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REVIEWS OF Weeksville Heritage Center IN New York

Shelly Daniels

The museum was under construction at the time of my visit, so many areas were closed and many displays were missing. What was there was pretty awesome and the staff was very helpful though!

Arline Chapman

The tour guide, Alfonse was very knowledgeable and personable. I learned quite a bit.

Renée Brown

Nice space and a great community attraction. Excellent cultural offerings.

denise drayton

Beautifully designed. Great meeting rooms. The mainhallway has a glass ceiling the provides excellent lighting.

Alexander Fox

excellent museum. small but impressive.

Shamika Taylor

Historic landmark dating all the way back to slavery, (educational)

o martin

Very freindly people works their

Aisha Chavis


Chad the goat maxwell

This museum is very educational lots of African artifacts.

Karlene Thompson


Andre Green

Great Place!

Lani Bersch

Deeply moving experience reading about the African American experience

Thea Olufumilayo Bashful

A culturally and spiritually rich experience!

Darnell Gilman-Bey

Loved it so much to learn!

Michael B

I visited the center as a child lived in the area for 10 years was a lasting experience

Tiffany Craig

Went for poetry slam, didnt really get to explore everything. Would like to go back and explore for sure.

P Aurora Robinson

They need volunteers

Lavett Ballard

Little known History Told and explored in a Big way!

AZ Pharma

Is important to have cultural center for the community. Space and artifacts are under utilized. Visited Weeksville due to a seminar series which was very good. Need more of such well curated activities.


Great historical center. If you ride a bike there lock it up tight though. Someone stole it from right on the front of it


Amazing little museum, that details the life of Black Americans and how they lived, including many of the items they used in their everyday life. Great learning experience for anyone of any age.

MsLisaLive NYC Local Guide

The new modern facility is nicely designed with various cultural events and amazing history of Brooklyn's Weeksville African community.

william dawkins

Brooklyn's best kept secret! A trove of history. I am definitely going to explore more.

Luther Alston


Melissa Fortune

Great place to visit to learn about how African American used to live during 19th century. Great learning experience

Guesnerth Josué Perea

Learning about the lesser known history of Brooklyn is always exciting!

Ell Grossett

So much to see, learn, enjoy and experience. Multiple trips required, to experience everything offered. I Love It.

Cesar Piña

Such a beautiful structure with rich heritage and I'm thankful to be able to co-host Zumba events with ZCrew here!

Cinnamon Willis

Get a tour of the Hunterfly Road houses, they are a must see to get a small glimse of life as a free African American person in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Lots of good informational programing here as well.

Alberto Acevedo

I like this place

Nedene Duhaney

I like that they honor the community, they facilitate great events also. The decor is very picturesque and you only need minimal decorations because the grounds are beautiful.

Chocolate Lady

Very informative, didn't have enough time to visit the house..

Gloria L. Tate

Beautiful property with excellent community programming.

Shayna Palmore

Our tour guide was great and very informative, he allowed the students to ask questions and he also asked a lot of questions himself to see how much they knew

Brian Thompson

A gift

cartoon girl 2005

It was the bomb

Rebecca Wagner

A hidden gem! Great informative tour of three different time period homes. Thanks Mercedes!

Denise M. Cranford-Allen

Beautiful place. Air conditioning was Absolutely Wonderful. I must go back for a second visit!!

Johnny Blaze Rosario

Grew up there..

Shawn Rey Smith

If you want to learn something new about Brooklyn NY go check this exhibit/tour out. It's a preserved section of what was known as Weeksville Brooklyn. Very interesting!


Beautiful place. great venue

Màrsha Durant

Had a great time at weekville for black history month on feb 9th . The dance classes were great, the medicinal plant classes provided healing , The intentional bead making classes were interesting. The interior design allows for a lot of natural light. The staff was very welcoming.

Eva Gordon

Had a great time at Black Music Month trivia event

Steven Rice

This place is a landmark in the Black Community of Brooklyn, and NYC at large. Never am I disappointed when visiting and spending time here. The events are forward thinking and poignant. You will become a better human being just by experiencing this magnificent place and space.

