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1600 S Wayne St, Auburn, IN 46706, United States

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REVIEWS OF Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum Store IN Indiana

Patricia Roeder

The museum is totally awesome. Cars from the 1890s to around 1940s in the original Auburn office building, which is in the art deco style. So many beautiful card that we will have to go back

Glenda Soccorso

This place is amazing. Arrive at 12 and left at 5. We had more to see and read. Must see. Attendant is knowledgeable and very friendly. He is more than happy to answer all your questions.

Paul Mansworth

An excellent motor museum if you like Duesenberg cars. There are over 100 excellent examples to see, plus some other makes of historic cars and prototypes. The building itself is a fine art deco edifice.

Jeff Beeler

Truly worth the visit if You appreciate cars and innovative American engineering. If You didn't before... You will! The cars are truly and purely, fine American works of art. A pleasure and honor to see. There are other museums at the location as well, and nearby also.

Spare 1 Phone

Great car museum. They have items from the early years that you won't see anywhere else.

Eric Kolsto

Take this one off my bucket list. Absolutely beautiful cars.


Fun! Exciting! Let us drive these big cars around the courses

Mark Rudolph

Great place to see classic cars

Michael Miller

Yup. 5 stars. Real Americana. Gotta go here. I suggest 2 hours. Bottom floor is housed in the original art deco showroom.

Dale Gillaspie

If you like art and classic cars this is the place you need to go. They have many antique cars, not just of the Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg models. Wear your walking shoes and plan to stay awhile. It is a great trip into the history of the automobile.

Ray Saez, Jr.

AMAZING. ALL DAY AFFAIR. If you're a car enthusiast, you must visit. The building is worth an exhibit on its own. When we went it was a snowy weekday so we got really lucky and basically ended up with a private tour of the facility. There's another museum on site that's also worth a look. Highly highly recommended.

paula deuel

A must see.....its amazing....our son took his dad here for his 88th birthday and he loved it!!

Yvonne Blyth

Wow this place is amazing. You'll see cars like no where else in the world.... a bit overwhelming as the is so much to see! Expect to spend at least 2 hours here or you're not doing yourself or the place justice. Great mini movies on the history and info on every car and the history at the time. Definitely the best place in town to visit.

Kristina Reese

Great museum well worth the visit. Beautiful cars and lots of interesting history.

Terry Anway

Wow this is a great place to visit if you are in the area. Lots of very, very nice cars.

DL Bradford

History at it's best.

Mike Morehouse

I've been here before and will likely come again. The museum houses a fantastic collection of mostly pristine Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg automobiles plus others mostly of that era. Not only are they beautiful but many were far ahead of their time in terms of engineering, features and design. Almost as good as the cars is the Art Deco building which is beautiful inside and out and contained the original administrative and design offices as well as the showroom. This is a real gem in rural Indiana. Stop if you can and plan to stay awhile!!

Michael W

Great museum. Looks smaller than it is. We really enjoyed it!

Scott Jones

This place really is a jewel. When you enter the museum, you're entering an Art Deco wonderland, nearly the way it was in 1930. This is a view of the original terrazzo floor...rather breathtaking. Note the priceless Cords, Auburns and Dusenbergs scattered about, just as they were on this showroom floor 90 years ago. It is a valuable full-day adventure...treat it as a destination.

Timothy Holmes

This is the only place in the world to see this many Auburns, Cords, and Dusenburgs in such a variety of models. The building is a historic wonder as well. Many fine examples of other makes are on display too. And as an added plus they are a Harvest Host site and we were able to park overnight here gratis. And don't forget the extremely helpful and knowledgeable docents.

Scott Haas

My first recollection of the Duesenberg name was the Peter O'Toole movie "The Stunt Man". So when I was on my way to a conference in Columbus and saw a sign for the museum as I passed through Fort Wayne, I decided I'd make it part of my return trip. I was not disappointed with that decision. The building itself is a great example of art deco architecture. The collection of vehicles inside was simply amazing. They had more than Auburns, Cords, and Duesenbergs, but that was the majority of the collection (of course). For someone who didn't know a lot about the cars beyond seeing one in a movie, I was impressed with some of the technology that went into them. The steered headlights was one example of an "ahead of its time" automotive tech. The museum has a lot of information on the automotive industry in Indiana's past, which I found really interesting since that's not something most people ever heard about. When one thinks of automotive industry it's all about Detroit. If you're into classic, early production cars, you should make this a destination.

