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Kimberly Johnson

Please stop and read. This is a terrible company. The customer service is Awful. I had to contact this company several times to get an update on my delivery. Each employee along with the Owner Owen provided incorrect delivery dates and false promises. Some of my boxes were smashed, damaged my suitcase and cracked my television. If you are looking for a reputable company, I suggest you not look at using Great American for your moving needs. I rate them a 0, but the drivers are Awesome! You have been warned!!!!

Donald Payne

Movers from Great American Van Lines were on time, very professional, and very thorough. The foreman was very professional, and explained their limits as well as their flexibility. They protected my furniture extensively. The efficiency, skills and organization displayed by these amazing movers were absolutely praiseworthy. The price I paid was definitely justified in the very high quality service I received. I highly recommend this company, and have used them twice now for long distance moves.

Neelima Yerrams

When my job told me I had to relocate I really started to panic. Not about changing location but about the process .i searched locally and Great American Van Lines looked reputable and had some Great reviews. And as showed online they were life savers.everything they explained would happen happened. The price was the same and the movers came and delivered on time. If I ever moved again I will defiantly re use. Let's hope I don't.

Sudheer Mora

all five star reviews are FAKE once you pay the 50% amount they wont wont respond to your call/email they will change the estimate by adding at-least 500$ more on the day they come for pickup. your stuff will be stored in their facility for a week at-least. on the date they bring you your stuff it will be loaded&unloaded few times out of their truck and storage. on the date they deliver your stuff be ready to pay few hundreds more, they will say their truck cannot get into the street 300 + walking distance to apartment is more than 75 feet so 200 more. etc etc..

Michael Held

We booked Great American Van Lines for a 2 bedroom apt move. The scheduling process was smooth and easy. All three men were very professional, packed everything very carefully and had all the materials to sufficiently wrap all furniture and valuable items to ensure nothing got broken or ruined. They even put the boxes in the corresponding rooms per the writing on the boxes which made unpacking that much easier. Their price was very fair especially when considering the quality of how they moved our items. It was the smoothest move we have endured thanks to a these movers and we will absolutely be using them again for our next move.

Michelle Eckert

The foreman and his moving team recently helped us with a move and did an amazing job. They were quick, courteous and had great attention to detail. They made sure to communicate with me throughout the whole process to make sure everything was going the way I wanted. We had a great experience and I highly recommend them.

Ravi Santhanam

Horrible experience and don’t trust the moving person. Pl discuss before they touch your household items. Mover demands money for packing and they are rude too. I never recommend this company to anyone.

Nitin Ananda

The moving contractors who came in demanded a lot more money than original estimate. But I called the sales team and they did they great job handling it and refunded the difference between original quote and what contractors asked for. So I had given a low rating before but company did very well handling the situation and hence am changing it.


I've worked with a few long distance movers, and this was the best experience I've had by far. Everyone was very professional and polite, and most importantly, my things arrived on time, in the condition I left them, and for the price I was promised. They did a great job communicating every step of the way, so I never had to worry about where my things were and when it would meet me on the other end. Anyone who has ever experienced a *bad* long-distance move knows how important that is! I will definitely be using this company again.


My experience with Great American van lines was above par. Nathan was very polite and understanding of my situation of my company shipping my family and I to another state with very little time to get ready. I was rushed and stressed but the employees that I dealt with at Great American Van Lines were amazing. Thank you to anyone who helped get my family moved. I definitely recommend Nathan and Great American Van Lines to anyone who is moving. They are very reliable.

Geri Connors

I sincerely owe these people a great review! Nina blew me away with her professional and trustworthy approach. David in dispatch? was very patient and helpful keeping me up to date with my move and Mark, the driver was also professional and helpful when I called. The movers at pick up (and delivery at my daughters out west), were polite, efficient and hard working. I couldn't believe how well they wrapped each piece of furniture as well. To top everything off, they were very competively priced. No damage. Everything intact. Thank you guys. I am impressed!

Brad Pazant

Very bad experience. Very POOR, POOR, POOR POOR customer service. The movers did not arrive on the scheduled day. They were scheduled to arrive yesterday, late afternoon. It was EXTREMELY difficult to contact the movers. They did not respond to my text messages OR phone calls. I will NEVER use them again. I'm actually still waiting to hear from them.

tiffany quisumb

I just wanted to thank all of you as one, for a great reliable service that you guys provided me. From packing my kitchen so carefully and wrapping all my furniture and all my fragile items. Everything got to me with no problems what so ever. At delivery there was a different crew but it's was no problem at all, the crew was very nice and respectful. Thank you guys so much for all your great work. Definitely recommending!

Dannie Urban

The experience I had during my last move has left me smiling all the while. I am really happy with the service Great American Van Lines rendered. I had a lot of bad experiences with my past movers who either break my stuff or lose them. But these movers were just awesome. They expertise with which they moved our stuff is quite outstanding and everything was moved within the fastest possible time. I am glad that I hired these guys for my move.

Bill Mason

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! On a recent move from NJ to SC, I decided to use Great American. HUGE MISTAKE. They informed me belongings would be picked up on a Friday and delivered on a Saturday. When I called to confirm this the day before, they laughed at me and said there was no way my belongings would be in SC by Saturday. it took 9 nine days, with me calling every other day to see when delivery would be made, each time my call was met with a "We don't know yet." This was enough to anger me but why you really should never use this company is because of the way my family was treated during the pickup of my things. The man who picked up my belongings in NJ entered my family's house and said point blank, "You Will Tip My Men." Of course that was the plan all along, what kind of jackass talks to people that way. He also demanded toll money which he said was $31-when handed $40 he proceeded into his truck and took off! When I called to complain about the gentleman, they said they would talk to the man. That was all! At this point they had my things, they essentially stole money from my family, and I was worried they would never deliver my things because it was always me tracking them down. When my things finally did arrive, multiple items were damaged; my desk had a leg broken, a nightstand had drawers ruined to the point that I had to throw it out....I understand this company may be cheaper, but I assure you, it is not worth it! I have never written a review like this but after my experience I feel forced to warn other people and I will also be contacting the BBB. I would post 0 stars if I could.

Robert Sanchez

I am running out of words to praise them. Movers simply did a fantastic job for us. They came on time, completed the move before the quoted time and charged less than the original quote. But deep down inside I know that it was not an easy move at all but they made it look so easy. Thanks guys for the great service. I recommend Great American Van Lines.

