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REVIEWS OF Conner Prairie IN Indiana


I haven't been here since I was a kid, but I recently saw that they were having a free admission day. My boyfriend, kids, and I had a blast. The kids were super excited to explore and learn. We especially loved Benjamin in the makesmith workshop. He was so helpful with the boys and they loved using all the tools.

Marian Martin

Never disappointed. I love summer nights at Conner Prairie. Tonight the Indiana symphony played musics from Queen and they did a great job!!!! Don't forget a blanket, lawn chairs, mini table for your food, drinks, bug spray, a flashlight (just incase) and......oh yeah, great friends and family, you will have a blast!!!

Mark Jessica

This is a really neat place. The facilities are always clean. It's well-maintained and there are many things to do. The staff is friendly and helpful. They have worked to continually update and add to the attractions. Admittance isn't cheap and the helium balloon ride costs extra. The helium ride is a unique experience. It is worth the cost if you're able to spend a whole day here.

Miranda Grove

Such a fun place to visit! You can spend an entire day here. Wear comfortable shoes! We are members, and it’s so worth it!

sam wright

Had an awesome night out with my family and wife's co-workers. The staff working the event was extremely nice. Looking forward to next event.

Kirsten Robbins

Conner Prairie offers an interesting variety of experiences, so you can enjoy it with kids of a variety of ages (or just adults). If you get the opportunity, you should definitely try the balloon ride. It is a worthwhile experience.

Judy Salyers

Been there had a great time and yes I hope to go back this year. Great for every one.

Charlie Webber

Their Halloween festivities are the best, although this year I was sad that there were multiple corn mazes and my favorited haunted trail was gone.Otherwise, still loved it as usual.

Heidi Mayo

This is such a great experience! We love Prairietown! We decided to become members and the experience was so strange that I thought maybe I would add it here. I was greeted after a few minutes by a lady behind the counter. I filled out all our information and the lady looked at me and said, "Oh, we already have your husband in our system." Then she looked at me and waited for me to respond. I was confused as that isn't the way my family operates. In my head I had time to wonder if he gets a membership through his company or you know...if he has a secret life/family I don't know about. Then she mentioned after a few minutes that it was because he purchased Headless Horseman tickets in the fall. Duh. That made so much more sense. I'm not quite sure what she was doing with that conversation. So strange.


Its nice place to know about history and you can experience how it was during civil war. Houses are built that way, people are dressed that way. Animal farm was great for kids. And balloon ride was awesome. Should visit atleast once.

Camille Tichenor

It is a nice place to take the kids we had a good time

Jennifer Shin

We love going to the Symphony on the Prairie! The staff is so helpful and so organized! The artists and special events they bring in are incredible and, as always, the ISO is the star of the shows!

Timmy Broad

This Smithsonian Institution is absolutely fantastic. Perfect for all ages and even hosts events like 'Symphony on the Prairie' during summer months, to harness local arts. A local extension of a National treasure!

Cameron Anderson

One of the best living history museums I've visited. Definitely worth visiting even if it's just for Symphony on the Prairie.

Caron McCracken

Our grandchildren love this place. The rein-actors are the best. The last visit we seemed to miss all of them

Josh Linder

Always a fun place to go for an afternoon out or a field trip with the kids.

Kassidy Tincher

Visited conner prairie for a training seminar so i didnt experience the attractions but a beautiful place and seemed full of happy people

Hannah Kanaly

Always a great time. Staff is wonderful and helpful!

Stephanie Hubert

We drove down from Chicago for the day and had such a fun time!

John Winegard

Love this place! Family friendly. Great interaction with the past. Concerts on the lawn are delightful. Fall festival with Headless horseman is annual family tradition. And I encourage you to do Follow the North Star.

Keith Jenkins

Very informative, gives a deep look at life in early days. Great experience for children.

Mol Keifer

Highly recommend for fun and education for the whole family. We're lucky to have this gem in Indiana. The people who participate in the day to day clearly take pride in what they are representing and teaching.

jamie Murphy

We always attend the headless horseman event. Its great.

