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Breanna Paul

To Whom It May Concern: Good evening, I reached out to the Baton Rouge office for a quote last week. I received phone calls & text messages multiple times throughout the week of representatives attempting to book my services. Finally, on yesterday (5/17/19) I decided to book my services. I paid the $250 deposit and was told my move time would be in the early afternoon. I assumed between 1pm-2pm. Flash forward to today, on 5/18/19 - the movers did not arrive until 6:15pm. I had an entire day planned and everything was interrupted by the 5 hour and 15 minute delay. I was informed by one of the movers that I was the 4th move of the day. Had I been privy to this information, I would have been more understanding and not upset about the entire situation. I attempted to receive a discount from a Mr. Johnathan Whitmore (he told me he was the general manager). He was very dismissive, dry and now all of a sudden that I’ve paid the deposit did not care about any of my needs. He claimed he did not charge me for the packing materials when the movers themselves told me all of my items were protected and “ready to go.” Additionally, I paid for 3 hours of services $109 per hour x 3. I was told that all moves have a one hour travel fee on top of the 2 hour minimum. However, the movers arrived at my home at 6:15pm and left my new home at 8:13pm. That’s 1 hour and 58 minutes. Everything was completed in under 2 hours (travel across town as well) Prior to sending a quote, I posted a Facebook status and this company was recommended by several of my closest friends. They all explained and raved how they had a wonderful experience with this company. I however was not as privileged as them. I am very disappointed in the communication and customer service from Mr. Whitmore. I hope we can rectify this issue with a partial refund as I am very displeased with my services. Regards, Bre Paul

Brian Test

Ricky, Jerry, and Andrew did an awesome job moving my mothers belongs from Lee's Summit to Blue Springs. This is the second time I have use All My Sons moving services and will use them again. They wrapped and were very careful with her antique furniture. Thanks You!!

Tory Davis

Is there a negative star option? One of the movers stole my painkillers, took every single one out the bottle like I’m stupid and wouldn’t notice, and when I noticed they were gone and confronted them, would not admit it. gave them multiple chances to go put them back without me looking. Still did not. So the cops got involved. I later found the pills thrown in the grass near by where he FAILED to get rid of them. My move started at 7:30 and ended at 2:45. When I asked if I would be getting moved for free or at a discount because of all the BS, they said yes. But still charged me almost 400 dollars to move. They gave me a 50 dollar inconvenience fee. 50 dollars. So a big company thinks 50 dollars off is enough for my inconvence of having my medicine stolen? And not being able to take my meds? My entire day wasted? To file a police report? To call my insurance company to try and get more medience? To drive around town to get the police report and pick up more meds? That’s laughable. who ever is employed at the corporate office of this company needs to be fired NOW, if they have the audacity to try and give me only 50 dollars off. How about free? How about half off? To recap. One of their employees stole my painkillers, and the company tried to give me 50 dollars off a almost 500 dollar service.. Thanks all my sons moving company. Literally JUST wanted to apartments. Not get stolen from and my whole day wasted. OH and I just found out they fired one of the employees who I know for a fact didn’t even have anything to do with it. So all my sons moving company fired employees who have done nothing wrong either. Just fire the POS who stole my meds . And don’t act like you don’t know who really took it. Next time I move , if all my sons if the only company available. I’m going to personally carry my furniture by foot to my new location.

Barbara Prather

I asked them to meet me out of town to move my mom’s furniture to my house. I was contacted several times before the move by phone and email and they showed up early on the day of the move. Everything was wrapped and loaded, no time was wasted driving and it was all unloaded carefully and quickly. Nothing was scratched or broken. I have dealt with other movers who didn’t meet my expectations; they took too many smoke breaks, etc. This crew was professional and ready to complete the job. Obviously I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone needing a moving service.

Bianca Estala

I just moved yesterday , When I called they gave me an estimated price based on the size of my home but then when they called me the next morning they changed it to a different price they first told me that I was not going to spend more than $500 and the company ended up charging $850, movers were super slow and the owner kept saying that it ended up being more because of how long the moving took. Not happy at all! Not good moving experience with this company, stay away!

saleem salama

It was really bad experience for me to deal with this company. They broke one of my items.! The manager was so aggressive he even mansion in his words to call the police about an additional charge wasn’t even worth the distance. Was so close from the storage to my apartment. I don’t recommend and i would never deal with them. This is a scam company, stay away from them they trying to solve my issue and now the case it’s been over 60days. You guys are useless and even wrote my info wrongly on the file idk if it on purpose, cause i gave you guys my information on the phone and also at the office. The manager said will send you someone to fix the mirror that already they broke it for me. I called today again and they said sorry we cannot fix it for you and you can claim it if you want. I would never trust in your scam company. My real name that i gave you guys is Salim kozaat. And was moving from 64111 to apartment 64111 .

JD Ray

Over the years, I have moved many times. This was, in my opinion, the worst mover experience I've had. In addition, I agree with some of the previous reviews of past customers regarding the quoted price versus the final bill. I will not use them again.

Katie James

All My Sons did a great job for us. The movers called 30 mins ahead of the scheduled moving time and arrived on time. They were professional, efficient and polite. All of our items were well treated. What I was quoted was what I paid. I have no complaints at all and would call them again based on my experience.

Amy Turner

Great company and crew!!!! Have used them for years and will continue to do so.

michael museousky

Brennan and his crew... best moving crew and experience we’ve ever had! So professional, friendly, helpful and accommodating. We had some very, very heavy furniture and they never once complained. They placed everything exactly where we wanted it at our new house. I will highly recommend them to everyone I know.

Megan Simmons

Jarelle, Brennan, Rob, and Patrick arrived promptly and were super helpful in packing us up and moving us to our new home. They were very quick and careful with our stuff. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future!

Marie Schelhause

Horrible horrible was outside of there n witnessed management taunting employees How can you in good conscience treat people like that rude uncaring. Waste of human tissue

Laramy Montgomery

They charged me a $250 deposit, showed up at the end of the possible window. Went out to get supplies, had their supervisor call me and say they refused to do the job. They lied and said there was feces in the house. There wasn't. There were dog food and rabbit food bags that had spilled because my son has Autism and poor coordination. We had less than a week to move. We have no family or friends to call on in town. The guys left without a word. The supervisor called and tried to hang up on me. I finally got him to listen. Our house was contaminated from previous renters smoking meth and making it and our landlord never disclosed it or notified the state. Our health was deteriorating and we had to get out ASAP. I looked everywhere. There was no feces in the house, only on the porch where the chickens had come up to get into the cats food and water. That was outdoors, and not near their working area. So they left me with heavy furniture, no help, and on a Sunday, the day before Labor Day. Byron and his boys just wanted their holiday and were to much of a coward to face me. Instead, they peeled out of my driveway, left my front door wide open to let the heat, flies, and my cats into the house. Such disrespect and lies to get a day off. I'll NEVER use them, and will post this on every social media outlet I can find. Marcello, Jeffery, and Mario: you called to verify and clarify my appointment 3 times prior to the day of moving. You assured me I would be taken care of, as well as my belongings. $149 per hour, 1 hour drive time, 2 hour moving minimum, $250 up front, 3 men and a 26 ft truck. Well Almighty moving did it for $330 with 2 men, moved extra items, got it in safely, with respect and humor, never once having an issue with our home. They gave up fishing at Ft Cobb to take the job. We tipped them enough that your 3 men would be sick and kicking themselves. Because we knew they sacrificed the day for us. But we will be singing their praises all over the area to anyone needing a move, and telling them to NEVER put their trust in All My Sons.

Annie McMahill

Brennan and his crew were prompt, polite, careful, quick, and courteous! Couldn’t have had a better experience. Definitely recommend!

Katlyn Baker

The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. If I could give zero stars, I would. They tried charging more than they originally quoted me, had hidden fees that I didn’t know about until it was time to confirm the total, the movers damaged our doorways and they charged us for supplies the movers never used. When I called to speak to someone about it, we spent a good 1 1/2 on the phone and got never resolved so they said they would have a manager call me. Never did. So I called back and he basically said I’m sorry I can’t help you but you can call corporate. So I call corporate and they email you a packet that you have to fill out and send it. So dumb. You should be able to speak to someone over the phone and get it resolved. I don’t have time to write a novel about the god awful experience we had. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT hire this company. They are the worst, which probably explains their two star status. I don’t know how I hired this company in the first place, I don’t remember seeing such awful reviews and low ratings.

Barbara Hayden

I've made two major moves in my lifetime and both times I used All My Sons Moving & Storage. They were as professional this move as they were the last. Very polite crew, they worked non-stop until everything was in its final destination and took great care with my possessions. I would recommend them to everyone! Thank you All My Sons Crew!

Sherri Jordan

Overall the guys were professional and worked hard moving my heavy furniture. Although , they wrapped 2 of my big clay pots with moving quilts and they were broken when we got to the new home. Only traveled 9 miles for the move.

Dona Titus

Herbie Lacassagne

Only reason they get 1 star is because I could not put 0. They showed up 6 hours late, everyone dodged my calls. First piece of furniture they touched they broke the glass top of a 1200$ table. Did not pick up the glass and my wife cut her hand cleaning it up. Workers took smoke breaks as I’m charged per hour, smoked in the back of rental trucks (I am in trucking industry and contacted the Penske rep to let him know). The GM is about as smart as a box of rocks. Zero customer skill or oriented company.

Michael W Smith

Ander, Brice, and Cesar rhese guys are rockin. Great job guys!

Chad Ruckman

Great moving company

Ben Myers

We all know how much moving totally sucks butt. I've done it six times in the last 8 years. Each one of them has sucked, especially the last two, considering how much STUFF a certain wife of mine has. That said, I was seriously dreading the move I was going to do in November. I didn't want to strain myself and my family and friends by begging them to help, so I figured I'd go with a moving company. I gave All My Sons a shot after talking with someone on the phone. I liked their atypical phone greeting: "All My Sons Moving, I can definitely help you!" Made me chuckle. The movers themselves--Ray, Arron and Mark--were friendly. After a short while, we dropped the customer/employee formality and just talked casually--I like that. Feels much more personal, though one of em took to calling me "boss" while we were working (I pitched in and lent a hand). If that was just a personality trait of his or he forgot my name, I don't know, but it made me grin. After a brief tour of my place and showing them what will have to be moved, they got right to work loading--I had everything packed and ready to go. They had the tools they needed, they took care of everything quite well; wrapping delicate items, being extra careful with what I asked, like my wife's Korean hutch that's nearly as old as I am (32). Ray, the driver handled the route to my new place quite well; no speeding, no hard turns, cautious slowing down hills, all that. The three of them handled the unloading process just as well as the loading. None of my stuff got banged or damaged, which is fantastic. All in all, they did a terrific job. They were communicative and upfront. I'm very thankful that they helped make this move immensely less stressful. I swear that all the stress involved in finding a new place to live, packing up all my stuff and the anxiety for it all to be over made my hair go silver. These guys took quite a load off. Rock on.

Brittany Sieg

We utilized All My Sons for our move this past weekend. We were going from a one bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house. The initial scheduling was very efficient and quick, however, I did not hear from them on a time frame of the actual move until the afternoon before. And that was after I called the store and left a message to be returned. I have hired movers two other times in my life and have loved my experience, but this was by far the longest it took someone to load up my stuff. Not to mention, they had a list of reasons to not take half of our stuff. I understand policies and processes, however, this was never expressed to us before the day of the move. If you use All My Sons, ensure EVERYTHING is sealed in a box or they will not take it. It took them 3 hours to load the truck with our one bedroom apartment. They then had to stop for gas on the way to the new house.... which could have been done not on our time. When we got to the house and they started unloading things, we found that 2 lamps were broken and a lot of items had multiple scratches on them. The gentleman mentioned that tips could be paid with cash or personal checks. I made two checks out to them and after they were made out, he mentioned that neither of them had bank accounts and could not accept a check. I was only able to pull $20 increments from the ATM and after handing him the cash, he told me that the checks were made out for more so they wanted the full amount. Essentially the move was a half done experience and unfortunately the least pleasant moving experience I have had with using movers.

Heather Brumfield

Johnathan And Chuck Did A GREAT Job !!!

E Witt

Jiran and Mike were completely professional and extremely fast with my move and i had a lot of stuff to move. The company was exceptionally friendly and felt like family from the first time I called the company until the final objects were secure in my apartment. I highly recommend this company for your move! Thank you Tristan, Jiran, and Mike.

Katie Devitt

Kevin, James and Darnell were the most professional movers. They were efficient, pleasant and careful with my parent’s furniture. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to move.

linda grider

I hired these guys to do a move for me on December 14th, and they didn't complete the move until January 3rd, 2018. Thanks to the bad estimate from Bill, the contents of my move did not fit into the truck that was brought the day of my move, and due to the time frame it took to complete my move, the storage facility charged me another months rent, this moving company was ask to reimburse me in full, but Paul was not willing to do so. He blamed me for not communicating with him to regarding the non completeion of the move, therefore I was responsible for paying it. He also stated that i should of been grateful, that he was doing me a favor, a favor that cost me $1450, and weeks to complete. Now I have to seek the help of small claims court to help recoup those funds. See you in court All My Sons, that took all their time to do the job.

Tracey McDonald

Jeremy Jean and Carlos Hernandez helped load my POD...they were amazing..they worked hard and didn't complain at all. Great service---thank you!!!

Sierra Brown

I had a team move all my belongings from a storage unit into my townhome. They didn't give me an accurate timeframe and then called to say they were 15mins away so i had to rush over to let them in. Once there one of the employees started asking personal questions about me and my boyfriend and informed me that it is customary to tip and proceeded to tell me normal amounts are $50-100 per mover. After 45mins of loading everything into my unit they decided to take an hour lunch break before finishing the job. I called the office and they said they couldn't tell them when to take breaks and when not to. And then got snippy with me saying DOT regulates things. After bringing things to my home they quit asking me where anything went after about 5mins and just loaded every single box into the living room. They knocked a stack of boxes over and some of my dishes broke as well. I do not recommend using this company at all.

Derrick Jackson

Mike and Jody came and did a fantastic job on our move. On time, quick and professional. They've earned my business and my respect.

Katrinka Snider

Daniel & Raheem did an excellent job moving me from OK to TX.

Ashley Andrews

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY!! I wish there was negative stars to give. I had the worst experience and feel cheated & lied to. I had All My Sons move my one bedroom to a different location. When I called I asked for an estimate and got told it would $318 for the move plus an hour of travel. I was sitting at quote of $477 for the total move. I repeatedly asked if this was the total price for the move and was told yes. So I went ahead and put down my $250 deposit to hold my spot for the move, which I later found out was non refundable. They day of the move came and I was the second move. I was given a window from 12-5 that they could come which was frustrating because I had to give up my whole afternoon. When the movers arrived they had me sign tons of different documents (which to later find out was covering their butt for all the hidden fees) that they guy scrolled so fast through you were unable to read. They moved one bedroom set including a headboard & mattress, a dresser, nightstand, 5 boxes and a bar cart for me. THAT IT. They ended up wrapped my dresser in plastic wrap which I didn’t request and putting my maters into a bag. When I later get the bill I find out they charged me $77 dollars for plastic wrap that I DIDN’T ASK THEM TO USE. Almost a hundred dollars to wrap my dresser? They moved it less than 5 miles away into a house. They charged a surcharge of 66$ for gas for the move... less than 5 miles away we were driving I get the bill later the bill and I have been charged $620.00!!! 620$ for less than 15 items total including boxes. $620 for less than two hours of moving. I called to discuss and they were very rude and unprofessional. I am upset that they purposely scam people out of their own money with these hidden fees. Please safe your money, time and hassle with this company and take your business else where!

Armen Hovsepian

In short: 5 Star 5 young men arrived right on time, I gave them a tour of the house and what needed to be moved that week (and what the following week). They started packing, folding, wrapping and loading. Very clean job, very professional, very satisfied. They cut the actual estimated time by over an hour. Most impressive was how guys helped each other, especially with heavy loads. Thanks to “All My Sons” Moving. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Kimberly McCray

The overall move went smooth. They were punctual and professional. The fact that I am so disappointed and dissatisfied is I specifically asked for assistance/accommodations to the move that I was pregnant and various things needed to be assembled. I was point blank told that wouldn’t be a problem and they’d gladly help which sold me totally on the company and I booked the movers. I should’ve seen a reg flag when I was quoted one deposit amount only for me to get told at the time I booked the move it had doubled “just in the last couple days” as I was trying to decided before I jumped and paid for the services but they didn’t give me a hard time and charged me the initial deposit amount. It was only until the move and all my things were off the truck inside I’m asking about my kids beds which were stacked against the wall and confused me at first were they going to put them together one of the movers point blank told me no it would cost me extra the other guy expressed he didn’t mind but his hands were tied considering the other mover was gonna report the changes. I’m reiterating that was the main reason I paid for the service. Everything was left in the middle of my living room floor where I could barely lift anything 6 months pregnant. I called back to the office very upset and was told by the owner that nothing was to be assembled if they didn’t disassemble it to begin with. When I explained to him how my “consultation “ went he became very short with me. I asked for some form of remedy because I didn’t have help or even friends available to assist me and again I WAS PREGNANT. He offered me no answer and wasn’t going to do anything in the situation. My experience made what should have been a simple thing very stressful that i end up scrambling to find help on a new street and not knowing anyone. This company might do a good job with the process but their customer service offered something that they couldn’t provide and the fact my contents were less than a mile from the site I moved to pay $400 as a single parent was only worth it had what I asked for could’ve been handled that way. I couldn’t afford to just give someone that kind of money and still needed help with every area of moving my stuff into my new apartment. Be very weary about exactly it is you commission this company to provide you they y’all a very good game and quickly at that but when it’s time to get the service it’s a totally different story.

William Ritchey

This was the second time that I used them despite them causing me a couple of problems on the last move. This time it went smoothly and quickly and they did not damage anything this go around. Crew got right in and to work without allot of chit chat on both ends of the move. I still think they overcharge for what the do but they get the job done and in this case in 8 degree weather.

Gordon McNamara

The gentlemen I had the pleasure of doing our move were very polite,accommodating & professional, I will definitely use All My Sons Moving for our net project. Sincerely,Gordon McNamara

Alice Nitzel

These guys were awesome...they got in and my stuff out in 20 minutes. .very polite. .i highly recommend them

Gerardo Salcido

They take their sweet time to charge more job quality is not professional at all even tried to charge an extra hour which they did not work watch out for these snakes!!!!!!!!

Noobian Bruh

I used this company almost two weeks ago to move some things to another location. I chose it due to the positive reviews I read. I must admit they were on time for the move. That was great. The team lead (Antonio) came in and greeted me in a professional manner. He was respectful but boy did he reek with marijuana and stinky cigarette smoke. He was good with explaining the agreement/contract. They were given instructions from me and did very well with wrapping the items and loading them onto their truck. Upon arriving at the location where the items were transported to...they began to offload the items. The truck driver named Mike was HORRIBLE. His attitude was very distasteful. Mike tried to force a piece of furniture through the door and I heard and saw when he damaged the piece of furniture. Mike, upon being shown the damage he caused to that piece of furniture NEVER offered an apology. He looks at it and literally turned around and left out of the building. I was livid and even asked if Antonio and the other worker whose name I failed to get could bring in the items instead because Mike was so unconcerned about what he did. However, Antonio was extremely apologetic concerning the damage caused by Mike and even said “I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” Mike seemed like he didn't want to work that day. He became more aggravated when Antonio was told by their boss that they had a big job after my move that day because they thought their day had ended. Who wouldn't be excited about getting paid the amount of money they get paid for a 3 hour move that took close to 1 hr and some minutes? They also damaged another very expensive item but I didn't realize it until they were gone and we removed the plastic wrap that it was wrapped in. I will NEVER use this company again. Antonio pushed and pushed in the beginning how he could guarantee that this will be the best move that I've ever experienced and how satisfied I would be and that they wouldn't damage my items. He spoke highly of All My Son's reputation. I knew it was too good to be true. At the end, I filled out a damage report and almost 2 weeks later I have yet to hear from anybody from this company. Good thing I took a picture of the damage form with my cell phone after filling it out. Please make sure you check ALL of your items. I would advise you to do your best to take pictures before and after. As each piece is wrapped and unwrapped compare the pictures to make sure there aren’t any damages irrespective to which moving you hire for your move. Lesson learned!!!

Amanda Jeffries

Harvey, Tim and James were great! Thanks guys for the excellent service! We will request them again.

Jennifer Illuzzi

Had terrible experience this past weekend. I was scheduled to move on Saturday, but only for the movers to show up to my house at 8pm. Since it wasn't feasible to move in the dark (one of the movers even asked me for a flashlight so they could see in the back of the truck) we agreed to bump the move til Sunday with reassurance from the mover that they could get to me around 2-3pm. So being optimistic I wait around on Sunday. By 3pm I was making calls with all the phone numbers I had of the driver and office, but no one was answering. So I just had to sit helplessly and wait. Around 4pm someone from the office called saying they cannot make it on Sunday, but they had Monday morning available. So I had to take a day off from work to move on Monday morning. They put me in a bind because I'm anxiously waiting all weekend, my entire house in boxes, with my 3-year-old. It's not like I can just call another moving company and schedule for THAT moment. So I waited til Monday. The movers themselves were efficient, but not too much care was taken. They knew how to Tetris the boxes well, but didn't take much care for the "this side up" on the boxes nor the FRAGILE labels. Nor did they use plastic wrap to secure the dressers and desks. They just put the blue blankets on them in the truck. This was great for the travel, but when we got to our destination they were handing me my daughter's clothes as they spilled out of her dresser in the truck. Then when it came to paying, I ended up paying more than they quoted me for. The entire process took 4 hours, but they charged me for 5 hours saying it was 4 hours of labor and 1 hour of driving. Even though the 1 hour of driving (actually 30 mins) was included in the 4 hour entire process. When I spoke to manager I just got the "I'm sorry, this is the way it is" answer. The only compensation I got from this was an $85 in savings, but that does not even come close to the wasted time and money I spent all weekend waiting and taking 1 day off from work. In my mind, they have a terrible business strategy for gaining customers and there is a complete disconnect from the actual movers and the people in the office. Whoever is doing the schedule in the office is double-booking all the movers and contracting out. And the movers don't know what kind of job they are going to get until they arrive at the house. So it takes them a lot longer for their morning jobs and all the afternoon jobs get bumped. It would have been better if they had told me "this weekend is full, can we do it during the week?" But no, they lock you in and keep you hanging. I felt like the whole weekend was spent with empty promises, just apologies, and bad customer service.

Kevin Krebs

They did a really good job loading up and dropping off our stuff. They kept at it until everything was done. I will definitely call them again next time!

Katherine Ray

Keon, Rico, and Ray were my movers today and they did a fantastic job. I was originally worried whether a couch of mine would make it up a really narrow and short stairwell, but they kept trying and got it up there. Everyone was polite and worked quickly and steadily while taking care to move my things gently. I highly recommend these men for anyone’s future move.

Albert Sindall Jr

On time, professional and took care of my property as if it were theirs.

Erin Brockman

We had a great experience with our 3 movers (Tracy, Bernard & Carl). Very courteous and respectful. I felt like the fuel charge and materials charge was a little steep, but the quality and speed of the crew made up for this. We would definitely use the company again and would request this team.

Zachary Feeney

I needed them last minute and they were there in 3 hours - easy and on time, and the guys were nice. Thanks!

K Jamieson

The crew that moved us was very professional and efficient. They made sure we were satisfied throughout the whole move. All of our stuff was handled with care. There were three guys in the crew and we had a lot of stuff and some pretty wicked stairs and they worked hard to place all of our furniture where we wanted dispite some of the challenges in getting some very heavy things up the stairs of a split entry home. I would highly Recommend All My Sons

Carol Mendoza

Devin and Marlon are awesome!! They worked their you know what’s off! They emptied out 6 rooms from an upstairs offices without an elevator and another 4 offices in under 6 hours! Very personable and kind workers. An amazing team! And unloaded it into the storage facility just how we wanted it to be.

Melanie Bowlin

Thank you Jon Brown and everyone at All My Sons Moving and Storage for a very painless move! Communication was amazing, keeping us updated as we moved through the process. The movers took such great care of our belongings through the packing, loading and delivery process. We recommend them highly and will definitely use All My Sons again!

Scott Leonard

Good experience. Crew was careful to protect both floors (it had rained that day) and all items moved. Professional, clean, caring and careful. They went out of their way to insure we were satisfied. The protective blankets were clean, the equipment was clean, and the inside of the truck was clean. When it was all unloaded and set up, they asked that I do a final truck inspection to insure all items that were moved were unloaded.

Iain Head

Very professional and fast.

Dina Vaughan

They were wonderful. The two young men that moved me, worked very hard and were very careful with all my breakables. I would Highly recommend this company to all my friends and family.

Ian Roddy

I used All My Sons to load all my belongings from my 1 BR apartment, and the they did a fantastic job. They provided three men - Keith was the name of the leader. Keith's team moved everything quickly, loaded up the truck very efficiently, and they were courteous the entire time. Moreover, I had a lot of fragile items and nothing was broken when I unpacked. I recommend.

Jamin Gibson

Nice job Anthony, James & James; we were very pleased indeed! From Maryland to Pennsylvania the move was perfectly executed from start to finish!

Daniel Bowen

B Softball

We couldn’t have asked for a better moving experience. From the time I contacted All My Sons moving, all the employees who I spoke with throughout the process were very professional and friendly. On the day of the move, Johnny, Paris and Melvin were prompt, courteous, professional, friendly and worked great as a team. They handled everything with loving care, as if they were moving their own things. I was very pleased with their moving fees, too. Extremely reasonable. I highly recommend using All My Sons moving company!

Lance DeSpain

If you are looking to spend $1,000 to move 3 beds, couch, tv, kitchen and laundry appliances look no further! The crew was able to thouroughly wrap every item I listed, and load it in only 3 hours. After the 3 minute drive to our destination it only took two more hours. Also when you talk to the manager he will just tell you "you get what you pay for". 10 out of 10 would not recommend. Really nice people though.

Abigail Marrufo

Had an awesome experience with these guys: Clark, Terrance, and Milan with All My Sons! We had quite a long move with 2 stops for a pick-ups then 2 stops for drop-offs. They were still able to stay within out budget/timeline. Clark as the team leader was incredible. Terrance and Milan were just as awesome. All very courteous and it helps that they were funny, makes things go by faster and easier. Everything arrived perfectly, especially the TV and artwork we asked them to box up. I will certainly use All My Sons again for any future moves.

Edward Pilewski

Hats off to Ricky, Leonard, and Coy, my moving crew from All My Sons Moving & Storage; they were awesome. My experience with this company was extremely favorable from the first phone call. I was well informed on the phone what my move would be like, I was contacted by the owner after registering for my move just to make sure I did no have any problems or questions. The guys on the crew were "over the top" polite and respectful while executing my move. They asked me about every detail and did not take any liberties with my belongings; treating everything as if it were their own. AND within 2 hours after my move was complete, the owner was back on the phone with me. Many companies can learn from the way this company does business.

Stuart Crouch

These guys are great!

Tejas Ken

Excellant customer service Talked to Tristan the manager. Took care of business Im brand / company loyal . YES I WILL RECOMMEND THEM AGAIN! (Will update the employees names later) Please give them a call Tell them I recommended you to them ✌ n ❤ Tejas Ken #TheRealTejasKen on twitter

KayLea Clark

My moving experience with All My Sons was really wonderful when I moved from okc to Tulsa. We had Clark and Jeremiah and they were very professional. All of our things were well taken care of and in a very timely manner. They wrapped our funiture, disassembled and reassembled it. I would definitely recommend them for any of your moving needs.

Deanna Brown

This was by far the worst moving experience I have had to date. They were disrespectful towards by belongs, broke items, damaged doorways, and even urinated in my apartment parking lot! I highly recommend staying far away from this company.

Elizabeth Hughes

Mike and Jody did a great job they were very fast all my stuff was handled with care and I would use them and recommend them to everybody I know

Cory VanDyke

The crew that moved us this past weekend (Troy was the driver) was great. All of the guys were polite and made the move easy. We really appreciate the job they did and will be sure to recommend the company in the future.

Claudia Evans

The price quoted was what I paid and the 3 movers were pleasant enough. My issue is my coffee table has a huge gouge out of the top of it, my end table now wobbles. I have a queen size adjustable bed and the power cord is missing so I had to order one from the manufacturer which cost me $8.75. My bed has a wood headboard, footboard and sideboards and when the movers were assembling it I told them it was off center and the 1 replied we are not done yet. When they were done putting the bed together they proceed to push the bed (on carpet no less) to get it centered. I heard a crack and the headboard has a crack where it attaches to the side board. Not worth getting myself riled up as I know for a fact that the company will not compensate me for the damage so just writing it off to my poor decision in choosing the worst of the worst moving company

Michael Thornton

Fernando & Christian moved my stuff yesterday. They were quick when moving, extremely nice, and even lifted a couch over a balcony that was on a second floor with only their hands and arms! All My Sons moving was amazing yesterday. If you call this company for a move PLEASE ask for Fernando & Christian. Two great movers you guys have!

Deborah Mitchell

Move was exceptional thanks guys will be intouch again in a few months will hire again Larry Clarke, Henry Williams , Cameron evereete , Rodrick Hayes !

joshua brightwell

Horrible and unprofessional workers, unresponsive and uncaring management.

Tony Hill

I recently had the best moving experience with these guy. First thing I noticed was they were punctual! Movers are always late for some reason but these guys were sharp. Everyone had their pants up and shirts tucked in. There were no surprises when the bill came either (Big Surprise). I Spoke to Brandon in the office after the move and let him know that he has some great guys. Use these guys!

Kristen Leonard

Austin and Raymond's group did a fantastic job today. They hustled and got the job done very quickly, efficiently, and thought out all the small details. We spent a long day together with all the things we had to pack and load. They truly are a great team. We didnt have any communication issues and I felt they addressed all our needs and took great care of our furniture. We highly recommend them. I was however dissatisfied to over hear a conversation(obviously by accident) that one of the men could have possibly gotten written up for helping drive a uhaul we paid for.

Verna Edwards

The movers were professional and friendly. The the service I received was great. I was worried about my move, but realized once they started I had nothing to worry about. The biggest relief was the price. I highly recommend All MY Sons

Dela Le Doux

Kelvin Josh Mike DQ did an AWESOME JOB!! They worked hard and allowed my son to "unwrap" the furnature and help them when he could. Very family friendly!

Just Adab

Nice guys. Mikes crew did his thing professionally and quickly. I would use them again. This was my best moving experience as of yet!

Nicole Primeaux

Couldn’t have done it without Team Deanthony & All My Sons! On Thursday, we called and scheduled our move for Sunday. I had most of everything packed, waiting in the garage to be picked up. Items not packed were 2 adjustable bases, king mattress, crib, camping gear, holiday decor, one couch, and washer/dryer. I spoke with the warehouse Sunday morning to confirm, and again with the driver saying they were 10mins out. The movers were very courteous, helpful, strong and attentive! I received a call from the office twice during the move to ensure everything was going well. Even with me packing as much as I did, it still took us longer than anticipated—we had SO much stuff! The movers really did an excellent job at packing the truck; they took excellent care with our items. We had quite the move with several hours of road time (we were moving about 4h away), and two stops (storage unit and new house). It was originally estimated at 2 men, 6h for $1900, but ended up with 3 men (no extra charge), 9h, 1 roll of packing tape, and 1 roll of industrial packing material for $2200, which was STILL LESS than Two Men & a Truck’s $3600 quote!! We knew it was going to be a big (and expensive) move with the likelihood of add-on fees for unanticipated challenges, but took the chance with All My Sons, because at least we’d start $1700 lower than the competition...ha! I cannot stress enough of how hard Team Deanthony worked to make our transition easier. These guys busted their you know whats! And honestly, we would’ve definitely saved a few hours, had some of my family members (and myself) not ‘helped’. They worked fast, and didn’t waste time. All in all, if we were moving again, we’d request Team Deanthony and book with All My Sons again. We have no regrets!

Joanna Cowan

I would give five stars. I was just raised that no one is perfect, but these three guys came pretty darn close. Courteous, respectful of my old and new home. I had to hug them before they left after a long tedious move. Would recommend to anyone needing their services. Joanna Cowan

Michael Wojcik

BE WARNED They will try and add extra costs at the end. Tristan is a liar will miss quote you and is very rude. The movers where great but the manager should be fired.

Evette Pablo

The Driver Dre his team Bryce, Don were outstanding, fantastic were very efficient. 5 stars all the way wish I had soldiers like these men. A+ plus.

Brian Meyers

What a great experience. Where do I start.... From the first phone call into the office then the welcome call and the call during the move from the Manager Brian who kept me at ease and laughing. The guys who took care of all our items by wrapping them and handling with extreme care. I would definitely recommend using them.

Nick Stauffer

I used All My Sons Moving & Storage for a move on December 2, 2017. The move itself was very thorough. While the company showed up after the moving window discussed, they were professional and did a good job of making sure everything was packed appropriately and latched into the truck. (I was moving into a Storage Unit). The movers were not incredibly speedy, but nevertheless nothing was broken during my move. My overall experience with All My Sons was OK. Before the move, I was impressed with the customer service provided when I booked the move and follow up call before hand. I had a few hiccups with pricing after the move, but after a few conversations with Jimmy and Edward we were able to work through the issues and I appreciate the calls ensuring a resolution could be found about my concerns. I appreciate that when it comes to fixing a customer relationship. Customer service failures happen and it's critical how a business handles the follow through. Thank you, Edward for the follow up call and the conversation. My move itself was done very well and the men packed up everything and moved me into my storage unit satisfactorily.

Lindy Brown

The entire experience from beginning to end was positive. Every person I dealt with from office to my movers were professional and curteous.

pooria e

Had a great experience with all my sons they wore great from the start to finsh! Would recommend to anyone trying move in the Maryland area!

Tr20 Driver

The original quote was almost double the final bill. Jerry Henshaw, the operations manager was exceptionally rude and horrible and unwilling to even listen to my concerns and actually hung up on me after holding our furniture hostage and telling us to never call them again. Mario, another manager, actually listened to our concerns, was very professional, and adjusted our final bill. Mario is an asset to the company. Our actual movers and Mario were exceptional. Jerry Henshaw is a true liability to this company and should not be in a customer service or supervisor position.

Nikki Wade

I had a perfect experience with All My Sons. The estimate process was great and the office was very attentive. The move went completely smooth, with the crew coming in a couple of hours under estimate. I couldn't be happier!

Shonna Hanscom

I definitely did not get a 'deal' . The job was estimated at 2 to 3 hours (and should have only been 3 tops) and it took 5 1/2, was double the charge. One of the two guys did all the work. Casey was hard working and polite (and the only reason I gave this place 2 stars). I would not recommend this moving company. I guess it is always a roll of the dice if you get energetic movers or ones that want to milk the clock. In this case, I believe I was taken advantage of.

Lou Ann Foltz

Professional Personable Reasonable

Mary Martin

Amazing move 5 stars all the way. Very efficient very hard working great pricing. Much faster then the last crew. Dre,Bryce, Michael


DONT USE THEM PLEASE READ. There are other movers that will tell you the pricing upfront and explain the cost. Go with Twomen&truck, much better. They are liars...go look through reviews and read about the poor management...Tristan Henderson. Then this guy leaves his own good review. Why would he need to do that?(see below)...I digress, the 3 guys were ok and nice. But my wife who is 125lbs weighted more than two of them the 3rd guy was about 200lbs. Here is what you need to know before hand that they dont specifically tell you until your stuff is on the truck (see how dirty that trick is). This is what you will be charged for: Every minute from when the dude hits button on ipad to when he hits stop, including TRAVEL TIME(4hrs/139$/hr). The boss Tristian wont let them hit stop until everything is loaded, blankets folded back up(they brought about 60 that we didn't need take about 30mins to fold/load).On top of total time is 1 hr travel(139$, understand this is the travel time for them to get there and leave to get back to base. You will pay a fuel surcharge 15% of $ amount labor hrs plus travel time(ours was 104$)dont know how they got that??? You pay for packing materials our stuff was fully wrapped allready but the guys wrapped some things extra(didn't realize I would be charged for this). Originally quoted for minimum cost w/ 2hrs of labor 480$ paid before they got there. At the end.556$ labor, 105$ fuel, 139$ travel, 61$ packing mat. Total charged 980.14$ Don't know how they got this also. Filled with BBB and here. They wont be doing business long with that type of service!

Whitney Zeiler

Great move! Fast, courteous and respectful. Jarelle, Brennan, Robert, Corbin, Chris were wonderful to work with. Would recommend All My Sons!

Hanna Jones

Very fast and efficient. Got the job done with professionalism and ease!

Jasmine Boyd

Paul is great in the office...the workers were great fast recommend for anybody

Tracy Herrington

They were very professional and friendly. Was very impressed how careful they were and how quickly they moved my furniture from one place to another. I would definitely recommend them!

Angelica Rodriguez

Horrible service, the guys were super slow moving all my stuff and they ended up with hidden fees.

Adam Hinton

DO NOT USE. The actual movers were good, bud the hidden charges are insane. Management not helpful. Will never use again. $900 to move 2 miles.

Curtis Spearman

Mike and his crew did a awesome job! Everything was strictly professional with customer satisfaction as their primary goal. They worked at a unbelievably fast pace with precision, care, and efficiency to make the moving experience as simple as possible for everyone. I highly recommend not just All My Sons, but Mike and his crew especially for going that extra mile to help me in anyway possible. Thank you fellas!

Jeff Gribnau

Terrible experience with these folks. They showed up on time and were polite but that's about it for the positives. The weren't prepared with tools and had to borrow mine to take apart the furniture, couldn't figure out how to take apart a simple bed frame so I had to do it, ran out of materials for packing, etc. Then upon arrival at the new location they couldn't figure out how to put one bed together, put another one together wrong which I had to fix, and lost the hardware to another bed that I had to go and buy the next day to get my daughters bed together. Now as I've started to unpack a lot of the glassware they packed from our kitchen, I've found multiple broken pieces. Not just a glass here or there, but easily 15 or so broken pieces of glassware. I've moved across states multiple times without any broken items using other professionals and these guys couldn't make it 5 minutes around the corner. Will not use again.

Cynthia Stewart

All My Sons provided a very quick and accurate estimate, that was very very reasonable. The staff was very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. They were very eager to make sure we were satisfied - and were very friendly and pleasant! And, there were no hidden or added charges at the end. I highly recommend this company!