Greg V

Want to get ripped off? Lied too? Yelled at? Accused of being dishonest by a dishonest company? Then look no further than Great American Movers! This is the first time I didn't do my research on a company and I definitely paid for it. I've never had a worse experience with ANY company than with Great American. I hired them to move two used cubicles I found on Craigslist from one location to another 30 minutes away with the explanation that the move requires disassembling and reassembling the cubicles. They quoted me 2 hours for the disassemble + move and 1 hour for travel for $250 (1 Truck/s, 3 Workers, $100.00/hrs + $50 for travel). It didn’t seem like a big job since everything was put together with allen wrenches, so the numbers seemed reasonable. I also asked her to confirm that if they go over the allotted time, 3 guys in an Enterprise truck showed up, and the main mover, Simon, slowly proceeded to disassemble the cubicles while the other 2 stood around and watched. The cubicles were connected via allen screws and they had 5 more allen wrenches sitting on the floor but only one was disconnecting things and the other two were not even loading the disconnected pieces on the truck. I offered to help to speed things up, but they told me no since I wouldn’t be covered by their insurance and they couldn’t risk it. During the disassembly, one of the movers standing around asked if they were reassembling the cubicles to which I responded yes, as specified in the estimate. He nodded and didn’t say anything else. Simon finished disassembling roughly 2 hours later and began loading the truck. The other two couldn’t get small stuff loaded on a dolly properly and proceeded to waste more time. After everything was loaded, he proceeds tells me he won’t be reassembling it and I’ll need to find someone else because that’s not his job. He starts yelling at me when I told him the job was for disassembly and reassembly saying that it’s office furniture and not standard. He calls his office, tells them it’s cubicles, and he’s not putting it together because it’s office furniture. He hands me the phone, and his manager, clearly frustrated, says “I can't understand him. I’ll call you back.” and proceeds to hang up on me. We get to my wife’s office and I call the office, and the manager (whose name I didn’t get) proceeds to accuse me of trying to be slick because cubicle installations go for $200/hr and I was only paying $90 an hour. A dishonest company accusing you of being dishonest is a new plot twist for me. I clearly stated that it’s moving 2 cubicles up front and it’s in the quote they sent me. What would I know about moving cubicles or how much installation should be? It’s not like I’ve ever purchased any before. If I tell you what I need done, you say you can do it, and it costs $90 an hour to do it but you know the price should be $250/hr, who’s being dishonest? Why did they wait to tell me they wouldn’t install it only after everything was loaded on the truck, and not when they asked if they’d have to reassemble it? The best part of the entire situation? I had to pay an additional $400 because they burned the 2 hours and didn’t honor the fixed quote. The owner, David, who was very rude, claimed it was an estimate, it took longer than estimated, and if I didn’t pay, they’d take everything back to their warehouse and I’d have to pay another $600 to get it out. He essentially threatened to hold my stuff hostage if I didn’t pay the extra money. So now I have 2 cubicles sitting in pieces and I ended up paying a dishonest company a lot more for literally nothing.

Charles George

Great American Van Lines were professional and very diligent. I called around to a lot of different companies and got a lot of quotes. They were by far the best and great to deal with. The crew was very personable and friendly when it came to the quote and then confirming the job. The crews that moved our furniture in were outstanding. All of our items arrived in time. I was very happy with the service from this company at every level and would easily recommend them to friends. Thank you so much again.


I never use moving companies, but when I found a job in AZ, and had to relocate from CT in a fairly short time, I needed to find someone ASAP--with a reasonable price, and reliability. A friend told me about Great American Van Lines, but I still did my due diligence and price shopped. In retrospect, I may have wasted my time with comparisons, because Great American Van Lines truly stood out in a positive way. Their timeliness and competence engendered trust, and all my items were delivered on time, and within a reasonable budget. I would strongly encourage anyone who has to move their possessions to use Great American Van Lines.

Hassan Baber

Absolutely the worst experience of my life moving with this company. My furniture was picked up on April 30th 2019. I was told by the people who came to pick it that it should be there the following weekend latest. My furniture was delivered 4 weeks later on May 26th. This was after constant fighting with them on what is happening and I would never get a clear response. Every 5 days I would call them and they would tell them it is being put in the truck and will leave tomorrow. I heard the exact same story every time. Once I was told that my furniture has left and it will be here the next day. Called two days later, they told me your furniture is still here and never left. In the end some manager guy called me(and most unprofessional manager I have ever heard over the phone). He started yelling at me. But anyways, he told me that their truck got in an accident and had to go back so it can be fixed. Apparently this moving company only has one truck? But funny thing is that the truck left later that day and my furniture was here the following day. Please do not believe any BS they feed you. Do not trust them with your move. They broke my mirror(which I had packed myself), it was in a million pieces. They also broke my dresser. They paid me 72 dollars for me dresser which I have to fully replace. They didn't pay me a dime for the mirror they shattered because I had packed it myself. I mean what do they expect to happen if they keep furniture for 4 weeks? Please stay away from this company. After all the calls I made them. They gave me a two hundred dollar discount. Four weeks of sleeping on the floor. Wearing the same pair of clothes. No kitchen items to make food with. Nothing. Absolutely a terrible company. I wish I could give them no stars. They should not be in the moving business.

Lisa Geevarughese

This is quite possibly the worst experience I have had with a moving company and I have moved several times. They had me agree to a quite after obtaining a full detailed inventory of what I would be moving. Then the moving guys on the actual move date claim that I have to pay for additional cubic square footage. I called the moving company to ask them what was going on. They then transferred me to a dispatch number where no one helped. I was getting on a flight the following day so we had no choice but to pay an additional almost $600-700. And on top of that the man who gave us now the inflated additional cost insinuated we also tip him generously cause he was actually doing us a favor by charging us a flat fee for the additional space on the truck. We went over the items at delivery and there was no way it took up the additional space as they claimed. Do not use this company. When I called trees company to resolve thru just transferred me around to different people until I finally spoke to a guy who basically told me too bad and there was nothing they would do to fix the issue. The company is a bunch of scammers. From the woman in sales that gave me the quote to the lowlife movers they send to pick up and deliver.

Ruth Nugent

Yes they are the one you should hire for your long distance move. They are very much capable of doing anything for you. Nothing will come in their way. They will move your furniture from usual tiny places without any issues. They are very experienced and professional. Nothing can go wrong. I hired them a week ago and my move was super good. No damages, no delays and no errors at all. I highly recommend Great American Van Lines to all.

james rodrigez

we recently move with great American van lines from NJ to CA so its start with David who gave us the estimate he was very helpful he explain all the moving process it was our first move for a long distance move so we didn't know how dos it work so he was very patient and explain the all process Sam the driver show up a the day of the move he packed for us all the china and the kitchen item the crow was great they finish after 6 hours to load our goods did a great job after 1 week we got a call from Kevin the driver he told us that they start loading the truck and they will start drive in 2 days he say when I get to CA I give you a call a day before and will bring your items so kevin call after 4-5 days and say I will be there tomorrow 9-11 am they came around 10 am they start offloading the truck and assemble our bad our table and place all the boxes where ever we asked so they really did a great job we will recommend them to all our friend and family ty great American van lines it was a pleasure working with you guys

Clyde Piper

My moving crew was four guys as I was hoping to make the move quick and efficient and had a small time frame to work in. They showed up on time, and completed the move just under the lower end of the estimate. I was thrilled. they were extremely helpful and took the time to ensure everything was wrapped and handled with care. I would definitely use them again.

Everette Combs

I was worried about finding the right and trustworthy movers to move the stuffs for my new apartment. This moving company actually provided the full service as I required and I am much happy getting my stuffs delivered in original condition at my new destination. The movers were prompt, cooperative and communicative as and when required. I appreciate the wonderful help they provided for my endeavor.

Prince McNeil

Very bad experience with this company! The movers charged me an additional $200 to load my furniture because they had to walk to the loading ramp! They doubled the price of the quoted contract when they arrived and wanted cash money in lieu of a credit card payment! They did give me a free month rental which they took back and charged me an extra $250 storage fee! Now I’m told that my furniture will be auctioned off if I don’t pay the storage and delivery balance by a certain time!!!

