near Ft. Bragg.

Jocelyn Slater

What a great little museum! The place isn't huge, but it is packed with information and exhibits. We spent a few hours there and could have stayed even longer. It was a good mix of artifacts and information panels. They "sets" they had set up were highly effective. They also had a WWII vet manning an exhibit which was such a fantastic opportunity and really enhanced the experience!

Telondra Reynolds

This museum is packed with fascinating information, well-kept displays, and even some video interviews of soldiers! Everything is family friendly so everyone can come and enjoy.

Brenda Gayle Pennington

Awesome display of Military situations.

Michael Rucker

NSDQ. More great hero’s of our country. Helicopter rotor from Super Six Four. Remember Shugart and Gordon.

Mary Schultz

It was well laid out.

Bruce Mock

Really neat place, would recommend seeing it.

Wendy Carroll

Beautiful Museum my company held an event there recently and it was great! staff was pleasant and inviting, facility was clean and comfortable!

Lori Black

Went to see the Iraq Jewish Artifact special exhibit by the National Archives, but enjoyed the whole museum. Next trip will do the Special Forces simulator (ran out of time!)

Andrew Burns

Unbelievable collection of airborne history! A must see.

Janis Mills

This museum is really well layed out, and very interesting

Rebecca Lee

Founds lots of cool stuff in the gift shop


The Airborne and Special Operations Museum is a highlight of dowtown Fayetteville. The museum takes donations. They have a gift shop inside. They also host many special events. There is plenty of parking. It takes about a good 45 minutes to get through the museum. There are benches along the way and a video. It takes you through all the different campaigns and wars.

Christopher Kellogg

This place is absolutely amazing. It is a self guided tour through the museum. There is no admission fee, but it is recommended that you make a donation to enter. Great for families or history lovers. Whether you are Army or not it is somewhere that if you're a veteran will touch your soul. Would definitely come back and see it again.

Lilly Anderson

Great local free (recommendation donation of $5) museum. There is lots to look at here, I love taking my kids here when it gets too hot and just slowly walking through the museum.

Julia Anderson

My 10 year old granddaughter love the Amelia Earnhardt display and on of the show's.

Barbara Cosgriff

What an amazing place! A great tribute to Ft Bragg's Airborne and Special Ops. We spent over an hour there and it still seemed like it waant enough time. There is so much history in that one little building. We will be going back!

Fat Roger

Was looking for something to do while waiting for a flight out of town and this place did not disappoint. Great collection of military items. Only wish I had more time to spend. I was there for an hour and felt like I had just fun through the museum. Great place to spend the afternoon if you are a history person. Much better than I expected in Fayetteville NC! Hidden Gem!

Kevin Sullivan

Very well done museum. Visited on D Day for a bit of reflection and respect. Take your family and learn something.

Will Valentin

A must visit location if you are in Fayetteville for one week. You can cruise through or spend 3-5 hours here easily.

The savage Gacha Bunny

I absolutely love it... it was very detail which helps me have a better understanding

Stacey Wood

If you love military history you have to check this place out!!!

Dwayne Dixon

The museum is large and comprehensive. I enjoyed learning more about the various missions and units highlighted in Band of Brothers. I also enjoyed learning more about the Pacific theatre of WW2.

Gisela Woitas

It's a good place to learn about past conflicts.very interesting, and you can find fallen friends and family members on the wall in one of the rooms. I think it would be a good place for older school children.

Traveling Traveler

I stopped in on a road trip with my daughter. We were only going to stay 15-30 minutes. A few hours later they were all "sorry folks we're closing soon..." This place was AMAZING! I met a Veteran that volunteers there who is Retired SF! Great people AMAZING place! Bring your kids. Plan the day.

gustavo almeyda

Great museum you have to come and see it yourself, there are no words to describe what it felt being there.

Rae Bru

For a recommended $5 entry fee you have a safe place to walk around and see the history the Army played in the multiple wars. They have a simulator that is pretty cool, $8.50 for half the experience or $12 for the entire experience. As you exit the museum portion a person is waiting to take your picture. Expect to pay $25 if you'd like to keep it. Walk over to Veterans Park after to see the remaining pieces. **they need memorabilia for WOMEN in the military from each war!!**

Jerry Sullivan

Well deserved accolades to the best of the best!! Much to be proud of here.. were I a young man again, well... I'd do exactly as I did in the summer of 68...enlist Abn Infantry and GO FOR IT!!!

