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REVIEWS OF Winterthur IN Delaware

Erin Walsh

Beautiful! The garden tour is great, they have the (introductory) house tours down to a science, and what this place contributes to the community is astounding! A must see! And loved the The Crown exhibit!

Stockton Suzanna

Nice place to explore some unique stuff. I like the calm atmosphere and their collection was superb. Actually me and my friend went there to find some stuff and were really happy with the experience we had . Perfect place to bring children to get them aware of some knowledgeable stuff.


Outstanding grounds and museum!! If you like history, antiques and gardens, it's a must stop.

Abi D

Beautiful gardens and staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. At admissions they organize everything so that you can catch a guided tram tour through the gardens before taking a guided tour of the home. All of this is included with the general admission price. They seem to have a little inferiority complex with Longwood gardens and I found the obsession with the "follies" to be a bit strange, but overall I liked it. Do bring your own bottled water though because it was ridiculously expensive, more than buying bottled water at Disney World. Additionally, something should be done about the horrible musty/mildew smell that greets you upon walking into the welcome center.

behnam farkish

gordon pettersen

Extremely poor contacts services. Tried calling both numbers for 1 hour.

Ellen Pedersen

Beautiful gardens beautiful house and Americana collections.

Hemlall Surujnarine


Deborah Gillespie

The house and museum are both fascinating with tours led by very knowledgeable guides. The cafe serves a limited but very high quality menu. The gift store is one of the nicest museum stores we've seen. And all of this surrounded by acres of lovely, peaceful gardens and a truly inspired children's "medieval village". An under-heralded gem.

Kellyann Schaefer

Such a beautiful place everyone should visit. We visited with the entire family including the kids. It was a step back in time surrounded by the most serene and lush gardens. We did the house tour and walked along the gardens into all the little nooks including the Enchanted Woods and the Fairy garden. Highly recommend making a day trip out of it.

Margie Robinson

My family and I are local but have not been to the Easter brunch or even lunch in years. Sorry to say that the brunch just yesterday was very disappointing from the service to the silverware, Winterthur has definitely lowered their standards. The food was good but not hot from the start, nor was the coffee. Staff was inattentive though friendly. All in all, the whole brunch,which was almost $200, was very unimpressive. This is constructive criticism as I like to be proud of our local museums and their offerings. I hope The Cafe will take note and do better. Start with better silverware. We ate the whole cold meal with what felt like "kid" silverware...come on Winterthur, you can do better!

Ashley Roberts

The gardens and estate were stunning! We didn’t have much time to explore since the estate closes at 5 and we got there at 3:30 but we had a blast! You can definitely spend an entire day there exploring the gardens and museums! Something to note is they do give discounts for coming at the time we did and they offer other discounts too, including student discounts. Winterthur has something to offer for all ages, and is kid friendly with a special enchanted forest area that is super cute and your kids would love! We didn’t have time to explore the museum buildings so we purchased the tickets for the enchanted garden which was $15 each with the discount, full price would be $20. The place offers wedding packages too, and you can find that information on their website. They have plenty of paved areas although not all areas are, they have plenty of public bathrooms which they keep pretty clean too. There is a restaurant there as well.

Harikrishnan Ragothaman

Beautiful place to visit. Timing of visit is important. During spring, you can see almost every color in this place. The nine storey mansion tour is a must see. We luckily got a private tour of the mansion with an experienced guide. He had such patience to go over all intricate details.

Thomas Gormley

Wonderful collection, but our mansion tour guide named Jean kept this from being an exceptional experience. My wife and I took a 2:30 pm tour with another couple and a family of four. At the start of the tour Jean told us how important it was for us to ask questions. However when we did ask a few, Jean appeared annoyed. She often didn't let us finish questions and interrupted with her answer, which sometimes did not address the question being asked. She seemed intent upon rushing us through our tour. This was very disappointing especially given the hefty admission price. On the contrary, our 4:30 pm estate tour led by Terri was outstanding. Terri's enthusiasm for telling us about the beautiful grounds was contagious and everyone on the tram appeared to enjoy this tour immensely.