Muhammad Omar

Terrible service... Terrible Customer service representatives. HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND PATHETIC SERVICE. If there would be any option for “minus stars” I would have definitely awarded those to this moving company. I was checking online quotes for my moving expenses and next day Great American Van lines representative called me. She seemed really nice at first and then she kept calling me every day to know about my moving plans.Then another lady from their company started calling me, literally they would call me every single day and once I reserved it they charged me extra 800$ for expedited delivery but once they picked up my stuff their dispatch team didn’t have a clue about the expedited delivery. And they delivered my stuff as per the regular schedule and they refunded me only 450$. And during all this, the 2 ladies that kept calling me every day before, now they won’t even pick up the call. THEY ARE PROBABLY ONE OF THE WORST MOVERS IN THE USA.

Lisa Hyer

From the first moment that I called Great American till the second they finished moving my furniture to NJ, White glove treated me like a king. I contacted them through their website that offered me very attractive discounts, I pressed the call button and within seconds a sales man contacted me and offered me a very good price and after comparing with other companies I chose Great American. When the big moving day came the professional movers came in about an hour we were on the road to jersey. After we arrived the movers were very nice and took everything where I asked them to very quickly.

Wilmer Keyes

The customer service staff was warm, friendly and helpful. I felt that the moving team was courteous and professional. I had never used a professional moving service before and I’m glad I did. Moving is a lot of hard work, stressful and hectic problem. Overall I did not have any problems with my move. Best moving company to hire out.

Christina forsythe

I just moved my daughter who graduated from college back home. The price they charged was very reasonable, in fact, the cheapest quote I have ever got. The move was smooth, fast and without any problems. I loved that the person who took my order (Nicole) was friendly, efficient and always answered my questions quickly and satisfactorily. The 3 strong men who did the job were all friendly, polite and absolutely marvelous. I will use this company again.


Terrible top to bottom. Awful service, professionalism, and follow through. Moving is stressful enough.. moving with GAVL is a guranteed nightmare. Stay away. Watched these guys break, strip paint/leather, and lose things at the destination. "Insurance will cover it." Submitted claim with their vendor and everything was all set. GAVL never sent the check. Called literally 50 times got assurances nearly every time. Still nothing. Almost 2 years later. Thanks for the anxeity and damaged property GAVL! PS: Notice the 5 star reviews only have 1 review each for the most part. Save yourself the trouble and find an alternate moving company.

Aaron Moore

Great American Van Lines did an amazing job with my move. Our move was done at half the cost compared to other major moving companies. They thoroughly boxed and wrapped up everything I had. Trust me. . . Having moved before, the wrapping and boxing is the one thing that gets overlooked and leads to broken items. That was not the case here! In 3 days we received our things. Throughout the move David was in contact with me and whatever questions I had he was there to help and solve any issues I had during the move. I would definitely use this company again and would recommend them to everyone!!

Bessie Lampe

The team of 3 movers sent to me by Great American Van Lines demonstrated superb determination and great skills in their work. They took great care of my valuables. My items were delivered to my new house right on schedule. I didn’t have any issues with them and their prices were very rational. I had all my items in the exact condition as they were before the move. I would certainly hire these guys again.

Mark Stambaugh

The movers were so efficient during my move. They arrived on time, packed everything, loaded them onto the truck and set off. I have never seen or heard of such efficiency. They were so friendly while being absolutely professional. My valuables were moved to my new house without any damages. The final bill was shocking. It was just too cheap. I thought this level of service would cost me a fortune. It was just unbelievable

Theron Chung

I'm still missing items from my move, and plenty items have arrived damaged. The pick up was late, the arrival was late. Nothing went as promised during this move. I do not recommend Great American Van lines whatsoever.

john keller

I needed to find a moving company for a move from New Jersey to Montana. I checked with six different moving companies and found Great American Van Lines. From the start, I was impressed with Nathan and felt confident that her company was the right choice. Nathan put my mind at ease and explained everything thoroughly. Nathan was polite and patient with me as I had many, many questions. He kept in touch with us from the beginning of the move to the end!!! On the day of the move, I was worried that things might not work out. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The movers were on time and exceptionally polite. We had a lot to move and the men were hard working and fast moving. We were amazed at how fast the move went. We can't say enough positive things about how professional and kind they were. This was not an easy move as they had two flights of winding stairs. They were incredible!!! After the truck was loaded, the men told us the time they would arrive at our destination. They arrived on time and within the delivery schedule. They moved quickly and efficiently. We did have a few times that we spoke to the movers and they were congenial and we enjoyed talking with them.We were extremely happy with Great American Van Lines. We would recommend then to anyone who is moving. We can't thank them enough!! They made a difficult situation so easy. They are the best!!

E Reportinglive

Oh, the customer service over the phone to get your business was great. But the buck stops there. You can tell the 5-star reviews are FAKE because they have similar formats, providing the "to" and "from" destination. Real reviewers get to the meat (where you're coming or going is not important. The quality of service is.) And their service quality... in short... SUCKED. You can also tell the same person is writing the 5-star reviews because one review actually begins with "I am running out of words to praise them." How are you running out of words if you just started your review? Let me tell you how my move just yesterday went.... - I was quoted $680 and billed $1100. - It took them 7.5 hours to move a 1-bedroom apt (when I was quoted 4 hours) - They charged me twice for travel; a Flat $200 fee and ANOTHER $120 per hour on the road (mind you, their active labor rate is $120/hour) - I paid for 3 men but only 2 were physically fit/able to walk up stairs (the third kept complaining and stopping to catch his breath and literally said to me "I'm the driver." It old him he should work for Uber not a moving co) - they carried ONE BOX at a time, even the small/light ones - I helped to try to speed up the process and was told to stop because they are the "professionals" (I've moved 12 times in my life and never has it taken this long.) ALL MY ITEMS were already packed and sealed and ready to go. - The legs of my furniture were damaged upon delivery - My desk was taken apart but was not put back together - They charged me for every time they had to use blankets and tape to cover furniture - Their dollies were TINY and they still opted to use them instead of the FREE Public Storage dollies that are 3 times larger than the ones they brought with them Overall, they MILKED THE CLOCK to stretch my bill. Oh, and they came with 12 pages of fine print and disclaimers on the DAY OF my move as if I had a choice to decline their service that late in the game. The fine print sited that they would not be responsible for any damages among other distasteful business practices. I could go on, but I'm trying to focus on better days to come. I'm so over it. I spent all last night in tears because I should have read the reviews first. So much for good faith. Please take this as a warning. #BUYERBEWARE!!!

Vincent Rodriguez

Moving from one state to another is not a easy task. I hired Great American Van Lines. They really were fantastic. They sent a very friendly and efficient set of movers do the job. The movers were punctual, well equipped and organized. They finished packing and loading all my belongings very quickly. I was worried about how my things were going to travel the long distance. Luckily, due to the packing skills of the movers, all my valuables were transported without causing any damage to them. In the end, the money I paid seemed worthwhile given how easy the move was.

Jules Mayberry

My intention was to get a good moving company for my recent relocation. I hired Great American Van Lines and they successfully served the purpose. The estimate was acceptable and the movers were very expert as far I have seen them. They carried all the things after very efficiently packing them. I got all my belongings fit and fine at my new place on time. That was my expectation and they fulfilled it. Truly I had a memorable moving experience with them.

Helen Cape

Professional service and properly equipped. Helpful guys and they moved items with care. Everything was wrapped carefully and arrived perfectly. Reasonable price and super communicative throughout the process. They answered all my questions and were knowledgeable.Thanks team for providing a reliable service.