Robert Helton

Great place. Several historical mock ups. It's more oriented for children but still enjoyable for adults.

Dustin Pyle

Way cooler than expected. Kids had a blast and I enjoyed it far more than I would have thought.

Rachel Milner

I had the best time with my best friend at symphony on the prairie!

Ashley Coffey

We absolutely love Conner Prairie. My kids could spend all day in and outside doing activities from the indoor play area to the tree house, petting the animals, and the splash pad. They aren't interested in the town so much yet but mommy enjoys that part of Conner prairie. It's so realistic and the actors do a fantastic job of depicting what life was really like in the 1800s! And they have fun and exciting events going on all the time! Definitely recommend it for something fun to do year round!

Denis Cupnii

As a military member, my family and I get free admission in the summer! My little ones love coming to Conner Prairie. They play with some baby goats and explore other activities that Conner Prairie has to offer!

Mike Swinson

Excellent place to go with your family and enjoy some great family time. We went over the holidays and really had a lot of fun. The staff really goes out of their way to make sure everyone has a good time. This is a very unique place. A fun family outing.

Tammy Roberts

My niece had her wedding there. It was so beautiful.

Antoinette Bankhead

They recently added the Roberts Family play and my family loved it. We always enjoy connor prairie and their apple store is amazing.

Adam O'Bara

Just go.. it's always fun. And while you're at it.. get the family annual pass. It's totally worth it.

Mary Jeffery

You need at least 2 days to see it all. Many outdoor living history exhibits. It really pays to go when the weather is nice. They do have some indoor areas to explore. Great indoor and outdoor play areas for the kids and neat living history for the adults. Everyone will love it. Concessions available.

Jeff Kearnes

They cannot figure out the parking to leave....been their a few times same thing everytime

Carlyn Warnock

Great experience. lots of log cabins and fun for the kids.


Headless horseman is a fun family event, although the ride is short and a bit underwhelming for adults, kid was thrilled. They had a bin of corn for kids to play in, which my 5 year old was reluctant to ever leave. The park on normal days is very educational, with lots of hands on opportunities. The treehouse area expanded this year, and is great, but make sure you have a second set of adult eyes for fast little ones. The sprawl makes it hard to keep track and there are lots of blind corners in the playground.

Jessica Balascio

One of the greatest untapped/underappreciated treasures of the North side! Conner Prairie is an emersive experience which allows visitors, young and old, to truly experience life in the early 1800s. When my daughter was one of about 1,400 school children there when we went, and there was no waiting, no lines, and no delays. Given the staggering volume of young, inquisitive minds, I'd anticipated some friction, but none existed. Their flow and crowd-management is worthy of award

Chick K.

We love this place. This was our second trip, and we enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Great place for the whole family of all ages.

Paul Levy

This is for the Apple Store: Cute store! We got some some delicious apples! However, we asked a volunteer about getting a smaller quantity of apples other that what they had in the bags because we wanted to get a variety. She went into a long speech about them only being open for a limited time each year and that they rely on money they get from what they sell... started to tune her out at this point. but she went on for a while trying to guilt us because she assumed we were not going to spend enough money? By that point we really didn't want to spend any more time and money there so we got the bag we picked out and left. Not a good way to treat your customers. We probably would have stuck around and shopped more but your volunteer created the outcome she was trying to shame us for.

Ruby Burris

This has always been one of my favorite places to go! You could go every day and learn something new! The improvements they are continually making make it a new experience every time. Thank you for all your hard work! Definitely make this a stop on your list!

Chantel Weigel

We love going to Conner Prairie. The inside area is great with our two girls. It's a safe, great place for them to learn and play. The outside has a lot of great places for young children too. We spend a lot of time at the tree house and little splash area, but there is something for even little kids to do inside almost every house.

Bea Loved

Haven't been in years, so I decided to take my 4 year old niece, and 13 year old daughter! We all had a nice time! Got there late, didn't see everything like we should've, but enjoyed the walk through the "town"! My niece enjoy her own little cabin of play things! The balloon ride was down due to wind, very disappointing but we will be back in a few weeks! Also families, take advantage of their "Access Pass" for lower income families to enjoy for a discounted admission!

