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REVIEWS OF Morse Moving & Storage IN Michigan

Lily Spencer

We are very impressed with your service and your crew. They worked so hard and were very professional and conscientious with our items. Thank you! Lily & Dave

Florie Krug

Morse Moving is a top notch company! They were very perfessional clean in uniform. Tyler and his team took care of our needs without hesitation, called us when they were delayed and stayed on the job until completed. I highly recommended Morse for your moving needs. Tyler and his team are the best!

Michelle Beaumont

Morse Moving company did such an awesome job! I never write reviews, but the movers were fast and efficient. They did an excellent job on putting down moving pads in both the old house and the new house to keep carpets cleans and not scratch wood floors. They even went so far as to put on the those stickers on the bottom of your furniture that don't scratch floors in their moving truck on my furniture! (new house was all hard wood) I would highly recommend using this company!!! Will use again IF I ever move again! Thanks guys!

kandredesign .

I am very upset at the situation of the $20,000 damage to my property received during the move earlier this week. On top of that I was charged for your first two guys waiting around for 2 hours while they waited for the third guy that was supposed to show up all at the same time. I need to have the bill reviewed and a credit issued for at least two hours. The situation was very stressful when your team was leaving and all the damage was discovered. It’s been two weeks and still no response regarding the repair of my property damage. Please take this situation to the owners.

Elisa Konieczny

WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. Hired this company to move me from Michigan to Wisconsin (not far). Every single step of the move was handled incompetently: 1. Did not confirm pick up date or time and instead showed up at my door …

Chris Bryant

Morse Moving and Storage took such good care of us and our belongings for long-term storage while we relocated overseas in 2010. We had contact with them to renew our storage contract and it was handled fast and professionally. When we took our delivery December 2014 we were missing a table and Stacy worked quickly to respond to the shortage. We were more than fairly compensated for the loss with a check that came within a couple of workdays. We would certainly recommend Morse Moving and Storage for anyone's moving needs!

Amy Chambo

Morse moved us to our forever home and they were outstanding! The crew was friendly, experienced and efficient. We couldn't believe how quickly they were able to empty a home we'd been in for decades. At our new house, driving skills were in evidence as the semi was backed up our narrow drive from a two lane road in no time and our belongings placed exactly where we wanted. No damage to anything!! If we were ever going to move again, we'd go with Morse with zero hesitation.

Susan Brochu Greenhalgh

Very professional and personable. After interviewing two other moving companies, Jenny Morse Mandel walked me through the entire process and assured me that every Morse/Allied employee I will encounter in this process will be professional, well qualified and trustworthy. Ray and Mike delivered the boxes and supplies yesterday and were not only friendly but efficient and patient with my questions. Now, I actually look forward to my move out of state!

Dawn Chorbagian

Had a horrible experience. They cancelled on us at 4pm the night before our scheduled move date. When they did finally come the day after they added people and it was chaos. The put stuff in the wrong rooms and created a whole bunch of work for us. The movers were complaining about the work during the day and were often times found standing around. Horribly unprofessional! I had dirt on stuff from potted plants. I also had dirty hand prints on upholstered furniture. Very disappointing!! So after all that, of course stuff was broken. Final determination we learned last evening that because the furniture was dissembled (like we were told to do or we'd have to pay more because it wouldn't fit out of the basement if it wasn't dissembled) they won't cover the cost of repair for a piece where they damaged all the attachments. I have never been so disappointed in a company especially after watching that "we are a family company that treats you like family" video they send out as part of their sales pitch. I didn't even get a call back the day we moved when we encountered issues. Seriously the worst service experience my husband and I have ever had! Dawn Chorbagian, Plymouth

Tracy Dunbar

Everyone was nice and the move was done as planned in a timely manner. However, despite the boxes being clearly marked, many of them were left stacked in the garage. For example, one marked “Kitchen, fragile glass” was stacked in the garage underneath three heavy boxes! Very frustrating.

