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Sydney Trapp

Rod and his team were AMAZING! My company was not an easy move but they handled it with complete professionalism. Rod was able to walk into a room and tell you what would and would not fit without moving a thing. We found it difficult to part with our large furniture and insisted that they haul it over to our new location only to arrive and realize that the movers were right all along. If you have a corporate move, ask for Rod and his team! They are the experts!

Elisabet Rutstrom

I have been through many, many moves and Atlanta Peach Movers is by far the best service providers I have had so far. The packers and the movers took initiative and suggested many improvements in how we should pack and move my sensitive items. Great care was taken in making sure my belongings were safe and secure and ended up in the right place. This company clearly trains its employees very well. I have no hesitations at all in recommending them to others.

Audrey Holloway

If I could leave a 0 i would. PLEASE READ BEFORE HIRING THIS COMPANY. On Friday May 18TH 2018, the company i work for schedueled a move . After being advised that the move would begin at 5pm and take 5 hours, per Rich. The moving crew arrived 50 minutes late, and reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. They moved 6 pieces of furniture out of our office (one large desk, 2 large shelves and 3 small wooden chairs) into the truck then to a storage unit. It took from 3:10-5:00 to get the furniture to the truck. The storage unit is 2.5 miles away from the office. Once the movers finally finished moving the pieces into the storage unit, they asked me if they could detour to a gas station to get snacks because they we hungry and tired. I said no, We are on a scheduled, and paid time frame and that we needed to get to the prime moving location ASAP. We arrived at the new office around 6pm and began loading the truck. At around 10pm Joe, came to me and said “Two of our guys just dropped out and left because they are tired and hungry so this move is not going to be finished today” He advised that Rich should have come to inspect the office space before the move was scheduled, in order to determine the appropriate time frame needed for the move. He then advised that was almost at his 11-12 hour limit for one day, and legally he is not supposed to work any longer than that. Then another mover co-signed and said that they already moved an 8,000 pound move before ours so it was just not possible to finish our move as well. Rich then called me and asked if we were okay with leaving ALL of our furniture, and technical equipment on the truck over night and the movers resuming the next day. After I confirmed with the owner of our company that this was a HUGE Liability risk that we were not willing to take. I told Rich no, and that having our valuables in a truck over night and resuming the next day was not an option. At. 11:00, Joe came to me and said that the crew was done for the day. He advised that everything would be stored in the truck at their office parking lot overnight. We were forced to leave tens of thousands of dollars’ worth furniture and equipment in a truck in an unknown and undisclosed location overnight. After driving our furniture around an extra 40 miles To further my less than pleasant experience with Atlanta Peach Movers, broke three desk that were broken were never used. They were purchased on March 28TH 2018, One desk was broken before it was even moved, when crew member “Danny” flipped it over to try and shrink wrap it. He dropped it while trying to turn it by himself and broke it. The other two desk were broken in transport. I still have not received any payment, or correspondence with the owner or manager. THIS WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE IV'E EVER HAD WITH ANY COMPANY. DO NOT USE THEM.THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TO RECTIFY THIS HORRIBLE SITUATION. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MOVERS AND MANAGEMENT.

Jean Marusak

they were great. On time, courteous, professional. The move went perfect!I would highly recommend them and use them again!

Tricey Gilk

OMG can't begin to say how APM's upper management, packers and all star team supervised by the brother duo of Sal and Marvin professionally uplifted and expertly transitioned our recent family move! Every member was courteous, respectful and eager to assist without resistence in any areas of this huge time sensitive project. They effectively, efficiently and expertly handle each task with excellence! The pricing was fair and revealing from onset, packing expertise and organization impressive and hands down the" all star " mvp service of Sal's six man crew came in, assigned each member accordingly mapped out a plan and got it done to my specification to the LETTER!! Bravo for coming in and saving the day.. The stress alone of packing and moving 19 years of life, of a six bedroom home is Overwhelming!! Thank you Orlando ,Tim and entire APM Team !! Many Blessings

Michelle Ridgeway

I recently used Peach Movers. I moved from my apartment to a house with a friend. Why am I giving them 5 stars? Because for the first time I have moved without my family, I am living alone now (daughter in college , I moved to Atlanta

Sheila Long

Two years ago we had peach movers move us from a house that was over 4000 sq ft where we had lived 25 years just across town. They did an outstanding job. We hired them again this year to move our daughter from one apartment to another, while she was in college. They were supposed to come on Tuesday and ended up calling late in the afternoon to say they weren’t going to make it that day because a prior move that day "ran late." They offered to move her early the next day. Our daughter could not meet them the next day because she had a 12 hour shift at the hospital. So my husband had to take off work that day and meet them. They said they would meet him at 8 AM. They ended up showing up at almost 10 AM that day. Almost 2 hours late. Given they were not willing to discuss coming later the original day we scheduled, we thought for sure they’d show up the next day on time. Wrong! After the movers got all of our daughter stuff moved to the new apartment, they tried to charge us for an extra hour of moving. We were told the minimum charge would be for two hours. When the movers got to the new apartment, they tried to charge us for a three hour minimum. My husband insisted that the agreement was two hours, and had to end up showing them an email confirming that. The movers ended up calling their supervisor and getting approved to charge us for two hours, as was the original agreement. It was a horrible scenario of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing. Definitely all started with a scheduling error, but the miscommunication and misinformation made the whole ordeal even worse. It was a mess from start to finish. Given we had spent tens of thousands of dollars with them years before to move our long-term family home, we had great expectations. Wrong. It cost my husband a day off work and a days delay in the move. And then on top of it all, they tried to overcharge us. Thumbs down peach movers. Very disappointed this time. There won’t be a next time. :(

Mimi Paul

Great service. These were some of the hardest working men I have ever seen. They were also very nice. On top of that, the price was good. I would never trust any other company to move my stuff.

Nancy van Brenk

This is an amazing company! They took care of my things as if they were their own. Professional, considerate, prompt and easy to work with. They actually rolled out the red carpet at the doorway at both locations! I would recommend them and use them again if the need arose!

Becky Taylor

These guys saved my life. I had a VERY tight schedule to get everything moved out of my house and into storage (my work schedule is not flexible). Friday evening at 5p, all my plans fell through when a POD wouldn't fit into my driveway (even tho they'd assured me it would. . .). I had packers/movers coming over the following Monday, and I work weekends. I called Atlanta Peach Movers around 5:30 that Friday, and they got me completely set up within a half hour, keeping to my tight schedule! They had packers, movers, and storage ready for me, coming Monday. I cancelled my previous packers/movers & storage, and had everything set up through APM. During the process, they had Great communication -- called me 30 mins out (the packers, and the movers), and were professional and careful with my things. They're just as reasonably priced (on extremely short notice, when they could have taken advantage) as my previous option. I will retrieve my stuff out of storage in a few months, so I'll see how the back end goes. . . but so far, I highly recommend.