Trevor Berry

An awesome experience for any car enthusiast. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable.

Walter Grace

Do you want to spend a day at a really interesting museum? Are you a a gearhead, car or history buff? I’ve been here twice in my life and have never been disappointed. Both times it was the highlight of my vacation. There are several levels of cars and they’re all unique, vintage and interesting. If you want to learn about automotive history, this is a good museum to visit; one of many to be sure. You will learn things about cars you never knew or simply afraid to ask.

Mark Balaska

You think you know cars? A tour in this museum will humble, educate, and enlighten you. A must for anyone who is into automobiles. This museum is like a fine art museum. The building interior does justice to it's contents. Every vehicle displayed cheapens todays ultra luxury and premium performance vehicles. I still cannot believe that 80 to 100 years ago people designed, built, and drove these automobiles. A MUST.....

Lynn Ventura

Best car museum ever! So much to see & a beautiful building too!!

Lynda McCulloch

Thoroughly enjoyed our tour! Set you back in Hollywood!

Charles Taylor

Great place for learning about the development of the older autos and how the people of the past influenced modern cars

Donald Jodry

Great place lots of nice càrs.

Scott Nightengale

This has to be one of the most amazing Automobile museums in the U.S. They have a world class collection of vehicles, and, the building itself is a classic example of Art Deco. Been there twice now and took about three hours each time. Easy to find, good parking and a nice little gift shop, too. We will go back again to see what's new..

Beth Wiles

Amazing! Must visit. I lost complete control and took 100’s of pics. 2 floors of the most amazing collection.

Jim Downing

A great place to visit. Some of the most beautiful automobiles that I have ever seen. They are more like works of art. I will go back if I can.

Mike Toner

This place is amazing it's a must see if your in the area and the owner she is the sweetest lady you will ever meet!!

Beth Keehan

One of the best auto museums in the states

Sylvie Hutchings

A museum to see if you like antique and vintage cars.

Christina Gibson

Great place to go to get lost back in time. Beautiful vehicles, love classics.

Jeff Waters

One of the better museums. It has an amazing collection of...yes that's right, Auburns, Cords, and Deusenburgs. They have a really great way of showing the history of the automobile beyond just those three brands. It's laid out well, the showroom is a work of art, it's clean, with a nice store. The only problem is that most people that would like this place don't know about it, or it's too far out of the way (I live in Chicago).

Bob Olsen

More than one could have imagined. You have to experience it to understand how amazing the collection of unique automobiles really is. Truely a worthwhile destination!

Darlene Buehler

Just interesting to see all the old vehicles.

John Myers

It was so awesome. Cant explain. Took alot of pictures of old cars untill are dinner was served with open bar.

Lou Donkle

Be a gangster with John Dillinger. -Just TRY to fit/sit in an Indy car, then CLIMB OUT without help. -Oh… And then there are the cars!!! -And why were so many cars made in Indiana?

Paul Garvison

I cant say enough good things about this place

Doug Bell

Cars on two floors. Beautiful examples of auburns, cords and duesenbergs, plus period examples of other makes, including Chrysler and Lincoln, just to name a couple. Some rooms are set up to show what the building contained back in the day. Nice gift shop. Plenty of parking. Much better experience than I had 20 years ago.

Connor Thompson

Fantastic museum. So much information, so many awesome cars. All the staff are incredibly informative and take pride in what they do. They are passionate about the cars. It's soooo worth the time you spend there. I only wish I could've spent more than 2 hours. The museum is extremely well kept and clean and neat and organized.

sam connor

A must see if you like cars and history

Layton Turner

I have wanted to visit for many years. I was not disappointed. It is truly a spectacular display of multimillion dollar autos. I am a 72 year old owner of a classic car and I have loved cars all my life. This venue was well worth the 4 hour drive to get here.

Nathan Goley

Excellent Museum for early car lovers and history buffs. I thought it was just one floor of beautiful cars but the second floor has even more cars and historic exhibits. Only saw half of it. Give yourself several hours, or most of the operating hours, to look at everything.

Colleen Shenk

I volunteer here one day a week. The building itself is an amazing piece of architecture. The cars are works of art and so glamorous. If you like cars and their history this is the museum to visit!

Linda DeMarino

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum was outstanding! Such an amazing collection of vehicles in a beautiful art deco-styled building. The museum is so well done, hosting interactive exhibits as well as signage that engaged various age groups. It was like stepping back in time! We got great insight from one of the volunteers who was polishing the cars.

