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REVIEWS OF Estes Express Lines IN Georgia

ALG LEGIT-Trash Monkey

Benjamin Pace

Christine Mruk

Uncle Fred

Would have recieved 5 stars if I hadn't been forced to go over the head of an employee that clearly needed a snickers bar! No reason to be nasty, everyone else VERY nice.

Kerri Washington

Exceptional customer service. Orders go out and deliver on time with no damage. Thank you to Amy Bundy at the Elgin terminal for amazing customer service!

Glenn Long

If I could give it a zero, I would! The most ill managed terminal I have ever dealt with. They do not have any interest in trying to make it better any time soon.

Charlie Jolivette

The Estes Driver was fantastic. He had 7,000 lbs of pavers to deliver. He did so with such professionalism - although he had a bad pallet jack to contend with. He took his time in the heat to make sure my delivery got delivered without any damage to the order. He was professional, polite, and very good natured.

Shonica Lawrence

Joe Ferrari


Horrible place

Trek Vandecar

Had an absolutely terrible experience with the employees at this location. They do not make any attempt to contact you and let you know when your shippment will arrive. If you miss the shippment they hit you with a $80 re-delivery fee that must be paid before you can receive your product. Basically extortion plain and simple. The lady at this location has a terrible attitude as well. I will be contacting the corporate office as soon as the shippment is delivered. If I could lower this from a 1 star to a zero I would. It's the day after getting charged $80. After receiving $80 fine for missing delivery time (that's we were never told about) we still have no idea when the shippment will arrive. Estes has not updated tracking number. People at this location are an absolute joke. Zero effort made to let us know when shippment will be re-deliverd. It's almost like they want to get another $80 re-delivery fee. If we miss this delivery I will personally make sure that JandB importers ( a company with a large shipping contract with Estes ) never uses there service again. There incompetence is going to cost there company thousands of dollars.

Chad Coburn

Martin Reed

Mark odeen

I also would recommend not using these people. I had a shipment from Chicago that went to Rockford for a day then sat in facility in Marshall for a day.It was dropped at a subcontractor 6 days ago...still waiting. Kristi at the Marshall facility washed her hands of it yesterday, when I called back today she gave me excuses. She apparently didn't like my tone and warned me the call was recorded....I suggest she play it for the president of the company! Bottom line avoid

M Dobbs

Bill Stringfellow

Estes Express has been a great freight company to work with. Our driver always calls us and informs us when he will arrive and if we need to adjust the time for any reason. We can't say enough about our Estes sales rep. she is really outstanding in customer service, follow up and getting things done for us

Who Cares sowhat!

Zero stars if possible cause Jeremy the maintenance douche or whatever has a perma stick up his ass for whatever reason. don't bring your business here supporting bad people.

Breaux Designs

Anthony Vullo

Great service

Nick Pruitt

Ken Holz

Do not use these people, I was receiving a shipment of three pallets from Tennessee, it arrived in Marshall within one day, then sat there for 9 days and counting, when inquiring, no one seems to know why it hasn't gone out, or " there wasn't room on the truck" , or "they couldn't find it", or "waiting for liftgate delivery" even though the paper work clearly states that we have a dock and a forklifts. Then I made an appointment for July 6, five days in advance, still not here, called tonight and we're back to "don't know why it hasn't gone out, call back tomorrow", and "if you really need it, it can be picked up here". Great, why pay for dock to dock freight when I would need to drive 100 miles round trip to pick it up.

robert440 .

Nathan Szymkowicz

Reliable carrier that operates as an extension of the shipper. Wish all of my carriers treated us they way Estes does!

Eugene Parks

Eric Nance

They had my freight for over a week sitting in the dock for a delivery address 20 minutes away. No calls for delivery, no help by calling them. Someone needs to lose their job for this incompetence. Also calling corporate. If you order things online that require common carrier delivery to your house, ask the seller to change carriers if they tell you Estes.

