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Where is AAF Tank Museum?

REVIEWS OF AAF Tank Museum IN North Carolina

Jim Sabella

Awesome collection of tanks and military vehicles! Huge building, many other items of militaria to see such as firearms, uniforms, and other related materials. They have days when they run the tanks, radio control tank battles, and other events. Worth the visit!

Natasha Van Ness

Flamethrower day is a great day to go since it is really cool to see a flamethrower in action! The staff is friendly and the museum is bigger than it looks from outside. Overall it's a great place to visit with friends and family!

Brenda Holley

Very nice a must see

Tim Jones

Very cool place

Drew Bauer

The tank museum was much larger and far more interesting than I thought it would be. Really enjoyed it.

Pierre Roux

Very nice museum, an incredible amount of tanks across the ages. Fun to visit.

Shane Constante

Great place

Ladimir silva

Open Friday anda saturday

Kenneth Blaylock

Friendly knowledgeable staff. Plenty' to see. Expect to stay all day.

Eric Dochnal

They have a wide assortment of tanks, guns and uniforms. A bit on the hot side but hey it was mid-july in Virginia. Plan a visit around one of their events. We missed it but they sound like fun. My son wanted an RC tank they sell (they have a bunch) so he could come back and use their RC tank field.

Victoria Smith

Lots of things to see. More than just tanks! It is hot in the summer as they do not have AC. We went during the demonstration day and you can tell that they are very excited about the events. It was extremely fun. We even won a ride! I definitely recommend going if you are interested in military history. Flame thrower day is coming in September!

june rush

Love it awesome place


Better than Disney if ya ask me

Michael Kraft

Nice display. Curator is an interesting character. The revolver could go.

Troy C

We really enjoyed ourselves at the museum. We were there for four hours before we knew it. This is a hidden qem. If you are a war history buff you will really enjoy this. Check the schedule because they do have special events. If you know an older veteran take them to see this especially if they had anything to do with tanks. For $12 for an adult it was money well spent. I will return as I did not see everything.

g oChristopher Gessling

Check this place out! The owner is on premises and friendly. He's very knowledgeable about the tanks and various military items in his collection.

Jose Castañeda

If you're a tank enthusiast than this is the place for you! A friend and I come up here at their last event and we were blown away by the amount of tanks and history this museum has to offer. There have a German Panzer IV from WW2, its incredibly impressive!! If you like tanks then do yourself a favor and visit the AAF Tank Museum!

patti fedula

What a fantastic place! So much history in one place.. under one roof..AMAZING! We went when they actually were running the some of the tanks & it was so cool! We drove from PA just for this & it was SO worth the trip! Wish we lived closer!


This place is awesome! Come on, tanks! Plus the tour guide just rides arround the place on a tricycle. Do dress for the weather though. That place doesn't have any heating.

MJ Watson

Good-sized collection of militaria, well worth a visit if in the area.

Smokey Mower

Expensive but a cool place

Craig Yarnall

This place is awesome!!!! Tanks, tanks, and more tanks - if you're into military history then you need to stop by and check it out. Oh, did I mention this collection of military equipment is enormous? You need to stop here........Tanks alot.....

Eric Smith

Just an awesome place, you don't get to see this much historic military equipment in one place very often.


Amazing place! I can't believe how much stuff they have! The tanks are awesome, but the rifles, uniforms, head gear, and all the other militaria make this a museum I could spend several days in. I love the way the tanks displays are decorated to make a scene. It was cool to be able to watch a RC tank battle also.

Mario Maximus

Very impressive display. It's very warm inside during the summer and no heat during the winter so dress accordingly. This is well worth the price of admission, especially during demo days.

Randy Mingo

Awesome place to see some military history. Plenty of stuff to keep you occupied for hours.

