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1435 Sumner Ave, Fort Sumner, NM 88119, United States

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Where is Billy The Kid Museum?

REVIEWS OF Billy The Kid Museum IN New Mexico

Brian Eagan

Lots of free parking at the front door, a good place to visit

Derek Bennett

Loved it. Great place and looks incredible like back in the day. Very nice artifacts to look at and get a cool souvenir.

Justine Turner

Very nice museum. Many nice contributions by locals. Definitely worth a stop.

Marilyn Kemper

This place is really good. It's probably out of the way for most people, but worth the drive.

Thomas Lester

Super cool museum definitely worth the 5 dollars!

Melinda Rhodes

Nice eclectic shop. With quite a bit of history. It is always nice to learn something not just see things!

Maloa Cincotta

Great place to visit. Lots of cool stuff to see as well as the history of Billy The Kod.

Tommie Picazo

Very interesting, lots to view.

Gary Clark

A lot very interesting memorabilia

Steve Mendoza

Lots to see, more than just a Billy The Kid museum. Well worth the $5 admission.

Kris Staggs

The owner was full of knowledge. Great place to stop by if you have never been. Dont forget to go by Billy The Kid grave site. Prices at the give shop was not to high like other places.

Brandy Yorick

Totally worth seeing! My husband and I rode our motorcycle from Southern Utah just to see this monument.... Very worth it.

Ana de la Cruz

The museum is very interesting, bigger than it looks on the outside, it's full of antiques and it is designed so you don't miss any part of it. The gift shop has a lot of variety and the people were very welcoming.

jennifer martin

Great museum everything was awesome to look at and great information

Jausonne Spencer

Very educational. Loved the atmosphere

Kathryn Young

Such a neat place! The owner has such awesome history to share! Very friendly!

Vanessa Davis

Nice exhibits

Aaron Davis

It is a great place to stop on a long trip get out and stretch the legs see some cool antique stuff

Angie Free

This is a must for anyone wanting to learn about Billy the Kid. The owners are very sweet and has the wonderful gift for talking. They tell you the history of what is in the museum. Wonderful couple. For a low price for admission is one of the best and friendliest places I’ve been. Would love to go again but is running out of time. I’ll go again when I get back down here. Angie - Erie, Pa

Steve Shaffer

Very nice place and a piece of history!!!

Reg Harman

Super interesting place to visit. It has a lot of things related to Billy the Kid, and a lot of other things related to the wild west from guns and knives to uniforms and clothing. In addition there is a wagon collection and a car collection. It is definitely worth a visit.

myles n

Plan to spend an hour.. so much history and very well organized. .must see and for 5 bucks it shows this is a passion they want to share with the world

Rachel Gutierrez

They are so kind with great prices and even offer wheelchairs! Love it and the history they provided

Shawn Neuman

Not enough about Billy the Kid. There was really only one room dedicated to him. The rest was just old farm equipment and a few rifles. There were a few interesting facts that left me curious but not enough detail about his life

Katie Dunlavey

This is a must see. A real hidden treasure of fascinating artifacts from an important era of our history of the wild west.

Stephanie Demel

This place was very educational. The owner walked the first room with us giving us factual information that ties in the remaining rooms to help better understand. I recommend walking the museum. And also the chit-chat with the owner.

David Bandagski

Cheap,good place to learn

Heather Estrada

A Family Favorite of our travels!!

Mary Smith

The owners are knowledgeable fun people. The museum is large, leave plenty of time to look. Definitely a must see.

Missy D

Had a wonderful time! I would even go again because I know I couldn't possibly have seen everything going just once!

Randall Woods

Fun to stop in and look around.

joey chavez

Could of stayed a little longer at this place. The grave is not Billy the kid it was his roommate ranch hand. That looked like him......

Donna Lidren

Was a wonderful visit. My ten year old would have been there for hours. The only problem I had was going in to see the cars and hearse. It was so hot ..a couple of fans would have been nice. Very enjoyable stop.

Tim Wakefield

Nice museum with a lot of old cool stuff. Not a lot about the Kid, but still more than anywhere else has. Also it's on the way if your going to Old Fort Sumner and the cemetery.

Lori Gimlin

We were very impressed. Way more stuff to see than we expected.