DaJuana Dixon

laura johnson

Not satisfied - Drivers didn't arrive at time scheduled 8-10 am I had to call to track them down not a good customer service move. had 2 pickups planned crew running behind or lack of crew, ended up having to cancel first stop because crew was late. finally after waiting ALL day ( they arrived 6-8 hours later than planned). One broken lamp and slat on bed broke If I ever move again ill definitely check around more for a moving company. The loading crew was very nice the major complaint I have is with the office staff

Falecia Stuckey

is a moving company you want to stay away from. 3.5 hours after they were due to arrive, I called them to find out they were still on another job, but was expecting to charge me full price hourly to sit in traffic. No customer service. Just a horrible company!

Joshua S

Unfortunately, I don't find anything about this company to have been conducted in a fair or professional manner as of this moment. It's rather unfortunate as well, that my move is scheduled for less than a week away, and I had to contact your offices to verify that I still had movers even available. When I finally had a representative on the phone, I was told that my appointment wasn't booked because I hadn't paid the deposit, which I can prove I did with my bank records two months ago. Now, with less than a week away, I'm told that you are booked on the day I am supposed to move, (Saturday 21st of July) but you assure me that they will be able to get to me in time since it should have been booked WELL in advance. My deposit was paid on May 17th. Now I'm being told by the person on the phone, that the size of house that I advised on back in MAY when I paid my deposit and agreed to prices, requires 3 people and not just 2, so they need to raise my rates. So, you didn't book my reservation, you didn't have anyone contact me, you've told me now that the day I'm supposed to move is booked up, and you want to raise my rates from $109 per hour up to $139 per hour, acting like the discount from the standard 3 person charge of $189 per hour is doing me a favor? Had I not called at all today, I'm to imagine that no one would have ever even contacted me, and I'd be SOL. So someone needs to explain to me, how that is great customer service? Now that it's within days of my (supposedly not scheduled appt) it's going to be impossible to find a replacement company with such short notice. Update: Called to cancel. Went with another company. "Moovers." Look them up. I told them this story, and I never even mentioned names. Woman on the phone asked right away, "Was this All My Sons? I said how did you guess, which she replied that they do this all the time. I'm Not going to chance it with them saying they are booked up but will try to make room for me. Not with all the reviews about them canceling on people. Edward is rude as hell, and won't take responsibility that it was his company that didn't properly book my appt even after I paid. Don't send an email confirmation that I will be getting my deposit back. Said they don't do that. They just send out generic "sorry to see you go." Don't seem to care they have bad service, because he said he had someone else on the line to take care of. Lost business with such terrible practice. Called me rude and childish for telling him I hope other people don't make the same mistake to choose this company. I'm rude? You think? After being told I have no appt AND you're going to charge me more AND you're not confirming in writing that I get my money back? Joshua (a very pissed off customer)

S Carson

Jessica Brogdon

Efficient movers, definitely would use them again

Dylan Nelson

Absolutely horrible. Guys showed up more than 4 hours late, took over 8 hours to pack up a two bedroom apartment. They apparently couldn't load our stuff into one truck, even though my wife and I had done so in a UHaul half the size. The guys who came and unloaded the second time ( yeah it took a day and a half to get moved out of a TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT) even said there was no reason it should've taken two trips. We ended up paying more than 3 times the quoted amount just to get our stuff back. Equal parts incompetence, quasi-criminal practices and awful customer service. Use any other mover. Honestly, burn all your stuff and buy new furniture rather than use these movers.

Jake Amberg

Disgusting customer service. We scheduled a move with All My Sons and had a confirmed reservation. Unfortunately, they never showed up. There was zero communication from the office once the reservation was complete despite dozens of calls to both corporate and local offices. They really hung us out to dry. I would not recommend. The only silver lining is that I know there is $700 less that this company will make because of their incompetence.

Julie Brown

The team did a fantastic job and had a great attitude. Thanks to Antonio, Tavon and Herbert!

Robert Halterman

Very slow moving process. Quote was $ 450 more than what I was quoted. Moves at a slow pace entire time witch gave them more of a profit. I even helped by taking bed frames apart and setting stuff in hallway to hurry the process. Very disappointed in this whole situation.


Great experience with the movers that I requested Mike and his crew again (Baton Rouge location). Professional guys who hussled to get the job done quickly. Respected my time and theirs.

PK Howard

What a great experience! Had a short move within the same town but from the person who spoke with me on the phone to the guys who moved our stuff - A+, all the way! They weren't just on time, they were ahead of schedule! Best moving experience ever AND reasonably priced! Highly recommend them!

Joseph Hyman

Absolutely horrendous. Valuables stolen,intentionally slow, it took 8.5 hour to move a 2 bedroom apartment. .3 miles. One worker seem to have no clue while the other three men argued and complained throat the move. The dispatcher, Diana was no help and part of the scam. If you need a reliable mover “All my sons” is not it.

Carie Prosser

Horrible moving company. Got quoted by 2 different people what seemed to be a reasonable price. Put down 100.00 deposit to secure my spot a month prior to my move. 2days before my move they called and asked if I could be “flexible’” and move a day early because they over booked. I was accommodating. Then when they came to move me, the price doubled than what they quoted me and could be more.l, they said. I was furious and told them they were fired and to leave. He called his boss to see what they could do. He was rude and disrespectful. He would not give me back my 100.00 deposit when I told him I wanted his movers to leave. This company is very unethical and they will steal from you.BEWARE!! They are crooks. Do not hire them. They will screw you over. I’d rather pay 2x as much with another company than to use their services or should I say non serviced. Awful company.

Niki Logan

Showed up 1 hr 15 min after the 2 hr time allowance. Paid them once at delivery location but at the end of move they tried to charge me for another $130. No communication was given that these extra fees where occurring nor about that I should expect them to arrive after the scheduled window

Rieta Maricle

Andre and his crew were on time, courteous, and extremely helpful. My husband had to work and they went above and beyond to make sure everything was the way I wanted it. I would highly recommend this company and especially Andre.

Carly Wallace

Overall they did a good job. There were a couple of issues though. My final price ended up being double what my estimated price was, which was extremely disappointing. They were also unable to move any of my hanging clothes (which was my entire closet.) I feel like for the price I paid that should not have been an issue. I was also told I would be called at minimum of 1 hour before they were to arrive at my house... they called me and told me they would be there in 15 minutes. This was over 2 hours earlier than my expected start time. I was at work at the time, so I asked if they could wait for an hour and they agreed too. No big deal. They also just ended up leaving a bunch of stuff in my house for me to move myself... I'm not sure why. I asked them multiple times to grab it and they said they would, but never did. Overall though they did a pretty decent job. None of my stuff was damaged and they did the move in a timely manner.

Laird McNeiley

I thought the movers were a little reckless for the sake of speed. Huge scratch on my brand new wood floors and damage to doorways. They said someone would contact me, but so far nothing. Very disappointed from a company that is by no stretch the cheapest. Pretty expensive for the lack of follow up.

Kathleen Dolen-Figolah

Very personable crew. Gabe, Ray, the 2 Anthony’s were customer service oriented. Didn’t see Chris very much on either day of the move. Problem initially when they were packing they weren’t labelling boxes. They worked hard but they could have paid more attention to which rooms they were putting things in. Had some boxes clearly marked for a certain room that ended up elsewhere (master bedroom boxes in bathroom).

Sarah Ekey

Great experience! Friendly, quick, and on time. They were recommended to us and we are happy to pass along the recommendation. Thanks Bryce, Dre, and Don!!

Danette Brunet

Excellent Crew. Did an excellent job, and careful with items. Kelvin and his crew were amazing.

Alexis Kane

Horrible moving company. They said they had a delivery in Silver Springs and would be out right after. They lied and never showed up. And on top of it, they never called. We called several times during the day and it wasn't until 4:30 that they gave me the delivery guy's number and when I call, he said he was on his way to Annapolis to deliver an entire house full of furniture. He couldn't guarantee that he could make it. They made us wait all day to move college students who needed to get out and we now have to scramble to get someone else. It wasted my time, my husband's and my daugther's. Since you charge 119.00 per hour, I am charging you 300.00 an hour for wasting my time. I think it is time for companies like your to be held accountable. Therefore you will be getting my bill. Horrible, unorganized, WASHINGTON DC residents, call someone else!!!!!!!

Randy Fuson

Mike and his team did an excellent job. I would recommend “All My Sons” if you are considering a moving company.

Eileen Bernstein

All My Sons Movers did a fabulous job! They helped me pack last minute items, and remembered which items I wanted in my car and which items could go on the truck. Very careful to not scratch the hardwood floors and with my fragile items. On time and efficient.

James Roselle

I had scheduled All My Sons for a Hot Tub Move on 5/10/2019. They were given the dimensions of the Hot Tub and approx weight of the tub, 92x78x34 and approx 1090lbs and quoted me for a min of 3 hrs labor... I estimated a bit more and figured around $750. However, today, their crew of 4 guys showed up and could not move the tub. They were completely unprepared for the size of the tub. In addition, they had communication issues between myself and their team because I was expected to be at the pickup location when nobody informed me as such. After they came to both sites, and then back to their shop, I was given yet another phone call to ask if I would pay for rental equipment to assist in their move. They refuse to honor their original estimate and now I am looking for a new company to complete this move. If could do 0 stars I would.... because today was a big ZERO!

Benita C

The most horrible experience I could have possibly imagined!!! Extremely unprofessional movers and none responsive management. Damage to floor, wall, dresser and leather couch. Save your money and your personal belongings, choose a professional mover instead. Total disappointment.

Tim Lonchas

Friendly people, talked to a guy named Paul he was polite and knowledgeable about all my questions and concerns would definitely recommend to anyone who's wants a hassle free move!!!!

Melissa Vegarra

I was very pleased with All my sons! This move was hard for me due to the circumstances surrounding it but Paul really put me at ease. He explained everything up front and what to expect. He broke down the cost for me and prepared me for any unforeseen things. Greg, Keith, and Andrew showed up right on time and got right to work. Greg reviewed everything with me and had me fill out some papers of course. They moved me with no issue and in good time. They made a great team and made the entire experience pleasant. I would def recommend this company and would def use them again in the future!

Lisa Morse

Oh my goodness! These guys were awesome! David, Bryce and Coy were careful, pleasant, and packed our belongings with great care. They were also great with a change is locations, as we couldn't close on our house that day. Jimmy, in the office, was also great as well. We were incredibly pleased with them.

Danielle Strader

Did an awesome job!! Patrick, Tim and kelvin did exactly what I want do with our stuff!! Would recommend them to anyone that has stuff to move!!

Brandon Mattingly

TERRIBLE!!! BEWARE On 4/1/2019 this company was hired to move my furniture from a home i was selling to a home I was renting while I finish construction of a new home. My fiancé originally contacted to company because she was "old friends" with one of the managers. After a lengthy initial phone call explaining every room in the house in detail, the guy gave us a quote and we agreed. The job was only completed maybe 50%. Furniture including: back patio , garage (all 2 cars full), closets clothes) and many pre packed boxes were left at the old house. Damage was as follows: They dropped green egg smoker on the counter of outdoor kitchen breaking the stone countertop as well as the egg into 100 pieces on the back patio and just left it there.(we had to call them back and ask them to please remove broken pieces) i have a solid Mahogany bed which was ruined with a CHUNK of mood missing from the headboard. My mattress, which was only a couple of months old was not wrapped and apparently dragged across the floor of the truck is completely black and stained. There were other things damaged as well. My fiancé called the company to report the team not finishing and the damages. They transferred her a bunch of time and made it completely difficult to file a damage claim by making he call different numbers, request picture of smoker, which we didn't have since they picked it up. Pictures of counter they broke. I had to immediately fix it bc we sold the house and the incoming family was really angry. We have called back many times to follow up and are told "it’s in process" Even though i paid for the service and it was technically my house, they told me they won’t even talk to me because i didn't initiate the order or claim. Another way to make it difficult. This was one of the most terrible experience and they have been 0 help and had 0 empathy. I had to hire another moving company finish the job. Company offered nothing to help.

Storme Harris

Mike's crew did an awesome job moving me and my fiancee to our 3rd floor apartment! Super friendly, punctual, professional, and respectful of our property.

Jim Brady

will johnson

Ricky, Lenard and Cory were my movers. The move was great, This is my second move with all my sons I wouldn’t let anyone else move my stuff. They were great and professional, broke everything down and packed it up then unloaded everything and kept in communication with where things were going. Thank you again guys for an awesome move.

Brittany Mansfield

I had a great experience with all my sons moving and storage. The sales manager chris was very polite and made booking my move a lot easier then expected! I would definitely recommend!!!

Drea Norman

The movers themselves were nice but the price OMG!!!! They tell you one thing and double the cost when it’s time to pay. Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT use them to move. The only good thing about them is the movers are polite and generous

Constance Deshields

The fastest most efficient move ever! These guys are great...would definitely use again. Highly recommend

Cammy Tucker

Donmetri,Dre and Bryce were great Very pleased with the service

A Weaver

Bryce and the guys were unbelievable. Fast, efficient and careful. This is our second move with All My Sons. Very pleased.

tony crutcher

Very bad owner lied to friend about price of moving furniture and had no contract in place among moving furniture they demand different payment amount... 4000 dollars in furniture kept till they get payment very sad i spoke on my friends half and guy was very unprofessional rude disrespectful and horrible attitude with me... if u are seriously looking for moving company do not use this place due to fact could cost tons of money in court or lawyer fees just to get your furniture back not worth it also call better business bureau or legal advice before choosing this company they will scam u before u know it...they will respond to your calls . My question is how company quote a price with no contract and then charge different

Charlene Phillips

David, Brian, Kyle, and Andre moved me today, and they were great. Very fast and efficient. All were incredibly polite and handled my furniture with care. When scheduling my move, the office staff was thourough and efficient as well. I would absolutely use them again if the need arises.

Sarah Renfro

I would not recommend All my sons to anyone. I’m not upset about the move in and out of my apartments, I’m upset with the customer service and the ridiculous difference between the quoted price and what they ended up charging me. I was quoted $400, which I was told included gas, labor, and minimum 2 hours of moving time. When the movers got there, they took 30 minutes to actually start getting anything loaded, and then when we got to my new place, they took another 30 MINUTES to fill out paperwork. That’s now 1 hour of labor that I’m being charged for them just to run my credit card. They ended up charging me $720!!! Never have experience customer service so bad and such a misleading service. They claim to have no hidden fees, but somehow I ended up spending 300 more dollars than what the person over the phone explained to me. Worst experience ever!!

Kathryn Sparling

Great service with a smile. Very easy guys to work with. Andrew Hurt went the extra mile to insure furniture care.

Ashley Alvarez

Terrible company! I went on their website to get a quote and they called me MULTIPLE times over the next 2 hours and they didn't even give me a quote. They called to set up the move. All I wanted was a quote, but I felt so intimidated by the man who called that I ended up just going with them instead of searching around. I was told I would receive an email a week before the scheduled move date and I never did. I ended up having to call them the day before the move to find out when they would be coming to our house. They called me 6-7 more times that day which I missed because I was busy getting everything ready for the move. They said they would be at the house around 11-3 and they showed up at 10, which wasn't an issue. What was an issue was that it took them 3 hours to move a small amount of things. We had most of our stuff moved before they got there. I was told over the phone that we wouldn't have to take any of our clothes out of the dressers because they wrapped them up and they didn't do that. Had to pay for them to drive to and from the house which was 45 minutes each way so that was $150 right there. The movers get there and they were complaining about their jobs and how much they get paid, so my husband decided to tip them $20 each. Then they were complaining about how to get the furniture out of our house. Including the tip we paid $550 in total which I think is crazy since they had no boxes to move at all and only 4 big items (2 dressers a bookshelf a couch and a queen sized mattress) everything else was easy one person jobs. All in all I would never go with the company ever again and anybody that asks I would tell them to look elsewhere as well.

Andy Monson

The movers were good, but there were hidden fees I wasn't told about over the phone. They quoted me an hourly rate, plus some kind of trip fee. It ended up being a lot more than expected, considering it only took just a few hours. I won't use them again.

Heidi W

This review is for Garrison and Daylon. They were my movers for Sunday, September 23, 2018. I was impressed with their work ethic and expertise. They seemed highly experienced, and knew what they were doing, even solving a big problem with our extremely heavy couch that they were able to maneuver out an oddly placed front door at the old place, and down a narrow and steep flight of steps in the new place. They were respectful of all my property, and worked efficiently. That is to say, they were quick, but not hasty and did a wonderful job. I would recommend your company to anyone, based on these two young men and their hard work.

Alex Helfen

Pros - staff was great. Three friendly, super hard working movers. They didn’t drag out the move at all and went as quickly and carefully as possible to get me the best price. Furniture was in good condition after we moved. They took care of wrapping furniture for us and reassembling anything they needed to take apart. Cons - they showed up later than expected. That wasn’t their fault (previous job went much longer than expected) and no one picked up when I called after 3:45 pm. The price was right for us (we were minimum since our move was under two hours) but I could see why some people would say it’s expensive (but it really is worth it). Overall, I’d use them again without question as long as they are easier to get in touch with on moving day.

Google User

I used them the other day. The movers were on time, They called to let me know they were 15 minutes away. Mike let me know how much I was going to pay, he was spot on. The movers explained everything to me BEFORE they even lifted a finger. Also before leaving my house they asked “are you sure those are the only items? Because we can’t come back.” I would definitely use them again.

Rebecca Green

They were professional, hardworking, and nice guys! I ws very happy with the experience.

Constance Lackey

They over charged me I wouldn’t recommend them to my worse enemy I blame myself for leaving them at my house because if I was home it wouldn’t have taken that long. Shame on me for trusting people What was a two hour job turned to 5 hours $578.88 + deposit of $134 Had a 2000 square foot house but not furniture in all the rooms bed was already broken down two sofa loveseats washer dryer dresser night stand two TVs patio furniture china cabinet Yep they got me!!! Please people don’t use this company

Gary Odam

Jose, Chris, Steve and the Chicago Cowboy fan (lol) we the best crew of movers I've dealt with. They called to say they were coming, they work continuously and took the utmost care of my furniture. The wrapped my stuff and it didn't add any extra time, they had their routine down pat. Jose's team is the team to request.... no hidden fees for me, i knew from the shrink wrap to the travel time and the hourly rate.... they kept me informed the whole time. Love this experience, thanks to Jose and his crew...great job.

Bob DiGioia

We contracted this company for a residential move. Not only did they damage the walls in both houses, the damaged most of the large pieces of furniture during the move. We were told by the company to file a claim, find a repair person and pay for the repairs, and they would compensate us for the repair, which we did. Then, we lost total contact with the company. They have not called back nor emailed back since September. We are considering filing criminal charges for theft by deception at this point.

Arturo Leon

They called the day of the move, about three hours before they were suppose to show up, and cancelled on me. The guy said he had to cancel because 40% of his guys were busy with another job. He simply apologized and offered me back my …

Jackson Green

Worked there for about a day. Really nice folks with high energy and great work ethic. They will not pay you for time spent driving to and from the moving location though, so you best like spending your free time in a truck with entertaining middle aged folks. Efficient management as well. Manager is a body building guy named Lyle that looks menacing but is actually a pretty nice guy.

Ash Vry

First, I was given a quote of 135 for 3 men , thought it was a good deal so I gave the $100 deposit. They called me the day before the move to say that the price was $155 for weekend moves AFTER I paid the deposit. So I let them move me. Once we went to the storage facility which would be the EASIEST transition since they have dolly’s available, I watched them on camera from the office take their time. After all your paying for the time. I kept calling the main office and the man kept going up in price. It took longer for them unpack the truck than to pack the truck. They quoted me so many estimates but none of them were correct. I have used them before and my move from Mckeesport to monroeville was cheaper than this experience. But how? Same amount of stuff but THE STORAGE FACILITY WAS IN MONROEVILLE!!! Word of advice, don’t trust them whatever quote you get, get in writing and never leave the movers alone they will take their sweet time which will cost you wayyyyyy more than planned.

jackie weston

Wow, awesome awesome awesome, from the very beginning when I called to set things up, staff was kind, knowledgeable and empathic. I had to change my appointment three times due to family and staff never got inpatient. Movers called exactly 30 minutes before arriving. John and Dustin were prompt and professional. Worked quickly and safely. They handled my belongings as though it was their own. I had car trouble and they gave me a Jumpstart and made my vehicle was running and ready to roll. At destination my day got worse John contact supervisor and they got me squared away. I can't say enough great things about All My Son's, I will recommend and use their services again.Thanks for everything John an Dustin and continued blessings.

Brittani Frederick

These guys are great and really do a good job. Affordable and professional!

Shaye Harris

My experience with All my Sons, from beginning to end, was excellent. Their prices were reasonable and they were extremely accomodating. My movers, Marcus and Joshua called 30 minutes prior their arrival and showed up right on time. They couldn't have been more courteous, polite and so friendly. Right away I knew I was in good hands. They worked, together, like a well oiled machine. Everything was moved in no time and unloaded without issue. Not a mark or scratch on any walls or on my furniture. I'd HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Definitely ask for Marcus and Joshua. You won't be sorry. Thank you guys!!!!

Erin Young

I am very grateful for the moving help. I had some huge, heavy pieces of furniture that they were instrumental with getting down THREE flights of stairs. Moving is hard enough, and I could not do it alone. I think this company needs logistics help (which is funny because they are a logistics company). They told me that they would be there at 8:45 am on a Saturday morning. They arrived after 1 pm, but only because I had called asking for my deposit back. If you want to use this company, I suggest to not let them oversell you with three people. The third person doesn't do much. Mine just moved around stuff around my apartment and was more of a translator than anything. The other two I think were just picked up that morning from a local hardware store. I hope they aren't getting paid under the table. Also, make sure they leave when the say they do. Not park in a nearby parking lot for an hour. Lastly, I was charged over $200 for 20 boxes. Don't ask them for boxes, just go get your own. Also, make sure your boxes are big enough, if your boxes are too small, they bring out their big boxes and put the smaller boxes inside - and charge you for the big boxes. I was also charged for a mattress cover that they did not use (so get your own), but I cannot prove that they did not use one (because I did not take pictures of them loading it on the truck/offloading the truck).

Steve Dale

Had a great experience with the movers. They were able to get me over to my new place quickly and efficiently. Will definitely use again when i need to move in the future.

M Fitz

Braeden Gilbert

Marcus and Justin were amazing! Very efficient and extremely nice! First time using movers and loved my experience.

Nazim Jeelani

I would not recommend them to anybody. I recently moved from Charleston to Columbia. Even though I had specifically written fragile on my china n glassware they dumped heavy stuff on top of it. When I was not looking they would dump everything downstairs upside down boxes where it said upstairs, broke the wheels of my suitcases and the pots to my plants. I am afraid to open my dinner set. The lid to my ceramic canister was broken as well. If I had noticed all these things I never would have tipped them. Calling and complaining would not help but I can warn others from any such experience.

Shari DeShields

Movers were professional and accommodating. Took great care in handling furniture. Never complained with temp near 100! Worked quickly and efficiently. Michael was great with follow up and availability. Will recommend them and would definitely use them again!

Linda Bohmbach

If I could give this company a minus review, I WOULD! The crew was the best part...hard working...showed up on time and even called to let us know what time they would be arriving. It's the management and the people that run the company that are dishonest and have poor customer service. It's also the estimator that should be let go! I was told that he was one of their best and had been there for awhile and my response was that if he was an employee of mine, then he'd be fired! His estimate was way off and the hidden fee's are over the top. They tried to double bill us for the fuel charge as well! They told us that the overnight charge was $250 per night BUT they neglected to tell us that it was $250 per night PER TRUCK! And we had 2 trucks. I will NEVER use this company again and hope that potential clients will read their reviews.

April Burns

We used All My Sons and could not believe the carelessness with which they threw our boxes around! We had a rain delay which caused a late night moving... One of our dining room chairs to a formal dining set was broken by one of the movers. To his credit he took a picture he took a picture to report it. Several art pieces and China were broken as well. All My Sons has said they will write us a check for $15.00!!!! Fifteen dollars for hundreds of dollars in damage they are responsible for!!! I will NOT use this company again for my next move!!!

Kate Hewitt

Terrible and giving the false impression that they are allowed to move people in MA. You need to be a licensed mover in MA and they are not. They overcharge and slow down your move to extend their hours, lose/break your things (they took my entire toolbox and couldn't 'find it' until 9pm), blame you for their incompetence (they asked my mother to put things in her car), not put anything where you want them to, speak rudely to you over the phone (both local branch managers, 'customer service', etc,), and do anything to prove they are not liable. They charged me $12.50 for packing materials. They left some bubble wrap in my backyard for me to throw away which I guess in their minds cost them $12.50. They also charged me $%12.0001 for fuel, which was never disclosed and their office is less than 10 miles away and both houses are less than 5 miles from each other. These people are scam artists and have no problem taking money from you. If they show up in a rental truck. Send them home. They are thieves. Notice they do not provide their DOT No. in their invoice they sent me 1 month later. Mind you, I called Doug Hillman directly and left a voicemail with NO RETURN call. It's like they trained everyone in their company to NEVER call a customer back. Not mention that as you go through your stuff, you will notice random things missing and broken. It's deplorable and they should be ashamed. But who cares when Mike Alves (part-owner) can buy his fancy cars with money he has taken from hard-working people. You can look him up on LinkedIn. I've also attached their made up invoice they put together a month later. Deplorable business and deceptive business practices.

Rick Ridolfo

This Company did a great job moving two houses into one, I especially appreciate the help of Garrison and Xavier, for all the help that they gave. they were the first ones here and the last to leave. They stayed and put the furniture together, they went above and beyond. Thanks for all your help and extra attention to customer service. Sonia's and Jose's team also did well for all of us and helped us to turn our new house to our new home.

natalie simoneau

Sneaky business practices. I thought I had done my research when I hired them. Rates seemed reasonable, $149 per hour 2 hour minimum. I didn’t have a lot to move. I thought the movers were super efficient when they shrink wrapped my couch and used bubble wrap on a table. WRONG. they CHARGED me for all of these “supplies” mind you they never asked Me if I wanted mattress bags or any of these other “supplies” once they got the furniture to my new house they told me they wouldn’t let my things off of the truck until I paid the extra fees ! Complete scam artists. Make sure you read the fine print. They even charged an astronomical charge for TAPE. Oh and by the way they damaged one of my walls. Where’s my compensation for that. These companies should realize that trying to make that extra money( in my case hundreds) is going to get you bad reviews!

Minnie Mason

Henry and King were excellent movers. I definitely recommend them and used them again. They are very pleasant and courteous.

Jordon Anderson

The sent 2 people to move a 3 bedroom place, they couldn't fit all my stuff into a truck 10 sq feet bigger than I moved in with. They hours they quoted the work at was way off base. I called management to complain and he said what Inwas given was a ballpark estimate. At nore than double the hours we are out of ball park and playing a new sport. He was good enough to drop the price a bit, but afterward the 2 employees even told me it was weird they only sent the 2 of then they usually have 3 for a 3 bedroom. The worst part about the hours quoted is that they quoted for packing boxes loading boxes, unloading boxes, & unpacking boxes. I ended up packing my boxes to save time and money and they didn't unpack the boxes, so more than double the hours for half the estimated labor. Huge waste of money I probably move myself with. Uhal or pod next time.

Ashley Godby

If I could give zero stars I would. The worst experience I’ve ever had to date. Everything that could have gone wrong did. I highly advise you staying clear of this moving company. I’m five months pregnant so the reason why I wanted to hire a moving company in the first place was to keep my mind at ease and be able to stay as calm as possible on moving day. Instead it was the exact opposite experience. I ended up having to call into work because they went over the time frame that I was given. So not only did I spend a large amount of money on the move I was out money by missing work. DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS EVER!


The workers them selves were adequate, one guy dropped a few things, and I think he put a dent in my wall of my house. It was the management team primarily, a salesman quoted me a price and I understood it could be more, the more was almost 500.00 over, but by then they had all my stuff loaded and were at my house to drop it off. I would not ever use them again, I recommend that you do not ever use them. They falsely present themselves, and then they wait till you can not say stop or back out to hit you with the real price. They are dishonest, no matter what get it all in writing. I really wish I had now.

Dane Bliss

The crew was friendly, hard working and professional. They were very accommodating and got the move done with ease. We lived on the third floor as well with no elevators. I will be using this company again on my next move! Highly recommended!

Suzanne Strasters

Literally the worst experience ever. When I called to book, I was told they could move me at 8am. Then, two days before they called me to confirm and said no, they are booked and can't start til the afternoon. I said what time is that and they said between 12-1. They arrived at 2:30 pm. I had absolutley no furniture, only boxes that were already prepared for them in my garage. I moved less than five miles away. It took me five minutes to get to my new place and it took them 40 minutes. Not surprising since they charge by the hour. My total for one trip, boxes only was $979. I have used other companies to move entire houses before and it's been less than that. I'm so disappointed. This move was already stressful and this awful company just made it worse. I never write reviews but I cannot recommend them, even if they were the last movers on earth. Just abandon your stuff and buy all new! It will be the same price and save you the headache! HORRIBLE. I will say the movers were really nice but overall, it didn't make up for the experience with this company.

Dawn Blake

The 2 man crew, Frank and Ivan, were great. Very friendly and they knew their jobs and they got right st it. I would hire them again in a flszh.

Katie Niegos

If you are considering this company, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. Especially if you will ever have any sort of interaction with William, or "Willy." Today, All My Sons was given mine and my husband's business, which was an incredibly poor choice on our part that I will own. However, there was a communication breakdown regarding the costs and fees associated with the move, and because I was unable to be there for the move due to being pregnant, I called the business to figure out what the issue was. I first spoke to Joe, the head moving coordinator, who transferred me to "Willy" who greeted me with attitude and superiority throughout the entire phone call. He started by insulting my marriage by saying that the communication issue was between us for not understanding the cost. He then proceeded to hang up on me while I was speaking to him, stating that I was not the customer. I was asking him very valid questions about why a 2 hour move cost over $800 and he chose to hang up on me instead of answering because he knew that I was in the right. "Willy" has been with the company for over 10 years and is in a position of power that he used and abused today. I cannot advocate more against this business and I sincerely hope that whoever is "Willy"'s boss reprimands him for his lack of customer service and human decency. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND INSULT YOU WHEN YOU CALL THEM OUT ON IT.

Lynne Osborne

All My Sons moved my furniture from Chesnee, S.C. to Sumter, S.C. They arrived on time, wrapped everything, loaded the items and drove to my storage unit in Sumter. There were four men and all were friendly, professional, courteous, caring and efficient. I have moved many times and this was by far the most positive experience of them all. The total cost matched the estimate and well worth the price. Although I hope not to be moving in the near future I would definitely use this company above all others.

Karen Jones

Hello there. The Move was EXCELLENT. Gilbert, Justice, & Wes were great. They were very professional, courteous, and careful with the contents of my home. I would recommend All My Sons to my friends. Ms. Karen K. Jones

S Lathrop

We had an on-site moving need and Arlen and Anthony took care of us. Timely (even early!), efficient, capable and personable. They made sure to verify with us before wrapping up the job that everything we wanted had been accomplished. One the other end of our remodel/move project we will be surely contacting them again to reverse this process. Very, Very satisfied.

Mark Vieira

They sounded very nice on the phone but cancelled our move less than 24 hours before it was scheduled, because their piano mover was suddenly out of the country. They said in no uncertain terms that they would not sub-contract a piano mover and that we'd have to find one and pay them ourselves. Don't waste your time with this company if you're looking for a stress-free move.

Mario Martinez

Adam and Justice were AMAZING. Although I spent more than I wanted to, it was well worth the care and professionalism they showed my belongings. I was very happy with the extra care they took to wrap and stretch wrap my items knowing I will be gone for an extended time. Thanks again for all you did today and for keeping me laughing during this new life journey. I appreciate you both very much.

Desiree Wyckoff

Don’t waste your breath on this company! There a joke! I called 10 days in advance, talked to a “manager” for 20 minutes to confirm my move and set it all up. They call me after hours two days in advance to tell me they over booked me! Why did they wait 10 days to figure out they over booked, so I have legit one day to call and find a moving company, ridiculous. Says oh I can do it 5 days after your scheduled date like it’s going to help. Never again go with all my sons


Jerry, Ben, John Griffin all did an awesome job helping us move today. Company is great, they helped us very quickly and handled everything with care.

Zachary Thomas

Tim and his crew did a great job helping me unload a moving truck. They showed up on time, were very friendly and professional all while making quick work of unloading the truck! Would definitely recommend!

ThatDirty Sock

Amazing people and friendly, completed in a very quick time

Vik Liz

We had an amazing experience today with Sami, Henry and Adam! They moved us in an hour under the estimated time AND we were moving into a split level floor plan with twists and turns and heavy heavy pieces... these guys rocked it! Couldn’t be happier. Ask for these guys we will definitely use them for any future moves

Khristian Tisdale

This is a real review! If I could give NEGATIVE stars I would! RUN,RUN,RUN....No,No,No!!! This company is the absolute worst! They completely took advantage of me. The worse part is they don't really care about there customer's! What is the last thing someone who is moving wants to hear when the moving truck shows up... "This isn't going to fit!" Terrible! I feel completely screwed!!!! How do they make money , you ask? Lie,Lie,Lie!!! Totally under estimate charges, send a small truck and three guys... The mover all said, we have a bigger truck and I don't know why they didn't send us with that one... I can't believe this business is open! They SUCK! When you pay $1500 and you still spend multiple hours moving your stuff something is wrong... I fed the guys gave them drinks, let them take breaks... 8 hours later and $1500, my wife and I were moving our own CRAP! I wish there was something I could do to shut that place down! They SUCK! What happened to customer service? I had two referrals for them and after my experience... I told those referrals to RUN,Run,Run!!! They did, so there's $4,000 they are not going to get... I am in real estate and I will make an extra effort to ensure none of the customers that do business with my company use this company! At the end of the day, I was not trying to get something for nothing, if they would have given me a small break I would have felt differently! How about using rubber bands to hold doors open? $1100 door damaged! Thanks All My Sons! Really appreciate you taking advantage of me, I hope this message gets to anyone looking for a moving company! Again, if they would have given me one of the 4 hours they under estimated back I would have let all of the other shotty work go! Still really upset and it took away all of my joy of owning my first home!!!

Kristie Connor

If I could give zero stars I would. This company is AWFUL. They did more standing around shooting the shi then they did anything else and I don’t know where thy learned how to pack but my 2 year old could’ve done a better job then they did. They showed up without any boxes and told me if I needed boxes I’d have to provide them, a moving company with no boxes, I mean seriously that’s like Dunkin Donutes having no donutes. Their management sucks abou as bad as they do, refused to call me back after saying they would do so and could’ve cared less about my complaints that I told them about. They charged us for things they didn’t use and damaged a lot of my stuff. These people need to be oh of business so please do not call them because you WILL regret it I promise. And the positive reviews they had I guarantee were people payed to write the or family members because nothing they said was even close to the truth.

Marina Carosella

They quoted me to expect the 3 hour minimum at $119 an hour. Final cost was $660... I asked for an itemized bill twice, once to the movers and once to customer service. It was never received. They charged me $100 for bubble wrap for a 3x4 foot mirror. $100 dollars?!?! Do not use these people for a small move at the very least. Screw this predatory company. See below for longer review of experience. Both the local and the initial screener for my call both claimed the move should take well under 2 hours. The move ended up taking 4.25 hours for a final cost of around $660 (and $40 to tip them both...) - the drive was 19 minutes. 2 hours to load a single bedroom of furniture (2 dressers, a desk, a nightstand, a small 4x3 rug, and a queen mattress), as well as 8 boxes, a shelf, a coffee table, and a simple wire bedframe??? Then 2 hours to move the stuff into a single-story home with 2 items going in the basement. Local branch said it should cost $360 just to hit the minimums driving time and loading because the move shouldn't take long it being the smallest state. Said it should be 20 minute drive, 30 minutes to load, 30 minutes to unload. I would have bought new furniture for the cost of the move if I had been quoted correctly. The movers showed up moving extremely slow getting out of the truck and getting to starting moving - it took 1.5 hours for them to just pack the truck. They both smelled of weed. They said I would be sent an itemized bill, which never came. Nor did a copy of the quote + forms I signed, even though he promised they would be sent.

Christi Wallace

DON’T USE THIS COMPANY. I would give zero stars if I could. I booked my move a week in advance and told them I have a window of 1:30-3:30PM at my new place because I had to reserve parking. I gave the advanced notice so I could have that time frame. I was told no problem. I was then told they’d arrive at my old place around 10:30-11:00AM. At 11:30AM, they weren’t there. I call and they now tell me a window of 11-1. They finally arrive at 12:40PM. The truck was then broken. So now I have to wait to get it fixed. I call them all day looking for updates and asking what happens if the truck doesn’t get fixed cause I have to move that day. They never give me an answer. Finally at 4:30PM, I see the truck get fixed and leave with no explanation. I call them again to be told they won’t move me. I waited all day, took off work and was told they couldn’t move me. I asked all day if another truck could be sent. They said no. I even asked if I got my own truck if they’d move me. They said no. They wouldn’t move me until 2 days later and wouldn’t even give me a discount. The WORST customer service ever. I was given the run around all day and LIED TO. They made absolutely no effort to move me on the designated move date that I had booked. I understand trucks break down but they made no effort to move me. No sincere apologies were made. It was their philosophy that the truck broke down so oh well. They screwed me over! DON’T USE.

Kelley Manson

Horrible service, overpriced, and stolen items. We had to file charges with police.

John Davis

My initial experience was very positive as the Salesperson and the Operations person that I spoke to were very friendly. The movers arrived on time and were also friendly and hardworking. Unfortunately, when they were unloading some of our furniture into our new house they severely scratched our wood floors and damaged a dresser. I showed the movers the damage and they apologized and told me that I needed to file a claim and their insurance company would take care of it. Now, this is where everything has gone completely wrong. I have been working with their insurance area for months and have not been able to reach a satisfactory resolution. I have provided everything that they requested ( photos, estimates for repair (over $2,000)). Guess what they offered me? Initially it was $300 then it was $600. Really??? You would think that they would be trying to resolve this in a quick and fair manner but instead they are trying to play games and low ball me with the hope that I will go away. Unfortunately, I think I am going to need to engage my attorney in order to get a satisfactory resolution. I will update as things move forward.

Casey Henderson

I just finished 7 weeks of management training in Dallas. The entire experience was amazing. The training is well planned and in depth.The Dallas Branch Managers are extremely helpful and instructive. They are extremely knowledgeable and patient teachers. I have to thank Joseph, Will, Justin and Chris for all of the hands on knowledge they passed down. Huge thanks to Tony, Vinnie, Frank and all of the executives and operators who back up the classroom training with real world advice and information.

