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REVIEWS OF Miracle of America Museum IN Montana

Craig Miner

This gem just south of Polson is incredible. Absolutely worth the $6 entry fee. We stopped in on a whim expecting to breeze through this place and found ourselves facing a full day’s worth of interesting American ephemera, information, and anecdotes. If you live in the area or are just passing through, you owe it to yourself to stop in.

Pat Guthrie

This place was really something. I could spend days / weeks there looking and not see everything. Well worth the stop.

Brandon Gale

Knowledgeable staff and great displays during living history days!

Alex Childs

Very kid friendly

Shawn Johnston

We were just driving by and had to stop. Only $6 to get in and it's worth every cent. A lot of really cool stuff to look at. Cars, motorcycles, guns and of course UFOs. Glad we stopped!

Christina Carmichael

Great place with tons of history items.

Randy Thom

An Awesome collection of many parts of history. Recommend to give yourself 2-3 hours to see. Harley Davidson lovers will enjoy the collection of Harley's and other motorcycles.

Cliff Inman

A lot of very interesting things here well worth the time

Eric Erhardt

Amazing place must see if you are passing through the area.

Ashley Hemmings

Very cool

Sharon L Stratton

To expensive for senior citizens.

Andy Jeffries

Most amazing

Shane Ripley

I can not say enough great things about this place. Set aside many hours and a lunch. They have so many things to look at bring a camera. Everyone is friendly and happy. Never let this place close!

Dick D

Great chance to experience American History

Rose Thomas

Amazing place. So much to see.

Eric Halladay

Unique and interactive.


So much fun. As a family of 5 ranging from 4 to 35 we had a blast and could have spent 3 days here.

Julie Kohls

Great daycare area for your husband. Lots to look at . Could spend all day here.

Brent Barstad

Awesome museum! Well worth the stop, friendly staff and amazing relics of the past. Something for everyone!

T Montoya

Lots see.

Barry May

Cool part of American history.

Arosea Falcon

A must see on your adventure

Corey Stevens

This is truly a jewel in the area. One that goes unnoticed by even some locals. It is a great display of early America as well as military history. I will be back with my family!

Tom Martin

Don't miss it! This place will blow your mind! It's the best collection of strange items, motorcycles, old cars and everything from photos to UFOS! Absolutely a unique experience! LOVED IT!

Tom Dawkins

Incredible. Must visit for adults and kids alike.

Michelle Guest

Love this place. Have been here 5 or 6xs. So interesting So much to see and do. All day thing

Shaun S

Great time and the whole day just flew by

David Walker

Amazing, the Smithsonian.of the West. Don't miss it.

Patrick Hentges

My brother and I were fortunate to spend a long Autumn afternoon touring the museum as virtually the only guests because there was some maintenance underway at that time. I hope someday to be able to return and spend at least 2 days wandering through the indoor and outdoor exhibits before making the beautiful drive around Flathead Lake again. It may lack The Panache and polish of the Smithsonian but in my opinion the miracle of America Museum is every bit as impressive as any other Museum of Natural History, or history. It is even more remarkable for being the result of the efforts of one man, not some Grand government committee or political effort.

Jim Paul

Amazing place. Don't miss this.

Echo Bartos

Awesome place! Wish we would've had more time to spend here. So many things to see. Indoor and outdoor!

Mark Enger

This is a amazing collection of "stuff". It is a must see. One man over 40+ years has collected, restored, and created.

Omar K

Can easily spend the entire day browsing their huge collection.

Jeffrey Elliott

This place was huge. Inside and out endless things to see. You could walk through a hundred times and still miss something. They have a little bit of everything. History and some fun stuff but it all tells a story. A few things you can even interact with from planes to musical aliens. Lots of cool historical items.

John Baker

I could spend a week (or 3) here exploring, pondering, and researching what the heck I see for historical, or mechanical, or materials knowledge. Wonderful!