Valerie Alexander-Simmons

Hi Orlando! I am still very proud of your moving company after all of these years! I met with you when you first started here in Atlanta and you moved my furnishings personally at that time. You have moved several of my nephews and friends since then and everyone was quite happy with your business Keep up the great work and also thanks for all you do in giving back to the community!! God bless you and your family.

Angela Ramson

Atlanta Peach Movers were excellent during my moving experience. Very professional, quick, and thorough. My furniture was moved and completed protected including glassware. Best moving experience ever. I would highly recommend.

Eddie Capparucci, LPC, CSAS, CPCS

We were completely blown away with our moving experience. The guys were quick, energetic, helpful and pleasant. They were the most professional vendors we have ever worked with. We could not have selected a better moving company to set us up in our new home. Thanks Atlanta Peach Movers!

Wade Strickland

There's not enough room in this message for me to adequately express my satisfaction with Atlanta Peach Movers! I could not have asked for anyone to have been more professional, courteous and careful with our moving experience. The moving team showed up on time and worked diligently and carefully all day to get our items loaded and delivered. Very efficient team!! The price for this excellent service was very competitive with other moving companies. When I move again, I will use Atlanta Peach Movers! I highly recommend them!!

James C

We know how much time and energy move assignments demanded, and we were deeply appreciative all of Peach Movers efforts it took them to make the move a great success. It is great to know that if you need to move how you can count on the Peach Movers staff to go the extra mile. The Peach Movers staff work hard to provide outstanding customer service, which really makes a real difference.

Michelle Barfield

BEWARE! What you are quoted will be far less than you will actually pay. My move was quoted at 3200 and I paid over 5k. They had full access and walked through my home for a quote nothing was added or hidden. After the fact I found out this is very common. They offered to give me a SMALL portion of this back and then went silent not responding hence I wasn’t refunded at all. Their movers were super friendly and did a great job. If they were honest with their quote I would not have selected them. Clearly they know this. With all of the paperwork you sign you are responsible for the fee no matter how bad their quoting was. A pic attached where they plastered their stickers on the gutters at Starbucks in the drive through. Shows how truly professional they are!!!!

Julie and Darrell Woodall

Peach movers did a wonderful job moving us. They were courteous, kind, and very careful with all our possessions. They were on time and got the job done quicker than we thought possible. I highly recommend them.

Anthony Perez

Pope, Ricardo, Yaya, and David were an outstanding and experienced team. They were professional, patient, respectful of our property and conscientious. We will be asking for this team specifically next time we need to hire movers. I can't say enough how much we appreciated them.

Rich Haaland

Atlanta Peach Movers is outstanding. This is the second time I've used Atlanta Peach Movers, and I've been thoroughly impressed by their promptness, professionalism and ability to make everything go so well so quickly. They worked extremely hard to make sure everything was packed and unloaded safely and managed to get everything done extremely quickly. I don't think I'd use anyone else to move again.

Julie McDonald

Hire them if you want a slow working crew that walked from truck to house as slow as possible. If you want a crew that carries one item in at a time while you yourself carry three. If you want them to take 2 to 3 hours longer than it should, and you want to do a lot of work yourself (carrying in boxes, furniture, put bed together yourself, Etc) than they are the perfect mover for you. The VP of operations took the side of movers instead of the customer when I called to complain. I wish I would have taken video of them to prove what was going on. There were at least 3 times when for 15 minutes or longer, not one crew member was in the house. One of the workers literally walked around carrying a blanket and did nothing for a good 5 minutes at a time. When I told him all items in the closet needed to go he replied, " I will wait till my supervisor comes up and tells me what to do". Atlanta Peach Movers was the worst part of our entire moving process. I would not recommend. Use Truck and I. That is who I used before. They were great, but ATl Peach quoted me a better price so I went with them. In the end, Truck and I would have been less expensive too.

Benjamin Worley

These guys are great. We had a move that took quite a bit longer than we had anticipated but the crew was awesome. They were prompt (a huge plus for any service company), extremely polite and respectful of our stuff. Mike was the crew leader and did an excellent job keeping the crew moving and working so it never felt like there was any downtime. They even went so far as to help entertain and keep an eye on our wandering 16 month old who wanted to help push boxes. My wife and I are really pleased with the quality and professionalism of Atlanta Peach Movers and their employees and will certainly use them again the next time we need movers.

Charlie Pickett

I'm as skeptical as the next guy when it comes to online reviews, so I would expect a review as glowing as this to be written off. Do yourself a favor though - don't. I have moved 18 times in 40 years do to military service. My family and I have experienced every form of move from U Haul to full service pack/load/ship/store/deliver and I can say without a doubt this move has been the most impressive. From the first contact I made scheduling the estimate, to the actual estimate with Julie, through the move itself with Cruz and his crew, this move with Atlanta Peach Movers was perfect. Hourly moving crews have a tendency to be slow, dragging out the clock to pad the cost. Not this crew. They had my entire home furnishings padded, wrapped, loaded and secured in less than 3 hours. When I tried to give them a break at lunch time, they simply said they'd eat lunch on the hour drive to the new house! They were so kind, respectful, friendly, and professional - I hate to say it but I was surprised! Lastly, when they delivered our furniture, the previous owners had not yet gotten all of their belongings out. Cruz and company loaded their stuff for them!! Sure, I paid for it in their overall cost, but even THAT came in under estimate. I am hopefully not moving anytime soon, but if I do, it will be with Atlanta Peach Movers.

Aaron Quinney

Can’t say anything bad about this company. They were on standby, waiting for us as our closing date changed a few times. All they asked is we kept them up to date with our timeline. We had a lot of stuff so once we were finally ready to move they showed up with 2 trucks and 7 guys, even though they told me i was getting 6. So they sent an extra guy for free! When they got to the house they got right down to business. They moved through each room swiftly, very respectful and polite men as well. Anything they were unsure about they asked. Wrapped everything nicely, not one thing broke on the move. Little Orlando did the quote and was very helpful with what was needed and tips on how we could cut our costs. Great work guys i will definitely use again!