Jasmine Rosario

So far I have been to the Hagley (they focus more on educating you about the Du Ponts) and the Nemours Estate (an elegantly vast sprawl of gardens and a beautiful mansion); but Winterthur is hands DOWN my favorite!! Winterthur is so fast so bring your walking shoes because they have 60 acres of naturalistic gardens and its 175 room displays featuring 85,000 objects. If you love antiques or just walking through a beautiful landscape, don’t miss out on Winterthur! Apparently the spring is 1000% more beautiful but my breath was still taken away, even though nothing was really in bloom yet. They say that winter is also a great time to come because they decorate a large tree with all of their dried flowers, so I’ll definitely be back in a few months! The staff was lovely and everyone was right when they said the onsite cafe was wonderful!

Ashley P

An amazing place! Need a week to see it all

Erik Smith

Gorgeous campus. Nice catering location. Beware of the NASTY kitchen. It smells absolutely terrible. Staff is very friendly.

Wendy Myers

Go when the azaleas are in bloom, but go more than that. The house is amazing, so be sure to do the tour.

M MacFarland

Incredible treasures to see and explore. Staff is extremely helpful and passionate. Amazing view into the super wealthy.

Greg Danylyk

5 stars

Lin Maggie

James Adair

History and beautiful scenery

PJ Carlino

Extensive gardens, gorgeous decorative arts collection. A little repetitive in the period rooms. I saw the Made in tge Americas exhibition. Spectaular!

Cheryl Leonard

Love the annual point to point races.

Mara Goodman

yiru lee

So far is one of the MOST AMAZING museum that i have visited so far! The garden is wonderful and huge, one could spend a whole day walking around and be in dreamland. They offer garden tram that is included in your admission ticket and you need to pay an additional $5 fee for the House tour at your option, which is totally worth it because not only the tour guide are friendly but as well they are well trained with abundant knowledge about the house and the Dupont family’s lifestyle.

Laura Gramm

An interesting full day attraction. Enjoy the manicured expansive property and learn about the Dupont's collection in their huge home. Tour guide did not make you feel comfortable as she was was too business like. She needs to lighten up. But besides her it's well worth the visit.

Donna Kramer

This was my first visit and I loved the museum and all that the tour offers. The staff were personable, friendly, so knowledgeable and funny!! The costumes from the Crown Exhibit was exquisite. It was a little confusing about touring the mansion we only saw two floors and the Gardens are magnificent. I can’t wait to go back! Worth the trip!

Bonnie Bloom

Above all, I appreciate the acres of mature specimen trees that people with money and sense decided to plant and preserve so that we have nice things now. Also, the mowing and maintenance that allows us to stroll around the grounds from one Abies to another. I feel like I missed out on azalea season and wish I could drop by during the spring. Service is a bit dotty and spotty but they seem to be doing their best.

Joe Ricci

Historic, stunning and well run. The house is kept in beautiful display and much information is available about a wide range of topics. The grounds are easy and comfortable to stroll at your own pace.



Peter Morris

A wonderful place. Beautiful gardens.

Thomas Frye

beautiful mansion and loved learning about the DuPont history, i was so in awe forgot to take pics!!!

Smc._. Shai

It was amazing the experience was awesome

Patrick O'Laughlin

Pauline Donnell

The gardens are beautiful! Even if you don't take the mansion tour (which is very interesting and informative), there are still plenty of things to see. Taking the shuttle tour will give a pleasant overview Winterthur, and you can get off at any time to wander by yourself. Revisiting it each season gives a new perspective of the gardens. Remember to visit the children's garden!

Ray Buchta

History! Wonderful place to visit!!

Cassandra Acocella

We arrived late, so we missed the House Museum tour but we were able to take the tram tour through the gardens. The property is like a scene out of the Secret Garden. The tour guide was so sweet, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. We will be going back to catch the Museum tour!

BarbaraJean Cuebas

Marichka Udud

Louise Lanahan

This is a beautiful and amazing place. The current exhibit, Treasures on Trial, is fascinating.