Jason Shriner

My family goes to Conner Prairie very often. The interactions we have with people from 1836 (Prairie Town) are amazing, we have learned so much and it's fun for the kids and me. They recently added into the Treetop Experience, which is hands on learning/playing for/with the kids. CP is an awesome place.

Gabriel Gonzalez

Great place for kids have fun and learn about civil war history

Dave Steph

Great place, we always have a great time here with the kids and grandparents!

Gilbert Santana

A good place to spend a half day with your family especially if you have a toddler. Give a perspective about Indiana's history and how the journey from the past until today.

Abdul Hakam

Experience Springtime on the Prairie. With a working farm on our grounds, we're raising rare heritage breeds of animals and livestock, and harvesting fresh herbs and flowers for our kitchens. Come out and explore our gardens, climb our 4-story treehouse and meet the new baby animals born on the Prairie this spring.

Rajeev Garg

A must see for kids and adults (if interested in history). Alot of kids activities. Was disappointed that some activities (hot air balloon was down due to weather) but all in all great. Probably a 5 star on weekends.

John InIndyIN

It would probably take at least 2 days to thoroughly enjoy all of the exhibits. My children just love this place. We'll be going again. I believe they also have extremely discounted rates for families with children on medicare. Check their website for more details.

Michele Jones

I used to come here as a child, and hadn't been back in about 10 years. The history was great to relearn. It kept our family of older teens (15 & 19) entertained as was I. In the span of approximately 2 1/2 hours we wereunable to see most of the venue, including making copper bracelets.

Jane Juplo

Lovely place to visit for family and friends. I love going to Conner Priarie! I really enjoyed the balloon voyage where we got to see the conner priarie corn maze with the image of the headless horseman and the houses near the white river. I also loved learning about the history of the civil war in Kentuckiana and a whole lot more. I also liked the food. I ordered Mrs. Conner's chicken salad sandwich and it was delicious. I also learned a lot about the conner house and watched how they made threads. There are a lot more to see inside and you can even do the corn maze. Worth the trip and I highly recommend family and friends to come here!

Melissa Wonderlick

I took my 3 and 5 year old. We really enjoyed it. The treetop outpost was great for them. We stayed there the longest so they could run around and play. I did find the hot air balloon rides to be a expensive and find it hilarious they make you pay an additional fee for the corn maze.

Tricia Whitcomb

Great place to experience! Love the civil war area: Must see inside general store and theater-type exhibit. Go on the educator portion of the website to learn before going. Everyone is in character and sticks to their time period and its wonderful!

Doug Hopkins

Don't go. The group I was with aas treated horriblly. Never going again.

Michelle Jilg

This place is amazing!!! Went here with my mom, sister, niece, and nephew. We tried to accomplish as much as we could with their little legs, but this place is HUGE with SO MUCH to see. Great place for children AND adults! Interacting with the farm animals is so much fun. We loved how everyone stays in character too

Nicole Pope

Great place for an afternoon or even a day! My son could have spent an entire day in the welcome center playing with tools and building.

Colleen Thomas

We've been members for several years and always enjoy spending the day here. There's so much to do and they're always changing the activities available so there's always something new to see. We love the annual events like history on tap, Headless Horseman and the science days.

Jess J

Worked here for a short time in both the catering and food department. Where do I even start? First off, complete disorganization. A lot of young highschool or begginning college students who work these departments get thrown around in every direction and don't know what is going on half the time because no one tells them until last minute. So as a result there is procrastination. Communication is lacking as well. Management is bad with training, informing, supporting, and with behavior of taking out frustration on employees as if it's their fault. Real issue is there are no positive leaders. Each day I came in there were more noticeable and ridiculous issues that shouldn't happen. Especially because the Cafe there is way too small and is not getting good business. All in all, Conner Prairie is completely scattered and full of negative processes, results, and ideals. Out of all the places I have worked this one is by far the worst.