Hollie Murray

We had a terrible experience with Morse Movers. I expected to have some items damaged due unavoidable accidents. Instead, we had many items broken due to utter negligence. Our treadmill was dropped and the deck shattered. The movers then tried to claim that it was "always like that". Our grill was ruined when in an effort to "help" an employee wrenched the valve from the tank. Our office desk was completely destroyed since the legs were ripped off instead of being unscrewed. I so regret using them. I would have gladly paid more to a more conscientious, better trained company.

karen Miller

Great experience. Workers where extra kind and efficient. Would recommend

Jeremy Eaton

I recently used Morse Moving for my relocation from Michigan to California and wanted to express my appreciation for their excellent work and professionalism. They had a top notch team who were respectful, helpful, and quick at getting our stuff loaded safely.

William Camponelli

Great place manager melvin was very helpful

Hiba Faraj

STAY AWAY...very unprofessional and unorganized. They put the wrong things everywhere and they broke a lot of our stuff. DO NOT USE. DO NOT RECOMMEND

Erin Poeszat

I was very pleased with the service I received The guys made me happy that I hired Morse Moving & Storage

Joi J.

The movers that was on my job was Quincy A. & Rob. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism the gentlemen had during this process. I love how that even though this was a business transaction, they treated me with the upmost respect, and treated me as if I had known them for years. They were very helpful in assuring me that everything was going to go smoothly and quick, which they did perfectly. They listened and followed what specifications I had due to my circumstances. I will most definitely be referring your company, due to everyone I had encountered through this process, Joe B., Samantha, Quincy & Rob, to anyone that needs help moving, also I will be using you again.

Lisa Robison

ABSOLUTELY wonderful & dependable. Drivers & packers are professional & courteous.

Jerry Lesinski

From our contact Jenny to our driver Ralph, we couldn't be happier with our move! Not only was everyone from Morse friendly, they more than got the job done! We had never moved before, and had 37 years of stuff to move. We trusted Morse Moving to take care of us, and they did! We always were kept informed of what was planned and happening. We liked them so well we recommended them to our daughter who is also moving. If you have to move, I would highly recommend Morse Moving! You won't be sorry!

Matthew Trujillo

I would highly recommend Morse moving to anyone who was considering hiring movers for their next move. The guys were professional, courteous, and very time efficient. I'm always worried about guys dragging their feet when you are paying by the hour, but nothing could be further from the truth here. All of them hustled and worked hard the entire time.

Fred Rogers

The best

Lisa Dundas

Alex, Sonny and Jacob moved our furniture last Monday. They were all very friendly and professional and most importantly moved our furniture carefully and timely, saving us some cash by falling under the estimated time to move. We had an oversized sofa that wouldn't fit in the door because of the unique layout of our new home and the guys put forth a lot of effort trying to get it in the house, they set the sofa in the garage and Alex offered to come back after work in the event that my husband was able to remove the obstacle preventing the sofa from getting into the house. Once my husband got done removing the obstacle I gave Alex a call and he did come back and help my husband move the sofa into the house. These guys made a great impression on us! I would recommend them to anyone.

Carolyn Verla

The Team of Foreman Bill, which includes Matthew, Joe & Orlando were just amazing! They were professional, courteous, efficient, extremely caring and their work ethic was of highest quality! They were challenged when they arrived at the final destination, but didn't let that get in their way of getting the move done. To add to the most successful part of the day, they were under the projected timeframe! Thank you Morse and especially to the men who came to serve and absolutely didn't disappoint! Bill & Carolyn

Charles Silver

I hired Morse to move my furniture out of our condominium(lease expired) and into a storage facility. This was a horrible experience and I urge anyone considering this company to not use them. The movers were incompetent and not trained in how to wrap and move furniture.They dropped and smashed an expensive oak desk($3000.00 value),scratched and dented the headboard to the bed, scratched several other tables and stacked everything so poorly in the storage facility that everything fell over.They were in such a rush to leave the job because it took them so long to figure out how to take things apart that when they stored our items it was basically thrown in with no care at all. They couldn't figure out how to take my bed apart so they had to call in a 3rd party(I had asked the salesperson during the estimate if they could do this and was told no problem). They then wanted to charge me more $ because of this and when I complained they had the sales person call me to say that she didn't remember me showing her the bed and if I was unhappy then she will just pull the 3rd party off the job and essentially screw me over since I had to be out the next day. Also the movers couldn't figure out how to move my headboard out of the bedroom so after damaging it they left it behind without moving it. The next morning a friend and I moved it out in 20 minutes. The movers assured me that since they had damaged so many things that i would be reimbursed in full however I had checked the wrong box on the moving form so when I filed my claim I received -0- money and another bill stating i owed them for the 3rd party cost. It was my mistake for checking the wrong box so I have no recourse. I never received a call from the claims person who assured me that they would make this right nor the owner who emailed me and said if I wanted to talk I should call her. I have moved many times and always used a moving company and mistakes do happen but the amount of damage done and the attitude of these people are beyond anything I have ever experienced. They basically said to me - too bad you picked us to move you and we don't care.

