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REVIEWS OF Air Mobility Command Museum IN Delaware

Tabatha Spence

This is a nice place for all ages. We didn't even schedule a tour , and one of the tour guides came over and let us go inside the planes inside, and he answered our questions. It was very informative, and moving to learn so much. My girls which are 11, 9, and 6 enjoyed our trip there. The museum is free. It is defiantly a must do. During colder weather you can go inside the outside planes, but not during extreme hot weather, but it gets over 100 degrees inside the planes. So I will tell you if you want to tour the planes outside, go closer to fall.

Steve Stephens

As a Former Marine, enjoyed the USAF experience. My 4 year old granddaughter thought this was one of the world's greatest places. Airplanes, helicopters etc. MOH hall of Honor fantastic. Have met some of the men displayed. Recommend to any and all visiting, or coming through Dover Delaware.

Heather Bronson

Absolutely wonderful for all ages. My children and I sincerely appreciated our tour guide (Bob), he did a fantastic job showing us around. His stories and details captured out attention right from the start. The museum is so beautifully kept and wonderful to have this for the public! The kids got so much more out of this in real life than they ever could from a history book, but I feel they will appreciate history class in a whole new way now. Thank you!

Chip Chaffee

Brought my 3 and 7 year old. They enjoyed looking at all the planes. Especially the large ones outside. My only wish would be to be able to go in more of them. Best part is that it's free (donation optional)

Tamara Hamm

The exhibits were great. Learned interesting facts. The volunteer tour guides were veterans who knew so much and were super friendly. Can't believe this museum is free and open to the public. What a wonderful resources. Plan to spend a couple hours on open cockpit )third Saturday) bring your own lunch and water. Indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Viktor Levchuk

Great place to visit and see aviation history. I past the museum many time before, just glad we decided to check it out it was worth a visit.


It was very awesome nice to look at the air force base and learn about it!! You can also get inside the planes! And I Liked it

E Venturini

The open clockpit day was awesome! My husband and I could have stayed all day. The veterans/ tour guides and their personal stories made things come to life. The kids even did well for 3 hours.

Lily Padua

Free to get in! Has wheelchairs available for use inside by restroom. Lots of great planes outside, mostly kinda old military planes like C130. Sometimes has cockpit tours. Inside the large hangar is displays on WW2 with tanks, suspended bombers, mannequins wearing uniforms, cockpits, etc. There is a gift shop that sells snacks, tshirts, sunglasses, toys, model planes, postcards, etc.

Norm Wallace

Beautiful museum.recently refreshed,exhibits are modern and we'll maintained.some unique and rare planes and items to budget 3 hours to see most indoor and outdoor things. Free admission but you'll want to stuff money in the collection jar when you leave..great place for families too...

sara soules

Wonderful experience for the family. Fantastic volunteers, friendly and knowledgeable!! Definitely recommend!

Shiro Xie

Phenomal Meusam, very imformative and helpful staff.

Ryan Fink

Cool place to spend a couple of hours of you love airplanes.

Mimi Pfeiffer

Went for our homeschool field trip. Learned a lot from our awesome tour guide. Loved the information we got about the cargo plane. Wow it hold 6 full size school buses.

Brian Alexander

This place and all the volunteers ....5 stars! Ed R. You gave us a terrific tour. Everyone is so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Rich Evans

A learning experience, simulator. The nicest people. History lessons. Toured aircraft. Highly recommend.

Jesse Riddle

Wonderful place to visit. Thank you all for your service to the United States of America.


Loved this place , staff were very knowledgeable and gave myself and wife all the attention we needed without over doing it . A very excited UK visitor ...

Eric Karstensen

That place is away and it's free!! Great place to bring the kids and family for a day out!

Kurt Bertino

Great people doing great things

Michael Brown

Shows a rich history of the AMC. It's a nice addition using retired Air Force Vets giving tours. Highly recommend for a family visit.

Daniel Day

Wonderful history. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable volunteers!

Katie Lauver

Don Hall was amazing! This museum was astounding and the knowledge and passion the volunteers provide is top notch. What a wonderful museum to stumble across.

