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C-6841, 5108 Ardennes St, Fort Bragg, NC 28310, United States

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Where is 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum?

REVIEWS OF 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum IN North Carolina

Jean-Luc Boissier

This small museum is packed with content, especially if you're interested in the uniforms and loadouts of each generation of paratroopers. Lots of firearms and artifacts, such as those metal punji sticks.

Haresh Rami

War Memorial museum - Memories of world war

Sean Eastman

Visited museum with my best friend, who is active duty Army. Had an enjoyable time viewing all of the historical exhibits. Staff inside gift shop were friendly and courteous.

Quin Skee

Great to visit

Luis Castro

A must see

Susan Molina

Very informative guide and presentation.

Larry Roush

Lots of history brought back a lot of memories was in 82d from 73 to 81


A wonderful place to learn the history of these brave men and women.

Michael Alexander-Bekele

I was able to bring my family here specifically for 82nd souvenirs. They loved it. My daughter had a blast with the old vehicles. I'm just glad they show you what we have done as a unit to impact the wars.

Reginald Oliver

Great place to soak in the 82nd heritage!

Tabithia Ellis

Interesting place. Free museum for the family. Donations are appreciated

Vee L

The 30 min movie is fantastic. The new look is great! And don't forget the Hall of heroes next door too!

Judy Ochal

Nice visit. Museum closed but enjoyed the outside displays.

Michele Pierce

Love to see the history of the military and this is a great place to see it

Gman Fly'n

Awesome exibits!

Shannon Propst

Great showcase of history. Definitely recommend.

Ramon Rodriguez

Grandbabies loved it been going there for the last 24 years.

Nanette Hardecker

Went with my husband who was 82nd.Very emotional proud visit.

Gary Hamilton

Been 37 years since I was here.great changes!

Dave Lenzi

This is a great opportunity to immerse oneself in the history of THE Division (The 82nd Airborne). The museum includes a static aircraft display as well as a memorial to fallen Paratroopers outside in addition to the wealth of information inside. Located next to the Hall of Heroes for those that want an even more immersive experience.

Eleonore Aarsen

Excellent museum! The renovation and the new exhibits look great.

Barbara Plumley

Our finest USA training center

Cory Kohvakka

Had a great time checking this out.

Joyce Lloyd

This place offers so much information from World War I until currently. Jeeps, uniforms, souvenir shop and memorials. A lot of Inside and outside displays to enjoy.

Jean Oglesby

Some interesting items

Omercy V

A definite must-see! Truly a very special tribute to the military! What a treasure we need to work to thankful to God for all of those who offered their lives for the good of others through such treacherous workings! What fantastic results Thank you!

Vanessa Kane

This is a must see if you are in Fayetteville.... The history if Airborne is displayed here and you will not be disappointed! Takes about 1 hour to really walk around and experience the history. Also, please donate what you can as it is a free exhibit and only operates on donations.

Lonny Roberts

Wonderful place.

Paula McAnderson

The wings always bring you back..

Jammie Manley

Rotc and jrotc visiting ruined the experience. They were disrespectful and didn't understand what the museum represents.

heather craft

Always good.


This museum was so nice! We loved seeing all the displays and reading all the history. If you are close by, you should definitely visit this place!

Ms. Angela Mason

You will need time to learn and appreciate what our military has done to protect us!

Khai K

This museum has knowledgeable staff and some interesting exhibits. What I like about it is that the outdoor displays are incredible. There's a whole line of historic planes, helos, tracked vehicles, and guns outside accessible at all hours. The stairs can be a little slippery if it's raining, though there is a railing. For wheelchair users, you'll have to go around to the side to reach the planes but there is a sidewalk that goes all the way across. If you play PokemonGo or angsty kids who play, there's a cluster of stops and gyms here. It's a good play to let kids run and play off some energy on a sunny day.


Great place to learn the history of the 82nd Airborne

Marilyn Kildoo

Great historical museum at Ft. Bragg

Bobby Beckner

Very detailed and awesome displays.

E Ramdohr

Educational but I believe not accessible to public

Merrilee Plessinger

Loved seeing the planes outside. 4 stars because to access the planes there was no handicap ramp up the hill making it a nuisance to get to the top via wheelchair or stroller.