Robert Fulcher

A lesser known DuPont estate garden but has a beauty all its own. Designed to look like a natural landscape rather than have more formal elements. The children's garden is outstanding and delightful, even for adults, with many hidden elements waiting to be discovered. A tour of the house offers a rare glimpse of period history rarely seen outside of some place like DC. The cafeteria is wonderful and see tram helps everyone get around, especially if they need help.

Monica P

Huge!!! Wish the tour gave more detsils

Lylia Hoehl

Beautiful place to visit.

Dawnell Lewis

This was worth every penny I spent to get there from where I live - many miles. It is so over the top. It is hard to imagine just how much money the DuPonts had/have....I was so impressed with the beauty of the place. The furniture and the current museum tour was fabulous. It makes Hearst Castle look like such a wanna be. Would and will tell everyone it is worth the trip. Close to Philadelphia, DC, NYC. Just go do it!!

Upal Mahbub

ticket price - 20 USD with student ID. The guided tour was wonderful. Do not miss the meuseum stores, a bit pricy though.

Audrey Dorofy

Winterthur is a great place to visit. I enjoyed the house tour, the grounds, and most recently the Downtown Abbey exhibit.

Gary Griffith

Spent a wonderful warm fall afternoon wandering the gardens. It is a delight and a place to visit often. Last year we enjoyed the Yuletide Tour.

Jody Youll

Beautiful museum, we toured their Yuletide tour. In the house and through a number of rooms. We learned about the history of Christmas celebrations as well as about the house and the owners, the duPonts. Can’t wait to return for the azaleas in May.

Karthikeyan Muniraj

Very nice park and lot of collectables to see

Nancy Gilgannon

Marie T Fisher

In full disclosure, I visited Winterthur specifically for the Costumes of Downton Abbey exhibit and did not have time to see the permanent exhibits. The Downton Abbey exhibit was excellent, and far exceeded my expectations. I was able to reserve tickets in advance and pick them up at Will Call without any delays. Over 40 costumes were beautifully presented, along with videos, scripts, and Winterthur artifacts from the time period. The grounds of the estate are beautifully maintained. Best of all, this beautiful oasis and world class museum exists just outside of Wilmington, DE.

Shereen Shantz

One of my favorite places!

Sylvester Hardwick

We were lucky to visit on a quiet Sunday afternoon since a horse steeple chase was nearby. We had a nice lunch in the visitor center before we boarded a shuttle bus to take us to the DuPont home for a tour. Our young tour guide was knowledgable and enthusiastic. On this tour we only visited the 5th of this beautiful mansion.

Sherrine M. Thompson

Amazing estate featuring beautiful grounds and a 157 room mansion. The tour of the mansion is fantastic. Our tour guide was told a very animated tale where we were treated as guests arriving for a weekend stay. The trolley tram ride around the grounds was also great and the tour guide was personable funny and knowledgeable.

carole Mulligan

Bus guide very friendly and knowledgeable..and tour guide also..Beautiful place..

Jeffrey Peikin

I'm spoiled in that I live close to Washington DC's many amazing museums!

Steve T

Beautiful gardens and amazing home tour. Greatest collection of Americana anywhere.

Ulyana T

Amazing place to go during Christmas time with the family or during spring/ summer times to enjoy the gardens and the mansion. The shuttle tours are great very informative.

maria araujo

Impressive in person pictures don't do justice. The introductory house Tour is well worth the $20 per person and you can walk the grounds or take the tram.

Michael Laird

The collections of colonial furnishings and decorations are of stunning quality and impressive breadth. The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable.

Mandi Loomis

Interesting stuff. Our tour guide Mike was really passionate about the museum and the people who lived in it. We appreciated him taking some extra time with us because we were the last tour of the day.

laurel riegel

Somehow, even in the blistering heat, our Garden Guide, Terry, was fabulously cool, calm, collected and gave us a a truly outstanding tour of the estate. SO grateful for this oasis of beauty in our midst and for Terry and all the garden guides who grace the property with their expertise and finesse.

