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15099 Cape Henlopen Dr, Lewes, DE 19958, United States Located in: Cape Henlopen State Park

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Where is Fort Miles Historical Area?

REVIEWS OF Fort Miles Historical Area IN Delaware

Joanne Beauregard

So much area to cover ! The underground Bunker was astounding. It's amazing how our military learned how to survive while protecting our coast. This was World War II. They had s small museum and expanding!

Rick Pomponio

This was a great place to spend some time. I was drawn to this location while vacationing here. As part of the coastal defense program, there's another similar facility at Camp Hero, in Montauk Long Island NY. Camp Hero has the huge radar …

Benjamin Miller

Fascinating WWll era historical site--underground bunkers, big artillery, barracks, observation towers, etc. Worth doing the tour of battery 519. Guides were knowledgeable and friendly.

Kelly Stottlemyer

Such a beautiful park and great tour!

Kimble Webb

Great informative guides

Cindi D

Love seeing the history of our area and learning from the volunteers.

Denise Zawada

Informative tour

Mary Lou Reid

This WW2 fort is a treasure! Makes you realize how close to our eastern shore the Germans were! Underground bunkers and large weapons up close - the size of these have to be seen! The nearby beach is beautiful and easily accessible. Not a war and weapons buff, but I truly admire and appreciate how my freedom has been so dearly fought and sacrificed for.

Tom Blakeley


Jennifer Swanson

Bill Novak

Great history of WW2 shore defence

Maria Conte

My family and I were trying to navigate the bike trail from Rehoboth Beach and happened upon Fort Miles. The parks department people were so knowledgeable and were able to answer our many questions. There is a nice little museum with artifacts. We didn't know Ft Miles existed nor their important role in keeping the US safe during WWII. The wring turn on our bike trip was worth it.

Patrick Henry

Well kept and very informative.

Big K-Man

Seems like a hidden gem for WWII buffs. Artillery placements are pretty amazing. Observation tower was in good condition. Worth the $10 contribution to the park system.

Don Huang

Good time here biking on park provided bike. Great idea that all parks should follow.

Steve Vaughn

Great winter break area: brown-headed nuthatch, brown creeper, golden-crowned kinglet & more.

Jordan Foltz

Really nice. Worth the $5 dollar tour. Shout out to Shawn Austin, best tour guide out there. Yeah my dad remembers working with your grandfather.

Joseph B

A beautiful beach and bicycle trails surround this history buffs dream.

Wesley Penner

It's an ok visit. Some stuff to read. Places to walk around. Towers to climb. Buildings to see. Sand.

Keith Johnson

Very interesting. Reenacting was great!!

David Sund

Biked to Fort Miles this morning. Got an education and some beautiful scenery from atop the dunes with the big guns. Awesome.

Jay Tay

Great place to take family and pets

Diane Upshaw

Michael Frisbee

Cool historical place.

William Slattery

Kids enjoyed climbing the 75 foot lookout tower, and there are a number of different size artillery guns including a 16 inch gun taken from the battleship Missouri

Ingrid Miller


Joseph Flamer

It was a great day to visit a historical site of Delaware that played a critical role in protecting during World War II.

Ray Janosko

Got to tour battery 519 with a good docent. Very interesting place.

April Shaffer

Got to visit this place with great uncle..

Eric Davison

This is an amazing historic park preserving a WWII fort built to defend the Delaware & Chesapeake Bays from German submarines. They even have one of the actual 16 inch guns from the USS Missouri, under which the Japanese surrendered. Almost all restoration work is done by volunteers and every time I visit there is something new. Great history lesson for families!

Alvin Atkinson

Great time

Jim Anthony

I've been coming to this area my whole life and didn't know about this historical area until a few years ago. It is interesting to see how big a role the Delaware bay had in protecting our nation during world war 2

C Grawl

Love the bunker tour!

Zigg Simth

Kevin DeVoid

Was a great experience, loved the history

Edd Farmer

Great place to bike to from Rehoboth. Make sure you see the big gun!

Rebecca Herb

Under construction

Christine Lorraine

Was very excited to visit this area, paid $8 each for both to get in, and the guy at the gate said the tower was open for us. Well it wasn't, it was totally locked up. The best I could do was stick my camera inside to try to get a photo. We tried to get a refund but to no avail. Left town the next day disappointed.