Suman Singh

Great place for kids. Balloon and civil war time life are 2 unmatched experience one should not miss.

Joe M

First time going with a 3 and 4 year old.The wagon rentals were a practical and pleasant surprise that immediately got our girls excited. Plenty to do indoors and out, with a wonderful staff that is helpful and interactive. Our girls loved the treetop post, sand box, and creating/launching paper airplanes at one of the craft stations. They all enjoyed a soft serve before the day was over. A lot of fun, we look forward to going back soon.

Camden Smith

I took my daughter here at a year-and-a-half-old she didn't quite know what to think but did love the sprinkle pad that they have, the water feature. But this time around when we went August 2018, she was two and a half and she loved the splash pad and playground area but thoroughly and more enjoyed greeting the animals, learning about them, and she even chose to pretend to be a farmer and learn about farming at the blacksmith. So although this is pretty Advanced education it does work really well to get toddlers excited about learning about the outside world. And she absolutely loved the helium balloon ride.

Vivien Dyer

We've been several times now since spring. It's well worth the membership if you are local. I love living history places, and this is a good example. The volunteers clearly enjoy teaching and must spend countless hours studying their material. Lots to see and learn here, especially if you take your time and ask questions. Even younger children are engaged with activities for them in several places. I've learned something new each visit.

Julie A

For many years I've loved this place for summer concerts but am NOT HAPPY about the new reserved seating taking away the dance floor. It's all about the money now!


They have really grown since my sons was little. Enjoyed going with my son n grandson

Jessica O'neal

We went this past weekend on Saturday 10/13. Waited in the cold for an hour to get our tickets. Got our tickets and while I can say we had SOME fun, I should have been able to use my access pass for this event because I don't feel it was worth the $21 I spent for each person. I gotta say last year's event was better and I don't know that we'll be going back for this again. They could have done alot more with the hayride itself. Pretty disappointed and wish i had my money back.

kyle carr

Hayride lines are ridiculously long, food is worse than stadium food. I understand its an old fashioned place. Im just not impressed for the cost.

Justin Zenn

Love going here on field trips. Everyone is friendly and it's great to see the history. Much of it we need to get back to teaching our kids!

Pastor Fry

The kids could spend days here. The new tree house is incredible and the kids wanted to finish their assigned role in the 19th-century village even in the rain.

Michael Bovee

Great Time/Activity for Kids of all ages. You could spend all day there if you wanted. Pretty big and lots of things to check out. Indoor kids area to play and make crafts and then Outdoor stuff to do/see and learn about our great history. Kids water/splash area to keep cool, so think about swimming trunks or towel or atleast change of clothes for your young ones just in case. We went on a really hot day, but wasn't actually too bad since there's indoor air condition area/activities and the outdoor splash area and when your walking around, its woodsy and shaded, so it was actually nice and relaxing strolling on the paths. They have some animals to pet(goats and sheep). There's also a Hot Air Balloon ride(always attached to ground). We didn't ride it, but it goes straight up and comes back down and probably has a nice view!

BespokeRecord34 BespokeRecord34

I have come here every year to the Symphony on the Prairie since I was a little child. It is a good time with family and friends. The only problem is you spend just as much time listening to music and watching fireworks, as you do sitting in the parking lot to leave the event. This situation needs to be looked at and structured for safety and frustration after the concert.

Carolyn Kirby

We absolutely love this place. Enjoy it a great deal everytime we go. Letting the kids see and participate in all the different times in life is a wonderful and educating experience. Thank you Conner Prairie..

Gary Stephens

Fun experience for folks with kids. Check out the special events like Headless Horseman and Christmas programming.

Jared O'Dell

Fun place to take your kids to show them how people lived in the past. Fun activities for the kids. A lot of new stuff that has been added in the last year. The kids always love to visit the new baby animals in the barn, goats and sheep and a new baby cow. A very large new area with a treehouse and a archeology dig site. And there is the Prairie Town area where you can step back in time with your family and talk to people in character of the 1800s.

