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2800 Montezuma Castle Rd, Camp Verde, AZ 86322, United States

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Where is Montezuma Castle Visitor Center?

REVIEWS OF Montezuma Castle Visitor Center IN Arizona

Alanna Maria

This is a really cool thing to see - when you pay your entrance you also get access to a few other sites, which makes it worth it. The Well is amazing to see. The castle is really quite amazing but you can only view it from below - still awesome to see. Pair it with a trip to Walnut Canyon!

Nora Perez

Staff was helpful and knowledgeable.

William Howe

It was a great site . It was a learning experience about the history of the area .

Ian S

Knowledgable staff that are fun to talk too.

Charlemagne Paulino

Over 700 years old ...1/3 of a mile paved hike...and a small museum.

Ken Cousens

If you have a 4th grader register on National Parks site for a free pass.

Eric Kirchmeier

Pricey without a discount and you'll see little more than the images posted in the gift shop. Great for history buffs and maybe children - if they get it.

Elvia Cajero

Some of the ruins have been damaged by previous visitors. It's now restricted to walk inside the castle ruins. There is some information provided prior to the arrival of settlers/squatters. The land should be given back to the Native American people to care for it. After all, the ruins are part of the people. Would be nice to have native people give the true stories and answer questions as to why the people built the way they did and ways of living. (I would of given it a 5 a star).

Mark Digerness

Great little quiet, National Monument. Great walking/hiking path, and neat ruins to view. It's a little cliche, but it is a great little hidden gem.

Al Kordesch

Fascinating to learn about ancient civilizations!

Kathy Nickels

First time visiting Montezuma Castle and I've lived her my whole life! Came with my sons fieldtrip. This place is beautiful and a really unique experience! Will definitely be back with the fam!!

K Davis

Interesting history of people and their way of life. Learning they took their idea of living from the swallows.

Criss Bass

I didn't know of the ancient cliff dwellings at this location, but stopped in while traveling. So glad we did. Inspiring to see the humble life the Native Americans lived beside Beaver Creek. Sad that in decades past visitors caused destruction and stole artifacts from the site.

Michael Verhoest

Great visitors center at the beginning of the trail!

Steve Morgan

Excellent a lot of interactive displays

William Buchanan

I met a very interesting man who was playing an American Indian flute! Lots of history here!

Terry Miller

A short fascinating ruins

todd ridlon

Perfect pitstop on a long trip

Lyndal Bernhardi

Lots of gr8 information to read and learn about other countries as well through time developments

Jeremy Haas

Very neat attraction, but the restrooms......GROSS!!!

Judie Pokakaa

Rangers were so friendly and easy to talk to. They gave us a lot of information about the castle and the surrounding area.

Tom Friend

Excellent presentation!

Karen Puig

I volunteer here. Very nice Visitors center. Folks are treated with courtesy and information and the beauty of this National Monument.

Chris Sheffield

Amazing. Must see! Be prepared to go up and down 172 narrow, steep steps.

Khaled Mussa

Amazing to see, doesn't take very long to see it all.

Jennifer Dowdy

Very informative

Brenda Lyon

It was really hot, but the visitors center was nice, with lots to look at and buy. Nice clean restrooms.

Gayle Setree

Beautiful place. The staff was very informative. Felt very peaceful there.

Pingyueh 'Nelson' Li

It's good to understand the history, but not much to see though.

Anthony and Kathryn Sanfilippo VillaDiFiori LLC.

Very glad to have visited the historic site.

Ann Spivey

Great history

Satish Shikhare

The rangers and volunteers are quite helpful. There also a gift shop. Kids love getting their monuments passport stamped with the Ranger stamp.

Varrick Nunez

Fantastic National Park, under-visited. The key feature is the site of an Anasazi cliff-dwelling culture that lived there in pre-Columbian America.

Bill Ryan

Classy visitor center. Gives an excellent introduction to want you are about to see.

Cindy cupp

Nice park very limited parking however an they have RV parking too. Wheelchair friendly, dogs allowed

Katya Maiser

I sat in on a Ranger Talk about Montezuma's Castle and it was very informative. The walk from the parking lot to the site was nice but unexpectedly short, I wasn't unhappy about that on a very hot May day.

Bella Rain

Fantastic paved walk about area and tours. Not a big place as far as wandering around, but very beautiful to see nature and history. The gift shop was well priced and water fountains are upgraded to fill your bottle.

