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REVIEWS OF Simonik Transportation & Warehousing Group LLC IN New Jersey

Erin Khameneh

If I could give a 0 rating I would. Worst experience with movers. We have moved several times throughout the years and never experienced such rude behavior. After the initial visit, The agent sent to estimate ( BTW this was the most expensive given of 3 by almost $700.) Paul Franchi, was questioned by husband regarding why his estimate via email was more than other movers and ways to reduce the cost. Paul did not respond well to my husband’s questions and became very loud and asked to speak to me. I was in the same room and could overhear the conversation. I was taken aback at the tone and how quickly Paul escalated., but let it slide and continue to proceed with the move as the dates fit our schedule for move out. We have moved with Allied from the Chicago area and had a great experience and were hoping to have a great experience again. I should have went with my gut feeling at this time and go with another mover. During our conversation, I let him him know that the dining set we had discussed at the visual estimate portion was sold and a few other items needed to be removed. At the time of inventory, I let him know we might not be moving the set. It is substantially heavy and had several pieces. He had said to let him know if we were not taking . He said several times, the final cost would be time related to the time the men loading worked and we would be refunded, no need to change original inventory. I explained I did not want them listed on the inventory list. He said, no problem, just cross them off and initial. I did as advised and sent the list via email. Fast forward to 5 days until load date, I receive a call from Paul that he needed to talk about a couple items. First, the delivery date agreed upon was not available, but could be delivered the next day (Tuesday)at no added holdover cost. They usually charge $200 daily. I said it would not be a problem, but felt a little put off as Paul made it sound like a favor not to charge? I would have to stay in a hotel to accommodate this change but agreed. Next, Paul explained the truck would have to be parked at the foot of the drive way as it is an incline and had pavers. It was a liability. I was wondering why he couldn’t have said this when he came out. I explained it was not an issue when we moved in and wanted to know why it was now. At this point, he started to get a little loud. I asked how much more this was going to cost as the movers would have to walk up and down the hill. I told him I would have to discuss the additional costs with my husband and we should have chosen one of the other movers. Hmmm, I will admit I questioned the motive. He began to be quite verbally aggressive and I let him know I did not appreciate his talking over me and found it unprofessional. I believe the customer should have the ability to inquire why the estimate was growing. He reminded me he had been involved with moving for many years and they are a great company, that’s why they are rated number one in Jersey. I told him this was not my first move and have relocated many times. Paul ended telling me if we choose to go with another mover... courtesy Later that evening, an email from Troy Sipera (director of account sales) inquiring if I intended to continue with the move. Basically the cost increased over $1000.00. “Due to this change your original estimate will be null/void. We do not want you to choose our services based on parking the truck on driveway. Your price would be based on actual hours the crew has worked on both days plus any packing charges. Based on new information above your looking at an approx. cost of 4 men 1 tractor trailer for a total of 21 hours (combined both days) which includes travel at $219.00 per hour + $110.0 Fuel surcharge ....... Let us know either way. If you choose not to use our services then that is ok. If you do choose to utilize our services we will need to send out an estimate for you to sign ......” The mover time increased by 8 hours to walk up and down the driveway! Really!

prakash A

David Brown

Trucker Cabrera

Zacha Dacha

They did a bad job moving our stuff to think military move they would care and be careful but nope...

Jean Santillo

Your company, Simonik Transportation & Warehousing Group handled my move from Burlington NJ to Charleston SC on July 3rd. I can't say enough good things about your sales representative, Chris Erard-Coupe, who was so professional and reassuring during the quoting process. Chris' customer service is what sold me on going with your company versus one of your competitors. He is a an asset to your firm ! Also, the lead mover, Luis from Azalea, expertly coordinated both the pick up and the delivery. He is very professional and conscientious about everything he does. He made sure my contents got to where they were going and in one piece! I have moved a number of times across states, and this was by far the best moving experience I have ever had. I would definitely recommend Simonik Transportation to any family and friends. Also, the staff in the office were very helpful and made sure I had all the boxes I needed. Even the staff in the warehouse who loaded moving boxes into my truck were courteous and professional. Thank you very much Simonik Transportation for a "smoothest move" ever.