Rahul Dhammy

This is the most horrible company. I am also filing a complaint with authorities for harassing me mentally. I booked them for a move a month and half in advance. Till the last day they kept saying person will be there for move at exact schedule time. On the move day they called me early morning and told if the move is to be done it has to be done early morning otherwise they cannot do it. My freight elevators in the building were also not booked and I did jot have the keys of new apartment. Also multi story apartment do not allow early moves. Then they said it cannot be done. I called the office and the lady who did my bookings told me she cannot do anything and also she is out of office. I was so mentally harassed for hours. I was not able to find other movers in that short duration. The freight elevators in building were booked for others. I was so stressed because if i did not move i might loose another month rent that is why scheduled everything about 1.5 months back. At the time of booking they also took my credit card info. Since this company is fraud I am sure they would sell my credit card info somewhere as well. I am a medical patient and i was harassed badly. Eventually i end up paying extra at last moment to some other company and i have to make about 200 calls. Please do not use their service. They did not offer apology. I am bit busy with few things but i will make sure i hire a lawyer and sue them for harassing me. I will alse lodge a complaint and see if this business can be closed. I have all the proofs on email for bookings. Please never trust on them.

isamel khan

I recently moved from Illinois to Conneticut, so i decided to use Great American Van Lines. Their process was so convenient and easy. They also had the best prices around and was affordably within my budget. Nothing was damaged during the move, which was something I was worried about. They definitely have the best service around and would recommend them to anyone looking for a moving company!

Kennith Kriner

These guys at Great American Van Lines are amazing. A friend of mine recommended Great American Van Lines and I just gave them a call to check them out. From that moment I felt good. The sales rep is a great guy. He assured me that my move will be handled with great care. And yes, they did. The moving crew came in, packed, loaded and delivered. Just like that. No damages at all. The only hard part of this move was waiting for my things to arrive. Besides that, it was an easy move.

David Garcia

The movers from Great American Van Lines impressed me the most with their packing skills. I have read many people talking about how much packing materials these guys use. But in my opinion, they only do what is best for the valuables. They came with plenty of boxes and other packing materials. The regular things were packed inside the boxes with a layer of tape to secure the box. The breakables were layered inside the boxes with plenty of newspaper and bubble wraps to make sure nothing breaks. Even my furniture was wrapped in shrinking tape. Every item I own is now sitting pretty at my new house and I only have these amazing movers to thank for it.

Lisa W. Henry

Well, this was my first time using professional movers instead of bribing people to move for me or stuffing all my items into one truck or car. I used Great American Van Lines moving from Garfield NJ to Cleveland, about a week ago. I was nervous about moving but these guys made it stress-free. I first had contact with Brian scheduling the moving time and she was helpful and never pushy. During the move my sofa didn't fit through the door so they went out of their way to find a few different ways to get in the house; an overall great problem-solving team of movers. They have common-sense and know how to pack and carry all of your valuables with care, moving them safely from one location to another without breaking anything! Nothing got damaged! I am super happy with the price! I am more than satisfied with these guys!!!

Mateo Solano

My experience was nothing short of perfect. I can't begin to express how great of a company this was. They were hassle free and they really worked to help me out. The dispatch and customer service department was so friendly and made sure my move was executed correctly. I am not very familiar with moving companies since this is my first time moving but what I can say is that Great American Van Lines will make sure you are a happy customer!

Teleesha Johnson

The took apart my vanity set and didn’t put it back together. They halfway put my bed together. All of my boxes were flipped upside down messing up everything.... the boxes marked “fragile” were beat up.. only thing they were good for was putting the things in the house. Could’ve hired my neighbors for that


We hired Great American Van Lines to move our home from Connecticut to our new home in North Carolina. We had Nathan gave us a estimate of the list of items we were relocating and he gave us the reasonable price for our move. Nathan emailed us all the info and total cost the next day. We needed a few days to pack, to move, and some minor unpacking of mostly the art and pictures. The movers were very professional and the girls at the office were extremely helpful. Overall we had a great experience and we highly recommend them to everyone.

Carlo villar

Couldn't be happier with the whole experience with Great American Van Lines. Everyone we had contact with from Nathan to the office staff to the movers were pleasant and professional. We would recommend them to everyone. We hope to never to have to move again, but if we do, it will be with them.

Randy Wynter

I got to know about this moving company via a friend and he had many good things to say about them. When my time to move came, I hired them and it was pretty easy to get the date I wanted. They set me up with a decent quote and sent their team on the moving day on time. The team packed everything very nicely and moved all my things along with the furniture with care. I am happy to say that nothing was broken or damaged. It turned out to be a smooth move. It all went right and the price did not change in the end. Good job Great American Van Lines. I will use you again.

Jicosha Stewart

I wish I could give them zero stars. They kept hassling my brother in law for more money when he didn’t even have his furniture and boxes yet. This company is a joke and further legal actions will be taken to resolve the issue.

frank fonseca

Great American Van Lines gave us a very devoted crew that was so nice to work with. The movers were true professionals and showcased their skills as they moved our things down the round staircase. Even when it came to our heavy equipment, these guys did not complain and instead used their experience and the various professional moving tools they had to make the day a success. Their charges were reasonable and they are not like other movers who leave you feeling overcharged.

Saif Ahmad

The worst experience you can imagine. The guy showed up 3 hours after the scheduled time. The agreed upon rate was $90 for 3 men. Two guys showed up asking for $80 for 2 men per hour. The third guy he said was drunk. The guy was rude and really scary. The quote was for $270 but after getting here he started talking nonsense. I ended up not moving forward. I wonder how these people get job at the first place. I would highly recommend to stay away from this moving company.

Bernardo Scales

I had a very pleasant moving experience with Great American Van Lines. The first thing I need to highlight is their on-time arrival which actually helped us in reaching our destination on time. The movers were polite and efficiently handled all our belongings. I highly recommend them to those expecting to have a hassle-free moving experience.

Jennifer Engel

Excellent Service! Great American Van Lines are by far the best Movers I have been using. Their estimates are solid and very accurate, the price is clearly explained from the beginning and there are no hidden charges! Perfect Packing services! Fast and professional team came to my place on time, after calling me one day in advance. they packed perfectly all my expensive furniture and art, and loaded quickly their truck. Their Forman was so kind to go over the contract with me before they start the move. The delivery was even faster and cleaner! No damage noticed or what so ever.

Rachel Santos

Receive my delivery 20 days after I moved when I move total box count was 54 I received 52 I called Tom and time again to speak someone regarding the two missing boxes when you first hire this company the people that you speak to where the young ladies that you speak to our awesome they want to help are there for you until your move is picked up then when you try to contact him no answer dispatcher no help they misplaced your articles and you're responsible for contacting their claims department or a claims department in order to try to get your stuff back my personal feelings are that it's the moving company's responsibility to file that clean why should I have to do the extra work after I paid over $1,000 for my move this is not the first time it happens if I would have known from the beginning that my mother use the same people when she moved and she had thousands of dollars merchandise stolen I would have never chose them so when you call dispatch to get help all you get is the run-around when you ask to speak to a manager which is name is David you never get a phone call back if I could give them zero Stars I would when the driver delivered my merchandise I had orange stickers on all my boxes as he's pulling items out of his truck I look at something that's placed to the left of the garage and it had yellow stickers on it I told the driver that's not mine you have to put that back in the truck and he said to me yes it is once again I told him my stickers are orange not yellow anyway go figure will never ever ever use this company again now I have to wait a hundred and twenty days to see if I'm even going to get my merchandise still waiting for them to email me all the paperwork that goes with my move so I can forward it to the cleans department so they can do their investigation yeah I'll never get those boxes and I'll never get the money for them company sucks

Berry Judge

I was very pleased by their commitment to service and great work ethic. I was very concerned about moving all of my fragile items safely. I was surprised at how dedicated they were to service and kept all of my items safe. I have moved several times before but I have always done it myself, but asking this company to help me was the best decision I have made. Best moving service to hire out.