Bill Hawkins

Do not use this company! They will take your money and you will end up moving your own furniture. Save yourself time and hassle and use another interstate moving company that will stand by their contract and fulfill the obligations. I have learned my lesson that you definitely get what you pay for!!!

NikNik480 .

Unfortunately, I must add to the poor reviews for this company. I read the reviews too late and when my day and time came to do business with Morse I waited...and waited...and they let me down just like I was afraid they would. I was given an initial time frame of 2:30-3:30p.m. I get a call from Morse at 3:35p.m. and a woman from their office tells me that the movers were going to be 2 hours behind schedule (I was afraid that 2 hours was putting it lightly) and gave me a second time frame of 6:00-6:30p.m. 6p.m. AND 6:30p.m. came and went and I waited close to a half an hour staring out of my window hoping the movers would pull up any second. Sure enough by 7p.m. NO CALL AND NO SHOW. I called the office to see what the deal was and I get the machine saying that their office is closed. WOW! By the time the mover, Jim called it was after 7:10p.m., nightfall was fast approaching and heavy thunderstorms and a tornado warning was in full effect. We couldn’t have done the move at that point even if I’d wanted to...I had majority wooden furniture that would’ve incurred a serious amount of damage in those heavy rains. Jim (I think was his name), the mover, was unapologetic, stated that if I did still want to do the move that they would STILL charge me if we went over the allotted 3 hours for move time even though they wasted 5 whole entire hours of MY afternoon and MY evening! After 7p.m. it was dark and roads were actually flooding to the point where they were undrivable from all the rainfall, so there was NO WAY we would’ve gotten any moving done in a timely fashion in those conditions. We would probably still be trying to finish NOW (& it’s past midnight)! I am going with another company. This has been an upsetting experience. I believe if the staff had been up front with me from the get-go they would’ve just flat out told me that the job could not be done that day. That was the least they could’ve done. But they instead decided to lead me on and waste my evening. This is unacceptable. THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS ARE NO JOKE! I was hoping it wouldn’t happen to me, but like the countless others...IT DID. I purchased 3 hours of move time with Morse through LivingSocial for $399 trying to save a few bucks because the competitor is about $100 more, but as they say...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Certain things you can’t cheap out on, and this obviously is one of those things. I am disappointed, frustrated and tired, but I had to warn others...and vent. I scheduled this move on an off day, spent all day packing with little sleep only for them NOT to show. So now I have to move on a work day and request a refund and pray LivingSocial doesn’t make me spend $399 DOLLARS IN COUPONS from their site because it’s possible that they only refund in credit toward other coupons.

Dwight Hunt

It's an allied agent , we stick together cause we r movers who care

Craig Fox

We have moved about 5 times over the years, mostly across country, like our recent 1100 mile move from Brighton, MI to Baton Rouge, LA. We received 4 bids and although one was lower, We chose Morse because of Chris the regional manager …

