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REVIEWS OF Greyhound Package Express IN Michigan

Jerone Thomas

Jose Lopez

Brittany Maclin

Needs more seating for waiting greyhound/Indian trails passengers

Christian McCoy

I have never written a review before but i am absolutely disgusted with the service i received today so i feel inclined to do so. I have been using the greyhound service for some time now and I am even a rewards member with an advantage card on top of that. With that said, I was told 10 minutes before my trip that the ticket was a print at home ticket when I know for a fact i picked a will call as i do every time. When I explained this to the serviceman at the front desk he had no sympathy what so ever. He then explained that if I gave him two dollars cash he would print it for me, or else I would have to purchase a new ticket. I do not carry cash so I was forced to pay 80% more than the price of the original ticket. Customer service was of no help at all. They sounded as if they did not wish to talk to me from the momment I said hello and obviously did not care to help me in solving the issue at all. I was told by an automated message that certain locations offer instant refunds and told by a representative that there is only one way to get a refund and that takes 6-8 weeks. Clearly greyhound was not the company i thought it was. They do not care about the most important part of any business and that is customer utility/satisfaction. As a result, not only is this my last trip with the company, but also I will take full advantage of word of mouth advertising to ensure that the many of my peers who currently use and those who do not use hear of this. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Jennifer Waker

panecia howard

These are the worst bus people every they are always rude plus they don’t help the customer out I know my bus ticket was only 20 dollars but i am suing three because of the disrespect they caused me

Jose Cardenas

Nicole Brown

Free WiFi and nice ride!

Elvin Chestnut

Mahmood Ahmed

(Translated by Google) Grrrrrrr (Original) Grrrrrr

Vincent Clark El

There services sucks. What's the point of having a phone number if you never answer the phone?

Maudell Brown

Lynda DeCraene

I will never ride with greyhound bus lines ever again!

Morgan Beerens

I had a terrible experience with this. Amtrak outsources their connecter busses through other companies, which would be fine, except that they have no way of finding out the status on said busses (or rather, it's kind of a pain, so they'll avoid doing it until you call more than once.) After waiting over an hour for my bus, the Amtrak dispatch worker finally gave me the phone number for Indian Trails' Bus Service. I called and spoke to the dispatch worker there, and he told me, "It's there. According to my map, it's parked in front of you." When I explained that I was on an empty street, and there was definitely not a bus anywhere in sight, he actually disagreed with me and told me his GPS wouldn't be wrong. It was infuriating, but I was composed when I again iterated that no, there was no bus. He then double checked and told me that the bus was parked somewhere down the street, and to walk to it. I asked him if he was sure, as I had repeatedly asked the woman at Amtrak if I was in the right spot, and she told me repeatedly to stay where I was. He said again that I should walk down to where the bus was indicated on his map. I began to walk, got about 100 yards from the stop, when he said, "Wait. It's moving." Next thing I know, I see the bus drive past me and keep going. He said he would place me on hold, call the bus and have him loop back to pick me up, but to return to the original stop. He then hung up on me. I waited another 15 minutes (it was now over two hours past my scheduled departure time, and I was definitely going to miss my connector train in Kalamazoo, the last train of the night.) I called Amtrak back, and they refunded my ticket and apologized, which was good of them. So much for my weekend trip to Chicago. I do NOT recommend Indian Trails, and I would avoid using an Amtrak connector bus is it can be avoided.

Jacinta Howard

Friendly and helpful customer service

Tammy Ward

It's Greyhound and a Bus not quite sure what else to say..

Barbara Barker

The travel is awsome but the WiFi never works on any of the greyhounds . Indian trails WiFi always works . fix it guys.

T Stewart

Clean safe

Tim Holder

Helpful polite staff, very busy though.

sampath talluri

Jason Welsh

Rexann Clark

Chris Kibble

Jessica Hoffman

If I could give 0 stars I would! My family member & I have been calling ALL DAMN DAY & you think anyone would answer a ringing phone? NOPE. I've also left a message @ 845am with a call back request & still haven't received a call! TERRIBLE way to get customers!

Ida Wildon

Worst ever one is ever there to help you

Oh Dear Deer


Mehdi Mohammad Ali

Heather Skiles

Horrible problems going on at Central station using peoples bus passes changing clocks around trapping woman and girls down there not wanting them to have any way to get anywhere can't express it enough bus drivers even involved

Angel Belladonna

So this is shared with grand rapids bus station. When we got there there was no one behind the service desk, it looked closed. Tried to go to the information desk for the regular bus; closed. We never rode greyhound before. So were confused about where to go and what to do. Finally, I asked a bus station security, who confirmed we were in the correct place. So we sat down to wait. There were kids running around screaming. And a woman mounted on a man in a chair facing him and grinding hard. They were getting off together and no one, including security bothered to say anything. Bus came late. It was an Indian trails bus. The inside was not nearly as nice as the actual grey hounds depicted on the websites. The guy that sat behind us kept opening his bag of weed to show it off to anyone he sat with, which stunk up the bus everytime. So much that the driver threatened to stop the bus and call the police, but it was a hollow threat he made several times. The ticket prices are cheap. You get what you pay for. Don't carry breakables in the luggage below, the driver just tosses the bags out to the ground. Also, any passenger can walk up and grab them.