Bazinga Effect

Amazing museum the staff is very informative and nice. The only bad thing is that there is no AC but it is worth it

Martin Parece

Absolutely Fantastic Experience! Staff was courteous and friendly in the typical Southern small town way. Impressive collection of firearms and uniforms, but to walk in and see all of those tanks in one place was incredible. I don't want to ruin it, but to see so many WWII and up era tanks, some of which were foreign, was a real treat. We'll be going again, and I think you should too!

Gregory Wemple

This place rocks! Definitely worth the drive for all of the sweet tanks they have. It's more than just tanks! Pictures, mannequins donned in the clothes of past time warriors, toys, guns, engines, transmissions, and tanks galore! History from our past beyond all of our imaginations. I just wanted to see more! I just wish they had some tanks that you could climb in. Climb in a tank from the past and get a feel for what it was like to sit in a beast of a great machine from our history. A visit that lasted hours but only seemed like minutes. I will return for more. Thanks for having such a great museum AAF Museum. I can't wait to see what else you are going to add to this great place. Maybe a functioning M1 tank and an armoured vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB)

Diana Gulley

It was amazing. Went when the flame throwing was being done. Would not recommend for weather sensitive people as there is no air conditioning.

Volodymyr Bondarenko

Having fun, but needed little bit more air conditioning

Janet Pennell

Bring your hand held fan!

Mike Whitehurst

The AAF Tank Museum is awesome! You can walk around for hours and see all types of war memorabilia....weapons...AND TANKS! My favorite was the PANZER IV. They offer rides on actual tanks and other vehicles. The gift shop has Tamiya models of all sizes and RC tanks at discounted prices.

John Batch

Very historic, staff help provide a tremendous amount of information. They need handicap entrance and some sort of cart to take the elderly and handicap around. A cafeteria would be nice l would like to see open at least Fri,sat, sun.very educational. The staff or security ride on a adult tricycle. Msgt USMC ret. Top Batch

Rose Marotta

I like the tank museum because they host an anime convention in the fall each year

Michael Valdivielso

I have been to a few museums that deal with tanks in my life and I don't think I have been to one that was so huge, had such a large collection, was so friendly, was so....I don't think I can write a review long enough to explain it. So I will SHOW YOU!


Very large facility with an incredible collection. Recommend at least 2 hours.


If you like military history you will love this place.


An amazing place to go when learning about the military history of the United States, as well as many other countries that participated in major wars. The place has very strict rules, but is great for a family adventure.

Chris Washburn

Great place to visit and to pass along history to younger generations. Excellent displays with lots of good information!

Mal Ichy

Repeat Visitor! Love the history stored within this warehouse. I am not big into tanks, but a few friends are and we drive out with them or meet them there. The tank battles are a perfect hobby for family and promote a positive experience. The thought behind the displays are undervalued and kudos to the owner. I like that it is not centered around 1 country, but shows a wide variety of items. There is only 1 other place in the world where I know you can experience this type of Museum, and it is not within the US. For those with families I would recommend checking out the museum on family day as it has additional fun filled items attached. Will definitely return.

Matt Dierker

Wonderful and educational, great way to spend a day.

Amy Young

Really interesting! Loved seeing all of the uniforms and equipment. Meeting and learning from the collector himself made it more of an experience.

James Jefferson

Great place to take grandkids. Amazing how much military stuff they have on display.

Joe Dunleavy

Well run museum with abundant knowledge of tracked military vehickes

James Xavier

An AMAZING place. Most tanks are American. Most of it is american kit and such, but even then, it was awesome.

Robert Harper

Fantastic collection of artillery, armored vehicles and tanks! A must for anyone who enjoys history, especially military history.

Brian Eddy

The tank museum is a must visit! We stopped on our way through town and we're completely amazed. You will be there for a while seeing all of the exhibits and tanks. Go there on the right day and you can see the live tank demonstrations as they drive some of the well restored tanks around the inside of the museum, with a chance to ride aboard! On the way out you can even buy a tank model to build. Well worth the visit and the price we paid.