Gandpa Gamer

Not only is this a Billy, The Kid museum, but a complete museum for history of the area to include Pancho Villa and other notable things of interest

Tad Richardson

I love history! ☺️

Vermithrax Pejorative

Based on the museum's name I figured the place would be some tiny hole-in-the-wall, with little to offer for the price of admission. I was very pleasantly surprised. Though The Kid does factor into several displays in the museum, there are a multitude of artifacts, weapons, and vehicles from well before and after Pat Garrett took his quarry. This museum is well worth a visit.

Sticky Fluff

We visited the 24th of September. I was definitely not expecting the museum to be as large as it was. There are vast amounts of collections, (period clothing, imported China, guns and knives, furniture, vehicles, buggies and stagecoaches, all kinds of great stuff). The owner is very nice and helpful. The gift shop is huge. The museum is well maintained and organized. I highly recommend this place, especially if you enjoy learning about history.

Les Pardis

This place is awesome! I spent hours there, so much to see. If you are a western history buff this is a must visit place.

J.P. Downin

It was a nice place run by an older couple ... very sweet people

Rocio Clements

We were yesterday at this amazing place.. It exceeded our expectations greatly. I can’t recommend it enough.. Everyone super friendly and informative. The exhibition of Billy the Kid material is mind blowing.. You truly have all sorts to see and take pictures. Great for all the family! A must see!

John Duck

Very cool history. Small museum packed full of artifacts and collectibles

patty justice

This place is amazing! And really Big! Get there early and take your time because there is soooooooo much to see (plus, they stop letting people into the museum at 4:30).

Gerald Hempel

Well worth the stop and 5$ admission. This was a cool museum. There were lots of photos and historical facts of Billy the Kid and his gang that I had never seen or heard about before.

Marcia Gochenaur

AWESOME learned a lot about the past. I love the history.

Jarion Stanley

Really Great Place.It takes you back to to Good O'l Days!!

Curtis Snyder

Really good walk through history! Knowledgeable and informative staff.

Merlin De Wizard

Shop owners kept watching us as if we were going to steal something made visit very uncomfortable! !!


The museum is awesome. The gentleman At the front is very knowledgeable and super nice. The museum itself has a lot of interesting artifacts and history. Prices are reasonable. We will be back

ron smith

Great place nice people

Darren Byrne

Great history .freindly shop

Natalee Vickers

Owner had personal accounts of stories and was willing to share. It was like a walk through history.

Noe Flores

Took some pictures only cause it was closed.

dan miles

Amazing! Finally,facts and truth... Billy's rifle is there!

Don Watson

A very well stocked museum of Western articles including some items from Billy the Kid. Not all Western themed as many items are antiques and show the way of life in the 19th and 20th centuries. There are many many items to see. Glad we got to see it.

Kay Murphy

This is a great place. It not only has Billy the Kid displays but rooms and rooms of old things. From cars to saddles to barbies. Great place!

Graham Dench

A surprisingly large museum for what appears to be a tiny building. So much history inside. An easy hour + to see everything

Amy Rodgers

So much interesting history jam-packed into this museum!

Tammy Bell

ABSOLUTELY worth the stop this museum is amazing! The owners are very sweet and enjoys sharing the memorabilia. Big thanks from Texas for sharing!

Daniel Rojo

Didn't get to see the actual museum as we driving home to Austin after visiting Taos, N.M. and were in a bit of a hurry. The only reason we stopped was because my wife decided she wanted to get some souvenirs for her co-workers after we had already left. The cost is $5 and if had more time I would have liked to check it out because it looks fairly large. Maybe some other time.

Richard Kocher

Very interesting history, don't forget to check out the cemetery close by

Leeann Garcia

Wished it opened up earlier...web site says that the replica gravesite is behind the museum but we didn't see it

Terri Arrendale

Super interesting place and even the kids loved it

James buege

Good place to go and learn a little bit about Billy the Kid. Mainly is representing the time period of Billy the kid. It’s a good place to waste some time. There is an entry fee. They also have a video on Billy the Kid. Gift shop on site.

debbie robinson

Loved and found it is own by 3 generations

Rebecca De Leon

The initial information about Billy the kid was interesting. However the rest of the 'museum' seemed more of an antique store than a museum for Billy the kid. I would recommend to improve the storytelling and why it's interesting to see the artifacts from that time.

stinagen Balloon

Super fun family location

vicki zuniga

A lot of interesting history

Kate Kate

Can't beat the price for the size of the place lots to look at friendly staff we asked about someplace to eat and they sent us to Dairyland a cute little place with good food and service.