Bintou N'Daw

The community need to use the place more. It's an outstanding venue.

Victoria Rollins

Black History, community history right at your doorstep! A small visual view of a working, respective and thriving town not in any history books. Great for families, groups, organizations and events. They also have rental spaces for meetings and small to medium events

Larry Fellows III

A must visit in Brooklyn, great to learn about the history of Weeksville.

Chris Farrell

The heart of the Center is the Hunterfly Road houses, 3 historic homes restored to show what life was like in various eras in the Brooklyn community of Weeksville. Established by free blacks in New York as a way to win suffrage rights available only to African American men who owned property (at a time when all white men had the right to vote) it became a place of refuge and self sufficiency for decades. As the grid that shaped modern Brooklyn was developed the independent community disappeared and was all but forgotten until local activists rediscovered it in the 60s. Tours of the restored houses tell this fascinating story, and the beautifully designed Center is the site of public events.

Dante Washington Sr

Love it

Balinda Harris

Such an amazing place with so much history and the curators and everyone working there is so nice

HeartFully Beauty

Beautiful . It's Historical.

Dayo Oyedele


Nadia M

dead prez will be at weeksville for Black VegFest!! Aug 10th. Go to for more info.

hal martin

Nice place to visit

Agua Dulce

It's beautiful its spiritual its humbling.

Don Robinson

Place is ok

Carl Mason

Looks nice has some history

M Collins


Li Li's Creations

Amazing place!

Seneque Derolus

Not very big, but great to see the history preserves here. Cool architecture for the main building.

Richard Louissaint

Such a beautiful space and historical and community space

Outstanding Innovation

Awesome experience! I was taught some useful tips and techniques on fine dinning and maintaining a professional attitude. I can't wait to use them in the future, and will look forward meeting with them someday in the future. I would recommend going here for anyone who's interested :)

Omar Brooklyn

Weeksville Heritage Center in Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York is in a Historical Place on Bergen Street and Buffalo Ave. Transportation B15, B45, B65 all stop on Buffalo and St. Marks Weeksville Heritage Center is a Family oriented place to learn of the past and how people of color lived and strived in our own established environment

Betty Hicks

Wonderful place for history.

Richardo Charles

I went to see the After Afropolitan exhibit presented by CCCADI with afriPOP! Nice venue with awesome pieces with mixed media. Street parking wasn't that difficult. All the pieces were all in one room. Was little warm inside the venue.

Kelly Armstrong

I didn't even know this place was here! A hidden gem with lots of history, a multi-purpose room and a beautiful garden.

Brian Lawson

Black Vegan Fest

Ivanna Tavarez

Beautiful place for our people to shine.

Kevin Sandy

Such an amazing experienc for healing and wellness and most importantly COMMUNITY!

Jay House

This place is a must see for all New Yorkers, and all visitors to NYC. The architecture is intriguing and the grounds are peaceful and seem to attract birds, which adds an extra magical quality. The historic houses are lovingly cared for, and it was very moving to walk through the homes of residents of the African American community of Weeksville, Brooklyn. I highly recommend visiting.

Mac Jude


Ehsanul Haq

One of the best of New York to understand the classification of heritage and its impact in the society and its people.

Alphonse Fabien

It's the greatest musuem in the world. I think if you're looking to learn about African Amerkcan history in New York City and Brooklyn, this will be a place to start. I'm a tour educator here. I always get excited when people here about this place for the first time. I'm glad to give some history and awareness about Weeksville.

artie thompson

did a nice wedding there

Paul Watford

More public schools should visit this important neighborhood in Brooklyn

Dennis F. aka M.A. Dennis

Did y'all remove the 6-star option? Oh well, FIVE MEASLY stars it is. My ancestors speak to me at Weeksville Heritage and that Grand Slam drink they served had me speaking in tongues! Weeksville is like that part in THE FIVE HEARTBEATS when Eddie Kane hits that hiiiiiigh note at the talent show and sista in the front row faints. Weeksville will make a brotha who's money is funny PUT FIVE ON IT when the donations bowl goes around. Weeksville IS spiritual!!! And they only passed the collection plate around ONCE. That's my kinda church turned Heritage Center. Support Weeksville--It's like giving your soul a HIGH FIVE.