Katie B

The tour is long and unorganized. It was so long that we missed our chance for the 30 min tram garden tour. ( main reason we drove an hour) We were told to take the bus back to the museum ( where we just WALKED from because no more buses were there to take us to visitor center) and walk to the gardens. We had to sit for 20 min crammed in this waiting room for the tour and cram in small rooms with other tour groups during the tour. Also our tour guide wasn’t leading us. She kept telling us to go down the hall, make a left then stay to the right and so on..SO, the group ended up in the wrong areas because she was behind us trying to lead us. That doesn’t work. We would never ever go back. The house was just a house. There was no time to look around and it felt rushed and had no time to enjoy or take pictures of anything. Not to mention there’s no signs for the entrance from the parking lot.. no time table or schedule for the tram or buses. The food prices were also very high. 10.00 for a scoop of Mac and cheese and two small chicken strips. Go to longwood. Same price but more to see and freedom to see it and ten times more beautiful!! We also never received free hot cocoa or cookies like advertised on the website.

Jenny Melick

Love the museum/house. It's not Longwood Gardens, but a great place to visit. Definitely check them out if you have a chance.


I dunno....maybe I am a PIA. but, reservations are a must during the holidays, and I didnt know or have them. You pay the same money for the house tour or self guided non house tour. Everyone I was standing in line with was befuddled that the tours were sold out, as a lot of us had driven quite a distance. I am sure other people got a lot more for the same money I paid to see how the other half lived. No doubt it is full.of wonderful history and amazing treasures, but dont make the mistake I did and not call first or make reservations. With gas, food, admission and trinkets, the trip was well over 120.00 for two people. And we still didnt see what others had. I dont think I will be back but be sure you call first. The staff is amazing and personable.

Krista Schroth

One of the most beautiful venues I've ever been to for a wedding. We were floored by how gorgeous the grounds are kept here. The food for the wedding was amazing.

Sam Jham

Crankestein Loskon

Its the North, a lot of art of the high society w "servants"... More the hype than what it really is. The place is under renovation, most of the house is covered on the outside. Its 5 floors, but only the 5th floor you are able to see WITH a tour guide. All the rooms are low lit, shutter speeds in the 1/10 on f1.8 @ iso 400, better have vibration reduction because at the pace of the tour no tripod can be setup, plus its not that big. For some reason the rooms seemed framed and disconnected. The tour guide is friendly and knowledgeable. Would have liked to pace it a little and take more pictures. Felt kind of cheated, tourist trap mode, because no view of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor, no mention of it until heading out the door. The galleries were ok, does not match up w the subject of the mansion and gardens. There needs to be more history, other tourists were confused as well, no idea when, how, or why certain galleries. We are no expert photographers, the gardens are huge, it is recommended to have a snapshot spots, like in Disney, to at least quickly take good pictures. Be there EARLY, bring comfortable shoes and a umbrella just in case. I left w mixed feelings, house under renovation, only one floor to see, you are controlled by a guide (not like in Nemoirs Mansion), exhibitions seemed disconnected, but the gardens are nice. As a side note; everything is very north, many paintings of George Washington, as you know the first president had many slaves while he lived, only to be freed by his wife once he died. Nothing wrong, its history, but if YOU are sensitive to the subject, and current social events have affected you, to visit the house and enjoy the tour w an open mind. Peace

Derrick Kreider

A unique stop in my quest to have a deeper understanding of the DuPont story.