Heather Peters


Amy Bundy

Let me explain the 4 star rating. I would give Estes 5 stars because I work here, and it is an excellent company to work for. I have greatly enjoyed my time here and hope to continue calling Estes my family for long into the future. The environment is very welcoming at the Elgin terminal, and I can truly say I love my Estes family there. Now, as a customer, I would give Estes 4 stars. There are improvements that need to be made in all aspects of the business, including customer service. Customers and employees alike are not always met with friendly and readily helpful service, which should be a standard in this business. This is not as common as the excellent customer service representatives, though. At least 9 out of 10 of all my dealings with other terminals have been very pleasant and I am glad to say that those I have spoken to truly care about their jobs and helping customers with their issues. The owners and upper management of Estes are always ready to hear comments and criticism from both employees and customers alike, and are always willing to improve on areas that aren't up to their high standards of quality. In short, tho I have some criticisms, this company is excellent to work for and is one of the best LTL carriers in the country.

Gary Harrell

Charles Werner

They were very helpful to me in a difficult situation. Thanks

Dan Brode

Geffery Henry

B-rad from Malibu

Melissa Peak

Gabriela Soto

Besy Company Ever!!!

Dusty Senn

Good place to drive

Kevin -0-

Brandon Butler

Karamveer Kaur

Carol Spinski

John from Estes Express delivered our 500 pound cast iron claw foot tub and he was simply AMAZING. Not only was he extremely professional, he managed to make the delivery during icey road conditions and took great care in making sure our tub was handled safely. Wonderful experience! Thank You John and Estes Express!

Ryan Gorr

I work here.

Joanie Marie

kronke krafts

Jeff Leslie

Scott Samuels

Unbelievably poor experience - Your company never delivered our package the date we were scheduled and I was never called. When I called to find out what happened I was told that the truck was too big to get down my street and (our street width is HUGE). Then it was rescheduled for Monday. The truck arrived, drove all over my neighbors lawn and then backed up into my driveway to unload (took 30 minutes) - when they went to find the package on the truck - it WAS NOT THERE! How incompetent can a company be? I took 2 hours off of work to receive this package and it wasn't on the truck!!!! OMG

Craig Farr

amymarienicaud Guido


These people are rude and miserable. Had an interview and the lady at the front appeared to be bothered at the fact I was there. The HR lady was terribly rude had a miserable demeanor and definitely not someone I would want to come to work and look at everyday. Chics working there walking around like they're about to jump on a stripper pole. Just a hot mess. That's why they're always hiring for the same thing. Hire people who know how to look presentable at work and who are happy to be there then maybe Estes can stay off of job sites!!!

Larry Mann

Johnny Joe

Local trucking company.

Paul Schultz

Best shipping company in town. My packages usually arrive early and undamaged. The delivery personal are curtious and willing to go the extra mile.

Suzanne Lim

Estes is my favorite carrier. I use it for all my moves. If I want to get the job done in ATL I contact Jeff. If I have an important CFS pick up in CHI, I contact Amy. You will not be disappointed. Use Estes Express is what I tell all my customers.

Jesse Strawbridge

Max Maxwell

diamonique merricks

Im rating this location at a NEGATIVE 1! The lady who answers the phone , does not show a sign of professionalism at all, she acts as if she does not want to work! She acts as if shes sleepy and doesnt want to speak to customers!! HER CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE AND THATS MAKE THE COMPANY LOOK BAD AS A WHOLE!! She never listens but always want to Transfer your call

luke welker

Absolutely terrible. Don't care one bit about the customer.

Brandi Richard

I wish I could give this company 0 stars! I have never dealt with a company as bad as this. The people at the Hammond, LA terminal were very unprofessional. I was “disconnected” and transferred multiple times, they could not even tell me if the pickup that was scheduled between 10-3:00 would be picked up by 5:00! The driver was very rude! Will NEVER use this freight company for my shipping needs again!

ChrisnMegan Gillingham

Babbu Jathol

Jackson Phelps

Horrific service

Charlie Page

Zorro Hulk

Paid for 2 day shipping. Waited 3 days and called to see where my item was. Got hung up on 5 times transferred 4 times only to be told it would be out the next day several times. Now day 9 still no item same thing. Worst customer services, So unorganized and wing it as we go people. This company does not deserve anyone's Buisness because you are not a priority.

Kay Romeo

Serge. R.

Maine Made Dogsleds

Alexis Marijke

Kristy is the best!

Meticulous Nickolas Tha Barber

Been driving here 7 yrs. very stable and continues to grow. Pay is competitive too Good place to be

John Hadley

john hill

Nelson Riley

Jeffrey Seidel

excellent terminal estes kc.. great staff 10 star

Colton Waller

Scott Kirkland

Best carrier in the business.

