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REVIEWS OF Mark the Mover, Inc. IN Georgia

Sarah Sutton

My husband and I live in the neighborhood in which they are located. Both of us have almost been hit by their drivers. Just recently I was driving on Carroll when I had to slam on my breaks to avoid running into one of the trucks that pulled out on me. This company needs to do better about training their drivers.

Meggan Ford

We used the mark the mover for an apartment move several years ago and had a good experience. When it was time to move again, we decided to give them a call. They made the moving process so easy. They were so nice and helpful. Nothing was broken in the move. They were also quick and efficient. They made sure everything was taken care of.

James Davis

Tee Bee

Lauren Dack

Mark the Mover moved us in April. They were on time and nice, but they broke one of our shelves and completely destroyed the side of another one with scratches. There are also some scratches on the bottom of my son's crib.

Regina Edwards

Andrew and his crew did a great job moving my office. Quick, efficient and careful with my items. I will be booking them again to move my home.

Kewun Thomas

Applied to job, with resume. Was stopped at the the door before I got a chance to introduce myself, to be told they have a clean cut policy. I have dreads. Then I was told I would need a background, I said both of those wouldn’t be a issue because of my future plans. I tried to go in and fill out the app and was denied access and brought a application. It was just a odd experience.

Parm Atwal

Based on the strength of MTM's reviews here and on other review sites, I chose them for my interstate move over larger, national players for a corporate move in April 2011. When they provided an estimate, they showed the kind of flexibility (sunday delivery, two dedicated mid-sized trucks versus loading me with another move on an 18 wheeler, etc.) that no other mover was willing to provide. My team included Bruce, Glenn, Marcus, Bud and Jabastian. All were courteous, respectful and professional at all times. We had some minor, customary claims and they were processed efficiently by Paul. He was very helpful facilitating us through a painless process. If I still lived in Atlanta, MTM would be my go to mover.

266 Jeremy

I've moved 11 times back in the military, and Mark the Mover was my best moving experience I have ever had. The guys were processional, on time, efficient, and careful. All my stuff was moved with zero damage, probably because they took time to pack every piece of furniture in clear wrap and/or cardboard with blankets. They never dinged any walls either.

Steven Linowes

They were good, friendly but very slow relative to what I was expecting and what they told me when they got there.

Blake Cooper

britney leaver

Taylor Jones

Jenny Rankin

Oh my! These guys saved my sanity! We had a horrible experience with another mover, and my crew from Mark the Mover (shout out to Charley, Joseph, and Fasco!) fixed every delivery mixup that involved 4 locations. If I could give these guys 6 stars, I would!


Charlie Bishop

John really helped me out when we were in a bind. Our original mover never showed up and John took us on at the last minute. The movers were excellent (Quavo, Sydnee, Robert & Donnie). They were professional, fast, careful, nice and funny. Highly recommend Mark the Mover and this team.

Larry Joseph

After looking at various companies I went with these guys. Great experience, and all the stuff got to our place fast, nothing broken and on time.

Janice Underwood

Great company to work with. Kevin took the time to explain the whole process. I wish I would have used them for a move earlier. Great work guys!

Brendon Carrasquillo

I've used Mark the Mover on two separate occasion and they have been great to work with. My sales person, Kevin, was very friendly and explained the process perfectly. The guys arrived on time, their appearance was professional, and their attitudes were positive. Definitely recommend them!

Camille Williams

The Moovers Inc

Bob Delan

Worst company ever used

Dylan Tuck

Moving is always a hassle. And I've had bad experiences with moving companies before. Not so this time. Everything was done according to plan at the agreed upon price.

Eric Werner

We were very pleased with Mark The Mover. They arrived on time and were very professional. They were extremely careful with every item and there were no scares, no bumped walls, no scratches. The crew was friendly and the only direction they really seemed to need was where to put things once we got to the new house. The whole move took a little longer than I was expecting, but maybe we have accumulated more stuff than we had for our last move.

Joan Barnett

We used Mark the Mover on July 7th. Mike G. called to confirm the move the day before and called in the morning of the move to let us know they were on their way. The arrived right on schedule! Their team jumped right into action and, before we knew it, they were on their way to our new apartment. The team was very professional and nice. In my opinion, they went beyond the call of duty, even helping us with stuff we were carrying. The fees were exactly as quoted. The furniture arrived in perfect condition, and we can't thank them enough for their help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, or use them again.


Yannick R

It's not the cheapest option, but you get what you pay for. Very professional.