Brandon Johantges

They ruined connor prairie by candlelight. They went from the intimate one group at a time system to a theme park style conveyor belt system. Making the houses way to crowded and chaotic. It has lost any and all intimacy and immersion. It does not even resemble by candlelight anymore. Don't waste your money. The experience was so miserable, I left after 30 minutes.


Great time with the animals and the people. Only down side is that after the animals there's not much for little kids outside. There's a small jungle gym but no slides. The inside areas are great though. We went in the air balloon too. It's a nice relaxing ride but a little pricey.

Toni Gilbert

I went to the symphony. It was really nice and enjoyable. I would definitely go back again.

Madi McCloskey

Great family fun for all ages. My kids are 2 years through 6 and they all enjoyed it. I'm so grateful my toddler had so much to do along with my older kids!

Lisi Campbell

We are grateful to Conner Prairie for acknowledging the homeschooling community and offering the homeschool days program. The splash pad was much appreciated as temps were nearly 100 today. There was adequate restroom and fountain access throughout the museum. The shows in the 1863 Civil War area were a favorite of ours! The guides, actors, and educators did a great job of being available and knowledgeable in their area. Thank you for making the autism sensory areas available as well! It can change the entire experience.

Nathan Ziegler

We had such a great time! The staff and educators were extremely educational and informative.

Stella Carey

Great place to spend whole day. Lots of things to see and do for everyone with hands on experience. Historical and educational. Love it.

J Michael

I really loved this place! We went to the Michael Jackson concert preformed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and it was a phenomenal outdoor concert. You can bring your own food, drinks (alcohol included), lawn chairs/blankets. It makes for a great night.

Lillian Treon

An interactive museum set in the early 1820s and 30s, just years after Indiana became a state. Great for a family trip of field trip. Keep in mind, the museum is closed on Mondays and there will be plenty of walking. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful place to check out.


Truly a great experience! I return every year, and love it!

Neal Kern

Great place to visit with kids and family and the balloon ride is well worth it.

Ken Grimes

I think its the first place my kids have ever enjoyed learning history

Oliver Brown

I was impressed, especially with staff in character. kids had a great time. go when it's raining, and not many visitors at that time.

Jason Smith

I attended the Beatles symphony on the prarie. Great venue. Plenty of snack stands and drinks available but it's even better if you brink a picnic with some wine. Also get there really early to get good seats.

Liz L

Conner Prairie, named for the town's original settler. A living history museum, reenactors dress is authentic to the 1800s period. The Conner Home was built in 1832, Federal-style brick. During the 1860, Conner's Lenape children with Mekinges (his first wife) unsuccessfully attempted to gain title to the families Indiana Land. William Conner (1777-1855) trader, interpreter,, scout, entrepreneur, community leader, politician, & land speculator. Mekinges, daughter of the Delaware Chief Kikthawenund, also known as Chief Anderson. Conner Prairie "Holds" all these memories and more.... Gift Shop, ample parking, food on site, clean restrooms, plenty of hands on for children, benches, the different living history are well presented. Great place to spend some time.

Natalie Odom Pough

We had a blast!! Thank you for a great experience.

Carolina Carnicelli-Eppards

Great Indianapolis Symphony concert! Venue is well taken care, although it is summer and therefore mosquitoes season, they have the situation under control which made the outdoor concert very enjoyable.

Patrick Read

Love it. You can bring your own food and drinks in (to include alcohol). How awesome is that?

Henry Boyter

Was there for a Concert on the Prairie. Concert was good. Surprisingly, they sell food and they allow you to bring your own. Surprised that so many people just left their trash & garbage on the ground. Worst part was the EXTREMELY long time to get out of the parking lot.

Michael Gibson

Acres of old-time living. In the summer weekend they have Symphony on the Prairie. From The Beach Boys to The Beatles Symphony ect

Shelley Bicksler

Great fun for the whole family. I love howbthe people stay in character the whole time.

Cearie Girl

Great place for young kids and adults alike! I wasn't sure if my 5 year old would be interested in much but he loved the whole place! As an adult I would have liked to have been able to stop and read more of the signs and information but with a kid you have to go at their place somewhat which is why I say it would be great for adults or kids. The kids love running around and seeing everything but the adults could stop and read and learn a lot. When we left my son asked right away if we could go back sometime and I told him most definitely!