Maureen Keegan

Good coordination for delivery and shipment left as instructed. A real person answered the telephone and she was very helpful.

Chrystian Merlo

Jerald Schroeder

Shayla Quinn

Allyson Berberich

omg - they are the most worthless company. Incompetence abounds! They 'tried' delivery to me 4 times - yet I never got a phone call. Was given delivery windows and they never ever showed up. STILL waiting for my delivery.

Penny Roberts

Sucks I hate this job

tonya pomietlo

The dispatch team at this location is wonderful. Great follow up, customer service, and always helpful.

Lois Pearce

Rick Kramer

So I come to pick up my freight ( DR Stump Grinder) and they tell me they gave it to someone else. This is after a process of making a copy of my driver license to assure I'm the right person. So how in the world did they give to someone else. I guess incompetence at it's best. Stay away from this company.

Michael robbins

Gil Rami

This place blows I've been here since 9am It's now 12pm and still no door .

Chris Pappas

Rebecca Crouch

I work there

jacob mosher

A bet ruff on your merchandise

Ken Sneed

Sheryl Pasquini

I am an interior designer who desperately needed to receive a delivery this morning. Estes was able to accommodate my request for AM delivery and even called the driver en route to be able to give me an arrival time. I am very happy!

Michael A Seymour

Mark/Patti Collins

Ms. Leslie M. Fowler in your Hammond, Louisiana office is an excellent representative of your company! She is professional, courteous, helpful, and also kind. I do not know if your company offers bonuses or promotions very often, but if you do Ms. Leslie M. Fowler needs to be at the top of your list to receive both! In this day when customer service and integrity are so very rare Ms Leslie M. Fowler far exceeds her peers in both areas! She is an excellent asset to your company, and she should be commended!

Juan Chile

Estes has been the most pleasant LTL company to work with.

Sylvia Coker

Melissa in the Florence Terminal and Donna in the Savannah terminal are always polite and professional! Great team to work with and they msnsge to pick up and deliver freight for me almost ANYWHERE in the US and Canada

Keith Grottanelli

Heading over there to do business with them again. If you look up the word Estes in the dictionary it'll say "your worries end here".

jimmy elliott

Jeremy Garrett

Do yourself a favor if you are calling for an LTL pick up call early cause they will always be late.

RC Fire Photo

Never Done

A pleasure doing business with them. Jolie, Jerry, and Chris were very accommodating even when I couldn't pickup my freight for a couple of days. Would recommends them to anyone for shipping large items.

Fun Facts

The worst company to deal with. Try calling their customer service, you'll get a kick on how bad these people act.

Colleen Johnston

Hard working employees. They put in 110% everyday.

LaRue Allen

Dalton Slanaker

Tamara Barclay-Adams

Paid $110 for delivery. They called to get directions to my store, and then went radio silent. Apparently this particular 18 wheeler cant fit in our parking lot - amazingly other 18 wheelers seem to do it daily. Failed to meet delivery deadline and couldn't care less when I called to inquire. Cannot or will not give a new delivery date, so I guess I'll just keep waiting - because they already have my money. Worst company ever. Angry at the company I ordered from for using them as a middleman. ZERO STARS. Spent over two hours on the phone that I will never get back. I cannot stand companies who dont value my time

Patrick Helmecy

Drivers NEVER show up on time for pickups! I do not recommend this freight company.

Jeff Nowaczck

Excellent customer service. Wonderful company to work with. Great drivers, best sales rep and wonderful inside customer service. I highly recommend Estes.

Nichole M

Very good customer service

Cat Wright

I ordered a kayak. Fragile stickers all over it. It came broken. Supposedly, someone was to contact us. That never happened. Their customer service is rude and less than helpful!

Jennifer Hirst

Awesome company.