Kevin flaherty

Lot of great memorabilia quite a collection

Lauren Atkin

This is not a good place for families. From the moment we walked in we were keep our kids RIGHT next to our side. Our 3 year touch a pad lock on the donation box and the owner yelled at him to get back to his parents. He then proceeded to tell my 11 year old that all kids had to be with their parents. When she said she wasn't exactly a kid he told her yes you are get over there. At this point we left. This is a not a good idea to take kids here. It might have had some neat stuff but make sure you have adults only. They did refund my $27 when I decided it would be a bad idea to pay to have to yell at my kids not to touch a thing for an hour so that's the only reason for the one star. Thanks for giving me my money back. We much more enjoyed Boetter Park and letting the kids play in the water.

Nicolas Van Tomme

Excellent museum it took us 3 hours to see everything. There are some unique pieces here. Sometimes it can happen that it looks like abandoned pieces. But it has it charm.

Michael Turianski

Wow. This place has it all. Took my 3 kids (ages 2, 5, and 9). There is tons of history and so much artifacts. You could spend 4 hours easily looking at all the stuff.

Anne Finley

Enjoyed all the different things inside and out.

casEy lyNn maNn

The employees are very helpful and welcoming- make sure you have at LEAST a few hours to burn when you ho here- SO much to see!!

Jim Thomas

Wow, what a fun place! We stopped after seeing the sign and so glad we did, an amazing collection of Americana. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the area, I'd say between 1.5 and 2 hrs to make sure you get to see each exhibit for a few minutes, but you could easily spend more time. Be sure to read some of the handwritten notes to learn about individual pieces, there is a lot to see!

Connley McGinnis

There is a lot to see here. Me and my family have driven by this place on multiple occasions and didn't have time to stop. The outside of the building is misleading due to the museum having indoor and outdoor exhibits. The Americana there was breathtaking to say the least. There was also lots of intractable exhibits such as tractors, helicopters, pianos, old school arcade console, ETC. We were there for about 3 hours and probably still missed some exhibits. The exhibits also aren't quite organized as a typical museum. They were thrown around but similar exhibits were close to eachother, typically in big sheds or barns. The staff was nice and honestly seemed happy when we mentioned how great we thought the experience was. This place is probably the best museum I've ever been to.

Stephanie Moore

Wish i could give it 10 stars!! AMAZING MUST SEE IF ITS THE ONLY TRIP YOU MAKE ON VACATION!! So cool!!

Dustan Johnson

Lots of great pieces of history, and out-buildings full of American antiques

Julie Allberg

Amazing place. Very well kept, very friendly staff.

Jamie Beasley

They have tons of stuff to see from a variety of eras. My only complaint is that most of it isn't labeled so you miss out on a lot of info.

Lisa Julson

Wow, take your time at this place. We only had a few hours and didn't scratch the surface of all the items that are on display. Every where you turn is another display. Most of the exhibits are part of one man's collection. The outdoor exhibits are dusty. But so interesting. They have motorcycles inside, so it is a bit musty in one area. However, we didn't care. The history of the area and all the different types of exhibits is well worth it. Something for everyone here. My son loved the old fire truck and the siren on it. He also enjoyed the bomb warning siren inside. Definitely going back to take more in.

Bart Hansen

It’s definitely worth the price and time to stop into the place they have so much fun stuff everywhere and I mean every where

Alan Davis

Unbelievable what is there! A must see. Most comprehensive collection I have ever seen.

Attila Monori

Amazing experience huge collection, very interesting. Thank you.


Cool place. A LOT of stuff to check out. Most of it is out side so keep that in mind on a really hot day.

Abdul Hakam

The largest collection of antique artefact's in Montana is exhibited at the MIRACLE OF AMERICA MUSEUM. This museum is called The Smithsonian of the West by many visitors, displays include everything from a tiny bird-point arrowhead to the 65 foot Paul Bunyan, a logging towboat listed in the National Register.


It's a Great place to visit!!! Lots of historical things for young and old!!

Kimberly Lining

Amazing place!!! MUST SEE and so very friendly.