Kim Fields

The whole experience was a scam. Brought a too small truck then charged me 2500$ to bring another and finish my move. The move was estimated at 7400$. When they had my stuff they told me it would be almost 13000$. What can you do? Do not use this company.


I wish I could give -200 stars!!!!!!!Not enough space to write my full complaint! Michael with Great American Vanlines called me on 7/16/2018 and explained he was 45 minutes from the Oregon address and coming to move me to Arizona. They showed up in "Budget trucks". Upon reporting to the address, he was very friendly and had a great personality. He assured me multiple times after hearing my nightmare story of my first move that he and his crew treat everything like they're own and aren't like other movers that do poor packing and break things. We started to discuss paperwork and remaining balances and had told me that State to State was a contracting company that hires movers for people and they're not an actual moving company. He performed and inventory list and reported this to his boss. Michael stated anything they pack would be an extra $30. I told him the contracting company quoted me $25.He stated anything they dissemble will be reassembled at the new address. This was understood and we agreed to have them dissemble with the expectation it would be securely and safely packed and then reassembled at the new address. After they had packed the tv stand, there was a drawer that they noticed was left out and frustrated one of them had stated "Great, a drawer was left out. Well we can't pack it. It's too fragile. You need to take it because I already packed the tv stand". I was in shock of the irritation he expressed and the rude comment that I didn't think to ask him to unpack the tv stand and insert the drawer since I am paying him to do a job of moving everything and pack things. We were trusting their promises in making sure everything was taken care of and packed as if it was each of their own. As I was cleaning, I noticed a small hole in the main bedroom door. The packers of Great American Van Lines that came to Oregon address were the same that came to Arizona except one of them was not present. It was stated by one of the packers that he wasn't here because of a family situation. Neither of the two movers were as cordial nor friendly as when they were in Oregon address. 7/23/2018 While unpacking the truck, they did ask where certain boxes were supposed to go. My mother, had instructed them to get the beds put together and then unload the boxes. As they started unpacking boxes they did ask on where the first few were to be placed and then after that they were just placing them wherever they felt was convenient. Most of the boxes ended up in the living room vs. the specified room that was written on the box. One of the packers helped himself to one of my coffee mugs that I had unpacked, and helped himself to the ice in my freezer without washing his hands nor permission. While giving himself ice, he makes the comment "it smells like alcohol in here!" The cup was never returned to the kitchen or my mother but left it in the garage hidden by other boxes and items. A comment of "See! see! she loves me" was made when my aunt offered a bottle of water to him. I received a text message from my mother while at training for work that a cabinet is damaged, my hope chest had missing chunks and broken lid, our white futon had black hand prints, tv stand had water stains, a bedframe was put together incorrectly, a very fragile brass tulip lamp was wrapped with one wrap of bubble wrap and some glass light fixtures wrapped together most of the fixtures are broken. They failed to assemble this after dissembling it in Oregon, all the furniture has dents/scratches. My mother called Great American Vanlines to address the concerns regarding the moving experience with the movers. She asked for a supervisor and was treated VERY disrespectfully by a dispatcher supervisor, Jonas. He was not actively listening to the issues she was addressing as I've advised of in the above correspondence. He was putting words in her mouth and taking the concerns very lightly and jokingly.

Merrilee Morse

Knew we were elderly people but waited well over a month to get our belongings. We had to sleep on the floor for a month with severe arthritis. We were given a 21 day window but reality was 36 days. I had to call over and over to get information. The two stars are for the guys who unloaded our stuff and set up our beds. They were fast, did a great job and nothing was missing or broken.

ojes baruch

This company overcharged me by $1000, from $1700 to $2700, and stayed with my stuff for a whole month from the initial promise of 3-10 business days . Refused to respond to my inquiries for over 3weeks, then suddenly called me within 2hrs of delivery asking for payment, with subsequent threats to confiscate my stuff, deliver to a storage facility and impose an instant $2000 and charge daily storage charges. This company with their broker Open Road Moving and Storage are a total fraud scam, please keep off them. Find an authentic moving company .

John Crouch

Moving from Jersey City, NJ to Texas was a lovely and pleasant experience. I had hardworking movers who did their best to pack my expensive furniture safe and delivered everything I wanted to move in 10 days. I am content with the price and with the fact that I had a careful and fast moving.


Excellent service, dependable, reliable, caring and diligent in their move. Kevin is wonderful he is extremely organized, reasonable and targeted on getting the job done right! His workers did a fantastic job! Highly recommend this crew to move anyone anywhere anytime any day! Fantastic, excellent, dependable, affordable, honest, & reliable!

Roger Clarke

The best moving experience I've had. These movers showed up early, were efficient, extremely courteous and very careful in wrapping and handling my furniture. The prices are decent and service provided was prompt. Worth every penny for a hassle-free move.

Andrea Amato

The crew came at 11:30 AM not 8- 10 as promised. Many things are damaged. My portable kitchen island draws are broken, the kitchen table top broken in two, it was hand painted from Italy. I filed a police report for my missing gold bracelet and gold necklace. The phone number given to me by Rayshawn is a burner phone no longer workshop. Pat kept on asking me to go to supermarket for Gatorade. I didn’t go. He made ups story he walked there and they didn’t have any.I never saw any evidence of any beverage. My American Girl dolls gone. Nice to leave the boxes. He said he finished most of the bedroom. I asked to let me put away my personal things they refused and someone kept needing my attention. They couldn’t get my things finished in tiime They had to store my things on the truck overnight. When finally moved by another’s crew I discovered all these things missing or damaged. The whole thing makes me sad and angry.

Veronica Ruggiero

Just wanted to send out a big thank you Great American Van Lines and specifically MOVING GUYS for a job well done as our moving team! Our move was seamless end to end. The guys took such great care of our belongings and had such great workmanship when it came to wrapping/protecting our fragile items. Can't thank you guys enough. Made the whole moving process painless! this is the link

Bill G

The movers did a good job, other than loosing some small parts to the bed and breaking one piece of glass. It happens. However the move was within the original quote of 4 hours = $400. They took an initial deposit of $50 and then charged my card after the move $500. I've called and was told "I'll look into it and call you back". No call backs, and no credit to my account of $150 which I am due.