Hanging with Ray Ray

Nice place. My son loves coming here, he's into history and war. There's so many tanks, and guns, hats, shoes that they wore back then. There's also a gift shop and reasonable prices. They could use more advertising and donations

Marylou King

My husband was thrilled with all of the tanks. I enjoyed the uniforms and head wear. We were lucky that the day we were there there were tank battles with remote controlled authentic miniature tanks. Men being boys was fun to watch. We also met the owner and it was wonderful talking to him about the tanks and museum. There is so much to see we may go again the next time we are in the area

David Smith

Fantastic collection on East coast.

DD Tucker

As a certifiable tank nut this place is my Eden! They have everything!

Thomas Andrychowski

This is a really cool place to visit. Not only do they have tanks and artillery, but hats, medals, uniforms, and other military memorabilia going back to the 1800s or earlier. Certain days the run the tanks and have flamethrower demonstrations. You can also climb on the tanks or get a ride in one for an extra cost. Great place for history buffs, kids, or anyone who wants to see things they read in history books up close.

Gary Goodson JR

What a great history lesson of the past

Stephanie Meredith

Very impressed with this place. Extensive collection and fantastic experience all around. Friendly staff and fun shows. Perfect place for the whole family!

Jake Vickers

Fantastic place to see tanks. Our kids loved it. We happened to go on a demonstration day, so we were able to see some tanks being driven inside the building. Our son won a raffle and was able to ride in the tank too!

Ed Murphy

Great place, they have wonderful examples of many tracked vehicles from around the world. However beware if you are heat sensitive the Museum is not air conditioned nor do they have an elevator for wheelchairs. They do have an entrance upstairs for wheelchairs however. Over all I loved it and give it many stars!

Kevin Kroll

There is waaay more stuff here than just tanks. I could spend all day here. Wasn't expecting so much content and square footage.

Michele Edwards

I love this place. A true living museum. I’ve been taking my grandson here since it opened many years ago. Don’t miss the spring extravaganza. M

Matt D

OMG... You have to see this place. AMAZING!!! Please allow three hours to see everything.

Trey Mason

The people there are nice.

Emily Blechert

Excellent Adventure For All Ages!!!!

Susan Kallam

This is a great museum. So much to see. The info on each display is very interesting. The audio tour is great. Highly recommend a visit

jeff mcgehee

Great! Very interesting


It was unexpectedly closed, but even the parking lot was fun.


Awesome collection of artefects

Mark Mancil

Large and diverse exhibits.


so much interesting stuff to see!

kevin Just

Cool museum, beware on hot days there isn't ac. Got to see the flamethrower display that was awesome


This place was very exciting and interesting. My boyfriend and I spent hours here, it was so awesome.

William Graham

Up close and personal with lots of history. Great information. Knowledgeable staff. BE AWARE: although the exhibits are all inside, there is NO AIR-CONDITIONING. Spent 4 hours there and still didn't see it all. Would have taken even longer if I had read all the available information at the exhibits.

Wayne Whitworth

Took my son and 2 grandsons, spent almost 3 hours. It was awesome! Took tons of pictures and bought the family package. It was remote control tank battle day. So much stuff!! Wish we could buy one of the tanks for sale.

Angelina Olguin

Awesome place to be!

stephen kinsley

Very interesting place to go

Gareth Stenner

Great display of a wide variety of tanks and other mechanized vehicles Excellent facilities. Great historical collection... We didn't see the ww one mark tank... ..

James Murray

If you are into historical military warfare check this museum out

Lima Foxtrot

I was very impressed. We spent well over two hours roaming the collections and had a great time! I We were really amazed at all of the tracked vehicles. The Cobra helicopter was also cool. Our son liked watching the RC tanks. It was pretty cold inside, so I would suggest dressing in layers.


The staff here are very friendly and the place is very good overall, but the only thing that bumped it from 5 stars to 4 stars was the lack of HVAC. This can make observing the tanks uncomfortable in the winter or on a rainy day.