Joseph Tucker

Definitely an odd place that celebrates its oddness and it's very nice for that. If you're looking for something beyond local personality, and aren't a fan of the any of the very interesting sets of artifacts laying around like the rich collection of motorized bikes/motorcycles, then you'll be greater challenged to find something inspiring. Culturally, it was probably most interesting but maybe not in the intended way. There's a certain voice to the writings and signage in the museum that seems to lament the end of American exceptionalism and with an almost Archie Bunker kind of lack of self awareness. Some people might be offended by the museum's treatment of African-American or Native American issues but I think more will simply feel sad for the curator's lack of understanding.

F. Mills

So much to look at, lots of great Americana. If you love American Pickers... you'll love this place. Plan on some time, you'll need a whole day to see it all, maybe more.

Kevin Fittz

Amazing collection by a Cold War veteran - much bigger and more varied than you ezpect front the exterior. You'll learn about and see new things every trip.

Estelle Carbone

Great place to visit. You could spend hours here and return several more times and not see everything. If there is an era your fascinated with, you will find it here. Cars, planes, boats, equipment, cameras, toys, clothings, appliances, military, school, gas stations, snowmobiles, guns, lighting everything. This is a must see any day, any season or any time. GO

Billy Brownard

Budget 1-2 hours minimum, there is so much history and just interesting stuff. Definitely worth the price of admission, we've never seen anything like this place before.

Heather Lechner

If you are looking to go anywhere for history this Museum is wonderful!

John Russell

Worth a stop. Sooo much to see. I will be going back.

Rob Dilley

This is a self guided take your time kind of place. There is a wide range of interesting and odd items to look at. Great place for the family. Well worth it.

Sortuh Retard

This place is awesome! It's a lot to take in but if you like cars or military history this is your place. They have lots of other historical items to.

Denette Curtiss


Michael Leblanc

This place has something for everyone and so much stuff. Can spend all day to take it all in in detail


This place was great and the owner was super nice and had a lot of information !

Nathan Broadbent

It was a fun stop, and they really packed in in. You could go again and find stuff you missed. And was fun for the kid's too. Thanks

Eric Reid

Loved it!!!! Great place to visit, BUT... Plan on spending a good deal of time here if you want to see all of it! Well worth the time spent!

Herb Benner

Name something old & they will have it. You can call this place the "Smithsonian of the West". I loved it!!

Sandra Lifely

Amazing place

Colette Ford

This is a great place to go to take a walk back down memory lane and see how many different items you can find from your past. Can spend hours there to see it all.

Asgrim Nunn

Loved this place, wish i could move it down to florida so i can visit more often.

hasan keskin

If you closeby do not miss to opportunity. That us amazing museum. You can see amarican age there! Cheap enterance too. $5

David Boland

Great stop along the road. A lot of history to see over several hours.

Robyn Crowder

Very interesting museum. Has a lot of different items on display

Mark B

This place was awesome. You could spend days at this place. They had something interesting for everyone. We just left this and I would highly recommend it. Best six bucks you will spend all day.

Brian Roth

Thank you for your creation Gill. Wow, what a tribute to America and in many respects to the world! Three hours was definitely not enough time to see even a majority of what you've got in this collection. I'll have to come back!

Jesse James

What a surprise. This is an amazing museum. Something for everyone in the family. Very affordable Over 75 Motorcycles, motorized Bobsled and amazing inventions

Lori Schilling

Quite interesting. Take your time. There is a lot to see!

Clara LaChappelle

What an amazing place to visit. Great child hood memories. Thank you.

Jeffrey Fisher

More stuff than you could ever imagine

Alexander Roebers

One of the weirdest most facinating museums in the world. The collection of antiques and machinery is amazing.

Yoyo Han

While some of the items were interesting, the rampant embracement of racism was unacceptable and uncomfortable.


The most histroy packed into one place I have ever seen.

Elaine Lewis

Lots and lots of items from many places and times in America! Fun to explore!

Megan Leigh

Oh me, oh my! This was just so much. There was so much to look at. There was so much to see. It is definitely FULL of everything.