Robert Eymer

We went here for their spring beer and wine tasting. The cars and vendors were amazing... Great atmosphere we will definitely come back next time around.

Pete Lahr

Place pretty big and a lot of nice cars. Building showing its age but pretty thought out displays. Go there first if you want discounts on other museums.

Gary Rahe

Some of the most beautiful automobiles I have ever seen.

dave webb

Lots interesting history and nice old cars

Don Strachan

Outstanding selection of old motors!! Beautiful old deco building . Not to be missed.

Harry Fritz

My second visit to this museum, but the first one was about 25 years ago. Lots of great cars to see, museum is top quality, one could spend an entire day there. Two other museums are at this location as well, so it definitely is a site worth revisiting. As a former technical draftsman, I was particularly impressed by the full-size pattern drawings on display as well as the clay models used to make the actual cars. But the show cars they have displayed are awesomely beautiful!

Peggy Hayes

I've never seen more beautiful classic cars. The building is extraordinary. It was highly enjoyable. I did find the printed information to be a little lackluster however. But I would still suggest going.

Megan Baylis

Nice variety of cars. Nice display

David DeLeo

Beautiful cars. Loved the visit. Nice selection.

Danielle Waters

A truly unique and special experience! Step back in time at the ACD museum and experience the history of our area! We will be back to visit without a doubt. There is a lot to see and the interactive areas are a huge plus for children and adults alike.

Peter Ducharme

This is a must-see museum with some of the most beautiful cars in the world, and the history that they represent not only to the automobile industry but you Americans history. I can't wait to go back again definitely a must-see.

Mike F

I love old cars anf this place has some fine ones. Yhe building is also on the National Register of Historic Buildings. Grezt place & a 1 tank trip from Cleveland

Thomas Tibbie

Great. Must see if your in Auburn I6

Michael Graham

What a great place to see historic cars and the stories behind each automobile. You will see autos at this museum you will never see in person anywhere else! You will see prototype one off cars that won many early Indianapolis 500 races. You can see Dillengers machine gun along with the story behind his arrest in Indiana. This is a historical site that requires a few hours to walk through, great place to go a experience a walk back in time!

Marion Davison

Gorgeous cars in a beautiful historic building, informative and attractive displays.

Jay Dunno

Awesome going back in time and seeing the autos from the past up close and personal.

Pauline S

A great period correct museum with information on the background of the Auburn ,Cord and many others. There is much to see and take in. Great place to visit often and soak it all in . Plenty of parking, wheelchair accessible, $12 for seniors and rental space for special events. Small children would not appreciate the museum.

Kevin Pasanski

Great place to take family interested in automotive history. A big thank you to museum volunteer, Sharon Smith, for providing us with tons of information for the history behind the historic building, the auto companies, and the cars themselves. Sharon was a delight to listen to and ask questions of, giving us a better appreciation of what we were viewing; not to mention recommending Sandra D's Italian Garden for dinner.....YUM!

Seth Damas

An amazing automotive museum that should be missed by no one. The amount of work and dedication that has gone into restoring and bringing these cars together so that they can be appreciated by everyone is mind boggling.

David Kwechansky

This is one of the most important, finest car museums in the US, a great collection of both ACD cars and top examples of other makes. The Art Deco building, once head office and showroom of the ACD company, is worth a visit in itself.

John Picozzi

Knowledge staff, beautifully set up with an immense collection.

Paul Losh

The cars are just beautiful

Frederick Bugle

Great place with beautiful cars and the people that work there are great

Shannon Hansen

What a cool stop!! Didn't take us too long to go thru, but it was so much fun! Always wondered why the rear cargo space was called a trunk, till I saw the old cars with an actual trunk strapped to the back!! And the extra museum out back was great too

Brian Libby

Fun place to visit -especially if you like beautiful old cars!!


Absolutely the best place to hold our class reunion!! Everything was amazing and so much to see, do, photo opts, great bar, food etc..

John Wingler

If you like memorabilia and classic cars this is awesome I seen elvis there

Daniel Latimer

Lots of history in these old cars. You figure that the cheapest was $8,500 up to $30,000, that was a lot of money in the late 1920's.

Shelly Palmer Wood

This was a fun stop and a nice mother son day trip.

Carol Harris

Great museum, full of cars that were built to be art not just transportation.

Ravi kiran Reddy Bommareddy

Vintage cars. Friendly staff. Give it a shot if you're a gearhead. Lot of history and information.

Joe Milledge

Great museum. I love those cars.