Paul Schlosser

A lot of history, way cool machines.

A H Printing LLC

Unique to see armor from different countries. What ever you've seen on television, see in person.

The One

This place is insane! We opted for the option that allows you to climb into the tanks and added an extra hour. The staff was awesome, the selection of tanks was impressive, my son and I climbed into 8 tanks. Our favorites were the M103, T34, T72, M18 and the M41. Well worth the price and the 4hr drive

Michael C

This museum is incredible. If you like military history (not just tanks) you will enjoy this museum. There is a great collection of guns, optic equipment, uniforms and other vehicles. The curator is always there and is very helpful in answering questions. The gift shop is very good too. If you are visiting Danville, you should check out this place. Note, it is $15 admission for adults.

ujDavid Graham

Very informative, clean, and well presented


Awesome place to visit! Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Tanks, tanks and more tanks. Well worth it.

Ralph Bartley

We spent about 2 hours here...could have been much longer. Many, many wonderful displays.

lisa pool

Cost is $12 for adults, $10 for children 12 and under and For Veterans. Not as impressive as I thought it would be. It is also expensive and if you are a veteran you should get in free. Thank you all vets for your service.

Tara Hale

Super cool and my son loved it! We will be coming back again!

Steve Holderle

Great museum with plenty of exhibits

Rs Lebron

Great place to visit if you are a fan of military history. Lots of displays including some hands on.

Gina Moore

This place is great!!!!

farda ati

My Son love it

Amye Mays

It's amazing!

Lay Down Sally

Planned our vacation around visiting this museum it was huge would recommend going in the cooler months so much to see many tanks armor uniforms memorabilia. We paid extra to go in a few tanks was great tanks a lot!

Michael Lowe

Great military museum. One of the best in the US. Very big place with many tanks and artillery pieces set in battle scenes with mannequins dressed in military garb. Very well done. Many, many small arms and authentic uniforms from generals from US, Germany, Japan,etc. From varied time periods. Nice gift shop with new and used mulitaria items. Get there early as it's a lot to see and closes early.

wes Johnson

The tanks are massive what more do you want its awesome.

Joe Mesot

The museum is amazing! It has so much more than just tanks. If you are prior military you will really enjoy all the memorabilia they have. And tanks, which are pretty amazing as well.

Catherine Wesley

Was really neat seeing history

Julius H

A huge museum run by a dedicated patriot family. I've been there two times in two years. in may 2019 it was the capstone of a road trip i took my dad on. Massanutten mountains friday, luray caverns, then the tank museum saturday. met the dad, son, and daughter in law. We paid a bit extra for the privelege of climbing in four tanks and getting a great commentary from the son. Every military buff should go here. I babble about this place all the time to everyone who will listen

Aishwarya Sharma

It is a very good museum for any tank enthusiast. It has a good collection of not only tanks but uniforms, guns etc. The only thing is that most of the tanks are US tanks so in case anyone wants to see some famous USSR and German tanks you may not find them here. They are growing so it may happen in the future. They also have a toys and collectibles store which is really awesome!!

James Meyer

This place was pleasantly unexpected. It is a must see for any military enthusiast.

Christopher Davis

An Incredible place to realize history. Must see.

San Calloway

Pokemon hunt with my son

Inferno Kitty

I love tanks and this was great! The flamethrower demonstration was spectacular, it was a truly awesome experience. Not to mention that the gift shoo was more than fairly priced for a museum. I would love to come here again. Easy 5 stars.


This place is amazing well worth the 6 hour drive down from Pennsylvania,I loved the whole experience i would recommend going on a dry day as the roof leaks a good bit but it's still one of the best tank museums I've been to.!

