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REVIEWS OF Ackland Art Museum IN North Carolina

gray griffin

Such a special place ❤️

Jeremy Duncan

The exhibits were fantastic, varied and interesting. For anyone with a mold allergy or even general sensitivity to mold/mildew, though: stay far away. I'm not sure if it was the building or some of the pieces themselves, but the whole place reeks of it. My throat became scratchy and swollen immediately and staying longer was definitely a poor choice.

King Essence


Joshua Jean

Isaac Samsky

Hunter Levinsohn

Lots of things for kids to do to interact with art, very friendly staff and easy to get to. Good shows, interesting collection and free.


Nice museum, free entry, not much going on, passed an hour, 3-5 pieces that made me double take

Daniel Warmuth

Very cool and interesting artwork. Just the right size to be actually able to dive deep into the art pieces.

Bruce Su

Very high quality art work for a small local museum.

Ariana Green

although the art was nice, the security is so tight and the atmosphere is cold it's difficult to thoroughly enjoy myself. I dislike the feeling of being watched so intensely.

Daniel Weiner

a Chapel Hill treasure and admittance is free

Jameela Dallis

The Ackland is simply one of my favorite art musuems in North Carolina. It's commitment to providing high quality art and a wonderful selection for it's size is clear. See the newly renovated Asian art installation--you won't be disappointed. I taught at UNC for years and always took my students there. What a great collection and presentation. Go, donate, or, even better, go and become a member.

Marc Macenko

Friendly staff and often changing collections. Good for groups.

Marek K

Great Collection. Admission is free.

Prosper Amponsah

Free for UNC students. Great collection of artwork.

Will Patzke

Fine gallery located right off campus and Franklin street in Chapel Hill, very clean and well kept. Staff available and helpful with answering questions

Alex Ratti

Nice art

Scott Mueller

Great Collection! ....

Reema Bhattacharya

Michael Fogle

Compact art museum right on UNC-CH's campus, just down the street from TopOfTheHill restaurant. Free to the public. Often have really unique exhibitions. Went to see "The Beautiful Brain" - very cool, well displayed, with interesting info next to the pieces. We often go prior to or after dinner or lunch on Franklin Street.

Lloyd Forman

Wonderful small museum with an eclectic collection. The current exhibit during the summer of 19' titled "Way out west" focuses on the western half of the U.S. with paintings from the 19th-20th century, and photographs mostly from the 20th century, I found it to be an excellent show, well worth my time. Just be patient finding finding parking if you want to go.

M & O Landscaping

Michael Jordan

Great little art museum in downtown Chapel Hill. Very interesting collections.

E Castro

Absolutely amazing museum! It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. The permanent exhibits are pretty fantastic, but for me the temporary exhibits are where Ackland really shines. They bring all sorts of really interesting pieces from different collections all across the US (and probably international exhibits too).

Jonathan Nino

Small art museum with great art! I wasn't expecting all of that variaty in one place

Kun-Wei Song

Arda Gumusalan

Julia Jean

Michael Carlis

Had a great time looking at all the Art.

Michael Giordano

Check it out--its free! Ackland has an amazing collection of ancient-modern art. The exhibits rotate and change with relative frequency; look them up online and see what the current exhibits are. Compared to other art museums I have visited, Ackland is on the smaller side, but I don't see that as a negative.

Kaitlin VanderLinden

Came to view the featured display, "Way Out West." Lots of art to view, well designed layouts. We especially enjoyed the Asian pottery exhibit that was arranged by color. Left off the last star as so much was interpretive- great for art/culture studies, just not quite general public material, I felt.

rochelle berkeley

Small friendly museum. Minor paintings and artifacts. Lovely people working there. Haven't come from New York this was a very minor Museum to visit but still very pleasant. That's why I gave it three stars because even though it wasn't up to the standards that you'd find a New York it was still Pleasant to go visit.

Cedar Lake Fan

Great museum. Good blend of historic through modern art

Dr. W. Neal Burnette

T Fer

Nice collections of art. I especially enjoyed "the beautiful brain" exhibit. It is a free museum that is in walking distance to the shopping and food that downtown Chapel Hill/Franklin St. has to offer.

Jennifer Smith

A wonderful small museum with so many amazing painting gems!

Chris Tauer

Felicia Liu

Kirstie Schraf

Small but very nice, lovely collection. Free coffee in the lobby at 10 and 2.

Jacob Clough

This was a fun, little museum! They display a good variety in comparison to the amount of works they have. The way they displayed the works was thoughtful and impressive. The exhibit they had when I was there brought insight to the concept of space and history.

Christine Amihere

Interesting shows, and we have been lucky to hear docents leading discussions on different pieces. They are very knowledgeable and bring a greater depth of understanding. The staff are welcoming and helpful. A great experience for an unbeatable price, free.

Malina Stoychev

Jessiah Sirbaugh

Great exhibits and engaging staff. It's amazing they can keep this admission free.

Stefan Klakovich

This place is a gem! It is so small but has some very impressive works of art. The small size makes it a relatively short time commitment and the price (free) makes this museum a must see for all visitors (and if you are a local, what are you waiting for?)