Jerry Hendrickson

What a great time. It is run by volunteers, who are friendly and very knowledgeable. Can't wait to go back.

Aaron Curley

Great tours by veterans that flew and worked on the planes. Planning to go back again soon.

Charles Fox

Well worth the time to stop and visit. Dozens of planes to view, interesting and informative exhibits.

Nick Alexander

Awesome place to come visit! One of the best attractions in Dover for sure. Open cockpit day (one Saturday a month) gets you into a ton of historic military planes including an old Air Force One jet. Free admission too for those who are on a budget.


Never been, never knew until today ! Definitely more than meets the eye ! A lot of neat & interesting history ! Will definitely go again !

Kayley Randall

The guides were awesome! The guide in the tower was funny, and very knowledgeable.

Edward Carter

Very interesting. Would advise anyone that's been in another branch of the military to visit so they can understand the Air Force better. I was in the Army for three years. Now I can see the Air Force better.


Visited Fall of 2017. NOTE, we were planning to visit the museum again, but recently determined from their current FAQs that they do not allow dogs anymore. No more visits and no more substantial donations from us, because of the “NO PETS” policy. By changing policy on pets, they have now lost a valuable stream of revenue, from pet owners that travel with their pets. The past pet friendly policy was the main facilitating reason we visited, and could visit, in the past. ..... Review from 2017 visit follows: One of the best aviation museums. In 2017, and before, they allowed our two dogs, on leash, to go into the museum, a few planes, and the control tower. Many different aircraft and related equipment. All personnel were friendly and informative. An A+ experience.

Dagoberto Marin-Perez

It's free. And who doesnt love big planes. Sometimes they have the pilot room open also. If I'm correct once a month during their open schedule they have all the planes open.

Tom Catalano

I was surprised at how much there was to see. Great place with a lot of aircraft on display. They have special open cockpit days so I'll be back for one of those. Thank you Air Force.

Jeff Dur

With many variety of planes in the outdoors and exhibits and aircraft indoors this is a nice museum and it could be very very interesting and useful for those who are interested in aviation. In the planes some of the are guides are former technicians who are real experts about those planes and their history. And its a free of charge museum which makes it even more attractive especially when you think about museums what were just established to charge entrance fee. Museum is family friendly, families with young kids too comfortable visit this museum.

Megan Bielsky

Lots to see! If you have any interest in planes you definitely need to stop here! All sorts of planes, helicopters and history to take in. Volunteers were all friendly and very knowledgeable. There are also flight simulators you can try!

Lenin Castillo

Amazing place and if you have time, talk to the volunteers most of them are retired military members and have amazing stories.

john bees

Really interesting stuff and knowlegeable guide

George Worthington

Excellent display of U.S. military transport and logistics aircraft. From the C-5 to the C-47, it's all here. Unusual examples like the C-7 Caribou, and the Douglas C-133 are represented as well. The exhibits on display inside do well to explain the history of military air mobility, and also showcases a beautifully restored B-17G. Highly recommended for all aviation enthusiasts.

A.J. Wade

Great collection of transport aircraft from WWII to the present. Has a few fighter jets and helicopters too.

Janis LaRochelle

Excellent way to spend some time to learn about USAF history. Their displays are top notch and the volunteers that work there are so knowledgeable! The gift shop is great as well. Love it.

ken allen

This site upholds the level of professionalism of the military in the way they restore and display their aircraft. It is a must see for even the casual aviation buff. Every 3rd Saturday is when they have the largest number of aircraft open to go inside. The museum is free, but will take donations. A great view in to aviation history. The volunteers are awesome, and are available to answer your questions.

Capt Newt

Amazing place to see our nation's air force history. So many different aircrafts to look at, and some you can even see the inside up close. As well as some information on the specific role each unit held in time.

Delizia Donohue

What a great experience seeing all the planes used in WW2 and seeing Airforce 2.Also seeing things from the Vietnam war and Korean War.They also had a Memorial to the victims of the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and Flight 93.

Michael W

Hidden jem of Delaware! It's the 2nd best free thing in the state!