Stay away from the Yuletide tour!!! It was very unpleasant. Before I start complaining about the Yuletide tour, let me say that I gave Winterthur 3 stars because I'm sure I hit it at the wrong time. There was nothing in the gardens to see, and I didn't have time to take in all of the medium-sized museum. If you go during late spring and spend a little more $ for the full house tour, there is *easily* a full day's worth of activities on the estate. Winterthur is well worth a second chance. OK, so for the Yuletide tour: the tour dispenses with *anything* related to the DuPont family, the house, and the furnishings. Instead, the staff decked out about 10 rooms with Yuletide "traditions," which amounted to a lot of Late Victorian holiday knick-knacks, fake snow, and other clutter, very little of which was actually owned by the DuPonts. (and never mind that the glory days at Winterthur started in the late 1920s, but I guess the knick-knacks from 1890 were prettier.) The tour guide talked ONLY about the Yuletide stuff, all while herding us through the house at top speed. There was a smattering of Dupont anecdotes, but if you asked anything deeper, the guide became annoyed and said she had no time to answer anything non-Yule. She repeatedly lectured us that THIS TOUR WAS YULETIDE ONLY, and pointed out that if -- oh the horror -- you wanted to hear about an actual DuPont, "other tours were available" (no, there are no other general tours available this time of year). She was very vague as to where to walk and where to stand, but if you even looked in the wrong direction she would yell at you (I finally yelled back at her). I'm not going to give the name of the tour guide because I'm sure it wasn't her fault. I saw other flocks of sheep (at $19 each) being herded too by other tour guides, so this is clearly a failure on the part of Winterthur Corporate (whoever they are). Stay away and come back another day.

Manuel Pérez Leindekar

Always a pleasure to visit Winterthur, if you enjoy art and nature this place is a must.

Susan Arday

Andres Garcia

This place is amazing, the tour was great, the museum was good also. The surroundings are beautiful cant wait to go when everything has blossom in the gardens, this place is great to take o good long walk or sit and read a book.

Nate Davis

Really fun time all year. Tour guide was a bit strict, almost like a teacher, but it was a good day.

Donella Gallo

A beautiful place to see and enjoy the history. The grounds are taken very good care of and the tour is very interesting. We really enjoyed all the beauty of this place and will go back to see again some day.

Tara Zieminek

Crazy soup tureens and a lot of history. Take the mansion tour - it's worth it!

Shrikant Kalantri

Hidden Gem for the tristate area

phillip vashon

Great experience! Very pleasant staff who was very informative on the property. Great pieces of Americana in an amazing "house" surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery I saw all vacation.

Laura Derr

Amazing collections and grounds, tours are well organized, good cafeteria

David Beevers

I'm so glad my wife and I decided to stop here. The museum and grounds are amazing. We stopped by over Mother's Day weekend, and the azaleas were in full bloom and quite stunning.

S Shahid

Undoubtedly a must see for people who admire art, enjoy fine living and love gardens. A huge variety of art by well known painters.

Cathy Hofstee

Great tour. Lovely way to spend a relaxing day.


Lovely museum and beautiful garden!

Robert A. Kerr

Heather Yacabell

Winterthur is a must see in the Brandywine Valley! Impeccably manicured and well maintained gardens seem boundless here! A large variety of ponds (with koi and frogs!), plants, flowers, and interesting structures (gazebos, trellises, huts, etc.) are dotted throughout the vast grounds which are excellent for pictures. A great place for a day trip with the family. The Enchanted Woods is very whimsical and takes you into a magical fairy garden atmosphere. The Touch-It Room is a huge hit with the little ones as they immediately gravitate towards the themed items typically found in an American Colonial house all of which can be handled by kids! The museum (a former DuPont Mansion) is also stunning during their Yuletide event which is complete with themed Christmas trees and period furniture. The volunteers are friendly and well-informed, too. A great experience for adults and kids alike!

Larry Strange

Great hiking trails

Harvey Mains

A wonderful tour of a historic house. The tour guide was great. Then we took a tour of the gardens which were extensive. We also took a guided tram ride, which was very informative.

Martha E. Anderson

This was my fourth visit. Stunning as always. The Fringe trees were blooming and the smell is amazing. The peonies were also blooming. The Crown display was gorgeous! So very very with the trip!

Lysa Locke

From the moment you drive through the rolling hills, to meeting the lovely and knowledgeable information staff, to the friendly and helpful bookstore and museum store staff, to the shuttle drivers who made you feel like home, to the passionate tour guides of the house, current exhibit, and the tram tour of the grounds - Matt, we knew that this place was special and would do our best to share it with others. A breath of fresh air in the country. And tour guide Matt, you did an outstanding job. I was laughing almost the entire time as I appreciated the time you put in to master your craft. Well done to you and the entire staff!