Brian Freeman

Daylon, Shawn, Jose, and Antonio came to help move me out of my apartment today. I live on the third floor of a big apartment and have some heavy equipment. It was not an easy move. But I have to say they were awesome. They wrapped up everything, took extreme care of my stuff and we’re incredibly kind. Great attitude and quick. They were a little more expensive but I’d happily pay a bit more to keep my stuff safe and get out of there quickly. I move a lot and only use all my sons. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to move

Valentina Nocentini

We are a logistics company operating all over the Country, hired this company to provide a service of delivery and installation for a client of ours in 2 different locations: Dallas and Denver. For both jobs we got charged more than double and we have not been informed of anything until we saw the payments on the credit card. We are still trying to receive complete explanations about these charges and beside the time that they are claiming they took to get the job done (6 hours to put together a dining table in Denver???) we also got charged for fees that were never mentioned to us: packaging materials???? storage???? Our items arrived to their warehouse completely packed, why should we pay for packaging? This is completely unprofessional and unfair. Never again.

lleison martinez

Worse company I have ever dealt with. Eric the phone person was totally unprofessional. They brought a smaller truck to the house and claimed they had to make two trips. Not my fault you guys planned wrong. I won't recommend this company to anyone. I wish the manager Michael would call me because now I have to move tomorrow and no movers. Worse company ever.


Hated my experience. Was over charged and tricked. I even helped the movers move with half my stuff and they felt it was ok to ask me for a tip during the middle of the move! I was made very uncomfortable when one even made a comment about my legs. Turns out a large item is missing while I’m unpacking. I call and still haven’t received help on where it is or how to locate it. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!

Cepheron Kalle

Hey Drew, calling and harassing people everyday because they decided not to use your company won't make them want to use your company. Would never use All My Sons because they are outrageously expensive and they harass you.


Marcus was top notch with my move. Professional and efficient. Talented truck driver and great guy.

Lisa L

I filled out their online information and someone immediately called me. We walked through what size home I was moving from, the address I was moving from and to, how many beds I had, if there was anything heavier than usual, what kind of place I was moving to (home vs apt). I was given a verbal quote, in detail, for the number of people they recommended and roughly how long they thought it would take...because the man on the phone said my home was only a few miles from their office in RI, which luckily for me would save me a little bit on the time rate. I was fairly pleased with the rate and they said they would email me the written estimate. Great! Only, I didn't get the email. So, I called later the next day and a woman answered and confirmed that the man I spoke with the day before didn't write down my email address correctly. She corrected it and said she would send me the estimate. Ok! Great, thank you. Only...I didn't get the email again. So, for the third time I called and asked if they could email the estimate. The man I spoke with was pretty rude right from the start. He wanted to start the process all over again. Asking me what size house I have, how many rooms. I told him I could give him my customer # and that I'd already received the estimate the other day over the phone I just wanted the confirmation in writing. He said - "Well who came to your house to give you the estimate?" I told him no one, someone had walked through their rates with me over the phone. He said - 'Oh, well then you talked to someone in our main office in TX. They can't email you anything.' I told him I didn't know what he was talking about but the person I spoke with originally informed me that I lived near the office, and either way, I WAS given an estimate over the phone and they DID tell me, twice, that they would email it to me. Then he got snippy. He told me...I'm sorry you're confused, but I've been doing this for X years and I can assure you no one would give you an estimate and you did talk to someone in Texas. Wow. Really? that point, I just said I guessed it was probably best if I didn't use their service because this was a lot of hassle just to get what they told me they were going to send me. He agreed and said I should probably look elsewhere since I was confused. I think he was the original person I spoke with too! Very condescending and rude for no reason. I was set to book them. All I wanted was the estimate they offered to send to me! I'll be sure to tell anyone who asks they should use this service. They don't seem to know what they procedures are for booking. Not sure I'd trust that they'd show up or not try and tell me I owe them more and I was 'confused' about the estimate they never sent me. I agree with several other reviewers. The office people are deceitful and unprofessional.

Bruce Lorange

Just moved from Salt Lake City, UT to American Fork with All My Sons. This is our 6th move in 12 years and we have encountered a number of disappointing service experiences with past moves so it was a pleasant surprise to have such an awesome experience this time, thanks to the crew that took care of us - Colby, Sarah, and Richard. The estimator was spot on with the estimation, so we didn't incur any overage fees (in fact came in less), the moving team was on time, flexible, friendly and worked hard and fast to get our things loaded and on the other side within the same day. My wife and I also appreciated the personal touch of how much they seemed to care about putting things in the right locations when we arrived at our new apartment. Moving is pretty stressful and so we are grateful that this part of the moving process was so smooth and efficient. Based on my experience I would highly recommend working with All My Sons and will be sure (although I hope we won't be moving again anytime soon) to use them on our next move! If the management is reading this, please give Colby, Sarah, and Richard an extra pat on the back for going the extra mile - great team, great people, great work!

Vinod Vasudev

Best moving service I've used in a while! I moved from a 3 bedroom house to another. *** Lamont and his crew were amazing! *** Everything was packed perfectly and there was no damage at all to any of the items. The had quoted for 7 hours of labor and it was exactly that. The final price came out much lower than the estimate as well! Will definitely use AMS moving again.

Rod Powers

Jeremy is one of the most nice and courteous employees I have talked to..He doesn't try to push you into anything,he explains exactly how he could fulfill my needs,and I really appreciated that.

K'Arys Milton

The movers were really great. They communicated with me the whole time they moved and made sure everything was placed where I wanted.

Sally Ann Kivett

Malik, Rashawn, Kareem, Keisha did a fantastic job moving me! They were super fast! Nothing broken or lost in the move and they were very courteous throughout the process!!

Julie H.

Demetrius, Marco, and Josh were amazing and professional! The managers Justin and Jospeh were very helpful and accommodating as well. They worked with me during a tough time and some unexpected circumstances during the move. I completely recommend!

Mikey_GoBrazy 2

The moving guys where constantly complaining. There was one guy who wore a steeler hat curse the entire time working. The Forman said he never had to take furniture apart to move in 40 years. So they didn't they damage many pieces trying to move the office furniture. Finally they gave up moving and left over 20 pieces of office furniture in the office building lobby and first floor. Stating they are tired, they had another job at 7am next day and they refuse to reassemble the furniture the dismantled at the previous address. Even after they where reminded of their contract. We called the branch office to express our disappointment and file a claim of our damage furniture. There been no return call or text Save your funiture and piece of mind use someone else

Shelley Monsen

I moved on Friday September 7, 2018. The guys they sent to move me were Daylon and Shawn. Wow. What a team. They were friendly, happy and extremely helpful. I have a disability and I don’t walk too well. Daylon and Shawn went out of their …

HC Davis

Awesome experience. Initial communication was awesome. Communication for the setup, in-move checkup call, and post-move were all awesome. The two man crew (Brandon and Dwayne (the rock)) arrived on time, worked quickly, yet carefully, and were fun guys (they weren't complaining and enjoyed interacting with me - I think :)). My move was extremely short, and I did all the packing. Cost of the move was VERY reasonable and just slightly under the initial estimate (over the phone - not onsite). Compared with my experience with another firm - some guys and a truck, this was awesome experience and I would use them again. With respect to some of the negative reviews posted, I suspect that there will always be less than great crews and that may be what happened. Hopefully, All My Sons has dealt with that issue, BUT MY CREW WAS AWESOME!!!!

Robin Wilkins

All My Sons Moving did a awesome job moving us and worked with us throughout the entire process of many changes that had to be made due to closing. They 5 members were very professional and handled many situation without hesitation. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Allyson Kunkle

If zero stars was a possibility I would be giving this company zero stars. They messed up, told us a set time movers would arrive, we are still calling them 3 hours later and they told us at least another 90 minutes. And that's still a guess. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TERRIBLE COMPANY. I will be writing negative reviews on every platform and hope people listen because this company deserves to go out of business.

Susan Berry

Terrible business.

Rick Johnston

The three guys who came to do my move were first class al the way. They were ontime, courteous, and very efficient. They put all the furniture exactly where I wanted it. Danielle was so friendly and helpful. She got me setup in a very compressed timeframe. Thank you Danielle. I would definitely use this company again.

Brittany Massiah

The worst service ever mike the operations manager was extremely rude. They said they were going to come at 12 and they came 9 hrs later. Sekana and Shawn moved us they were nice and you could tell they felt bad for their manger being special. I would not recommend this company. The manager was extremely rude and was yelling at me on the phone. I plan on falling the better business bureau .

kristin cash

Jerry, Garry & Cardell are AWESOME! Best moving crew we have ever had. First time to use this moving company. Gonna tell all our family and friends! These guys were fast, fun, and professional! Thank you for making are move an enjoyable one guys! We really appreciated it!

Jorge Fontes

We were scheduled for a call confirming crew's arrival time to help us unload our furniture between 8:45 and 9:45. At 8:49 they called to say they would not be making it to our place ; earliest they could make it was two days later. But, he said, they would graciously return my security deposit... What a joke!!! The manager, Jerry (I believe) got insulted when I said I would share this experience online. He said I'd be taking food off the tables of their workers. I feel bad for their workers, who I never got to meet. It is the administration of this company that failed the workers, and the customer. It's on you, Jerry!!!

Mark Coles


Do not use them! They lure you in with a great quote and rip you off. Double the quoted amount! They broke my dresser. The driver was high on something and complained the whole time. The new kid Brian was amazing though! The star is for him! I called and asked for detailed bill and they never sent and the guy on the phone was so rude.


Pros:The guys were awesome, they wrapped everything, moved swiftly to get done. Cons: If you pay by credit card, they have to call the company and you have to give your card number over the phone. I asked why they didn't just use Square, and the guy,told me, because they always get lost, not a good answer, service was awesome and professional though

Linda Hibdon

If you, or anyone you know is considering hiring a moving company, DO NOT use All My Sons Moving & Storage! There's a reason the & Storage is on there. They get your possessions on their truck then threaten to take your items to their facility unless you fork over more money. Their movers are unprofessional and slower than molasses, and you end up paying for lunch breaks and NUMEROUS bathroom breaks. Then when you try complaining the same day as the move, management is rude, and even more unprofessional!! They get belligerent and combative. They waited until they had all of my daughter's items in their truck, to demand an additional $360 or they would take them back to their facility until she paid. EXTORTION 101!! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!!! GUESS ALL I'LL GET FROM THIS COMPANY IS THE CANNED "WERE SORRY HERE CALL THIS #" RESPONSE. I' filing a complaint with the BBB, and posting this all over the web!! This company is atrocious!! Any positive comments MUST be from relatives trying to push down bad reviews!!

Kim Macniak

If I could leave negative stars I would. We scheduled a move for the morning and were told to expect their crew between 8:30-10:00. Great! We get a another phone call at dinner the night before the move to say the crew would arrive after 11am, not good, but not in a total bind. So to be helpful, day of move, WE move all of our items to the garage so we could finish in time. Day of move, we call at noon, since no one showed up and they inform us the crew will be at our home between 4-5pm. At that time, we have to ask why they have moved our time around, because they were quick to promise a time slot and take a $100 deposit for their services. Brian at All my Sons began to question why it was his problem or ours and we had to hang up before things got too heated. Serious problem at this point. Found another company to come immediately and for less, so called All my Sons to let them know they could refund our deposit since they didn't meet their obligation because we couldn't wait any longer for their no show. Brian tried to argue we could not have our deposit back since we cancelled, and I had to point out again All my Sons were a no show. We will look for our deposit back in the 3-5 day time frame Brian indicated. If you are looking to move on time and expect proper customer service, find another company before you're left stranded.

Joey Lonchas

We use the all my son's here in Maryland and one thing I gotta say those guys were great from the office staff to the guys moving our stuff would definitely recommend this to you and your family

Paula Hiatt

After an in-home evaluation of my belongings I hired AMS for moving services into a pod prior to the sale of my home. The representative seemed very professional, polite, and appeared knowledgeable. I was informed that all my belongings would be padded and wrapped, that mirrors/glass table tops would be put in appropriate cartons, and that TV’s would be taken off their stands and the screen would be placed in TV cartons. I was also told that items would be tied down and secured in order to withstand transport. Due to a work commitment my agent was present on the day of the move to act in my stead. When I arrived at my home the move was near completion however items were placed in the pods at random, hastily/sloppily stacked, and NOTHING was padded. One layer of shrink wrap was on a few items. They brought no supplies with them except rolls of tape and some shrink wrap. I called the owner of the franchise (Jimmy) and he instructed his men to remove the items, shrink wrap, and re-load. This was done to some items, but they were still stacked/packed/crammed within the pod. After completion of the job one of the men tried to tell me they had not charged me for the time it took to wrap/re-pack...all of 15 minutes. This company is abhorrent in their work ethic, careless with other people’s belongings, and insensitive to the needs or concerns of their customer. When I voiced my dissatisfaction in the job, I was threatened with “calling the law and we *will* get our money”. At that point it was worth it to me to pay and get them out of my home and away from my belongings. Now, I am faced with having to re-do much of the work and properly secure the items within the pods.

Robert Robinson

THIS IS THE ONLY REVIEW YOU NEED TO READ. This is good stuff, read it all. It was simple. They screwed us. We originally called because we needed 8 pieces of furniture moved from KC, MO to OP, KS. It was a simple move, but there was a 2 hour minimum so we were quoted $300 and this included "insurance". After paying the deposit to secure our date, they sent us an info email. In the email, their insurance was "$0.60 per pound damaged" with the words "this is not insurance" right next to it. Lie 1 48 hours before our move, they call to tell us there is a 12% fee for maintenance, gas, insurance etc. Why wasn't this included in our estimate? Lie 2 When we called to ask about this last minute fee. They inform us there is actually a 3 hour minimum, with an hour accounting for drive time to and from our location. Why wasn't this included in the original estimate ? Lie 3 Absolutely infuriated at this point, I asked if there were any other Fees I could expect. They said "Not unless you need any packing materials like boxes, Tv transports, bubble wrap etc". Jokes on us because they showed up on moving day, wrapped 5 pieces of furniture in plastic, without asking, and charged us $66 for moving materials. Lie 4. I've never been played and lied to like this company lied to me. A "minimum quote" should include all guaranteed charges, not blind side us 24 hours before a move when we are stuck. We went hundreds of dollars over our moving budget because of their "bait and switch" technique. It is unethical and should be illegal.

Erin Norenberg

I am giving 1 star for multiple reasons. First of all, we paid All My Sons to move us from one house to another and to wrap all furniture because we had to move our items Into a storage unit while our house was being renovated (1 year). This cost my husband and I over $1300. Not too bad if they would have actually wrapped all the furniture. The guys were very nice that moved us, but when the next movers came to unload us from the storage unit and bring everything to our new home, they noticed lots of items weren’t wrapped. Those guys threw the first movers under the bus big time. Our brand new washer and dryer was all scratched up and dented in on the front and the top because it was not wrapped; our high top table was nicked up all over, the leather chairs were all dented in and one was torn, and my Sons top of his dresser had a big chunk taken out of it. This is unexceptable the way they stacked the storage unit. They did not wrap all the furniture that I paid for like they said they were doing. Also, they want to pay you .60 cents a pound for the damage of your furniture. Do they really think you would put a scale under a washer and dryer or a table or a hutch? I mean come on. For a 2300 washer and dryer set, hutch that was $600 and a table and chair set that was $900 they offered us a little over $200. That is disgraceful! They Guareteed they would make things right and they did not. I disputed this so now they are offering $400. What a slap in the face! Lastly, I called and called and emailed the manager in the Baton Rouge office many many times in the past 3 months. He has yet to call me back. He responds to my email by saying he tried to call me and that I needed to talk to customer service! Funny how I do not have a voicemail from him. Never use this company. Not to mention to move us about 3 miles from the storage unit to our new house cost almost $1500. This makes me sick how a company can get away with this type of business. Also, reporting them to the BBB. If I could have figure out how to post pics from my phone, I would have.

Suzi McMullen

I paid for 4 men to come and 2 of them were supposed to help pack. We spoke about 3 hours ahead of time and they told me they were supposed to stay for 5. I told them 4 hours was my highest, but it depends on how much they got done. I had to leave to meet the new washer and dryer at the new house. I left instructions to just keep going and I indicated I could afford up to 3-4 hours and at least 3 but probably they needed 4. I left the house and 10 minutes after arriving at the new house they showed up!!!! I had the tips ready, 80$ for 4 guys. I really regret paying them. they left boxes that are packed at the other house, daycare furniture I needed and they never packed a single item!!! I had to pay for the 1 hour trip charge at 169$ plus the fuel charges. I wanted then to stay!!!! these guys lied and said that my mother told them to go. she told me they couldn't wait to be out of there. I paid 700$ counting tip and they broke our picnic table and they they broke almost every single one of my mother's breakable items she had packed so carefully. what did they do, throw the box?!!!! on top of that, they didn't put my mom's chair back together and they ripped half the back off my chair. it has spikey sharp staples hanging out and I need to get them bent back and pounded in before the kids hurt themselves. this was a very bad experience for me. on top of that they called to ask how the move is going in the middle of absolute chaos. I said okay I guess.... then I wondered why I didn't throw a huge fit! We have been going back to the house every single day to get more things. I can barely walk because of my health. I expected better.

Marcia Ramirez

I gave this company one star because I had no other choice. All my sons moving company. First they were going to send three guys, then ended up sending two. They called me ridiculously early the morning of the move to let me know they were already on the way and that they started charging upon arrival. As soon as they got there, there were complaining about the move and how the price I was quoted was unreasonable. They left. They were giving me examples of how people are quoted one price and end up being charged ALOT more. They were also giving me names of supervisors that always do that and call them out of their schedule to perform the move. They were talking terrible about the company. I called them several times to explain what happened, and they would give me the run around and tell me someone would call me back. No one ever did. I ended up not doing the move with them, and used Jesus Moving Company, who charged me less than half the price all my sons were giving me. They were super helpful and pleasant to work with.

Megan DeShon-Runge

David, Bryce, Curtis and Coy showed up on time and were incredibly polite and patient with us as we still had a few things that needed to be packed. They were sweet and understanding with our dogs wagging around and our precocious three year old. The guys worked quickly and catered to our needs. They unpacked at our end location and took time to make sure everything was where we wanted it. I would highly recommended this crew to anyone!

Andrea Robinson

The were quick, but careful. I have moved over 10 times in my life and this was the smoothest ever! Thank you so much All My Sons!!!

CeeCee Bowman

Mike & Jody were great. So helpful, friendly, and accommodating. Would def recommend.

Stephanie Teague

the moving crew was AMAZING!!!

Melissa Smith

Yhese guys are rude and try to treat all their employees lime drug/alcohol convicted felony offenders..... will never use them.

Kathryn Wargo

Paris, Robert & Johnny were AMAZING! We couldn't have imagined a smoother move thanks to them - they were quick, efficient & very respectful not only to us but to all of our items! Thanks guys - you rock! Only thing that threw me off was when one of the owners called to confirm my move then ended up increasing my quote 2 days before my move - not cool but thankfully you have a great crew to make up for the last minute increased price

Adam Kahl

Jason Adame

THIEVES! Horrible movers! I caught these guys stealing a window air-conditioning unit from the storage unit next to mine! I called the storage unit to verify that they were missing a unit, to which they did verify theirs was missing. I caught them taking the unit off their moving truck and putting it in their private vehicle. In addition, they scratched, gouged, and/or dented all of my wood furniture. My new mirrors I recently bought for my master bedroom are missing. Several times I asked these guys to please use their moving blankets when moving my furniture. They would give me a face that indicated that I was inconveniencing them. It was a very hot day, and these guys did not come prepared. They had no drinking water with them. I didn't have any water to give them since I had no refrigerator set up yet and my glass-ware was not unboxed yet. I did have some coconut water on hand which I gave to them. Their manager Brandon was no better than they were. One of the guys had a half smoked cigarette in his mouth inside my new home! I kept waiting for the ash to fall off his cigarette while he was moving my couch; and the put a hole in my couch! They left a wheel to my coffee table sitting in the hall way of the storage unit. Brandon told me he would personally go back and get it for me that day. He never returned. The next day, at 11:30 am I called Brandon. He told me he wasn't going to be able to get it to me that day either. I called his boss, and magically Brandon showed up! UNBELIEVABLE!!! You can't make this stuff up!

Laney Messina

The movers were fast and friendly. I was able to book them with very short notice at a fair price. The only reason they got 4 stars instead of 5 was the lack of communication in the time frame. Other than that, I didn't have to worry about a thing. They even had my storage unit organized with everything in it. Would definitely be using them again for future services.

Crystal Stetler

Brian Marrello

It was a great experience working with All My Sons Moving. Moving is a stressful event, and throughout the move there was an open line of communication with ownership. There were a few issues, but they were all easily overcome with good communication. The movers themselves were polite and thoughtful young men. I will say that I am not an easy customer to deal with, but they always met our needs. I would recommend this company, and I will use them again should the need arise.

Savanna Shockey

Horrible, super slow! 2 men and a truck moved an entire house for me in 2 hours!! While 2 men and a truck took 4 in a half hours moving 14 boxes a bed and dresser!!!! super slow, standing around, did not put items in correct area at destination. Broke 4 boxes open ( breaking several items) then would just stare at me like what was i gonna do??? Would carry boxes sloppy so items fell out. Why wouldnt you use the dolly to moves boxes??? Almost left my apt with half my items still in there!!! ( I had to bring down several items they forgot to bring down) once home and opened boxes, almost all of my glass items were broke!!!! we went exactly 20 miles, and charged me 70.00 in gas?? for a bed and dresser and 14 boxes I was charged 600.00!!! How is this even possible??

Dana Underwood

Very happy with my move. The crew that showed up was professional and very friendly. My job was not an easy one as they had to pick up from two places before reaching the final destination. On top of that, they had several flights of steps to climb and several heavy pieces of furniture to move up and down those steps. They were able to handle it all quickly and with awesome attitudes, while damaging nothing. Couldn't have asked for a better group of guys. Thank you for the hard work & a job well-done!

myrna udell

On 7/30/17 our concrete drive way was damaged by a truck driven by an employee of All My Sons when he backed into our drive way when moving the furnishings of our neighbor across the street. She had the contract with them. not us. The driver acknowledged the mistake and self reported the incident to his supervisor. There were other employees who witnessed it along with my neighbor & her son-in-law. A photo was taken via cell phone at the time. We made a claim to the parent company in Dallas, however their insurer Liberty Mutual denied the claim. I'm very dissatisfied how this was handled. No one came to examine the damage or talk to the witnesses. I would not recommend them for no other reason.

Jason Palmer

Hidden fees. Their $350 quote ended up being $565. They don't tell you up front that moving a tv is $50+ extra per tv. They wait until you pay them a deposit. Also, $90 charge for "travel" plus a $53 fuel charge for a 15 mile move? That's also something they won't tell you until you've paid them some money. They were also pretty careless about handling things. They rack up the price in labor by taking their sweet time. I've paid other movers in the past that have moved more stuff in much less time. I'll never use this slimy company again.

Cecilia Aguilar

Mike & Fletcher did an amazing job helping me get moved! They made 3 stops - were super efficient & professional. Just as my friend recommended this company to me, I will be recommending it to people I know as well.

David Johnson

Worst customer service ever. I contacted the company approx one month in advance to schedule my move. I specifically told them I work nights and would need the move to be as early as possible. On moving day, I didnt get a heads up I did not receive any warning. Actually I had to call the company to ask when they were coming. So I spoke with management and I was told he'll contact me back in 20mins. He never called but almost 3 hours after me calling I get a call back from the mover saying they are close. They came so late I had to call in from work. Management Would not compensate me, they did not feel sorry for me, they did not do anything to assist me with the inconvenience. Oh and by the way they want payment before they start working. Worst customer service ever. By the way the actual movers were awesome. If you do not get anything else out of this DO NOT use this company for your move they are inconsiderate and absolutely terrible. They will show up whenever they ready to move. They handle their larger. more expensive jobs 1st then they move on to you with NO CONCEPT OF TIME.

Brian Weaks

Gave us a bid for $258. Billed $493. For exactly what was booked.

Ian martinez

Scott Curry

Crew was great and quick, however they were a little too quick. They duck taped my sofa couch closed and never removed the tape and it pulled the material when I removed it, but that is the least of my problems. They forced my refrigerator out the front door causing scrapes and dents in my front door. Same with my dryer and the back door. Not only was the door dented I have paint transfer all over my dryer that will not come off. They also broke my sons desk and the reply was that happens when those desks get old. The desk was about two months old. The guys said to call and let the office know. The guy that answered the phone told me to email pictures which I did with no reply... Two weeks later, called spoke to someone, put on hold 30+ minutes. Tried emailing again and again no reply... Hopefully this will help me get my doors fixed.

Trever Belden

Absolutely horrible, they lost over 500 dollars in boxes and refused to replace them when you try and put a claim in, they dissappear. Poorly ran business and know care put into customers property.

Jordan Fest

Would have been a fine moving experience if it hadn’t been for the negligence of the movers in not securing my dryer or handling it with more than one person down the stairs from the move. Filing a claim with this company is a rip-off and will leave you with most of the cost of replacing your loses on your own shoulders. I’m out nearly 3 times the amount of money I expected to spend on just moving to a new location because of this stupid error. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for movers. There are a lot of costs associated with their contract that they are not forward enough with and are deceptively expensive. I would have been okay with suffering that cost if it wasn’t for the lack of responsibility with handling my appliances or owning up to their mistakes.

allie Walljasper

These guys are very sneaky with their fees. We were told it would be 250$ not knowing all the additional hidden fees they have. I paid 580$ for a one bedroom with my storage not even 2 miles down the road. They charged me 50$ for gas (for 2 miles) and 99$ for traveling charges (5miles). I will NEVER use these people again. And suggest everyone to find out the hidden fees before because they will rip you off

Jim Kirchner

Really helpful people that followed our instructions to the letter. I would recommend them to friends and family.

Sandra Winter

I have to say Kelvin and Derrick did a great job moving me from Prairieville to Central. They did it in a timely manner and took excellent care of my furniture! Nothing was scratched, broken or damaged. I will certainly use them again when my home sells and it’s time to move again. Good job Kelvin and Derrick!

Debbie Balough

The crew came ready to work and got the job done. They were friendly, helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, and use them again myself. They respected my belongings and took care of my things as if they were they’re own. Great job!!

Paige Burkhardt

This company moved our home into storage 2 weeks ago. We just got our things out yesterday. Most of my furniture is ruined-and I'm talking dressers, beds, tables, my child's drawing board, and other decorative items. I'm sick to my stomach that we paid $1,500 to have our 2 bedroom condo packed up (most of which was already packed by us), and this is what we are left with. Worst experience ever, unfortunately. They were super nice to us-but not so much to our things... I hope I get somewhere when I call them.

Shannon Ford

Mike and his crew were very professional, prompt, thorough, and thoughtful. The guys were friendly, which made my experience a breeze! I would highly recommend using their services if you are in need of movers. Thanks again Mike (and your guys) for all your hard work!

Alex Johnson

They were freaking awesome! Everything was so wonderful through a very stressful time!

Jennifer Volz

The customer service was fantastic! They were able to answer all my questions. If you are moving locally or in need of packing materials, they are definitely worth checking out.

Alma Manglicmot

Damages my china cabinet and the glass..

scott williams

Awful!!! They stood me up 3 times for an estimate, with 3 different reasons. Easy move too. Almost like they dont need the business.

Charles Beard

I used this company to move into a condo this past weekend. The quote I received on the phone was no where near the actual cost. I was quoted $360 for a two hour move plus packing supplies. My final bill was $587.96 for a one bedroom move. They tack on fuel, credit card, and travel time fees. They also billed an hour extra for a two hour move. I do not recommend this company to anyone. They also did not explain at the end of the move that the total they were charging my card did not reflect the $200 deposit I put down.

Sarah Savoy

Great job moving me! Thanks so much. Mike and Tim were fantastic. Told them I wanted I done quickly and they did it efficiently while still taking care of my items! Thanks very much.

Steven Akers

Scheduled them at 5:00 pm to be at my residence and they finally arrived at 6:45. That is a huge no no with me. Then the lead of the three spent more time on his phone than working. Three very nice guys, but slower than a turtle. We should have been done with this move by 8:30 pm, but finished at 9:30. Would have given 4 stars if they would have discounted for being late and slow!

Rebecca Armstrong

Booked a move less than two weeks ago. I s apprehensive because of reviews online. The movers arrived on time and got right to work. The three man team was professional, courteous and efficient. They moved our furniture, including the piano, with care. I couldn't have been more pleased with this move. I highly recommend! Since this move was for my sister, I'll certainly use them again!! Thank you for making today easy!!!!

maurice avance

Service was terrible workers very unprofessional will never use this company again

Lisa Nugent

This is the second time I used All My Sons Moving. The men moving us were super nice and very careful with our belongings and they did an outstanding job. However, they did not arrive until 5:00 PM to start our move and did not finish until 9:00pm. I had requested a morning move over a month earlier, but was not told that would not happen until the day before. They do their “ big jobs” first. We ended up moving a lot of stuff ourselves because we wanted to get something done during the day. I gave 4 stars for Travis and his partner, whose name I am embarrassed to say I forgot. If not for those two, I would have rated them lower because of the ridiculous late start. Lisa

Andrea Wongsam

I absolutely love All My Sons..! Would recommend then every time to anyone needing to move! Keep up the good work..

Sara Mallett

All My Sons were very professional & courteous up front when booking (of course), but come DAY OF moving, after waiting 6+ hours, they cancelled. When booking, they asked if I wanted morning or afternoon - I said morning time frame. I called day before to confirm, morning of and twice throughout the DAY OF, every time being told they're still working on the first job and I should hear back soon. I just kept waiting and waiting, all while I already had deliveries set up, dogs I have to get moved & multiple people waiting on us. When they called to cancel due to the first job taking too long, they were NOT SORRY AT ALL, nor did they offer any kind of discount or anything to change the reservation. HORRIBLE experience. We will never use them nor recommend them to anyone.

Mari Numanoi

Absolutely a great experience. The 3 men who moved us worked like 6 men. They were professional, timely, and worked extremely hard to get our move completed in one day. I will recommend All My Son’s to my friends and will definitely call them again when we are ready to move.

Melissa Cashaw

Jesse Covarraubias

Had a wonderful experience with all my son's moving. Mike and his crew were prompt professional and handled my belongings with care. This was my first time using a moving company but I will definitely use them again in the future.

Kim G

Way too expensive for the service received. They were really late, which is not typically a bad review worthy thing. However, mixed with the fact that it was very expensive ($650 to move 4 minutes away), we moved everything for them into the garage for ease (all the tables and sofas), they sent one less guy (they charge by the hour, so one less guy means it takes longer), they accidentally put a deep gouge in the wall, and we helped unload.... it was really ridiculous. My biggest issue is the fact that this company called us multiple times before the move to make sure everything was good to go. After the poor service, we haven't heard from them once. The team was nice, but they seemed like they were over worked and I feel bad for them. We will never use this company again.

Keitra Ross

Mike's crew was the best. They were professional and fast. I couldn't ask for a better moving team.

Malyndi West

Great job guys will hire you guys for work again soon!! Thanks Larry Clarke , Cameroon Evereet and Michael Ray !! Awesome awesome awesome

Greg Serafino

all my sons was great! the manager Paul called me before and after my move to make sure everything was to my satisfactory and it was the guys were nice and helpful take care with my furniture they got the move done without me having to worry about my belongings being damaged. Thank you Paul you guys did a great job!!!

Ron Rahija

Andre, Bryce, Mike .Very efficient and professional.Would recommend to others.

Alyssa Sebastian

Our movers, Nick and Darell were amazing! They were very friendly and professional. Even though we called All My Sons less than 24 hours before our moving day. My husband and I will be using this moving company again.

Melissa Segar

Jeremy And his crew were the best!! Everything was wrapped professionally. They were so cordial, and I would love to hire them again.

Areka Thompkins

Mike,Jodie and Fletcher did an excellent job with my move. Really nice mannerable young men. Fast and efficient!!!

Mike Zalansky

I would never use this company again nor recommend them. Quoted a 4 hour move, give or take an hour, based on the info asked by the call center rep; I'm reality it took 8 hours to move us, costing $1000 dollars more than the estimate. It was around the 6th hour and time is money, (paid by the hour) I instructed the movers to place nearly everything in the garage. We spent that evening and the following day moving boxes and putting together beds. We found some scratches and dents on appliances and furniture. There was one man on the team who was amazing and full of integrity, a very hard worker. Too bad they didn't provide an entire team of that caliber.

Mary Anne Bredemann

Brennan, Tyler, Robert and Patrick worked quickly and tirelessly to move our family from both a rental home and a storage unit. Polite, tidy, strong, careful and wrapped pieces tightly. I highly recommend!!

Janae Theriot

Marlon and Devin were AMAZING! Took care of all of my things like they were their own and were very quick and knowledgeable. The front office staff were also super helpful with getting everything arranged ahead of time. 15/10 would use All My Sons again and ask for these two guys by name.

Richard Rodriguez

Dre the driver and bryce the beast, deon very efficient. Very hard working and fast. Super friendly group. Love Bryces and Andre's communication great work effic. Love these guys A + move

Steven Neill

Mike's crew was great. They did a perfect job securing and moving my furniture. Everything was shrink-wrapped and then packed with furniture pads and cardboard. The whole crew was friendly and courteous. They hustled and knocked it out in the quoted time frame. Mike went over all of the billing information before and after the move. I highly recommend them for your moving needs.

Monica Fernandez

I could not be happier with Mike and his crew today!! They were professional, polite, efficient and move me in a blink of an eye! Highly recommend AMS but be sure you request Mike and his crew! You won’t regret it!!!

Aleyse Robinson

My husband and I recently moved to Baton Rouge. We used All My Sons to move are belongings into our new apartment. Austin's crew moved us in. They were friendly, and very helpful. They moved at a fast pace and we're careful with our things. They also made sure they put boxes/furniture where we wanted them. My husband and I were exhausted from traveling, but All My Sons made moving in easy and pain free.

Steve Stein

Jared Causey

Mike & Charles moved us today and did an awesome job. They were both very professional and went above and beyond. The whole process was simple and worth every penny. I will definitely use All My Sons again and will highly recommend to others.

Stephen Lancaster

These guys are crooks. Buyer beware. They tried to charge a ridiculous amount of money to move a few leftover pieces of furniture and we just told them to leave. We then had to scramble to find another mover last minute. Everyone I’ve known who hired this company has regretted it.

Whitney Santora

We moved at the start of summer this year and hired All My Sons. Consultant/visual estimator Chase Morales was beyond helpful prior to the actual move and Dajour and his crew were phenomenal help the day of the move. They were on time, efficient, streamlined and very polite. Everyone consistently worked hard until the day was over. Fair price, excellent service!

Jason LeJeune

Great crew! Fast and professional! Would highly recommend!

Bonnie Livingston

I could not have been more pleased with All My Sons Moving & Storage. The movers were professional and courteous. They really worked very hard and worked in a very timely manner. They wrapped all pieces of furniture that could possibly get damaged in any way. I want to give a special shout out to Leon. He made certain that I was kept aware of everything they were doing and kept a smile on his face. Thank you Leon and thank you All My Sons!!

Curtis Ashford

This was one of the best moving experiences I've had in a while. The guys showed up ready to work, wrapped all my furniture and appliances. The guys were professionals, no bad language, respectful. I've had 3 moves in my lifetime and have always received one damaged item but these guys made sure everything was nice & neat. The only thing that was off-putting was their arrival time. I was told a 8 am arrival but didn't receive them until after 9 am. Overall these guys did a great job. I will definitely use them again. Thanks guys!

Sherry Delaney

Quality care and professionalism are the best two words I can think of to sum up our experience. From day 1 Jamario Brooks made us feel at ease and we knew we were in good hands. During our moving day they were a little late getting to us but that's life unforseen things do come up but just as true to Jamarios word as always the moving crew did arrive. Two great gentlemen by the name of Mustapha and Kevin. These two gentlemen treated all of our goods with the utmost care and were very hard workers. Thank you guys for a very positive experience which to say the least can be a very stressful time. John and Sherry Higgins Moved from Noble to Norman.

Nathan Haymer

DeAnthony’s crew moved my furniture on a four hour trip. Not only were they on time, they were professional and my furniture was wrapped and protected. They even set up the furniture for me! I would HIGHLY recommend All My Sons to anyone.

Ariel Murphy

Mike, Quientrel, and Hayes were an incredible team! They worked extremely fast, we’re very courteous, and made our moving process feel seamless. Strongly recommend for your next move, big or small - they’ll get the job done!

Sonya Aaron

Beware...This company will mislead you!!! I scheduled a move for March 6. Due to the nature of the move I was promised a 4 man team (customer #6413598). On the day of the move only 2 men arrived. When I called to inquire about this I could not get anyone on the phone. I have since learned they do this so they can charge you more since the move will take longer. They also tack on all sorts of hidden fees at the end. Tristan Henderson (Manager) will not return your calls. Brian Sanford (Operations Manager) will only respond to you once your items are on the truck and ready to be unloaded. You are then at their mercy to get your things back since this is when you are presented your final bill. Brian tried to explain away the discrepancy by saying they reduced the overall rate. However the reduction in rate did not equate to the additional hours charged due to having a 2 man vs 4 man crew. Also, I did not receive an itemized receipt of any kind. This negative review does not reflect the service Cody and Toure provided. They were very hard working. This review reflects the bait & switch tactics employed by All My Sons Movers of Baton Rouge. Update- I met with Tristan Henderson on the next business day to discuss my concerns. The matter has been resolved.

Tiffany Smith

I’ve only given 1 star based on the fact, that you can’t give 0! My moving experience with this company has been THE WORST beyond what you can imagine. First, the movers damaged my property. They ripped my sofa which isn’t even a year old. They also shattered my shadow box which contained my gown and stole from college graduation years ago. The movers left without even informing me on any damage that was OBVIOUSLY noticeable. They asked to use MY tools to take apart my bed. Wth? Aren’t you a moving company. I got charged $52 for the plastic wrap they used to wrap items they still freaking damaged in the first place. After the incident, I had to keep contacting the company multiple times in regards to the damage. After contacting the general manager, he was not even informed of the incident prior to me contacting him. Then per their policy on damaging your property. They require you to provide a weight of your furniture and they’ll pay you $0.60 per pound. So if you have a $600 tv and they drop it and break it.. if your Tv weighs 30lbs there’s your $600 gone down the drain, they’ll give you a whopping $18 for it. I would never recommend this company to ANYONE, as they did not only damage my furniture. They also damage my apartment’s freight elevator and this is a brand new complex.