Donald K Williams

Simonik T & W Group has done a great job on our moving and storage. Everything was handled carefully, wrapped, labeled, inventoried, and stored. When we were ready they retrieved our items in two groups and delivered them to our new address. Communication and coordination are excellent. We are very pleased with the process and would highly recommend these folks.

Kelly Bittner

This company earned every star above and beyond. From start the finish, every employee was amazing that we dealt with. Paul-our first contact to get pricing was extremely knowledgeable, the office staff-the 2 Cathy's & Gail were so kind, helpful and patient---- and lastly, the crew of 4 we had move our belongings were AWESOME-Just Overall good guys that were efficient and careful. You have to feel the trust when moving and we did-100%.

Kerry Faden

I am so pleased with simonik transportation and warehousing! I did a lot of research and these guys were clearly the best.Everyone at the office to the men who packed and moved me were were wonderful! They were professional and I trusted them immediately. Have no doubts about this company- choose them and you will be one hundred percent satisfied! Thank you everyone at Simonik! Sincerely, Kerry Faden

Lauren W.

I am very displeased with the moving experience I had with Allied Van Lines. I coordinated the move through an Allied vendor (Simonik Transportation & Warehousing Group, LLC) who promised quick, professional movers who would carefully move my belongings. Instead, they contracted movers from Coleman Worldwide who were dishonest, painfully slow, unprofessional, and damaged most of my furniture. The lack of professionalism and was astounding. I will not digress by detailing the poor attitude and many vulgarities that were uttered by the movers throughout the experience. But it was truly appalling. Additionally, I should have carefully reviewed the inventory list before signing it. Upon pickup, unbeknownst to me, the driver had placed codes next to all our furniture indicating scratches that did not exist. Upon drop off, the driver insisted that it was standard protocol to provide payment and sign the delivery paperwork prior to him fully unloading the truck. When I noticed scratches on my furniture after the paperwork was signed, he stated that I needed to contact the claims department. When I contacted the claims department, the claims department is stating that this damage information should have been documented on the delivery paperwork. The inaccuracies in the inventory list is making the claims process near impossible. I believe that our driver was dishonest and intentionally mislead me into signing the paperwork so that I could not report the damages. I was further disappointed by the fact that we had items dropped off at our storage unit that did not belong to us. I was notified of this mix up by my truck driver a week after the move who requested that I sift through my storage unit to find the missing items. I recruited help and spent many hours trying to locate the boxes. When I finally located the boxes it took multiple attempts to contact the movers and over two and a half weeks for Allied to formulate a plan to retrieve the items. Due to the lack of integrity, professionalism, and competency, I would not recommend using Allied.

bhudesh aggarwal

I am very disappointed with this service. I paid over $12,000 dollars for storage and my move. They not only damaged most of my items, they did not show any care or respect for any items when they came to deliver. I wasn’t home to take delivery, I had 3 people who witnessed them throw my stuff, put whatever they can where, damage paint on walls, break so many items. I paid so much money, they robbed me and now I don’t hear back from them. They just care about stealing your money with giving you poor service and no regards to you items!! They should be embarrassed after taking so much money from someone an not even show concern after I sent emails and messages letting them know my items have been destroyed, my walls damaged!!!

Nick and Shayne Mishoe

We used Simonik Transportation to move our dance school in November 2014 and they were absolutely phenomenal. The construction of our new facility was behind schedule but they were patient and understanding and ready when we were. Robert was very clear and informative in the pre move meetings and he was there to guide the process during the pack up and move out. They were a very professional, respectful crew who treated our delicate equipment with care. They were ahead of schedule on both days and in the end we got a refund due to less hours than anticipated and lower labor cost! I would highly recommend them to anyone and know that Robert and the Simonik Group will exceed expectations.


Excellent moving company. Very reliable, professional and timely. Would definitely use again.

anthony smith

They play with your money

Linda DeFelice

We moved from NJ to ME. From the Relocation Specialist to the three man moving team, communication and customer service were excellent. The Relocation Specialist provided a very accurate estimate and answered all pre-move questions clearly and promptly. The moving team worked very efficiently. They were also pleasant to deal with and treated both us and our belongings with respect. Special kudos to the moving team leader for his expertise and patience. Based on this experience, I would highly recommend Simonik/Allied Van Lines.