Miranda Bowman

I love bringing my family and friends here when they visit from out of state. So much to see, and Gil, is always so interesting to talk with about history. A must go to place, when visiting Polson Montana!!

Kenneth Fredrickson

Arrived with a big group from our 40th High School Reunion. Gil is VERY knowledgeable about the local history. Most of us thought we knew a lot just because we went to school here, we were wrong. There is so much more. This man has been collecting his whole life and many of the items can not be found anywhere else. Well worth the time. You can spend 4-8 hours without even trying. You will enjoy it.

Barb Nagel

This was an absolutely awesome museum! Hats off to the curator...he has something for everyone to appreciate. Thank you.

Craig Matthews

Very interesting lots of memories. Saw and very rare car like my first car. OK it was a Crosley. Also a Hand crafted motorhome which could have been the inspiration for the GMC Motorhomes.

Kristen Winger

Quaint and tons of cool stuff.

Nobel ned hi

So much to see,it could take all day if you wanted to..

Trevor Rehm

Really cool place. A good mix of local and national history. Worth visiting.

Joe Baldes

This is definitely a one of a kind place to visit. The inside building has nice exhibits and a good layout. The outside area is huge and was reminiscent of a junk yard, but very interesting none the less. A few too many signs complaining about previous guests damaging stuff.......we get it, there are lots of idiots out there and yes, you do need to put up do not touch signs it or not, this is the way of the world.

Chelsea Bell

Despite being advertised as 'family friendly' we didnt feel particularly welcome going there with our younger children. The front desk people werent rude per se, but not welcoming either. They have a rule of needing to keep children within arms reach which made it difficult since the kids outnumber the adults in our family. Driving by we thought it looked kitschy and would make a fun stop. The inside of the museum feels like an overcrowded antique store. Not very stroller friendly due to narrow walk ways. There was interesting items to look at but I reccomend this stop for families with children aged 7+ only. You can tell the owners care about their collection they've curated. Some displays felt inappropriate in their outdated ideals but I understand that everyone will have different opinions. We did enjoy the historical war displays. The signs about not touching came off very passive aggressive and again not welcoming. Unfortunately, we left regretting spending the money.

Kimberly T.

There is so much to see here! If you have never been, you have to go!

Night and Sky

So much fun is so cool and should take your family there you'll learn a lot so fun and cool looking

Toni Lavergne

Loved it!! Great stop. Even for kids

Casey Johnson

In all my days I have never seen such a magnificent collection displaying the history of montana and the United states. Not only did it display priceless small and sentimental items throughout the ages, but it had large mechanical marvels, and a wonderful collection of old cars, planes, helicopters, tractors, and many other awe inspiring pieces. An absolute must see museum. The Smithsonian has a run in for it's money

g r a c e !!! !!

Soooooooo cool

Andrew Bennett

There's a little bit of everything. Take your time and enjoy.

amanda mickelsen

Very neat place to stop but there is so much to see and it's not all organized well. Very little parking.

Jill Jaeger

Too much stuff stored haphazardly. There was so much stuff that you couldn't see anything and it was not organized for display. For example, 30 military uniforms on hangers packed on a rail out of reach collecting dust helps no one. Papers laying out on cement floors absorbing moisture. They tried to have a great museum but often, less is more. The owner snapped at my dad when he asked about a veteran discount (rude old guy). The displays were very right wing political ideals. Pro gun, pro life, abstinence only, pro smoking, more guns, limit the government, anti liberal displays. This is a free country so I'm not shaming their views, just reporting on the displays. The out buildings had SO MANY weeds. Lots of uneven boards which are a tripping hazard. I even found a container of ant poison dated 2007 on a low shelf which implies there is no commitment to safety. There is a neat play area for kids with a metal chime. It's too much to take in on a single visit. The price is reasonable for the amount of stuff to look at.