Cassandra Levengood

Just seeing all the old planes and listening to some of the stories from the volunteers is remarkable. Very family oriented.

Amanda Doran

GREAT museum! Lots of historic planes and very friendly, informative veteran your guides. Definitely worth a visit and a great place for kids.

Denise Logan Knight

The kids loved it. Was lots of fun

Glen Sinks

Very well maintained, transport and fighter aircraft. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Any aviator well enjoy. Huge airplanes.

Kelly Simpson

This is a very nice place. It's really nice to see all the planes and everyone that works knows everything about the planes. It was a great activity!

Bruce Laberdee

Open cockpit day. Great museum.

Kory and sumer Dyer

Very detailed! Professional, clean and polite staff would recommend to everyone.

Jason French

We truely appreciated how many knowledgeable volunteers were there to open the place up to the public the day we were there. Gathered they only open the planes to the public on the third Saturday of the month and we happened to hit that day as luck would have it. The museum was pretty typical for a USAF museum in my experience (aside from the sheer number of aitcraft on display). The people made our visit enjoyable.

Lynn Wilkins

A wonderful museum. Highly recommend the tour.

Lisa P

Terrific museum with so many cargo planes on display. Definitely try to go on an "open cockpit" day when you can tour inside the planes. Amazing and fun experience.

Shannon Karnes

WOW! This place is amazing! I really wasn't interested in visiting the museum, but my 14yr old son wanted to go. I reluctantly agreed; especially when he said that they offer FREE ADMISSION. I am SO HAPPY that I let him talk me into going. We met some VERY nice folks and saw some amazing aircraft. If you find yourself in the Dover area, you simply MUST make a stop here. It's well worth your time.

Joe Shank

Great place to visit and learn about aircraft from various time periods.

Alfredo Gil

A great and informative museum with multiple aircrafts open inside for tours

John Feyock

One of the BEST, the men who volunteer their time know what they are talking about and bring THE History of the pass to life. Would love to go back and learn more. God Bless those that served and those that gave their lives.,AMEN

Frank Brown

Been here a couple times and it's a very good museum and to top it off it's free though donations are appreciated. They also have a 9/11 memorial with a couple pieces from Tower 1 and a rock from Shanksville and a wall block from the Pentagon. The planes on display are very well done and every third Saturday is open cockpit day where all the planes are open. It's a very good place to take the family and spend a couple hours.

Pàul Lepore

Amazing display of military transport aircraft from over the decades to the present.

omayra torres

A nice place to go with the family if you love planes

Paul Hofle

Surprised by how much I liked it. Be sure to check out their open cockpit days.

Dawn Fletcher

Great place to learn about our airplane history.

Allison Dudek

We went on Open Cockpit Day and my 3-year-old and 6-year-old boys LOVED it! There are volunteers on or near all of the aircraft that will share stories and information - it's absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it!

Nathan Toepke

Fun place with historical planes and volunteer tour guides


Great place to take in some history!

Brian Allen

If you're an airplane and/or history nerd like myself, this is the place to go for some fresh air and to rack up a few steps on the pedometer.

Barry Levine

Amazing collection of historical and current airplanes specializing in air mobility logistics and aerial refueling. You cannot appreciate the size of a C-5A Galaxy until you get up close to it and inside its cargo bay. I would like to thank Michael, Operations Manager, and volunteer docent Mr. Zuckerman for the personal tour. I highly recommend a day trip to visit this wonderful museum.

Robbie McCray

Small museum but constantly changing. Knowledgeable volunteer staff is always friendly and eager to teach kids about aviation.

Mark Hoxie

Great place to visit with people of all ages. Great memorabilia and aircraft on display yet it's entirely FREE! But I would recommend you leave something in the donation box, though no one will pressure you to do so.

Jewell Robinson

Love you guys! Semper Fi

John Pietras

If you love aircraft and air force memorabilia then well worth the visit. All the volunteers we met were wonderful. If you do anything in Dover it has to be the air museum

Sigil Hunter

Great place for a family trip if you're interested in military history, or aircraft. Seeing these gigantic feats of engineering up close is really amazing, and the guides are super pleasant and helpful. And it's all totally free.