Jacqui Franklin

Worst service ever. They couldn't accommodate our move due to the change in our closing so we had to cancel. We canceled 7/17 and they are giving me the run around and aren't sending me my complete refund. They said they are busy, however they werent to busy to charge me $1000. They said they would send it out last Friday and it was in underwriting, and I never received it. So I called to check on it and they lied and said they never told me it was going in underwriting and it would go out in the mail Wed. Im two towns over still no check and its Sat. When I call to inquire about MY MONEY they are rude, like how dare I want my $1000 back. They refunded $800 on my CC after I had to basically beg for it only last week and still waiting on my Other portion. They promise you the moon and stars then dont deliver we had nothing but issues and moved ourselves the day of the move.

Weezie Huntington

I used Simonik to move a short distance (25 miles), and was amazed at both the good price, and the incredible service. Each of the 5 men who worked that day were capable, careful, and nice. They took great care of our stuff (no damage of any kind), and while they took the time to be careful, they moved efficiently. The move took a half hour less than estimated. They were as cheerful at the end of the day (a long day) as they were at the beginning. I would definitely recommend Simonik, and if I ever have to move again, I will use them.

Write Itdown

Simonik really did a great job coordinating our cross state move. Everything from packing up, transport, security of our belongings, and unloading were just great. Their team even managed to get a massive armoire up a twisted staircase without any damage anywhere. Absolutely everything packed up made it in one piece. Nice job.

Mary Saile

Allied moved us on May 13th. Given the forecast called for heavy rains the entire day, my husband and I were concerned about a having a successful move. When the Allied crew arrived we were certain we were in good hands. They took care to protect our floors, furniture, etc.. We were extremely impressed with the 4 gentlemen from Allied. The crew was Charles Bradley, Nic Ringo, D. Poole, and J. Patterson. These men were extremely professional, they worked well together as a team, very courteous, respectful, highly efficient and hard-working. We were more than satisfied with their service. These gentlemen were great representatives of Allied! Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Allied.

vibeman42 .

all aspects of the move were very well explained, all questions and concerns were addressed in a very timely manner. The crew worked well beyond expectation and were very accommodating to all issues. I would recommend Sominik/ Allied highly to anyone that asked, or needed referral to a reliable transporter. I will use them again in the near future!

Alan Kerr

Absolutely wonderful job! The guys were very courteous and efficient. Still can't believe they handled the big, heavy furniture with such ease. They helped ease the stress of moving a household. I highly recommend Simonik.

Colleen Riley

We utilized Simonik Transportation for our recent move from Florence to Mt. Laurel, and we could not have been more impressed and pleased. Our moving team of 3 courteous men arrived on time to begin the move, got quickly to work, and did not stop until the last item was placed in our new home. They were hard workers who moved quickly, but carefully, taking excellent care of our belongings. We even shared a couple of laughs together. More importantly, not one item was harmed during our move. I would use this company again, and highly recommend them.

Adalberto Moran

Good teams and professional services

bill S

Great experience. Highly recommended!! Great crew. Finished in less time than estimated!!

Eleanor Nolan

We had never used a moving service. Our anxiety disappeared when Dan, Bubba, Tom and Jay arrived. You should be very proud to have them working for you!!

Christine Jones

Steve Binder, Nick Binder and Keith Jones handled the move from NJ to MD this week. They were professional, efficient, and very personable. They answered all of my questions and shared helpful suggestions. I highly recommend this group and will definitely use them in the future!

Jamie Raphael

I could not have been more impressed with this moving company and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They were efficient, professional, and had great customer service from scheduling the appointment, to the relocation consultant that evaluated the items to be moved to the actual movers on the day of the move. Moving normally is very stressful for me and Simonik Transportation & Warehousing Group made this move easy and stress free.

Eddie Ortiz

We get in a1 careful respectful classy and fast movers.

Chelsea Mineur

The Simonik team executed our Atlantic City office move with professionalism and ease. Everything was explained clearly during our pre-move meeting and it made for a very smooth move day. Electronics were safely wrapped and transported. We had numerous boxes of fragile materials and all were handled with care. Thank you to Robert and the Simonik team for your services!

Carla R

We recently used Simonik Allied for our move and it was a great experience. I don’t know what we would have done without them! They were prompt, straight forward, very professional, worked efficiently and made the whole endeavor successful. I am so thankful we used them!