The Greatest College Prank of All Time

A work of art. Michaelangelo and DaVinci would be envious

Jacob Christian

Interesting museum filled with beautiful cars. The venue is beautiful and can be rented out for events such as weddings. The restrooms were fine, but I did expect a bit nicer affair based on the aesthetic of the rest of the venue.

Tony Holle

The nicest classic car museum hands down

Joe Mastroianni

Classy chassis, car museum. Must see for any car buff. They're not cars, they're pieces of art.

Wayne Geiser

This is a fantastic museum! There are far more automobiles inside than you would expect, each of them more amazing than the last! In addition, the building is quite interesting as well. When we entered, my wife said the Duesenbergs would be her favorites. By the time she left, she was a Cord fan! Any car-nut or art deco fan has to stop here! OK, one tiny complaint ... there is a "sit in an old car" photo opportunity ... and it's a DODGE!!!!!??????

Derek Johnson

Awesome place my kids loved it.

Daisy Mae

Amazing to see how design improves causing the booming of an industry including export expansion. Lots and lots of beautiful old style cars.

William Cowling

This is a truly extraordinary collection of grand cars housed in the art deco building that was the original showroom for the Auburns, Cords, and Duesenbergs. If you are a car lover, especially for the best cars from the 1920s and 1930s, this a place you must visit.

Ron Bowling

The staff were friendly and helpful. The cars are beautiful. The family enjoyed viewing the quality and craftsmanship that went into these cars and restoring them. The art on the second floor was a great exhibit as well. I wish it was larger. The third floor had Indiana automotive history and examples of other great car manufacturers. Definitely will be back again.

Larry Pettengill

Really neat! Used to go to the labor day parades every year. First time at the museum and I wasn't dissapointed.

Jerianne Bateman

Beautiful museum. Loved how u can see the cars up close. Take pics of the cars. Info on each car. GREAT place. Highly recommend!

kevin zelhart

We stopped here at the last minute on the way to the UP. Excellent museum, takes about 3hrs, and there is a truck museum next door


Great car museum, in a one of a kind historical venue.

Kevin Ball

Building has been kept frozen in history and the quality of the cars is amazing! You definitely need a full day to really see and not rush through both museums. I WILL be back soon!!

Doghouse Observatory

Remarkable automobile history and collection of cars.

Bob Crouse

Absolutely an outstanding place to see some of the finest early American automobiles ever produced. I spent two hours and still did not have time to see in good detail everything that was there. I'm going to have to make arrangements to go back. One nice thing that I was pleasantly surprised to see is in their parking lot they have several water and electric hookups for RVs.

Grace A. Poynter

Loved it and hope to go again. Wonderful building, too.

Bill Corn

Awesome collection of beautiful automobiles. A wealth of knowledge about the history of the company, all in one beautiful old historical building. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Plan on four hours.

Brian Gingras

Fantastic museum. Must have to go the upper level. Maze of some the most interesting cars. Attended a private event after hours and was great to have the museum to ourselves. Must see stop if ever in the area.

Con Bac

Awesome place Like cars even a little bit I think you will enjoy the displays. Very friendly set up

John Kuhnlein

For being in a small town in NW Indiana, this place is really impressive. I was not expecting much but it was terrific. There three levels of gorgeous antique cars. They also have displays about how the engines work and how designers came up with their distinct looks. Count on a good 3 hours here to see it all.

Mr. Graywulf

Well worth the price of admission. The museum is rich with pre WW1 vehicles and brief descriptions of the period in time to include economic comparisons. The first and third floors have cars on display. The third floor also includes life size technical drawings of Duesenbergs, clay and wood models of the prototype stages, hubcap and hood ornment designs. The second floor, more like a landing, has automotive art from the period advertising the vehicle. Allocate at least 3-4 hours to see everything and take pictures.

Chester Harris

Amazingly beautiful cars! They truly don't make them like this anymore. Knowledgeable and friendly docents.

Brian Wetrich

Worth the price of admission.

Wes McClintock

What a great place to step back in time and see what the early American auto industry was all about. Huge selection of very rare cars Located in the Original Corporate Showroom and factory. Had room out front for me to park my semi ( with trailer) . The staff was helpful,( even instructing me as where to park) I would love to go back again. Needed another 4-5 hours to look around and I bet I was there 4 hours! Loved it.