Jennifer 1976

Move started out pretty good. Two (*really*) young guys called to let me know they were running 15 minutes late. They showed up and got to work quickly on the load. Things went fast and smooth. But during the unload of one of my tall bookcase cabinets, they hit the ceiling of the stairwell and took off the plaster at the edge. The movers didn’t tell me about the damage, I caught it while they were finalizing paperwork in their van. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t see it, but it’s pretty hard to miss with drywall chunks on the clean floor - that’s how I discovered it. They said they would file a claim. After they left, I realized I should probably check the bookcase upstairs to see if it was also damaged. When I got to the room with the bookcases, all the items were on the wrong side of the room (furniture on the sides of room were flipped) and one of the bookcases had a big chip on the edge. Note - the chip wasn’t visible when the bookcases were on the wrong side of the room but it was visible once I moved the items to their correct locations. Again, movers didn’t notice or tell me about the damage, but not sure how they could have missed it given its location on the side. Still, Morse Movers assured me I just needed to file a claim. I thought the movers had taken the pictures and filed the claim while on-site for the plaster, but I guess it is my job despite being in the stressful process of moving. So I’ve got to do paperwork and take pics of the damage in both locations. What’s one more thing to add to my long to-do list. Sigh. To add insult to injury, turns out my next door neighbors who were moving out the day I was moving in hired Morse on the spot to help them out after my move was finished. When the neighbors were paying, Morse told them they had waived the $130 travel fee for travel out to the location and back. I was livid. My neighbors had their $130 travel fee waived because I had already paid for 100% of the travel costs to and from their office with my moving costs (and I had taken the time to plan well in advance for my move, unlike my neighbors). IMO, the fee should have been split between both of us as customers, especially since Morse Movers got the extra job thanks to me speaking with my new neighbor about the company during the move. When I called Morse to express my frustration - I did not ask for any money or refund btw but wanted them to know my feedback on the matter - they responded “well it didn’t cost you any more than we originally quoted so why does it matter?” Definitely felt like they didn’t appreciate my frustration at footing the full travel fee for my neighbors - when Morse benefited from getting an extra job thanks to me. At the very least don’t waive the fee in front of the person who paid it for them! I’m a Customer Experience Analyst for a Fortune 500 company. This type of service would never be acceptable for our customers, and perhaps my standards for exceptional service are higher than most due to the nature of my job. But I suspect you’ll find the customer service and experience level of Morse Movers to be below your standards as well. UPDATE 8/9/2019 I had to follow up 7 days after I submitted my damage claim, since I didn't hear anything from them after I sent it. Turns out they will only cover $0.60 per lb on the bookcase, so not the full value. And they said they won't cover any of the ceiling damage since I didn't report it at the time. This is absolutely untrue - I spoke with the movers before they left and showed them the damage. I replied to Stacy in the claim department and am waiting for her response. But overall, continue to be very disappointed with this company. This company is proving to be dishonest as well as incompetent.

Mary Wallace

Huge auction. Lots of goodies

Patrick Thomas

From the time I called to when the driver closed the truck after the move, this company handled everything as well as I expected and then some. From the packing to the unloading, the crew and driver did a great job.

Lauren Martin

This company is a joke!! I hired them to move our family, and the whole day was nothing but one disaster after the other. First, they showed up in a semi. None of us thought much of it til we got to the new place, and it wouldn’t fit down the driveway!!! Then the semi got stuck in a ditch, taking up the entire road til a wrecker had to come get them out. But because they couldn’t fit down our driveway, we had to borrow a trailer so they could cart all our items up the driveway to get them inside. While having to do so, they ended up breaking a piece of furniture. The one thing I said to be extra careful with, they BROKE! It has been months since we moved, and they have still not fixed the problem. I have called and emailed them NUMEROUS times with no response. If I actually happen to connect with Stacy, “the woman who handles claims” she’s rude and completely incapable of handling her job. Mind you, I paid for the most expensive “insurance policy” they offer. So you would think, that’s why we carry insurance right? For accidents? Well now they claim that those insurance policies are just “valuations”. These people have absolutely no regard for customer service, morality, or making this situation right. There were several other pieces of furniture that had dings in them, but I didn’t even bother trying to get those fixed. I can’t even get them to fix or replace my footboard that they shattered!!! They are completely unprofessional and I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere.


So glad we chose an experienced, professional, moving company for our move from Lake Orion to Portage Michigan. It made all the difference. Nothing was damaged during the move. The unloading went very smooth and quickly. I never thought some of my bigger pieces of furniture would fit into this retirement home. Somehow they made it work. No walls damaged. Thank you to Emily our sales person who estimated the job very accurately and Mark and his crew for loading and unloading safely and quickly.

Jeff Marcero

Best moving experience I've ever had. I will always use morse moving.

blenda blackman

My move was wonderful and worry free, I had two of the best Wrappers, Packers and Movers, they were both professional and oh so kind. I have given Morse Moving information to family and friends and I highly recommended them and would use them again in a heart beat. Thanks Dana and TJ

Kathleen Emrich

We had a spectacular crew for our move on 7/25/17. Keith, Sean, Devon, CJ and Dave could not have worked harder, been more accommodating or more professional. Although they labored mightily in the heat, they remained cheerful and polite all the way to the end.