J Sheridan McClees

When I first went there, I thought it was just an over the top example of ostentatious wealth. After I learned more, I appreciated it more. After Mr. DuPont saw some other museums of Americana he wanted to turn his house into a museum that gave examples of the best of American art and architecture from different periods. He greatly expanded the house, not so much to live in but to house the collection. He not only collected paintings and furniture and other decorative arts, he also brought in rooms of historic homes that were being demolished and recreated them in Winterthur. It is really quite impressive and a bit intimidating because of its size. You could spend a couple of days there and not see everything. The grounds are also worth exploring.

Maureen Malaspina

We were just overwhelmed by the beauty of the gardens, the mansion and most of all the pleasant and most helpful staff. I especially found the furniture exhibit outstanding. Thank you for sharing this outstanding museum with us.

Rafael Elba

So beautiful!!!

Ellie Angelova

This place is magical! Loved the gardens, all the fall colors are just mesmerizing! I hope to be able to come back in the spring and just walk around! We also did the introductory house tour, which was cool, but dragged on a bit in the end. The reason is that while I love architecture, I could not care less about fancy, old, overpriced furniture, which was du Pont's passion and is what the house is filled with.

Dan Jaycox

Saman Arachchige

This place is not good or beautiful as it shows in their website and pictures. I have to give one star, otherwise I can't post this comment.

Paul Daws

Not only beautiful gardens but amazing pieces of antique Americana.

steve shiflett

This is an amazing mansion - built by the DuPont family. Besides the mansion, there are art displays. What is unique about this place is that it is of contemporary American art. DuPont was a collector of "things at home". Very unique and interesting. It was too cold that day I was there to explore the gardens... but they are worth a look I think.

Kata Crea

A Magical Place! I came on a rainy day and it it not deter me form enjoying the day. You take a tour and you feel as someone took you with a time machine to this incredible place out of your imagination. I ventured here with friends for the Downton Abbey exhibit. From the minute you walk in and get the tickets, the staff has been outstanding. Matter of fact the bus driver, guides and anyone working there deserve special recognition. We had also reservation for the tea and again we had wonderful service. The Tour was amazing and I wished I had taken one more. The facilities are well prepared for any guest. They provide coat racks, lockers and stroller parking. Really a must see!


Just returned home from the Now and Then tour at Winterthur. It was excellent! Our guide, Mr. John McCormick, was knowledgeable, informative and entertaining. Enjoyed every minute. Thank you for an outstanding experience!

Rui-Peng Wang

Michelle Davenport

My son and I attended the Yuletide Tour after Christmas. We were the last tour of the day and I had misconstrued how the Doll House exhibit went with the Mansion tour. Because the dollhouse was in a different exhibit, it was going to be closed by the time we ended our mansion tour. I was very disappointed. The staff worked it out so that we could do both! Our mansion tour guide was very informative and patient, allowing me to ask several questions and take a lot of pictures. The mansion was amazing! It was beautifully decorated for Christmas with several magnificent trees. We toured numerous floors and rooms of the house, unlike other tours I have been on where you can see a few rooms on one or two floors. At the conclusion of the tour, our guide took us to the dollhouse exhibit to make sure we were able to see it as promised. One of the best tours I have had the pleasure to attend.

Michelle Keller

Informative tours, in depth question and answers from the docent, beautiful grounds (even in winter! ): a lovely place to spend the day!

Anne M.

Loved seeing this substantial collection of classic American heirlooms & architecture and history. Priceless! In fact its antiquity is so extensive that one tour isn't enough and begs for repeat visits.

Ashley Uebel

Wedding venue is beautiful

Ruth Curtis

Good place to learn about dupont family

Alex F

Really nice place. Visit the mansion and enjoy the grounds. Lots of greenery to see here.

Austin Martin

This is an amazing garden and museum. The gardens are very natural, just like walking through the woods. We were there April 20. The redbuds were beautiful! The driver on the tram tour gave a great introduction to the garden and the DuPont's. The tour of the house was very interesting. Lots of antique furniture and architecture. It's fascinating to imagine how these fabulously rich people lived in this gigantic house. Skip Longwood and come here.