Eugenie Hagemann

Alicia Rice

These guys are 100% professional and a pleasure to work with. First, I got an accurate quote and easy booking over the phone. Then, they moved my apartment more quickly than I would have guessed while also wrapping each piece of furniture and appliances with cling wrap, blankets, and/or cardboard as necessary. One of the more experienced guys was coaching a younger guy on how to do things faster, better, safer. The whole time, they were checking on my needs, using extreme professionalism while also laughing and joking and having a good time. I almost want to move again, but nah...

Gordon Callaway

We could not be happier with our move. Rodney, Henry and Dieon were prompt, professional and courteous. They worked non-stop from the moment they hit the door until they brought in the last item at the new house. They treated our belongings with incredibly great care. In fact, I commented on this to each of them at various points during the move and the response was always the same. "That's how we do things at Mark the Mover" or, "We treat your things like they were ours." Toward the end of the move Henry asked if a box that I had set off to the side was to go on the truck. It contained a vase that my dad had purchased for my mother years ago. Both of my parents are recently deceased, and that vase is a cherished possession. I had packed it with great care, and intended to take it in the car with me. My knee had been bothering me, which they reminded me of every time that I tried to move something out of their way, "Hey, take care of that knee!" Having seen how they handled everything else in the house I said, "Sure." When we arrived at the new house I started to get a little anxious and asked Henry to keep an eye out for that particular box. Minutes later, he walked over, handed me the box and said, "Here you go!" Handing me the box marked, "Dad Vase...handle with care." These gentlemen did handle it with great care, along with every other item in my house. They deserve ten stars!

Kearstyn Thompson

Thomas Luby

Another great move with Mark the Mover. This is the second time I've used them in a decade and it was about as smooth as you could expect. The crew had a great attitude despite the long day and extreme efforts they put forth. Also extremely polite. Thanks guys!

Stephen Hobbs

Excellent service. Prompt, competent. Movers were friendly. I am using them again next week. I highly recommend them. RE: post about charging so much and not paying workers: Overhead, insurance, and competitive pressure from other companies all have to be considered. See what the movers at Truck N I make, or Two Men and a Truck. Wages will be within 10% of competitions' wages.

david steinfeld

WOW- We just used Mark the Mover for in-town move. I cannot say enough good things about the crew. We had a large move of more than 5 bedrooms, living room and outdoor furniture. From the time they said hello, they were so professional, courteous and flawless in their delivery. The crew was managed by a senior guy who works as hard as the others. This was a very well-run machine. They did not damage anything, they placed furniture pads on all the items, handled a dining table like champs, did not mention tipping one time; even though generous with them at the end....I felt no number was enough. They made sure when done we were completely happy with placements of all furniture down to inches one way to the other and left the area spotless. This event is stressful to begin with, I would call no other group if possible.

Matt Adcock

MTM is Very professional moving company that treated our belongings like their own! We will diafiantly be using them again although I hope it's not in the near future!

Lynn Courtenay

My son moved from Buckhead to Midtown and needed help with this move. I arranged the move for him due to his busy work schedule. Mark the Mover did an excellent job~ They were professional in appearance, arrived on time and worked quickly. We worked with Kevin at Mark the Mover and he was excellent to deal with! I have been involved in many moves and this was one of the smoothest so far! Great company!!!


I work there now and it's great people.. got some knuckle heads but other than that great people

Dale Turner

Charles and his team did an outstanding job, and was so helpful during our move. This by far has been one of the best moving experiences we have had, and we move also every 2 years!!!! If you are looking for great movers and very little transportation headaches, call these guys!!

John Hartung

Jarvell Jewell

Mark the mover was the worst place I ever worked. They tell everybody to come to work the just send out certain. I had this happen to me for two weeks straight. Never again

Mark Baker

Mark the mover is the worst place i have ever worked for . they charge people so much money but yet the pay the workers next to nothing . How do you drive over $ 200.000 worth of cars to work when 90 % of your guy's walk . you tell us not to ask for a tip but u charge us $$$$ for everything your customers give us . start thinking about others . you didn't even give us a bird or happy holidays . while you just made a million and my kids ate kfc. God bless

Will Ross

Bad place to work they want I 2 b hair less

clamay george

Mark has moved me 4 times. Each time the movers were quick and efficient. Yes, cost per hour was more-- but it cost me less because they were so quick & efficient.

Christian van Scherpenseel

Great moving company. The team arrived on time and was careful, yet time-efficient. Very easy move.