Alexandra Chastain

I booked Atlanta peach movers after my realtor referred them and that was supposed to give me VIP treatment. I seriously considered firing the crew mid move. When I called to scheudle/ get my quote I told them most of my furniture is glass. I was told this wouldn't be a problem. I told them I was moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a three story town house. Again I was told this wasn't a problem. The day of the move the crew shows up and they have no idea what is supposed to happen. I tell the lead that where we are going and his first response was we may not be able to get everything to the top of the townhouse. He walks into my apartment and says they don't move glass. I informed him that I told the people who schedule this and they said it wouldnt be a problem. He took some of my pieces but not all of them. That added an extra two days to my move time because I had to find a car big enough to move the left behind pieces. I was only supposed to have a three man crew and instead the lead just decided to bring along a fourth. That I ended up having to pay for. The lead spent over an hour nic picking everything single inch of my furniture. I get you want to make sure I don't blame you for something you didn't do but seriously that was annoying and irritating. We got to my town house I said several times there's a flight of stairs no matter which way you approach it. All I got was complaints. He spent another hour nic picking through my new place of every mark on the wall or floor. Even was bold enough to tell me if they dented my hardwood stairs it wasnt their fault. When we got the bedrooms I pointed out that it was day old carpet and said it was not to be harmed. He again told me there was nothing he could do. I wrote a review via their survey monkey. I did receive a call and I was told a manager would be in touch with me. That was two days ago. I feel like I was severally over charged. Over a grand to move me and I only had them take furniture. I hate to see what it would have cost if I had them move boxes as well.


PLEASE READ BEFORE HIRING!!!!! I have also made this review under my name and not not my boyfriends name of which the move reservation is under so yes the company is going to say they don’t have a reservation under my name. DO NOT USE!! I advise that you read this comment entirely before considering hiring this company. This company is not it all what they advertise themselves to be. They claim to be the official movers of the braves but I cannot imagine that any Braves player or their families would actually use this company after the experience that we had today. I will try to make this as brief as possible. We hired this company to fully pack up our home and unpack everything at our new home. The company arrived two hours late and when we discussed what they would, which is what we discussed with the salesman the few days before, the movers had no idea that they were going to be packing the house and did not even have packing supplies and asked us to run to Home Depot and pay for supplies for them. They did a very very poor job of packing up our house and mixed rooms up in multiple boxes and then left the boxes in the garage of the new house for us to unpack even though we paid them to unpack. The crew was extremely unorganized and very careless with handling our items. They seemed rather unintelligent and did not even understand what their job description was. One of the movers also asked to use the restroom in our brand new home that we were moving into and pooped in our bathroom!! I was absolutely appalled and disgusted by this behavior and after speaking to their management I will never use this company again. The management was completely unhelpful and simply said they would not charge us for the moving materials that we had to pay for and sit in 30 minutes in traffic to go get and when we mentioned the defecation, management only simply apologized. They still expect us to pay the full price even though they did not do what they were hired to do. I would be very cautious and hiring this company. They were dirty, had disgusting habits, and did a terrible job of moving my home. The movers also did not move all of our boxes. They left multiple boxes behind in the old house and when we called management again management hung up on us. HORRBLE EXPERIENCE.

Christian Schoen

We have used Atlanta Peach Movers in the past, with pleasant results. This time around, the moving experience was terrible. They damaged a number of items. When we submitted the claim form, they immediately responsed taking no accountability to remedy the situation. They also implied we were the ones that caused the damage. I would advise folks to be very cautious using this company. We will never use, or recommend Atlanta Peach Movers ever again.

Connie Ahalt

Very positive experience with Atlanta Peach Movers - from beginning to end. All of the team members who assisted were professional, courteous, and good at their specialty. Once moved in, am happy to saying nothing was broken, damaged, or mishandled. I highly recommend this firm for your household moving needs.

Queen Mattie Richards

This company is the worst when it comes to paying their employees. They tell you can pick up your check after 11am, however you get there and they make you wait till 4pm or longer afterr you drive 30-40 minutes. Then you stand out in the heat not even offered a cold bottle of water. I tried to reach out to the CEO to see if there is anything he can do to better this situation, but to no avail or resolve. If you are planning to do business with this company, think real hard before you make your decision.. It is my strongest conviction to never do business with a company who does not treat their employees well no matter what position they hold.

Darby Sangrey

Atlanta Peach Movers moved my mother of 91 years from her 3 bedroom condo to an independent living facility. The movers were absolutely fantastic! They were on time, carefully wrapped every piece of furniture and were very patient as we rearranged the furniture once we got to her new home. Moving can be very stressful but they put us totally at ease!

Jackie M. Estes

Atlanta Peach Movers did an excellent job, not only with my last move from Dallas TX to Savannah, GA, but in all previous moves. In my most recent move, James and his crew, were professional, efficient and very friendly. They were always on time and took extra care to make certain my belongings were handled with care. I definitely recommend Atlanta Peach, whether it be a local or a long distance move. The only movers I would recommend!

Gayle Willingham

This company is amazing!!! I was so pleased with the service, professionalism and punctuality! The closing of my home was delayed two times and they always accommodated my schedule. They took so much stress out of my move and worked with me to get the job done in a timely manner. The crew arrived on time and they were very professional and work so very hard. They treated my furniture with care and made sure they did not damage anything. I would recommend Atlanta Peach Movers to everyone I know. They took the hassle out of moving!!!

Maritza Pichon

Excellent, well run business with high integrity! This company is top notch! The team of movers worked extremely hard and took great care while moving our belongings from Johns Creek to Gainesville, GA. Everything is done in a professional manner starting with the quoting process all the way through final billing. Items are wrapped or crated and they moved a baby grand without a hitch. Obviously they are trained and have the experience to do things the right way. I highly recommend Atlanta Peach Movers if you want to avoid the nightmare stories out there.

Chon B

Very professional movers. They made sure our furniture were packed properly. They even covered the floor and the walls to avoid any damages. They also finished on time. Everything was done smoothly and efficiently. Highly recommend their service.

Serita Stinson

I have used APM to move three times and they have done an excellent job each time. They are a little expensive but you cannot put a price on peace of mind so I consider it well worth the money. They are timely, experienced and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for all residential moves.

Joshua Stott

Great service ! Will definitely use again and recommend !!!

Ron Frieson

I've had several moves during the course of my career, but my latest move with Atlanta Peach Movers was by far my best experience. The team of movers truly functioned as a high performing and professional team. They were courteous and helpful to me as well as their teammates. The level of focus to complete the job, the care of my possessions and the efficiency of the move was superior. I highly recommend Atlanta Peach Movers.

Nisheena Qunaa

Atlanta Peach Movers are amazing! They provided excellent care and quality service to my organization during our move.