Susan Liddy

Really interesting historical park, well marked out and a great view from the overlook. Fun family day out.

mike marra

Superb preservation of a very important WW II homeland defense installation. Bunkers, large artillery and enormous observations posts can all be explored here! Highly recommended!

nick fisher

Big guns cool to see up close

Katy Petrashune

Kyle W

it's cool

Johnathan Carter

Undergoing renovation, lot of fun with great hiking, scenics, ancient artillery pieces.

Kenneth Lawson

Fun place to visit

Karen Baughman

Great staff interesting part of our past

J Ngean

It's a pretty neat place. It was cool to see the old military base. The tower offers a great view of the area. The aquarium is small but I wasn't expecting much so it was still pretty nice that they had one. I also like that they offer camping there. Me and my wife definitely plan on a little camping trip there

Ray T

Not a whole lot here, but definitely a neat place for some good WWII information. A base, a huge cannon, some WWII relics and WWII lookout towers. Reminds me of Marvel's Captain America The First Avenger, so it was great background for my kiddos' understanding of historical context.

Coco Tollgaard

There is a pretty Outlook over the beach and ocean from a very high dune. In an old left-over bunker is a WWII museum, but it was closed on a Sunday at 2pm, even though it was supposed to be open. Clean restrooms outside. A couple barracks …

John Carrico

Interesting history how the coast was protected with submarine spotting towers during WWII.

David March, Realtor

Fascinating historical site.

ilan wiezman


Ronnie Coleman


Al Darlin

Great Place. Lots of Delaware History there.

Tim Thunell

Very interesting park, never knew Deleware's part in WW2.

Josef & Cindy Martin

To the President who told I didn't know what caliber was: "Calibre, also spelled Caliber, in firearms, unit of measure indicating the interior, or bore, diameter of a gun barrel and the diameter of the gun's ammunition; or the length of a gun expressed in relation to its interior diameter (now used only of naval and coastal defense guns). See bore."

Rebecca K

Marty Colasurdo

It was raining but still a very interesting visit, plenty to see.

Ray Buchta

Awesome place!

Kathy Brown

Very interesting. Never knew about how real the threat of enemy subs was during WWII.

Tony Skiadas

Doing your duty by supporting one of your nation's landmarks! Happy 4th!

BWG Murphy

I loved the camping and the history but there seemed to be a lot of confusion as to why we couldnt set our campsite up early. The help line and the booth man seemed to be on different wavelengths and we had to wait for an additional 5.5 hours. Great camping though

Bill Russell

Good history experience, knew so.e the history, but learned a lot more.

Robert Cordrey

Great displays of history are available.

philip gillespie

Enjoyable place to visit. Rich in history of WW 2

Vitali Hostiuk

Well preserved remains of WWII fort with plenty of artifacts located in the middle of Henlopen State Park. Definitely walk around or ride one of the free bikes you can borrow at park's nature center.

Ivan Krivega

Nice place to visit if you found yourself in Delaware and you are big fan of World War II history. The place has variety of massive 12 and 16 inch guns used to protect Delaware river from submarines. The rangers provide a night tour through the fortifications which is really impressive if you like to find yourself in dark almost empty dangerous.

Kathy Randolph

Disappointing in that the museum that was advertised wasn't open to all. You had to sign up for tours that included it. One bit of trivia is there is on display, a 16 inch gun that came off of the Missouri. My father had served on the Missouri.

Matthew Buckley

Amazing place. Brings you back in time. Very cool

Christian Steidel

Very fascinating and great to see.

Magic Crayons

I liked the big guns and the amazing view

Jammie Collins

George Wilson

Beautiful and well maintained WW2 historical park with a great display of artillery and nature. Highly recommended for the history or nature enthusiasts!

Al Stuart

Good for walks

David Ogden

This was a beaut wander around an historic military area, turned nature reserve. The experience was enjoyable, at least by me; My Love does not share my feeling for military history, but, who can blame her? She did enjoy the close proximity to the many deer We discovered within though. I Love seeing My Diane Smile; it lights up My Life :)

Paul LeVan Jr

Don Chester

Enjoyed my time, had a tour guide

Betty Collins

I love the entire park but Fort Miles has the incredible view from the overlook. The is so beautiful up there. There is also a museum Nd they are the host to private events and lovely weddings.