Loann Spieker

The Rapid buses connect here.

Rick Nicholson

Kate Cortright

Indian trails bus co.



Alanna Garrett

Do not trust Greyhound Package Express with your shipments. They have lost multiple shipments of mine and packages are often weeks / months late to arrive at their destination. When you call the customer service number you will talk to someone that promises to follow up and never calls you back.They are untrained and clueless. Management is TERRIBLE, they never answer calls or emails and promise to help you find your orders and then you will never hear from them again. Worst customer service I have ever experienced next to Comcast.

Leia Zimmerman

Theodora Walschots Go360MI Virtual Tours

They just left my daughter at the Kalamazoo bus station in the middle of the night, saying there was no bus to continue to take them to their destination! The ticket was from Chicago to Grand Rapids. When they stopped in Kalamazoo, they were told to get off and there was no bus to take them to their destination they had a ticket for. They put these young girls safety at risk, it was 1:00AM. He was rude on top of it all, and walked away. It was late and scary at the bus station and I think this is criminal, and terribly irresponsible of Greyhound. What kind of system is this! What kind of man walks away to. 2 young girls in the middle of the night and says, too bad! Don't believe their ads, don't ever use Greyhound. Can you imagine this happening to you anywhere? At a bus station in the middle of the night? They can't even get you to their destination and they think it's ok to just leave you somewhere? No Greyhound!

David Russell

To many ppl bumming money

Kenneth Boven


Ixia Debbie Marti Cueva

Michael Bates

Carson Media

You guys never answer the phone when I call you guys always send me to voicemail because no one is available. I have questions and I can't get them answered

Lisa Gregory

Lori Musk


Great staff, no trouble boarding, this facility ACTUALLY USES the boarding numbers

Renee Combs


Nakesha Turner

Its ok place but a lot of add characters

Irving Bello

(Translated by Google) Meh (Original) Meh

Paul Purdy

Megan Carnevale

Sprinkle O' Dreams Building 1 Business at a Time

Arielle Brown

Susan Cobb

Found it and the love of my life!

Camilo Cruz

Kat Williams

this bus is just a mess. I had so many bad experience now that I just expect them to mess up. There coustmer service is at a all time low. They sold more ticket them seat twice when I rode there bus and have been late numerous times.

james jindo

Kartheban Vivekanandan

Well integrated with local transportation.

John Garcia

ramanujan govindan

Javier Zuniga

Dale Myers

Curtis C Bolt

September Bennett

I would not recommend traveling by Greyhound into or out of Grand Rapids. The agent (who refused to give her name when asked) was extremely rude. Apparently I, a paying customer, interrupted her lunch requesting information. As she rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth, she proceeded to tell me that she couldn't help. When asked for other options, her attitude got worse and she proceeded to call me out of my name as I walked away from the counter. According to a passerby who witnessed the interaction, this wasn't the first time she's behaved this way. I was later told by another patron that her name is Rebecca and her demeanor is usually this poor. I guess some people feel invincible when they're shielded by that counter and glass. Greyhound will need to employ better agents before my friends, family, and clients use their services again.

Sandra Lewis

Driver was rude.she made almost every one on bus people skills at all.this made for an already cold cramped ride horrible.the station attendant had asked that the passengers bring their luggage so that he could load it under the bottom of the bus after checking our tickets to ensure that we were going to the right place Grand Rapids Michigan so that we would not have to stand out in the cold.I had my baggage check by him and proceeded to board the bus the rude and inconsiderate driver immediately began yelling get off my bus who told you to get on this bus this is my house you don't come in my house without being asked or just walking in.I on the other hand was simply following directions I had been given by the bus station manager at Southfield I'm a senior citizen who uses a cane I have a congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. the cold really affects me and my health it was extremely cold out I appreciated him helping us load onto the bus only to be told after I struggled to get on the bus to get off the bus until asked to board . When we had been told to board. then on top of that her phone did not even work so that she could check your tickets she never even took my tickets I have it still. It was the worst experience I've ever had with Greyhound and I'm not sure that I will ever travel Greyhound again especially if there's any way I can know that this woman will be driving the bus.she made an already difficult time as unpleasant as she possibly could ,or so it seemed.she is horrible.

Cora Coburn

To busy for me and I don't fill safe to menu people moving around.