Cindy Dayton

Keep your time you schedule with the customer! The time scheduled by Lyn or Leonard Johnson over the phone was 1:00-3:00. This was after he told me my preferred time of 10:00 or 11:00 am, would not work. I received a call from one of the workers (General) at 8:30 and he was telling me he needed to verify the address for the appointment, for that morning. I said my appointment is in the afternoon. He argued telling me my appt. was for the morning. He finally called Lori and got her on the phone. She was no help! They were first trying to tell me I was wrong. Very convenient that the documents you sign don't have the scheduled service time, listed. Then when I asked why they were changing the service time they said they had two moves scheduled for the same time so one of them had to be changed. Then they said my option was either 9:30 or a window of 2:30-5:30. I will never use this company again and will never refer anyone to use Atlanta Peach Movers. Is this the way you do business?

Daniel Brennan

Rude. Not their client but they were partially blocking the exit gate and wouldn't move 5 feet.

Christian Blalock

I recently moved and was recommended to use Atlanta Peach movers. Their service was quick and professional! From the time of setting up my appointment to the actual was absolutely painless and amazing! I will use them any time needed in the future and would recommend them to anyone.

Viviana Sorrells

If time is of the essence, do not waste time with this company! The customer service was terrible. After getting a quote, I called the sales representative, Stephanie, left a message, and sent an email. I called back after several hours and was told that she was the only person who could schedule my movers. When she finally called back, she had an attitude. When I told her that I was ready to make payment, she said "I am too busy right now, I can't take your payment. I will call you when I am done". Since time was of the essence for me, I hired another company (Two Men and a Truck). Clearly she does not understand that time is money!

Jessica Bliss

Great company

S Smiley

We weren't very satisfied overall with the move. The crew was hours late and when they arrived they were apologetic but my wife voiced her disappointment and they tried to cancel the move. Once we straightened that out they did an excellent job with what they actually did move. Another issue is that they did not move everything that was to be moved. They didn't get some main items including a TV that was set to be remounted. It was getting late so they said can we just go because it's getting late and there's "no room on the truck". We had a walk through and all the items to be moved were discussed, if they didn't have a big enough truck that's not fair to us as we had a walk through to ensure we had the correct size to come and pick up. This forced us to not move out of the property before the owners took possession. They moved everything into the new property but they did not put everything in the marked areas and they left a refrigerator unset (because it was getting late, again they were late not me that's not something I should have to deal with). I tried to get a crew out the next morning to move the rest of the items but they would not arrive in time to get us out by mid day (and we were already over our limit in the first place). We had to hire another company to move our remaining items. We now have to wait to get the tv mounted which was supposed to be done in time for the weekend and had to spend money to move those items. We asked to be reimbursed for the other moving expenses at the very least. We had a walk through with their representative and went over all the items, everything should have been moved. They stated on my BBB complaint that more items than were on site than was told. Well seeing that they had a walkthrough and we didn't move anything INTO the home that doesn't make much sense. They can keep the money and they will just get this bad review on every format I can find.

Brett Horsley

These guys are very professional, and extremely knowledgeable of the methods for moving into or out of apartment communities that require strict protocols. If you're looking to set your move to "autopilot", this is the right pick!

Erik Burton

My wife and I had a tremendous experience working with this company. We received multiple quotes and found that we got the best bang for the buck with Atlanta Peach Movers. Scott, Israel and team were incredible! We have a complicated move with a pick up, storage, drop off, etc. (all a month apart). The move was seamless, professional and stress-free! Do y ourself a favor and invest in REAL movers and not 2 idiots and a dump trunk!

Jim Paulus

I was very pleased with service provided from Atlanta Peach Movers. Starting with sales representative, to move coordinator to the movers themselves. On moving day, the crew arrived a bit early, explained the process thoroughly, then covered/moved/uncovered and placed everything quickly and efficiently. Crew was very polite and professional. I would certainly use company if I consider another move.

Kathleen Richardson

We highly recommend Peach Movers to relocate you and your precious belongings!! They wrap each item with padding and then they go over the padding with shrink wrap--it is so very protected! The crew we had; Joe-the Supervisor, Gary-the seasoned wrapper, John, and Melvin. These guys were the Best! Joe asked all the right questions as to where everything was going to end up so he could load the truck accordingly; by his doing this, once we reached our destination--everything went into it's proper location with ease! Thank you for excellent service! Larry and Kathleen Richardson

Ronit Pinsky

We moved 3 weeks ago the moving crew and Luis were fantastic great job ! The reason for 2-3 Stars is the aftermath of the move Luck of communication , big turn over so you barely ever talk to the same person again .One item was broken and APM offer a ridiculous replacement amount for the item which we rejected . Edmond the sales rep is nice and helpful but there is so much he can do . Not to mention that they promised twice to pick up empty boxes but never even showed up . I feel bad for the crew as they were excellent but behind the scene is a big Chaos . They need to hire more people , response to messages and stop leaving customers on hold for 10-15 minutes very disappointing . **** An update 09/04/2019 APM came back and proved to be a great company ,I do appreciate when mishaps are addressed and taken care of Not only did they compensated me for my broken mirror they came twice to pick up empty boxes . I was concern at first from the aftermath of the move but since the move was smooth and Edmond plus staff did the right thing I feel they should get between 4-5 starts *****

Debi Slabaugh

Atlanta Peach Movers are the BEST! Cameron and his crew were on time, courteous, worked in "high speed" the whole time . They helped with whatever was necessary and delivered the same day, ahead of schedule. Will use them again, and recommend Atlanta Peach Movers and Cameron's team to my clients and friends! They ROCK!!

Milton Little

Atlanta Peach Movers moved me this summer and I cannot speak highly enough about the job that was done. From my initial contact including the visit to survey what I was moving to the final conversation with the team before they drove away the day of the move, I had the best moving experience ever. Everyone was courteous and professional. If you ever need to move, don't look at anyone except this company. You will not be disappointed.

Tracie Moore

Most efficient, professional and friendly company I've used to move to-date. I'd recommend them highly and definitely use them again. The whole process was seamless. Fantastic!

YT Turbo

Everything could have happened on the date of my move that could happen... My simple house closing ran over for 2 hours, so part of my home was still not packed, it rained when they were loading.. stormed, and then rained again when we were unloading. However, Mr. Lynch and the team, were great! The team loaded up half of my house while I was still at closing (while a neighbor was there) and packed up what I didn't get to (talk about customer service!) Even when I discovered that I was missing a very special necklace, Mr. Lynch worked with me and supported me the entire step of the way. He spoke with his team and the investigators on the matter. I say this to say, I found my necklace, but the entire time, Mr. Lynch and his team were very cooperative, honest and went above and beyond just being my movers. You do not find this type of integrity in every business and it was more than appreciated! Thank you APM!