Aidan Gray

Nice art but not wholly related to UNC or North Carolina. The rotating exhibits are definitely a highlight.

Tracey Cole

Eclectic. Excellent.

Carole Wagner

Terrible mold smell poor organization of artifacts

Richard Barlow

Caroline Taelman

Nice collection of paintings some sculpture and artifacts. It's a small but interesting museum. We especially enjoyed the activities for kids they had on this day.

Paddy Lewis

Tonya Walker

Staff was very friendly. Went as a 3rd grade field trip and the kids seemed to enjoy it as much as I did...

Christopher Newton

Jess C.

Love this jewel of a museum at UNC!

Ken Faulkner

Free museum with an eclectic mix of art in permanent display - coupled with an ever changing special exhibit that is always great.

Ryan Miller

Such an amazing, free resource! They have a very impressive permanent collection as well as high quality rotating exhibits.

Candy Gamez

Small but beautiful art musuem. Personally, I love the room with the drawings and paintings. Outside I love the little stick houses, me and my sister like to play in them. :)

Audrey Barnes

There are some real treasures there, a few of my favorites were the Albert Bierstadt Blue Mountain and Lake and the Rembrandt sketches. Also really like the branch sculptures outside the museum.

Sarah Bost

Excellent small art museum in a college town.

H Dawg

Great little museum!

George Entenman

Current portrait show is world-class.


Great museum; education Dept's work with faculty and students particularly strong. Study gallery is a cool space.

AJA Hertz

Nice museum with booklets telling you about all the art.

Caitlin Summey


Warren Porter

Hidden gem of downtown Chapel Hill.


Isel Tellechea

Loved it..

Catherine Pierce

The art starts outside with wicker animals (woven twigs). This art museum is free and absolutely beautiful. It is surprising how many high quality pieces are presented. There are works by Picasso, Pissarro, Miro, Klee, Corot, Courbet. Medieval art, Roman, Greek, all the way to the 20th Century. Until January, they have a special exhibit on a Japan war in the 19th Century.

Gustavo Seabra

Stanislav Khrapov

Romain Findlay

Very friendly staff. The view and the artifacts were just breath taking. It was almost therapeutic for me. Also at a good location.

Lilian Abracinskas

Buenas instalaciones pero las obras expuestas no tanto

Sam Levy

Paula Leon

The museum have good works of art, you can go and learn about different types of cultures.

Katherine Morgan

Intimate and nice art

Casey Nordell

Nothing compared to Northern museums, but great for its size around here.

Lisa Sibley

Excellent for a small museum. Check out their special exibits. We saw a special Portrait exhibit in conjunction with the national gallery. Free, see the gift shop and make a donation

Ven Surath

A good place to spend an hour or two when you are in downtown Chapel Hill.

Carbo Kuo


Niranj Chandrasekaran

The museum has a good collection of paintings and statues from different parts of the world.

Dennis O

Very nicely done exhibits, enjoyed every minute of it .



Kathy Carl

Wo derful place to visit.

Dave Canoy

Great Meissen exhibit.

Qua Teqq

Amazing museum!

Empress Nzinga of Ndongo Matamba

Excellent Experience

Tyler Troutner

Peter Kidd

A small museum with a surprisingly good quality, varied, and well-displayed collection.

Jennifer Price

Intimate setting, nice collection.

Dave M

A great place to visit if you have a full day on campus. The exhibits change semi regularly so there is usually something new to see. Students have free admission but you must store personal items in lockers.

Kimberly Kelly

This is a good place to look at people who made art

Dorothy Bobo

A delightful tour of the museum and it’s free! We saw the “Beautiful Brain” exhibit full of amazing drawings by Santiago Ramon y Cajal. Also displayed were Asian statues from India, Rome, and other countries. I especially enjoyed Rodin’s and Degas’ sculptures! The paintings by Rubins and Herb Jackson were stunning. Hours: W-Sat 10-5, Sun 1-5 Off M, T Will definitely plan on going back! On a side note: Don’t touch any of the exhibits! We tried to read the carvings on a wooden chicken coop while lifting a lid. A security guard came running over to reprimand us! Oops

Gerardo Mora

Lindo museo, mucho que aprender y ver

Joshua Pack

August Zeidman

One of the best art museums I've ever been to, a great find while I was staying in Chapel Hill. There was a really great variety of art, with lots of really interesting Asian and African art. There was a really great collection, I was very very impressed. Plus, its super interesting that the founder originally donated his collection to be displayed at Duke, but they wouldn't let him be buried in the museum, so he moved it to UNC!

Kimber DuBois-Reynard

Great Place to spend the day!

Rebecca Fox

The museum for the people, right in the middle of Chapel Hill! Admission is always free. The exhibits are varied, gorgeous, and thought-provoking. The art at the Ackland includes pieces from thousands of years ago and pieces from right now, from all over the world and from our own area. We really have a treasure in the Ackland Art Museum.

Eric Wolff

Wonderful small art museum with ver well curated exhibits.

Auttie Coppedge

Very good art exhibits staff very friendly

Sergi Grume

This museum is a little gem. There are amazing pieces you would never expect to find here. Chapel Hill is really lucky to have it, a must see.