Michael Dust

Great family place. Definitely spend 3 hours to see everything. Its worth the admission fee.

Heather Koval

Great field trip for 4th graders! So much Indiana history that they can experience first-hand!! My students had fun and learned so much. It was a great kick-off to our Pioneer unit. This was our second year choosing Conner Prairie as one of our two field trips, and we will continue to choose it!

Sarah Norris

We enjoyed our field trip to Conner Prairie. We had fun because we could be outside for a long time. We were fascinated with the old things inside the houses. We also enjoyed seeing the animals in the barn. We had fun and learned a lot on our field trip. - Sarah's 2nd Grade Class

Justin Bush

I chaperoned a field trip here with my son's fourth grade class. I was very impressed. I had never heard of Conner Prairie before, but apparently I am in the minority on that. Talking with friends about the trip, I heard over and over again about how much they enjoyed their field trips there, as kids. There is so much to see that it is hard to experience it all in one day. Definitely worth a visit.

Karin B

Great place to visit. Wonderful place to hear and see the symphony! Even better when it was the 4th of July, complete with fireworks.

cat kegeris

I have been attending symphony on the prairie for 20+ years, and I must say Kroger has stepped up the game big time. Awesome new sound system, less obstructions between you and the stage. As always the sunset lounge in where it's at! July 4th show is a must for any Hoosier!

Bob Carnahan

Went to Symphony on the prairie. Always a good time with music and food. We bring our own because the concession stand is limited and more expensive, but is a viable option for some. Crowds and ease of parking vary depending on the performance. Aside from Symphony on the Prairie, Connor Prairie is a great living history museum. We are members and go a couple times a year.

Alyssa Brown

Excellent trip through history. The venue also hosts different wonderful events all year long, like concerts in summer and headless horseman in the autumn.

Chris Hayes

One of the crown jewels of the state of Indiana. This living history museum brings 19th century life to a relevant understanding for 21st century living. We've been members for years and love taking family and friends to the museum when they visit Indianapolis because we know that this experience won't be replicated anywhere else. Look forward to seeing the past in a while new light.

Lindsey Green

Really cool place to take your kids! The interactive civil war village is awesome and a great way to get kids engaged with history. Many hands on activities for the little ones!

Augusta nguyen

This is such a great place for family fun! People of all ages can enjoy this great place! The staff are always very friendly and informative and make learning so much fun! I especially love that they have designated rooms for Breastfeeding and changing babies!!! It’s the cherry on top for me!

xxxxWONTONxxxx .

Love, love, LOVE this place!! A little bit of everything. Great play area for kids on hot or bad weather days indoors, fun outdoor play areas for the kids on nice days. Everything you need is there, food, drinks restrooms etc which is key for a family with several children under 4. Great time, great place, we WILL be back!!!!

Kelli Carter

I've never been to anything but symphony on the prairie at Connor prairie. Always have a blast. Recommendation would be to splurge for the VIP parking. If you don't and you leave when everyone else does then it can take awhile to get out.

Carmin Cappetto

Awesome experience. Chaperone for a field trip. Great staff. Plenty of facilities for kids.

Katie Clifford

This is a great place to spend an afternoon... Rich in history, but in a way to get the kids interested and not bored! The staff is always super helpful and knowledgeable, things are clean, and overall, it's just a great place to go!

Zack Vance

If you live in the area, you know what’s up. The Conner Prairie has so much to offer it doesn’t matter how long you stay, you won’t get all of it. Stuff is changing constantly so it isn’t a visit once and done like an amusement park would be. RAIN DOES NOT MEAN THAT THERE IS NOTHING TO DO. In fact, rainy days are, in my opinion, the best day to go if you want to see what’s indoors. The last time I went they had the electricity exhibit open, which was the absolute best. There is a younger kid room right next to the main area and you can have your teenager, 10 year old, and preschooler have fun without having to run around everywhere. One of the best, CHEAP, places to go to do something better than staying at home and watching TV. Highly recommend.