J Schott

Great communication, great service. Made our move easy.

Ernest Hatchett

My little sister works there

Armando Diaz

Very courteous movers. They didn't rush at all and were extremely friendly.


In my current position I assist people that are moving from a Ann Arbor Public Housing to alternate locations during the renovation process. I have been fortunate that the Housing Commission decided to use Morse Moving and Storage to move the clients to their new residences. Every crew that has been sent has performed to an outstanding level. The skill and proficiency of these fellows is beyond description. If I ever move, I will be calling Morse to move my things. The clients, as well as the Commission and myself have been fortunate to have Morse as the "go to" movers. Five stars is not enough, I would add ten more if I could. If you are in need of movers call Morse.

Carol G.

Morse Moving & Storage more than exceeded my expectations! Matt and Ray are an EXCEPTIONAL team. They handled my belongings with the utmost of care, and I will recommend Morse to everyone I know that will benefit in the future, Thank You...You have my (future) business as well!

Mary Christopher

We used Morse Moving & Storage for a move from Florida to Michigan. Everyone was amazing. Fast date for pickup and delivery, great communication, friendly and professional. Very honest, even got money refunded since my load was underweight! Not one thing broken. In this day and age, nothing ever seems to go as planned and Morse EXCEEDED our expectations! Would give 10 stars if I could!

Sharon Hillenaar

Our family has moved internationally many times. Over the years I have become accustomed to the moving process and what to expect from the teams that arrive at our door to either pack or unpack our home goods. The service by many other providers was on the whole, good. The staff were polite and did their job. Morse Moving and Storage (Allied Movers) took that to a whole new level! Their team was not only extremely professional, they just couldn't do enough to help me with whatever I wanted done. I didn't feel bad to ask them to do something specific as they kept saying "that's my job and what I am here to do!" with a friendly smile. Over the 2 days they were in our home, they constantly asked "Everything okay? Happy with everything so far?" They were just a pleasure to deal with. Our new start in Michigan started off in the right direction, thanks to the wonderful team at Morse Moving and Storage.

Danielle Berwick

We moved from Royal Oak to Northville on Saturday December 9. Quincy , Chris , Mike and Tyler were our movers. THEY WERE EXCELLENT! I was 39 weeks pregnant at the time and they were more than helpful. If I was doing something, on more than one occasion they offered to help- even if it "wasn't their job". Our family could not believe how courteous, polite and efficient they all were. Not one thing was damaged or lost in our move. They truly were top notch. One guy joked that we had the best Morse Moving had to offer and I could not agree more! John was great and very accurate with his estimate. Unfortunately for your business, we do not plan to move anytime soon- however I will recommend your company without reservation to anyone and everyone I know or see asking about movers. Thanks again!

P Jones

My moving experience was by far one of th most pleasant experiences I've ever had. Joe & Scott showed up and help complete the day. Two of the most professional people I have ever met. I would highly recommend Morse Moving.


This is the second time we have used Morse Moving and couldn’t be more pleased. Their follow up before the move was spot on with a phone call the day before with a more precise timeframe. The men who showed up were pleasant and professional. They completed the job quickly and took great care to not damage any walls. Price was fair and what was quoted. I would recommend and also will use for our next furniture move.

David Diener

This note concerns our packing on the 6th of November and move on the 7th of November, 2014. To sum up the entire move from the initial contact with Jenny to the shaking of hands with the crew as they left the new house, WOW! There is no …

kaveh ahmadi

I am not good at writing review, and I don't know how to say they are the best. However, they are professional polite and on-time. I have the best experience moving with them from Ohio to California.

Athena Holt

Very friendly service. Get timing and very care full with all your belongings. Good prices and great storage. My husband works here has warehouse supervise. Great customer service also.

Rawr Tard

Horrible experience; no showed on scheduled move date after changing time of day multiple times. Movers didn't load or pack almost half of what was contracted for and detailed in writing.--so we had to hire someone else to finish the job. We now refer to this company as RE-Morse. We definitely have ReMorse that we ever called them.

Dave Morse

Great Company!