Michael Rush

David Scanga

Excellent samples of artwork from all over the world. Great collections. Something good to do in Chapel Hill on a hot day!

Matt Piontkowski

Very cool, very eclectic

Kendell Silveira

The museum is always amazing, the brain exhibit was exceptional. I always appreciate this top notch museum.... especially that it is free! There are always a few stellar pieces, and many many other interesting objects/artwork.

Peter Enchelmayer

A treasure on campus' edge. Quiet, cozy, I'd add intimate but, eh. Good for first date, or when bored with each other. Springboard for fresh conversation. Thoughtful gift alcove.

Cindy Current

The West exhibit is great, as is the Afrofuturist project.

Donna Melpolder

Outdoor sculptures were fun for the grandkids. They quickly toured the indoor exhibits and wanted to return to the outdoor exhibit. Overall a good experience.

Christian Orellana

Beth Belcher

Wonderful way to spend some time viewing excellent collections.

Rhea Leftridge

Interesting free museum great for Chapel Hill date day.

Elaine Elaine

Free museum with a box to donate, if you wish. The 4 stars is specifically for their "Way Out West" special exhibit and the Pat Dougherty's "Step Right Up" installation. Overall the museum is just the right size to absorb and enjoy.

Averyl Edwards

Great selection of art, public events, rotating exhibits

Vidya Joshi

Michelle Paulus

Chunfen Zhou

I felt a dearth of space while visiting this museum. An "art lab" kind of area is right in the middle of a gallery, which I would imagine any activity that's going on there could well distract visitors from enjoying the art. The Africa gallery is tiny, and so is the "common space" around the information desk. There are also very few interpretive labels. Object guides are provided for more in-depth information, which I'm fine with but most people will neglect. All that being said, Ackland is still well worth visiting if you're in the area - it's free and the Asian collection is very good. You'll also discover a few big names in its galleries of oil paintings.

Maritza C

Chris Owens

Wonderful variety of work.

Alan Lipsky

Fun collection of both student exhibitions, and works from their permanent collection

Josh Forgie

Ashley Hutchinson

Great selection

Doug Bright

Small, but well-curated.

Matias Bujan

Great museum with a great art collection.

Cesar Celis

(Translated by Google) It is a very quiet place with personal.very friendly and qualified (Original) Es un lugar muy tranquilo con personal.muy amable y calificado

Rachel Lloyd

I enjoyed looking at the art, but being followed around by a security guard the whole time really ruined the experience. My two friends and I went to look at the art, not to be treated like delinquents. We were pointing at parts of the art to show each other what we liked and were yelled at for touching the art, which we didn't do in the first place.

Kaley Lowman

Jupiter Frerer

Great selection of high quality art from various eras

גיל כספין

(Translated by Google) Very interesting (Original) מעניין מאד


This museum has some truly world-class pieces of Art! This is a true treasure in the city of Chapel Hill! 5000 years of human history before your eyes, to see things like this sends a chill up your spine, and leaves you humbled, for the art is so elegant in its brevity. This is an absolute must-see for anyone who lives in the city! I love it!!! And make sure you check out the awesome gift shop!!! ☺️

Brianna Cooper

This is a serene and quiet place where I like to rest, think, and renew myself in the beauty of creativity. The exhibits are thoughtfully curated and reflect the multiculturalism in this museum's artistic sensibilities and priorities.

Natalie Terrell

Well maintained with friendly staff.

Grismary Ruda

Scott Watkins

Lovely free museum that has a series of great collections. Always community events happening and located right on campus next to Top of the Hill.

Dale Merrill

Geaux Roberts

Interesting place. We stopped in while touring the campus to beat the heat for a bit. They really have quite an eclectic collection. Stop in and give the place a turn - worthwhile.

Daniel Marchuk

Jacki Rae

The staff was kind and helpful. My daughter loved Drawing for Tweens!

Gerry Smith

Belinda Mack

Morgane Perez-Huet

Great art museum. They have a variety of exhibits that keep you interested.

Richard Smith

Mark Henriques

Surprisingly large and diverse collection. Engaging presentation of materials. Free admission.

Cami Iacob

Very interesting

Ashley Boyer Hester

Emily Kelker

Ursula Lobacz

Cute art museum with art from students and from around the world.

Justin Yeh

Nice little museum. Diverse collection. Free admission.

Rafael Gutierrez

It's great! A lot of cool art.

David Hansen

Ms. Burns

Helpful staff. Great permanent collection. Diverse visiting collections. Check out the Calendar of events.

Brian Wolff

Very nice collection.

Beth Friedland

Lively party for 60th anniversary with many new exhibitions and very well curated.

Naomi Cloutier

Gary Beck Dallaghan

Stunning art. This is such a great art museum

iː ɛm wʌz hiːɹ

Paula Ruffin

Chih-Hung Ko

Awesome paint and sculpture.

Carol Hallock

It was inspiring to see new art and some very classical pieces as well.

Jacob Smith

This was a wonderful small Museum with a surprisingly varied collection.

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