Alicia Harris

Can be very emotional especially if you lost someone at War times

Saul Brown

An excellent memorial and exhibit of the history of Special Operations and the Airborne forces of the U.S. Army

Peter Hainsworth

Visiting from the UK as my wife's grandfather was in the 82nd airborne 505th in ww2. This place is amazing great set up and the way you walk through the museum is perfect from ww1all the way through to modern day. A credit to Fayetteville and the 82nd airborne

Michelle H

Very detailed and the displays are very life like and educational. This is such a great place to take the family!

Mike Dooley

Nice museum. Looks smaller than it actually is. Worth the trip downtown to see! Lots to look at and read about. Very cool settings, displays and effects!

Michele Myerholtz

Really cool to see the history of part of our military! Very well done!


We appreciated the tributes and history of the Army just wish there was more to the exhibits.

Melissa Thrash

Very educational and neat. The exhibits are wonderful.

William Deason

A great place to see my granddaughter love it frist time there

Phu Diep

Amazing place for everyone. Airborne and special operations museum. Great deals of information about American war, army history

Jason Preston

Great free museum. Definitely a place to visit at Bragg and leave a donation for sure.

Charlie James

Good morning how is everyone doing this morning .This was my home at one time Fortbragg .NC The 82nd Airborne until 2/504/A/CO .RNR/Co /.had a lot's of fun there in .N C .nA beautiful Place to live. .

plow boy

Soon as you walk into the building you can see all kinds of memories of are history best museum ive ever seen yet just awesome all i can say


Awesome place to visit. The kids love it and it's a great place to soak up some history! AATW

Marsha A Bates

Great history lesson on the Airborne Division, especially during World War II

Jennifer Maddox

Great museum. Must stop by and see. Free museum. Very well done. Wonderful informative staff. Exhibits are beautiful. Makes you stop and give thanks to all of the sacrifices our great military personnel and families have made.

Madelaine Hill

time. Bless them. Wonderful tribute to our patriots .

John Knuckles

A great place to bring your family and friends. Exhibit Is very realistic and has artifacts used in an actual fight etc.

Karla Brewster

I went here last year. Great place to teach your kids about history

Shana Taylor

Amazing! Going back next year! So much to learn and see. Never let it go away. Very special crew! Thank You for making it special for our children

Dave Hahn

This place was awesome. Great atmosphere (they were having an Army vs Navy football viewing party the day we went) and although they rely on donations to operate, it's not in your face. Extremely educational if you take the time to read the numerous plaques posted through the exhibits and the high density of real historical weapons, kits, and gear means that even those who aren't inclined to reading can feel immersed in the events depicted. If you have an appreciation for the US military, you would be remiss in not checking this out. Did I mention it's free?

Jeffrey Parks

Great museum, has a theater and first class displays! Loved it.

Mel Craven

Awesome. Free with a 5 dollar suggested donation

joshua cables

This place is awesome. With only donations if u wish u can go in and see some pretty great things. Went here with my grandfather who was in way back and had a good time and heard some great stories I'd never heard. It'll definitely make you appreciate what others have done to keep the rest of the country free. Building is clean and staff is super helpful. And most days u can run across someone who sacrificed much of their life to keep us free.

Brittany Smith

This free museum is fantastic. They do an excellent job of not just giving you the material, but taking you back in time to the wars. The museum is built to look like the cities in Germany would have looked like during WWII. This interactive feature makes it interesting. My only qualm is WWII takes up much of the museum and the remainder of it doesn't have as much effort put into it. The museum is under construction, so they may be adding some additional things. Also, the bathrooms aren't very well maintained, but it is a free museum run by volunteers, so it's to be expected.

Nia Ford

Visted here on Memorial Day weekend and the campus was adorned with Amercian flags. Our favorite display was the Dog tag Flag of Fallen soliders. The craftsmanship on the manquin recreations are awesome. Museum had multiple artifacts, machinery and vehicles that captivate the entire space. Hand on displays, and give great detail to each division in a timeline view of history pertaining to Fort Bragg and airborne divisions. We enjoyed our day here, only wish the movie had been in operation.

Roy Conoly

Great place too go see what our service members had to go through. I try go at least once a year. If you're interested you should stop, I think you will enjoy.

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