Brian Foisy

The tank museum in a word, AWSOME!! Seriously, this is the largest pivate collection containing an assortment of mllitaria! If you love history and have a little imagination this place will make u feel like a soldier on the battlefield! Not only does the tank museum have vehicle run days where you can actually ride in a real tank, but flame throwers are demonstrated and boy do you feel the heat if you are in the "melt zone". It's nothing like you will ever see anywhere. It's fun,educational, and they even have radio controlled tank wars! Super cool !

Chih Tsai

Largest private collection of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, and army memorabilia on the East Coast, all in-doors! The gift shop offers a large selection of plastic models and RC vehicles. Great for veterans, military vehicle enthusiasts. and AAF is family-friendly as well.

Russ Peters

Absolute great day. Way more then we expected. Dont miss the flamethrower and bomb dog demo. Warning...the flamethrowers are going to be much hotter then you expect.

Roger Holzmeyer

I took my son's and grandsons. A great place to visit and lots to see

Ed Lewis

Ok, thought it would be good. Totally wrong - fantastic. Far more than a vehicle museum and artifacts that defy the imagination. Rooms of general uniforms including Heinz Wilhelm Guderian, Erwin Rommel and William Childs Westmoreland. Soviet, Polish, German, Japanese and American galore. Bring a camera and phone to look things up. Will take a few hours.

Hunter Fulton

This is amazing. You need at least 6 hours to to the place justice.

Frances Hunt

Loved it learned alot and I went with daughter airforce vet and son in law a marine vet

lee Blankenship

Very cool place the have tanks from all over the world plus other vehicles along with many other neat things.

Lora Dunn

Amazing! If you are a history buff, don't miss this museum! Fantastic collection.

Tonya Miller

This place is awesome if you're love military stuff. The manikins are so funny and you have to watch for the lady with a mustache. We make it a game when we take visitors.

Kurt Darden

If you like tanks or militaria, this is a must see.

Wendy Smith-fike

To short hours, paid full price was only left to look around 45 minutes. Drove 5hrs to get there. What we saw of the museum was cool. Lady selling tickets wasn't too friendly. Tried to talk us out of even going in.

Buddy Priest

First time visiting today. Huge collection, lot's of rare tanks and APCs. William is funny and knowledgeable and very cool. Looking forward to coming back soon.


Incredible collection! I thought it was going to be some small dainty building with a couple things in it. I was really impressed. Would go again! If you're ever in this area it's a must see.

Adam Coakley

Awesome history!

Bob DelGiorno

Unbelievable amount of vehicles and AFV to see!


Awesome museum for tank lovers! Plenty of rare metal to see, lots of old memorabilia and weapons as well! No heat or a/c, so dress accordingly.

Loy Cox

Amazing. The best place ever. Staff were great. I've took my grandsons and we had a blast. hours of exhibits can't be experienced in only one day!

Jeff Barnett

The entry security process with the metal detector seems a bit much, but maybe they've had issues in the past. Great selection of AFVs and other historical items. The indoor RC tank battlefield is also cool.


Had a great time touring the museum, only complaint, need more panzers.

Elgon Dodson

If you are near Danville on a weekend go to this museum. If you are a vet or interested in ordance, artillery or tanks go to this museum! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and we enjoyed our tour immensely. The gift shop is also awesome for models, posters and of course RC tanks.

Ryan Simmons

Great visit, well spent 3 hours, with great historic value.


Where do I even begin, this place is so cool! As someone who's a giant fan of history, and has read hundreds of books on World War II alone, I think I was smiling the entire time I was in this Museum, I haven't been this happy since I was a small kid. They have a T-34, Mark IV Panzer, Bulldog, Hellcat, Sherman tank, a t-72 on top of a car, and that awesome World of the Worlds Spaceship from the 1950s movie!!! Literally everything here is so awesome!!!!!! They even have one of my favorite Swedish tanks! And also the walls are covered from end-to-end with really amazing pieces of History! not to mention the Epic rooms with many of the guns throughout history! They also have a great deal of phenomenal wartime art! Make sure if you come here you come early because it will take you basically a full day to see everything, and this museum is not to be missed! I love love love this Museum!!! The staff that work here are truly awesome people! And the gift shop has some really cool toys!! Tanks A lot!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Isaac Howard

Great place for anyone who likes military memorabilia. Many uniforms, tanks, AFV's, guns and more! Only issue is that you should go when the temperature outside is 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit as there is no Heating or Air conditioning in the place. There is an option to call in advance (at least 2 weeks) and pay to climb on and get in any tanks or vehicles that you want.