Leslie Walker


Aicia Mattoon

We had a great time here. Lots of areas so there was something for everyone- plan on not dressing up- it is indoors and outside- by it's very nature and quantity, you are not going to stay clean, but that is part of the fun. We could go back several times and it will always hold interest

Donald Ovitt

Make sure you have all day! So much to see and the front makes it look much smaller than it really is. One of the coolest places I've ever been. So fun.


Excellent display's and lots of facts I didn't know! Very nice staff!

brent benson

This place is amazing!!! If you appreciate American made stuff this your Museum. I was blown away with quality of this collection. It has something for everyone, and if you like vintage motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, and other motorized stuff, this the place. American Pickers has nothing on this collection. Gil, who owns the Museum is a dying breed and very willing to talk to you.. Give yourself at least two hours if not two days to get thru the place.

Josh Jensen

Super fun for the whole family!

Janene Garrison

There is amazing items at this place. Its fun for kids and adults. They have builings to go in and you can even get into a helicopter. A fun place tp check out.

Mike Melli

This place has a somewhat cool pile of kitschy Americana junk collecting dust. Unfortunately it also proudly displays its equally antiquated conservative/libertarian propaganda. It is assumed here that you believe in the "miracle" of American exceptionalism, or that you have failed to progress beyond a third grade understanding of the world at large. If you proudly display a bumper sticker that reads "Socialism = bad", or you fail to see the benefit of meaningful gun control, you may love this "museum". If, however, you have even a modicum of progressive ideology, you'd be well advised to skip this place lest you risk staining your clothes with your own vomit.

James Goudy

This is a great museum. If you are a photographer, you will love this place. They are camera friendly and have a great collection!!! Make sure you visit the outdoor displays!

tommi howell

Awesome history and collections on so much.. it's a must for anyone who loves history, flight, cars and more...

Nate Souther

This is a fun place! Lots of interesting stuff.

Mark 3563

One of the best collections of cool stuff. Plan for a couple hours at least

Barbara Wands

This museum would take days to go through. Or family really enjoyed it! It is full of memorabilia for all stages ofAmerica's grief as a nation. Would highly recommend!

Steve Stewart

You can spend a day or two checking out all the cool stuff they have here! Pro America and great staff!

Teresa Cushman

Absolutely crazy collection of all things Americana. Inexpensive as museums go and something for everyone.

Charlotte komenda


Justin Mauzey

I thought the museum would be hokier than it was. I was pleasantly surprised. I went with my brother and his kids and there is something for all ages. We spent three hours there and didn't get to see the whole thing.

Natasha Roo

This was seriously one of the coolest places we’ve ever seen! We are so glad to have stumbled upon it as we were heading to Glacier. The place is massive and the collection is extensive. Definitely something for most. :)

Peter Larsen

A weird and interesting place. Easily worth the $6 addmission if you have the time.

Marcus Rice

Some seriously cool vehicles from our history. Stayed for two hours and still didn't see it all. Well worth the few dollars paid for admission.

John Morgam

A lot of fun. Next time I will need to plan more time to explore.

Marvin Elijah

So. Much. Stuff. Feels like I could go back tomorrow and get more than my money's worth again!

Mark Julson.

So much to see! If you like history you will love this place!

Matt Ellermann

Awesome place and so much to see. Reasonable admission.

Christine Kiemele

Amazing collection. If you go plan for at min 2hrs. Owner/collector is there to talk to. Only thing was museum is letting things get over abundant so looking rundown and junky. It would have been nice to have signs on some of the outdoor equipment that explained what they are.

Tim Lewis

Amazing experience. Fun for the whole family. I loved the large collection of military artifacts. They have rides too. We rode in a 1963 army jeep. Also in a m107 mortar carrier tracked vehicle. There are tons of things to see. We spent 3.5 hours there. Low price to. Definitely a must see.

C Wilde


Judy Keller

This museum is misleading from the outside. It has 42 buildings out back. It is an incredible collection of just about everything. Definitely a must do.

Sharen Lambert

Very interesting, in some areas it looked like leftovers from a garage sale, stuff was thrown in corners and it was neglected once the display was set. I learned a lot and appreciated so many items donated from local families.