Matthew Stillion

Awesome place, very well organized. Clean, it's a piece of History, people are very well educated on the history that happened during the wars, educational pieces to view and touch.

A wolf

awsoem place for camping. I really enjoyed biking an the many trails and looking at the all sort's of different canons. I really liked climbing up the lookout towers for an amazing view of the park.

Sue N. Mike

It was all closed up when we visited after New Year's but it still evoked the war years. And it's always a thrill to stand next to a 16 inch gun.

Ellen Calam

Interesting historical site. Guides were very knowledgeable and a beautiful overlook of the ocean.

Robert Wermuth

Not a whole lot to see but the big guns were pretty cool

Jim Disario

Not very well kept up.

Edward Bombaro

Ram Subbiah

This is inside cape henlopen park. Nice to see and read something historic and important. They had these nice programs.. one of that was a roleplay for kids doing something like a undercover operation.. my kids enjoyed it.. it was with water guns.. but a lot of good information was shared.. the people are very friendly.. cheers to NPS and the employees! All of you make a great team

William Strickler

Little to do but,lots to look at and read.



Philip Lightfoot

Excellent tour of a very interesting WWII coastal fortification. The kids loved it and enjoyed the enormous artillery and climbing the watchtower. Great afternoon activity.

Mary Meyer

This is a great place to help kids learn history. They are in the actual setting, seeing what army life was really like during WW2. There are many sturdy exhibits that allow kids to touch and play, and the nature of the setting allows for …

Matt Slimmer

John DeCicco

Great place to wander.

Rhiannon Thunell

There were many replicas of guns that used to be here. One of the guns was an actual gun from the USS Missouri. Near the guns I enjoyed photographing a mixed flock of birds, including juncos, chickadees, a brown creeper, nuthatches, and a yellow-rumped warbler.

Bill Abrams

Nothing fancy, but most interesting.

Chuck L

Yes it was very informative tour,We had gone to different parts of Henlopen but never did the tour,Very interesting and so glad we did it!

George Schuler

I was not aware that this place existed until I got a Delaware paper insert showing the schedule of events in Delaware for 2018. This place needs to get more attention, as it is treasure. Our kids know almost nothing about WWII or other past US history and it is a sad state of affairs. These are just a few of my pictures I took at Ft Miles. TEACHERS! Get your students to this museum on a field trip!

Bud Man

C Fisher

Definitely an interesting place to visit. Always love historical sites and this one is well intact.

Jordan Gensemer

I never really knew about this place till we wanted to take the Ferry and saw the signs. This is a really cool place with a lot of history. If you are a history buff or like WWII history this is a really cool place to stop and visit. I learned a lot of things I never knew. Also a great place to walk around and see some pretty cool views.

Christopher Ericson

Needs a little more to lock at and I really wanted to see inside the bunker. Nut was closed only open on weekends ....

Harald Weiss

Part of our all history

John Pepe


Lucinda Jaso

Great place to learn the history of it and to actually see everything....

Michael Morgan

Amazing History. Stuff they don't teach in the history books.

iliad fastness

This place offers a fascinating glimpse into a short and little known period of WWII. This was when German U-boats were a real threat to offshore shipping. One of the barracks at the old fort houses a small museum which features photographs and interesting artifacts from that era. A wonderful short hike takes you to these shore battery locations where some of the large guns have been restored and newly painted. They're truly impressive in their size and range. There's plenty of free parking. There's usually someone in the museum to answer your questions and they've always been very nice. Even if you don't like the historic military significance of the place, the trails and walks around the unique sand dune pines/cactii micro-environment are a sheer pleasure and worth the visit alone.


An interesting site, great views, and overall just a cool place to be to find some military history

Jacob Rivera

Kids had fun

Ernie Mordan

Great place and you get to learn a lot

Wliilam Kennnedy

Very cool place lot of history

Amy Stanley

Love this place

Mark Nale

I found this interesting, but the museum is unfinished and rarely open. The outdoor exhibits are open. I will return to view future progress.

Paul Carey

The tour guide was very knowledgeable we had a great time.

Scott Miller

Great historic site and awesome state park. Great for hiking and biking.