Justin Kay

Always available and nice to look at

Robert Crawford

Amazing History of the 82nd.

Richard Rousey

Awsome exhibits from the beginning of the history of 82nd Airborne to present day.

Merry Zadra

Most of the museum was under renovations when I visited, but what I did see was nice. The uniforms and pieces they have in the museum are really great quality. It’s hard to believe they are so old. Had a last minute ceremony inside, the rain just came out of no where like it does here in North Carolina. The staff was very helpful and accommodating, it was a small ceremony, but they were still great. I look forward to seeing the museum in full when they are finished with renovations.

brian carlson

Coming from fort sill, this museum is underwhelming compared to the artillery museum and park. It's good for about an hour with kids, but really only outside to let them ruin around the planes and few ground vehicles.

tyrone edelen


Troy Irwin

I love it

Chuck b

3/17/2018 very disappointed, It was a better place in the 80's not a lot of cold war history time frame, they are not maintaining anything outside, most of the stuff has been there sense i was there in the late 70's, come on 82 duce get it together and fix the grass through out the division area, all the old timers will understand. they are renovating the old museum and maybe it will get better, I hope. The new building looks like a waste of money, and put someone in there working that wants to be working, the private that was there had not information at all and clearly did not want to be there. playing on the phone is all he wanted to do, i think he might have been on extra duty.

Jerry Nelson

Great little museum and gift shop they have the old colored 82nd patches used on green class A's which are popular for making plaques now.

James Barbour

Very nice expansion and update to the facility. You can feel the excellence when you walk in the door. Highly recommended.

James Lacewell

Awe inspiring. You somehow feel the reverence of all that have been memorialized there. This year is the one hundredth year anniversary of airborne operations. Just a totally awesome place with 100 years of military (Airborne) history. I am proud of my ten years of service with the 82d.

Jason Lautrup

One of the best museums of its kind

Virgil Teller

A must see, very well layed out

Carmen Colon

This museum is in Fort Bragg Army Base. It's free but to enter the base you must have a military Identification or a verified driver license. I will recommend to call first to check for other requirements before you try to enter the base. About the museum there is plenty to learn ,see and reflect. There are plenty of air craft on display outside and monuments. Parking is available free of charge. Handicap parking is just in front with easy access to the entrance ( no ramps) . There some stairs to climb to see the air craft area outside. There is also a gift shop. The museum is open Tuesday -Friday 10:00 am to 4:30 PM Closed Monday and Sunday. Open on the following Federal Holidays MLK, Fourth of July, Labor Day Weekend and Veterans Day. Closed all other Holidays.

Michael W

The only museum on post to cover the history of the 82nd. Several memorials also honoring those who passed.

Jon Fox

The renovation and upgrade has completely paid off as this went from an okay military museum to a must go place on Fort Bragg. The displays are top notch and the descriptions are written very well. I may be a little biased, but this is one of the greatest unit museums out there.

Marilyn Schneidet

Was great. Sorry we didn't have more time there.

Bryan W

Great little museum highlighting 82nd contributions in past and current conflicts

Holly Byrd

It was a nice clean place to educate yourself about our military.

Toni Williams

Great history. Great displays

Best Bragg Leasing and Management

Very much like a basic training ruck march along the well worn trails in Fort Benning GA, this war memorial brings the history to you personally. If somehow in the air you breathe here you can't feel the impact that these lives, items and actions had and are having on your may consider taking the same walk I did. It is easy, visit your local U.S. Army recruiter today!

Tiffney Parker

A beautiful tribute to the HEROES of our past, present and future.

Jeff Reichl

It was great to see my son Jeff jr's picture on the wall.

Bethani Hendrickson

Make sure to go inside and watch the presentation, very educational and interesting! Clean and friendly.

Bonnie O.

Very interesting


Under renovation, but it looks like it's going to be a nice improvement over a already great museum. Small gift shop inside and lots of aircraft outside on the grounds behind the museum.

Brandon Bowen

Great history from the Division I proudly serve in.

Michael Valentin

I always found good memorabilia there.

Shana Martin

This is a nice museum to stop and visit if you have the time.

Jean-Chardins Jean-Baptiste

An unprecedented collection of war stories and memorabilia to immerse visitors into a vivid experience of what it was like to walk into the shoes of Paratroopers who served back then.