Melissa Torni

Ray G, CJ and Jo'mon were the absolute best! They took extra care of my belongings, were friendly and very professional. They were very efficient in loading and unloading, and took EXTRA care of my most favorite plant. Will definitely use them again and highly recommend their service.

RAY Gutowski


Janet Hoy

Thanks to everyone who made our move so perfect. We were very impressed with Nick our driver. He was super and made sure he put everything where we wanted it. Very polite and did a wonderful job. His two helpers were also very nice. We could not be more pleased and would use your services again and recommend you highly to anyone. We had phone calls that told us exactly when to expect our things. Always on time and delivered and picked up in the time frame we were given. Just a perfect move. Thanks to all.

Secret Richardson

Morse Moving went above and beyond my expectations as far as a moving company goes. I have had many bad experiences with other companies. They were very professional, polite, and got the job done in a great amount of time. It was snowing …

Denese Rodden

They moved our things from MI to AZ. They delivered broken things & things were missing. ALOT of things. At first they said they wouldnt give us any money to replace our insured things. Then I disputed it and again they refused us. Now we have finally got proof that our things were not delivered because a lady at Morse gave us the info saying she overlooked some things. They offered us half of what we are owed. How do we replace our things with half the money? We insured ourselves to be safe and this is what we get???

RJ Zetti

Very happy with the choice of Morse Moving! Professional, on time, & price as quoted. We will be using them again in the future.

Jonathon Riley

Unloaded quickly.... but TINY parking lot

Melinda Graulau

Tom and his crew were excellent!

Lisa Berlanga

Joe and Allen were both so kind and respectful! Not only did they handle our items and home with care, but they worked so quickly that they finished 2 hours less than the estimated time! They were very careful with how they loaded the truck, as we were moving items to two different addresses. Everything went smoothly. I will definitely call Morse Moving the next time we move. I highly recommend them.

Kari Vipperman

If I could give them a below zero rating i would. This company has by far been the absolute worst company to work with. After having moved 17 times during my life, I know the ins and outs of moving and what is acceptable. After moving into my new home, not only did the crew show up 8.5 hours late. They were disrespectful, they were unprofessional, they did not finish unpacking my furniture *(this was a military move so yes that is part of the package) There was severe amounts of damage to my property which I was assured would be dealt with promptly. Let me tell you i have called every other day for over a month and have yet to even have the courtesy of a call back or an email. The crew assured me that there would be a secondary crew to come put my furniture back together due to things that were missing and broken. No one ever showed up also ignored every attempt to contact them. Mind you I have not once in any interaction gotten loud or been disrespectful with any of their employees. So lets FIRST talk about the delivery crew. Not onky did they not finish, when I offered to feed them lunch on top of all of the snacks water bottles and gatorade i provided they made a big fuss about the food they wanted me to order! Then they decided that they didn't want to do anything more that day since it was a Friday. So they made excuses as to why they couldn't get things put together. They then promised a secondary team would come finish their work. They left all of the paper the torn up cardboard the foam wrap. They also and this is the most disturbing bit... left 20 yes i counted TWENTY uncased un housed blades *(the kind that normally go in a utility knife) laying in random places around my house. I have 3 small *(inder the age of 5) children in my home. Lastly they left a knife with blood on it *(personal not professional one of their workers sliced open his finger while trying to stab a hole in a box.) laying blade open on a low window sill. Upon leaving they knocked several branches off of the tree in front of our house didn't offer to help remove them or clean them up. So to recap after this company left my home... I had broken and unfinished furniture random blades laying around my house and had to clean up several heavy branches by myself.

Sandy Kline

Just needed help moving two refrigerators - the movers were friendly and efficient - and the job was easy to schedule.

Barb Skivers

I want everyone at Morse Moving to know that we had an exceptional experience with our move to North Carolina! This was the first time we used a professional moving company and we were very happy with the services your company provided. Tom and Kevin were very efficient and helpful whenever I had a question. They could move faster than anyone I have ever seen! They really care about the people they serve! I always felt that Chelsea was guiding us through this and answered any questions we had. I appreciate the fact that she checked in with me often and I never felt like I was in this alone. Thank you all for providing a great experience! Sincerely, Barb

George W Keck

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and thanks for the 2 members of your company (Ray G and Matt B) for their professional work during my tenure of preparedness and movement of my …

Sarah Janshego

They were extremely professional and very nice to work with. They were very timely with their pickup and delivery and nothing of mine was damaged through the process. OVerall I was extremely pleased with the way the guys handled everything and would happily move with them again. Highly recommended!