Mollie Lirot

IF I COULD GIVE THIS PLACE ZERO STARS I WOULD. Be ready to hear a bride's worst nightmare. I got engaged June 2018. I booked my wedding reception with them shortly after. They said they had no bookings yet for 2020 and I was their first one. Especially no bookings on my date, or so they thought. I received a phone call months later saying that there was actually another wedding on my date and wanted to see if I could change my date. By this time I already had many other things booked on that date and it is very special to my heart so I was dead set on my date. I told them I would not change my date and they responded by saying they would see if the other couple would move theirs. They didn't call me back after that. I called them for two weeks trying to find out answers but every time I called Alysha was "unavailable". COULD YOU IMAGINE being a bride and not knowing if your venue is going to work for weeks??? Finally she responded by saying the other couple would take the upstairs and we could have the room we wanted. This was November. I thought everything was handled done deal. OH NO. i just received a LETTER in the mail stating their apologies that "that date was unavailable" and they refunded my money. Did not even have the guts to call me and tell me. I hope this detours anyone from thinking of having their wedding reception there.


One of the best car museums in the US. Always amazed by the perfection of the doozies.

Tom Shanahan

I could not say enough about this place. JUST FANTASTIC

Jeff Plyler

Great museum of automotive history. A lot to see here, seemingly endless room after room, even the design room, board room, and executive offices. Great cars in great condition. If you enjoy the history of the American automotive industry and some of the people involved, this is a must see.

Otis Patterson

A true time capsule of historical elements. The building from Art Deco period to the preservation of historical machines that are displayed within. A fabulous tribute to the era of automotive history. Auburn - Cord - Duesenberg

David Switzer

One of the best auto museums I've been to. There are so many beautiful cars.

Sam Kimmel

Awesome place to take in some history and view beautiful ACD cars!

Bill Denney

Could have spent a couple of days here. Wonderful part of American history and that of my wife's home town. Definitely worth a visit.

Sharon Clevenger

Must see this museum and visit the store! Incredible experience!

Jen Richardson

I would highly recommend this museum if you like classic cars.

David Albaugh

Very, very clean. Displays set up appropriately. Very courteous employees.

Rebecca Fanning

Awesome place to go if you enjoy older cars. Beautiful building. Met a very informative helpful gentleman who was extremely nice. The building and cars were very well taken care of. Thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Tim M

We visited twice last year, once to enjoy the museum, and a second time for the Bootlegger's Ball. All of the attendees arrived in period dress, and it was a great night of signature cocktails, good finger foods, and fun jazz music. We will definitely attend this event again!

Kent Lucas

My favorite classic car museum....they are SO friendly, happy to discuss cars, trucks museum too, spot for my RV...parking is ALWAYS a problem at museums BUT NOT HERE...EVEN a greenbelt for my dog to stretch legs chasing her ball...attention to detail EVERY ASPECT OF ''THE ACD EXPERIENCE''...

Jamie Riggans

Absolutely worth the visit! We went last year and it was amazing. The building is beautiful and the cars are cool to see. My husband is the car guy and looooved it. I’m not the biggest car fan, but I absolutely loved this museum also. We will definitely be going back for another visit.

Route 45

Very unique gift items. I purchased tie-dyed rubber shot glasses. They're adorable! The clerk was was friendly and helpful.

Sherry Variell

Beautiful cars !! Wonderful visit

Lady Blanche

An amazing place and great customer service!

Ethan Fletcher

To say that I enjoyed my time here is putting it mild. Two things you have to love to appreciate this, cars and history. They focus very much on three brands of cars that were crucial in the early automotive industry but are no longer in business. There is a great number of antique cars here, many restored, some in original condition. Each car has a history of some sort to go with it. They also have a floor with many other brands and a great deal of history to go with them. Truly a gem in the Midwest.

Karl Strozier

This isn't just a automotive history museum it's an art collection. These cars are all in there own way a snapshot of design, craftsmanship and technology for the first half of the twentieth century. I really liked that there were displays showing innovations such as the super charger. There are celebrities cars on display such as Babe Ruth and Amelia Earhart. I was surprised my wife enjoyed it as much as I did. There are details of the posted with the cars along with some have the sticker price when new. There are 3 floors with both stairs and an elevator. I built a model of a Duesenberg as a teenager and this was the first opportunity I have had to see one. Well worth the stop to see this collection.

cathy crozier

It was great seeing the old cars and learning about them. They sure are beautiful.

Stee Weaver

I've lived here since 2007 and have never been here until today. What an awesome museum with awesome cars. Very well laid out and well done museum. Recommended for gear heads and everyone else. Highly recommended that is. I'm going to come back.