Kayla Woodward

Star Spangled Symphony on the Prarie was a great way to celebrate Independence Day. The program was very much in honor of our Military Heroes which was very touching to see. The fireworks were great, more than just ordinary fireworks. The symphony played a variety of music from different time periods.


This is a good place to expend time with kids. They have different activities, specially outdoors activities. There is not bathrooms in all the facilities so be aware if you have little kids.

Holly Adams

It was the first time I have been back in years to visit this place. The balloon ride was so nice. I was a little scared at first but once I was all the way up in the air it was amazing. You could see downtown. I was walking all around the taking in all the sites. Then we traveled through time and went back to when the civil war came to Indiana. It was really fun to see all the actors doing a great job and really playing the part. I enjoyed my time so much and I didn't get to see everything, but I will be back to visit again soon and see it all.

Steve H.

A very nice living history village but it lacked the "Wow" for me. I did like the unique Civil War site and the video presentation.

Alexander Mekeel

My friends brought my wife and I to check this place out. I was really interesting and fun. I loved how even though my friend works there, when she would talk to the actors, they wouldn't respond to her out of character. It is a very fun way of learning about history.

Michael Haase

Was here for a friend's wedding and reception. The wedding was just outside of the barn with the reception in the barn. Beautiful place and the staff was wonderful.

Janelle Homan

Great place for kids! Our 5 and 3 year old daughters really enjoyed it. Even our 14 month daughter seemed to enjoy her time at Conner Prarie!

Leah Key

Always fun to visit. The headless horseman is a family tradition.

Melodie Rose

Conner Prairie is the best. The Headless Horseman hayride and haunted corn maze were awesome! We had constant fun for over 4 hours and could have stayed longer. Looking forward to going back!

Brooke Renee

I’ve been to Conner prairie many times and have always had a good experience with all of it. Educational and fun for parents and kids. So I went with my son on a class fieldtrip last week and I didn’t enjoy it as much this time. Not sure if they have a few new staff members, but they wasn’t very pleasant. A few of them very rude with the kids. Wouldn’t really call it staying in character thing. Just very rude with how they answered and spoke with kids. Made of a couple of us parents upset. Not all of it was bad. The kids did for most part like it but, it wasn’t the best trip Ive had there. Kinda disappointed.

brendan mosey

In 2001 I was a reckless 16 yr old & wrecked my car into one of their apple trees at the entrance. They seemed pretty cool about the whole ordeal. Very cool interactive history park & museum, I've been coming here since 1993.

Shannon O'Dell

This is a great place for families with kids of all ages. It also is a great place for adults without kids, who want to take their time and learn more intensely. They have outdoor play areas, an area to pet the animals, and many immersive learning opportunities.

Neil Mack

I enjoyed the Symphony on the prairie concert. The Beach Boys were the music of the evening. I enjoyed the band and the wonderful songs. The balloon ride is very good, but a little pricey.

Michelle Kimm

Had a great day with my family at Conner Prairie last weekend. From the sights, to the shopping and food to the Hot air balloon ride. Cant wait to go back!

Katie Sherrod

This is a fantastic place to not only take your children but also for business meetings. The outloom room is fantastic and creates beautiful scenery to look at when you are in there for a longer period of time. Would recommend to any company to look into using this location.

Zachariah Schrink

Connie Prairie is simply amazing! I've been there several times and each time I get to see and learn something new! The staff are all incredibly friendly. The indoor museum is so fun and my younger siblings had an absolute blast! They even really enjoyed the prairie town with the actors, who were absolutely amazing and stayed in character, despite all of the questions. The animals all seemed well taken care of and were a hit! Navigation signs and maps were in all of the right places, making it pretty easy to get around. A highlight of the day was the hot air balloon! I think it takes a group up to around 380 feet; you can get such an amazingly beautiful view.

Jeremy Ehmer

A great place to see. Turn back the time and have fun.