Colby Delaney

We chose apm after an extensive estimation/ quote sales pitch after which we thought we were confident in paying a premium price for premium service. The estimation process seemed well calculated and the guy was absolutely confident and we were comfortable. Then moving day came and we soon realized that we were in for a lot more. One day move turned into two. Extra driving time for moving truck and extra moving day off work to supervise the moving team. 30% over estimate = a surprise to the wallet. The moving crew was actually great and professional and seemed to not be surprised by the underestimate. It is apparently known amongst the crews that have to face the customer on moving day. Reached out to our customer care agent multiple times with no response so far.

Carl Forbis

Atlanta Peach Movers were wonderful to work with for our move from San Antonio to Dallas. Elizabeth Hawkins was our scheduler, and she was always available and answered all my questions. She was very friendly and helpful. The moving team of Calvin McGuire, Walt, and Richard were also very friendly and helpful. They treated us and our possessions with respect and were very quick and efficient. We would definitely recommend them and would use them again!

Todd Nuhfer

We did a large home move from Lawrenceville, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina. The quote process was easy and less than expected. The moving team were very nice and accommodating. The moving team were hard workers too. I was very pleased. No damaged items in the move either. EXCELLENT!

Robbie W

I am very highly satisfied. I recommend this company to everyone moving. This company is wonderful. From the quote to the move in - they communicated every step of the way. The quote was reasonable and matched what the final chargers were. Zero surprises. The moving team showed up on time, reviewed the apartment and what was scheduled to go and then went to work. There were two other companies in our complex moving that same day. I was delighted to see Atlanta Peach Movers took great care of me. They wrapped up everything to make sure things arrived safely and undamaged. They recommended I carry a couple of lamps that were fragile and I appreciate them recommending that so I don't have any damage. The supervisor loaded the truck in an organized and structured manner while overseeing the rest of the team and making sure they were on task which they were of course! Compared to the other movers I observed who did not wrap things and just placed items haphazardly on their truck. I'm glad I picked Atlanta Peach Movers!! The team was careful to lay out the red carpet to protect our rug in our new home. They followed me to the new residence so I was confident they were on the job and wouldn't get lost. The supervisor did a great job of explaining everything from how the move was going to be conducted to the detailed paperwork. He helped me understand in simple terms what everything meant so I was comfortable with all the paperwork and procedures. I will use them again in the future and you should too!!

Leigh Baker

Best movers I’ve ever had. Very efficient, courteous and professional. Would recommend them to everyone! Michael Robinson coordinated the entire move and he was wonderful, a huge help to our entire moving process.

Barry Kirkland

Atlanta Peach Movers were great from the get go. They arrived on time, put down floor protection, and then had me take them on a tour of where things were located to be moved. I had 2 trucks and 5 guys all of which were fun to talk to and worked really hard. There were no surprises and they were always asking if I were satisfied. I would use them again and will if I ever move.

Jacob Wohlgemuth

My partner, David Spearman, and I used Peach Movers for a move from Fayetteville, GA to Piedmont, SC. Incurred damage to furniture, stolen items, and damage to walls and hardwood floor. They were very unprofessional regarding settlement and refused certain claims. Do not use this company.


They did most everything well. However, they damaged two pieces of my furniture. I had taken out their insurance. What a rip off. The insurance gives them the right to deny any liability to make good for the damage they caused. Their customer service after the fact is NOT GOOD!!!! They used the insurance deductible as their excuse for not accepting liability. The repairs cost less than the insurance deductible. So they would not pay. In retrospect had I not taken the insurance they would have paid. Because there would not have been the deductible. Their own written policy states they are liable for damages caused by their workers. Lesson: DO NOT PURCHASE THE INSURANCE OR DO SO WITH NO DEDUCTIBLE

Madison Brainard

Atlanta Peach Movers Simply THE BEST! I needed a last minute (Not easy) move from my 6 bedroom home with 3 flights of stairs on a super hot day. My home is filled with over-sized and expensive pieces. I called around and Orlando of Atlanta Peach Movers had the best price and were at my door within 24 hours! I was a bit skeptical, thinking the price and timing were too good to be true. However, in the many many moves I have made over the years, I have never seen a Team work like this one! The four talented men packed, wrapped, disassembled my home and put it callback together in the new house in a diligent, conscientious and professional manner. Being paid by the hour, I could never expect the continuous fast pace that they worked at. Seriously, Remarkable! I can't say enough about Atlanta Peachtree Movers!

Julie Merriman Donlan

The Atlanta Peach team arrived on time, worked diligently and completed ahead of schedule! Every single guy was pleasant and courteous. We will use them again and again.

Heath Wood

Atlanta Peach Movers made the entire moving experience much easier and smoother than usual. They were the only company to offer an in-person estimate, and their rates were also a little less expensive than other major moving companies. On moving day, the crew brought an extra man (at no cost to us) and worked diligently and efficiently, so they finished almost two hours more quickly than they estimated. I would strongly recommend Atlanta Peach Movers to anyone looking to move in the metro Atlanta area.

Will Gilbert

My wife and I used Atlanta Peach to move us and our children from Atlanta to Denver CO and the entire process from the estimate done by Edmund to the awesome bunch of movers we we pleased with the level of expertise! Moving is never a smooth process but Atlanta Peach Movers made it simple and fast. I highly recommend to anyone!! They literally rolled out the red carpet!!

Jess M

Excellent Moving Company! The coordinator was very professional and courteous. They rescheduled moving dates that met our family's needs. The crew was very punctual and professional. They had great personalities and made the moving experience enjoyable. All of our belongings and valuables were packaged well and moved carefully. Great service. I would highly recommend them again!

Tyler Jarman

I was scheduled to move yesterday morning with a different company. I called them Tuesday evening to confirm. They lost my reservation. They told me they would handle it, but only ended up calling me at 9:30 PM to tell me they could not do it. At 9:45 PM I called Atlanta Peach Movers. Orlando answered the phone and listened to me explain my situation with the other company. He said... "Ill take care of it". He was able to get a truck and 5 guys out to me at my regular move time... 9:30 AM on Wednesday (yesterday). I am also an hour and a half outside of Atlanta. Crew arrived and did a great job. They wrapped everything well and took great care with my furniture. Orlando, these 5 guys, and Atlanta Peach Movers saved me. I do not know what I would have done without them. Thank You.... Thank You.... Thank You!!! Tyler Jarman Madison, GA

Reina Jones

My husband and I are completely impressed and satisfied with the "Red Carpet" treatment and service Atlanta Peach Movers provided us. From the initial visit to our old home for an estimate, to the professional and courteous movers on the day of our BIG Move. They arrived on time and placed every piece of furniture exactly where we wanted it and without a scratch. Thanks for making what could have been stressful, an easy, seamless experience. Thanks again, Brian and Reina Short

Torrance Greene


Brad Horton

Atlanta Peach Movers did an excellent job with my move. The staff was very professional and once the red carpet rolled out I knew we picked a great moving company. I am a relocater by heart, in which I have moved 7 times in the last two years (Ohio-Florida (2)-Mississippi-Georgia (2)-Indianapolis) and I have never been impressed with the process until selecting Atlanta Peach movers. Atlanta Peach Movers moved my entire home (5 bedrooms) without a single breakage/tear of my personal goods. This company has a great marketing strategy and understand the goal of making sure the customer is #1. Take my word for it - choose Atlanta Peach Movers if you are moving in the near future, you will be happy and grateful with your decision.