Eric D

First class vintage classic autos on display! Vehicles are stunning, and the collection is amazing! Whether you are a car enthusiast, or if you just appreciate art, the museum is a must stop. Make sure you visit the 3rd floor as you can get a first hand look at how these vehicles were produced, and who was behind the creations. Museum also offers student, senior and child discounts. Great way to spend a few hours especially on a rainy day as our family did!

jennifer LeClerc

Wonderful field trip with my son!! We learned SO MUCH!!!

Bo Harris

Very cool car museum. It would take a couple days to see it all

Catherine Herman

My children and husband loved taking a step back in time! It was a wonderful museum and we would love to go back in the future!

Nick Schroeder

#localguides #ilobsterit Great car museum full of classic cars in mint condition. What a thrill it must have been to give these cars a ride. The hood ornaments on some are amazing by themselves.

Evan Long

First time ever coming here made me want to put on a suit and tie and take a step back in time beautiful cars. Staff is super friendly and engaging

Steve Stemshorn

Awesome car museum. Should be on everyone's bucket list.

Mike knott

A must stop visit! Amazing educational & historical automotive experience. Ask the volunteers questions! They are extremely knowledgeable about the building and the individual vehicles. You won't regret visiting this museum or the city. Excellent family oriented city.

Dale Hock

Excellence Automobile museum. Well worth the $12.50 admission.

Jill Smethers

Beautiful building with beautiful cars!

Brian Bracht

A bit pricey but has some great cars. Would recommend going through.

gerald short

A great museum with lots of cars

Johnathon Noble

Great place to go to. Everything's displayed really well. It helps also get an idea of how things were back in that time

Bill Nagel

This was an awesome museum. There were so many cars and great information about each car by the car. We did not plan to visit. We saw the billboard as we were travelling from Grand Rapids to Cincinnati and decided to stop. We spent hours and truly enjoyed it.

Ronald Schweitzer

Fantastic museum for a car guy.

Sherna Michaelis

The cars are so cool

Laura Clingman

I could literally spend days in the Duesenberg Museum! What's a good place to visit! $12.50 admission. This is right by the national Auburn corn truck and Automotive Museum. And you can boondock in the parking lot across the street free, they've even got electric hookup, no charge either. Highly recommend this place!

Jennifer Hodges

Very awesome displays and it was interesting enough for the kids. They liked the "cool old cars". Its very clean and easy to lose several hours looking at it all

Still Life Yoga

This place is amazing. The car collection is out of this world and the building architecture is almost as amazing. Do not miss this museum if you're in the area

Jamie Holt

So amazing to see the amazing cars and feel like you have taken a step back in time.

Gigi Walker

Unbelievable Like taking a step into History

Marine_ Accountant

Amazing cars doesn't begin to explain this place!! There was only one Rolls Royce here and every car in this Museum was way cooler than any Rolls Royce could ever be. Truly a great place to visit!

Mike Wysko

Beautiful and luxurious works of art on wheels. Enjoyed seeing the finest cars big money could buy in the 1920s 1930. Also have many other rare and beautiful cars from other car builders. We enjoyed 2 hours looking at cars and historic items and displays. I highly recommend.

Ronda Pavlicek

It was an unknown location vacation for me and when we arrived, my boyfriend gave me an experience of peacefulness and bliss of old days. Made me wish I was a part of back then, well I guess I was a someday soon sparkle in my families eyes. But all aside, we enjoyed every minute in viewing, reading, sitting and watching the videos, just wish we would have had more time, we will be back someday, and looking forward to it. Mike and Ronda.

Dennis Miller

If you're a car person our not it's worth a visit. The building is worth walking through, and the cars are beautiful. They also do events like company parties.

Ben Kleindorfer

Excellent place for people of all ages. Set aside at least 2 hours to visit.

Joe Bertram

Neat place, stopped by during the power tour admission is kind of high for a huge group to be there at once

Ed Warnick

This is a marvelous museum. Rare in that this is located exactly where these works of mechanical art were designed and built. This museum truly takes you back in time. Everything is exceedingly well presented, If you are ever on I-80 in Indiana, you should not forgive yourself if you do not go down to Auburn to visit this museum.

Joshua Wilkinson

Beautiful place and vehicles, frendly and knowable people. Will definitely be back.

David Grear

Nice place to spend the day they have some beautiful cars

Klaus Koehler

Great cars, nice place to spend a few hours drooling at car art

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