Nathan Jones

I went here for the anime con today and I honestly got more out of the museum. Don't go in there expecting the super sterile Smithsonian archives. But that given, their collection was very impressive. Several halls of uniforms, gear, guns, the like. Killed a couple hours just on those. And then they have TANKS. Lots of em. And other various other armored vehicles, howizters, the good stuff. Well worth checking out. Super friendly staff.

Dan Bicouvaris

This Place was amazing!! Great value for the money!

Ben Montgomery

I love this place so much the tanks are a wild here

Beth R

We loved it so much that we will be back soon! We went for vehicle run day and it was awesome to see! A whole lot packed and displayed nicely in the museum, it would take you at least a day if you was to read everything and look at everything. Highly recommend this museum for anyone who loves tanks and military enthusiastic! Also great for scouts, field trips for schools, homeschool and church groups! Check out their event list on website or Facebook!

Randy Rabinowitch

IF YOU ARE CONFINED TO A WHEELCHAIR BEWARE! I am sure the museum is fantastic but it is NOT wheelchair friendly neither was the woman at the ticket counter. I could not access their "alternative" entrance because there was no curb cut on to the sidewalk. This place is not handicap accessible, not sure how they operate like this. I made it back to my vehicle and drove back to NC without seeing the museum.


This facility is awesome. There is so much information and so much to see. Plan to spend the day. Most of it is not climate controlled so dress appropriately. Just to, you won't regret it if you like tanks at all. Tanks for reading this review.

Katie Grillot

We were very happy with this museum. My 18 year old step son loves tanks, so we drove 10 hours just to visit this museum for part of his senior trip. We were not disappointed, and the smile didn't leave his face once.

Billy Greenfield

I've never seen anything like this. I spent well over 4 hours day I'm still felt like I rushed. It's worth whatever time and effort takes out of your way to make it a priority. You'll enjoy it!

Jim Potter

Lots to see. Well displayed.

Franny Sanz

Ww went here with our local boyscouts. I found out many new things. There were many different Tanks and explanations of what or how they were used. While many tanks were not able to be touched or sit on there was some for picture opts. Nice place for children above 5.

Matthew Epstein

Place has fun staff, and it was an absolute pleasure to see all of the cool vehicles

David Tyrer

Absolutely amazing!

Jessica Price

This place is awesome for military history nuts like myself. You can't however see it all in one day so plan on making more then one trip@

Carol Noren

Very cool place! As a mom I liked that while there were many no touching things there were a lot of things the kids could touch. There was someone regularly riding by asking if we had questions and he was willing to share stories about the the tanks and other equipment. The uniform and hat exhibits were very interesting as well. The size of the building from the outside is deceiving, this place is HUGE, so allow plenty of time and wear walking shoes. There is no air conditioning in the tank exhibit, so plan accordingly especially for hot days. My kids are already looking forward to a return trip possibly for a day where they have r/c tank competitions or the flame thrower day exhibition.

David Stillman

This is an excellent museum for viewing tanks and armor. I'll start with the only drawback and that is the days of operation which are Friday and Saturday. This is because the cost of overhead of operating this Museum and they do not get enough visitors the rest of the week. Other than that this is a great museum for people who have an interest and tanks. They have done a wonderful job with some dioramas to show tanks in action. The have a hat and helmet display that is phenomenal. The staff is helpful and friendly. And yes I would go back again. They have a large radio control tank Battlefield in which people can come on selected days to recreate tank battles.

susan lindsey

Great museum. I liked the tanks, but enjoyed looking at all the military uniforms, head gear, and tuna even more.