Michael becnel

Today was one of the longest days ... we moved from Denham Springs to Destrehan .... with a LOT of stuff. The three young men that came out were 19, 21 and 24.... but were far more professional than men a decade older... They were very efficient, hard working and polite... I would encourage anyone moving to use All My Sons and ask for Austin Raymond and Plaisaince

Anthony Gilkes

I must say. This has to be the worst moving company of all time. I requested a quote to move my things on Aug 2 and they referred me to Aug 1. That was my first mistake for continuing and thinking it wasn't going to be so bad. I'm thinking a moving company would have brought some strong guys, but of course they bring not so strong guys and of course hire who they can get over on. Which makes sense because if they would have hired anyone else that even looks fit they would have to pay them more. I only moved a few things since I still owned 2 homes which was my bed, 2 dressers, kitchen table, cabinet and my daughter's desk and bed. My idea was to move the big items without getting either house scratched up, so long for that idea. Both houses were scratched up and some of my furniture. Now if you all want to get your nice things moved by ACME Inc (all my son's) which is a Looney tunes reference to wile be coyote messed up products he bought from the company, then go ahead. Can't say you have not been warned and this was a week and a half ago. Also nothing was reimbursed and not to surprised. Moved from laurel to upper marlboro. Enjoy the pics for proof.

Laura Schloer

I had a scheduled time for them to help me move and they never showed up. I wish there was an option for zero stars. I couldn’t even get the local office to answer one call. I called the corporate office and they even tried to get ahold of them and that didn’t even work. Worst experience ever with any company I’ve ever used. I would not suggest using this company. Especially not the ones in Maryland.

Jennie Polito

Mike and the crew were amazing! They exceeded my expectations. The only bad thing was the company should have been more honest in the back end charges. Almost half the cost was in those charges. But overall great experience after the cost shock

Tamyria Miller

I am NEVER the one to complain about anything but this company... SPECIFICALLY the Baton Rouge Location is absolutely ridiculous. Below is the email I have submitted to WAFB News. I am emailing you on a very horrible concern I have with a local business here in Baton Rouge by the name of “All My Sons” moving company. I am very positive that this company, not only have done this to myself, but has also went as far as doing this to other local residents of Baton Rouge, and I would like to forewarn the people of Baton Rouge about this company and the scams that they are doing to them. I am single mother, who had no family available to assist in me moving, and I feel as though the company took advantage of the lack of information that was given to me in the beginning of this process.... It is a VERY lengthy email but this is how it began. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! These were the following things that happened: 1. They tried to charge me $80 for fuel for the truck that was not even needed during my move. (Moved from first floor to second floor of my apartment complex... IN THE SAME BUILDING) 2. They communicated to me a different price when workers arrived 3. Cancelled the job... deposit was $119 and I paid $300 but only got $44 back... 4. Have not gotten a call back from the company to refund me the rest of my money.

Crystal McFadden

Do not use this moving company!!!! Very unprofessional! Charges you before they are even finished which is not fair!!! Management does not care bout customer service! They broke my roomate's dresser and refused to pay for the damages.

Noel Carroll

Recently (May-2018) moved and this was without a doubt the easiest move of my life! Highly recommend! Jeremy and crew were awesome! They worked their tails off! Edward in the back office also took care of me and answered all of my questions prior to the move. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the fantastic moving experience!

Kelly Birch

Andre, Andrew, and Bryce were prompt, professional, and friendly. Great movers.

zhichao ni

I had them move me last Saturday. Two facts: 1. I was originally scheduled in the Morning, and have been told they will come out late Morning. I started move by myself with some small stuffs while waiting for them to show up, but they haven't until 12:00 pm. I called them back, and they told me my appointment was scheduled in the afternoon?! I understand something may happen, but at least they should call me and inform me my appointment needs to be rescheduled not just change it behind me. 2. They finally showed up at 4:00 PM (Great!!), by that time, I already moved most small stuffs and only have several big furniture left. Three guys come, only one guy was doing his job (his name is Jarelle, he is great), the other two were trying to waste time. Here is the fact, last time I moved with another company from Lenexa to Plaza, with more stuffs (because I didn't move anything myself), plus there was an event in plaza, took them a while to find a parking spot. This time, less stuff, my new apartment is just two blocks away, and parking is not an issue. They all cost around 2.5 hours. It is ridiculous. PS: I looked at my bills for the move, there is a material cost for the mattress cover, but they didn't put a cover on my mattress. I need a response for this too. Anyway, my wife was in the hospital over the weekend, I was already frustrated enough so I just wanted to get my move done. Otherwise, I would cancel this appointment. I tried two moving company so far, the other one (I would not name them here) did a much better job, they showed up as they promised with a cup of coffee, and they knew what they were doing. So I got them cookies, I asked them to take a break, and I gave them a good tip. I am really not happy about this experience.

Kady Peterman

After a long day yesterday of waiting for this company I am so disappointed in the outcome of my move. I reserved 3 men and a truck for Friday 7/26. I was never called the day before with an estimated time of arrival. I was forced to call them to ask. The gentlemen that I talk to gave me “afternoon.” The definition of afternoon is “anytime after noon to the evening.” The definition of evening is “the period of time at the end of the day, usually from 6pm to night”. (true definitions). I got a call at 8am from the truck and he had called me by mistake thinking I was the first one of the day. I said no problem and at that moment figured I wouldn’t be far behind. I was expecting anytime from 12pm-4ish. My parents took off work that noon to help me make sure everything went smoothly. 4pm came around and I still hadn’t heard anything. I called the number of the dispatcher to ask if he had a better time. His reply was “their current job should be done at 5pm and then they will be headed my way”. I said thank you and my dad and I continued to wait. 5pm came and went. I called the dispatch again at 6pm trying to see what was happening. He told me that the men were finishing up putting a bed together and then would be on there way. At 7:45pm I received a call that they were 30minutes away. They arrived at my place at 8pm. 3 men where there but I was informed one would not be working due to unknown reasons. No option was given to transfer my move to the next morning even though they were very late. I am lucky I didn’t have to be out of my place by that evening. They began moving my 5 items that I needed moved. Yes, I only had 5 things I needed moved. (A love seat, a 3 seater, dresser, washer/dryer.) As they continued to move my stuff out it got darker and darker outside. I watched as they struggled with no lights in the truck. My entire family asked off of work and devoted their time the entire afternoon waiting around, which turned in to them being at our house until 10:45 because the job wasn’t done until 10:15. At night. When there is a 2 year old who couldn’t go to bed because we had to wait for the noise and bustling to end. Not only were we highly annoyed and disappointed at the complete rudeness of your company not communicating at all to explain anything unless WE called, but we now have 5 major damages to our property which we have pictures of. The following damages are listed below: 1. Noticeable damage to a family antique dresser on the side, top, and bottom. 2. An entire chunk of our wall in our brand new house missing from one guy being responsible to move a 200 lb dresser 3. The entire plug in to my washing machine was completely smashed flat due to you having no lights in the cabin of the truck, and expecting your workers to move things properly and carefully in pitch black considering it was 9:30-10:15 upon drop off. 4. Scratches to the side of my microfiber couch 5. An entire hole punched through my apartment wall when moving things out. I contacted Jerry Henshall, Operations manager at Midwest City location, and laid out all the issues of the move. Though he apologized, he directed me to customer care office for Monday when they open up. It was hard for my family to watch two guys and their sidekick who had been working way too many hours and jobs that day struggle to complete what we hope was the last one of the day, nonetheless in the pitch dark with no wits about their surroundings. Nobody should be operating a move that late in the day if the inside of your truck cabin is not lit, and if a job can not be done properly and safely. Our property was damaged and that is not what should happen when hiring people who should be professionals in this field to handle it. We hope customer service is more helpful then Jerry, because we will not let this go until this is made right. 0 out of 10 recommend this company. Save your money & hire actual professionals that care for others belongings and not the paycheck.

Madeline Miller

Mike and Aron did an amazing job. They were friendly and professional and took great care with my furniture. My only recommendation is to know beforehand to have cash on hand for gratuity. They deserved the tip.

morgan marie

I was pretty skeptical reading the reviews on here but I had a friend recommend the company to me so I decided to still use them. I’m very pleased with my experience! The movers were very quick, caring and professional. I moved from a third floor apartment (only stairway, no elevator) to about twenty minutes away to a first floor apartment. As far as reviews go on pricing, I thought it was fair. I wouldn’t say that there are “hidden” fees. The emails give you a clear outline of charges so you know what to expect. Overall, I would definitely recommend this company!

Shirley Beeley

David, Jerry and Roeland were the greatest! Very patient with us old folks and very professional! They moved all items in position we asked. They were careful with my 40 year old solid wood 5’ lamp...a family heirloom.

Mary-Jo Swiatkowski

Such a pleasure doing business with Jonathan. He and his crew are professional, courteous, on time and reasonably priced. We will definitely use them for all our moving needs.

Nyla DeMar

Beware of this moving company. They claim to care about customer service but in reality just find ways to take your money. The management team, particularly Edward Wallen will bully you and fraudulently charge you. I packed all of my belongings and only needed labor. The operator said that they offered labor only when they don’t. Quoted me for per hour service. A truck and 3 movers showed up and began charging me 30 minutes before I got there. When I informed them I wouldn’t be there the supervisor said his boss (Edward Wallen) didn’t care. They ended up charging me $900 for a move that should have cost much less. Edward even initially charged me $70 for packing materials that was never used. I was later charged $27 for packing tape that was never used. FRAUDULENT. Also 4 pieces of my furniture was damaged and I have had to spend hours on the phone to get them repaired with no resolution and will now have to deal with corporate. I hope they care more about their customers and their reputation as a reputable company!

john ruthke

very unprofessional I scheduled my move 6 weeks in advance, they called me the night before my move and said they had to reschedule for a later time. I was ok with that but I had to call them the day of the move to find out they were running even later than expected but assured me they would be there at 5:30. At 5:30 they called and said they couldn't make it that night, which put me in a bind because I had to be out of our house. I was told they would call me that night to see if they could reschedule but they never called.Luckily my son was able to get some friends to help us move something I wanted to avoid. Very un happy with the whole situation would not recommend at all!!!!!!

Jack Messer

Jerelle “Cal” Nevels and his crew did an outstanding job.

Michael Shingleur

Today I had to move from my home to my new house & it was effortless & a breeze! Moving is usually the worst part of the sale but after today that definitely is not the case!! Jonathan’s crew was on top of the ball! I hired a 4 man crew & im glad I did. Total it took 3 hrs with drive time! They boxed, packages & wrapped EVERYTHING!! There was NO Lolly gagging or wasting time with these guys! VERY PROFESSIONAL!! Jonathan, Xavier, chuck & James were outstanding! I highly recommend these guys & all my sons for any moving needs. -Michael S.

D Beard

Mike and his crew were so professional and fast. I enjoyed working with them and I’ll definitely use them in the future. Thanks for a job well done. Diane Bears

Stephanie Ford

Hello, I have moved several times using moving companies. I got to let every know about our experience today. This company is awesome and there Gentleman that move us were awesome as well. They were pleasant, work until they were finished. Explain everything to us. Hot as you know they still smile. Careful just like it was their stuff wow! I'm very impressed with them. Thank you for the outstanding service. Stephanie Ford-Gaynor

Lolly Browning

I must say the crew that showed up were exceptional young men. The management on the other hand were aweful. They quoted me one price and in the end it was almost tripled what they told me. During my move the crew had to return to the warehouse to drop off another worker.. which took almost 3 hours to cross the bridge at 4oclock on Friday, before they could come back to unload. My washing machine was damaged at some point and all the manager could say was that I would have to handle it on Monday after 9. It was out of his hands!! Trisian is the manager I spoke with and he was all friendly until I started asking questions about my quote being different and the damage to my washer. I would not reccomend this company!!

ella johnson

The movers were excellent! They were pleasant, arrived on time, and handled my move beautifully and flawlessly from start to finish! I would absolutely use All my Son's again and I'd also recommend them to my friends and family!

Melissa Sutton

Was quoted a price to move from Tulsa to Oklahoma city area. When they were through it was over $1.000 more. Much of my furniture was damaged in some way. Antique furniture which can not be replaced or repaired. Very poorly handled. Would never use again.

Mark Reshnet

Hired my three sons to pack up my moms house. Rob and his crew came and with not Much direction when I told them I was looking to do, this crew took to another level of perfection. I'm requesting the same crew for my house and packing. As well as the big move into our new house. Job well done fellows. Highly highly recommend this company and crew.

MiKE Pink

Younna Gooden

Great experience. Was told they'll be at my apt at 9:30am but they arrived at 10:30am. They called at 9:12am and stated they were just leaving their warehouse. Beside that, customer service was superb and accommodating. The movers were friendly, experienced, nice, very accommodating and beyond helpful. I definitely recommend them for your moving needs.

Smoke D.O.A

Chelle Moore

All My Sons made my move simple and easy. The three person crew, Clark, Seneca, and John were prompt, efficient, and handled my belongings carefully. I really appreciated their services and will use them again! Would recommend All My Sons.

Ralph Peery

They showed up ready to work!


Antonio crew leader did a great job from start to stop time.herb and tay did a good job will use again

Jared Holden

I was told at 6pm that they couldn't come that day after all of our stuff was ready to go. Unacceptable. Just get a Uhaul and do it yourself.

Rusty Phillips

These guys were amazing! They had us moved in 6 hours. They estimated 8 hours, so it actually cost lest than the quote. They worked hard and non stop until it was done. Everything was delivered in perfect shape, nothing broken or scratched. I would definitely recommend this company.

Jason Hanks

Mike, Cameron, Josh, and John! Fantastic job! I highly appreciated their level of professionalism and positivity!

Krista Posey

Don and Casey were the ultimate professionals. In fact, everyone that I spoke with from the company, from my first call to my last, were kind, easy to talk to and helpful. I cannot recommend All My Son's highly enough!

John Morris III

Layne Wells

They didn’t show up and management was rude and didn’t care. Told me they’d come the next day. THEY DIDNT. AGAIN. WORST COMPANY EVER, DO NOT USE!!!!!!!

Megan Kashdin

One star is too many. Move scheduled for 7:30. Now planning to come after 3. Story on the phone changed, manager lied and contradicted himself multiple times about when calls were made, what was said. Manager was rude and blamed other people. Do not waste your time, energy, and money.

Rickie Schmalz

Brennan, Rob and yeo were fast and friendly even killed a snake for me. Highly recommend. Great team

Chandra Colbert

Lindsey Norman

This is a terrible moving company and I would never recommend using them. The men took 11 hours to move my stuff and upon arrival 6 pieces of my furniture were completely broken and ire irreplaceable. I was taken advantage of and robbed of my money for the quality of service I got.

John White

4 man crew was very fast ,courteous and professional. This crew totally exceeded expectations.Trust me I will recommend to anyone that is moving.

Christopher Gray

Austin’s crew made the move seamless. Their steady loading and unloading decreased the move time to just 1/2 a day.

Eli Youn

i am not recommend this company They are over booking all the time so never on time and never good service

Jenn Chan

All My Sons was an absolute life saver for us when things could go wrong, did go wrong and still all worked out. We called around, and while AMS was not the lowest priced, it was competitive and the guys were very helpful with understanding the process, checking in before, during and after the move and making sure we were taken care of and we decided to go with them. Chase helped with the quote and making sure we were all set for our reservation and answered all of our questions for our long distance move. Johnathan and Trey were on time with smiles on their faces and a great attitude. I had underestimated the amount we needed to move, but they never complained and were extremely helpful. They worked well together and had a great rapport...and energy that I wish I could bottle and sell, they never slowed down! They also checked in on the way with their ETA and we all showed up around the same time ready to unload. Unfortunately none of us knew the area had been slammed with storms the week before and the truck got stuck in our yard. Johnathan and Trey werent phased at all, they unloaded the truck while they waited on a tow to get them out and were very careful and respectful of our belongings. They were fast, friendly and efficient and we greatly appreciated their help with our move. If we get ready to move in the future, we will absolutely be using All My Sons again! Thanks, fellas!

Fernando Banuelas

Stephanie Clark

I have moved many times. This was not a great move. The responsiveness of the company to my questions was unacceptable - it took days for them to get back to me about what was/was not included in my moving estimate. The move day was not any better. My belongings were thrown haphazardly into boxes, which I only discovered once in my new place. Small things were lost (earrings, etc) due to this. There was also mis-communication between my actual movers and HQ about what was/was not included in my move. This made my move feel rather adversarial, which was not a good feeling. My movers claimed that they couldn't pick up anything twice (if I wanted my bed place elsewhere, for example) and that there was a 12% fuel surcharge that I had to pay them separately. I had to examine my contract to see that it was already included in my quote. My mover argued with me about it, and it felt like he was trying to extort extra money from me. Therefore, I can't recommend these movers.

Anthony Martin

We hired this company to move from 1000 Franklin ave. Essex Md. 21221 to 117 North Marlyn ave. Essex, Md. 21221 , one " 1 " block the movers were so disrespectful. The driver said to my Sister and Wife that he was getting " PISSED OFF " , after I called the boss of the driver to let them know that one of the workers was asleep in the hall of the building where we moved from, and the driver and the other helper were out side in the drive way smoking, this is on camera It took them 6 3/4 hour's to load up and unload ther furniture. 2bedrooms, living room set, 2recliners, chair and footrest. A 6 peace wall unit, grandfathers Clock, TV set's 3. Kitchen set with 5 chairs. Alot of packed boxes that we packed, they were so disrespectful to our personal goods, they broke a coffee table Scratched up so much furniture and broken peaces of kitcken goods, this company's employees need to be fined for all of the damages that they caused. They charged us $ 1,600.00 and wanted to charge me $ 250.00 for gas, they drove ( 1 ) block, After we complained they waived the gas charge, now think about this, would you want to hire this company, take my advice, just say no!!! We were over charged way overcharged. The owner should be ashamed of his employees. We are going to relocate in 3 years and we will no call this company. I'm sorry that ot took me so long to make this complant, so all my Sons Moving company, you should be ashamed of your self. We took a big loss in the damages that your disrespectful Driver caused. Thanks for nothing. A.M.& P.S. ============================

lamar gregory

Wander Woman

I represent BeMoreCaring, a non-profit that caters to the homeless population of Baltimore City and AA County. I would highly recommend All My Sons in general and Joel McCullum and team in particular. Not only did they do my move the day after I called them but they were prompt, handled all the loading and unloading to perfection and actually helped me avoid a meltdown, when the keys to my destination did not work. Am looking forward to working with them again! You guys are awesome!

lauren davis

Clark did a really good job. I feel like the move would not have happened without him. He was extremely punctual, dedicated and efficient and highly recommend that any one going through a move with all my sons requests him. He did a great job!!!

Charlie Irons

Took 21 hours to move objects into a 2,000 square foot house. Forced us to pay prior to moving objects into the house. Once we paid they went through our boxes. Things are now missing and many objects broken. One of the greasy idiots hit on my mother as well.

Barbara Brand

Dre, Nate Bryce and rob were all beast. very loving crew. Super professional high recommend

josh mancuso

Movers did a great job. But they use very misleading billing practices. The bill you sign at the end of the move IS NOT your total. It is what you are being charged on top of the deposit. I was never given an actual ful total until i reviewed my credit card statement and then called the company. Very misleading. They should be up front and transparent.


The worst experience ever. Quote was $200 less than actual cost. The moves, although they were nice, they broke the glass from my end table, and the owner/manager was rude and not helpful, and didn't take ownership of the accident. Didn't replace my glass top, and the guys barely cleaned up the shattered mess from my pet friendly apartment complex. Never ever! Save yourself the headache.

Gena Fletcher

Professional, timely, friendly, careful....just a few words that describe All My Sons staff. We have used them many times in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Make and his men take good care of our company needs.

Dana Miller

Great experience moving my mom! We had four guys move my mom that were respectful, friendly, worked hard, and were courteous! They kept us informed during the entire process! I would hire them again!

jennifer seo

I do not recommend All my sons moving company at all and I wish I could give them negative stars or have them investigated for they’re shady business practices. My husband received a quote to have a master bedroom, dining set, and living room set moved. We were told it would require 2 men and it would include a truck plus wrapping all the furniture at $109 per hour. There is a minimum 3 hours of labor plus 12% of your total bill for fuel costs (which is ridiculous on its own). We booked them on account of some decent reviews and regretted it from the time they stepped in the door. First off they sent 3 men and changed our rate to $129 per hour... This isn’t what we discussed and we definitely did not need 3 movers. The main mover, I believe his name was Antoni, called and spoke to George and George said he’d ok the $109 per hour charge and waive the 12%. I thought ok that’s good customer service they’re trying to regain our trust. Well the movers wrapped everything up with care and got the truck loaded in an hour and a half. When we got to our destination they said they needed payment before they unload the truck. I thought this was interesting because we pay hourly how are they going to know how long it will take? Well Antoni spoke to the owner Paul and somehow worked that the total time would take 4 hours and even though the driving distance was 20 mins away they were also charging us an extra hour for travel. Now we’ve got an invoice for 5 hours x109 plus tape cost ($33 for two rolls of tape) and an additional 12% for fuel. This is now more than double our original quote. After going back and forth with the math because we’re discussing things and agreed it took an hour and a half to load the truck it would take an hour and a half max to unload that doesn’t equate to 4 hours! Paul finally agreed they would refund the difference but they will not waive the 12%. Of course now George is no where to be found so its now our word against the owners. It ended up taking an hour to unload everything and we called Paul back to let him know we’ll need a refund. I didn’t trust him to do the math so I did it myself and of course his math doesn’t line up with mine. Working as a general manager for over 10 years I’ve learned how to calculate money and percentages well and I noticed that his calculations were shorting is because he was refund 12% off of the time he was returning instead of recalculating what our new cost should be. Not a huge difference of $10 but I wasn’t planning on giving Paul and more money because it was deserved what so ever. Not to mention we were told to make sure to follow up with our refund if we didn’t see it in 24 hours and to call everyday until we get it. Basically to sum it up. Paul and all my sons is running a shady business with horrible customer service. The movers themselves can’t be faulted because they’re just responding to calls but The owner and managers cannot and should not be trusted. I intend on reporting them to BBB because they attempted to scam us from the beginning and if we weren’t on a time crunch I would’ve just found a different company all together. First impressions mean a lot and I wish I had went with my gut. Also what century are we living in where they will only speak to my husband?? Seriously I’m right there and I’m doing the math you can speak to me I’m not dumb.

Reginald Singleton


Michael Thompson

Excellent experience. Very professional company. The moving crew of Mike, Mike, Jiran, and Delvis did a great job. Worked hard and fast to beat the rain.

John Fuentez

Job went off without a hitch. The guys were very personable and through. Very careful with the furniture considering all the steps and narrow hallways. The move took longer than I thought but the guys were extremely careful wrapping the furniture during the move,so it worked out. Thanks to Curtis, Ricky and Bradley. John Fuentez

Jordan Kilmer

They got everything in the truck before I could finish the paper work. Fast and easy.

Tina Labellarte

Jarelle and Brennan are the fastest, most efficient, strongest, easiest to work with moving dudes ever! They rock the house!

Happi Hoffer

Mike’s crew was very helpful today! Professional and efficient. Got the job done quickly!

Allen Davis

Mike and Antonio did a great job. I recommend All my Son and as for Mike

Lafondria Hygh

If cancel do not expect to get deposit back! I cancelled my scheduled move for October 30 on October 26. I was told that I would get my $100 deposit back 3 to 5 business days as well as the move order was cancelled. I was contacted by the movers stating they were at my old residence. I informed them that I was no longer there and contacted Brandon Pollard. He informed me that the movers called him & told him that I was not there. I informed Mr. Pollard that I cancelled my move on Oct 26. He proceeded to tell me in a rushed tone that I will get my deposit back 3 to 5 business days that was October 30, we are now at November 7 still no deposit. So please be aware that if you cancel you will not get your deposit back. The Baton Rouge location needs a major management overhaul but will not happen until the business take a major financial hit.

Art Chambers

The workers are professionals and courteous,even through a rainy day move.

Cory Singleton

Mike & Jiran did a great job helping with our move. Fast and friendly. Highly recommend. Five stars!

Kalie Champlain

Clark and Jacob were amazing! Friendly, professional, and efficient!

Scott Zerby

This is our first time using a moving company and it was totally worth it. All My Son's sent us three men, Clark, Brendon, and Mike and they arrived right on time. I was amazed at how hard they worked! They were very consciences that we were paying by the hour. I never felt like I needed to keep them going. Clark the team leader was the key to all of this. He kept the men moving and had an awesome "can do" attitude. He never hesitated at any request we had. They did a great job padding and packing everything and they proactively told me of the one item that was damaged in the move and that really wasn't their fault, the molding on the furniture was already loose and I didn't get a chance to warn them about it ahead of time. We have a final move in a few weeks closer to our closing date and I will definitely be asking for Clark's team again! I will say I have a couple of negative comments but it has nothing to do with the moving guys. The time quote we got was way off and there was not very good communication sent to the moving guys from the lady that came do give us the quote and confirmed everything over the phone the day before. The lady that came for the estimate decided that the first move would take 3 hours. We knew from the start that there was no way that they would be done in three hours but since the hourly rate was about the same as other companies we contacted we decided to use them anyway. The movers did not get a lot of the information about our move such as that there was a separate offsite storage unit that needed to be moved that day as well to our new house. I don't think the lady doing the estimates has ever worked as a mover and I think all my son's would be better served having someone like Clark do the estimates so that they can give an accurate quote.

Ralph Franklin

The gentlemen were very professional, friendly, and the team work was outstanding. They were a great crew. Give them a big raise.

Renee Stefani

move date was changed on me 3 days before my move, then the movers were 4 hours late. i was also overcharged based on estimates. called to complain, and got nowhere. finally got a small refund, and had to sign a document (so many documents with this company) stating i would "do my best" to not talk negatively. not speaking negatively, just speaking the truth here...

Kelsea McCrary

Almost $400 later, the move went supposedly seamlessly until it didn’t. My move was scheduled for midday with an estimated arrival time of 12:00 p.m., but the moving team showed up at 5:15 p.m. The move took less than 2 hours but their fee structure isn’t flexible, so to move two blocks in that short amount of time cost that much. They left four big bags on the moving truck, and even though I contacted the moving team shortly after they’d departed they proceeded to basically hold them hostage for over two days despite multiple calls and attempts to contact their HQ. With zero ability to predict whether or not they could deliver the bags, period, or even what estimated time they could be delivered, this experience was nothing less than frustrating and disappointing and vague in every interaction.


DO NOT HIRE!!!! They seemed nice during the initial calls. The movers were very sloppy. They constantly talked about being under paid. Another went into details about his personal life that made me uncomfortable. I constantly feared for my items. Many things were broken and dented, including my stainless fridge. My less than 1yr old washer was dropped down the steps.. they charged me $30 to put cut up cardboard on my tv as "protection." Here is the best part THEY CHARGED ME TWICE FOR THE MOVE! They denied doing it, and my bank had to challenge them.. we won luckily but it was a huge hassle. There were zero discounts for any of the incovience, nor the damage.. I wish I could give negative score.. i could go on for days about how bad the experience was. Also there I was selecting a company on if they could do the exact day AND time I NEEDED and they agreed knowing the importance... called that morning said they were on there way 6 hours early !!!!!!! I was scrambling and so upset, the driver proceeds to tell me they decided to come early bc we were their only move and they wanted the rest of the day off.... I also chose them because they offered protection on my tanning bed.... they get there and tried to TRICK ME into signing a form that says they aren't liable.. then they refused to move it unless I did, stating that I was mislead before... this place is a fricken wreck. DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE !!

suzanne Taylor

Sandra and her crew were the most amazing group! They were very accommodating! We would use definitely use them again!

Malissa Ito

I was moving from Beaver, PA to Monongahela, PA and I was very pleased with the service that they did for me. The four men that did my moving were awesome from start to finsh!!!! Thanks again All My Sons Moving for making my move so easy. Malissa Ito

Matthew Love

ZERO STARS. SCREWED ME OVER ROYALLY. DIDN’T EVEN MOVE ME. Booked well in advance. Took off work to move. Moving to downtown Pittsburgh so had to schedule a time to reserve elevator, parking, etc. Given a time window. Called 30 min after window expired. Given new window hours later with no explanation. Truck gets here and is broken. Won’t get another truck. Call mechanic. Waiting waiting waiting. Truck gets fixed hours later and then, instead of moving my stuff into the truck, I see the movers get in the truck AND DRIVE AWAY. Meanwhile, been calling for updates and getting a run around. Not given any update when the truck leaves. Then I’m told they’re not doing it today. Jacob, on the phone, then lied to his customer — who happens to be an employment attorney — about the law (bad move). Won’t offer any alternative besides rescheduling the move two days from now WITHOUT giving any discount whatsoever. Literally just says no. Argues on the phone like a little brat (worst customer service ever... cringe-worthy really). No consideration of the fact that people have to LEAVE their leased apartment and that they have their whole lives packed away in boxes. Wouldn’t even get movers out here if I rented my own truck. Refused to move me tomorrow because “they were booked” even though my move was scheduled this morning and I was treated like garbage by everyone who works here. I get that people can be jagoffs if you’re treating them badly, but when I’m treating you with respect and trying to help you figure this out (which is not my job... it’s what I HIRED you to do), you can have some respect for me — a PAYING customer. This company is a joke. A very very bad joke. Unprofessional. Unbelievable. Rude. Stupid. You should all be ashamed. Please do NOT even try to respond to this review. I really never want to hear from you guys again.

Debra Cahill-Nivens

All My Sons were great when trying to get my business....then the nightmare began. First the movers were scheduled for 1pm, they arrived at 3:45. Antonio and his crew were polite enough but had come from their first job and were tired. I was under the impression boxes would go in first, not the case here. They randomly moved this and that, not very organized. The started closing up the truck saying it was full, I made them open the truck and saw that there was still about 1/4 of the truck available. I asked them to get the rest of my things, they proceeded to get my patio furniture ( laughing saying things they did not intend for me to hear). They said they were tired and wanted to go to my new address. I said what about the rest of my things which they replied they were tired and would come back....MORE MONEY!!! I called Joe Lewis to find out when they would be sending someone for my things the next day. He said he would get back to me. WAITING ALL DAY FOR A CALL, I called spoke to Chris, Joseph and William. Oh and they dropped a piece of my furniture and made a huge whole in the wall. So, 2 days later I speak with William, set up a move the next morning and said there would be no charge....RIGHT!! First move over $1200 (for a 2 bedroom/study/garage and the second move (which was supposed to be no charge) $430. You can bet they will be hearing from my attorney. Footnote the second group of movers were fabulous, they showed empathy for what I had been through. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...BAIT AND SWITCH!! $1700 to move 15 miles away.

Faizul Islam

Worst moving company. Stay away.

Kristopher Paries

Sandra and her crew were phenomenal in our short notice move. They were incredibly cautious with our fragile and valuable items, and were very efficient. Happy to work with them again.


John G,Adam M,Marco's,/Eric....Guys are amazing!!Thanks for taking such good care of all my stuff.

John Chaump

AVOID ALL MY SONS AT ALL COSTS! You're model is classic bait and switch. You make it seem like you are really engaged and care when trying to win the business but then completely fail to deliver. You are clearly not even a real moving company. I have moved many times in the last 10 years and every company had the right equipment to move things. I watched my neighbors move out using a competitor just 5 days ago who had bins and they cleared an apartment half as prepared as mine was in half the time it took your laborers (notice I didn't say movers). Your "specialized moving truck" didn't even have boxes on it! You cost me money by taking double the time it should have taken because you didn't have the right equipment to move. If I could give you ZERO stars I would. AVOID ALL MY SONS AT ALL COSTS!

Cara G

My movers were Josh, Steve and Terry. These guys were great. They called ahead, showed up when promised and moved quickly. They were moving things from one house in the city to another, with tight spaces and narrow roads, and they took it all in stride. They were professional, polite and friendly. I highly recommend them. This company also didn’t have the 4 hour minimum that others did, theirs was only 2 hours.

Rebecca Martin

Gilbert and team were AMAZING! They made my move seamless and stress free! I will definitely use them again!

Matthew Fisher

Our team had to move us from a 3 story apartment into our new home. They were strong, fast, and efficient,, I appreciate their hard work and efforts!! Would use again!

Janis walton

I was quoted $469 for my move on August 2, 2019. Whey the guys came they were great. They had the truck loaded up in an hour and everything went fine. When they showed me the bill it was $589 and I was willing to pay a little more because they moved me quickly and it all went well. On 8/3/2019, I noticed they had charged me the $589 twice on my credit card. I called them and they told me to send them a picture of the double charge on my statement. I did that. They told me on 8/4/2019 that the extra $589 would be credited back to me in 3-5 business days. It is now 8/12/2019 and I had to call Lyle AGAIN. He said he would call his accounting department and call me back in 15 minutes. that was at 9:30 AM. No word from him, so I called back at 2:00 PM and he told me it would show up by tomorrow at the close of business in my account. I tried to stop it at the bank, but it had already gone thought. So if it does not show up tomorrow, I will go to the bank and stop payment and have to wait for another 30 days for credit. The workers are good and probably not being paid much, but their office people are UNSATISFACTORY and horrible at billing. These guys quoted what every other mover did in my area, so if you are looking for a mover. Use someone else. No customer service here at all after the move is complete.

Steve Callas

Movers arrived on time and got everything out very quickly. Everything was already packed and ready to go which cut down on time to put on truck. Danielle set the move up for us and she was very pleasant to speak with and courteous.

Nicole Peterson

Working with Sandra’s crew was amazing! They were so helpful and I didn’t have to lift a finger. This was my first experience hiring movers and I highly recommend All My Sons moving crew. Ask for Sandra. She’s bad ass.

Ana Eldredge

Sarah and Riley were amazing. Very professional, courteous, quick, but careful. They really know what they are doing. I would definitely recommend them and request them the next time I need your services. Thank you very much.

Aleta Heidt

Awful. We were charged $1000 over the price quote which was originally $2200. They dumped boxes in the garage, nothing was labeled. Threw things in boxes. I will never, ever use them again.

Adiair Parker

Honestly the move was just about as bad as you can possibly imagine. I regret reading the reviews after booking. They told us the movers would get to our apartment around noon, after five phone calls constantly being told they were “15 minutes out,” they showed up after 8pm. I got absolutely no apology or explanation from management for it. The movers were fine (I preferred Shur-way) but the home office has terrible customer service.

Steven Sewell

Received a quote but we decided to do the move our self. Have received a call every day since we told them no. Three calls yesterday. It rings once then hang up. Be careful giving them your number.

Martha Linyard

BEWARE!!! This company was deceptive, unprofessional, damaged our items and property, and then offered a ridiculously small amount of money for repairs. They gave us a very attractive and affordable quote following an in-home estimate, then sent movers who were unprofessional and took extended time to then damage our home and furniture,. They left us with thousands of dollars to spend on repairs. This also led to a significantly longer move with prorated charges turning our $495 estimate into an $1100 move. First, Shannon Ruth, the senior estimator came to do a walkthrough of our town home a few days before the move. She assessed each item and determined the $495 in-home estimate. We only had large furniture items for 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a couple of lamps. She took a $250 deposit that day and assured me that it would take no longer than 2 hour given our small amount of items, and even apologized that they would have to charge me for at least 2 hours since it was a weekend move and 2 hours is the minimum charge. I showed our china cabinet to Shannon, letting her know that the Ethan Allen delivery people had a difficult time moving this item into our townhome and asking that she please note the size. She assured me the movers were professionals and would be able to handle it. Come moving day, 3 men arrived in an unmarked van. I first showed them the china cabinet, telling them the same information I told Shannon about how it was difficult for the delivery people but that they delivered it without damage. They stated “Ma’am, we are professionals. No damage here”. The leader was polite and quiet, but unfortunately did not direct the movers well. I tried to stay out of their way at first but came in from the balcony about 20 minutes into the move to find that they all three were working with their headphones on and not communicating with one another. One man had placed my chest of drawers on a metal dolly with no blanket wrapped around it, and pushed it down the 2 flights of stairs, scratching it significantly on two corners. This piece of furniture could have easily been carried by two people down the stairs without wrapping it. The china cabinet was one of the last items they tried to move. They spent over an hour attempting to move it, but remained stuck in our stair well. They even eventually asked my husband to help. In the process of moving it, they gouged a hole in the sheet rock of our stairwell, damaged a built-in shelf, damaged the frame of our china cabinet, left gouges down the entire wooden staircase, and chipped the floorboards. I called All my Sons and spoke with William to let him know about the damage on our ride to our new home, and he asked me to call back to report further damage. We submitted the damages via the claim form that they require, and received an offer in the mail for $550. The damages to our china cabinet alone required $550 in repairs. The chest of drawers required $275. It cost $2700 in repairs to the condo to refinish the stairs and fix the sheet rock, shelf, and baseboards. They have stuck by their offer, and told us that if we took the $550 we would not be allowed to write a review. No thank you. We would rather get a $550 settlement in small claims court rather than accept their menial offer and be silent on everything.

Ellie Fahrenholt

I would NEVER EVER recommend All my Sons Movers. There are 653 complaints about them.They ruin and scratch your furniture and big chunks of wood were missing. They made a hole in the kitchen floor. They made a hole in the wood floor. They took a chunk out of the wall.They quoted a price of 800.00 to 1,000.00 and then they charged 1,800.00. They left boxes in the garage. They left when their truck wasn't even full. A Uhaul had to be rented. Called Mike the Rude Manager and all he did was scream over the phone. We all have to call the Better Business Bureau to stop this company from taking advantage of people and ruining their homes and furniture.We also have to call Channel 7 so they let people know never to use All my Sons Movers.

Laura Arroyo

I called All My Sons Movers 9 days ago to obtain information and pricing. I let the person know that I would be calling around to obtain pricing from other movers to base my decision. Since then I’ve been receiving calls from a Drew every single day and some days twice a day. At this point 9 days later is a bit harassing. Obviously I’m not hiring you or I would return the phone call and don’t need a call every single day or twice a day. Based off this I would never hire your company for services.

Sheryl Kirchner

Used them to move my son from a studio to a one bed-room. Marcus and Mico were great. We could not find parking at the new place and they did what ever it took to make it happen including a very long walk. We worked together and figured it out! Thanks All My Son's for making this move easy for us! The price was great and as quoted. Thanks again to Marcus and Mico! Will use this company again!

Eric Diviney

John G,Adam M/Marcos... these guys were absolute workers. They came in, asked a few questions and got immediately to work. Then at the destination - we had to deal with a blocked freight elevator and loading zone. All 3 guys worked their tails off and we even finished ahead of schedule (even with the elevator issue). I would recommend to anyone who asked!

Gina Hanley

The guy over the phone gave us a quote an hourly rate, no mention at all of a minimum time or $ amount when booked to move one full bedroom set (bedframe, headboard, footboard, box spring, matress, under bed storage draws, bureau, night table, large stand up mirror) and a coffee table. Showed up at my daughter's apartment with no tools to disassemble bed, no moving blankets, nothing in truck to secure furniture. Three guys worked quickly to move to our home next town, approximately 4 miles. It took about 1.5 hours from start to finish. Price they wanted us to pay $675! My husband haggle price down to $477. After they left noticed scratches on headboard, bed incorrectly put together, dirty hand prints on walls. Expensive, unprepared, unprofessional.