Heather Wilkins

Aliyah Torres

they dont have mcdonalds

Evgeny Filimonov

We were surprised how huge the area of the museum was! Beautiful, interesting. I would definitely recommend to visit!

John Diamonte

Beautiful piece of history and a wonderful atmosphere.

jimena unicorn

(Translated by Google) Its garden is very complete with various plants which you can admire walking or by the trajectory of a truck, in its galleries you can find the whole history of the Du Pont family, their customs, tools, crafts, their costumes, different paintings of the first political figures's a good place to take your children. (Original) Su jardín es muy completo cuenta con diversas plantas las cuales puedes admirar caminando o por la trayectoria de un camion,en sus galerías puedes encontrar toda la historia de la familia Du pont,sus costumbres herramientas de artesanía sus vestimentas diferentes cuadros de los primeros personajes polí un buen lugar para llevar a sus hijos.

Kikki Bottums

Very nice tram tour followed bt a walk thru museum tour, which changes seasonally. Also 2 or 3 different tours to choose from.large gift shop. With much to choose from.

Greg Schwind

The natural settings are very impressive and the grounds are so well maintained. A great place to go to see these gardens in there natural habitat.

Edwin Toth

A fabulously collection and insight into early colonial living.

Dorothy Lyons

I can't wait for Spring to view the Gardens (it was raining when I was there) I went for the Downton Abbey exhibit and thrilled with the amount of costumes and details in the presentation. I will not hesitate to visit again.

Christopher Johansen

Treat yourself to this. The house, gardens and history are a luxury. They often have great exhibits.

Novik Bhattacharyya

Monica Somocurcio

Izzy Curer

The staff was so rude I just wanted to leave. It's a shame, because it seems like a nice museum, otherwise.

Gregory Gregson

Love it!!!!

Casey T

Winterthur is bursting with treasures. So be prepared to be amazed! With its 60-acre naturalistic garden and 175 rooms, Winterthur is a museum where the history of its creation is as important as the artifacts that it stores. Starting with the basic ticket price, visitors get access to the tram ride and introductory house tour. The tram is a perfect way to begin a visit by giving an overview of the incredible grounds and gardens. The introductory tour then teases visitors with a taste of the du Pont’s family history and vision that make Winterthur what it is today. However, after getting a taste, you’ll want to enjoy a bit more of the feast. So, treat yourself to one of the other amazing home tours that are offered. The additional cost is well worth it! Special Note: One of the best things about visiting this historic jewel are the dedicated and knowledgeable docents. With loving care and enthusiasm these ambassadors enrich the visitor experience and help bring this amazing home to life. Thanks to all who helped make the visit so memorable!

Jaclyn Samuels

Car Smart

Love this place! Everything is perfect!!!! The DuPont's sure knew how to live life to the fullest! I am so glad that we have become members at Winterthur. From the gardens to all the exhibits....I cant say enough!

Jock McClees

We went to see the special costume exhibit from Downton Abbey. They were OK but what really made the exhibit for me was how they tied the life depicted in the TV show to how Winterthur and the DuPont's operated. They also compared and contrasted how the elite in Britain and the US lived. I thought it was really well done. Without that I would have been bored silly. If you are into costume design, that would have been different. We also took a tour of the house. It was very impressive with all the Christmas decorations up. (Obviously its impressive without the decorations as well.) Despite the length of the tour, it only covered a small part of the house. I found out that they offer a number of tours so you can see other parts of the house. The grounds look spectacular. We want to go back in spring or summer and take another tour and see the grounds. We had lunch in the cafeteria. We were very impressed by the quality of the food. Not standard cafeteria fare.

Mary Anne Cotugno

Very well organized for max info and viewing in reasonable amount of time. Need to go back in spring to enjoy garden. Nice cafe with windows to see garden. Excellent salad bar.

Crystal Stephens

The grounds were absolutely beautiful. The house tour and hearing the history of the duPonts I found this especially interesting since I met one of the duPonts years ago. This is huge house filled with a lot of beautiful antiques. I believe the Biltmore in NC is the only house that I've toured that was larger.

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Delaware Children's Museum
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