Justin Sears

Thieves. Lost thousands of dollars on a shipment delivered to the Hammond terminal. I called to pick it up and they I formed me it got sent to Estes Final Mile and they would contact me. I waited a day, no call, they said they don't have a number to contact final mile and could only email them. I called everyday and they would never help, all they could do was give me the run around. One even said she would call me back no matter if she heard back from final mile or not. Never did. They also lied to the shipper when they called saying they didn't have a number for me which was a lie also because Estes called me to setup delivery a week before but they were in the wrong state! They also lied to the shipper claiming it had just got there, and promised to call me, never did. This company and location is complete garbage. Corporate customer service is unreachable, just stay on hold for hours. I can understand issues and mistakes but lies and no communication is unacceptable. Have reported to the BBB as well as police for felony theft of my merchandise.

Ryan Anderson

Item has been in Kansas City since Saturday it is Wednesday end of the day. Still not here. What a joke!

Ben Jenks

Rene Herman works there and owes me money

Scott Maners

Chris Converse

Raquel Banks

William Huber


Very poor customer service and disorganization. I have had 2 large items delivered through this company and it has been this way each time. The person on the phone can never manage to sound friendly or offer more than the shortest reply to any question.

Mike Schulte

WonderBlogs _

Fast & to the point. Always.

Dennis Hormann

Roy Mollet

John Walling


My experience was exceptional with Estes.The communication was accurate and timely and I have been in the transportation industry for 30 years.

David Webster

Clint Hudon

Trying to sort out a delivery for a Client and I can't reach anyone. Your phone is off the hook or something.

Ann h

Company called to set up an appointment to deliver my shipment. I scheduled a time window that they said they would be here. That time came and went with no word from the shipment company. I called this company and they kept me on hold for about 15 minutes then came back and said they couldn't find my paperwork and would call me back. Almost an hour after I initially called they finally called back to say they still could not find my paperwork and had no idea where the item was. I sat here for 3 hours today waiting on them only to have them not show up. Now they still aren't able to locate my item but said they will find it and deliver in another couple of days. Problem is, now I've got to figure out how to be here when I have to be at work so I can accept the shipment. And I certainly don't want to take time off for such an unreliable company! I've complained about them already to the company I ordered the item from and it sounds like this isn't the first time this company has had trouble with this shipper. Beware and use someone else if you want a reliable company to deliver your item. At this point I don't even know if/when I'll get my shipment!

Bill Jordan

Good pay

marzenna bobek

Driver is always on time very polite and understanding.

Gilberto Portugues

Great place to work.

Chris Powers

Jason McGiffin

As a person who has worked in the wholesale industry for 20+ years, I have seen dozens of freight companies. My experience with Estes began with 3 truck loads of shower doors to a hotel here in Idaho Falls. The first load had half a dozen broken doors and looked like the trailer was used in an episode of Nitro Circus in a drift competition. The next 2 subsequent loads also had broken doors. Freight has a way to get broken, and many times it's a one off issue. Going through their freight claim process is an absolute nightmare, and structured in such a way that is probably turns many people away from doing the claims. Since the shower door incidents, at least 25% of all loads brought to us by Estes have at least some damage, literally to the point that when they pull in to the yard we hope it's nothing too important because something will be damaged. We have gotten PVC fittings on pallets that had torn boxes, pieces of broken pallets stuck in the boxes, faucets where the boxes look like they got ran over by the forklift that was loading them. It has gotten ridiculous and although I have no choice is who a shipper uses, I would personally drive a pallet across the country before I used Estes. Even the drivers seem to know that half of stuff in their truck is likely going to be broken and try to scurry off before damage is noticed or they get confronted again about more damage.

Jenny Sheets

Amy B in Elgin is the greatest EVER!! she gets right back to you and always has time to go over issues and explain it to you :) Thanks Amy for being amazing at your job!!! ESTES GIVE HER A RAISE :)

David Lorenz

Jacob Tooley

very easy job if your working sercurity

Travis Br


Ashley Greeley

Worst trucking company. DO NOT HIRE. Would give a -300 stars if I could.

Arthur Cattey

Strongly suggest nobody uses Estes. They shipped out a smoker for me, tipped it over and broke it (Valued at $2295). Admitted they Damaged the unit and refuse to pay for it. DON'T ACCEPT ANYTHING FROM THEM! REFUSE REFUSE REFUSE!!!!