Claudio Vargas

It was an amazing expirience .we have a very profecional person who related and show us all the history from uniforms weapons vehicles well what ever was there ,,amazing 5 stars isn't inough give it 10 ..thank you

Jacob Beldon

Great place to see tradition and heros of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Heather Burns

If you are in Fayetteville, NC or near Fort Bragg you should definitely make an effort to see the 82nd airborne division war Memorial Museum. It was very educational with lots of sites and information. We appreciated the Modern building two houses such a special military tribute. It was a moving experience as you walked the different sections.

Julio Rodriguez

Moving and makes one appreciate our military...and the costs to our people in arms!

James Smithson

Awesome Museum. Brought back lots of memories.

Claudia Ortega-Lukas

It's small but displays interesting artifacts and historical information about the 82nd.

Dawn Real

This museum covers the history of the 82d expertly from their beginnings in World War I to present day. The displays are full of artifacts and information. The outside memorials are moving and the collection of air and land vehicles impressive. Don't miss the film. I bought a copy for my class.

Phil Nunn

Former paratrooper enjoyed a Van Winkle wake up / revisit 30 years later, a lot has changed!

KLK MD royal Space Nakajima MD Director WHO

CAUTION: SOLVENTS called PERMANENT BRAIN and NERVE DAMAGE are ingredient July 1994 I received my U S Department of State Fulbright Scholarship the day after my high school Diploma with my UNBORN CHILD On My active DOT hazmat Military …


Hours are limited. Be sure to check. Various aircraft on display that are accessible anytime.

Mathew Lindholm

If you go as part of in-processing, they do a good job of showing the history of the unit. It's nice to know a unit's lineage when you are assigned to them.

Ramsey Branam

As part of our NC road trip we spent the better half of a delightful afternoon touring Greensboro's Blandwood Estate. First time to visit the mansion and we were not disappointed. Our guide was Matt and he was terrific....very personable with a great knowledge of the mansion and the family. This tour was like a History 101 class.

Jerry Fritz

Very historic and interesting

Henry Lockard

Second time I've been here since 1971 love it hope to visit again

Sam Berg

Always a pleasure seeing the History, once Airborne always Airborne!! 2/504, 93-97'

Edwin Oquendo

Very historical and educational

Jennifer Haygood

It was great seeing all the aircraft and reading the history.

Michael Argent

Fascinating place. Need a few hours to really experience the entire place. Not a good idea for very small children.

Judith Ochal

We enjoyed the time spent there. Should the opportunity happen we will return to walk around the outside.

Daniella Beretta

I was extremely blown away! All the WAY! The best museum we have ever seen. I learned about history I never knew. The displays outside were insane with planes and firepower and inside the stories of Sargent York, all the wars since the 1900's. A MUST SEE!!!

Brian Lehrschall

One of the best military museum. It is small but it is totally worth it.

valerie james

I loved seeing a place that was a big part of my husband's life.

Joker Bravo

Very cool, had some aircraft on display and weapons.

Melisa Breen

Love history, makes me emotional

Michael Rucker

Another great please to learn about the great hero’s of our country

stan wall

The post has really changed since I was there. They offer a hotel for veterans visiting or just passing through. The museum is great.

Julius Locklear

Love the history they have in their staff will managed clean facility

Phil Lockhart

What a great dedication to our soldiers.

Kevin Sanders

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 82nd Airborne. Soldiers, active, inactive, retired and their families are highly encouraged to visit the museum and the memorials.

Frank C.

Nice little museum for the All American Division. Outback they have a bunch of historic airborne platforms and vehicles.

Tiffany Betts

Its a wonderful place to visit. We love going each year during the field of honor. Its a must visit for anyone who wants to know more about the history of the military and fort Bragg. You can spend a few hours here and then visit downtown for some food and make a day trip.

Russ Perry

Visiting this place again after so many years, for the Airborne Memorials during All-American Week brought back a lot of great memories. Airborne All The Way ... and then some! The new building is great! The displays, the videos, the gift shop, all first class. Fort Bragg ... my old home. Looking forward to my next trip back to the home of America's Guard of Honor.