Dev Patel

I moved with Great American Van Lines and I was so happy with the service! They have a great team that is well put together and great customer service. My price and quote were the same. At the pickup my items were packed properly and loaded carefully and upon delivery I wasn't missing any items and didn't have to report anything damaged or broken. I received all the services that I requested and they are very helpful. job #650235 NJ to MA $1800 thanks


We moved with great American van lines from NJ to FL and we just have our delivery from NJ the movers did a great move and we very happy with the movers and the moving company we definitely will recommend them to all our friends and family ty great American can lines

Ernest Pearson

They were professional, well-equipped and helpful. They assisted in various tasks include disassembling and assembling some of the furniture, including the bed and the dining table. They were careful and experienced at their job. Overall, it was a good experience and left me with nothing to complain about

Mason Fiascone

The worst possible moving experience we could have asked for. They arrived a month after the day we were "first available to move in". The driver called the day before and said he'd be there at 1pm, he arrived at 8:30pm. Then when they finally arrived, they had lost a box in the move. A few days later it turns out it was on the original driver's truck but it was packed and organized so poorly that he couldn't find it. Then it took another 2 weeks for them to finally deliver the lost box! 95% of the time we called customer service, no one was available to answer. When we left a voicemail, we never heard back. Throughout the whole process we never heard from anyone at the company unless we called them, and then their customer service was rude, interrupted frequently, and was never sympathetic to the terrible situation they put us in. I recommend that you NEVER move with Great Van Lines and find a different company.

Frank Wentz

They were very careful and it is only for that reason that it was possible to have all my properties relocated safely and with much ease. I treasure this team of Great American Van Lines.

Dana Linder

Be VERY VERY careful and aware. The actual movers were great. They worked very hard. Having said that, the back office low balled me. They sent out a quote for $1600 for 600cf. I had another mover physically come out and say it would be $2500 for 975 cf. I called back to see how much they would charge for the additional 375 cf. I was told "You've got the whole truck. Don't worry". I called back the next day to say that the quote still said 600cf and could I get one that said 975. Again, I was told "You've got the whole truck. Don't worry". The day they showed, they said I had 1000cf and it would cost $1200 more. I called to protest. We agreed on another $600, for a fixed rate of $2200. Ultimately that was a very good price, so I did well, but I would have gone with the other mover (who I really liked), if they had been honest. When I called back again to express my anger at what they had done, I was told that no one can know the actual cf until it is loaded in the truck. #1, I told them there was more. #2, they told me the cf and price before they loaded. If you make sure you have everything documented EXACTLY, the service is very good, but you need to be sure it is documented or you risk a huge problem the day of the move, when it is too late for options.

Steven Cooper

I had a local move in Jersey city, where I moved about 10 blocks. The guys were fantastic. In a few hours, everything was packed, moved, and delivered. I had 1 box that got smashed, so that is where the 5th start went. It was dishware from my mother-in-law so my wife was pretty upset and they couldn't really do much about that. These types of things do happen when you move, so I understand and will be calling them back if ever needed.

tyler estes

Ty great american van lines This movers help me move from edison nj to jersey city they did great job packing all my dishes and pictures and my furniture very happy with the service we will recommend great american to all our friends and family

Anindita Roy Burman

Today we had a move in within our apartment from the 3rd floor to 2nd floor at Passaic. We had hired these buggers. My husband took leave from his office , booked the elevator for today. We were told that the movers would reach at 3pm instead of 2pm. They did not turn up. Since then we have been calling Great American Van Lines and neither they are recieving our calls or returning our calls. This company is the most ridiculously unprofessional mover company I have ever had an experience with. Do not consider hiring them. You will be in hell lot of trouble.

Miller James

Highly recommend Great American Van Lines. These guys were awesome every step of he way from start to finish. They wrapped and protected our furniture and took extreme care not to cause any collateral damage to wall and floors. Don't waste your time calling around trying to get a better deal; this is the company you need to use.

Kara Birch

Lied to on multiple levels. They promised they use their own in house movers and a different company shows up moving day, 3 hours early and takes 4x as long as promised. They quoted us with a "managers discount" then didn't communicate it to the 3rd party company and refused any of our calls or emails during or after the move. Unethical, disrespectful and a fraud. Really just a sham broker not movers.

Sirazur Rahman

I was referred to Great American Van Lines by a friend who highly spoke of their professionalism and I certainly experienced the same. All our questions were promptly answered before booking is confirmed and seriously I cannot think about anything I was unhappy with. Considering all the stress with the house move, last thing you want is to have problems with the moving company and it becomes easy to deal with when you are impressed with the service. The price was very reasonable and the service they provided was highly professional. They did the whole job according to our requirements and there was nothing we can complain about. Everything was arranged as smoothly as possible. Overall a successful move and we would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Ramesh Venkatesan

Sales department will work only untill get Order from customer (you). Once they book order, no one will talk to you and they never concern about your items. Whenever we call for our item delivery, they simply answer without response, very rude behaviour in reply. We will get lot of frustration in their answer. They simply just dont care about our self respect. If you call for missing items, they will take their own time for responding. They will not deliver items as per commitment on time. They will also charge you more thant what they committed. Please think three times before booking order with this packers and movers. On overall my experience, I had some bad experience with this packers and movers.

Mathew Picou

I used several moving companies in the past and never had a good move. But this time, for a change, I got what I was looking for. The team of Great American Van Lines did a great job while packing and loading and the sales rep was very responsive and attentive, made all the necessary arrangements and ensured that there were no hidden fees and the foreman worked really hard with his crew to get the job done without any unwanted issues.

rebeka jacobs

I was very satisfied with the service I received. There were on time and courteous, and respectful Of my property. I've been moving around for a long time, and I've dealt with a lot of different companies, and Great American Van Lines has been the most convenient and satisfactory service thus far. I recommend them to anyone considering moving, they are your best bet!

Liwen Xing

I just got HANG UP by them. I paid my deposit a month ago and yesterday they told me they would be here today 8-10AM. My lease ends last night and I told my landlord to give me till lunch time to empty the room. They have someone moving in this afternoon. This morning I got up 6AM and got everything ready. The mover said he would come around 8. I waited till 9 to call him and ask where he is. He said the truck had some problem and he is not coming. I called the company and ask what Now. They said they will try to rent another truck. I waited for another hour and called again to ask what status now. And the person said "I am trying to rent a truck and calling repeatedly is not gonna help." I was trying to explain my situation when he hang up on me. Now my landlord and his new tenant are waiting while I am stuck in the house waiting for a truck I do not even know if it is gonna come. The movers finally came around 11:30AM and they are very nice people. It took them quite some time to dissemble the bed but they managed to get everything done in time. The mover Sammy who is very nice and fast and they took care of my stuff well. Although the whole experience was not perfect, I like the movers. Ok this is the second time I came back to edit my review. I thought I was done with it while I saw my credit card transactions has some extra charge (my bill shows $300 and something but I got two transaction and each one is $300+). I am guessing they double charged me...

Joan Stive

Best long distance movers We have just relocated to Georgia from New Jersey using Great American Van Lines. After experiencing their outstanding service, affordable price and a picture perfect move it is my responsibility to let other people know about Great American Van Lines. Their crews were simply awesome. They did everything possible to manage the move without any error and complete the task before the allotted time. It was good to see the zeal to perform among their sales rep and the movers. We were very pleased with their honest effort and fantastic outcome. I am obviously recommending Great American Van Lines. job #640216 NJ to NC 9 days coast $3900

Martin R. Predmore

I prefer to go with reputable companies that have a history of excellence, and that’s what I received with Great American Van Lines. Nothing but excellence from the beginning to the end of the move. Thank you for such reliable service.

Humberto Cummings

The fact that I am happy is a testimony that the relocation service was productive. The team came, ready to deliver professional services, and did not fail in attaining that. I was surprised by the level of diligence injected in that relocation. They were very careful and it is only for that reason that it was possible to have all my properties relocated safely and with much ease. I treasure this team of Great American Van Lines.