Jesse Alfrey

Lots of great information kept here and great to see different things about the people. We got our annual pass here which I thought was cool, works at any park. Also did the junior ranger deal for the kids which was well worth it. The kids loved the activities and badge at the end.

Wesley Sung

Fun place for family trip with young kids

Blue Bear

I visited in August 2019, stay hydrated 103°

Hamilton Arthur

Nice day to see this

Wilamina Smith

Very interesting historically significant site, interesting facts abound. View from afar, listen to the guides for information.

Gerald & Debra Gillman

Self guided tour a lot of information about people living in the area hundreds of years ago. Easy walking.

Katy Deaton

Friendly knowledgeable staff. Very decent, clean bathrooms. They have several benches and tables to eat lunch or rest.

juan cruz

Good lite museum of native Americans to learn more about are history

richard gaughan

The visitor center is small, but densely designed so it's reasonably informative. Visitors are restricted to viewing the ruins from some distance away (for understandable reasons of preservation). They are impressive and interesting to contemplate, but not quite as thought-provoking as Wupatki, for example, where one can stand on places where the ancient dwellers stood.


Great little spot.

Joyful Eating

Clear explanations

Daniel Coogan

Top viewing area unfortunately closed.

Rod CeFu

How did this place get so many stars? It is one short trail to walk on the bottom of the mountain and out to the exit. You get to see the outside area of the home structure that's on all the website pictures. Look at the website and move on. This stop really was a waste of time. You can't get close to the structure and won't be able to see the inside of the mountain.

Bella Gauna

So amazing! I recommend people to stop here and check it out

Nate Ertle

Great spot to stop and take a quick hike while seeing some beautiful scenery and A little bit about older civilizations. Staff at this national Park were fantastic and made it interesting for kids.

Kevin Kathmann

Fantastic place. Definitely worth a stop. This is a smaller site that can be visited relatively quickly if time is an issue. Fascinating history. Even though it was extremely hot out the day we visited, there was a volunteer outside that took the time to educate us on the history of the area. Apparently he had nearly passed due to he heat out a few days prior. Now that is dedication! Kudos to you sir!

Patty Zamora

The visit to the castle was just what we expected. We wanted to visit for a while now. It would benefit the attraction to maybe have a ranger out with the guest mingling.

David McConnachie

While this is a very cool place to see. Keep in mind that it is a very short visit and costs 10$ per person. It's practically a racket. I wish I would have just walked around the check in station, no one would have noticed and while it is a cool place to see, it was not worth the money. So I suggest anyone that read this review just by passes the the fee.

Shahidah Payton

Stumbled across this place leaving Flagstaff on the way to Phoenix. So glad we did. This was an amazing experience. Of all the national parks we have been too, the staff here was the friendliest. Very attentive and knowledgable. My son also became a Jr. Ranger. This is a must see. Not too crowded either.

Marc Noble

Well run Forest Service facility. Hard to believe they haven't suffered more from budget cuts. Well done.

Ken Zoll

Very good overview of the archaeological history of the area.

Joe Moade

Nice one hour stop to look at some clift dwellings.

Michael Dulin

Absolutely great

Diana Casarez

Very clean, neat, and informational.

Ted Knoblauch

Friendly staff. Really something to see

Brian Joseph Wangenheim

They have great AC in here, this is nice because when we visited it was burning hot. They also have a nice picture of Teddy Roosevelt that you can take a picture next to

Heidi Marie

Truly and amazing sight! Easily accessible for all with a mostly shaded, widely paved and resting benches. A definite must see!

Leon Herbstreit

Great place to visit. Very warm welcome staff.

Mitch Hopewell

Interesting historical should check it out and learn new things!

All Things Danae

Loved visiting with my family! Very educational

Robert Capogreco

Organized, clean, rangers are very informative. Its a little gem when traveling to Flagstaff from Phoenix.

someone else

Can't access the structures but nice informational section.

Danielle Liebe

Half museum, half gift shop, a great place to cool off and enjoy the relics of the castle. Learn about the site and life for those that lived there. The shop has something for everyone to enjoy with great prices. Ask about the scarlet macaw, I thought it had an interesting story. Friendly staff, always willing to chat and answer any questions.

Chris MacDonald

Sam the volunteer was very nice and knowledgeable. Unfortunately can’t get very close to the Castle.

suzanne lindbo

So glad history is being preserved and we can enjoy it

Ed Callahan

The center is small but informative, and provides a good introduction to the ruins.