Kat Reames

Always used this service

doris acosta


Celeste Verellen

If I could give this station 0 stars I would. The buses are VERY rarely ever on time and the experience I just had left me so dissatisfied. The bus arrived at 12:50 and my boarding time was at 1:10 I stood there patiently waiting with my ticket in hand. He sat there until 1:20 before getting off the bus and dragging ass everywhere he had to walk to take my ticket. We didn't pull out of the station till 1:30. Do we not pay money for these tickets? The least they can do is be relatively on time....on times they give, when there are no bad weather conditions to slow you down.

slim Nubian

Robert Chapin


David Jayne

Lost my stuff

Taylor Harris

karen auwers

Amn Arbor to Grand Rapids ...fiirst bus in Ann Arbor delayed, arrvied 10 minutes late to watch connection drive away leaving 4 people stranded in Kalamazoo at 10:10pm. Called but said no bus until morning, no one to pick them up. No refund! The worst part was was watching bus pull away as their bus pulled in! Next to have greyhound say they would do nothing. A call earlier 40 minutes before Kalamazoo arrival agent said no worry they'd make it, then they just left them. Station building closed. Bad part of town. Disgusting!

Carmen Olivieri

amber harper

Tony Whitney

Humberto Trevino

The facility is cool and all, but the day I visited there was no one around, just a cop and a couple of janitors.

Carolina C'Nol

joel Viedrick

Just an offal place to be at .housed with homeless

Rose Mendoza

this people never answer the dam phone and and the one time i got them on there where very rude

deanna morgan

Just told by the Indian trails bus driver (thank goodness for those kind, patient drivers!) that this station has been closed for over 3 weeks! They've apparently been having problems with them getting tickets to passengers and have been dealing with this headache for far too long. If the station is going to be closed with no notice or explanation, WHY allow will-call tickets to be purchased online??? How would a passenger board a bus? Only by the kind and grace of the drivers! This company is a joke, I bus with them 4-5 times a year and have at least a couple of issues each time I do! I will be finding other ways of getting where I need to go, this is ridiculous.

missA lovely

Lyft has rides for dimes use code to get your $50 off DRIVER500

Cain Smith

Grait service

Kay B

GCV 2002

(Translated by Google) A good place!!!! (Original) Un buen lugar!!!!

Bertha Childrey

Good Service

TheKaMoraShow TheKaMoraShow

Peter Denniston

Tammie Bixler

Jessie Dooely

Jairo Mulrain

Dan Roskamp

Terrible Service always late

alan brito

Mi viaje fue de 5 horas y me tocó de acompañante industrial Que apestaba de el demonio y traía una bolsa negra grade que ocupaba demaciado espacio y todavía no conforme con eso se iba durmiendo y recargando e en mi

Darryl Williams

Sally Hobson

The bus was 45 minutes late 24 passengers waiting to get on the bus when the bus arrived at the station it was packed & 7 out of 24 passengers were left at the bus station even though we did have our tickets no one dispatched another bus due to the fact that the last bus was at 7:40PM the guy Ron was so rude that drove bus number MI-126 route IT0033 & now I'm missing my mother funeral

Bob Reichert


September Sapphire

Spencer Garrison

Quick service

Karl Goodspeed, Jr.

Yohandrys Martinez

Derrick Thomas

They're usually on time and the tickets are reasonable

Jenny Phrase

Cheap way to send package.

Ye Joo McNamara-Oh

Clean but staff may not be very helpful

Austin Grochowalski

Thanks for the ticket. Lots of help with Saving money. Hope the track star makes it to the finals. AIM TO BE A LEGEND MAN. BE ONE WITH WHO YOU CAN BE

Michelle Pacific

Lisa Clark

Easy access to wifi outlets,Comfortable seats that reclines!Bathrooms on the bus needs to be More Sanitary and Fresh smelling! Oh my Goodness!!

Tameka Galvin

Jon Coleman

Jayne Vanderlind

Diego Daniel Lievano Lopez

Sanjay Puri

Robin Kidd

Rena Markus

I forever find myself almost being hit by the city bus, in my car and while walking.

captain reddbeard

Rough handling

Michaela Travis

Brie Johnson

I bought a ticket home from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids. The bus driver was over an hour late coming to pick us up. Once we got our transfer spot [Kalamazoo] our other bus had already left. The bus driver told me and two other people that we had to get off, and we weren't his problem. He left us there, that was the last bus, and the bus stop was closed. I had to find my own way home. Also, it was really cold.


I don't like that you print the tickets and they cannot be tracked. If i paid you i should not have to pay again if i paid with my credit card. I dont like getting stranded cause i lost my ticket. You do have a very rude bus driver. She kick someone off because they bumped there head and swore. No good. I don't like the service and the train is cheaper. You guys charge to much. The WiFi is patchy. I prefer the train.

Stephen Smith

Brian Volkers

andrea lynn

Floyd Young

April Jackson

Great service and takes me wherever I need to go out of town.

Mardy Cutrara

Keep your bags close


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