Cody Walker

Horrible awful unprofessional service, I had hired them to come help us move around noon and they never showed up and the multiple times I called they fed me the same BS line about not having the crew to help us. I cannot stress how UTTERLY UNPROFESSIONAL these people were. 0/10 would never do again, take your business elsewhere if you want good movers

Brian Savage

Without any question, this was the worst moving experience of my entire life. These boneheads took almost ten hours to move us from a two bedroom apartment in Salt Lake to a house in Sandy... TEN HOURS!!! And this is with them starting over an hour late. My expected four person crew ended up being two. They seemed completely surprised that they were there to move things. "Wow that piano looks heavy." IT"S A PIANO!!! THEY DON'T MAKE LIGHT ONES!!! This move cost us over $1900. I have never paid over $800 for similar moves. I could have done this move by myself with a handcart in the time it took them. This company is sinfully unethical and should be run right out of business.

Ivin Jay

Sandra and her team did an amazing job! This is the second time her team has helped me and I couldn’t be more pleased with how professional, friendly and efficient they were! Thank you very much. I will use them again the next time I move.

Meg Case

The Best Move Ever. I have moved 3 times in the last 12 years (and many times before that). This was the best move ever. The customer contact people were knowledgeable and friendly. The movers were the best part, though. They were very quick, but also very careful. They were experienced and treated even some of my junky furniture with care. They treated my antiques with extremely special care. They were smart about corners and didn't nick or ding anything. And they were funny, friendly and personable. They made a stressful day actually fun. I wish I had known about All My Sons 15 years ago!!

Richard Leach

The crew All My Sons sent for my move were very friendly and careful with all of the items. Even though they had to clear paths to get some of the things out of the garage, they never complained, and completed the job with no incidents. Upon arrival at my home, they placed all of the items where I asked them to and finished the job much more quickly than I expected. Thanks!

Ali Smith

We used them this weekend. We loved the sales guy we worked with, but now we feel like he completely lied. He came to our house twice to estimate hours. The packing took 3-4 hours longer than he said. The guy packing the kitchen was terrible and didn’t wrap most of our breakable items or sharp items. He literally threw items unwrapped into a box for 7.5 hours and we had a tiny kitchen!! My parents helped with our move. They have moved 11 times and said this is the worst job they have seen. Other companies gave us a cheaper quote, but we went with this one because we thought service would be best. They left random items like our grill without telling us. They scraped two of our nicest pieces of furniture. Most of the men had no clue what they were doing Update: we called to discuss and were told we would a receive a call back, 5 days have passed. We also called the person who commented and received no response They finally called back. They refunded us the $800 we were overcharged. Thankful they fixed the issue. The actual work done was still pretty poor and you definitely need to keep track of the quote and hours they end up working. Also they tried to charge us for four men when only three were there. So if you go with this company be super on top of your bill

Karen Steele

Garrison and Xavier helped us move today and they were awesome. They came to the house on time and we’re efficient and professional. We appreciated being able to schedule this on short notice. Thanks for your help!

Kris Jones

very efficient and trustworthy! Gilbert, Wes and Justice were super cool! Really great customer service!


Office clerk did not review paper work adequately. My furniture was dragged across the floor. They tore my couch and told me it was my problem cause I signed the paperwork that was not reviewed with me. STAY AWAY

Fred Kennedy

Very unprofessional movers, missing items, damage to furniture and I am not getting any response for my claims due to damage. Its been 9 weeks and still have damaged furniture.

Halee Shrum

In the process of moving right now and I can’t say enough good things about these guys! Customer Service is 10/10. The techs are so friendly and have taken care of e v e r y t h i n g. I had to run over to the new place for our electric set up and my boyfriend is there now with the movers and it’s going fantastic. I will recommend this company to any friends and family that will need moving services in the future.

Cinda Leech

All three gentlemen on the moving team were professional, polite, and treated each other just as respectfully as they did me. It was a pleasure to hear how they spoke when communicating needs (Where's this supply? Sorry to be in your way - you've got the load, you get the road. Would you like us to rearrange anything or empty your car of the boxes you brought before we leave?).They were punctual, efficient, dealt with my stress with welcome humor, always deferred to me rather than telling me where things should or would go, and thanked me for being thoughtful about keeping my pets locked out of the way and offering cold water. It all took less time than I'd budgeted saving me hundreds! Thank you so much.

Caitlin Marquis

Deandre Middleton and Alex were amazing! The freight elevator at my apartment was broken, but that did not stop them from working timely and efficiently. At no time did they express frustration or anger over the additional time and effort this move required due to the broken elevator. They took great care in wrapping and moving my furniture! They were a great team and worked extremely well together! Thank you for making this move so much less stressful than it could have been! I highly recommend them!

Khalia Bates

Bottom Line Up Front: moving is stressful enough. Avoid this company due to their rudeness and lack of professionalism in their front office. I'm not sure I can say enough bad things about my experience in one post. I feel comfortable giving one star because there were some positives that I will start with below. Positives: My move out crew was excellent. They took good care of our belongings and behaved in the way we were told to expect when we hired this company. Derrell (not sure on the spelling) was amazing to work with. Negatives: Due to a pretty tight timeline, we moved out of our house early and paid for storage in transit with this company. (Moved out Saturday, moved in on a Monday). On Monday morning, no one called. I spent my morning from 1000-1300 trying to get just a timeline for the move in with no results. During my phone call at 1 pm, after speaking with the same 'gentleman' (Bob maybe) each time and getting the runaround with zero apologies, I asked for his boss. Turns out he is the boss. His tone was condescending to put it mildly. Halfway through me talking, he puts the phone down to give a, "what's up buddy" to someone who walked past him. I hung up. I am still without my belonging or even a timeline for when that will happen.

Jennifer Barber

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!! Stay clear of this scamming business. William is a thief in a moving truck. No honesty in there word. Workers are good, but the company??? At best. One mile move cost over$800 for my child not even a truck load that needed to be moved. Spend your money wisely and use a trustworthy company. Zero stars was not an option and if so it would have been given.

Fred Lines

JohnG,James J,/Adam..

Brooklyn Brown

John G and Matt H did a wonderful job moving me out of my apartment! They were quick and efficient and made sure my stuff was well cared for. Thanks guys!

Denise Paul

Demetrius and Marco did a excellent job on both moves from apartment to apartment quick and fast and polite all the way thru thank y'all and them for the move.

Sharlonda Manning

My experience today was the best I have ever had with movers! Chris , Ty and Dylan were very professional, attentive and respectful. I was planning several hours for this move. They were done 3 hours earlier than I planned! Kudos to all of them for being the best at their craft!

Dimple Shah-Raja

NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL . The team members that came were good at the beginning. They did a great job loading the truck, but when it came time to unload and move, they didn't care about the furniture or items. We now have a broken dresser. After explaining multiple times, the separation of things between storage and house, they still put items in the storage which were suppose to go to the house. When we called back to point out the error, they were going to charge us more to come out again !! The end bill was RIDICULOUSLY $$$$.

Becky Shook

The most horrible moving experience. They ripped drawers off of the metal tracks of one of our dressers. The tracks are now bent and the drawers won’t go back in appropriately. They took apart our gas grill and left it in pieces with missing parts. They are slow and wreak of cigarettes due to the multiple smoke breaks. They wouldn’t listen to instruction, would put things in the wrong places and have to be told to go back and move it again. If moving isn’t stressful enough, this added to it tenfold. ** Update** our claim was denied because we signed the paperwork at the end of the move stating we got all our stuff in good condition. How could you possibly know if anything is broken before the movers even leave?!! All I wanted was the dresser fixed. So now, we are left with a damaged 9 drawer dresser that 4 of the drawers properly work and can be used. Not to mention the sentimental value attached as it was a gift from my grandfather.

karen garner

Valere Morissette

Very good service, Eddie, Alisha,, Deng and Steve worked diligently and carefully. Thanks all, you are a great team.

Katharine Henry

THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. DO NOT HIRE THEM. THEY ARE TERRIBLE AND RUDE AND ARE NOT WORTH ANY OF YOUR TIME! I reserved All My Sons Moving to assist in a move from Scranton to Pittsburgh. We had the truck packed in Scranton, with help from family and friends. We simply needed them to unload the 26 foot truck with a full house of furniture and boxes. At first, their customer service was great. They called to confirm details twice and put me at ease. The day of the move, I called to confirm our time, since it was a 5 hour drive and wanted to meet them on time. My assigned movers told me that I was their second move of the day and they’d be at my location no later than 2pm. 2pm comes and goes. I call them (they did not call me) and they tell me they’ll be there, hopefully, by 6pm. Something is wrong with their truck and they aren’t sure if they’ll get to me that day. They can’t confirm, and no one at the control center is able to assign new movers to me. I am left waiting with an open moving truck and zero furniture other than what myself and my 65+ year old father could carry inside. At this point, I’m calling several numbers for All My Sons Moving Company. No one can give me an answer or new movers. It’s those two guys with the broken truck or nothing. This was a Saturday, which is a common moving day. There was no help available for issues that would arise. After making a few phone calls to try and get a manager or corporate to help me, the company BLOCKED MY PHONE NUMBER. I used my dad’s phone, my mom’s phone…and explained my situation 6 separate times with 6 separate versions of “we’ll see if we can do anything, but don’t get your hopes up.” I fell down a set of stairs trying to bring in a box that was too large for me to really be carrying, but it was either me or my 65+ year old father. It took over a month for that bruised tailbone to heal so that I could sit or drive comfortably. Now it is well after 6pm. It’s getting dark. I do not have anywhere to sleep this first night in my new home. All My Sons Moving quoted me $600+ to move my stuff into my house. My two assigned movers called me from over an hour away and told me if I canceled my move with the company, and lied to the company for them, they could arrive and easily do the move for cash. I offered $200, since we had slowly been taking boxes inside and had only the large furniture left by this point, and it was all the cash my parents and I could come up with. They scoffed and refused to help. I ended up finding a fantastic man named Ben on Craigslist who was able to help me at 10:30pm and completed the work in less than an hour. I did get my $100 deposit back…but only after several phone calls from different phones (since my own, and then my dad’s, was blocked). THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. DO NOT HIRE THEM. THEY ARE TERRIBLE AND RUDE AND ARE NOT WORTH ANY OF YOUR TIME!

Jamie Black

They moved my mom’s things into storage and were great that day. When we hired them to move her things from storage to her new apartment, they were ten minutes in when we found out there was an issue with her lease paperwork. I had them put the very few things they put on the truck back. They were already paid ahead of time for moving. I went ahead and tipped the guys for their time and they said the would call us after an appointment in Park City to finish the job. They never called and we kept getting the run around when we called them. They got $278 plus tips for twenty minutes of light lifting and instead of reaching out to us that afternoon to pick up where we left off like they said they would they took the money and ran. So uncaring and professional and made what was already a stressful day much worse.

Ian Meadows

What a crew! Tim, Ty, and Gary were great!! They were personal and best of all professional. They moved quickly and were always respectful of our furniture. Also, the manager Joseph checked on us during the move. Thank you All My Sons!

John Hilsher

All My Sons did an excellent job on my move today. We had three stops between first and final destinations and they had all the logistics well mapped out. Great customer service, careful packing and efficiency!

Chris & Tracey Ratcliff

They charged $972 to move from a one bedroom apartment a few miles away. The verbal quote didn’t include all the little charges they hit you with on the bill BEFORE they unload your stuff. My daughter was essentially robbed for almost $300 more than was expected. We will be pursuing this further. I just had my mother in law moved in East Texas from a one bedroom apartment for 1/4 of this price. The actual workers were nice but that doesn’t make up for the price.

Bob lallo


The guys were great! They came and loaded super fast. Very polite and made sure all my stuff was well taken care of from my move from Odessa to Dallas. Would recommend them to anyone that is moving.

Zach Sukeena

Had a great experience with Shawn and Daylon from All My Sons moving company. This father-son duo showed professionalism and dedication to getting the job done right. All cargo was packed with care and arrived to its destination in the same condition I left it. These two worked nonstop and continued to show a friendly attitude. I'd say they went above and beyond and would highly recommend this team!

Joann Snyder

Jeff’s crew was so professional and was really quick and was super careful of my goods . Highly recommend this crew.

Carol Taylor-Burds

Wonderful experience! Movers were very efficient and professional. Accomplished more in the three hours than we expected. Also the dispatcher made a mistake on the form and the movers got it fixed right away. Definitely felt like we were in good hands. Thanks!

sarah light

Bryce the beast, Dre pack god, Nate the funny guy, and Alex were amazing! Super helpful and efficient.

Carol Johnston

DO NOT USE!! One star is too many. We were supposed to move on a friday and knew we were going to be the second job of the day. However after multiple calls to them and being told "just a couple more hours" guess what? No movers til the next day. What I assume was the manager told me that he would waive my fuel charge and give me a "big" discount to make it right. Bottom line, he did waive the fuel charge and my "big" discount was a $23 break on the packing supplies. Then we argued over refunding me for a 15 min discrepancy on the labor charges which I did not get. The team who moved us was great but management is pitiful when it comes to customer service. Avoid the headache....dont use this company.

Betty Street

All My Sons was very professional, respectful, nice, careful with furniture. I would use them again in a heartbeat. They showed up on time on both ends of the move.

babette mccraine

I was on a search for someone to help my husband move over furniture from one home to another. Mike's crew from All My Sons moving trucking company, Came and saved the day Mike did such a wonderful job. I will recommend him an this trucking service For anyone that's moving they were fast, polite, and real respectable! I'm very happy with my service. Thanks again All My Sons Company

Katie White

Gabe, Anthony and Coy were efficient and friendly through the process. They were knowledgeable about how to pack and pad all my furniture and mattress. The office staff was friendly and let us compare with other companies without a lot of pressure and there were no surprises in pricing when it came to the move day. This is a great company to work with!

Laura Fornal

Today Bryce, Dre, Coy, and Nate packed and moved everything in my mother-in-laws townhome. They arrived early within the allotted window. My mother in law collects antiques and with all the packing they had to do it was done quickly. Any problems with the furniture or packing were addressed quickly. Overall they were well organized and a very nice team. Very happy with how things went today!

Leslie Martinez

I have nothing but positive kudos for our moving team today! They went above and beyond. Ray is fantastic as team lead. The team consisted of Ray, Chris, Cody & Bryce. They were helpful, courteous, polite and handled our belongings as if they were their own. I would recommend this team to anyone considering hiring professional movers. I give them 5 stars and A++++++++

Carol Taylor

Jeffrey Barnett

This local move was terrible. After calling, they set me up with a day for my move. The day before I was notified, we were told our home was scheduled and there was someone moving ahead of us and we would be second in line. They stated it should be in the afternoon but they could not give a time until that day. 12:00 pm came and went. My wife called and talked to a lady with the company and she stated they should arrive about 2:00 pm. It wasn't until around 6 pm and I got a call from the company stating the driver and his crew were finished with the first move and were going to eat and should be at our home in an hour. The crew finally arrived at 8:00 pm. The 3 guys were friendly and courteous and started loading their truck. When they arrived at our new home I wanted to get this truck unloaded. I even went out and helped unload boxes so we could get things finished. 7. 5 hours later, at 3:30 am they finally finished. I was very upset this took so long. One of the workers told me the company had other drivers and helpers available earlier that day who could have come much earlier but the company sent them home. I called All My Sons company officer but was told to contact Jerry how is the manager locally. I told Jerry my complaint about the time it took to move my property. Jerry made many excuses for the companies tardiness for not getting there sooner. Jerry told me he was going to check things out and get back with me but I never heard from him again. I felt like the company should have compensated us for the late night move into the early morning. I felt like they over extended themselves by scheduling multiple move for one day. I would not use them again.

Jessica Innes

Would highly recommend every single time! Keon did an AMAZING job coordinating the actual move. He made sure that all of my needs were met, and that the crew was especially careful with my antiques. Thank you, AMS, for everything!

Misty Melton

I mean, it's great and all that I didn't have to move all my stuff myself... but apparently the trade off is half the furniture I own now has a giant scratch or ding or something else broken/warped on it now. Thank god I didn't let them move any fragile items that we'd packed. The kicker to all the damage being they make you sign a paper before they even start that says if you don't notice the damage before they leave, they're not liable. But they clearly placed things in the house so none of the damage was easily noticeable and of course what are you going to do... keep them into overtime and have to pay time and a half while you look over every bit of every single piece of furniture? I wish I'd insisted and that it not be "on the clock." So over the next couple days as I moved boxes out of the way and found places for things I got to discover that they scratched and broke everything, and I'd already signed away any right to hold them accountable. I wish I could take back the $300 tip I gave them and the food I bought for them when I thought they were actually doing a good job and taking care of our belongings as they moved them from one house to another 10 minutes away. I have nothing but four letter words for these people. It took me a week after our move to be able to write this without simply cursing up a storm.

Josh Soong

Both the salesman and sales manager I spoke with severely low-balled the amount of hours my move would take, even after I told them how long my last move took and how frustrated I was with being low balled on my last move (different company). I was assured that although they charged a higher rate, All My Sons would be much faster and more professional. Well it took 7 hours (they told me 3-4 max), plus an added hour for travel (their office is a couple of miles from my house), $171 for gas (again, they traveled a few miles from the storage unit to my new house), and $64 for 'materials'. Plus they damaged some of the paint on my banister and walls, and broke several dishes and serving pieces in the move, although we wrapped everything very carefully. If you're in baton rouge and want to move, just go with someone cheaper, these guys are not worth the extra money.

Leslie Mendenhall

Great guys! Would use again!

Ferzeen Patel

We used All my Sons to move from FL to KC and now from KC to Philly and I can't say enough about how professional and great they were. Gene, Rob and his team were efficient and professional. They packed my entire 2 bedroom apartment with tons of stuff in less than 5 hours. They were careful with all my things and perfectly wrapped everything. They were on time for both the pick up in KC and the drop off in Philly. They showed up in Philly at 9pm on the dot, and Gene and Rob took only 2 hours to unload and put together everything. They were fantastic! Would recommend them!

Candace Stockstill

Absolutely the best! Our crew, Austin, Aaron & Keyshawn did an exceptional job for us. These young men were absolutely fantastic! They took such good care of all of our stuff! Wrapped all the furniture and handled with care. They worked all day in sweltering August heat and never stopped. We really appreciate the excellent job they did for us. I highly recommend this crew and the company!!!

Savannah Baines

Mike had an excellent crew. Fast and made sure no damage was done.

Kari Porter

My experience booking the move with Edward was good. I was quoted a reasonable price, and he was very communicative with me through the whole process. I wasn't present for the loading, but heard from my grandparents that the crew of 4 did a nice job. On the delivery end, David and Coy did a great job. David especially impressed me with his positive attitude. I only left 4 stars rather than 5 because I felt some of the logistics were lacking. I had explained the apartment was a 3rd floor walk up, and that I had a lot of heavy antiques. Yet the move was scheduled with only 2 men on delivery. The crew were not told they would be carrying everything up to the 3rd floor with no elevator and were a little surprised to hear it from me, though very polite. It took them nearly 7 hours, and the guys were working their tails off the entire time. They didn't complain. But I think they realistically should have had a 3rd person to make this easier. All in all, I would certainly use All My Sons again.


EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!! I chose this company because I had read really good reviews. However, I was assigned 2 movers. One was AMAZING. The other one acted as if he was high and would move boxes from one room to another instead of putting them on the truck. He hardly moved anything out of my old house. He would also disappear for 10 to 15 minutes at a time with no explanation. I called to speak with the manager. He was very courteous and friendly. He spoke with his employee as we arrived to my new home. After this, the employee started moving things as he was supposed to. However, EVERY SINGLE ITEM that he moved he scratched up against a wall bringing it in or ran into something and broke. My mirror was $140. That was the last straw. I called the company back, and they still charged me over $400 for the move and referred me to their claims department. I filed a claim, and the claims department tried to make me sign a form saying that I wouldn't negatively speak about their company if I took the $67 that they offered me, so I didn't take it. $67 doesn't even cover HALF of my mirror, let alone the other items that were damaged! The man threw around my CLEARLY LABELED fragile boxes, and had the nerve to tell me its contents weren't fragile. He had never even seen inside of the box. He kicked my items in order to move them out of his way, he carried my boxes, fragile and non-fragile, upside down or sideways or however he decided to. Each box was clearly, and visibly labeled to where it was supposed to go and if it was fragile, or not. I sent several emails to the company describing this situation in depth. I am disappointed that this company wouldn't do more to rectify the situation.

Taylor Bayam

I had the best guys in the world move my stuff!

san juana cepeda

After being left stranded by a moving company which we had booked a week in advance and given confirmation, we rushed to find movers who were available for same day. To our delight we found your company which promptly said we could be moved same day! Your guys arrived within an hour of confirmation and promptly got working! Darius, his nephew and Archie were superb in every sense of the word. Extremely professional and worked diligently and expertly to move us from a 3 floor walk up!!! I can't express how grateful we are to have found them and on same day notice!! The trio are real troopers and hard workers and they never complained. I will definitely recommend them as they did a fantastic job. Thanks again for saving the day!

A Google User

Great moving crews, helped with a local Maryland move for my CEO, very pleased with politeness, attention to detail, and timeliness of service. Would highly recommend.

Michael Klein

Great crew. Fast and efficient. Price was decent but everything else was excellent. You get what you pay for which is a professional company with top of the line services.

gerard washington

This was the worst experience in moving I ever had. Though the movers themselves were polite and professional, they gave me a window between 11am and 3pm. They did not arrive until 6pm. When they arrived, they seemed exhausted. I had 13 items to move, one which required disassembling and 1 that did not because I brought it into the house myself without disassembling ; the time of travel between house was 33 minutes, the movers didn't leave the new residents until 1:30am. Not to mention damage to the furniture and walls. And last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, they gave me an estimate on the cost but when it was time to pay, it was almost double..... I spoke with the owner and had no cooperation.... I will never use them again.

Joyce Richards

David and Andrew were professional, courteous, fast and careful. I've used other KC moving companies and the movers disappeared for long stretches of time and they broke some items. All My Sons was so easy to work with -- they fit me into their schedule -- and they took great care and pride in their work. When Edward heard why I called, he made sure I was taken care of and that everything went well. He treated me like a good friend and made the process as easy as possible. If I ever need another moving company, this will be the one. Many thanks!

Angela Talerico

Wow! Mike and Jason were amazing! They were professional, very polite, extremely careful with my shipment, and even did extra moving of furniture to allow all pieces to fit! I have used All My Sons many times in different states throughout the years, but the team I worked with from Baton Rouge: Mike, Jason, Tristan, and Chase, were extremely accommodating to all my requests, and continued to be in contact with me until my move was completely finished! I will continue to use All My Sons in the future... and can only hope things go as smoothly as today’s move with Baton Rouge. Thank-you for such a stress - free moving experience! Angela Talerico

Tracey Wallace

This place was fantastic! They were caring, professional at all times, and kind. The 4 man crew led by Carl were fantastic. They were friendly, patient and hardworking. They never grumbled or complained. They were happy to help with anything we asked. I swear you can’t go wrong with this company! Definitely ask for Carl and his crew to help you!

Diana Bowen

I was very pleased with All my sons! This move was hard for me due to the circumstances surrounding it but Chris really put me at ease. He explained everything up front and what to expect. He broke down the cost for me and prepared me for any unforeseen things. The men showed up right on time and got right to work. Greg reviewed everything with me and had me fill out some papers of course. They moved me with no issue and in good time. They made a great team and made the entire experience pleasant. I would def recommend this company and would def use them again in the future!

April Watson

Quintina Tipton

The movers moved my things and took longer than I anticipated, which made the cost go up. They also forgot to bring my end table glass in and when I realized it, I had to call them to check the truck. They told me they would bring the glass later after the other deliveries. I called a couple of days later to check back with them to see what happened and why they had not delivered my glass to find out they dropped it and broke it. They had no intention of calling or telling me. I had to file a claim with the "We Care Claim Mgmt" who has not yet paid me for the broken glass and my delivery was in March of 2013. DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS MOVING!!!

Ace Johnson

Absolutely horrible. Stay away!! Sent over lazy workers who didn’t even walk out boxes i had ready to move into their own truck. Even after being told what needed to be moved they purposely left more boxes and items that could have easily been placed in the truck for delivery. I was quoted one price then all of the sudden I’m also paying for plastic wrap and gas to and from as well as some weird tax and they rounded the end time to the next hour when they were finished 35 min prior. I will never have any business dealings with this company and will never recommend this company to anyone. If they were friendly and not looking so skeptical and in a rush i might have been easier on them but it was a fn disaster as i had to go back and pick up what they left even after payment.

Total Praise

They are awesome at what they do everyone should use them.

Liz Clanahan

All My Sons was amazing! They went above and beyond to help our little family move to a new town! I would highly recommend their services! Thank you, All My Sons!! Thanks Andre, Bryce, and Lil Nate for all your help today! You guys were so helpful and kind!

Sara Foote

They were fast, professional, very nice! They asked specific questions about certain pieces & didn’t assume anything on how I wanted it moved or packed. My quote was on point. No “surprises” WILL BE USING THEM AGAIN!! Can I request the same crew!!?!!

Tracy Thomas

We used All My Sons on Fri 6/29/18 for a local move in the Olathe, KS (KC) area. As luck would have it, it was 100 degrees out, with the humidity nearly as high that day. Not ideal moving conditions. The AMS crew (Andre, Tiler, Karl) was on time, very pleasant and professional, and ready to get to work. They worked their tails off for three hours - only stopping when we insisted they stop long enough to get a drink of water. These guys are the best. We'll definitely use them for future moves. Also appreciate Curtis and Bryce's help.

Laura Peterson

Way to high for what little I had to move. The drivers took time to stop at a store on my dime. I had them for one hour it still cost me over three hundred dollars. The guys were nice but they tend to RIP off widowed women. I personally will not use them again

Jill Lewis

This company stole $1700.00 from me via my debit card, damaged my property and stole my personal Property including 2 pairs of Nike’s(unbelievable) I am now filing complaints with the Inspector General, AMA (movers association), Federal motor carrier association and filing police reports for theft. The manager Tristan Henderson has refused to speak to me and left me to speak with another office employee Jonathan who was also of no help. I will proceed with this until there are no other remedies, this company operates fraudulently and I urge anyone who is even thinking of using this company to please DON’T! Do your research, this company has been fined for drivers in possession of narcotics and clearly steal and deceive their customers. This company should be shut down!

Shannon Williams

The gentlemen who moved us was very polite and professional. They worked very hard and diligently. They had a lot to move and it was a lot of shuffling stuff around and disassembling involved. I am incredibly grateful for them and I highly recommend them. I would be more than willing to give anyone more information in my experience if they wanted it because this is an excellent company to use!

Bee Great

Brandon Lena a.k.a. dragonball is the biggest, baddest, dude at all my son's moving and storage. No comparisons. Hardest worker and underpaid. He should leave this company and go where he is appreciated. Thanks dragonball for all you do for the customers to make them laugh and feel like family. Your the best ever!

Jessica Adams

My movers Robert, Kevin, and James were excellent! They were courteous, thorough, careful, and most importantly speedy. The quoted price is exactly what I paid. I have recommended All My Sons and would use them again in the future.

Përfēçt Brât

Moved everything in my house for a low price and really made me feel like family!

Stephanie Huye

This was the second move that we’ve made with this moving company. I can’t imagine why we would use any other moving company. Such good people- from the beginning with out first meetings with Chris to the actual moving crews of hard workers: Mike, Tim, Jiran, Aaron and Kaivin. They really seemed to care about taking care of the items that they moved for us. My husband and I really enjoyed spending the day with these young men. Our move was a success.

Rachell Moore

Bart Ferrell

If you want new furniture these are your guys because you will have to buy it after using them. Literally the worst moving experience ever. When the team of guys arrived, all they did was complain about loading the truck. I booked All My Sons on the other end of my move to unload the truck and they had requested that the truck be loaded in a specific order. These guys didn’t care. It almost seemed like they intentionally turned the labels of boxes so they couldn’t be seen in the truck – they literally had to be moved. When moving things down stairs, I told them they would have to take it apart first. They declined and instead slammed it against the walls causing damage to the furniture and house. When I arrived at my new destination my future was all damaged and some broken. My of my items were family pieces so there was no purchase price. Upon calling the customer service I was given nothing but attitude and a measly check from their so called “insurance” after four weeks. Needless to say, I won’t be using Bubba and All His Sons again.

Terese Eby

The young men were fast and conscientious. I have always used them and they never disappoint

LeAnn High

I have to admit after reading some of the reviews i was skeptical, but that promises me a good job and they did a fantastic job! Bad weather forced some changes to what we had originally discussed but they took care of me and made it all good! They are very nice. They stayed in contact throughout the process and it went smoothly! The actual crew was great! Now to address a few things I’ve seen in reviews...yes, they do charge a deposit. I’m sure that’s due to people canceling after they’ve already lined up a crew or even shown up. I’d do the same thing. Yes, they do charge for tape and plastic....and again...I’d do the same thing. That stuff isn’t FREE! ITS A BUSINESS PEOPLE!!! They are in it to make $ not lose it on materials. My materials cost for my entire move was around $86 and everything made it safely to my new home without one thing broken. Ya, that’s worth it! Good company! Did a good job!

Vicky Smith

Toni came to a storage Unit to survey what we had to be loaded into a Uhaul, that we were driving to Austin......she was very knowledgeable and able to help with any questions we had before the loading was done. She went above and beyond helping ease our minds and make our move successful! Very helpful, friendly employee!!! On the day of the Load, Jack and Jesus arrived to load the truck. They blanketed all our furniture, and did a really Great job!! They did every thing we asked them to do, and handled all the furniture with great care, and were very professional and knowledgeable of the proper way to blanket with felt padding to protect everything!! They were very polite and we enjoyed our time with them, as they worked. I was very impressed with Jack and Jesus!! thanks, guys everything unloaded/unpadded in Austin was in tip top shape, with no damage. I won't use any other company besides All My Sons in all future moves. Great Company!! Keep up the good work, we need a competent, helpful, knowledgeable company to take care of our furniture when we move. Excellent company, employees, and successful Move!!! Sincerely, Vicky Smith

Kari Jo Gerstenberger

The crew arrived on time and worked within the time frame allowed, moving quickly and yet with care for our belongings. They were professional and polite! I would absolutely use their service in the future and recommend them to anyone.

Bryan Whipple

David, Jerry and Bryce were great. They were prompt, got into action, took great care in moving all the items. Thank for the hard work and quality service.

Jennifer Armstrong

Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a business. I was waiting on them the day that I was supposed to move, all of my things were packed up and ready and I was closing on my home the next day. I sat in my driveway and waited 30 minutes before calling. I called and no one answered. Tried calling many more times leaving multiple voicemails and no response. I actually didn't even end up getting a hold of someone until about a week later. I started wondering if they were intentionally avoiding my calls. After finally talking to someone, they apparently had just cancelled my move on their books for no reason whatsoever and did not inform me. ALSO, this is not an isolated incident apparently as someone in my office had the EXACT same experience of them never showing up. They made my moving process a complete nightmare and I barely even got an "I'm sorry." Simply terrible.

Jake McClure

Punctual, friendly and efficient service. Affordable pricing. Clark and Mitchell were great!

Kim Lighty

Absolutely would not use them ever again. Two of the three guys were great, but the third one did not wrap anything and messed up the wall, wood work, and door by carelessly banging our furniture into it. Also lost all the hardware to a just a two mile move. Twice I was told they have great customer service and I have yet to be contacted by anyone. Extremely disappointed!

Jeff Roldan

The price was great for the amount I had to move. The end price was cheaper than my original quote. What sold me was the crew. They were friendly, very helpful, and just did an amazing job. I want to thank my crew: Shannon Lemell Tyler Jarod Derek You guys went above and beyond. Your professionalism, attention to details, and overall good nature made this a lot less stressful for me. I will use you again when I move next as well as recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

sherri costa

Professional, fast, on time, respectful. I would hire again...Thank You

Geoff Donnor

I dont know where to begin with how bad of a company this is. It was very misleading from the beginning, I would even say dishonest. Our bill was more than double what they estimated. I was told I was getting 2 trucks and 6 men. I got half so the move took twice as long. When I complained about the bill the service rep would not admit they were wrong. They quit before the job was finished. We were closing the next morning and they left us stranded to finish ourselves. They don't come out to look at the job so don't believe any estimates they give you. They charge by the hour, you are better off with a flat rate quote so there are no surprises.

Kate Hantak


Myra Angel

Tyler, Coy, and Jarrell gave us outstanding service! They were careful, fast, and helped us with a very challenging move!! We recommend them to everyone who needs expert service! Thanks Guys! M. Angel

Hal Hadzeriga

jen trompeter

Fernando and Justin did a great job!

Brian Petit

Mike and kelon were awesome. Excellent work. Extremely polite. Would recommend them highly.

Charles Black

Movers were nice, worked pretty good. Was quoted a price but was charged a lot more. All and all, they did a pretty good job.

Debby Ramsey

This was by far the worst moving experience ever. I hired All My Sons moving (Oklahoma City) to move 4 items. I was given an estimate of $388, but after the items were on the truck they informed me that it would be $600 to move my items less than 5 miles. The 3 movers arrived and seemed angry that they had to move my items & were cussing like sailors. I was told in an email from the Manager James, prior to the move that all my items would be packed/wrapped to insure safe delivery, but all 4 items were basically thrown in the back of a truck unprotected. Once they arrived at my new house, they immediately drop the first item off of the truck ($1000 desk) destroying it. One mover came to me & said “we have a situation” & when I came out, the first thing another mover said to me was “Yeah, we’re not covering that”. When I inquired why he stated that it was made of plywood. I of course became upset & then was told by the largest mover that he was to beat my *** all over my driveway while the other 2 movers stood in the truck snickering. I immediately went in & called the Manager who in turn called the movers. The violent mover then apologized stating that he “just got out of the penitentiary” & was “adjusting to being on the outside”. Yes, All My Sons sent this guy to my house. After this altercation, the movers took absolutely no care in moving the other items – My desk was left broken in my driveway. They put a horizontal scratch along the entire face of my new refrigerator & scratched up my new wood floors bringing it in, broke a leg off of my dresser & left the adjustable bed leaning up against the wall instead of reassembling it (also damaged the wall moving it in). Again, they didn’t pack anything & simply used a cheap 2-wheel dolly to move everything. I turned in a claim for the $2500 in damages not including the $600 I paid for them to break everything that they touched, & was sent a reply that they would pay me $295. On top of the absolutely horrible situation, now I have to hire an attorney in order to get my items replaced. Run away from this company. After the initial estimate, we were hounded with calls asking for our business. I had 3 other contractors that I was looking at, but we decided to give All My Sons a chance - a huge mistake that will take some time to recover from.

Lela Carter

Great experience with All My Sons moving crew today. Guys were friendly, efficient, and worked very hard to make our move pleasant!!!! Thanks! I would recommend them to anyone!

Zaj S

Movers are courteous and polite. Aside from a time snafu with a projected schedule I am satisfied with their service. Would use again in the future.


Matt thanks for sending a great worker ANDREW....

Erica Evans

Wanted these guys to move my things so bad. They gave me a quote for 3 movers w a 2 hour minimum for $119. The guy made it sound awesome. I then get a text after I closed on my house to see if I was still wanting them to move me. He then quoted me at $109/hr w 2 hour minimum. I said “great, I’ll call u guys tomorrow to get booked” when I called the “next day” they said it would be $149/hr. I said no that’s not what I was told. I got off the phone and texted the person that quoted me at $109. He replied being very rude and told me that if I didn’t procrastinate I would of gotten the $119/hr. I’m like uhhh first of all u quoted me at $109 and I called you the next day to get it booked. What the heck is with these guys. Horrible costumer service. I took my business else where.

Angela Moore Wathacharoen

David and his crew were amazing! We even had time to spare where they helped up do everything! Thank you so much!l for helping us with the move!!! Really appreciate your moving help and if we move again we will use All My Sons and hopefully we get David and his crew again!!!!


Do not use this.moving company!! They treated my belongings as if they were trash. They sent FOUR guys for a 1bd apt. I personally watched one guy load a small box on a dolly and 2 large totes on top of that, when he raised the dolly, EVERYTHING came crashing down. They were ramming things into walls at both places. My BIGGEST issuse with these clowns are the fact that they FAILED to complete the job. They left here without re-attatching the mirrir to my dresser, and have taken the hardware with them. I have made TWO phone calls and was assured that the matter would be handled. Tomorrow it will be a week since my things were moved. I have not heard back from anyone and I still do not have the hardware to my dresser. What is the problem Mario? This is unacceptable. Your guys need to work for the circus. Oh and did I mention the damage to my bed and dresser? I told Mario on the phone the day after the move. Also, you might want to tell your clowns not to ask customsrs for tips. Your prices are outrageous as it is. One last thing, I was told when booking my move that you all would haul off a desk for me, then your guys tell me no they cannot donthat. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Daniel Pace

Let me start out by saying the guys who actually moved my stuff were great. It was the customer service that was horrible. I was booked by someone at corporate, and the job was handled by a local franchisee. When booking, I was promised a "$40" flat fee fuel surcharge and $149 an hour that started when the guys arrived. When i got my bill (that i was expecting to be around $700) It was like $1,091. They charged me a 14% fuel surcharge, rather than the $40, plus they charged me $149 travel time, which was never mentioned. They also charged me for packing supplies which I was not expecting. I read the paperwork later on and they said they were supposed to send me an email a day or two before with all the various charges so I could see them itemized. I never received that email. Furthermore, the guy on the phone was very rude. He ended up "discounting" the fuel charge $75 but said that was all he could do. Luckily, they were finished with the job at this point so they couldn't hold my stuff hostage. My advice, is if you use them, get everything in writing. I made the mistake of taking them at their word over the phone. And, don't sign anything without reviewing it very closely. Also, if you have an issue wait until they have unloaded all of your stuff. I would, however search around for more professional and cheaper moving companies. Follow up. They replied and said they wanted to make it right. I reached out and got no reply. No surprise there.

Eric LeBlanc

The guys were great and showed up on time which is what made me give a few stars. Otherwise, watch out for the hidden costs. Asked if we needed moving supplies, which we didn’t, but they wrap all furniture and never told us this was going to be additional costs. That is until they start to offload and then bam here is an extra $400 for packing material, $135 for fuel surcharge, and a few other charges we were never made aware of prior to scheduling.

Arthur Harrison

Kelvin and josh did a fantastic job and were extremely professional.

Jeremy Downey

Mike screw was punctual careful and expedient. Great bunch of guys working together moving my stuff into my apartment. Double kudos on moving my organ. I know that's a heavy piece of furniture but you guys were great! Thank You!