Kelsey Coger

Kristy Babcock was very kind and awesome!! 10/10 recommend her! It was a pleasure talking with her

Derrick Woods

This has been an utter joke. They lost my shipment, which was supposed to fill a very large order for a customer. After 3 weeks I came to the terminal and was told we don't know where your stuff is. The manager had the lady in the front try to get my number to call me back with no information. The least they could have done is come out, maybe apologize? Maybe? But no, some ridiculous business practice here. Avoid this company.

Florinda Buhler

S Smith

Jason Routh

Roman G

I hope i get into this job!! Im feeling it

Anthony Alvarado

This is the second time i used this terminal and both times have been failures. No one ever picks up the phone. After speaking to two people personally(duke & Rob) my shipment has been dispatched to them foe 6 days now and has still not delivered. I will never use this company again.


Shay Perry

Poor management

Jerry Caudill

joe Knocov

Truck came in with driver who" drew a line at 6 ft" loaded in PA . Driver confirmed load size and left with load marked in trailer by driver … load gets to fargo UNANNOUNCED unlike the agreement they would confirm arrival before it reached fargo. They call sometime after 7 pm and say we have a charge for using more space than agreed THEIR DRIVER HAD CONFIRMED IN PA THAT LOAD WAS AS AGREED ! Then they play this game with a single mom (unwary to the games of) "hey we are going to start charging you storage unless you pay us 10% of the original 1400 agreed to . Or we wont let you see your load to confirm the length Update : Sent an Email Monday and its Friday and I don't believe a response has been sent on the invitation below... waiting

Jason Howard

If you plan on calling Estes, expect to be on hold for at least fifteen to twenty minutes before you get to speak with a live person.

shaun bennett

We have a small business that we run out of our home and deliveries can be a bit difficult. We just had a large delivery (about 8 Pallets worth of product) and the guy who delivered it was very courteous and accomodating. I wasn't present during the delivery and my fiancée

Douglas Curtiss

Estes is one of the best LTL Trucking companies I have worked with in the past ten years. Our Rep is always there to help us with all of our needs. Estes has recruited the best employees in the market to get the job done right the first time around.

Anthony Overton

luke brown

Delivers on time every time and the appointment clerks are awesome!

David Kimbrell

Worst Delivery Experience. We ordered a very expensive light that was shipped by Estes. The fist issue was they called me the day before delivery and gave me a 12-4 window. I agreed that would work. I got a call the day of the delivery around 950 am and they stated they were on their way. I told the person the delivery window was from 12-4. He was rude and said nope it is now. I told him that it would take 15 minutes to arrive home and he said he would wait. As I pulled in he had dropped the box off in our driveway and was leaving. The box was severely damaged and the lighting fixture was flung around inside the box and nothing was packed. I think this company needs to have better customer service and handle packages better. This is a $1400 light that may now be broke due to their shipping.

George Temmerman

Estes in Elgin does a great job with all our Trucking needs. They are very professional and do it right the first time. The office ladies always get it right and are very pleasant to deal with. Their truckers do a great job as well. I give them 10 stars or five or whatever is the best rating. Use Estes.

Deroderick Booker

Susan Hatfield

One of their trucks just came barrelling down our residential street tearing down 4 power poles and leaving power lines on the ground along the way. Consequently everyone has lost power on a day that is supposed to be 96 degrees. This company is going to pay for all the food in my refrigerator that goes bad. Totally inexcusable. The driver needs to be fired at the very least!

Ricky Dunavant

Steve Gallup

This the most unprofessional delivery service I have ever dealt with. Took five days from first contact! Trying bring a semi long trailer into a residential area. Followed by the driver calling me and asking me to go him and pick up my delivery. Really? Rescheduled to a smaller box truck. Guess what? The could not find the house! They did not bother to call. The just dropped off at another house! WOW! How unprofessional can you get? Good things I have trustworthy neighbors! The total lack of professionalism from top to bottom with this company is a major joke! How do you stay in business? The service is so bad they do not deserve to be rated!

Douglas Michaels

Great place to work

Adam Meyer

Great service, fast, and cost effective

Indrid Cold

Not the best place to work. But ships all over the continent.