Pat Brueggemann

Less than satisfactory experience in responding to issues.. Other than getting your credit card info. . On the ball in that area. Shame too because they were a "preferred" vendor by our realtor's agency.

Andy Ainsworth

My first time using movers was a breeze with APM. Their and professionalism got a quoted 4 hr move done in just over 3.

Shannon Stover

We used Atlanta Peach Movers for our recent residential move across the state. From the quote to the unload, everything was super convenient and everyone was friendly. We used the packing service and the team of ladies that came to our house were efficient, quick, and very professional. Our moving team was Calvin's Crew and they were phenomenal. Everyone was so professional and friendly, it helped calm our nerves during this stressful time. I would recommend Atlanta Peach Movers to my friends and family. They took great care of us as customers and our stuff!

Charisma-Kimberly Tataw

I have been fortunate in working with this company as Our House transitions in our shelter renovations. Very professional and generous owner and amazing staff.

Sean Coleman

I really wish I could put zero stars. Worst move I have ever experienced. I was moving a one bedroom apartment to a townhome 20 minutes away and they took 11 hours. They sent three guys, one stayed in the apartment while the other two would disappear for an hour at a time. Please, please don't use this company. I felt like they were deliberately taking as much time as possible. Took them 8 hours to load a one bedroom apartment and the when they were ready to finish only 3 hours to unload. Most unprofessional company or there and never even got a call for feedback afterwards. Please use somebody else, this company is a scam.

Kate Kaufman

These guys were great! They moved us within the Atlanta area quickly and efficiently. All the workers were polite and courteous. They handled our furniture carefully. I would definitely use them again.

Jenna Lynn Warner

Atlanta Peach Movers moved us from McDonough, Georgia to Atlanta. Three nice guys moved our 800 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment plus a few tubs from our garage. It took them over seven hours. (We packed ourselves). And they tried to charge $1900. They presented us with the final bill at the end of the move when were worn out. And to top it off they showed up two and a half hours late that morning plus they got lost on the way to our new place. When we booked we were originally quoted a three hour move for approximately $600. We gave two stars because the guys were nice and we are so glad it's over.

Amy Poventud

I had a last minute change/move Friday morning (same day as my scheduled move) and they were able to make it happen. My sellers were not out of my new home so they were able to move them out the same day and move me into my new house the next day which was a life saver. The guys that moved me were very professional and did a great job wrapping all of my furniture and sofas. I would definitely recommend these guys if you want your stuff moved with care!

Johnnie Andrawos

I am surprised to see some of the reviews when our experience was HORRIBLE!!! The first crew that comes in to wrap and pack stuff up was nice, but about 1 and half hours late. The second crew consisted of several ladies and they worked on the kitchen stuff were very nice and on time, however, the frustration began with the third crew and it went downhill from there. It was a Sunday and they were THREE hours late which caused my wife and I to be late for our Goodbye dinner party with all of our friends and family that night. There were also couple of missing crates that had to be taken care of which we managed with. Everything was stored at the warehouse for couple of months until our house was built. When the time came to deliver the truck, i get a call from the same crew leader that was late 3 hours and the minute I heard his voice, I said Oh Boy! what now. He said, can I come about 2-3 later tomorrow so I can go see some family on the way to your house and spend sometime with them since it's his daughter's birthday, I said that's fine, but please make it by then since it's a big truck and I don't want to be up till Midnight, he said no worries. it was a Sunday as well and I didn't hear from him and his crew for hours then I called around 2 PM, he said they were running late and will be there closer till 3, then it was 4 then it was 6, it was one excuse or lie after another and they didn't show up until 7PM that night. My wife and I were extremely disappointed and we lost all that time and of course they didn't get done so they left at 10:30 PM. They promised to come back Monday morning at 9am, but they didn't come back till 12 noon. I tried to reach out to the operations director Tim as well as the owner Orlando to express and discuss my experience, however, they had no courtesy to return my call considering I spent over $12,500 with this company. I then found out the next day that the truck got delayed leaving Atlanta and instead of being honest with me, he lied to me about some family story. one of the ladies who was helping me in the office after the fact was very nice and promised to make it up to us, she was let go or resigned few days later. The worst experience I have had moving with any company!

Tanja Buckner

One stop shop- Atlanta Peach Movers did a great job from packing to storing and moving. They took great care of protecting furniture and floors during our move. Highly recommend!

Andrew Delosky

They have absolutely archaic business systems. They sent us documents to sign, but not through docusign. Had to print, then sign, then scan and then email back. Only nobody can receive an email with an attachment. 3 emails to them and multiple conversations over the phone and nobody ever received the attachments and I never received any messages back from their system that they cannot be delivered. Really? This is 2018 and these archaic processes are nothing but a time and resource suck to the clients who eventually just give up on doing business with them. RE After Response: FYI, during the problem with the paperwork, we had very little follow up from anyone on scheduling our appt and getting the paperwork resolved. The problem with the paperwork is one thing, but the fact that we had to follow up over and over again just to make sure the move went right is another. In the end...a successful move and we're happy (hence the change in rating), but please work on your communication from your staff as well.

Kelli Hedrick-Cassidy

Beware! We were told over a month ago that we would get a $200 refund for “lost” items - totally $690.00, and we have not seen a penny! First, $200 does little to cover our loss. Second, after telling us we would get a refund, we have seen nothing!

Adam Clark

I had to make a last minute move and Atlanta Peach Movers were moving me within 1 hour of my call. They were professional, nice, and efficient. Not only were the guys fast moving but were also very careful not to damage any of my belongings. I was so happy when the move was over that I donated one of my extra TV's for them to take back to the warehouse. I will use them for my next move!

Darlene Stewart

Can't believe how awesome this crew was

Angel Face

Raven was awesome with my move. She was professional, empathetic and kind. It was a pleasant experience and I will definitely use and refer the service again.

victor Johnson

I have known Orlando Lynch , the owner of Atlanta Peach Movers for over 25 years. He has helped me and several of my friends with local and cross country moves. He and his staff are courteous, professional, and treats each and every customer, no matter how BIG or SMALL the move, like a VIP. Keep up the Great work Orlando!