Pat Mcnicholas

Great, my grandsons really enjoyed it, all the staff were courteous, helpful

Lisa Videtto

Nice place. But there were no guides to show us around and they one we did find acted like they didn't want to help us

Rory Goldman

If you are a military airplane buff this should be on your list of to do places. Lots of cool original planes including a B17G, a C47, an original WWII glider, a C5 that you can go into, a former presidential plane and lots more. Did I mention it's free? No? Well it is free to visit. There is also a gift shop and a hall display showing various US military medal winners. A truly great place to visit.

Brendan Veney

Enjoyable, tour doesn't take that long..

Beatrice Eggers

This is a "must see" museum! All free of charge, but please donate. They also offer special events, & of course host the air shows.

David Goodwin

A great place to visit have been there many times and will keep returning.

Shannon Wilds

Loved our trip, took our little guy, he loved all the planes! So much history!

Melanie Goodwin

Sooooo many planes and jets. Guides are very knowledgeable. Make time to visit here, takes several hours

Johnny Bradley

Had a great time and loved the displays! One volunteer was extremely rude to my family but I did not let it ruin my time and will definitely return...

Andrew Knowles

It was very cool. Had lots of planes, inside and out. You can go in some of them, but you need a guide.

Christina Kuntz

I am not a plane or military buff, so I didn't expect much. I was so pleasantly surprised. The inside museum had lots of very interesting displays and great explanations of the way people worked as part of the plane crews. We were able to go inside 5 of the planes outside. A retired military volunteer, Chuck Hastings (I think), was stationed outside of the Galaxy C-5 and he was terrific - so knowledgeable, personable, and welcoming.

Jeffrey Fink

Wonderful will go back again

John Willis Draper

Excellent all day!! Well done.

John moniz

Worth the visit not because entrance is free you feel the how important it is to embraced the dedication and commitment how much effort our services gave and still providing, it's so important to understand the history before moving forward to present day and the advancements that provide a bubble of safety the visit is worth every min this is a must

William Lynch

Very nice.The volunteers are veterans& seem to truly care that you learn as much as possible. Some great relics and ships from the great war. A must see for anyone who has not visited yet & to top it off its free. Call ahead for best times & to be sure your visit will "be all it can be".

claire lewis

A walk back into the history of aviation. Great place to visit with kids. Former pilots lead tours inside the planes.

Jaimee Hammerman

What great find! Free admission with lots to see! We will definitely be back and will try to go on a 3rd Saturday of the month when they have about 14 aircrafts open to explore. Today there were only 2 open. I'd also recommend finding a tour guide when you arrive. No one greets you to direct you where to go or how things work so we missed out on doing the command tower tour and access to a few other exhibits. Overly the kids had a great time and want to come back. You need at least a good 1.5-2 hrs to explore everything.

8s forever

Great experience lot of history and insight into the airforce.

Nathan Boye

A fantastic museum free to visitors. Informative staff and unique aircraft. During my visit they set up a nice Christmas tree for the holidays. There is something special about smelling aircraft oil and evergreen trees. Perfect!

barry phone

Awesome place helps tell the history of air force planes thru the years 75th anniversary of d day when we went .

Blessed Love Twist and Locks

Love all the friendly people that told us about the stuff on site.

michael gehrum

Great place to relive history as told by the heroes of yesteryear. Air Force Vets volunteer their time to talk to the visitors about who / what this aircraft was all about. A very cool learning experience.... definately 10 Stars

Geraldine Bolanowski

Great place to see various aircraft close up.

Richard Watson Jr.

Very nice displays of aviation history.

Cynthia Wootten

My boys and I always have fun here

John Creek

We had an amazing time here. I hope the next time I'm in the Dover area, I'll have more time to spend here.

Tonya Allen

The people working there were very friendly and informative. Getting to see and get close to a lot these aircrafts was amazing. Great experience overall!!

Michael Wertz

Amazing free museum.

David Demers

Great visit, we met friendly Airmans available to share stories and knowledge.

Jesper Bexkens

Very nice museum, free entry. So great to see a few planes from the inside. Gift shop was nice as wel and had reasonable prices.