We had a small. unexpected, emergency move. I expected to have great difficulty finding someone willing to assist us. I called All My Sons and had the exact opposite experience! Each step of the process from scheduling to delivery in the new location went well. The office staff were professional, personable, and efficient. The moving crew was timely, careful, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. Communication throughout the process was exceptional! I highly recommend All My Sons Moving and Storage.

Sam Hudgins

Prompt. Professional. Courteous...and most of all respectful to the outcome of the move. They did what they said and that was provide a great service. I highly recommend. No price gouging or unneeded add- ons in regards to packing or travel time. GREAT EXPERIENCE. Thanks again to you.

Maria Hoheusle

We were moved on 11/2/18 and the movers accidentally did significant damage to our front door. I was assured that the damage would be repaired or replaced. I have been trying to get this resolved for a month as of today and no one has helped with our issue. Though the movers were very friendly, this still ended up costing us about $350 in damage repair to the new buyers. All my sons, PLEASE REPLY TO HELP RESOLVE.

christine cornelius

I had a great experience with my crew. They were very polite and were nice to my kids who are both special needs. Fast efficient and decent prices. Very pleased!

Elizabeth Baughman

I was given a quote that was drastically different from what the price actually was. I didn’t mind paying it, but the sales person just needs to be more accurate about their quotes and the time it takes 2 movers to move heavy furniture. They showed up 3 hours later than the scheduled time due to a truck being broken down. And although the workers were polite, they decided to take an hour lunch after they had loaded all of my belongings in the truck and I was left waiting at my new place. It was a very stressful experience.

Tristan Henderson

ALL MY SONS Baton Rouge is the company to hire if you want your move done right. These guys rock. They have a team of passionate professionals that get the job done the way it should be. All My Sons Baton Rouge pride themselves on being the best in the business. I would highly recommend using this company!!!

Greg Blakely

They stole a painting and management did not seem to care.

Max Hudkins

We hired All my sons to move our girls from a third floor apt across town to another third floor apt, it was quite a job. We were assigned the best crew of Clark and Bryce, these guys were the best! The attention to detail, courtesy, and professionalism were amazing! There's no comparison to the other moving companies we have used in the past! The cost was even cheaper than what we had paid with others in the past. Not sure how you could improve on the job Clark and Bryce did, they made this move a breeze!

Lesa Crowe

After my truck was loaded, the mover came back to me and said they had underestimated the contents of my home and wanted another $3k more or they would not move me. After my attorney yelled at them, they changed their mind. Of course, I lost a laptop and other electronics in the process. Would not ever, ever use these people in this lifetime.

Marie Caraccioli

In March 2019, I scheduled a move but cancelled a couple of days prior too. I requested that my $100 deposit be funded and they agreed to the refund. It is now July 2, 2019 and, after many, many, many phone calls and discussions with the Baton Rouge and corporate location, I have yet to receive my refund. Everyone I spoke to promised to get back with me but no one did. They may do good work but if you think you might need to cancel, DO NOT SCHEDULE WITH THESE PEOPLE!

Robin eggs

It is very unfortunate for this MWC business that so many customers, recently, have had less than satisfactory experiences. Ours, too, was unsatisfactory. I scheduled a move more than 3 weeks prior to our need, and gave a $250 deposit to hold our scheduled day and time. Note: it was incredibly important that we get an afternoon appointment as we have unusual work schedules, and, thus, why we choose to pay such an exorbitant deposit when other companies do not require such. However, when the day came, they made four phone calls before leaving any message (and in this day when there are so many spam calls, leaving messages is utterly important if your business is important). My guess is that a larger, higher-priced, job came in and they bent over backward for that job, putting our smaller, one bedroom apartment job at a less priority status and I can guess this is why they did not leave any message - so they could say they called and we did not answer. Just my guess, of course, but it seems logical. When I confronted them on the phone for calling me a liar, things escalated to the point where the manager was yelling at me, and, yes, he literally said "shhhh" to me, MORE THAN ONCE. As a customer, it is not my responsibility to de-escalate situations, but, if they wish to keep a good business face, it IS their responsibility. Mr. manager (I believe his name was Jerry, he refused to tell me his name however) did not see fit to keep his business looking good by trying to sympathize with our situation and de-escalate our conflict. He, the manager, cancelled on us, then hung up the phone on me rudely and abruptly. The apathy, lies, disrespect and rudeness are intolerable in an age when we have so many choices. Thankfully, a company out of Norman was able to fit us into their schedule with one day notice, and, came in way under the estimate of All My Sons, and even did more for us than All My Sons had quoted. Oh, and they did not require a deposit. As for our deposit with All My Sons - it was not filed when the manager said it had been filed. It's funny how when they take your deposit, it comes out of the bank almost immediately, but a refund EFT takes 5 business days. We did eventually get our refund back. But I highly suggest to the Carrolton, TX headquarters that they search elsewhere for a MWC, OK manager, or perhaps send him for some retraining, though, based on my interaction with him, I doubt any retraining will stick with him more than a couple days and the company would be better off with a different manager.

Alex Henningsen

My family and I recently used ALL my son's. They sent our a 5 man crew to move a 4 bdrm. The crew was very hard working and efficient. They were very careful with our belongings and nothing broke. I would recommend All my son's

Taylor Alexander

excellent movers, customer service was more than accomadating. Would've given five stars, but they charged me for everything they can think of. Charged for fuel, travel time, labor and $36 worth of "materials" aka one roll of tape.

Trevor Carver

They were quick to call with a price estimate, however they booked my move for the day after I had wanted to move. When I called about it I was told that my original date had been booked up for months and by that time it was to late for me to do anything. The moving crew was fantastic! very quick and efficient. Overall it was not to stressful of an experience.

Kathy E

Josh Friedel

abhishek reddy

Mike and Jyren were exceptional

Jasmine Heitz

If I could give less I would. Setting up the move was easy and knew the quote would change. The movers added extra time and materiel charges that I am still trying to dispute for around $100. The Manager Ed isn't helpful. Seems overwhelmed but not an excuse to slack on your job. Rushing me off the phone so he can finishing setting up another customer to rip off. Not to mention the movers asked for a cash several times and told us to go to the ATM if we needed too or a check.

Jackie Vavroch

Montae, Randy, and Brian helped us yesterday with a partial move (all furniture from our house, moved to a storage unit). They were very friendly and fast. I've worked with multiple other moving companies in the past and have dealt with some pretty rude employees who didn't exactly handle our items with care. Not the case with All My Sons. I especially appreciated their gentle touch in handling our nursery furniture- I was really worried that our baby crib and rocking chair might be damaged in the move, but the guys were extremely careful in handling these items.

Colin Andrew

Nice Movers!

Genet tekle

They did very good job. We were so happy. They did proffesional job.

Kristy Hubbard

Andre, Bryce and David were a great team took good care of my belongings. Hard workers and friendly!

J.R. Franks

I'd give the company management 1 star and the actual movers 3 stars, so I averaged it out to 2 stars. When I called to ask about rates, and ultimately to set up the move, everybody I spoke to was very nice and reassuring. The initial reviews I read were good, so I paid the deposit and expected good things. But the actual move experience was a disappointment from beginning to end. They didn't show up on time, then lied about calling to let me know. They promised that the movers would "be there soon," or "be there in 20 minutes," only to tell me the same thing when I called an hour, then two later. The movers finally go to my house 4 HOURS after they were scheduled. The moving guys were all polite and in great humor and seemed to [mostly] know what they were doing. They loaded my stuff up quickly for my move to a city 2 hours away. I drove ahead of them and waited. And waited. And waited. They finally arrived 3.5 hours later and unloaded into my new place. While they were all nice guys, they were obviously tired and in a hurry, since by this time it was well after 5 pm. They kind of tossed my stuff around and broke a few small items, but I was so done with the whole thing by then that I just wanted it over with. My advice, AVOID THIS COMPANY, you can get better service elsewhere.

Kirk Kolar

They stopped to eat and took numerous smoking breaks during the move. They scratched antique furniture and made no attempt to compensate. When we approached the subject they went on strike, STOPPED COMPLETELY, while still billing us for the time. DO NOT USE THIS BUNCH! THERE ARE NO SONS INVOLVED!

Kris Morrison

Christopher Gleason

Started with some problems because the order was input incorrectly so they were not prepared to pack as well as move. Got it done though.

Denise Pizzimenti

David,Brian,and Coy You have a very happy customer. These guys did a wonderful job and attached all furniture. Joy to work with!!! Company affordable.

megan i

Earlier this year my family suffered a horrible loss. We decided to disperse our family belongings to loved ones. They were thousands of dollars of irreplaceable antique furniture and irreplaceable items which needed to be removed from a house instead of having an estate sale. As if we hadn't been through enough pain All my sons movers made an already very difficult time for our family much worse by their carelessness, damage of both homes structures, lack of ownership for their breaking items, and what made it worse ? The AMS asked us to take small amount of "emotional financial concession" and not write a complaint or bad review. I know why they were the only company available in the short term we needed to have the items removed from the home..and maybe they aren't insured? Last, interesting point, the persons who do the moving are not the clean cut non-diverse ones photographed on the " family website". Where are their photos? That's who the customers only see any way. If they ever were the perfect looking "Waltons" family, not any more by asking me to lie and ignore thousands of dollars damage. Zero stars needs to be an option


The experience I had with this company was challenging. The set up and estimate process was fine. They were helpful and pleasant. Move day arrived and that is where things fell apart. Four guys working at a snails pace. What did they care. They made more money the longer they took. I understand this is part of the moving game and I could accept that. What I could not accept was all of the things they broke. This was a 2 mile move and they managed to break 2 bookcases, a marble top dresser, an antique clock, a neon sign and several other small items. The insurance is pitiful based upon weight. So that antique clock was worth a 3.50$ claim. Long story short, this company is not reliable and the work ethics are horrible. I will not use them again.

Sebastian Cosme

The move went great! Those guys worked hard and got the job done. Very Professional. The office staff was also extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful. Definitely recommending this company!

G Hamilton

All my Sons in Baton Rouge were excellent to work with. We were moving a lot of antiques and everything arrived in great shape. Chase came out and gave an estimate. Tristan kept me posted on everything. The actual movers were two great guys who went the extra mile for us. Would use again

Natalie Chaffee

I booked this company a couple weeks before my move. They told me that they would be to my home between 8 and 9am on the Saturday of my move. About 8:30 the day of, they had not showed up so I called to get an ETA. I was told that they would be there by 10am. Around 10:45 I called them again and was told that they did not have a driver for me. I was told that they would not be able to move me that day. When I asked why they did not inform me of this when I had called earlier, they could not give me an answer other than "I don't know". I spoke to Edward and another gentleman. Edward was beyond rude when I spoke to him. I am appalled that any business would manage their company like this. I did receive my deposit back, which is the only positive of this whole situation.

Tom Heller

BUYER BEWARE OK, I normally hate having to write a review, but this experience with “All My Sons Moving” of Overland Park was over and above bad. I make my living in sales and this, this was an all around failure by the people supplying the service including the Owner that I ended up talking to. The first of August I scheduled All My Sons Moving and Storage to move from a 2,200 sq. ft. home to a new home of comparable size. The Mover arrived at 11:00 am in the morning on Friday and started the move. By 2:00pm the movers were complaining that my furniture was too heavy and and saying my, “Eathan Allen”, furniture was too heavy and suggested several times that they can be more helpful if they get a good tip. One of the movers said my stuff was too heavy and that he was through for the day. We had boxes upstairs and they used a dolly to move them which was fine, but they did not ease the dolly down the stairs but ran it down the stairs. They scratched the furniture since they dumped it in the yard on top of other furniture and when we asked that they wrap the furniture and use pads as the estimator said they would they got mad, (I never raised my voice, they had my things on the truck and me by the short hairs), The movers after this request called their manager and said that I was disrespecting them and they were going to quit, (This was to protect themselves from later complaints) their manager called me and said that his people were upset and wanted to quit and asked that I apologize, huh. Well finally we were ready to move to the new house at 5:00pm and I bought them dinner to calm down the situation. Well at the new house the same thing happened and they did the same things, but what could I do, they had my things on their truck, I just wanted them to be finished. Every time they destroyed anything, the lead mover would take a picture and said he would give it to their management for them to review and take care of, (I late found out after talking with the owner that they do not take pictures and he had nothing with regard to the move), I figure this was done to make me less mad and not document the damage myself. At 8:00pm the lead was after me to complete my bill which was $1,000 more than estimated, I guess I could have said no but they had my stuff on their truck so, yes I signed their bill, very tricky. The move ended at 11:00pm. I was never so mad and happy to see them go. Needless to say, I called the owner and told him how bad the move was and related the sory above and he was sympathetic but no discounts for the trouble or apology. The Owner said he would call his furniture guy after he got off the phone to come do the repairs to my furniture. Well, here it is the end of September and never a call or visit. You make the decision, would you want to use this Company?

Connie Hart

DO NOT USE ALL MY SONS MOVING!!! I used them about a year ago and was very pleased. Before this move, I got quotes from other companies (a couple of which were less expensive), but decided to go with AMS again (and because they also worked with me a little on the price). I requested a 10:30 - 11:00am arrival, which they said they could accommodate. In the next few weeks, AMS touched base several times (I spoke with Chris, Keon, Andrea and others), and I was assured they would arrive within a reasonable window of the above time (and that I would get a call when they were on their way -- about 45 minutes from here). When no one showed up (or called) by 11am, I called and Chris told there was a move before me and I could expect the crew to arrive around 2pm (AND that I was scheduled for the 1-4pm time slot, which was the first time anyone told me that). No call, no show by 2:15pm and I called again and spoke to Keon. He was very apologetic and said he would see what he could do to get someone here soon (AND that he would call back in 15 minutes to let me know). No call, no show by I called again. A woman answered who said Keon was not available but she would either relay a message to him to call me, or she would call me back with an update. It's now after 4:45pm and -- you guessed it -- no call, no show. This company makes all kinds of promises and they are very pleasant and agreeable over the phone to get your business, but do NOT believe a word they say! If it's a MISERABLE moving day/experience you're looking for, you've found the right company (if they even show up...).

Kofi Quansah

Great experience all round. Showed up on time, very efficient with the move Very friendly guys and extremely helpful. Highly recommend this company based on my experience

Anthony Lopez

Do not use, the office manager was supposed to call me back. After reading some reviews and learned as well. I realized that other moving services were a much better option. I also received information(pictures) that were unsettling to see. I also was told by some other former long term employees/contractors that worked about 10+ years ago or more that the office manager chooses who gets the best jobs. Also that fraud might be going on as well. And the office staff might be part of it as well. The contractors do not work for all my sons moving and storage. Some are day workers, which was the 1st biggest reason why I did not choose them too. Please be aware of false statements. They do not provide good customer service. Also ask for CRIMINAL BACKGROUNDS AS WELL. They do not do background checks. Which Was the nail in the coffin!!!! Use case search, it’s free to use. Be safe and be aware of service providers. This information was passed to me by a former employee/contractor that was there for many years. Have a blessed day.

Doreen Saffle

Will and Mitchell were the best! They took care of my belongings like their own. I am extremely impressed with this company.

Paul Lancette

WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE with any move!!! Cost: $1800. Mileage: 22 miles Rooms: 3 SQFT: 1800 Hours:10 To start, they were late. Nice guys. Old house ended up with a door knob hole in the wall. New house ended up with a kicked in door whole (not necessarily their fault completely BUT STILL)! We were prompted to sign a bunch of forms without being told about the overtime charges at 1.5 of their rate. I even called the main office asking for another mover due to the slow productiveness of the move. They told me they did not have any additional staff. So now I got zapped with overtime rates due to a lack of staff, damage to both properties, and now claims and responsibility to repair both properties. In addition, they charged us a 12% fuel charge, which is not what you think - not 12% of gas prices, but 12% of the total bill = $220. $220 for 20 miles - you do the math. Paul

Katie Kirkenmeier

We used All My Sons this past weekend to move from a 2 bedroom apartment to a home we purchased. Scheduling was very easy but that was the only thing that went smoothly. The movers arrived late outside of our two hour window. We have several pieces of furniture that are damaged. The front steps to our home has been damaged from carelessness with dollies. Several boxes marked fragile were dragged down the stairs on a dolly instead of carrying them. Those fragile boxes were opened to find broken dishes as well as a wedding gift we received that cannot be replaced is now broken. Our televisions, which we told would be wrapped, were not wrapped and were moved outside while it was pouring rain. We were told the movers would only charge us for an hour once they got to the house because they were taking so long but would complete the move past the hour and we would only have to pay for one hour. They did not do this. They left without completing the move. We had to put our beds and furniture back together and move it on our own to places where we wanted it. On top of that, we had to go back to our apartment because they left things there. Perhaps the worst aspect of the entire move is that we are missing a piece of furniture. I have called the company to ask about many of the issues and have been told there is nothing they can do. They told me I am lying about the missing piece of furniture and they will not do anything about it. I have used movers several times in the past and this was by far the longest it has ever taken someone to move and it's always been the same amount of stuff. This was the worst customer experience I have ever had. This is not the service I agreed to pay for and was charged a ridiculous amount to have things broken, damaged, and missing.

Cary stickles

Placed an inquiry for moving for 2 months ahead. received 5 calls and 2 emails and a text message. I responded to the email and said i would be in touch and still received calls and texts after. Way to over the top.

Kasey Kelly

I scheduled and set up with the owner Jimmy and from the get go everything was as expected or better. Jarelle, Brennan, and Spears were incredible! Efficient and careful, and far exceeded my expectations. Would recommend to anyone who just doesn’t want to mess with it! Worth every penny to just sit back and direct. Will use again! Not for many years but they will still be around for sure. Great company all around.

Amy Sareen

Worst experience of my life! Uncaring movers and company. Managed to break so much of my antiques by putting large boxes on top of small boxes marked “fragile.” Broke things that had been in my family for over 100 years. Broke cedar wardrobe and antique desks by ignoring me and doing what they wanted. Charged me over 2K for a move ten minutes away! Movers would stand around the truck talking. I have contacted the company 3 times and have been ignored!! Do not use this company!

Brenda Peralta

Had one of the best experiences for a move. The 4 guys that moved us were so personable and hard-working. They showed up expecting a quick move, but didn’t flinch when the job turned into a nightmare with a piano, 9 ft solid wood table and several large antiques that needed to go up 2 flights of stairs. They just tackled the job and got it done. I even got a refund because they finished quicker than expected. I highly recommend these guys and will definitely use them again.

Jorge Rodriguez

They took too long and overcharged me. This company es too expensive for the service they provide. My recommendation is to clarify the price in advance. If you book for thre same day as emergency they will overcharge and take advantage of that. Be careful. I moved from Alpharetta GA to Kansas City MO. Big difference in the price and service; Georgia company provided ten times better service for half the price. Shop around; I do not recommend this company.

Joseph Puma

Movers were nice but no one was available to answer my call about time of move day of (they were four goes let than expected with no notice). Pricing is also expensive.

j wimmer

So far this is our second use of this company. While they quoted us twice as much as other movers because we NEEDED flexibility with buying/selling and relocating halfway across country....we went with them again. I’ve used several other companies in the past....took this bid. The LOCAL moving crew was a little late and had to weigh the truck before loading BUT (Tony, Andrew, JP and Josh—) from OKC has been absolutely amazing at packing and loading—they wrapped and blanketed with perfection Furniture and a piano——and the local office is trying to help us along the way with a scheduling conflict from miscommunication, But that has been now resolved. Then one of our trucks was overweight causing some stress for us because we couldn’t figure out what to do with 3000 lbs. after 6:30pm and having to depart immediately the next morning for a closing....we were husband suggested freighting...which hopefully will work. NOW we are hoping for freight of the partial load to work out, but it’s scary because some of this is original artwork and irreplaceable for us. While the local team in okc has been helpful, friendly and as stressed as us—The CORPORATE headquarters NO doubt will ask us to pay for this too and didn’t have solid back up plan for us... Other companies quoted us around 6k-8k.....this was over 16k because of two trucks, 4 men and a week of work/driving/ overnight storage. (It was necessary for the Peace of Mind for the artwork of point to point delivery and we were uncertain of 1 day holding between a house closing or storage unit, so we were hoping the extra costs covered that flexibility....but now we are concerned, majorly stressed and just distraught at this point ) the CORPORATE office needs to to streamline some “communications with customer” better and develop back up strategies to help them when they say they can take the money and complete the task. But I see that’s with all moving companies...sales reps and dispatch aren’t syncing is with most companies. Stay tuned for the results on Friday and post freight friends (two weeks?)...crossing fingers and staying optimistic. If the items gets delivered 100% and perfect in the end we will be happy and thrilled but possibly a little poorer. So far staying optimistic...I’m convinced we have one of the best load and unload crew/drivers and we just hope the freight now works out in tact.

ilkaeco coop

Wish I could give them no star over booked horrible customer service slow with the return of the deposit

Matt H.

Great professional men along with a staff that keeps you in the loop. Moving is already so stressful it's nice to know theres a company that truly cares about the customers. Thanks!!

Maria Alvarado

Good move. There were two movers for a two bedroom apartment. They moved quickly and efficiently. Blake, Jarelle, and Deng were the movers. There was some damage done that wasn’t resolved quickly. That is souring my opinion quickly. We are unable to finish unpacking due to this.

Kevin Klein

Cody, Codie and Darryl are experienced, courteous moving machines, along with Nick who was learning quickly and did a great job of wrapping the furniture. They took the time to be careful, but moved with a sense of urgency. Did a great job and I would absolutely hire them again!

TaxpayerZombies .

An awesome team of young men showed up and got it done!

Michael Flanagan

Jacob, Mystie and Aaron did amazing work on my move. Packed up everything really well and got all the items to the new location with no issues! Great crew, very professional, been working together for a long time and it shows in their efforts.

Milo Teslason

Due to many being afraid of backlash when leaving a review. This is where I come in. In all my years of experience, I never heard of a case such as this one. He was a former independent contractor/employee of this company within the past year. He experienced hostility towards him by members of the company. He also said that it only has a 2 man staff to handle a full office and warehouse too. In my years I never heard a company tell someone that thier families are a excuse.

Taryn Olson

Best place too work or hire too move your things.

Wanda Williams

Mike's crew did a wonderful job. They were fast, efficient and extremely pleasant to work with. Kudos to a very efficient group of men.

Celia Herron

Taurus James, and Devin were wonderful to work with doing this move. They were kind, considerate, and more than willing to go beyond the call of duty. I appreciate the professional attitude and mannerism. Thank you, All My Sons Moving.!

Ginger Zachmann

Austin and his crew worked with me wonderfully!! Ian in the office was more that generous with his time. He never tired of my many phone calls


I would never suggest this company to anyone. What they tell you when you book is not what you get. When I booked I was told I would get 3 movers at $129 per hour. 2 hour minimum. They do not tell you that you have to automatically pay $129 for travel. They do not tell you that not all three guys actually move you. They do not tell you that everything must be in a box. No bags. I bagged my clothes cause well they're clothes. I also had containers that did not have lids. Holding simple items such as bathroom and cleaning items. I also used reusable bags for small random items. No breakables were put in them. Very simple carry and move. Also I have kids. Which means large toys. Even after speaking to a manager who said no problem. The truck driver said he didn't care what the manager said, he was not going touch those items. After 45 minutes of going back and forth between driver and the manager communicating about who was going to do what I find out I WAS PAYING THEM THE WHOLE TIME! They wasted my money cause they couldn't get their communication on track. Then once the actually started the driver just started taking pictures, one guy was not to be seen and only one guy was actually moving stuff. Myself and a friend had to start moving stuff from upstairs down cause they were still in the same room after one hour. ONE HOUR AND STILL IN SAME ROOM. Again I had to call the manager cause I was canceling my move for the next day cause this was going to drain my funds. He asked why. Cause after one hour I only had one guy working and nothing done. Finally! The two other guys started to actually started moving stuff. Come to find out the two guys who did nothing at first complain saying the one guy never works. Well from my point of view they had it backwards. After paying over $700 I still had to rent a truck to finish the move cause of the items they refused to touch. Trust me unless you have at least $1500 to flow do not use this company. It is $129 2 hour minimum. $129 for one of travel. 14% added on top of everything. Then supplies they use such as tape or blankets. I believe the drivers name was Michael. Never ever would I suggest hire this guy or use this guy. Work ethic is below poor. And attitude even worse. Now I'm exhausted from moving everything they didn't and broke. Oh and the refund I was supposed to get cause they overcharged me has not even been given back yet. They at first said 24 hours. Then they said 72 hours. Still waiting! Edit: it has been 5 days. Still no sign of my refund. Edit again: 8 days later and no refund PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! THEY CHEAT YOU OUT OF EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!

Diane Fitzpatrick

Sonia Lelii

Make sure you check the Internet reviews on this company before you hire them. They are a disgrace of a company

Jeremy Massudi

Very professional. Mr. Ray and Mr. Deon both were very helpful. I am not a fan of moving but these 2 guys came in and made it very easy. They took care of everything for me. I would use this company again and would request both Mr. Ray and Mr. Deon for my move.

Nancy Fancy

Very professional very fast really nice guys I would definitely definitely yes this co.again

Susan Moore

The movers did a great job. They were thorough and careful with all our things. They did everything they said they would do. They were on time. Very helpful in placing our furniture. We are very pleased with all the men they sent to move us. We would definitely use All My Sons again and would recommend them highly.

Andrea Baird

Jerry, Kedrick, and John Griffin helped us move today, and we had a great experience! They were friendly, punctual, and communicated well. Most importantly, they worked incredibly hard the entire time. 5 stars to these guys

Hollie Cruser

I'm missing a part to my bed, so now I can't build it.

J. J.

Lamonte and the team at all my sons are amazing. They were just barely under time so not a waste of money nor did I have to spend an exorbitant amount of time to get a simple move done. Yes they may be a bit pricey but you pay for what you get... 10/10 would recommend to anyone I know. Didn’t lift a finger and they turned a daunting process into barely a 2 hour experience.

Brandy Collins

I wish I had read the reviews for this company before I chose them. At first things where going well.... then it got hot and they all needed water and I had of course packed all but three cups ... thank goodness the water had not been turned off yet because they had no ice chest on their truck to hydrate their workers!!! It was 99 degrees outside! I don’t support companies that don’t take care of their employees!! They didn’t have drills and tools to make the move safe no utility lifts for stairs or large furniture belts...they used a hand screw driver to remove and replace a door. The movers accidentally broke things trying to be timely causing me part of my security deposit, and the actual company charged me over $900 to move 30 minutes away!!! You’re better off renting a UHAUL and paying your family!!! That move should NOT have been over $600!!! ...And with all the broken things I’m not even sure about that. In my opinion, this company should be shut down for unsafe moving practices,unprofessionalism, and unethical business standards. I’m just not sure an hourly moving company is a good option. I’ll never make that mistake again.

Blair Hamilton

This moving company is AWFUL! They take money from you even if the movers aren't actually working or if you don't use packing materials. I had a move that should've taken 3 hours (maybe) and took 5 1/2. I know this because when I moved in the job only took 1 1/2!! I had already packed everything, disassembled my furniture and was even HELPING THEM by carrying down boxes and bags. I will say I had one out of my two movers who was amazing, Christian. Did his very best to keep the job moving as quickly as he could, but his partner was taking his sweet time carrying or really doing any work! I was charged over $400 over my quoted price online AND when I called to ask why it was so much the manager just kept giving me BS reasons why the job was going to stay the price it is. I already lost them a customer because she booked with them, but after this experience i told her to stay far far away from this company. DONT USE ALL MY SONS! Save yourself some money and use ANYBODY ELSE! Ridiculous!

Danielle Jones

Scheduled a move last week and they called me 2 days before my scheduled move to tell me they were booked out and my move was scheduled by mistake. Now I am left needing to move in 2 days with no movers. Incredibly disappointed that no accomodations or solutions were offered aside from moving on a weekday or refunding my deposit.

Jaclyn Kahrs

Xavier and Garrison were fantastic! They were efficient, thorough and funny. They made moving to my new home more pleasant than I thought it would be. They were also mindful of my time. I would highly recommend them!

Kate Rendall

**Updated**Unfortunately we discovered a fully broken 65” TV that was packed and moved by All My Sons. Their claim process and the resulting payout was unacceptable (40% on a 1 year old TV with receipts). I will not be a repeat customer. Original posting: Juan and his crew did amazing with a full pack and move! Their service was above and beyond - I could tell they actually cared that the process went well for us. Moving is very stressful but it’s much better when you get a great team! I would highly recommend.

Liz Lee

I have never felt so less cared for then I have with this company. I have used several moving companies and will never use this one again. They were an hour and a half late... the girl called to tell me they would be late with no apology and hung up on me. I had woken my kids and packed up the animals very early to be ready for my 8am move. When I asked to walk the apartment to check for left items ( I hurt my back ... Why I hired movers) she was so rude and irritated and started throwing my left items into the truck. IIasked for a box and she ignored me. Instead of coming back to help with the rest of the items they left they drove away with the truck. My knives we're unwraped and sticking up sharply all over the box. My wardrobe boxes that I asked for had my dryclean clothes dumped and jammed inside, not hung. I asked when setting up my appt if they had special hanger boxes or I would bring them myself and they assured me it would be taken care of. My expensive plates were stacked in a pile of 6 and wrapped with no cushion in between. They took apart my bunk beds and left all the parts at the old house. They took apart another table and never reasembled. They placed furniture in opposite rooms then what I asked so I had to move heavy prices around with my bad back. I paid $1500 so much to take away the stress and pain of moving and I was in tears by the end. It ruined the excitement of buying my first home. I tried to talk and direct and was simply ignored, glared at and made to feel like I was an annoyance and they were completely put out and doing me a favor. Mistakes happen... But the way I was treated on top if the money I paid is really what burns.

Demeterice McDonald

Worst experience ever! Do not use this company if you want a peace of mind during your move. They charged me $543 for a move that didn’t even take 2 hours. $66 for gas for a trip that didn’t take 25 minutes. $159 for travel time for a 25 minute drive. They deserve no stars at all! Hire your own people before hiring this company! You will regret hiring them! Thanks to Micah (supervisor) for this troublesome experience! William (supervisor) was no help either!

Matthew Streicher

Thank you All my Sons for making my life a living hell. This company crashed into my vehicle and still 2 weeks later after the incident nothing has been done. Their insurance won't fix it, their "risk management specialist" (that's a BS position) won't return a call. Their branch manager Lyle hasn't even given an apology and just says "Cant do anything for you". Its no wonder they have a bunch of awful reviews. They suck at moving and when it comes to owning up to something they're responsible for they hide in the bushes. If there is a response it'll likely be another generic automated response because thats how impersonable and awful this company is.


Avoid at all cost! Was quoted one price by Ally, their sales agent, and after getting a better quote with Bellhops, I was told that I wouldn't pay over $600 and that she would "throw in" the wrapping and other things for free for staying with them. A 2-bedroom move that should've taken 3 hours, maybe 4 , took 5.5, with the bill coming to almost $1100. Received a call from Carlos, the Ops Manager, and after telling him that I felt like I'd been misled, he began to almost belittle me about it. He was very condescending and even hung up the phone on me. He called the moving guys, who told me that this happens every single day, and told them to drive off with my belongings. I will NEVER use this company again and neither would I advise anyone else to.

Ali Garner

They were great

Brianna Fullmer

Horrible, horrible, horrible! Go with ANYONE else! I had them come help me move me into my apartment. They unload my Uhaul just fine, but when it came to payment they totally tried to rip me off! Over the phone I was quoted $150 per hour, they were at my place for an hour and a half, but tried charging me $450! Said that I was responsible for their commuting time and gas to get out there and back (which still doesn’t add up). I told them no, I wasn’t paying anymore than I was quoted over the phone, so they called a “manager guy” who was so chauvinistic, arrogant, and rude. Tried coercing me into paying the extra by telling me he had a “full legal team behind him”. I said “Hey buddy this isn’t my first rodeo either, I’m not afraid of your leagal team because I know my rights as a consumer, so bring it on”. To which he finally said, “Ok fine we’ll honor the price you were quoted.” So I paid with my CC over the phone and they left. Literally, 2 minutes after they left my CC company called me to ask about a “questionable charge”. They had run my card for $450!!!! Luckily I worked everything out with my credit card company, but THESE GUYS are the WORST! DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Denise Damerow

If there was a way to give zero stars I would. This company is the worst. They damaged many of my belongings, including my hot tub. I filed a claim for them to pay for the damage and never received follow up or payment for the items that they lost and destroyed. I have no idea of how this company is still in business. Terrible service, unprofessional and over priced. Horrible experience all around.

Mushair Manzoor

Called me the day before and hit me with summer rates and extra insurance charge. Said I would have to go through third party for insurance the DAY BEFORE my move. Originally I was told insurance is included. I guess they bank on when you don't have any options in the last minute.

Jeff Gary

Talk about hidden up charges, these guys have plenty! I was quoted $139/hr and I figured I had about 4 hours of work to be done. I got charged for 4.5 hours when they were actually done in 4 hours and 5 minutes. If that was the only up charge, no big deal. But it was not. They charged an extra hour for "Travel Time," when I'm already paying for them to be traveling to the next destination! That's $139 EXTRA for time I'm paying for them to be driving to my destination. There is a 14% "Fuel Charge!" SO, on top of the extra travel time, the fuel charge is 14% of the TOTAL CHARGE! No matter how long you use them, and no matter how far, or not far, you travel, you get charged for fuel based on the price of your move. I paid $114 for 22 miles. That makes no sense. If a 26ft box truck gets 8 miles per gallon, the fuel should be about $10 for 22 miles. RIP OFF! They charge you for packing material that you do not need or keep. They charged me $71 for about $20 worth of tape and cardboard. Again, RIP OFF! Here's the thing, the movers were great. I have no problem at all with the three guys and their moving of my actual stuff. They were professional , courteous and careful. What I have a problem with is the sales and quote of this move. Four hours at $139/hr is $556. My bill was $953.57, almost TWICE what i was quoted. Shame on All My Sons. Again, the movers were FANTASTIC! The sales guys sucked and lied.

Heather Roth

HORRIBLE! Obtained an estimated quote that stated 4 men for the job. They showed up with 3. One man spent most the time in the bathroom and looked like he had just rolled out of bed. The 2 working men were great but the price was exuberant for what we got. They charged our card $1000 for 1.5 hours of moving and as they left, the manager on the phone stated he would refund us $300. $700 dollars for just over an hours work is horrendous. Plus it would have taken much less time if they had shown up with 4 working men to do the job as quoted. I've contacted them multiple times for our refund with no luck.


Competitively priced, expedient, thoughtful and professional workers.

brooke girton

Terrible experience. The movers had no idea what the plan was, as if the office never explained any of the details of our move to them. They took way longer than they should have because they kept stopping to talk. They broke a lot of items and scuffed the floors so the outrageous price is not worth it. They charge an hour for travel time.rate is 119 an hour,a plus uhaul14% of the total, and it's a 2 hour min. So it would be 400 min. Just rent a uhaul truck and some 3rd party movers. Cheaper and faster

Brittany Cook

Sandra and Riley were on time and great to work with. They helped us move out, partially into storage and into a final house all within a few hours. Thanks Again!

rachael thomas

The team was efficient and very nice. They moved quickly but carefully with all my stuff.

Ram Kuchakulla

This is by far the worst moving experience i had in my entire life. It took them 1 hour to move my couch(30minutes to load and unload each). They were very careless with some of the items banging them into walls. I was charged $900 for a move when i could have ended with $400. The guys were talking lot of smoke breaks at the time of loading the items.please avoid them. Doug the manager is very rude and does not even listen to your concerns.

Matt Johnson

I put in a for a online quote the other day. All I wanted to know was a price quote. They gave me a call pretty quickly, which wasn't that bad. But while I was on the phone with one of their agents, I also got a call from another one at the same time. Guess they didn't know they had someone calling me already. Also I started to get text messages as well, which I didn't sign up for at all. Also they couldn't even give me a quote on how much it might be to move from one city to another without an actual address. I did not have the destination address yet since we have not bought a home yet. I also got two more calls the next day, a Saturday even. Again from two different agents, after the first call I told them I was not interested and the second caller didn't even have any record of the first call. If you don't mind getting constant phone calls and pushy agents trying to get a sale then go with All My Sons.

Hannah Jones

Would give less stars if I could. Like other reviews stated- they gave us a window of time and then proceeded to never show up or let us know they were not coming. On our third time calling them at 5:30 pm we were informed they would not be coming. Could not say enough bad things about how awful they were, do NOT use them

theresa amaral

Cassandra Lucas

This Saturday, January 7, 2017. I used All My Sons moving company. The worst moving company that I have ever used. The guys were so lazy it was pathetic. I moved out of a 3 bedroom house, but all my things were already packed and the storage unit they were in was a 10 by 12 unit. When I moved out of my house I only had my bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and a kitchen table and boxes. I told them the unit was 10 by 10 I was only off by 2 feet. I got there early so I could start moving boxes, I figured they could have gotten the job done in 2 hours. Mind you I wasn't suppose to help. This is a moving company. When they got there at 9 am they could have started moving the bigger things and I could have kept moving the boxes. First he complained of the storage unit being bigger than he thought? Then instead of them moving the bigger things they moved the rest of the boxes. We were moving at a fast pace. We had a good 1/2 hour and not a lot left to finish. We were making good time. All of a sudden he stopped at 9:30 for me to sign papers and it took at least 1/2 hour. We should have not signed those papers until the job was done. Those papers was not to be signed until the job was done, because if they damaged anything the papers are signed already. So by the time they finished packing it was 10:30 am. Then I checked my storage and they were going to leave my glass table. I ask, are you going to get the table and mirror? He said, "it might break?" I said, "aren't you a moving company?" wrap it up and put it between my box springs. They were still to lazy to go back up and get my mirror to my dresser which I thought they got. I didn't notice until the next day. So I had to go get that. These guys want the money, but they are lazy. Once we got to my apartment. The guy called me for another payment for them to unpack the truck. But it was his guys fault that they couldn't get the job done in two hours which was very possible. They were moving slow and I told them they need to hurry up but not to the point of breaking nothing. They shipped a piece of wood from my couch, because they couldn't get it in my apartment through the hallway. I asked could they bring it through the window? They ripped my box spring that I had for years, oh and this is the good part, they called their manager because they couldn't get my couch in the front, so they left it outside in the parking lot, covered it with tarp and said, their manager told them to leave it there because they had to go help another person. There was salt on the ground, the ground is nasty and you are going to leave my couch outside? I called the company and of course she tried to make it seem like I signed the papers. I told her he had me sign the papers an 1/2 after he got there. He told me we won't be able to do this, and we won't be able to do that. So I will blast this company however I can. ALL MY SONS PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY!!!! AND THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO GO DOWN!!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE TO YOUR SATISFACTORY!!!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM CASH!!!!! THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK.....THEY WON'T GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK THAT YOU DESERVE!!!! THEY ADVERTISE IN THE PENNY SAVER DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY DON'T USE CHECKS BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU CAN STOP A PAYMENT ON A CHECK...... YOU CANNOT STOP PAYMENTS ON DEBIT CARDS

Shanel Jackson

The first thing that I did was that I put the necessary information on their website to get a free quote. Brandon, from the company, called to tell me in person what the price was and what to expect from their moving company. He was really nice and patient with all of my questions. I did end up going with another moving company for other reasons. A few days later, Troy, from the company, called to see if I was still interested in doing business with them. I told him that I already went with another company. He was still nice to me after hearing that and said that if things changed with me with the other company, then I can just give them a call back. Overall, they seem like a great company to do business with.