Tim O'Sullivan

This museum is fabulous and huge! I can't say that I am a tank enthusiast, but when we found out there was a tank museum in Danville we set of to be underwhelmed, and we were so wrong! The collection extensive and the facility is very big. In addition to the tanks, they have military uniforms, regalia and the like. Plan on spending several hours if you want to see everything. You can take as many pictures as you like but make sure you switch off the flash. Parking is plentiful and the admission price is great value. Highly recommended!

P Wh

Amazing collection and Awesome LIVE demonstrations!

Frank Lopes

Great guide on a bike

Terry Vallandigham

Good tank museum. The flamethrower demonstration was fun too.

Tim Lumbatis

Went here on their Tank Run Day that they do every so often. I was impressed with the amount of non-armour displays that they had, lots of uniforms, helmets, arms and medals from throughout history, much with a backstory. Since this is my first tank museum I've been to I was really impressed with the variety of tanks from different countries; US, german, russian even swedish. The run was pretty cool as well, not as many tanks as I had hoped they would do but still worth the trip to see.

Nancy Nelson

Neat display, very clean, more than expected in


Absolutely awesome place. Lots and lots of tanks to look at. Great prices on the model kits too.

Svitlana Bondarenko

Nice and interesting place. However, it was so hot inside. I think that it was something wrong with air conditions.

Thomas Sawyers

Too warm, I'll have to come back in the Fall, when it's cooler. Otherwise, I liked it very much.

Donya Foil

This museum is huge with so many very detailed and thoughtful displays. It's great for families or anyone interested in military history. The main museum is not air conditioned so plan for that. They sometimes host remote controlled tank battles on a really cool "battlefield" they've constructed. We were lucky enough to come on a day they were battling. Super fun to watch! We also bought our boys some Lego style sets that are actually pretty awesome and reasonably priced.

David Diemer

I have never seen so many heavily armored vehicles and tanks in my life. My son, who is a WW I buff, was absolutely thrilled to see one of the very few (working) WW I 2-person tanks. He loved it and it was a dream come true. We have returned numerous times. Our visits last between 2-1/2 hours to 3 hours. There is an impressive amount of tanks, heavy weapons, mortars of all sizes, and even rockets along with extensive personal weaponry, uniforms, and head gear from around the world. There are some excellent motifs for the vehicles and tanks giving a more immersive experience. Don't miss the RC tanks indoor battlefield and gaming events at scheduled times during the year. What could really make this museum even better is to allow a closer viewing of the vehicles. As it is now, nearly every tank is completely chained off and there is no way to walk closer, around, or behind them, mostly a front-only view and oblique side views. To really enhance our experience, we suggest the chains surrounding each tank be pulled closer to the vehicle to create a walkway on the sides and rear allowing a fuller view of the tank. The WW I tank is an excellent example. (See photos.) The chains surrounding the tank keep us about 10 feet away from this diminutive vehicle. The tank opens to the front (and is open!) but it's positioned so we see the back of the tank, not the front! What a disappointment. The only other open vehicles are an armored personnel carrier and a very specialized vehicle, I think a mortar tank, but we're not allowed in them. We never see the insides of some of the most famous tanks in the world, such as the German Tiger I, the Russian T34, any Bradley, nor the American M1. A tank is impressive both inside and out. Most of the museum is _not_ temperature-controlled but is as warm or cold as the outdoor temperatures. Also, there is very little seating which can make for a tiring visit.

Walter Yates

This place is AWESOME! We spent 3-1/2 hours there a d did t see everything! PlNing several more trips there, cant wait!

Valerie Reese

A huge collection of military weapons and memorabilia

Tom Reading

Fantastic collection.

Tina M Foisy

love going to the AAF tank museum. the entire family running the facility treats us like family. they are sweet! fun place to be

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