Jermaine Jackson

I absolutely love visiting this place. Well kept and makes my pump just thinking about past conflicts and life lost... We've come pretty far in our journey as people, I'm just hoping we get further along in the idea of making life better in this time. Our time. I'd like to see to it. Personally.

Tonya LadyDoc

Free, and well kept. Peaceful and relaxing. It also has a brief history movie and all I can say is wow!

Analisa Howard

It was so fun everything was so real. I loved it.

Daniel King

Great museum... Of course I'm a bit partial

Pat Munley

Very well done. Super informative about the All American Boys and their long distinguished history. We will certainly revisit when the new facility opens up.

Devyn Messenger

Informative, lots to look at, kids loved the airplanes. Just watch your step. Ants are building fortresses all around there.

Amritpal Kang

Pretty good

Humberto Rodriguez

Always good to see those who guard our freedom and that the museum is a great place to know that they are remembered.


Neat place to walk and see the different planes and platforms used in combat. Great for civilians and soldiers alike

Tiffany Skitts

Retirement ceremony was great.

Shaylena Bell

Some items were missing plaques of information.

M Peacock

Lovely museum showing how veterans kept our country safe and secure.

Oral Pierce

Great place to visit inside and out.

Leigh Luck

Every Soldier should see!

Peter Hainsworth

Well what can I say, this place is amazing. My wife's grandfather was in the 82nd airborne 505th in ww2 and was stationed in the UK. Sadly he didn't make it back, so we decided to come and pay our respects at Fort Bragg. However we found out that as none US citizens it would be difficult for us to get in. That's when we got in contact with Ralph who after many emails sponsored us. When we got there we were treated like royalty with our own private tour. Everyone and everything was perfect.Thank you Ralph and your team for a memory that will stay with us forever. Peter and Julie

Edgar Perez

Amazing, have to see for yourself to see what it's like

Raf Z'te

Good military history provided in a comfortable facility.

Bryan Gallivan

This is a great way to start to understand what our troops have to do

Chelle Ham

Great visit.

Brenda Reimers

Great history! Loved it

Ken Lake

Good but brief history of the 82nd Airborne

Cayman S

Nicely done. Very informative.

Ana B

Great for anyone who appreciates our servicemen and women.

Douglas Russell

First visited this museum in '88 and '89 when I was stationed across the street in the 1/505. Not as big now, but still a great museum.

Jason Preston

Great free museum. Definitely need to leave a donation when you go.

Curtiss Robinson

As an old 82nd Airborne Division Trooper back in 1960 to 1963 it did my heart good to reminisce at the Famed 82nd Airborne Division War Museum. The work that has gone into this facility and presenting 82nd Abn Div history for all to see is fantastic. I'd like to thank the Museum Curator and the Entire Staff for a job well done. Airborne All the Way!!

Gavin McGee

A very good place to take a walk through history!

jim Ocalahan

America is a global force for good

Davelyn Donoho

Son in law and daughter took us there before fireworks had a great time.....

Jennifer Maddox

Very nice museum. Well kept. Nice informative displays.

Michael A. Wightman

THANK YOU to all the brave and honorable that now Serve and have Served our Great Country! The museum is Awesome and Honors you!

Paul Moses

Listed as JFK Bank Hall of Heros in Google, was one place a friend and I went in June 2017 who is also a veteran was showing me Fort Bragg, NC. The museum has a lot of history from the Battle of the Bulge to the most recent battles in the 2000s. Aircraft, armament, clothing, and even the bust of Sadam Hussein statue that the people took down in 2003. Check out the pictures I posted on Google at JFK Bank Hall, and visit the place when you can.

Jason Parker

The 82nd Airborne Division Museum is the original. Well worth a couple hours of your day if you're visiting Ft Bragg. All American! AATW!

Michael Rincon

Really enjoyed looking at a part of airborne history. They museum covers from WWI to present day. Great place to spend time with the family and learn about 82nd history.

John Tannehill

Great experience with informative exhibits. Would recommend it to anyone visiting Ft. Bragg.

Dave Myers

The inside exhibits are inspiring to say the least. The 82nd is steeped in Honor, Courage and Commitment. Really well done. The aircraft, on the other hand, are a different story. Not well maintained or presented. Tires off of the wheel, …

Ivan Velo

Excellent for the future generations

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