Rama Vangipuram

Jerry and Joseph were awesome, quickly packed with care items and unloaded and assembled furniture at the destination definitely will use them again in the future.

Gary Skinner

John G and Adam M were very professional, quick and careful workers. We called them short notice and they came out within 2 hours and had our 4 bedroom uhauled unloaded in under 2 hours. Highly recommended!!

B Dav

Effecient, friendly, careful.. everything a shipper could want. Excellent service.

Vicente Hernandez

After calling half a dozen moving companies in SLC these guys came in with the most reasonable quote out of all of them. I had read some reviews online - some good some bad but felt like it would be difficult to mess up moving a small 1BR apartment for an in-town move. I booked these guys over 6 weeks in advance thinking surely there would be no trouble with as much notice as I gave them. The evening before the move I realized I hadn't received confirmation email 24-48 hours prior like my initial email said I would. A bit panicked I called first thing Saturday - the morning of. They confirmed that I was indeed scheduled but then said that instead of coming that morning they would have to push me back to the afternoon. They said, "we'll call you an hour before we arrive." So I waited. And waited. Finally around 2:30pm they called to inform me that they had underestimated their morning moves and would unfortunately have to reschedule me for the following Tuesday. RESCHEDULE?! TUESDAY?! I don't know ANYONE that can simply reschedule an entire moving day like that. The alternative was to refund my deposit. My lease was up that day, new tenants moving in soon, I HAD to be out. All My Sons left me in the WORST situation. Luckily The Other Side movers took pity on me as I was nearly in tears over the phone and squeezed me in at the end of their day. Yes, it was a little more expensive than the AMS quote but I guess you get what you pay for. I would have paid anything at that point regardless. If I could give zero stars I would as this company rendered ZERO services they said they would. They clearly overbooked, gave my small move lower priority over larger ones despite how far in advance I booked them, and basically failed me completely.

Hannah Browne

Worst moving company I have ever dealt with. All My Sons have extremely rude staff, tried to up-charge me the day of my move and refused to refund me after my cancellation of service. Not even worthy of 1 star. Don't bother!

Jessica Paris

Got off to a rocky start as they were two hours later than the confirmed time. However, I was in a last minute bind in a difficult situation. My Team of Eric, Jose and Pickles were absolutely wonderful. They completed the move quickly despite a few obstacles and helped me get to the end of a crappy situation! Thank You! Jeremy and Mike in the office were a great help too!

Michael McCool

Ray and Deon did a great job. On time and professional. They made sure everything was wrapped correctly and it arrived without a scratch. A little pricier than I originally expected but overall the service was outstanding.

Ana Esquibel

This company is ridiculous! When I called and spoke with them, I told them that the majority of the moving was done, I just had about 20 boxes at my old place and a few items of furniture to move (headboard, night stand, table, 3 chairs and couple other things) and that at my new place, I had furniture that needed moving to the basement and could they move that stuff into basement, they said absolutely, not a problem. Day of move, they were supposed to be here in between 11 & 1. At 3, I called, asking where they were. Was told they would be there in about 45 min. I get that moving is not easily done. Not a problem that they were almost 3 hrs late. But to not call and let your customer know? Not a good sign. The movers load up old place and get to new place. Unload stuff and say they have to go due to being able to only drive for so many hrs. So, my stuff that I needed moving to basement did not get done. The young men that came to help, were very nice and polite and worked very hard but this company that they work for is horrible and very unorganized! The guys that came to move stuff, looked shocked when I started to show them what to move to basement. I could tell they had NOT a clue as to what they were to do. Meaning All My Sons Moving did not communicate what the customer was needing. So unprofessional and so disappointing. I was feeling like things would be handled and I would be able to start getting my new place in order after they left...NOT!! Now I am in a position where I have boxes and furniture all over the place and now need to find help from another company that hopefully are true to their word. All My Sons is certainly NOT that company! AND it cost me almost $800.00! To wait and be in a worse position than before I called this company!! Never again would I call them and if anyone asks if I know of a good moving company, I will say, "all I know about moving companies is to stay as far away from All My Sons Moving and Storage, as they do not do what is promised! But certainly charge you as much as possible to not do what you asked for after saying it is not a problem and that they can do what you need. Not true! I am disgusted with how this ended. I would have been better off getting some help moving stuff to basement and moving stuff from old place to new place myself!

Russell Lewis

As a Active duty Military Member I have moved more times than I would like to count! I had All my Sons Move me 8/27/2019 and I can’t give the movers enough props. Very professional, hard working, and carefully packed my possessions! They saved me over $1,000 from my original estimate, I highly recommended this company as this was the easiest move I’ve experienced.

mason massei

Terrible terrible service! Do not use them. They take their sweet time moving your furniture and then they’ll hit you with absurd over charges. Originally it was supposed to cost 300$ but then they took their sweet time with a job that should have taken well under 3 hours. Instead it took them 6 and they charged 640$. If you do use then you better hope you get motivated workers or they’ll blow you up with unfair and ridiculous charges

Aubree Stapley

If i could give them no stars i would. These guys are horrible. Scratched all my furniture, and all the hidden fees. 150 a hour. Turned into 950 dollars for 4 hours?!? I moved ONE block over!!!! And they charged me for a hour of gas!! One guy was on the phone the whole time and using my bathroom every chance he could so he didn’t have to work. Luckily the other guy was more reliable, don’t use this moving company! Worst moving company I’ve ever had.

stilh saw

I was applying for a job here and I overheard the manage wants to play hardball with a customer and sounded like a total jerk to a customer. I never took the job offer because of what I overheard.


Absolutely disgusted at the pricing quoted to me and their unwillingness to cooperate with my needs. They wanted charge me 1400 dollars for my move. I found another mover that would help me for eighty bucks an hour. What a rip of and a scam. I advise not using them.

DJ Dheepakk

They never refund your deposit; my service has been cancelled 1 day before and they promised to refund my deposit but that never happens. I'm tried of calling them so many times more than 4 weeks but no response. I hear the same story or Drama every time like some one will contact you shortly after that nothing happens. I feel like they are really cheating, Better look for other good moving company else you will experience the same situation. I can tell you that for sure. Good luck for your moving :)

Steven Humm

DO NOT USE... Worst service ever. Move was scheduled for 8:00 am and they called at 8:00 am to cancel on the same day.... I cannot believe they are a legitimate company. Do not every use.

Kip Egan

All My Sons Moving has always given us a great experience. We have used them 3 different times and it has always gone smoothly. They communicate well, ask good questions, are polite, and do a great job! We had Garrison and Xavier this week and we were pleased with the manner they took care of the our belongings. Thank you!

jonathan jaquez

Dianna Wysocki

The 2 guys they sent were VERY rude...I was scolded for not wrapping my 2 55" flat screen tv's which the company rep told me THEY WOULD WRAP...I asked for a clothing box for my coats and they didn't send one...they were so rude that I cut the move short just to get them out of my house...then we had to go back and finish the move ourselves...NEVER EVER WILL I SUGGEST THEM TO ANYONE!!

Kaitlyn Bradley

By far the worst company I have dealt with. Was hopeful this company would repair my brand new wood floor they damaged. I completed appropriate paperwork and notified all movers of the damage. I spoke to the manager and continuously requested claim forms only to receive a declination letter because "nobody was notified". This company does not stand by their word and are extremely sneaky with how they attempt to pass on responsibility to their customers.

Mark Patterson

6 hours late!? Smoking next to open front door!? Pot smoking ???? Extreme over use of packing materials $$$$ Two men didn’t show up ever?!?! Two days of packing turned to 4 and never finished!! CrAZy prices! $$$$ final bill will shock you! Left trash from their food on the lawn!? Had to take additional days off! Save time and money. Call anyone else

Allie Myers

Henry and Metri did a wonderful job of helping me and my grandmother move into my new apartment. Great service and would definitely recommend Henry!

Sharon Hiscott

Crew arrived on time. 3-man crew and a 26-ft. truck. The 3rd man is apparently only the driver and paperwork guy for the most part though its advertised that its 3 movers. The driver first made a point of saying "he was tipped so well from a fellow coworker"., Then the driver said that we are essentially estimated at 4 hours but if I'd like to work something out between him, he'd be happy to oblige so I wouldn't have to pay so much. They failed to pack everything from the initial house that was pack able by leaving some stuff in the garage and the kids bikes, and bar stools, lamps, a closet of packed boxes, etc. I was told by the driver they were out of space in the 26-foot truck, but they didn't pack anything into the last 8 feet. I was told this was because of the stack of packing blankets since I didn't have any furniture they couldn't use them and therefore couldn't pack around them. Anyway, it took them almost 3 hours to load. Granted, it was only 2 guys loading. The 3rd guy is the driver that I had to do the walk through with and told him what all needed to go. But he wasn't inside directing what needed to go. When we got to the other house 11 minutes away I had a friend follow them b/c i couldn't leave quite yet. I gave her a list to tell them where to put the first few things. Anyway, when i got there the driver said i had an hour left and that if I’d just let them unload it all in one place it wouldn't go over my hour by much. Needless to say, it took 2 hours to unload. Ridiculous period! Some stuff was supposed to go directly to garage and then I agreed to the main floor from the front door for everything else and that I’d take whatever upstairs. The driver would stand at the front door while the other two guys were unloading. He would then pile 4 bins onto a 4-wheeler and roll them to the main room. He'd started by just unloading them all into the center of the room instead of stacking them neatly around the walls. so, I started sorting them into neat piles so that the dining table could come in and other bins that I knew were on their way. If the driver didn't need to pee or be so dramatic about dying of thirst (like my 6-year-old), he might have actually been a help. But he was slow and useless. I finally started separating the 4 bins he would stack and tell him to take all the clothes to the master bedroom, between the front door and living room. But he would still wheel all the way to the living room. The other 2 guys started carrying in bins directly and he told them to stop and stack them on the little dolly. It took FOREVER. I called back the company and gave them my honest review since the first call from them was while I was still signing paperwork. I told him I paid for 3 movers, not 2 and a supervisor. I felt cheated since nothing really got moved to where it should have even with the extra hour at $145 per hour. So far only one box of dropped antique bottles has been found to be broken. If I had to use this company again, I would recommend the 2 who earned their money, but I' don't think I will use them again. This was a test for a cross country move I need done and unfortunately the driver and over payment left a bad taste. The folks at the office were very nice and made me think I was going to have an awesome experience, but again I'm hiring "Professional movers that couldn't play Tetris if their life depended on it". The experienced and hardworking guys were in the "worker role". The tired and complaining guy was the driver/director.

Miles Barel

The morning of my move they called and cancelled. Rescheduling was extremely difficult, time consuming and inconvenient. I've been trying to receive reasonable compensation for the impact on my time for 30 days and all I get is a run around. My recommendation would be to do it yourself before calling these folks.

Erika Kanegae

The men were an hour late for my scheduled slot and they moved incredibly slow. They took almost 3 hours to load up my one bedroom apartment that was packed and ready to go. They seemed to take a lot of breaks and worked inefficiently. The movers at one point even unwrapped my furniture that they had just wrapped up. Several pieces of my furniture are now damaged. They took an hour and a half to unload everything when I told them to put almost everything in the garage because I was over them handling my possessions. I called and complain to a manager who was nice about it and only charged me for 3 hours, so the 4 hours including the call out fee, but when I called back to inform him of the damage to the furniture, we was short and even hung up on me. Very dissatisfied with this moving company! I talked to a different manager on 7/16 who insisted I would get insurance paperwork by end of business AND my receipt - both of which I have not received and its now the 20th! Dealing with this company has been completely ridiculous! IF this business cares enough to look into it my move is under the name this review is under and was from Sandy, UT (84094) to Cedar Hills, UT (84062).

Tony Sylvester

Really liked using this service. Their customer service from the time I requested their help through the truck pulling away was great. The price is fair as well. The movers were on time, efficient, and friendly. Hard workers!

Nate Durkee

I was told Jose and Juan moved us today. Just wanna say they did great! Thanks

Tawanna sanders

DO NOT USE!!!! Overcharges. Prices are not honestly assessed. General manager Caleb is rude and unconcerned with customers needs. Bad business practices. If your looking to pay almost 1000 dollars for a local move then these are the peopl for you. DO NOT USE!!!!

Bill Hampton

Excellent movers. The office stayed in contact throughout the move. I have moved many times over the years and the two movers I had were the BEST I've ever seen. Good guys. Thanks !

sara Galand

They don’t ask in advance if you want your mattress and furniture wrapped. Then the moment of loading they slap a waiver in front of you to sign stating you don’t want your stuff wrapped but by then it’s too late anyway, so they told me. I’ve Never hired movers before and I was quite overwhelmed to be moving on my own so it would have been appreciated if they had mentioned these things before hand. I would have asked for that option which would have been extra they could have charged me. But it would have saved me from having to have my stuff professionally cleaned. They were unprofessional and treated my expensive furniture badly ( even after commenting how light my couch is). Will never use them again and I advise you to find another company.

Valdez Wilkerson

I was very impressed with this company website as well as the system they have in place in contacting you. The biggest thing Is no hidden fees (a must for me) and they stay true to that. If you want Good people and top services then look no further. #Fan Sense 9-27-2019.

Bill Downton

Aileen, Allen, and Jose A were excellent. The company called the day before to confirm, on the day of the moving team called before arrival and arrived 15 minutes early. Their estimate was right on the dot, the equipment was clean and in good order. These three guys worked nonstop with no nonsense. Everything was well cared for and no damage to anything. I would definitely use this company, this team again. This gets my highest recommendation.

Shaina Haley

Very unfair and bad company. The store manager Lyle quoted me $600 for my move and I ended up paying over a $1000. The manager would not honor the price he gave me. If i knew that then I would of moved myself. First time using a moving company and I will never do this again. Do not recommend using any moving company. Save yourself money and just get a uhual.

Kristina Rodriguez

This was the first time I did not read the reviews before booking a service. Hands down awful experience and a total rip off. All my furniture is chipped... my new hardwood floors are scratched, and they can’t even figure out how to get the furniture in. All I had to move was bedroom furniture and it took over 5 hours. Both houses are 5 minutes away from each other. The original sales rep was kind, the next gentleman that I spoke to estimated me $450 max... the final price was almost $800.... DO NOT USE if you don’t want your furniture and house damaged or if you want a completed job. One of the movers moved the whole entire time and the other was just worried about his phone.

Conny Clay

AMS charged me $3,162 to move 3 miles. Promised 5 professional movers and 2 trucks. Overcharged, multiple damages, unresponsive to filed claim. Deposit of $1,000 to secure "5 professional movers and 2 trucks". 5 very young, inexperienced individuals and 1 truck arrived. Total charge was $3,162. One of the outrageous charges was $312.58 for fuel to move 3 miles?! I have very large solid wood furniture. Was told I would "be provided extra care with 5 professional movers and 2 trucks". There were only a handful of blankets. They wrapped large heavy furniture in "plastic wrap" with NO padding. Multiple damaged items thousands of dollars. They did not provide any documentation until AFTER they started the move, and I had to ask for it. Hiding the fact that, a) they would only reimburse based on weight and b) they expect the client to file a claim based on weight of an item. In the claim form they say they will come and review the damage. They also ask for the value of the furniture (which is deceptive in making the client think they will be reasonably reimbursed). They also ask for the weight with no clarity on that is the basis of the reimbursement. I just guessed the weight (having no idea what it actually weights) I filed the claim. NO one contacted me to evaluate the damage. I received a letter saying they would pay ~$500 for thousands of dollars of damage. I tried 3 separate times to contact them (3 - 4 individuals each time) to have them come out and evaluate the damage for a more realistic compensation. They have not responded to any attempts to contact them. In the last e-mail I offered them to reimburse me $2,500 for the damages to close the claim. Again, no response.

Shonday Addison

Jordan Karnes

All my sons is the standard in the industry. They are quick, efficient, responsible, and most importantly reasonable. I have used them twice for moves in the Boston area, and they have been nothing short of great. From mike in the office to the guys on the truck, all my sons is as professional and as first class as it gets in all aspects. Thanks again.

Tonya Hamill

We are 1,000% happy with All My Son’s Moving. Jose’s crew was EXCEPTIONAL. They worked EXTREMELY hard to get my mother-in-laws house loaded up and into storage. It was an overwhelming job and these guys were SO Professional, SO respectful, and SO strong!! In one day they moved what would have taken us weeks or months. If you are thinking about hiring movers, seriously, do yourself a MAJOR favor and work with this company. If you are lucky enough to get Jose, Chris, Gilberto & Antonio, I know you are in good hands. They listened to our direction and went above and beyond to wrap her furniture and load box after box after box. They had a positive attitude. They worked straight through … I had to encourage them to take breaks and drink water! The moving trucks were HUGE. I could not believe how much weight they could carry. Scheduling was easy. The crew was not in a rush to get to another job after us. Payment is simple & straightforward. Jose's team is worth their weight in gold. We are grateful beyond measure to the crew and All My Sons Moving for getting the job done! - Wayne & Tonya, Sandy/Orem, UT

Ivory Battle

Chris And Cosha

they don't have all these bad reviews for nothing it's not worth the extra work don't try hire them they changed the moving date muiltple times first time they didn't even have it in the system

B Barberelli

Terrible! Terrible! Where do I begin...I called All my sons one week before the day I was supposed to move. I spoke with a customer service representative that was in Dallas TX. I explained I needed to be out of my current home by Sunday 9/1. He placed me on hold and when he came back he told me I was in luck they had a spot open. I gave him the details of my move he took a $100 deposit from my card and I thought everything was fine. Wrong!! Two days before my move a manager in the SLC office called me and said that he doesn't know how my move was booked cause he had been booked out on that day for weeks. He then told me I could either take Monday 9/2 @8:45 or he could refund my deposit. Just like that! I couldn't believe what happened but I told him I needed to be out so I would have to take Monday. Again I thought it would be fine and once again I was wrong. Monday morning about 8:40 am I called the SLC office and was told by another Manager that he had no knowledge of my move, who I was, that I ever even put a deposit down on a move. Now I'm mortified cause I had to be out Monday morning. He like the last manager was cold and concise in their response with not a care of the situation all my sons had put me in. Gave him all my info to try and help him find my move. He told me he would call back and about 10 minutes later he called back said his system crashed and deleted 4-5 moves. He then said he could have a crew out sometime later that day to do the move but couldn't say exactly when. He said he could give me a rate of $109 but at this point I didn't trust they would ever come.I called all my sons back and cancelled. I found another company who came out in 15 minutes and did the move in 3.5 hours. At this point I still haven't received my $100 deposit back I wish I could give them a 0

Jaq Marshall

I very rarely leave reviews but I can’t help but leave one given my recent experience. It took over two hours just to load my very small 570 sq ft apartment with small, light furniture (only a few furniture items) and the rest were some boxes. I’ve moved myself with just one other person to help and we were done within two hours. They took over two hours just to load and then took another 40 or so minutes to make a 10-15 minute drive to my storage unit. To save money for medical bills, I would have done the move by myself but have been dealing with heaps of medical issues lately so decided to use movers. I told them NOT to use their packing materials as I literally pointed out I had my own — mind you, I already had everything packed, my bed was the only thing that needed wrapped. They charged me $30 for their plastic wrap even though I told them to use mine. They also charged me $25+ for tape when I again told them to use mine. I was also charged $76 for gas when my apartment and storage units were only a few miles from one another. All My Sons had good reviews so I thought it’d be quick and simple. Absolutely not. The guys that moved me were nice enough but management was rude when I called them to speak about my disappointment and they told me I was unrealistic and basically being unreasonable. The manager refunded me the packing materials (that I again told them not to even use) but told me he doesn’t even think he should. The movers themselves took far too long to load minimal items. The manager told me the guys had to wait on the elevator and that is was causes a longer move. No one had use of that elevator but us. I’m sorry but a studio sized one bedroom with limited furniture and some boxes should not cost anyone $622. They’re very nice when quoting you but rude after they already have your business. You can find better pricing elsewhere.

Dane Henson

Ty and his crew were great! They did all the heavy lifting for me carefully and safely. They were polite and most of all they took care of my packing in a timely fashion.

Debbie Reske

My 2 movers Demetrius and Diego are professional and awesome movers. Would recommend them.

convon93 .

The guys showed up 45 minutes after the scheduled window of 8-10am (things happen, I understand) but literally got out of the truck complaining about how tired they were, and that they worked until 11:30pm the previous night. Consequently, their pace during the entire move mirrored this. My 9 yr old niece and I even helped with moving things out just to get it done faster. I have moved the same items 3 times while in KC and my move is usually $700; this move was just shy of $1000 so I was not happy about that. The reason for the 3 star rating (and not lower) is that the movers were extermely nice, respectful, and handled my items with the utmost care.

Nay Hutchinson

Bruce Johnson

Fantastic job! The whole process was very thorough and well thought out. The movers were very kind and did a wonderful job of making sure everything was wrapped up and secured.

Briana Firmin

Kelvin and Chris were absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much!!!!

djdbowling1 .

Horrible service. Very pricey. Will definitely not recommend to anybody. Do not use this company

Matt Hervey

Awful experience they loaded up their truck and drove to the final location and refused to unload demanding for 200 extra dollars over the quoted amount. Complete scam company holding your belongings hostage until you pay them hundreds of dollars above the quote. Stay far far away.

Kyle Browning

Pearl, David, and Andrew absolutely crushed it today. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service and attitude of these employees. Highly recommended! I’ll be calling y’all back in about 5yrs for the next move! Thank you All My Sons.

Timothy Kerner

Excellent service from Mike’s crew

Linda Clement

I had a great moving experience with All My Sons Moving & Storage recently. My move out of my house for a large renovation project did not go well at all with another company that came highly recommended, so I was not looking forward to the move back, but All My Sons did a great job. It was the easiest move I have ever had and the movers really took great care in moving my furniture and maneuvering through hallways and doors. I can't thank them enough for a reasonably priced, very professional move.

Joy Daniel

Spoke with John, the manager, today. John confirmed that his phone sales associates placed an incorrect number of workers on my move, told me it was my fault for not calling and telling them to make changes... because as a consumer who moves one time every 10 years or so, I'm supposed to be an expert on moving.. not a moving company. John also confirmed that his sales associates did not reveal pertinent information regarding the time estimate and hidden costs. John stated he would do nothing to rectify this situation. John has refused to address my inquiry as to some missing jewelry with his employees.. when I asked him to please speak with them. John told me that I signed a document stating that his employees can steal as they please on jobs - as customers have no proof. John's boss - Make Ross - will be receiving a copy of this complaint as well as the police report for my missing jewelry should this situation not be rectified. This company had a higher rating than others and lured me in with their promises of being "insured" and a family business... Hopefully this rating will help others see what their sales / management team has no desire to problem solve when issues are brought to their attention.

Henry Berkshire

Very professional and kind. The moving experience itself was very painless. We moved from Laurel, Md to West Virginia .The crew was quick and thorough. We had a small, older television crack during the move, and the AMS claims dept. were very helpful and quick to reimburse us. I would definitely recommend All My Sons!

Monica Park

This is my second time using this company. The first time the service and movers were stellar. So I came back for this move. I sincerely wish I had not. The move was scheduled for 7:30-8:30 am arrival. At 8:45 I received a call saying they would be here by 10:30, 11 at the latest. They didn't show up until 1pm. Things started out okay until they started complaining about how heavy my stuff was (I could lift/move all of the 'heavy' stuff and I'm a small person). Then the lead told the other guy to just slow down the pace....they took 4 hours to do a 2 hour move. They only hustled for about an hour then slacked off. They flipped my grandmother's antique hope chest on it's side then on it's top and items got broken. There was baseboard damage, I was told I was bossy when I was 'scolded' for not marking the sides of the boxes instead of just the top. I told him they were, guess that's bossy. They lost a caster off the front leg of my piano and put it on the kitchen counter under papers. As they were leaving I found it and asked about it... the response, 'I think it's off your piano' and out the door they went. I'm contacting the company as I recieved subpar service and ended up being charged twice the amount I was quoted because they slowed down. I had to reassemble everything but my bed. I will NOT be using this company again and I will DEFINITELY NOT recommend them like I used to. Very disappointed.

Sam Lane

Kelly Borgman

Brennan! Yel, Spear and Gabe, were the most courteous and professional four young men that I could have been blessed to be assigned to me for my move from Harridonville to Kingsville. They were amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! Thank you four soooo much for making this move as easy as it could have been!

Dixie Easterly

Showed up 1 hour late.. quoted us one price for moving our house & playset.. they didn’t even touch the playset and wouldn’t honor the original quote. Told us not to worry about clothes and items hanging in closet because they had wardrobe boxes.. they threw all of our clothes in regular boxes and now all our dry cleaned items including MY WEDDING DRESS now have to be taken back to the cleaners. Also I had to rewash all of our bedding bc it was just thrown into the dirty truck on top of everything packed. I would say the guys that did the moving worked hard & fast but overall wasn’t what I expected & I will use another company in the future.

Travis Hedger

NEVER AGAIN. We used them last July and it was great. I wanted to give a repeat business to get out of our storage unit before the end of of the month so I booked about 3 weeks in advance. Now 2 days before the move they cancel because of "over booking" How is that even possible in 2018? You have capacity, you fill capacity, you check that you dont exceed that capacity in your scheduler. They offered to move after the first and I said that would be fine if you reimburse or knock the price of the next months storage off the move bill and they wouldnt budge. Im taking my business elsewhere and will pay more willingly just to prevent All My Sons from getting any more of my business. YOU DO NOT CANCEL 2 DAYS BEFORE A MOVE!

Ranae Parker

We very recently used these people to move us this last weekend..Everything seemed to go well at first. They were very efficient in getting things moved quickly. We were under the time estimated and were happy with the service. Until about 30 min after they left. Upon setting up our daughters room we moved her little(very expensive) wooden kitchen and the leg of it fell off...We looked at the broken area and there was still tacky smelly glue on the broken area.(why was there industrial type glue on the truck in the first place? do they often have things break and try to fix it without the customer knowing?) Without it the kitchen was useless and wont stand up. We thought ok we will just call and tell them and it will be taken care of..NO not the case. First we were told we had to speak to the manager and he was on another line but he would call us back. No call at all. The next day we called again and were told he was gone for the day. We waited the weekend and called again on monday. Finally spoke to him and he could not start the claim himself and referred us to the "claim center". The claim center said we were not in the system and were not a customer. We had to then call the original number back, get our customer number and call the claim center back with it. They then told us they would mail a packet out for us to fill out. We would receive it in 6-10 business days and we needed to fill it out and send it in to file a claim..this is not even guaranteeing that we will be reimbursed in some manner. In my opinion this is the WORST customer service i have ever dealt with. Also the fact the movers tried to hide the break was deplorable. If they had just admitted it and started the claim process we probably would have been somewhat ok with it. Trying to hide it and getting the run around made us very unhappy customers.

Terry Haney

Mikes crew is great!i had a full grand piano and they did an excellent job. They we th to great lengths to protect our furniture abs help us get it located perfectly.

Eric Longhofer

Robert Waldrop

Mike and Austin were great. They move very fast. We did have a hiccup but were able to recover from it. Kinda wish I would not have moved so much myself and left it for them. Ian and Brad are great in the office too. I would use them again in a heart beat! THANKS


Do not use this company, it is a scam. I had the most horrific experience. Here is my story. I was scheduled to move on Monday June 24th at 3pm. I received multiple calls in the days before asking me to reschedule my move time. When I told them that I wasn’t able to move my time due to the time of my house closing and the pick up time of my uhaul, they got extremely rude and hung up on me. The day of the move as I was driving to my apartment with my uhaul they called me again asking if I could get there any faster. I arrive at my apartment a little before 3 pm as scheduled. But they didn’t show up until 3:39 pm , over a half hour late. They made me sign a ton of paperwork with no explanation. Then after I signed they informed me it was a 4 hour minimum. I had been told by the owner that it was a 3 hour minimum when I made the appt. I tried calling the owner, and no response. I was on a time constrain so asked them to start putting things in the uhaul and I would take up the discrepancy with the owner at another time. They seemed annoyed that they had to move things ( which was really unsettling and extremely confusing because that’s why I hired them?) they were not helpful and not respectful of my belongings. I ended up helping them to keep the process moving. Then after 45 mins the guys pulls out more paperwork and asks for my credit card. He then says he’s charging me $622 and they are leaving. I was in complete shock and panic. I still had tons of boxes to pack and hours left of their time. They stole my money and rolled out. I called the office a handful of times. The owner was still mia. I emailed them photos of the boxes left in my living room and photos of the paperwork where the guys had lied about the times they were there. No response. Through tears and completely alone , I had to pack the rest of my uhaul. Oh and did I mention I had been robbed of $622. Now I have to spend time and money getting a lawyer and fighting for myself. Please please beware and do not use this company. Please help spread the word of this scam so others are not taken advantage of, as I was. Will be reporting to the BBB as well.

Mark Mccarthy

Would not recommend this company at all. Did not show for their appointed move date twice. When they finally showed they failed to have the right equipment and had only two employees on the job when three were requested and required for the job. They left to get the appropriate equipment and returned without it. The worst.


I just want to thank Clark, Jacob and Jeremiah with All My Sons for making our move so smooth. These 3 men were complete gentlemen and very efficient. We have had other movers in the past and there was always something that went wrong including getting our move date wrong. When they ran into a problem, Clark was very knowledgeable on how to correct it - He is a great team leader as well. I will definitely use them again if needed.

Suzanne Crews

The crew of 5 guys (Brennan was the lead) arrived on time and worked their tails off...even finishing early! I would hire them again without hesitation. The guys were very nice and went out of their way to make us happy. I was impressed! This is a true review by Suzanne Crews

Mary Ellen Baker

Worst move experience ever. They showed up late, came unprepared (not enough men or boxes), disappeared for 45 minutes several times during the day even though we were paying them by the hour and were on a tight schedule. They could not get the job done, and then they lied about returning the next morning. They are incompetent, uncaring, and were essentially malicious in agreeing to return, but then telling us the next morning that they had no intention of doing so. I found out later that they did $100,000 in damage to our apartment building with their truck. We hired them to pack us, and they just dumped things in boxes and didn't mark a single box so that we could tell what room they came from.

Aejay Goehring

I was worried we wouldn't get anyone booked in time, since other moving plans fell through. We didn't have a whole lot left to move but we had three floors to bring the stuff down. They worked quickly and we didn't notice any issues. Final price was reasonable, all things considered, and I was thankful to not be left moving those big items myself.

Brenna Talley

Andre, Bryce, and Patrick are my knights in shining armor! The price of the move all-in was as or less than expected. In fact, that’s the most important part of this review- that they managed my expectations expertly from my first phone call til they drove away. Great experience! Thank you

Jenell Edmond

Great company, crew was fast very professional

Sharon Dowell

Robert Groseclose

Called and cancelled my move! as I was standing waiting for the truck to show up the phone rang and they said they weren't coming. DO NOT USE EVER!!! I had my move scheduled for 2 weeks, they confirmed the day before then left me hanging. I was forced to pay double what I should have when I finally found someone to help! BEWARE!!!!!

Linsey D

Rick Newell

They say their customers are like family to them, but we were treated like ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. We hired All My Sons to move our 3 bedroom house to a new house that is less than 5 miles away. Please keep in mind that I am 7 MONTHS PREGNANT and should not be lifting anything heavier than 15 pounds. Before the day of our move, we told them all furniture and personal belongings MUST be moved and we listed in detail what they included (2 beds, 35 boxes, 3 bookcases, 5 rugs, etc.). The day of, they showed up and began to complain about all of the stuff they would need to move and repeated asked, “all of this has to be out?”. We ended up needing to do two truck loads and my husband and I were at the new house while they were packing up the second load at the old house. We were about to leave to meet them, when they showed up at the new house. We asked if they had got EVERYTHING and they told us yes. After unloading and leaving, we went back to the old house to discover they had left 3 rugs, some packed boxes, art work, glass for our furniture and all of our house plants. On top of that they had disconnected our washer and dryer even though we had told them NOT to. They also broke our metal gate latch. We called them to come back and FINISH THE JOB, but they REFUSED! Now we are on our own to get these heavy items out before the new owners take over. DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU NEED THE JOB COMPLETED. THEY ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND WILL TRY TO BLAME YOU FOR THEIR INCOMPETENCE!!!!

David Hensley

David Andre Kyle and Brian was the crew we worked with... They were very courteous and respectful as well as protective of the furniture. It was a nice move especially as I really dislike moving.

Jean Strahan

We've moved a time or two (snicker) and have used various moving companies, in addition to moving ourselves (never again!). Our experience with All My Sons was the best moving experience we've ever had. They were on time to load, and they showed up at the new house exactly on time to unload. There were no problems whatsoever. We had just painted the new house, and I was certain we'd have some touch-up work to do after the furniture was moved in, but -- not one! The three gentlemen who loaded and unloaded were such gentlemen, and they treated our belongings as if they were their own. They even overlooked the unbelievable piles of dust under the big pieces of furniture when they moved them... embarrassing to me, but no big deal to them!!! I would not hesitate to recommend All My Sons, and would call them again in a minute if we (please, no!) ever move again. Thanks, All My Sons!!!!

Brittany Doucette

They tacked on extra charges including a $312 travel charge. Wasn’t on any papers or any quote I received from them. Also do not do military discount for veterans, shame. Essentially paid almost $1000 for a queen bed, night stand, a sleeper couch, coffee table and some extra. Would’ve been 5 stars for the movers Kelvin and Mike. All My Sons do not deserve these hardworking, polite men who went above and beyond taking care of my items, moving efficiently and showing me how to put my things back together when I move out of my storage unit.

chris harmon

Had a great moving experience. Very polite and helped me with all my needs no worries and stress free.

Melody Paige

Great crew with fast and friendly service! I did have one damaged item but I guess that's to be expected once in a lifetime. Other than that the office staff was great, awesome communication between them and the movers. I will definitely be using them again!

ike guthrie

Cam and his crew did an amazing job!!!!! They were quick, took good care of my belongings and friendly. I will definitely use them again should the need arise!

Kimi Snipes

Worst moving experience of my life! Anyone thinking about using them, just don't. They steal from you, they give you a cheap quote and then charge double that and they damaged items and didn't care at all. This is a horribly run business, I would never use them again.

Sandy Maag

The only reason it wasn't 5 star was because I wasn't told at the time of scheduling that they would arrive between 10-noon. I expected them at 10, but it was closer to noon. The gentlemen who actually did the move were great. Very careful, very resourceful - moved all items without a scratch!

Melody J

Fabulous movers! They worked without complaint in moving all my junk including two, (yes two!!!) very old, very heavy pianos. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Justin14200 .

Moved our apartment to a home, and couldn't have made it easier.

Tray Bear

Not sure yet. We shall see.

Angel Parent-Perez

The Oklahoma City office has very POOR MANAGEMENT. I really do not see how they stay in business. The have workers who only want to work when they want to, workers that want to work but they don't put them to work, they not only rip their customers off, they rip their employees off. Do not hire this company. Also, there is no way to find out who the actual owners are and that is a HUGE RED FLAG!

Keith Lapsker

I rarely ever complain. However, I feel I have no idea how the charge got so high. They have you sign and initial stuff without clear explanations. The job started at $294 with my $100 deposit. The move was 10 minutes from my apt to my new home. The movers got lost for a 1/2 hour. They could not get my couch through the door and spent much time trying to remove my door. Someone showed up, turned the couch sideways and it moved right in. They spent much time looking for lost hardware. They left without putting the bed frame back together and the desk they took apart...i called them back in. If you use these guys make sure you monitor all fees. I'm not thrilled.

Justin Griffith

Stay away from this business. They are faulty on many levels. Corporate office is just as shady. Use at own risk. They will steal or break you stuff.

ray fallins

Shelley Ball

James Burks

Kay Kellogg

All My Sons called us not 2 minutes after I pushed “I want a quote” button on Angie’s List. From our estimator Toni, to Clark and his crew (4 man crew) to the supervisor who called in the middle of the move to check on us, everyone was professional and courteous. All four crew members worked the entire time. We have now had time to unpack most of the breakables and are pleased with the results. No damage to furniture and care was taken to avoid wall damage as well. They wrapped quilts around doorways to protect the wood. All wood furniture was wrapped in plastic, those with glass fronts had quilt wraps. They took apart and then reassembled two platform beds, took glass shelves out of china hutch, and were sure to ask where we wanted the furniture placed in the new home. They worked from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m with a very short break for lunch. We have a combined household and lots of stuff. They even took our grill, patio furniture, and our garage “stuff”. We would highly recommend this moving service.

cofi laate

Cassandra Gerhold

The office staff was dishonest from the get go. They asked me for a detailed inventory so they could give me an “accurate quote” and it was the most basic quote they could have given according to Edward, one of the co/owners. Edward was kind enough to explain everything to me on the day of confirmation, when it was too late to use any other services in time for my move. In addition to the misquote of my detailed inventory, there appeared to be almost no communication as Edward had no idea what my inventory list contained. When I asked Edward what time I could expect he crew on the day of my move, he said Jimmy would call me around 7-7:30 that day to let me know when they left the office and headed my way. Guess what didn’t happen. I called around 8:30 and asked when I could expect them and Jimmy replied with, “they’ll be leaving soon.” Finally, around 9:30 one of the crew members called Larelle (I’m probably spelling that wrong, sorry!) and said they were about 20 minutes away. This was the most accurate piece of information from the company. Truth be told, the crew saved the review. They clocked in at 10:00 and clocked out at 12:30. They were so efficient and caring. Our cat was hiding inside our recliner so one of the guys brought her upstairs to me because he thought she was scared, I thought that was very sweet and thoughtful. They worked very well and didn’t hesitate to ask any questions to make sure they got everything correct and in the right rooms. The crew is worth it, the office staff is not!

Susan Turner

The movers were very professional and polite. Very hard workers. It was a terrific day. Definitely recommend this company.

RL Hell

Paul Reed

Great experience. Everyone was professional and my move went quick and smooth. Will definitely use again in the future.