Tammy G

I was not excited to move out west, mainly because I had never been to the west coast before, and because I knew that it would cost me a small fortune to move the little things that I had, out there. Luckily I found Great American Van Lines who were able to offer me a great deal going cross country. But what's more important is that their reviews made me feel like my items would be handled well, since frankly if they weren't work a lot to begin with, I wouldn't even bother moving them. I was happy, as well, that they were able to crate my television for free, since I couldn't be bothered to do it myself. The movers were polite, the job was done quickly, and the delivery didn't take as long as I had anticipated. All in all a great move that really made the whole experience of moving a lot easier.

Vivek Kotha

I was shifting from NY to NE based on my job. I looked for Movers to move my stuff. I left my details on a website and I got multiple quotations from different companies. I have chosen "Great American Van Lines" comparing the prices. Great American Van Lines quoted me $1300 for the following items 20 - 6 CU. FT Boxes 1 - Bed Frame 1 - Bed Headboard 1 - Bed Rails (Qty2) 4 - Dining Chairs 2 - Queen Mattresses 1 - Projector Screen 1 - Dining table I accepted there quotation and paid them $260.00 as advance. I have packed exactly whatever they mentioned in the Quotation (in fact I used 4.5 Cu Ft boxes instead of 6 Cu ft)to avoid additional costs. On the day when they are supposed to pick my stuff, the driver of the truck came to my house, he saw the stuff and says the stuff is more and he need an additional $350.00. I said him, it is based on the quotation. He said the estimated cubic feet on quotation is 272, but the stuff you had is 350 cubic feet. How come Great American Van Lines gave me estimate with all the above inventory and now come up with cubic feet issue.!! They are just trying to cheat people by giving a low quotation up front and collect the money in a situation where the customer has no option but to pay them. I said the driver I'm not going to pay him and he left. I had to go through lot of stress, as I was supposed to start my travel to NE on that day. Which I have to postpone because of these people. I asked them for a refund, and they said they wont refund and read the policy at the bottom of the mail.

Kathy Choi

Worst moving experience I have ever had. I moved cross country from Boston to LA and there were issues along every step of the way. Incorrect pickup times on pickup and delivery They lost my mattress and it took 5 weeks to get it back, and it came back damaged and dirty. I must have called over 20 times and they never once called back as promised. At one point, I called and the agent told me, "I'm in New Jersey, what do you want me to do about it." They were prompt before the move with communication, but as soon as I paid the bill it was like I didn't exist. If you value your money, BOOK YOUR MOVE ELSEWHERE. I have moved over 7 times and never had a move this bad. I will be following up with a formal BBB complaint. Customer beware.

Gretchen murphy

We had a very good experience with Great American Van Lines for a April 2018 household move from New York to California. The agents on both ends were professional and careful, and the arrangements generally went very smoothly. The trucks were packed very carefully, so that we had almost no damage at all. The agents all showed up exactly when they said they would. We would definitely recommend Great American Van Lines to anyone contemplating a cross country move.

Shella Lefever

I had a phenomenal moving experience with Great American Van Lines. Furniture is all in great condition and that’s after getting it up three flights of stairs. All three of the movers did a superb job and I would absolutely hire them again. These men are made to do this job- hire them and you will see.

michael bridgeman

My family used this moving company and the experience has been a travesty at best. They contracted the company to deliver on the 1 Oct. the company has been calling my cousins wife bullying her for an earlier delivery date since they shared they was able to get to Florida earlier due to a miscalculation on their part. They arrived to Florida yesterday and has been trying to contact the business who is now not answering and sending them to voicemail. The last interaction the company told them if they do not allow them to deliver on the date they decide which was not according to contract then they would not deliver until a two lweeks after the agreed date. Customers this company has used harassment and strong arming techniques to manipulate their patrons into delivering service at their convienience. I will be taking this matter up not only with the better business bureau but also with the department of transportation. I’m a military member and is saddens me to hear thanks for my service then at any given opportunity you provide my family with the worst service possible. It’s unfortunate that we have people and businesses that pray on people needs and take advantage of customers needs. Military personnel take heed into businesses like this, look on the military restricted sites for businesses such as this and pass it on so we will not have another military family endure such pain. Transitioning is already a big deal, and with a family of six and now I will not have my furniture as originally prescribed to me this will further push back our settling in.

Giovanni Higaldo

I used this company for my move based on reviews on the internet. The three guys who came to help with my move exceeded my expectations. The team came 15 minutes early and were on the job immediately. They moved quickly, smoothly and quietly. The guy in charge was very organized. They packed everything safely and neatly. They were very good at packing my ridiculously heavy couch. They came with all packing materials and boy did they use it. You don't need to pack your fragile items such as tv's, mirrors, etc. They will do that for you very quickly. They came with numerous boxes etc. When we reached the destination they had no issues going up the stairs to put stuff, etc. They showed no signs of hesitation to do anything. Very focused on their job. I really had such a great experience that I would definitely use them for my next move. These guys are truly professional movers.

paulina bridgelit

I could go on and on about Great American Van Lines. Great moving company with fair, affordable rates! From the very first phone contact with Nathan, to the in-home estimate with David and all the way through the completion of our move, this company was the epitome of professionalism. Even in pouring down rain, they moved our household goods and storage space items without an issue. In fact, they went above and beyond to accommodate our specific needs. It was a great overall experience and I definitely recommend this company!

shabir salam

Very bad experience with respect to customer service. I did my moving using this company. When asked for Invoice , they send the invoice from their gmail Id . For claim purpose my company does not accept vendor emails from personal emails or gmail. So my company asked whether there are any company email that the invoice can be send. I have called back this great american van lines and the person informed that they have a company email and will send it 20 minutes.I didnt receive any emails .Hence i called back . Then another guy shouted at me as if i am his servant . He shouted that there is no company email .Everyone is using gmail . I have informed that i am calling as per informed by the employee that they will send the email. He then shouted at me that the my company can contact them...This is a very bad way of treating a customer .I dont know whhether i ll get my claim from my company

Neil C

Horriable my stuff was securely tapes and packed and after 27 days we finally got our things and more than half our bins were rummaged through. The tape was removed or retapped with different tape than previously had. Customer service horriable. We called the supervisor and was hung up on after we confronted them. Never again save your money.

Bradley Gibney

I had a very pleasant experience with Great American Van Lines. The movers showed up on time with great attitudes. They handled all of my furniture with care . I am overall very satisfied and when I move again they will be the first people I call.

dorinda marks

I used Great American Van Lines to move my 4 bedroom house. The movers arrived on the specific time I previously arranged on the phone with Dana - the sales representative of the company. As soon as we had the paperwork ready, the movers started packing my stuff. They took a good care of all my fragile furniture, arranged the truck pretty fast. At Rhode Island the movers were pretty fast too. All my furniture was in a pretty good condition. The movers were polite and careful. I also purchased an insurance with them but finally everything delivered in a perfect condition. I have already recommended Great American Van Lines to my neighbors. I would use them again. Thank you Great American !