Sue R

This place is huge. So much to see here. If you take time to see everything along with the movie, you need to allow a few hours. Proprietors are very nice and quite knowledgeable.

Ekta Escovar

Lots of great local information, newspaper clippings, and artifacts all in a small space. Not very organized, but definitely a huge labor of love.

Troy Rosenbaugh

Great trip through time, loved it, highly recommend!

Ben Emmert-Aronson

Super pleasantly surprised by this place! I thought it would be one room with some chotskies, but it just kept going! It was like a real live Oregon trail visit - I relived my childhood! It totally delayed my itinerary, but well worth it. A special tip of the hat to the gentleman running the museum - great to find people willing to take the extra time to talk with you.

Joe Vickery

We had a great tour of the Museum. As a big fan of the whole Wild West era, I not only found the Billy The Kid exhibits fascinating, but the entire museum. Definitely recommend anyone to stop by.

Tas D. Amour

Very cool displays of different items throughout history from the late 1800's to the '50's & '60's.

Daniel Abeyta

Cool place to see..

Jessica Turner

Loved this museum. Excellent, much more than I expected. I will visit again.

Doreene Stern Castro

There's more there than just Billy the Kid stuff... antiques, restored autos...all kinds of memorabilia. And the gift shop is quite reasonable.

Daniel Wolf

A great little hole in the wall that was a great stop. Loved it.

Arthur Johnson

Very nice. Tucked away.

Aide Medranp

Awesome place if you like history!!

Michael Blair

GREAT experience, loved the tour and all the information. What a fun time!!!

Larry Basham

Nice museum but the owner was very hateful about the way that I parked our RV. According to the Good Sam directory ample parking is available for rv’s. The lot is not marked for rv’s so I parked in a manner where I could get out and not take up more space than needed. Apparently he did not liked the way I parked and was very annoyed. Had he took the time and asked me to park differently, which he had, I would be giving the museum a better review.

Marvin Morales

Never gets boring..

Jeff McGinnis

Very interesting museum, lots of artifacts inside, tells the story well

Harold Millsap

A great museum of everything Billy the Kid. I felt a bit guilty excepting a senior discount. The entry was only $5, it was a great experience and value.

Denny Shoopman

Very cool

Philip S

Great museum! Much more than Billy the Kid items. Total collection of the old west into the twentieth century. Collection of weapons, decorations, dishes, appliances, vehicles, farming equipment, and more. Highlight was Billy the Kid's rifle.

Lynda renfrow

Needed a put stop & ended up touring the museum. Lots of interesting stuff to look at & interesting history.

Michelle Terry

Such an awesome place. Love the history here. Really cool artifacts, great layout, affordable.

Brenda Michelle

This place was so cool!! Definitely a must see if you're in the area and love the wild west

Patrick Garrett

With the name Pat Garrett you know I had to go see the Billy the kid museum. It was very interesting but so different from the movies or even books that I have read to seeing the actual location I'm a lot of the stores forts that you really have to pay attention

Eric H

A good collection of historical knowledge & artifacts (authentic & recreated both) from the period. The two folks curating / preserving the museum & the history are very kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. The gentleman told stories and backgrounds on the people and items that were on exhibition at the museum. It was very enjoyable & informative for anyone who likes the history of the area and the nation. I'm glad to see someone dedicate themselves to passing on that knowledge and I hope it inspires others to do the same. "A generation which ignores history has no past and no future" - Robert A. Heinlein. Worth the time if you are in the region, if not for the history, then to support the museum & the dedication of those who maintain and preserve it. PS... Go to the grace also, it's just a few miles away.

Steve Wyatt

Lot of historical information on the Kid and lincoln county happenings in that time period.

Hugo Martinez Reyes

Nice place ,good memories but not as bug as I expected

Deb S.

This is a great all around museum. A treasure trove full. Some great Billy the kid items. Its a must visit

Bill Hawkins

This site goes well beyond just Billy the Kid. It has a number of artifacts and collectables from that era.


Out of the way but so glad we stopped there. One of the best museums I have seen. Extensive eclectic collections from fossils to wild west antiques, old cars and rocks. I loved it. Wish I could have stayed longer.