ApiEric Insp

This place should be a stop for EVERYONE!!!! Had something to interest anyone, had two days of my life going through the displays. Why it's not on every tour bus stop I haven't a clue, perhaps it's because it's not a short stop, you could visit several times and not see all of it!!! An amazing collection, and even more amazing that it is done by one man. Go by and meet Gil, as he should be a legend and after seeing this place, he is now my hero! I'm going to bring the family back!

sam kelley

This place is filled with so much history!! Worth the few buck we spent. Plan on making a day of it and pack a lunch (lots of places for a picnic) for a family of 5 it was like 30 $ (worth it) there are litterly thousands of different things to look at. From cars, planes, helicopters, motorcycles, clothes, toys. Ill post pics too. This place looks like a museum on steroids. My little history buffs loved it.

LeRoy Wilson

Has a whole lot of everything take you all of a day to see all of the treasures. Best Museum in the state of Montana.

Jessie McDaniel

Had awesome stuff there

Felicia Powell

Absolutely wonderful place. A bit too political but the exhibits are done very well.

Nichole Unruh-Corona

This is a wonderful, exciting place to learn about the history of the local community, Montana, and our world. By far the best museum I have experienced. Approx 40 outbuildings with different things to see, including a huge array of motorcycles, boats, planes, tractors, and cars. This is a must-see if you're coming through Polson, Montana and with low entry fees, the whole family and friends can be a part of it!

Gordon Baker

So many things to look at from our past see how we have developed over the years it's just amazing

Eric Wiedemann

Absolutely wacky, wonderfully amateur, and absolutely packed with junk you never knew existed. Come with an open mind and ready to laugh!

M.E. C.

Miracle of America is just that -- a Miracle! The collections here are dense with treasures of days gone by. Mr. Mangels was very friendly and patiently answered many of our questions. I am already excited to go back. Don't trust anyone who tells you to get through it all in an hour; spend a whole day, two if you can. Worth every penny, every minute, every mile!!!

merlin thisleback

The largest museum this side of the Mississippi. One of the few museums that have stuff they encourage kids to play with and on. The owner knows the history not only the broader history but the personal history of most the pieces.

Matt Smith

This place was awesome! I can't believe I've never been till now. Words can't do it justice, it's a bit out there and totally great for families and kids. We wandered for 2 hours and I think we only saw half of it. I'll be back next year for sure!

Noelle Sawchuk

This museum- a collection moreso, is impressive to say the least. The amount of work that went in to collecting, organizing, and curating all these artifacts must have been tremendous. There are many funny accompanying quips and statements by the museums founders along the way (some more controversial than others). The feeling of passion exuded by this giant property full of more than you ever expected (two helicopters? Jets? An ancient carnival ride?) is worthwhile- no matter what you're in to. I dare you to find someone of any age who isn't excited within the first five minutes.

LoneStar and Gypsy H

This is a must see. It is a great opportunity to see the impact of progress in our society.

Dustin Ramsey

The best museum in the world

James Glantz

You have no idea how wonderful this place is until you go inside.

EGS Grand Master

Very interesting. More than you can see in one visit


Wow! What a great collection. This musem has something fun to see for everyone. There were 8 of us that went 4 were teenagers and they loved it. The $10 adult admisson was well worth it. We only wished we would have arrived earlier in the day, you could easily spend half a day if not more looking at everything. We will definitely be back.

Matt Shearer

Plenty to see here. Shows a broad variety of U.S. industry, goods, services, and artifacts. Plan to spend at least a couple hours here.

Dean Padgett

Awesome place! A must see!

Joseph Plumage

Great place to take the family and spend an hour or two

Denise Harder

This is the best collection for a wide variety of interests. I highly recommend making this a stop on your travels.

Dan Gulino

Unusual museum. Literally thousands of items of Americana. Worth a stop if you're in the area.

Brenda Shepard

Great place for the whole family. Live History Days is a great time to visit.


Definitely check this place out.

Debra Phillips

Such a fun place to visit and walk back into time.

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