Brenda Martin

Great learning experience

Vaughn Taylor-Akutagawa

Serene cultural space


This is pure history at its front door..I went here once many yrs ago..I live less than a mile from here..I passed by this place 5 to 6 times a week. If you love history and black history it's a must visit when in ny.

Daniel Brooks II

The taste of the past, honestly didn't know about this place until I went there. Amazing piece of history.

Anntoinette Angrum

Should be part of NYC DOE curriculum!!!!

Rodney Loveday

This place is a national treasure that distills and displays a slice of history for all to enjoy. The staff is also amazing.

Morine Bowen-Avery

Great cultural museum right in a local neighborhood.

Sharlene Fagan

Real nice grounds

Deidre Obryant

Awesome show

Antonio Udjate

This is an awesome experience. There were many things I learned about the original Weeksville that I would have never imagined. A town that existed in Brooklyn, a sanctuary for people of African decent. So much hidden history in Brooklyn to be emotionally swept away with. Now, a community center full of historic resources and cultural exchange.

Patrina Huff

Unexpected cultural marker in a somewhat quiet and run down section of Crown Heights. Near transit, but a bit of a walk.

Jude Waddy

Lovely place with such a rich history

angel-love r

Loving all the historical items

Laredo Cashew

Volunteered as a vendor at the Black VegFest 2019- love it here. I learned so much from my experience and made new friends. Come next year to the BLACK VEG FEST and see it for yourself.

Maria Yorro

Love this place..

David S

Vegfest was nice but make sure to go on a sat. For outside food fest. On sunday its inside.

P t-d

Great museum a must see.

Ralf Rucci

Beautiful place to visit, reminds us all when we were growing up and our parents, the good old days.

Nadine Nelson

Beautiful and majestic black historical cultural center in the middle of Brooklyn. Everyone should visit to learn of the rich history of historical Weeksville.

Ron Freeman

The history here is incredible!

Pinch Hitter Professional Organizing

Going to take my granddaughter in the next ten days! She on 19 months but I want to begin to expose her to the richness of our culture! We will visit many times.

Lydia Hinton

Very informational and beautiful music programs as well as cultural exhibits

Breeonna Reed

It was a beautiful garden escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC life.

C. Ross

This is one of my favorite institutions in Brooklyn. They offer an array of programming that highlight the importance of supporting Black artists and activists. I've attended countless events here and I'm saddened by the current reality …

Meghan G

Though it was interesting to hear and learn about the history behind the museum and the tour guide was knowledgeable I wasn’t thrilled about its location !! and the fact they had too many kids running around wild.

Leon Taylor

A Fun filled family Day at Weeksville. Kids enjoyed Minecraft, and B Scene Film screening along with Live DJ like, face painting, and more.

Patricia Houser

A truly beautiful event venue located adjacent to a historical space of significance to the African American community.

Odukoya Sile

It's a good place to be

Sistah Nedra

An amazing experience and history centered tour! We will continue researching Weeksville, just sad that we could not photograph or video our tour. However, the memories will forever inspire us!

Carl Skinner

Always intimate, cozy and interesting.


Great staff. Very helpful

Shelly Anin Real Estate

professional services here and good business people

Rebecca Scheckman

One of the most important historical sights in NY.

Jennica Drice

Amazing place with so much history. Unfortunately didn't get to tour the houses but they had great art in the lobby

Solange Benjamin

Loved learning our history with my daughter.

Arnaldo J López

Stunning, educational, inspiring!

Pete R

One of NYC historical sites for everyone to see and experience the history . Enjoy copyrighted bird view photos. No usage unless authorized by google.