Angela Nowacki

I really wish I could give -10000000 stars . My furniture finally showed up today, over a month late. This “company” doesn’t answer their phones, when they do they are very rude or will just hang up on you. I had to call off of multiple peoples phones so I could figure out where my furniture was because they would not tell me. They didn’t really start giving me information until a lawyer was involved. They also quote you at a really low price, then will up-charge thousands of dollars at the last minute. If you actually want to see your furniture again, DO NOT use this company. Also, to make this situation even better, I found half dissolved pills in my sink after letting two of the movers use my restroom. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

Gert Bailey

We moved our family from New Jersey to Florida. The move cost us $2400 which was a great price. The moving company was really super and a great company to work with. They came in and gave us a very professional presentation and quote, which they met and overall did a good job for us. The movers did a great job packing our items and we did not have a single damaged item. The moving company delivered our items quickly to our new home and we were very happy with the service.

Coy Aponte

My friend told me that Great American Van Lines handled his move and all his belongings were delivered intact. I had to see it for myself and so I hired them when I was moving. This company knows how to do the job properly. They maintained their timings and the moving team was just too skilled. My valuables were all safely delivered. All the hype about this company is really true

Leon Johnson

They did an excellent job. They were right on time, stayed within the quoted price and were pleasant to work with. Their packing team was outstanding. They were prompt, tireless and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lima G

We moved with Great American Van Lines from NJ to IL last week. The movers did a great job. They made sure to handle our furniture with care, no scratches or anything. Thank you guys!!!

Brandon Gilbert

When it comes to relocation company options, I only have one. There isn’t really nothing much to choose from because to me it is too obvious. Great American Van Lines is the best and they deserve to get to relocations services done to me. I have this strong belief in them and I know they will never disappoint me.

Johnnie M. McClain

Great American Van Lines is run by people who are very experienced in moving industry. This reason alone is good enough to hire them. They helped me move my valuables last month. Their quote was very realistic and not too expensive. I hired 4 movers and 2 vans. The men were very experienced and knew exactly how to pack up everything properly. They were very careful not to break or damage anything while carrying them outside to the vans. All my belongings arrived right on schedule and nothing was lost or damaged. These guys deserve 5 stars all over!

Ayo Ogunmoyero

Wish I could give them less than one star. DO NOT USE THEM FOR LONG DISTANCE MOVES! They give you a low estimate so you pick them then end up adding crazy fees when they come to pick up. They promised to delivery my stuff in 7-10 business days and ended up taking a month+ to deliver. They were so rude and dismissive when I used to call to find out where my stuff was. One of them even hung up on me. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Go with other movers even with higher estimates, it is worth it in the end.

Thomas Figueroa

I hired Great American Van Lines based on their level of professionalism and word of mouth because they didn’t seem to play games like other companies. This move was the first long distance for my family. This was a smooth moving experience- thanks to these fabulous movers. Everyone so patient and courteous but best of all no damages. Movers did a good job packing and it was easy to work with. They handled every issue that arose with the utmost professionalism. They are awesome.

Natalia Gonzalez

Scheduled for 9am move, they show up at 4pm! And on top of that thew wanted to charge me 1,000$ for “damages to truck”! Disgusting customer service and extremely disrespectful. Never again!!! The movers kept dropping my boxes!

Mary Cassel

Getting in touch with Great American Van Lines helped me out massively during my last move a while back. I told them exactly where I was moving to and how much things I had and they promptly gave me a quote. It seemed quite reasonable and I hired them immediately. I had packed everything beforehand. They picked up all the items and delivered at the new house. This time, they got all the things unpacked and put in place. I was wondering if they’d charge me for it but they didn’t. I am actually very impressed with their skills and organization. I would definitely recommend this company.

Game Singers

I was missing a box when they delivered my stuff and they took longer than they said they would. Never again. I called them and they gave me a quote ($950)and I SPECIFICALLY asked if that was what I was going to pay and if there were any other fees. They said no that it was a set price. So when they come pick up my stuff and load it all in the truck, the guy said the total would be about $1550. Scammers

game up with myles


Samuel Sharman

The move was easier than I expected. I have moved numerous times and this is the first moving company I haven't had a problem with. They are punctual and extremely professional. They care for their customers and the items they are relocating. The price they quoted me was the same price I paid, not a penny more. The delivery was done immediately and my household goods were not damaged/ broken or missing. Excellent office personnel and the crew who performed the pick-up/delivery were very careful and helpful. They did a great job. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stress-free move.

Ivana Zeberan

This company is awful. 3 weeks late with my stuff. Totally ripped us off...

Maria Salvo

I had bead experiences with movers in the past but that was not the case with Great American. They were very professional, they helped me with my most valuable items, they were patient and very hardworking. I am glad I hired them

Elizabeth Bueno

Every step of working with Great American Movers has been a complete scam and unprofessional. In the initial phone call with Kevin Sanders, he assured me "$1,600 quote included everything and your items can be picked up tomorrow and arrive in 5-7 business days." Of course he also said "can be up to 14 days but legally we have 21 days." Instead our items were picked up days later from when originally promised. While inquiring on the status of our belongings for days, our phone calls have been avoided, we've been placed on hold until our calls drop and our emails have gone ignored. Additionally, we've had to purchase additional clothes and items since our belongings have not arrived within any of the timeframes discussed. Finally, 22 days later, Great American movers dropped off our items and sadly with plenty of damages (broken bar cart, vases, china) and even MISSING items (the legs to our dining chairs.) The movers almost gave us a huge box that wasn't even ours! It's been a devastating moving process with this company. I'm attaching the pictures to show the damages of our belongings. David, the dispatch manager, called us to request we remove our Yelp review instead of acknowledging the poor service we've received nor offering to rectify the situation. We now have to go through a long, tedious process with their insurance provider to start a claim which will only reimburse us .60 cent/per pound of damaged items, if we're lucky. I highly advise you to NOT use Great American Van Lines.

philip cyrus

Great American Van lines was brokered through purple heart moving, purple heart seemed good and responsive, but the day of the move, when Great American Van Lines showed up, their rates for overages we're considerably higher than what purple heart had quoted, so I had them stand by until is was resolved which was good because the way they packed any loose items caused the volume to the double what it was when they started with almost everything already packed for them. The movers wanted to negotiate writting a lower volume for cash in hand which I didn't really care about since I just wanted to get on the road. When I called to deliver it has taken over 3 weeks for them to load the truck and get my belongings out to SoCal from Central PA. They have been near impossible to get in touch with and we get no updates, so I reverted to dealing with the broker as they seem to have more luck. They lie to the broker and tell them that they have been in direct contact with me when they haven't even called. My family and I have moved cross country several times and this is the longest it has taken to have our belongings delivered and possibly the worst customer service. I still do not know what my belongings will look like once they arrive which will hopefully be within a week or so....I am sure it will be on par with the rest of the experience.

Chris Sharkey

Great Service Thank you Great American Van Lines this movers was so good they packed and move me. I have a 3 bedroom house the move was quick and the next day we receive the delivery. The movers place all the boxes in the rooms and put together all the beds and the mirrors the dining table and all the furniture. Thank you Great American Van Lines. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Miguel Carter

Great American Van Lines was great. I'm so glad I used them. They made everything easy and worked around my schedule to find a company that could move me exactly when I wanted too. They constantly checked in on me and made sure I was well informed and had everything prepared. Honest, fast, hardworking, and great communication throughout the move. I would definitely recommend this company. Some advice though, ask a lot of questions, make sure you read all the paperwork, and take the time to pack and cover all your belongings well. It makes a difference.

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