Cipher Magus

Pretty damn awesome.

evan grube

What a great visit!!!! Free but take donations or buy something in gift shop! Great for all ages and very interactive. Outside you can get inside all types of planes

Connie Rammer

Second time we've been here. You can easily spend hours here, there is a lot to see. Would highly recommend. Free to get in but donations are appreciated. Something to keep in mind: First time we got to go inside a few airplanes outside. Second time, it was too hot outside and we weren't able to tour them inside. Note: There is a small picnic area if you bring a cooler.

Victor M Del Rio

The tour guide Frank was amazing! Made everyone from the kids to the adults laugh from start to finish. Took his time with us and informed us on future events, including an aerial show in September.

John Kocka

Want to go back at my leisure and see some exhibits that I missed initially. The retired pilot tour guide was excellent and very patient with the Pre-K class I was with. Definitely a must-see !

Rodney Boll

Awesome, our kids loved it, and the tour guides are fantastic. Plus, it's free.

Ethan Griffith

Really awesome place. The planes on display are amazing - you can even go on a tour inside a C-5 plane. There’s also lots of models of different weapons, and stories about different wars. The gift shop is really nice too. Definitely recommend this place.

Noah Morse

This place is great. And the best part is that it's FREE. You should still donate anyway but that's your choice. Lots of cool planes to see and you can even go in a few, as well as many more outside. The staff is super friendly and it's a great place for kids. Plenty of parking which is also free.

isaac sapp

It is great. All of the staff are super friendly and full of info. It's always free and some weekends they have open cockpits. Where you can actually get into some of the aircraft and sit in the pilot seat. Good for all ages. I took my 2 year son and he had a blast. It was good to see all of the vets there, still passionate about there history. They have a great gift shop with prices lower than expected. A wonderful place to go spend half a day or more.

Candace Ranck

Was a neat place to explore the plaes

Steven Busiello

The museum houses over 30 aircraft varying in roles and sizes. Cargo haulers, fighters, helicopters, a presidential aircraft, and a bomber. The tour guides are ex service members, very friendly, helpful and gave great personal recounts of the planes and restorations. Admission and parking was free. Definitely give a donation. Has a nice gift shop. If you are visiting Dover i would say this is top 3 attractions if not #1

Lisa Crandall

This place was awesome. So many mind blowingly large airplanes. Definitely worth the drive.

joseph grossmann

The volunteers still take ownership of these planes, very informative of displays and personal tales, the smiles on children flying the simulator.

Randy Barber

Great place to learn about air mobility history admission and a personal tour guides are free weather you are two people or a group.

Jason Jarrell

Great stop, free admission. Insodeamd outside stuff tosee. There are guides walking around, just ask one to show you inside a se select planes and they will. Kids and us enjoyed it.

,Chris Pastuzyn

They used to be pet friendly and now have a new commander who apparently doesn't care or like dogs . Would have been nice to know before taking that ride! Most of the displays are outside, Won't be visiting or donating or telling anyone this place any time soon. Good luck !

Isabell Lepage

Always a treat to see the planes that flew over our yard when I was growing up. Very friendly staff and lots of history to discover. Although, I must caution it can get extremely hot on tarmac for the outside exhibits, plan accordingly.

Karen Sloop

Great little stop to visit. My husband and grandson were in seventh heaven here. A lot of Air Force history and actual planes to view and see take off and land. Doesn't cost anything. They do have a place for you to make a donation. Very worthwhile. One plane took off while we were there!!

Wesley Todd

Excellent staff and volunteers! I love visiting this Museum.

Laura Rust

I love going here, I took my cub scouts here for open cockpit day! They absolutely love it as well as learned a lot..

Todd Andrews

Cool place. Good displays and knowledgeable guides. Couldn't get to outside displays due to weather but indoor still more than worth a visit. Gift shop nice as well. Will return if in area again.

Sean Zale

This place is awesome, wish I could have spent a few hours. Free admission!

Jay Jordan

Great history of mobility aircraft.