Elizabeth Hawkins

THIS IS A SERIES OF FACTS FROM MY TENURE AT ATLANTA PEACH MOVERS..... FACT 1 There are not any real type of discounts for anyone.. Realtors, Military, Gas South, Veterans, Leasing Agents or even Apartment Communities. The 5% AND J1 CODE ON FLYERS is a joke. The rate is higher and then brought down to the regular rate. So..... when you think your are getting a deal....YOU'RE NOT

Jeremy Faughtenberry

ATL Peach Movers is the most professional and competent service organization that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When I began our move, I was not sure that I would need outside help, but it was the best money I have ever spent. Each member of the team they sent over took their job seriously, showed pride for their work, and reached toward a level of excellence that was beyond impressive. I am glad I will not need them any time soon because moving sucks, but I kind of wish that I had a reason to work with them again as they were so good!!!!!

John Mansour

These guys are awesome. Good attitude, fun, methodical and careful with everything. We've used them several times and they've never damaged anything. We wouldn't use anyone else.

Debra Hayden

We hired Atlanta Peach Movers in July for our August move, from one house to the house next door.. Orlando “James” came into our home and talked a good game. We had lived in the home for 18 years and had *alot* of stuff. Plus we had 5 cats and had always had cats in the house, so there was fur. We hid none of this. We had a lot of bins and boxes and he walked through all of this and assured us that he had people, real employees, that would handle our belongings like they were their own. He gave us a reasonable quote, so we signed on. We hired a crew to pack our kitchen, as packing glasses is such a pain. That went well. I have a medical condition that can flare up with stress, so of course the week of the closing on the new house, I was feeling horrible. My partner called Atlanta Peach Movers and let them know that our plans had changed and we wouldn’t be able to move as much of our own stuff as we hoped, and they would need to send more movers on the big day and was it possible for us to get more packing help. So the day before the move, we had a packing crew all day. They were great. One of them normally works as one of their movers, so he knew that they normally do. Nothing was said about our house being immovable. Saturday morning comes, crew of 6 shows up, we walk them through everything. They walk back out to their truck and stand around. I get a call from the office that our house is too dirty and disgusting and they won’t move us. Maybe if we clean, they’ll send out another crew in a couple of house. We were completely dumbfounded. We had had 8 different employees from this company in our house at this point previously and nothing had been said. Our house was lived in, nothing near to a hoarding situation. One of the guys actually had the gall to say that maybe the house was making me sick, which he could have only known I had been sick if the office had told him. The whole time the guys were standing by the truck, they were throwing wadded up paper towels in our yard and in the road. We clean for a couple of hours, another crew of 5 show up. They come through and basically do the same thing. These guys mentioned that they were subcontractors. One of James’ big selling points he uses is that all of their movers are employees, not day laborers or anything else. Ummm, subcontractors aren’t employees. They don’t know anything about subcontractors, they have no right to. That’s not how subcontractors work. I saw none of that white glove treatment I was promised. We had to scramble to find people to move us, and since we didn’t end up going through an official moving company and get another contract, when we tried to get our deposit back from our credit card company, that was declined and these crooks got to keep it.

Nick Holliday

Very satisfied with the experience. Bill did a great job with set-up and made the process easy. Alejandro and his team were AMAZING as well. I've moved myself more times than I can count and this was my first endeavor hiring someone. Seeing Alejandro and his team work so quickly and effectively made me realize I will never do this again. My body thanked me and my wallet didn't cry after. Definitely recommend Atlanta Peach Movers, Bill and Alejandro's team!

Nadia Kang

We hadn't planned on hiring movers but decided last minute that we needed them. They made the arrangements quickly to make it happen for us. We had 4 of their staff helping us unpack a FULL 26 ft truck into an apartment complex and they had it ALL done in under 2 hours. I would definitely recommend their services.

Jason Clairy

What a fantastic experience. Atlanta Peach Movers did an excellent job with our move. They quoted us for 8 hours and were able to get the work done in 6. The entire crew involved was fast, polite, and very professional.There was a bit of a mix up with something we had requested and the front office staff was very quick to make things right and correct the problem. The crew that moved our home was on time, clean, and very careful with our items. I highly recommend Atlanta Peach Movers and will not hesitate to use them again in the future!

Rachel Lopes

Atlanta Peach Movers did a great job with my recent move. After deciding to go with them at the last minute, I was able to lock in my desired move date which was two days away and I was quoted a fair price. The ladies in the office were very organized and provided me all the information I needed. The moving crew arrived to my home on time and from start to finish were completed in about 3 hours. They were super helpful and professional. All my belongs arrived intact. This honestly has been my most stress free move and will definitely use this company again in the future.

Anna Soracco

Atlanta Peach Movers are the best moving service I have ever experienced. Marvin and his crew were punctual, respectful of both houses (the one we moved out of and the one we moved into) and of our belongings. They went the extra mile to wrap everything in the most expert way. We were so fortunate that nothing, absolutely nothing broke in the move. You will not be disappointed to use their services. We would give them 6 stars if we could!

Mary Carr

These guys went WAY above and beyond the call of duty. I was a single mom of four having to move out the family home with very little help. Bill was so kind and helpful. He took care of everything before the move and the crew took care of everything the day of the move. This crew was the best!! They not only moved everything without a scratch, they kept checking on me to make sure I was doing alright. These guys were professional, attentive, and courteous. They would not let me move a thing! This day was one of the hardest I had to face in a while - Bill and his crew made it calm, smooth, and even enjoyable. THANK YOU!!!! Don't bother with anyone else. Trust!

Sarah S

I needed one or two people to help my mid-60s parents move furniture down the stairs and into a trailer, maybe an hour job, max. I was told they have a 3 hour minimum at $140/hour on weekends (which is higher hourly than other places I've found) and would send a three-man crew. They may be fine movers, but a little flexibility would be nice. Found a different company with lower prices that was willing to do the job needed.

Melissa Spalding

My move was very smooth and EASY. Everyone from start to finish have been amazing. I am in the industry (I am a real estate broker) and will recommend Atlanta Peach Movers to all of my clients. GREAT JOB!

Whit Wilson

I had a terrific experience with Atlanta Peach Movers, which helped with my recent move from Atlanta to Nashville. They were recommended by my real estate agent, who actually used them for her own personal move. Michelle was my moving coordinator, and she provided excellent communication throughout the whole process. The movers themselves were punctual, professional, polite, resourceful, hard working, and efficient. I cannot say enough nice things. The movers were "Teon's crew". If any of my friends have an Atlanta move, I will recommend to them that they request this crew specifically because they were top notch.