Christian James

Should not cost 10.$ per person but its amazing. If you are disabled u should get a park pass. I was wrong its worth the 10$. The gift shop is awesome n reasonable

Kendall Nickerson

A very interesting place if you are into history. You can;t go up into the dwellings anymore. They stopped some time ago but take some binoculares and you can get a good peak at things. Staff was helpful and knowledgeable.

Jonathan Clark

What an amazing piece of history. But.... it's not a place you can spend a ton of time at looking around. It's more of a rest stop, with a view, that you have to pay to get in.

Mark Johnson

Very spiritual place

David Dano

A great place to see

Robin Cooke

Chilly but a wonderful experience

Melodie Bogart

The rangers we're very nice and there was a lot of cool information.

Ben Lowe

Been there many times over the last 4 decades. When I get tired of admiring that civilization, I'll stop visiting.

Carol Palmer

Small but nice visitor center.

Moss Jam


Alex Kark

Friendly staff and a decent selection of souvenirs and local maps.

Jen Valdez

Love the rich history here. Newbies need to arrive early and head to the Well once the crowds arrive. If you hurry you can get to toozigoot before it gets too late or hot!

Steve Shulin

Pretty cool to see. Makes you wonder how people from long ago build something like that to last hundreds of years

Greg Rampy

Very nice. Great stop off when going through the area. The staff here was very friendly.

Valerie Botta

Amazing monument. They have done a lot to preserve the area and make it easy to navigate and learn about the history of the this amazing place.

William Bauer

Very informed rangers.


Easy access and very interesting place to visit. There is a small gift shop and washroom facilities. If you're looking for food you have to go to a nearby Food Outlet or the casino.

Jorge Guerra

Good and sad at the same time

Pedro Rodriguez

This was worth the drive.

Krystina Isaac

Great place to buy gifts. Local and native made crafts and no tax!

Rick Lucas

One-time event for sure. Once you have seen it, you are not likely to return.

Gregg Goodhue

Nice quick self guided tour to check out. Lots of history to learn about here. Interesting to learn about how resourceful these people were and how the local vegetation was used.

Dan Sexton

Interesting glimpse into the lives of native Americans.

Gerard Capra

Great stop. Only takes 1 to 2 hrs

Rayna Howard

The Castle is intriguing but I was also in awe viewing the rest of the park. In October the fall colors were everywhere. The trees are in all stages of age and shape and beauty. The actual Castle is inaccessible but so very high in the stone formation! There is a full-dimensional diorama that shows how it possibly appeared in its own time.

Mary Newman

Montezuma never lived here.

John Griffin

Can't believe we live 45 minutes away and finally seen this amazing part of history. A must see

Conni Tupes

Well worth it! Clean, easy paved walkways! Beautifully preserved history!

Mindi Gusman

Great place!!

Keith Stanford

Interesting stop along the highway in Arizona. Gives you new perspectives into native American life.

Bea Tobol

Very nice cool place with bathroom, water station and little gift shop

Sally Colestock

Awesome experience! Must see

Judy De Voe

Amazing. Paved walkway. Everyone should go.


Fantastic, very short walk on a paved sidewalk.

Paul Otis

Very educational. Would never had expected to be started on crops grown, Indians that were growing cotton in Arizona hundreds of years before settlers arrived.

Patricia Jeter

Spectacular view of this cliff dwelling. Beautiful grounds with shade to rest in.

nonrev counts

Little pricey

Larry Blaine

This is a really nice national park. The staff are g ref great and the a lot of ti.e with the children. Kids had a lot of fun.

Jim Vosler

Very small but fantastic cliff dwellings.

Evan Smith

The prelude to wonderful ruins

josh fager

Very cool place!

Donna Lester

Great place

Sandra Ashby

Worth going history only need 1 hour

Charles Boughton

Beautiful place to see and the presentation by the national parks ranger was awesome. Very interesting and informative. A peaceful society once lived in this land, maybe that could happen again.

Michael Karkos

Great staff. Nice place

K Humble

Cool place to visit. The cliff dwellings are impressive to see! Parking is free. Close to Sedona so make sure to go there as well!!

Ian Duckles

This is a really stunning cave dwelling that is incredibly accessable on a short paved path from the parking lot. There are a ton of really informative plaques that contextualize and explain the cliff dwelling, how it was built, and what the lives of the people were like. Highly recommended if you are in the area or have an interest in Native American culture and history.

Heather Schintler

Loved visiting this place with the family. I would love to go back again. Learning about the historical castle was fun also. Love that they had a guy playing the flute it made it better.