Marla Moore

Dontel Carmen

I've been working at Mark The Mover for about a year now and it's a great place to work if your willing to work hard and learn how to professionally handle a residential move. I started this job with a small amount of moving experience. In just a year I've have master various new skills. For example I've learned how to properly prep any piece of furniture for safe transport using padding, plastic, cardboard, or crating if needed. I've also acquired the skill to load a full truck using padding and straps to prevent any shifting or damage to items during transport. Another up side about this job is that everything is handled fairly. Never had a problem with being payed for the time I worked. I've also acquired great customer service skills from working here at Mark The Mover. Moving can be a pain but I was taught to keep a smile on my face and make sure that everything my customer needs is taken care of properly without any damage to furniture, floors, or walls. Although It's not a place for quitters and guys who just can't follow simple instructions. One mistake can cost someone alot of money so they make sure to hire people with good character, experience, and people who are willing to learn. If you want your belongings taken care of professionally Mark The Mover is who you need to call.

Bryan Ott

kernan reive

Once again, I counted on Mark the Mover for my movers, a move of about 10 miles, but I have accumulated a house full of treasured furnishings and wanted to be certain I was going to employ a company that took the job seriously. I have seen offers that are too good to be true, but unlike a bad meal or dining experience, a bad choice in a moving company would leave me with years of looking at the results of my decision. I was helped by someone new, but the service was the same, I reserved my crew for first thing in the morning, and I am never prepared for a move, but six men and two trucks arrived and helped my wife and I to make moving day a huge success. Their energy and good spirits were evident through out the day and the results were what I desired, no surprises. I have used them before, and would use them again. They seem to be very organized and up front in everything they do. There were a few loose ends to handle after the move and the company representative that handled the follow up was just as clear and was easy to reach and took care of our concerns.

Stacy Binder

Wow, so thankful for these reviews. The guy responding from the company, maybe Mark?? He sounds awful!! I can tell by the responses that this place is very unprofessional and the customer service is terrible. Will not be sending my business here. You should never respond to a negative review with jokes, telling customers "damage happens", insinuating they were lying or have debates with former employees in public forums. Thanks for everyone's honest reviews to save me from this place. I felt the need to leave this because I was so disgusted by the responses from this company. Although I am kinda excited to see what rude response I'll get! lol

Lee Swerdlin

We have used Mark the Mover several time over the years. For our business and residential needs. Charley Anderson has always taken excellent care of us and our things. They come prepared with everything they will need and are not finished until every last thing is either loaded or unloaded and in the perfect place it's supposed to be. I trust Charley with all of my belongings and have never had any issues at all. I recommend Mark the Mover with 6 stars if i could.

Buffi Ball

This was the first time I had ever hired movers and I was truly impressed by the whole team. Paul did a fantastic job with coordinating my move and I enjoyed working with him as well (with thanks also going to Gibson in assisting). Howard and Thomas did a wonderful job moving my items as they were efficient, conscientious, helpful and friendly. The pricing was clear, consistent and fair. I had a fantastic experience from start to finish and I would absolutely use them again on my next move! I definitely recommend Mark the Mover!

jennifer bianchi

My partner and I were very disappointed with Mark the Mover, Inc. The crew leader, Charlie, was flat out rude to me. When I asked him (kindly) to please wrap items like the TV and the desk, he rolled his eyes and argued with me. I tried several times to get him to wrap the expensive desk, and it did not get wrapped. He was snarky and unprofessional. In addition, the entire process took way too long. They spent way too much time putting the bed together, but we found all the screws to the bed under the bed! I don't recommend Mark the Movers. We won't be using this company again.

Bob Wilkinson

Mark the mover can be summed up like this. The crew was very friendly and helpful. BUT, when we started to get everything arranged in our home, we then discovered not one, not two but every piece of furniture they touched, was either scratched, dinged or nicked. Yes, they will moved boxes, but they did not tell us, the boxes should be made of wood. Every box they touched was crushed, not to say what was inside of it. And let us not forget, do not let them moved loose items left in the basement. Just stacked anything and everything in what ever they could find to put it in. So, if you want a friendly crew to move you and you do not care if all of your furniture is some how defaced, USE MARK THE MOVER. We moved from Boston Ma to Savannah Ga… Savannah Ga to Kernersville NC … Kernersville, NC to Greensboro, NC … Greensboro, NC to Duluth GA apartment … Duluth GA apartment to a Home in Duluth … Duluth GA … to Suwanne GA Not a scratch on anything UNTIL Mark the Mover I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM

Elan Beeber

Professional, courteous, and total came to exactly what was estimated. Would recommend and use again.

Ciera Healy

Mark the Mover did a great job. Their costs and process were well explained and my expectations were met. Communication was great, timing was set and they were on time. The movers were also careful and courteous. Nothing was broken. I would recommend them.

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