Tamasin S. Moreels

Michael Bonnett

This place needs a docent.

Wraith Z

Super cool place to visit when you are in the area

Bob Johnson

Over the years I have visited this site and all I can say is WOW what a nice job they are doing renovating this historical site. If you get the chance definitely take the time to visit. The guns are just awesome.

John Ceci

Had an awesome day trip to the park and Fort Miles. Great history to be had there. Bike and walking trails, along with well placed nature trails.

Chuck West

My father was stationed at Fort Miles during World War II. He is gone now but I'm glad Part of theFort was preserved. I feel close to him when I visit.

Polly Forest

Great Historical Place

Grandpa and Grandma Bryan Wandering Footprints

Nice. Everything was open today. A lot of history.

Susan Moore

Beautiful & historically important fort. Children will enjoy.

Keith Barros

Great place to visit and learn about WWII history. Too bad the museum wasn't open

cool 1

Beautiful seacoast area with some great military history.

Jeremy Lyons

Great place to bring the family

Edward Coscia

Lots of history and the park has done so much to preserve it. Super nice biking trails and walking trails. Beautiful beach. Take bug spray cause the mosquitos can be bad at times. Park at the Nature center, there's plenty of bikes to rent.

Andrew Pliska

Very nice

James Hitt

I love this place

jeff loges

Lots to see and do. Fun fun fun


This is a beautiful place, and there is lots to see about WWII history and artifacts. Unfortunately the tours of the battery and museum are only 1 day a week at 1 time Sunday at 11 am.....ridiculous

Ryan Scott

This place is an amazing piece of history. They have some really interesting artillery and it is a great place for kids to learn to learn. My son got to stand in the barracks where his great grandfather slept before shipping off to Italy as an MP. I'm incredibly grateful that it has been preserved and that I was able to share the experience with my family!

Thomas Sears

Great place to relax

FJM 123

Anytime we have visitors we always take them here. Just keeps getting better and better.

Daniel Vanegas

History and lovely beach

Michele Peluchette

Lovely place

Barry Sell


Mike Kosmicki

Great stop! Only complaint is that the museum was only accessible with a guided tour at times.


Excellent tourist spot but museum isn't open unless you take tour. Gift shop rarely open so no books on history of fort and no where to buy a drink.

Meh Photos

Interesting place to walk around and get a feel for what life was like during the war

art hotchkiss

I enjoyed climbing to the top of one of the 100' foot tall lookout towers. 360 view of the entire park. Also enjoyed seeing the many artillery guns they have spread out throughout the "museum" part of the park. Very nice some paved paths throughout the park. Easy access to the very clean nice sand beach. Very good time at this park. Also bathhouse located nearby the beach. So you can shower after swimming in the ocean.

Mihai Alexandru Iosif

Ron Goff

Looks like they are improving it everyday.

Sam Charles

History of WW2 at it's best for StateSide Military Base Structures in the late 30s and throughout the War.. Tours of Bunkers and Gun Placement at the Mouth of the Delaware Bay with Fantastic array of actual facilities as they were then.

Troy Saltiel

A great walk through with history still intact. Walk down the road to overlook the beach oceanside or walk a bit further to access the beach. There is also a great trail right at the parking lot.

J Kisser

A lot of upgrades being made for visitors to see. Very nice historical displays.

Stewart Jr's

I would love to see more of the bunker opened for tours.

Deborah L

Great job of renovating and restoring for the 75th anniversary.

lena beard

I is a fabulous place to visit..

Steve Wildasin

Never visited in 30 years of coming to Leeds .... What an interesting place and a great event!!!

Katy Johnson

Even though there were lots of people visiting there, it's such a big place it wasn't crowded anywhere. There were probably as many people on bikes as were walking. It is one of the best places to bike in the state of Delaware.

Lisa Sleva

This is in Cape Henelopen

Ephim Jumper

Great tours of the compound and of the artillery!

Linda Steelman

Great experience. Lots of history !

Christina Quirk

This was a great time spent with the family.

Diane Poczynek

We been going for years my grandson s love it.

Stacy Cebenka

Great history

Edward Rodriguez

During W.W.2 lots of activities were going on at this area and it should be visited by the public. A very interesting place.b

Bob Hartman

Our grandson enjoyed it.

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