Dan Dennis

Great experience. Nice polite compent employees. Would highly recommend.

Gail Madigan

I would highly recommend Morse Moving and Storage. The crew we had were awesome! They worked efficiently, were very friendly and moved a couple of heavy items that they weren't required to move.

Vignesh Ramakrishnan

Morse moving and storage did a wonderful job with my relocation. I had a very tight schedule and needed help in moving within a weeks time. I got all the help I needed.

TIM Stewart

Good trucks hard working employees

Jan Graham

This is the best moving company ever. Chris and his crew moved me from Waterford to Saline. They worked very hard the whole time and were very polite. On top of that it was the cheapest company I found to move me. I would use them again for sure!

Andrew Bohman

Morse took my move from Dallas to New Jersey. They did a great job. Never once did I have to worry about my items in transit. The team showed up early on moving day at 8a and had my completly packed and loaded by 2pm. Very good crew, who …

Carla Musico

Sonny, Joe and Chris were awesome! Nice and professional. They were very cordial, on time and very careful handling our extremely heavy furniture and other items to be moved. I was extremely impressed that they saran-wrapped furniture so the drawers wouldn’t fly out and they had a method to moving and placing every piece of furniture in the truck and in and out of houses. What a team! When we move again, I will be calling Morse/Allied.

Andrew Lowry

I could not have picked a worse moving company. Originally quoted 5 hours. Moved approximately 35 boxes in addition to all clothes between receiving quote and moving day. On moving day the movers took 4.5 hours just to get almost everything on the truck. They spent over 2 hours trying to get my couch out the door. They broke a coat rack, scuffed the walls, chipped paint, and scratched/tore my couch before ultimately leaving the couch. They also said they couldn't protect my couch because it would make it unable to fit out the door. I had to come back the next day and get my couch with Mark from Morse and he got it out after protecting it (although moot at this point) in less than 45 minutes. In addition to destroying my couch, they broke my tv stand, scratched my dining room table, chipped the wood in my bed frame, and damaged my walls. Also they did not put anything on my carpet to protect it at my new house. I had to put paper down on my own because we just had carpets professionally cleaned and didn't want it dirtied from shoes. After telling them four times they were seemingly avoiding the paper to walk on the carpet. It has been over a week and have still not heard anything from customer service.

Douglas Harvey

I moved from Dearborn Michigan to Cookeville TN. Morse Moving packed us out on the 7th of August. We were told by Jeff Marcero that our furniture would be delivered on the 10th of August but no later than the 14th of August. On the 14th I talked with Samantha in customer service just to find out she had a list of excuses why our furniture wasn't going to be delivered. She referred me to Allied Moving where I talked with Tina. Got the same story as to why the company could not fulfill their obligations. Tina did offer us a mid range Hotel room and a percentage of our meals. I told her we had two full grown German Shepherds and that would not work for us. Tina said she would send me the paperwork and Allied would pay us $75. A day for every day our shipment was delayed. I told her my wife has arthritis in both hips and we were sleeping on the floor. Her comment was "well that's to bad". I talked with Dave Morse this morning and got the same lame excuses and a " my we are sorry " he was no help at all. I told him I had contacted the Better Business Bureau of Michigan, Channel 2 and 7, and was going to look into hiring a lawyer. He informed me that there was some special set aside for the industry so hiring a lawyer would have no affect on his company. I ask if the 23rd was guaranteed and he said no but Morse moving would try. I would recommend that if you are moving DO NOT USE MORSE MOVING. Hire two men and a truck you have a better chance of getting a company that lives up to its word.

Brittany Garza

The company was extremely professional and the movers were very efficient. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company!

Gary Lovio

Sonny and his team worked as hard as they could , from 11:30am until 11:00pm to get the job done. This was a difficult move and they were exhausted but worked until the job was completed.

This side up moving

Great moving company that covered a last min move I couldn’t accommodate because of truck issue on the road. Morse moving and the crew that came out last min was very professional and respectful.

John Clark

Great company, fantastic service.

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