Spike Wilson

This place is a fantastic experience for kids and adults alike. It is constantly changing and growing. Not only are there wonderful historical stories to be told here, but there are also science experiments and stem-based learning to be had. I cannot recommend Conner Prairie highly enough.

Ari Feldman

I hadn't been in years, so it was a surprise to see how much has been developed. This is a phenomenal place to take kids. Lots of places to explore and things to do.

Biz Acc

This is a great historical museum. There are several activities offered for many ages through our the day and year. It is really nice for the children to be able to watch and pet the animals. The only down fall I have notices...there is no space to eat indoors on a rainy or cold day.

Elizabeth Adamik

Visited with my son in a field trip, came back with the whole family. Interaction with the "cast" is fun and informative. They stay in character as you ask questions. 3 story tree house and play area that was added is great!

Alexis Kinsey-Davis

Fun for all the family. Lots of different activities and events to try

Sequoyha Clark

Such a beautiful place to visit. A great place to take the family. Will be visiting again soon


Bring the family and look around, there's different events throughout the year and the scenery is awesome!

Jesco Sales

Awesome place to watch a concert, Smokey Robinson was the best. Geaux McNeese State COWBOYS #1

Footdrjones Jones

Wonderful place for family time. Very professional and well kept. Hands on experience and something for all ages. The Prairietown is wonderful. Fun to see the actors walking about. They ONLY answer you in the time period from which they represent. Theres a splash pad for hot days, and an animal interactive area. We didn’t do the trail walk behind the the tree fort but will next time. There is even a little library room at the bottom of the tree fort for your little bookworms

Ben Browning

Every time I visit I'm always impressed with how many staff and volunteers are around and what great energy and excitement they display. Thank you for making this a great and fun place to visit!

Kevin Gustavson

Lovely historical place to spend the day. The highlight for us was the balloon ride.

Jaime Whitlock

This is such a wonderful place to visit! Be prepared though, wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather because most of it is outside. I saw many people there who definitely weren't prepared. The living history volunteers are so great, and took time to answer all of our questions!

Angela J. Nealy, M.S.

There are some historical details recorded in such a way as to distort what actually occurred to protected classes of citizens. I was left with a less than positive view of the place


It's good for kids to understand the history and living style in 1800. You can check the status of balloon ride in their website to plan accordingly.

matt miller

Good fourth of July show for the family. Although they have playground security that is a bummer for the kids. No swings unless an adult is there.

Carl Miller

We visited the Symphony on the Prairie venue for the July 3rd Star Spangled Symphony event. This particular show is typically highly attended given that it is a holiday special and they have a firework show at the end. Unfortunately for us, a thunderstorm popped up in the area so they cancelled the fireworks (but allowed everyone to use their ticket stubs for complimentary access to a later event). Prior to the stoppage, the show was excellent and the orchestra was as good as always! Many veterans were in attendance with their families and the conductor/hosts did a fantastic job recognizing all the military personnel and branches. This is a great place for families and friends to enjoy music, shows, and dinner! There is free parking available. As a friendly reminder, a mass exodus from the venue will create very long lines to exit as there is only one exit to go North and one to go South. If you aren’t in a hurry to be anywhere, take your time heading out to avoid an hour-ish wait in or around your car (no bathrooms outside the venue gates). Don’t forget to bring your own cooler (drinks and food of any kind ) as well as chairs and blankets for the show! Food and beverages are available for purchase including standard concessions, alcohol, ice cream, and kettle corn.

Lonnie Garrett

Good learning experience for youngsters. A lot different from when I went many many years ago.

Jennifer Harden

People are sweet, but it has changed over the years since I was a kid. It used to feel like I had truly stepped back in history, but there was not as much to experience. The hot-air balloon was fun, but as my family looked down we saw places where structures/buildings had been; evidence that there used to be more.

Shaleen Bhatnagar

Fun place for kids. Enjoyed the hot air baloon ride. They have lot of scheduled activities for kids that the kids could be signed up for.

Braun Rodgers

Decent venue for a concert. The sun will be in your eyes for half the show. The venue allows you to carry in beer, wine, and food.

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