Tony G.

Anyone with an interest in 1800s American history will enjoy this place. Its sort of a throwback to the days before interstate highways, and a treasure trove of Americana. History buffs need to check it out.

A.E. Zerby

Interesting place. Not real big so an easy stop and great for a history buff.

Michael camarena

Friendly people and very informative;

Bridget Fain

Very detailed history of Billy the kid. Tells how he lived and died . They have his weapons along with other stuff from his life. They have a gift shop to. Very Decent prices. Def worth the visit.

Chris Mitchell

You haven't stopped for a while this is as good as the rest

Gus Garcia

Only $5 pp to enter (Cash) ($0.20 Extra if you use a CC), well worth the money. We spent about 1.5 hours looking and reading. Its not the American Museum of History @ the Smithsonian but well worth stopping for a bit and learn a bit of New Mexico/ Fort Sumner History.

Leroy Rivera

Love the museum great history pieces and well priced for the whole family

J Seg

Great History on this Wild Young Man.

Aimee K

A top notch collection of just about everything old west, Billy the Kid nostalgia, along with personal items from amazing former residents of Fort Sumner and surrounding areas each with their own historical tales. Glad we stopped, well worth it....The gun display is to die for.. no pun intended.

Kevin Diesburg

The building was closed did get to see the inside but the gravesite was well protected it was cool seeing and reading about a piece of history I enjoyed it definitely worth the trip. Only reason 3 star because the museum was closed.

Eileen Jeffries

Loved it as a wonderful representation of the old west

Pam Flinn

All the kitsch and souvenirs you need.

Rich Etheridge

More than just Billy the Kid. Old cars, farm implements, cameras, typewriters, telegraph machines, stoves, irons, and more.

Mike Martinez

Really nice place lots of stuff to see and there is alot of history you can learn from there.

Ra Usti

Lot of cool old stuff to look at

Ashley Montoya

Really cool little road trip stop. My husband and I like off the beaten path finds and when we went to Roswell, NM for a little road trip we saw the signs for this and just had to stop! It was a lot of fun, and if you make it this far, you have to take the extra 20 minute drive to see his grave site too. Staff was super friendly. Lots of old-timey things to look at here. If you happen to drive past it's worth the stop!

Joshua Driggs

Bigger than it looks on the outside. Lots of interesting items spread across the museum. Worth the stop. Although all the items in the gift shop are cheaply made souvenirs.

Amaleta Halford

Was not the first time I stopped here. Enjoy it every time I stop. So much to see and read. Enjoy the gift shop

Erin Hennesay

Lots of great history. A little cold in winter as some displays are outdoors. Great antique cars, typewriters, cameras, furniture, phonographs and more.

Brie MP

Best place ever to stop and see all kinds of things to see and do. Have an interactive information center to learn more about Billy the kid. There is also a store gift shop with lots of amazing items. The cost of the museum is five dollars per person and you can take all kinds of pictures inside also. You can not get there from the highway, you have to take a country road to get there however it is worth the ride.

Angelina Fuchs

We did not expect how large the museum is. It truly shares a lot of history. It is very detail oriented and loving.Mr.Sweet and his wife are the kindest and sweetest people I have met. Mr. Sweet took his time to explain a lot of details to my 9 and 11 year old about the railroad and overall history. I could see how much he loves his museum and how proud he is.The gift shop has a lot of treasures that was not expected. Thank you so much for this beautiful and unexpectes adventure!

Melissa Collins

So cool. Stopped on a road trip to stretch our legs and it was so great to see the older items and history. It's not all about Billy the Kid. If you have even a slight interest in history, it's worth the visit. I even stopped again on the way home. REALLY COOL!

Sam68 Bass

Incredibly nice older fellow working the desk. Struck up a conversation about guns and history. He showed me his revolver, I showed him mine. Highly recommend this place.

Lianna Templeton

Less an exclusive Billy the Kid Museum and more just a collection of items from that time period. Still interesting though and worth the stop.

Gary Arieno

Great place to visit,very interesting.

Haywood M. Smith Jr.

I would recommend this Billy The Kid Museum to all travelers. It was awesome and fun to relive the past history of our nation, The United States of America. Lots of stuff you can purchase in their store. We purchased a couple of items for Scooter's apparel line.