Justin Taylor

Fun to check out for a quick stop and stretch out of the car. Can’t see myself ever spending more than 45 minutes to an hour here but it’s worth checking out. Come early and beat the heat. The pathways and welcoming shade trees really make this a special place. First road trip with my boy too!

Robert Ault

Wheel of Montezuma's Castle really easy to get around in fantastic place to go. If you're in the area don't miss it

Martina Gurrola

Very informative. Friendly staff.

Carrie Manson

Great place absolutely gorgeous.

Donald Werdin

Many interesting things to learn here. Sadly one can no longer get close to the structure, but it is still interesting in several ways.

Mercedes Umphenour

Brought my daughter on a day trip with my mother in law, so much fun. There were many helpful park rangers and even insightful visitors during the weekend we visited. My daughter even got to become a junior park ranger at this location, just ask the staff when buying your park pass. Worth the visit, a great look into Arizona's past.

Justin Williams

The visitors center for Montezuma Castle is fairly large in order to accommodate the many visitors. Plenty of parking and a few spaces for large buses and Rvs. From the parking lot their are restrooms with full services and were clean. Inside there are many artifacts and opportunities for everyone young and old to learn about this historic site. This center offers the little ranger program for kids to learn, answer questions and receive a honorary ranger badge. Outside on you way to the monument there was a man playing the flute which just adds a little extra to such a magical place. We loved it here and highly recommend!

Sheri Thompson

Great history display, lots of information. Store interesting and appealing, reasonable prices and variety.

Abbie Doodle

Basically a mini museum. And the workers were so nice! Public bathrooms.

J R Sage

Great center, wonderful souvenirs for everyone. Consider a National Parks Pass. Parks staff were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Sun hats for all can be purchased here. I'm from the North East, just to stress the importance of headgear and sleeved shirts.

Curtis Sibley

A nice entry to the park but you will not spend much time here. Hit the trail and see the castle!

Debra Karen

Informative and very nice

Robert McLacklin

Another historic place to visit. Fun for the whole family!

Kevin Sekakuku

We preform here n love the staff! Great place to learn of southwest history n to learn of its people! A must history buffs!

Mary D.

Absolutely beautiful place to visit. A must see.

Eli Lara

Friendly staff. Clean, and there is a cool dude playing some flute outside that you can hear while touring the place. Badass.

Justyna Sosna

Friendly staff, lot of merchandise.

Teri Watkins

This was $10 per person to enter & view. Ticket is good for other AZ state parks for 7 days. I don't regret the $ 20 for the 2 of us to view the cliff dwellings, they're amazing.

Aaron Nicholas

Nice attendants

Shera Osborne

Great historical and fun stop for all ages in our party. The rangers were available and knowledgeable. Amazing history!

cathy Stanz

Loved it but loved Mesa Verde more. You can walk through Mesa Verde.

Ken and Alicia Lund

The gateway to an incredible cliff dwelling. A great stop if you are in the Sedona-Flagstaff area.

Margaret Polk

This is a great place to take a break from driving. It's very interesting, not far off the highway and tourist friendly. There are lots of employees who are happy to answer any questions and can give you so much information. The easy hike is less than a mile and the facilities are nice.

Mellody Rohrer

Awesome for myself and my family

Brendan Walsh

Very very friendly and informative.

Mary Courtney

A pleasant and shady (and paved) loop stroll that anyone could enjoy. Morning light on the cliffs enhances the sight of the dwellings. The sycamore trees are a sight in themselves at any time.

Andrew Ramirez

Native history. Learn it.

Lisa Freese

Beautiful site and extremely friendly people!

Brien Hawkes

A beautiful historical place to visit. You got to see this.

Analisse Robles

I didnt know what it was exactly until I got there. The park employees were awesome and helpful. Seeing the castle on the side of the mountain was beautiful and the stillness and quiet of the place was whimsical. The wind blowing through the trees makes you appreciate the quiet of nature I wish we could see the creek more but I understand why we couldn't.

Betty Goodwin

Wonderful place to visit, right off the highway. So interesting to learn how resourceful the people were that lived here.

Jim Stifflerī

Intriguing place. Easy walk to view the castle. Must see if you are interested in SW history.

David Edwards

Learned a lot about the area before seeing the castle

Pamela Hastings

story of the ancient Cliff Dwellers

Cheryl Staples

Nice gift shop and informative dtaff

Chris Troutman

Very nice very peaceful get you thinking how they built all that without scaffolding or OSHA to tell them they couldn't do

D. Duplichen

Not much to see, but right off I-17. Definately worth the detour to see one of the original 4 National Monuments.

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