Taylor morris

Ask for John when you call for a quote/estimate. He was quick, professional and gave a competitive quote. We ended up using him because my sister had such a great experience with his crew and with the move. We were not disappointed. Not only did he help speed up the timing of the move (which was a huge help) but they got our stuff safely to FL within the delivery time frame. His employees were professional and consider it. As far as movers go, they are the best. I wouldn't use anyone else!

Samuel Beloff

They worked like a well-oiled machine and took particular care to protect our belongings and home.

Rex Fink

Kirill Karpelson

Update. Once I posted the original review below, I got contacted by the company. The reviewed the matter and discovered that they accidentally misplaced my claim. They have since found it, reviewed it and offered us compensation for the problems that we experienced. They are paying us money for the broken TV and a repairman is coming to fix the bed. So overall the company is working hard to repair their reputation in my eyes and hence I am raising their score to 4 stars. Bad experience! Salesman Paul F. gave us an estimate which ended up being 60% of the final amount (based on the total hours) - this after the salesman said that he is trying to overestimate the hours! Movers broke the back panel of the master bed and our flat screen TV! We submitted a claim to their insurance company and never heard back from them! We will never deal with this company again!

William Smith

I Would highly recommend using Simonik Transportation . their crew was very professional, proficient, polite and courteous. They went out of their way to make sure our belonging were packed and loaded safely. You won't be disappointed.

Tyrone Alexander

Susan Beyer


ann marie Ryan

Great moving company! I would highly recommend Simonik. Not only was everything delivered under the estimated time, the guys who did our move were incredible. They worked extremely hard, were courteous and very helpful during the two day move. After spending a month unpacking not one item was broken or damaged. I hope not to be moving again for a while but will definitely use Simonik if we do!

Jeanne Claypoole

Hiring Simonik made my move so much easier than it would have been had I rented a truck and tried to move everything myself. The movers, Aaron and Vick, arrived on time and got right to work; they wrapped all of my furniture and helped me put smaller items into giant boxes that they had provided, which made everything go faster. They were very organized, and I could tell that they were experienced. Thanks to their assistance, my new home started to feel like a home the very same day I moved. Hiring them was money well spent.

Jan Snodgrass

This trucking company pulled through our street and tore down cables off the house and didn’t even bother to inform the residents

Diane Stevenson

Rita Kusler

The packers were excellent. Nothing (so far - still unpacking) was broken - and I brought vases filled with dried flowers. All perfect upon arrival. They were professional and very hard working. The movers were also excellent. Again, professional and hard working. Plus, all the people involved were just plain nice. They were personable and involved. Just enjoyed the whole crew. However, due to a sales error, all of our furniture could not fit on the truck. If the current eta is correct, we will be an extra two weeks before we get the balance of our items. The movers did their best to leave behind non-esentials. So - again - they did a great job. But the error on estimates occured for another job - not ours - but we were the last on the truck so we were the ones impacted by the bad estimate. And now - as I learn - december is a slow time for people to move to Florida and therefore we have to wait until another truck is filled. Not what I felt I signed up for. I am very dissappointed with the management philosophy that I have to suffer the consequences of their mistake. But the individuals involved with the direct move were excellent. They made this long distance move as painless as possible.


I don’t know much to say for a review because they canceled my estimate two times in 5 days. The first time they called and left a message to confirm for the following afternoon. I was at work but called back within the hour. When they got back to me suddenly my appointment was double booked and we rescheduled for a few days later. Less than one hour before the second appointment they called and again had to reschedule. I told them thanks but no thanks. If they can’t even keep an appointment for an estimate how can I hire them? Less than one hour notice to cancel was completely unacceptable and unprofessional.

Kelly Barone

We moved from Bucks County PA to the Jersey Shore. Movers were very professional. They carefully wrapped furniture and moved everything without a problem. Team we had was friendly and helpful. Great experience.

Mary Mazza

I can't express more strongly how impressed I was with Simonik T&W Group from Burlington, NJ. I have moved three times in the past 5 years and this move was by far the most efficient, most pleasant , and most professional. The team worked extremely well together, and the leader was so well organized that the truck loading took half the time of my previous move with the same amount of furnishings. All furniture was wrapped and safely delivered with no damage, again, unlike previous moves. I would highly recommend this moving company without hesitation. The price was also very reasonable for the quality of care given to our belongings.

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