Jerett Wingrove

Way cool you gotta go.

Diana Gonzales

Had to go out my dog was barking owner said. Not good experience

tra v

Very kool place cheap to get in a lot of history I highly recommend it

Mary King

Very nice place to visit enjoyed it

Kukui Nut

Wished they would of had more Billy things. But it's a cool little place.

Jim Turner

Fun and informative! The museum is chucked full of treasure and history. It is easily accessed and affordable.


Wow! An amazing collection of historical memorabilia. It's not just a Billy the kid museum. You can stroll through rooms and rooms of early pioneer history and artifacts. They also have a nice gift shop. Give yourself plenty of time to see this extensive museum. It's definitely worth the trip.

Robin J

Not much about Billy the kid a few pictures and a rifle mostly a lot of antiques over priced

Lee Sistrunk

Amazing place filled with awesome artifacts and amazing the family tradition

Katelin Elizabeth

My husband and I truly enjoyed this museum! The owners are super nice and very knowledgeable about the contents of their museum. There is so much to look at and take in look at spending at least an hour or so there. I m a history buff and absolutely loved this place. My husband also loved it. Not expensive but definitely well worth the price to get in. Take your time and enjoy the history.


We had a wonderful visit to the Museum and Gift Shop. It was a great taste of history and being able to actually lay hands on things from that time. Was wonderful. The one thing that I would suggest is that if you are in a wheelchair have someone with you because there are a few thresholds that are difficult to maneuver without assistance.

Susan Mcgee

Awesome museum! Staff was great and nowledgeable..

Gustavo Sanchez

I loved it so much it's r history

Derrick Toledo

Authentic revisiting of Billy's Life.

S Jeff

I loved this place! It's so much more than a Billy The Kid Museum. They have antique collections of just about everything. Very educational place. Super awesome exhibits, articles and random everything. Spent 2 hours looking and it still wasn't long enough. Will be visiting again. $10 admission to the museum and worth every cent.

Sherry Ebert

I have been all over the country and seeing many many museums and have never seen one as well put together as this one and the variety is unreal it was absolutely great the best Billy the kid museum and also the best museum all around

Angela Cannaday

Great history museum.

Jessie Vasquez

Made many trips there ,when I was a kid..loved it.

Amber Randolph

So many older items we dont get to see very much. Amazing little museum great gift shop service was amazing prices was reasonable

rj s

This is a must if your a where near this area. I traveled a little out of my way and was not disappointed. The staff are friendly and informative. Great time!

Peggy Sue

Loved it first time there with family loved it

Brian McKiernan

Absolutely fantastic! Much more than a museum; it's over 100 years of artifacts. Definitely worth the time.

Laura Bohnet

Wow we had a wonderful time

Phyllis Ortiz-Hilborn

Awesome little museum...knowledgeable staff. We had a great time.

Alan Hemmert

This place has all the information and cool stuff to better understand what and how Billy the kid lived and what he did it was so awesome I'm going to bring my family someday and show them.

Jnessa Broncos

Big fan of Billy the kid! We go as often as we can. Very nice

Ewoud Geurtsen

Nice museum for a stop over. You can tell someone has put a lot of effort in it but in the end it doesn't have a lot to do with Billy the Kid besides one of his rifles and some old pictures. As a whole Western themed museum it's pretty okay.

Chris Shultz

You can’t pass this museum up!!! Seriously!!! The owners are so sweet and you’ll be shocked how large this place goes on forever. Room dedicated to Billy the Kid but museum has old cars, antique everything, and a great gift shop (and clean bathrooms). If you’re in Fort Sumner NM (or even close) stop by and check it out.

Susan Ray-Bailey

Unfortunately was closed when we passed through but I was here as a child and enjoyed it then, plan to go back when its open.

Janey Felton

Really enjoyed the exhibits and all the information we found on him

Sharon Pereira

Not just Billy the kid stuff. Soooo many antiques and memorabilia! Family really enjoyed the museum. Plan to be there a minimum of 3 hours!

Ashley Murray

Best place on our trip! Owner was full of information..all the its were fascinating. Highly recommend this place! Lots of local Indian pottery for great prices, jewlery, toys for kids you name it they have it! We can't wait to come back! Definitely need a whole day to take it all in.

Thomas Wiczek

Important place on road to Old Fort Sumner.

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