Kendu Drippin

I Don't Know Why I Gave This 5 Stars

Shari Margolese

Very poorly organized. Management and rental staff were rude. Guide was friendly but had only cursory historical knowledge.

Zenzele Cooper

Visit Weeksville! One of the first free Black communities in the U. S. prior to the end of the Civil War. The staff are friendly and helpful. The site is beautiful. A national historic site and a NYC Landmark.

Haydee Villanueva

It is a nice spot. Never heard of it but attended a film screening there. I see they hold other events which I hope to check out at some point. I like that they offer weekend fitness events. That caught my eye. I have to attend more to really be able to judge it. My main issue with it is the location. It is not near the subway. Well, it's a good walk away from the subway. There is a bus right out front but it doesn't run that often and late at night even less.

Wale Total FitnessCP

Great place that screams community.

Lonna Gordon

Hidden gem in the city. Must to understand AA history in our country

estelle corbin

It’s a great place to take your children so you can how successful black people were and they strive for so much

Earl Terrill

I learned a great deal about these historic houses and the neighborhood.

Olamma Nzeribe-Williams

So beautiful. With or without decorations. Check out their exhibits and host all your events here

Elizabeth leslie

a small piece of history in brooklyn

Cintron Flowers

This is an amazing place I've only been here twice and both experiences great I learned so much I didn't even know there were free slave homes on that block so I'm grateful for the experience

Kenneth Jones

I was able to visit the site before its completion what an experience, I saw things that you will never learn in school, never thought I would see anything like that it was extremely educational it made me proud to be a black man to know that we've come so far it let me know the strength of our people what we had to go through and what we survived and what we are today. A PROUD PEOPLE!

Christopher R

It's cool

Miguel A. Hernnandez Sr.

Historic, Epic and Awsome a must see.

Nathaniel Lindsay

A positive addition to the neigborhood. The staff at the museum should create a P.R. department or incorporate a community awareness team, that goes out in to the community and inform people of schedule events that will be taking place in the museum.

Chalkboard Theatre

I cry every time. I am so happy I discovered this gem of a place.

Ted Bourdier

Love this place!

Myoho Sistah

Had a great time at the Earth Day celebration. I got some great ideas and learn so much from the Vegan kitchen demonstration

shana herman

What a horrible experience! So unfair to our students! The Weeksville staff is ruining such incredible achievements, history, and memories. A real SHAME!

Vonecia Carswell

The Weeksville Heritage Center provides an enriching and enlightening experience around the historically free black neighborhood of Weeksville. It's a beautiful sun-lit venue with an outdoor lawn and patio that hosts various events and programming to educate and advance the community such as galleries, discussions and tours. I attended specifically for its Juneteenth Celebration and its Homecoming Weekend. It was great to see and hear from local artists in the community who were making an impact, as well as be introduced to a massive collection of African artifacts.

KK Millwood

This is a great place to visit to learn more about the first free Black community. Filled with history and you will be glad that you visited. They also have many events that they host as well. Highly recommended.

Shelly Puri

Beautiful, airy space accessible by multiple public transport lines.

TiffanyJoy Murchison

Amazing place!

Elys Vasquez-Iscan

Great historic place for all to learn about!

Jacky Powell

Is ok

Shauna Grant

A historical beauty with very updated venues.

Jacqueline Peebles

Absolutely amazing! We had a great tour guide who shared interesting facts to our family!

Terry Greiss

A Brooklyn historical gem. Must visit!

francine cutler

Every moment was beautiful

Melanie Lewis

I was kindly greeted upon entering and guided to my reason for attending. The programming was timely, clean and very engaging. Highly recommend this historic experience in the community.

Melvin Frederick

Historically a very great place to visit and support.

Tim Simons

This is an amazing place for families to visit. Weeksville provides an excellent experience for exploration of Black history in Brooklyn.

Sam Foo

An Important Historical place. Worth a visit.

alicia appleton

Beautiful space!

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