Matt Hiserodt

Great place that is free to visit. Number of huge planes is unsurpassed and you have planes constantly landing over at the Air Force base. I have 3 young kids so didn’t have a guide show me around but they have guides showing people much more in detail. We stayed for about an hour.

Tiffinie Finfinger

Love this place. Come here every time we get to come from Sunbury pa to Delaware

Amber Wilcox

Visited the museum for the first time today. We spent the majority of our time outside looking around. Ed R was the gentleman who showed us around and provided us with all the information about the planes. He absolutely went above and beyond showing my family around! We will most definitely be back because we still have the inside to explore. Wonderful place to bring children and learn some history.

Edward Cotton

It was cool to go up in the tower and get to see a c5 galaxy take off run way 1. Cool to see the inside of the large planes.

Michael Johnson

Great Air Force Museum! Very informative and ALOT of aircraft to view! One of the few aircraft museums that will let you go aboard some of the aircraft (but only if they have the volunteer staff to man that exhibit - per the staff that day). Definitely worth a trip to visit. Gift shop was full of relevant items at reasonable prices.

Arlyn Cooper

This is an incredibly stocked air force museum. They have several volunteers working as tour guides and our tour guide told us his stories in vietnam when applicable. Very cool exhibits, we got to walk into a lot of airplanes and the air traffic control tower and learned a lot. The aircraft restorers are mostly volunteers with some help from the base. If I could give more than 5 stars for this place I would, its definitely worth a stop!

Gabriel Brolly

An excellent insight in to heavy lifting, the unglamorous side of the airforce duties. An entirely free museum experience run by men and women who have served and can offer more than just a factual take on the displays.

Donald Brady

Very informative about police officers who lost their lives equipment they had to use great education for children

Ed Preisendanz

Great indoor and outdoor museum. Lots of aircraft outside. Mostly transport. Some fighters. One WW2 A26 'bomber'. Inside they've got a B17, a C47, a WW2 glider and other aircraft plus cockpits from current USAF transports, e.g. C17 & C5. At least one flight simulator. There's a gift shop and snack bar. I go at least once a year.

Paul Johnson

Good time for the fam. Takes about two hours to walk through everything if you take your time. Maybe longer with a tour guide. Some stuff is unavailable without a tour guide.

Dawn Gartner

This was well worth the 65 miles we drove from Ocean City, MD. Lots to see there. There are planes outside as well as inside, so you'll want to check the area forecast before going, unless you enjoy walking around in bad weather. A few planes can be toured. Plan on being there at least 2 hrs.

Jashelle Kitcheman

We're incredibly disappointed we under estimated this place prior to coming!! A must see!!. Spend the entire day!! The staff here are so knowledgeable and incredibly interesting. Thank you to all of those who shared their time with us today and for your service. Will be back!!


This place is seriously awesome

Shotgun Willie

Our entire family enjoyed from age 3 year to 55 years old. The guides where friendly and very informative!

Charles Wilson

Tried to make it out to the National Museum ran out of time. This is the second best. Has a great selection of static aircraft. What makes this museum great it is located right beside the runway. We had the opportunity to see a C-17 doing touch and goes and a C-5 taking off. Just a great experience.

Joey Sitzai

This place was amazing! And for it being free...even better. It is encouraged to leave tips. Seeing all the planes was fascinating. We had a tour guide (you don't have to have one) he was extremely informative. His name is Chet. Highly recommend asking for him when stopping by. There were some exhibits you needed a tour guide for. Not all planes were open to walk thru but some were. My favorite plane was The Air Force 2 plane. Highly advise if you're in the area yo stop by.

Brigitte Martin

Free entrance and parking. Several aircraft can be boarded. Great couple of hours.

Hiren Patel

Awesome place!! Will be visting again soon!!!


Great place for a history lesson. Knowledgeable staff. Awesome for youth groups.

Dave Cool

Very informative. Best air museum.

Bob Amadi

Great place to visit. Great guides go on open cockpit days see inside of planes

Melissa burk

Volunteers are very informative and explain about the airplanes that are located on the base. Some even shared their stories of when they were in the war etc. Very fun place to visit especially if you have children. And it's free you cant beat that.

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