Jennifer Lewry

I am in the same business as Estes and deal with their staff on a daily basis. Everyone is always extremely helpful in making sure the freight moves as swiftly as possible. Thank you!

aaron cox

Home base

Paul Cottrell

Trent Vande Garde

The worst. After waiting 5 hours for a delivery and no phone call from Estes, I just found out they left this morning without the proper equipment to make my delivery. Even though they had my number ALL DAY there was no contact made. Now they want to try again tomorrow when I'm not able to be home for the delivery. Incompetent and pathetic. Calling the facility is of no help. No apologies and 3 unhelpful people on the phone. If anyone wants to start a new business in KC I'd suggest shipping as Estes would be easy to put out of business.

luay malo

Jim Serrano

Disappointed in this company. I'm sure Uber Freight will straighten them out. Let's be realistic. There's good and bad. I do not recommend working here.

Dan Matteo

Travis Collatz

Organised and prompt.

Larry Donaldson

Christian Ohms

Great group of people who love helping and providing great customer service.

David Lorenz

Dana Chappelow

Everyone is professional and friendly. Drivers are timely in picking up our shipments and getting them delivered.

Cory man77

I've worked at estes for 2 years now and I enjoy coming to work everyday unlike most jobs. Good competitive pay. Everyone is easy to get along with.

David Boon

Wj Whittaker

Not very good for outside carriers

Louis George

Henadsi Miarkulau

Херовая контора очень долго разгружают

Alfredo Rodriguez


Andy Petrovich

Timothy Wilborn

Javier Rojas

Thay don't go by appointment

Mohammad Azhar Ahmad


Alan Wilkin

Waiting 4 Hours to schedule a pick up.... what great customer service! Ill just take my freight else where and I would recommend you do the same. Side note... I've shipped with Estes 10 times and 6 out of 10 were either delayed or damaged.

Mike Bisalski

Great way to ship things

Rus Rus

Brandon Bennett has ran off 30 drivers in 1 year I make the 31st. It is very sad that a operation manager threatens to fire you for not working 14 hours a day. This guy has forced many drivers to do something that is wrong and then write him up the next day for doing it

Rachel Miller

Jordan Clark

Very disappointed in the consistency of upper management. No call no show, for a particular supervisor, gets no discipline yet a two day notice by another ends with termination. Several operations managers here with subpar knowledge of key systems in place for successful business. Cliques within management lead to favorable treatment for lazy, incompetent salaried employees. Workloads are not evenly balanced for middle management. Good ol boy system runs deep in the blood of this terminal. It's all about who you know, not what you know and actually do. I would not recommend working nor doing business with this company. Salaries not competitive with industry standards.

michael berry

Zorro Trv

Great delivery and kind quick customer service! Thanks Estes!!!

Sarah M

Oscar Gomez

Best place to work!!!! Great customer service

Joshua Harden

Ordered materials from h.d. they use Estes for delivery. Estes is two days past due, i call tracking number and estes tells me to come pick up from them after 2:30. So i need materials to finish project and agreed to do so. I been wanting 45min, nothing. I understand things don't go perfect every time but i can tell these people don't care. I would give lower rating if possible.

Stephen Vincini

RaRandy Bradshaw

Nice professional driver dispatch professional when called

Michael Kreger

Sucks ass.

kevin eldridge

Sounds good place to work

Mark Siwietz

Adam Polkinghorn

Terrible company would never do business with them

Kevin Helmboldt

Horrible place. Tight and difficult to navigate. Classic case of a business outgrowing their location.

Bryan Compton

Jorge Mijenes


Crystal Cheek

We always have a good experience when we work with Estes.

jordan james

John Myers

Worst place to work, you'd get more respect and dignity from McDonald's. I'd advise to stay away, management has no clue what they are doing, especially the terminal manager Terry, and Rob Lavoine is a joke and will stab you in the back to get what he wants.

Patrick Kysar

Had my motorcycle engine delivered to the facility. Service was quick and friendly.

Will Ğaüger III

A Great place.

Gonzalo Rodriguez

People are nice

Dennis Hallblade Unishippers

james schaefer

Trying to call them right now. Have been on hold for a few minutes each time, then they hang up on me. Still haven't been able to talk to anyone after 6 calls.

James Glick

sean betts

jesuca kittylover36

james norman

Dean Ridgel

Tracking does not work. Just gimmick.

Paydn Davis

Ej Stephens

Ron Kendall

Mark Rist

Heather Eden

I work here, it's great.

Lisa Dunnington

Brenden Kaminski

regoR Brentek

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