Evan Kirkenmeier

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT HIRE! If I could rate them 0 stars I would. There are so many terrible things to list with this group. Far and away the WORST customer service I’ve ever received. To begin with, they showed up 30 minutes late. Then, even after telling them we didn’t need wardrobe boxes they still showed up with wardrobe boxes. They didn’t put anything on the wood or carpet to keep it clean, either at pick-up or drop-off location. They only stack boxes on dollies, which makes things go so much slower. We had multiple items broken in boxes clearly marked “FRAGILE” because they were so careless with the dollies. They broke the front step on our house because of the way they drag the dollies up the stairs. They broke a leg on our recliner and tried to tell us as though it was already broken when it wasn’t. They spilled a shredder full of paper and didn’t even offer to clean it up. They didn’t wrap our TVs in anything and it was raining outside. We got them to our house and they were FILTHY. They didn’t put the furniture where we asked them to and chipped or nicked wood because they either didn’t wrap it or wrapped it so poorly. Now the worst part. We paid about double what we were quoted. They took so long the company had to cancel their afternoon move (we had the morning move). On top of it, they had the audacity to ask for a tip. When the company called them to tell them they needed to come back with the truck, they asked us to put our own beds back together. They didn’t even finish the job! Hire someone else.

Austin Demand

I was skeptical of my move at first. I spoke with Bryan. He was very straightforward with the price and the cost of the move. He also informed me of certain tendencies that lead to misunderstandings on the move date, which ultimately for my move led me to be more comfortable with everything. The entire process was thorough from the phone conversations to the emails. The crew sent out was very polite and the way they took care of my furniture and everything made me feel that they really care about what they do. I'd recommend them to move anyone in my family.

Sandy Loftis

Jarelle & his crew were amazing! They showed up on time, were very courteous, and moved all of my things exactly like I asked them to. I would recommend All my Sons Moving Company for your next move. Their customer service is also awesome! They were very responsive from the beginning to end. Five Stars DEFINITELY!!

Taylor anne Haun

Jarelle, Brennan, Patrick, Spears were absolutely amazing! They moved 2 PACKED FULL storage units into my new 2-bedroom apartment in a matter of hours; everything was exceptionally professional and proficient. Accommodating, professional, and friendly - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! My storage units were messed; previous movers had left a disaster for them to clean up, yet handled (by them) with laid-back attitudes and smiles. Professional yet friendly and accommodating, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this team for any/all of your future moves!!! :-)

Samantha LeCroy

Mike, Quintin, Chris, and Antonio were awesome! They were prompt, fast movers, very nice, and did a great job protecting our stuff! Highly recommend them!

Carmen Liimatta

This is a scam company. I will be moving again in the near future and I will not be using them. Before hiring them, I was quoted a price on the phone that included an hourly rate, travel time and gas/mileage. It took the workers 2 hours to load the truck and the team lead told me it would probably take a little less time to unload at my new location. but when they arrived at the new location, they told me it was going to take 3.5 hours to unload because there was a (short) flight of stairs and asked for payment upfront. I said I would pay the extra money if it took them 3.5 hours to unload, but I was not going to pay upfront for an estimate, because I agreed to pay hourly. They refused to unload until I paid upfront. Guess what? It took the workers 2 hours to unload the truck.

Anastacia Steele

I would highly NOT recommend this moving company. When I called to get prices and a quote, Greg severely underestimated the amount of time and price the move would take and he was highly confident that it would not take any longer than five hours. The movers were an hour late and extremely slow. I was "promised" that all my furniture would be put back together. It was not. We asked the movers how many hours we were charged for, he couldn't tell us. I asked the manager, Brandon, how many hours we were paid for. He was unable to tell me. I was charged for materials that were not used during my move. Called multiple times about a stolen tool and it took over a week to resolve the issue. I basically paid $1500 for a complete nightmare.

Michelle Murphy

These guys were incredibly helpful and accommodating from the very beginning! I needed to move on short notice, over the holiday weekend, and everyone from Dave who answered my first call to Greg who packed and moved my things two days later were fantastic! Jumped through hoops to get me what I needed, and made every step as easy as possible. Still waiting on delivery of our things, but I anticipate that to be as smooth as everything else. Thank you so much, to all!!

John Lilyestrom

Please avoid this company if at all possible. They refused to honor the price we had been quoted and basically threatened to keep our stuff unless we paid the higher price. They are totally unprofessional and the person we dealt with on the phone was incredibly belligerent. STAY AWAY!

Thomas Goodwin

All My Sons Were Awesome! They provided my Daughter great service during her move. Having a child going to school(OSU) so far away can be difficult at times, and finding a professional to move her within Stillwater can be difficult too.. But All My Sons were on time, professional and got the job done....THANKS GUYS!!!!!!

Erin Fanning

This the worst moving experience I have ever had. The movers had an arrival window of 8-10am. The truck finally arrived at 11:40 am. Much of my belongings were already in my new home...the movers were essentially loading what amounted to a studio apartment (in an elevator building). It took 3.5 hours before the truck was finally loaded and that was only because I finally pitched in to move furniture. Overall, the move took 8.5 hours & the movers damaged virtually every piece of furniture they touched & broke several things without bothering to mention it. They did not have the proper training to understand how to move a dresser or mattress. We finally just told them to leave the dresser in the hall, as they were going to either hurt themselves, or further destroy the dresser and wall. We moved it ourselves this morning, with absolutely no problems I might add (& I am a 5'2" woman). I do not blame these men...they are just trying to earn a living. I blame All My Sons. These men were not properly trained, either did not have the right equipment or did not know how to use it, and were sent to a job they could not handle. It was shocking, unsafe, and frustrating, and ultimately far more expensive than it should have been. All My Sons made up for "the misunderstanding" (?!) by reducing my fuel charge & eliminating the 1 hour travel time charge. Never again....

Ghost Writer


Braves Thomas

Michael crew did outstanding and excellent job. Thank you for great workers will use again

Sean Allen

David and Andrew did a great job with the move, very quick and extremely professional

William McDonald

True life savers in a very difficult time. Jonathon, Chris and Damon moved a mountain of boxes and other bulky items, all without complaining. Thank you so much.

Beth Lieberman

Absolutely wonderful moving experience! Brandon, Dillon and Coy were professional and hard working. I would recommend them to anyone.

Randy Tiegreen

Horrible experience. Their truck damaged the gate house at our condominium complex. I took pictures, driver took pictures, members of the Homes Association took pictures. I got photograph of their Certificate of Insurance. I paid HOA $550 bill for damage to gate house. I sent to All My response. I sent to their insurance response. I guess the KS Insurance Commissioner is next. Stay away from this company !

Sara McQuaid

Andre,Bryce,Patrick, T you guys were fantastic so energetic and willing to go the extra mile helping us with a move today!! Highly recommend using them for your moving needs

Lauren Anderson

Frank, Shaq, and Kyrin helped me with moving some very delicate pieces of furniture. They took great care in making sure everything was moved into our U-Haul without any problems. I couldn't have found a better group of guys to help me pack and move my furniture.

Barb J

just moved across state and I am so glad I used the All My Sons team! Management called me personally to ensure my satisfaction every step of the way

Dominic Porter

Jerry Powell

Movers came a day later than when I scheduled. They didn't make me the first priority even though I was bumped a day instead chose another morning job. They didn't completely rap my mattress in plastic luckily I had my mattress protector on which was completely dirty and partially torn from being pushed on the dirty truck.

Tiek Johnson

I was out of town and had a neighbor overseeing the move. Everything went smoothly and was handled very professionally. Both the movers and the office staff were communicative and helpful leading up to the move, during the move, and after. I would definitely use them again in the future.

Alex Koopman

It was a wonderful experience. Coy, Andrew, and David were fantastic. They loaded our stuff from the old place to the new place in a timely and quick manner. We didn't have much, but were impressed it only took an hour. Once at the place they unloaded just as quickly after making sure where everything went. Coy was able to answer any questions that arose. Will definitely use again if needing to move.

Lauren Gay

Mike’s crew was excellent!! They were on time, friendly, and worked exceptionally hard through a very long day until the job was done and they did a great job. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for turn key service. They packed, moved, and unpacked a 4 bedroom house in a single day. No complaints, just a positive helpful attitude with absolute professionalism. We will certainly call them the next time we move.


Moved me out on time, at quoted price, well done. Joel the lead guy was totally professional and courteous, and I could see that he was a great mentor to his two workers, Lean and Will, both of whom worked hard until everything was done right and done on time. Thanks very much to the entire team.

Liz Graham

I would use them again in a heartbeat! They showed up on time, got to work, it was a hot day and they never slowed down. They carefully wrapped all of my furniture up in blankets and plastic wrap. All 4 guys were very helpful and patient especially when I kept asking them to move furniture around in my new place. This is a class act moving company!

Velma Brown

ALL MY SON'S HORRIBLE moving company. One of my elderly, disabled residents used All My Sons to move from Excelsior Springs to Odessa. To begin with arrival time quoted was 8:00 didn't call to let him know they would be late until 10:30, didn't actually arrive until 12:15. They didn't wrap any of his furniture as they moved it out of his apartment, when I questioned this (as one of the dresser drawers continued to open as they were taking it off the elevator) and having just moved using another company who wrapped everything in blankets, the response was "Yes" they did wrap the dresser in cellophane once it was on the truck. They used both property elevators, had boxes and furniture in the lobby everywhere creating trip hazards while they went back up to get more boxes and furniture. I questioned the resident this morning when he came back to clean his vacated unit to make sure they took all his stuff into his new home and placed it where he indicated it should go and to verify they had put his furniture (bedroom in particular) together as they should have done. This poor elderly, disabled, living on a fixed income victim said they wouldn't even unload the truck until he had signed the paperwork and they had their money up front, which was triple the amount initially quoted. SHAME ON ALL MY SON'S COMPANY! Knowing many Real Estate Agents and working in the housing indudstry I would NEVER EVER recommend this company.

Joseph Maile

Ads for All My Sons are very misleading. Movers who arrived (late) were clearly not like those pictured. Polite and strong--yes. But not much more. Sometimes careless, thoughtless, not very smart. Packing dishes done well, but most other packing proved dismaying. Inventory process non-existent. Would not unload unless first paid in full, despite 830 credit rating. Generally poor management and procedure. Cannot recommend .

Jay Mooney

Good crew of guys who worked hard. Went very smooth and the job came in under budget. I'll definitely recommend them to anyone.


I booked my move 3 weeks in advance. Booking process went very smoothly. I waited until 5 days before my move and called to confirm. Was told I could not confirm at this time. I had to wait until the next day. Did not receive a call until 4:30 PM the next day. Attempted to call back the next two days. Was unable to get ahold of anyone or leave a message because the mailbox was full. When I spoke to someone the day before my move I was told they would come out in the afternoon. Waited until 3:00 PM to call the office to see what was going on. Was told they would check and call back. Called again at 4:15 after no return call. Was told they were on their way and would arrive in 30 minutes. The movers had apparently been at one job the entire day. Called back at 5:20ish to find out what was going on. Was told they had stopped for dinner. Finally arrived at 6 and did not leave until 8 PM. One mover was exceptional. The second mover was listening to music. Not paying attention to what was going on. Did not assist the first mover in doing much. There has to be better companies out there.

Michael Reuter

I moved at the end of May with All My Sons. The first person I talked to was very professional and quoted at $149/hour. When I called to book a few days later I was told the price increased to $169/hour due to availability. I was also told at that time the movers would arrive late morning or early afternoon. When I received my confirmation call a few days before I was told the crew would arrive between 7 and 8 am. By 9 am on the day of the move I hadn’t heard anything so I called the office. The representative said they aim for 8-10 am and that my crew had already left the office. They eventually arrived and loaded my things pretty quickly. We both left my old apartment at the same time but I arrived at my new place only a few miles away at least thirty minutes before the truck and crew that I was paying $169 an hour. Overall, the crew got all my things moved without major damage but I would have liked more accurate information and better protection for my furniture. I was charged for packing materials but didn’t see any and ended up with scrapes and scratches on all my furniture.

Garrett Skinner

Nick Oubre

Kelvin, Patrick, and Albert did an amazing job with helping me move into my new place. They were safe with all of my belongings. Would highly recommend them again!!!

Scot Morris

Regretfully sharing a bad experience we had with All My Son’s Moving. You who know me, know I’m not really a complainer, but this time I have to say something. These folks moved us into our new house in May, and while they talked about how careful and wonderful they are, the experience was what one would expect. Not terrific, but stuff got moved from one place to another, so all good. We realized the next morning, when the cable guy was here, that one of our 65” TV’s had been dropped. It has a cracked screen and is totally nonfunctional. I reached out to AMS several times and finally got a response that handed the matter to an office in Texas, I filed the appropriate claim along with notarized forms etc. My response came this week in the form of a letter stating their legal responsibility along with an offer of $24 conditional on my agreement not to say anything disparaging about their company…..yep, $24. There is no further response from their people, either local or from Texas. This message is not to disparage but to simply share the truth about a company that has demonstrated a total disregard for customer service, for doing what’s right, and a corporate culture lacking integrity. We all have choices of who we hire, and the choice of who you hire to move your personal belongings is an important one. My simple recommendation is that you choose someone other than All My Sons.

Lamontia Henderson

Mike is a true soldier the way he works with his crew and keeps everything in line this guy is the truth!!!

Andrea Lafayette

Horrible moving experience! The crew was supposed to be at my storage until at 8:15 never showed and didn’t bother to call until about 9am. Didn’t show up until 10:15 after two calls to say they were running late. Crew took at 30 minute break on my dime and then broke several pieces of furniture, nicked a wall and demolished my refrigerator which they left in my basement and didn’t bother to tell me it broke until I found it. Tried calling the company to get an explanation and resolution and the crew said that’s how they found it even after I sent pictures. They company will take zero responsibility for the damages and basically saying that’s how they found it. I was personally There and they have lied! I would highly suggest never using this company! They are unprofessional and can tell they don’t care anything about you the customer or your possessions.

Joyce Mason

Price was too high for one our of work. Only moved two rooms and one table and I was charged $577

Karen Sirman

I called to move my 93 year old mother from one Assisted Living home to another, just one bedroom. I was quoted 2 men and it should take about 2 hours and cost about $400. While the crew was good (Michael in charge), they did get lost for 30 minutes enroute to the new Assisted Living location. I asked him to dock 30 minutes. When I looked at the bill, there were charges of $71 for supplies (are you kidding, a little tape and wrapping material??), and $119 for them to get from their office to the first location and then their second location, then charges for 3 men at 3.25 hrs. I was somewhat miffed at the invoice, though the guys did a good job. Total cost was $627 plus a good tip. Was not expecting this high of a bill when I was quoted about $400 for 2 men and a truck that should only take 2 hours! The salesperson gets you hooked, then overcharges.

M Mc

I highly recommend working with Matt Davis. We had a very straight forward move and Matt managed our move flawlessly. Price as quoted. Matt called before and after the move to assure we knew what to expect and that we received adequate service.

Richard Rooks

Rochelle Hagan

ramireddy ramireddy

Jarelle and tiler- they were great at moving out furniture. Very professional and easy to work with. Very accomodative with all our requests. Great job over alll!!

Lorrie Kanenbley

Dre, Bryce & Daron were wonderful in getting us all taken care of today! They definitely had their work cut out for them but were super patient in getting it all put together like a puzzle in the pods! Thank you all!

Bailey Breeding

This review is only specific to the crew and not the company in general. Jarelle, Spears, Daron, and Coy were very professional and moved quickly. They wrapped all of our big pieces so they were secure and didn’t get damaged. I would recommend this crew.

Terry Byers

We had the most wonderful experience with the 3 professionals from All My Sons. This was not an easy move. We were moving our parents into an Independent Living facility. Not everyone was real happy about the move. Our 3 movers couldn't have been nicer, more thoughtful, and careful with not only the things being moved, but the people who were moving also. We appreciated their kindness and humor throughout the experience. If we ever move again, we will definitely use All My Sons


Don't waste your time. They are shady and do not keep to their prior agreement. Completely unprofessional and a pure disappointment. They make it sound good but once they are at your home, the circus begins. They will also over charge, while they are trying to pressure you to pay before they will remove your items from their truck. They come with a Uhaul sized truck and the crew that was with us was told to be their top crew.... well I'd hate to see the others. Save yourself the stress, they do NOT make it stress free unless your willing to pay $4000+ to move one mile.

Pamela Galligan-Stierle

The All My Sons team was efficient, attentive to details, courteous and helpful. They were patient with my 91 year old father and very friendly. Great service and great price! I would highly recommend them.

Kim P

Great experience with Mike’s crew. They were very respectful and did an excellent job moving us!

Alain Siewe

Dear Manager, my wife and i are more than happy with your service. Travis and Rico made our move to Houston easier and less stressful. They came on time and they kept offering us the best of themselves. These guys are outstanding. We hereby congratulate you for hiring awsome people.

Holly Poston

These guys are awesome!!!! They wanted to move everything and they wanted to do it fast!!! I'm absolutely delighted with the team (father & sons) they sent me. We moved a three bedroom house with appliances from two locations into one location in 5.5 hours and these guys never stopped moving! They worked like they get paid per job instead of per hour. They're bang bang bang and done! This is my second time moving with them and I will definitely use them if I move again!!!

Sarah Mathes

Stay away! Damaged my items and then found out that they do everything they can to not pay. I was told by the manager that it wasn't their fault and he wasn't even there! Quoted one price and it was double after they got everything loaded. Refused to unload until I paid them.

Dawn Starnes

Guys worked hard. The lead worked to keep guys moving and kept clear communication with me on everything. Very polite and took great care of my needs including my mental stress. They made my move easy.

Myka Thomas

This company was great! This was the smoothest move I’ve ever had! The two guys (Clark & Brandon) who moved me were very professional, efficient and pleasant. I’ll recommend this company for your move big or small!

Lisa Bindel

The driver andre and his bro bryce there helper deron was friendly, and did a great job. I was very pleased with the exceptional job they did. Very knowledgeable. BRYCE AND DRE COMMUNICATE VERY WELL TOGETHER. this was definitely an A+ move

J Collop

The company confirmed our moving appointment (we were supposed to be the second of the day) two days prior to the move. However, on moving day no one ever showed up and no one ever called to tell us that they wouldn't be showing up. When I finally called at around 5:00 we were told that they wouldn't be coming over because of the heat (the next day the movers told us it was because the first move had taken longer than expected). No one bothered to let us know that they were not going to show up. We only found out because we called them. They then gave us one option to reschedule, which was the next day. Didn't seem to matter that I was supposed to be on a flight that next morning. I was lucky enough to find someone that could go over to the house. We were told we would be the first move that day but they didn't come over until late morning. When they did show up they broke a credenza and chipped a statue. Movers told us they would report it (they took pictures) and would have the office call us. They never called so once again we had to contact them just to be told that the movers hadn't reported it. Finally gave up trying to get anything fixed as the frustration wasn't worth it. Can't believe I had to pay for that terrible experience. Never again.

Amy Neuwirth

Jacob and crew did an amazing job! So glad that they could help!

Jamie Chacon

Calvin, James, Jonathan, and lastly Antonio were the absolute best! Wrapped, loaded, and unloaded all of my belongings with such care! I would highly recommend them! I also believe they all should get a raise!

Imf Imf

I used this company for my move. I will never recommend this company to anyone. I had a item damaged by their crew and they’re only willing to pay me 10% of its value to replace it. This company is horrible. In all I am out 1,600 dollars to replace the item they damaged. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!

Jenna Wilcox

TERRIBLE. DONT USE THESE PEOPLE. They dont have caring, honest, trustworthy management. You have been warned. They will give you a low ESTIMATE but once its on the truck the tune changes. You can double whatever they tell you. Just be honest with people up front. You will pay a flat 1hr travel time on top of total time of move. Plus a fuel charge which to me is you are being charged twice. Go with Two men and a truck. They were great last time and I should have used them. But I tried to price them out together before and AMS's gave a lower initial price but hid all the other cost. You got me once but it will never happen again! Reported. Telling everyone I know in B.R. stay away.

Diane laughsalot

All my sons moving company lost two mirrors to my bedroom dressers and did not try to help find them. They were clumsy and hit the walls while moving the heavy pieces. I definitely would not use them again. They had no remorse about losing the mirrors or whatever they did with them.

Jim Walker

I was promised 3 movers, 2 showed up. They took forever to get a relatively small move done and in the process lost the shelves to a curio cabinet my uncle gave to me before he died. I contacted AMS and the reply was an email with a "packet" to fill out and instructions to fill it out, add pictures and send back. Done. Next email told me it would take 30 days to investigate. Thirty days came and went, nothing. Emailed AMS that the 30 day period was over and they responded, ironically in the email conversation with the attachment with everything requested attached from a month earlier in tow, that they were waiting on the packet!! I'm not waiting, I'm contacting the Attorney General's office and filing a complaint. Entrust your valuables to this company at your own risk. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. (Sadly, I'm forced to give them one star in order to post, they don't deserve it)

Ronnie and Shawnna Harrison

Excellent service! Fast, efficient and punctual! Jarelle, Brennan, Robert and Chris were very professional. Top notch teamwork!!!!

Brandon Foster

My move was successful thanks to the great workers that were apart of it , highly recommend company

Nancy Nicolaus

David and Andrew were right on time. They were competent, respectful and polite. Job completed in less time than expected. Will use All My Sons again.

Jagdish Patel

All_My_Sons was very responsive and dedicated group of the people. Robert and his team took care of my daughter's move very graciously. I appreciate very much. Thanks.

Lori Tunstall

We had a terrible experience with this company. Within the first ten minutes of the movers arriving, they broke the leg of our piano. Shortly after, they dropped the piano. One of the owners called to discuss and he said I would hear back from him on having someone repair our piano. It's been about two weeks and we still haven't heard anything. They didn't even give us a discount on the move, which was WAY overpriced.

DeVannon Hubert

All My Sons moving is the worst moving company I have ever had the extreme displeasure of dealing with! They reeled me in with exquisite customer service on the phone during the quoting process. The VP, Tristan, even called and left a voicemail to follow up and be sure everything was going well. On the day of the move, the truck with three men in it, arrived at 8:15AM. They moved incredibly slowly from the beginning. I asked the driver if he was in charge and he replied with a very questionable "yes." I would have fired them right there on the spot if not for the extenuating circumstances I was needing to escape from at the apartments I used to reside in. I went with the lesser of the two evils but I never imagined that the devil's horns could get to be so long and pointy. These guys were completely clueless as to what I was needing to have moved. I found this to be quite aggravating due to the fact that I had already gone over all of this in great detail over the phone during the quotation process and these guys were looking at me like I was speaking some unknown language to them. They opened the first cabinet and saw that I owned several wine glasses and other general drinking glasses. They gasped as though they had seen an alien fly out of the abyss and then stated that this move would for sure take 4-5 hours. I then asked the "supervisor" if this was in fact their occupation and if they had indeed moved anything for anyone a day in their lives before. I also asked how they could surmise the length of this move based solely upon one cabinet full of glassware. There was no response. I checked the time and noticed that it had been 30 minutes since these guys had arrived and there was not yet one item loaded onto the truck. I departed from the apartment and called into All My Sons to complain about this debacle. I spoke with Jonathan who acted like this behavior was so out of the ordinary for these guys and seemed to be completely taken aback that he would receive such a negative report on them. He did adjust the start time to my benefit but the tirade continued on. These guys had the nerve to not only be on their cell phones during this process but they also took it upon themselves to plug said cell phones into my wall outlets making use of my electricity without my permission. I began loading up my personal vehicle with items in an attempt to move things along. This was absurd as the whole reason for hiring a moving company in first place is so that they would do the moving and not me. To top it all off they forgot the bars that go into the wardrobe boxes. Furthermore, they did not even bring enough boxes overall to be able to completely empty the apartment. So yes after this nonsense it still took me three additional days to finally get everything out of the apartment!!! Hours passed and they were finally ready to head to my house with whatever they were able to actually take. We got ready to head to my house and I gave the driver very easy and very specific directions. Well I'm on my way to my house and I get a call from the driver stating he can't find my address in the GPS. More time was wasted with me telling what I had told him already in terms of location. True to their original word we did not make it to my house until about 5 hours later around 1pm. I paid a $250 deposit when I called in for the quote with a maximum total for everything in the $600 range including said deposit. The driver had the gall to tell me I owed them an additional $1138! They said they were going to take my belongings to their warehouse until I paid so I did end up paying a portion of this so they wouldn't take my things. They were intentionally wasteful with product in order to pad charges onto my bill. Tristan was not available at all on move in day and I called three days later and was still not able to reach Tristan. It has been over a week since I last reached out to All My Sons and not a word from them. I am not happy with this scandalous organization.

Mallorie Tener

The movers were friendly, efficient, knew their jobs well & arrived promptly on time! There was no time wasted. All of my furniture was taken good care of. I would highly recommend this company for your next move!

Patti-Anne White

We were very pleased with All My Sons. Jimmy, German, and Edward were very helpful in scheduling our move. Everything was explained very clearly. Very fair price. Our actual moving crew was Gabe, Anthony and Coy. They were very careful with our belongings. They had to pick up at one place and transport to two places. Move was done smoothly and quickly. Very polite and professional.

Andrea Zuvic

I needed to move my grandmothers 3 story house ( plus basement) rather quickly after she passed away. I was hesitant at first but these guys were respectful, efficient , and hardworking . Would definitely recommend.

Justin Newman

Mike and Tim did an excellent job moving me from LA to GA. They took great care of my belongings and were very professional. I'm overall very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone moving.

Casey Whittier

Not a good experience. They forgot to take my bed frame off the truck, had to come back to deliver almost 2 hours later. Then I realized that they lost an item of mine in the move. They didn't take any responsibility for it, didn't call me back, and were generally rude and difficult to deal with. No compensation, just the run around. Cost me more than my last move, where I moved almost twice as much stuff without issue. Go with another company, you won't regret it.

Robert P

So I called up this moving company and explained I was moving from an apartment to a townhouse and only needed a bedroom set, tv, stand, counch and recliner moved. The guy was super friendly and eager quoting me their hourly price and such. So I scheduled the move. Well a day or so before hand I made the decision that I would have them move more and understood it would increase the overall cost (up until now I assumed maybe 3 or 4 hours tops for the original planned move). The day of the move the mover showed up, I showed him the apartment and he pulled me aside and told me "Look the company is billing this at 5hrs of work + 2hrs min, but screw them I'll charge you 3hrs and you pay me and my guys $450 and I'll save you $400 for the move". First off this is the first time I was ever told they had a set estimate of my move, and the first time I had a price (if I knew this I wouldn't have booked the move). Anyway I opted to save some money and had them move me. They rushed through moving my stuff not taking extra care to really keep things protected (including my old apartment, I heard "oops don't worry about that numerous times"). Upon arrival at my new location I found out that they had broken my bed frame in 2 places, and the guy who broke it tried to hide it but I stumbled upon it and he couldn't hide it any longer. The boss's suggestion "Just buy gorilla glue and fix it yourself, the company (All My Sons) will take forever to come out, they'll use cheap glue and repair it then ignore you after the fact". Their $.60 a pound coverage is a joke, if I filed the claim my bed at most would be 100lbs which means I'd get $60 to replace a $700 bed....yeah that works out. The movers, would ignore my suggestions on how to move items to their new room and ended up scratching my new walls again "Oops don't worry about that". Overall the entire move was the worst experience I've ever had. I'd never in my life recommend these people to anyone, not even my worst one deserves to be put through the kind of hell these movers put you through. If you were to listen to a strangers online suggestion, please let it be this one and STAY AWAY FAR FAR AWAY.....go anywhere else, do it yourself....craigslist....hell put a sign out front "Free pizza & beer if you help me move".....any of these would be a better experience and financially cheaper.

Earle Wright

They were on time, worked fast, and charged what they said they would charge. I was very pleased.

Michael Barrick

Very reliable. They did an excellent job and took great care of our stuff.

Bryan Wood

When Jermaine , Miller & Bernard showed up at my apartment they got right to work humping furniture out to the truck immediately & from there it was smooth sailing!! They finished a 5 hour job in just 4 hours with little problems! Great bunch of guys and real hard workers, will ask for them next time I have to move!! Make sure to ask for them!!

Sharon Whitney

I had All My Sons Moving Company move me across town. I have new furniture which was very expensive and when the sales person showed up at my house he promised that everything would be wrapped up in plastic and then cloth, and that nothing would be damaged. He also told me that he is the most expensive moving company because they are this good. I have a WHITE Couch and a very expensive dining room table. I asked the movers to take the table apart due to it being a one of a kind table that I had built for me from an OMISH company so it would not get damaged in the truck and to wrap it. They reassured me that they did not need to take it apart but they would wrap it. When we arrived at my new house and the movers started removing my furniture, The couch was not wrapped and it had BLACK hand prints all over it. Please understand that this couch is not even fully paid for yet. The dining room table had a couple of dents on it for not being wrapped. Also one of the movers touched my wall at my new house which was painted in egg shell paint and was new paint. When I told the mover about his hand prints he told me that he was sorry but All My Sons have been sued in the past for stuff like this. I called to let the office know that I wanted someone to come out and fix my couch by having it cleaned and also look at the table knowing that this could not be repaired. I was told that they would not send anyone out to look at the damages but they will send me out a packet to fill out and then they will review it to see if they will do anything for me. So, I immediately contacted my credit card company and told them the problem. So they did there investigation and found IN MY FAVOR that ALL MY SONS did damage your goods and will not even work with them to try and get someone to work with me. I am also going to turn this issue over to the BBB. Please turn this company away for your MOVES. Thanks, Sharon

Chris T

THESE GUYS WERE AWESOME!!! I was a little hesitant to go with All My Sons at first because of some of these reviews. Turns out they are under new management and it made all the difference. No Hidden Fees, no BS, the guys got in there and went straight to work. No damage done to any walls or furniture as i had experienced with other companies in the past.

veronica gonzalez

The estimate I was given was $465 for 2 hours moving and 1 hour travel time for 3 movers to pack a 10x10 storage unit into a truck. It ended up costing $1,245.45 for a job that started at 3:10pm and ended at 10:30pm. It took us 2 hours to load an apartment into the 10x10 unit, but it took 3 professional movers 5hrs to unload into a truck??? Then Joel was trying to sell his own private service while on the job. Plus the guys were complaining about each other the entire time at the house. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.


I would like to say that the crew wasd Very Professional. There arent many Moving Cimpanies that give SUCH Excellent Customer Service. So if your looking for a Moving Company that is FAST POLITEABD GIVE U EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. ID RECOMMEND this Company.. Great Job Guys Be Blessed

James Arizini

Mike and the guys were the absolute best!! Super professional and worked with us to make sure our new home looked exactly the way we wanted. I highly recommend to anyone!!

Rebecca Dyer

Andre, Bryce, and Brian worked very hard and were efficient.

Gwen Brackett

HORRIBLE!!!!! Would give them a -5 stars if I could. Called 2 days before the move to confirm and gave me a time frame. Then the DAY OF the move they called and cancelled! Surprised that they are still in business with these work ethics.

Jeri Robertson Henderson

Austin, Aaron & Charles did a great job packing and unpacking our items with care. They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. Thanks AMS BR!

Mariam Whiddon

We had a wonderful experience with this company! Marlin and his crew were courteous and professional in every way. I would definitely recommend this company for your move.

Alaina Kneiling

These guys have hidden fees, they did a poor and slow job, they scratched up my only heirloom, and refused to respond to my email complaint about their services. Don’t give your money to these scammers. Do better, All My Sons.

Penny Hayes

I had the pleasure of using All My Sons for a move a few years ago. It made my move extremely less stressful. The men were punctual, professional and worked quickly. They treated my belongings with care and I absolutely recommend them for small of large jobs!!!

Laura Artman

Jordan, Chris, and Alex showed up on time, helped me with a few last minute packing details, took great care with wrapping some old furniture & fragile items. They were respectful and helpful every moment. I'm very grateful that I didn't need to worry about damaged items. Then they took the time to place all furniture and boxes where I wanted it. The manager, Matthew, made sure that I knew he was a phone call away and followed up during and after the move to be sure things went well. Super glad I chose All My Sons!

Sarah Woolard

Dylan and Seneca were great and very helpful despite it pouring down rain the day of the move. They made the whole process painless for me. The cost adds up more than I anticipated, but I am grateful that the movers provided were so friendly and accommodating.

Celeste Heard

Antonio, Keenan, Taeon are awesome. They were on time, professional, and genuinely nice. I highly recommend them for your moving needs. You won't regret it. Should I move again I want them.

Laneisha Johnson

Mike and Tim were very helpful and professional from start to finish! They answered any questions I had and made sure that the job was done to my expectations.

Michael green

Mike & Tim were very courteous and polite. Very professional! I highly recommend


This is a fraud company. Someone by name Eddy is the one who did the correspondence and he has no idea how to work. 1. They called me on the day and told me they don't have people. After arguments they sent 2 after 3 hours of appointment which was a major problem due to fixed slots in the apartments. In a rush they damaged few stuffs and did not fully finish the work. 2. They did not return the additional charged amount. They have charged $130.00 which was supposed to be returned as they said but even if I call they don't respond. 3. They quoted a lower price so that I can book and few hours after the quote raised the price to but by then I had turned others down.

Jacquelyn H Tracy

The gentlemen who came to do our move were friendly, efficient, and quick. Great job!

sherry hiwiller

This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a moving company. The contracted supervisor they have is very rude. They damaged my new couch and recked my book shelve. I found this damage after they left. I never did get my couch up to my new apartment. When I called the office they seemed to not care that I was really upset. She said i will put that in your file. I Was given wrong information about the cost. They said due to long hall ways and long side walk it was taking so long. No one tried to make it right. I will never recommend this company to anyone. And report them to the Better Business Bureau with a bad rating.

Jason oconnell

Ivan and the crew were excellent workers and very careful with my furniture and fragile belongings. They made the move as enjoyable as a move could be. Thank you

Trudy Lynn Hearn

This is a TOUGH review for me to write. If I had to judge my move based on Ty Smith and Marcus Underwood...I would give FIVE STARS hands down. These guys did exceptional work. They moved quickly...and by quickly...I mean they were literally running back and forth from my place to the truck to ensure I had a speedy move. Nothing was damaged in the move and they were very polite. So...I give a star to each of them. UNFORTUNATELY I would NEVER use ALL MY SONS or recommend them to ANYONE. I was quoted a price of about $400 dollars and the bill ended up being $900 dollars which included the $100 dollar deposit. We started at 2:45 pm and ended at 6:05 pm. At a rate of $109 for less than 4 hours...I think I'd be pretty good estimating about $500 dollars but no more than $600 in total for this job. I mean...why provide an estimate if the price is going to be double? If you choose to go with All My Sons, just be sure you have a clear understanding of each charge you'll incur. Pay close attention to fuel charges, prorated charges, etc that aren't clearly stated up front. I'm NOT disappointed in the movers whatsoever, I'm disappointed in the company for providing a POOR estimation and unclear guidelines as to how much this would cost. ~TLYNN

David Wilcox

The folks who moved me were fantastic. They were on time and quickly moved my belongings with me damage. I would definitely use them again

Vael Victus

Solid movers. Very affordable. If I had any complaint, it's only that they email you often, mostly from the creepy-sounding "yourfriend" address. It's easy to forgive that when one of the emails is actually useful, reminding you of all the things you have to do for a move, like setting up mail forwarding.

Robert Wallace

This is the second time I have used All My Sons and they are amazing. They are fast, efficient, and friendly. They always make moving less stressful and for a reasonable price.

Auto Gallery

Will definitely use All my Sons when we move again, and recommend to friends.They guys arrived on time. Company called to make sure everything was going well. They guys did a great job, very careful, professional, and did everything in a timely manner. Terry and Donna Guadagni


*Update* The company called my husband not long after I wrote this and they have agreed to refund the additional charge and they will pay for the damages through the community manager. I am thankful that they finally handled this professionally, but it shouldn't take a 1-star Google review to get them to do so. In light of their willingness to own their mistakes in this, I've changed it to 3-stars instead of 1. First off, we booked AMS because when we moved here from Texas they did a phenomenal job in getting us unpacked and taking care of everything! That was one year ago, however, and I don't know what happened but our experience yesterday was horrible! We were given an estimate based on a half-day's work because we moved everything ourselves except the heavy stuff (about 9-10 pieces of furniture total). Only THREE people showed up, one who was the driver and barely helped his team out with anything. We specifically requested 4 people because of how heavy some of our furniture is and yet we really only got 2. Then they called with a "final remaining cost" which I gladly paid, only to later bill me again for over $400 WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE because it took them longer than planned -- again, THEY sent only 2 people when we requested and were quoted 4! They also showed up with NON-electric tools to disassemble everything. Of course it took longer! That's their problem for not planning accordingly and not abiding by the estimate that we got in writing! Then, they lost the hardware to our bed and our son's bed which is ridiculous because they had it ALL inside our new house and then it mysteriously vanished? Then they tried to put my son's bed together anyway but only putting in screws every other hole! And they tried to use wood screws to hold our bed together! So, not only did they lose the hardware but my husband had to tear down what little they had started and put it all back together the right way AFTER we had to go to Lowe's and get replacement hardware! When I called them about all of this, I was told that they were calling their "crew" and would call me back within 30 minutes. That was last night and I still have not received a return call. I'm filing a fraud dispute with my cc company for the additional charges since 1) they didn't bother to call me and get my consent considering it's my cc (not my husband's) that was being billed, 2) they didn't even do a complete job because they couldn't reassemble the furniture after losing the hardware, and 3) they didn't send 4 people as was originally agreed upon. If they were only going to send 2 (plus one not-so-helpful driver) then that's what our estimate should have been based on and therefore based more realistically on an 8-hour day instead of a half-day! Oh, and now I've had to involve our community manager because they damaged the banister, carpet, walls, and baseboards along the stairs. Maybe if they had the 4 people like we were told, they would have been able to be more careful instead of crashing into everything because of the weight of the furniture. I also would have been happy to write a more favorable review if they had been more professional in trying to resolve this and actually called me back like they said they would! Professionalism and good business means you don't ignore issues or customers, and you own your failures in the planning and execution of an agreement!

Margaret Wangler

Very professional, quick, and friendly. Supervisor even called during the move to make sure there were no problems/issues. I would highly recommend them to everyone!!!!!

Mary Ann Loar

I moved on 5/30 from my house and put my belongings into a storage garage. The 3 movers (Brian, Jeff and Zac) were great. They were professional, polite, helpful and friendly. The estimate they gave me was less than half that of a local moving co. and they actually got done about an hour earlier than expected. The price was very reasonable and was worth every penny. I will definitely use them again.

Dalan Doucette

these guys did a tremendous job moving all of my stuff, not a scratch or a ding on any of my stuff and got it all out in with no problems. have to shoutout the guy who helped me with it all, Andrew Hurt was a huge help with the whole process.

Terri BleService