Gary Richmond

This is my 3rd move with Atlanta Peach Movers and they have been fantastic each and every time. this move was led by Calvin McGuire and crew, Jermaine, THE BEAST, Dimitri, and , I know I'm going to get this wrong, Victor, (sorry about that). They were right on time and really took pride in their work. It is GREAT to see professionals at work! Thanks again Calvin and The Gang. I would also like to thank Billy for his quick quote and setting the stage for a terrific move!! Cheers, Gary Richmond

Mike Guhl

Atlanta Peach Movers helped move me and my family into and out of storage, and did a fantastic job. Charles, the supervisor, was great. All of the guys worked hard, and not a single item was damaged or broken. Ours was an intown move, but I'd recommend them for local or long distance moves. They took all of the precautions to make sure neither my stuff or the house was damaged.

Laura Rozar

When our moving company fell through, Atl Peach Movers were ready to jump in and pickup the slack, same day. We ended up going with a DIY truck rental to be able to get it done even more immediately, so I'm giving them 4 stars based on not actually using the service. But I greatly appreciate that they were going to make something work for us.

James West

Very efficient, expedient and professional organization. From pick up to transport to storage to delivery, first class and very reasonably priced!

Mike Southward

Great company, wished I used them this last time I moved. Went with a less expensive company and it was a nightmare. You get what you pay for!

Rebecca Bernier

We couldn’t have asked for a better moving experience! Professional, courteous, & on-time, thorough—top-notch! Atlanta Peach Movers treated our items as though they were their own!

Taryn Murray

Our experience with Atlanta Peach Movers was a very positive one. We hired them to pack up all of our kitchen items, which included a lot of breakable items. The ladies were early, came prepared, and packed everything up in a very timely manner. Everyone we worked with was personable and polite. I would recommend the company for anyone who needs items packed, especially breakable items.

Steve Brooks

They make all these promises about making your move easy. So many things they won’t do or won’t pack. Nothing easy about this move. Definitely worst moving experience I’ve ever had.


Great Moving Company. Would recommend them to anyone trying to move.


Very disappointed. Spoke with Elizabeth who was great setting up my quote and initial appointment. Movers arrived on time, & the great experience stopped there. Items & furniture was left at the old home which is an hour away from new residence. Movers told us the issue would be corrected same day, even though we’d have to spend time & gas to go back to get the missing items, I was willing to do it to complete the move. Something told me not to take the trip until I received the confirmation phone call, no one ever called. The following Monday I spoke to manager Laurie who was very unpleasant, told me that the movers could come back first thing Thursday to correct their error and that she would call me back to confirm after I stressed to her the inconvenience of having to make the trip since work schedules resumed after what should have been a simple move of a few pieces of furniture (no bags, electronics, or anything else). Here it is Wednesday and I’ve received no confirmation. So I called to confirm Thurs morning, she told me they could no longer correct their mistake first thing in the morning and could I, “just put the left FURNITURE in my car.” If I could move furniture in my car, I wouldn’t have HIRED A MOVING COMPANY. My quote came out to around $500 and they ended up charging me over $700. Laurie would not let me speak, cut me off mid sentence, placed me on hold and disconnected the call. No other manager was available to work with me. I wanted to work towards a solution, not go back and forth. Most unprofessional person I’ve ever spoken with. I was told to call back to speak to someone else later today. If they can be professional and help solve this problem that they created, it would turn my experience around and at that point I would leave another review. At this time, I would not recommend this company to family, friends, nor any of my real estate clients.

Michael Rhea

I had a very good experience with Atlanta Peach Movers. From the very beginning they treated my move professionally. They gave me a realistic quote on the number of hours it would take to move (they actually took one hour less so no negative surprises!). I have found other companies quoted an impossibly low quote which would have left me with a larger bill than expected at the end. The move itself really put Atlanta Peach Movers in a realm all their own. I had four movers and they were all very friendly and professional but also worked extremely hard and took excellent care of my house and my belongings. I seriously cannot imagine using another moving company again. They were really that good. I have already recommended them to the internet install tech and the pest control tech that came out to my new house (who both happened to have just sold houses of their own). Atlanta Peach Movers was slightly more expensive per hour than the competition but considering they finished under their quote and especially considering what an amazing job they did it was well worth a little extra per hour to have peace of mind during the move. I am pretty cheap about things but the extra value they bring is worth more than the extra I paid.

Heather Rogers

Atlanta Peach did an excellent job for one of my clients yesterday. She has a brain injury and requires extra care and she received it from the movers at Atlanta Peach. They were on time, hard working and extra patient. She and I would recommend them to anyone who needs to move.

Ronnie Cook

Atlanta Peach Movers were fantastic assisting me with my move. We've had some bad moving experiences in our past with other competitors. We will not be using anyone else but APM!

Dave Henderson

Atlanta Peach Movers are awesome! These guys are great! On-time, reasonably priced and ready to go.

Sonta Thomas

Raven with Atlanta Peach has been awesome thank you for everything your the best!!

Chaz Marriott

Hands down, this is one of the easiest, efficient and pleasant experiences I have had moving and it is due to the impeccable service and courtesy I received from my team at Atlanta Peach Movers. I have moved roughly 30 to 40 times in my lifetime all over the U.S. And abroad. I moved back to Miami, Florida on June 15, 2016, from Atlanta and my team at Atlanta Peach Movers made it an easy and hassle free experience. They were courteous, on time, unbelievably quick and efficient both loading in Atlanta and unloading in Miami, did a thorough and detailed inventory, notified me of the actual weigh in (my final cost was 1,100 less than estimate and the estimate was already very reasonable) provided an accurate and reasonable estimate, confirmed pick up and arrival and the team was unbelievevably courteous and careful with my belongings. I have a lot of breakables and I did not lose anything in this move to breakage which is unusual. If you are in Atlanta and moving across town or out of state and don't use Atlanta movers - you are a fool!


I only use Atlanta Peach Movers. They are professional, reasonably priced and customer service is great. I've used them about 5 times and they've never let me down.

Leslie Shack

If you are looking for a moving company, look no further! Atlanta Peach Movers are the only ones to use! Orlando Lynch is a man of integrity and takes pride in the professionalism and customer service of his business. His leadership in providing an excellent moving experience is evident in his employees who provided nothing less. From Edmund who first quoted the move and then followed through every step of the way, to the movers who handled our items with care, to Lori who answered all our concerns, we thank you for the exceptional personal attention you afforded us. We cannot praise this company enough. Have no reservations that your move will be in great hands with Atlanta Peach Movers!

Brittany Merritt

We had APM move our 5br/6ba home from Atlanta to Savannah last weekend. The team that packed and moved us were fabulous. Incredibly hard working, friendly team. It was a large job and the price paid was almost identical to the quote. My husband and I have moved every year for the past 4 years. We were very happy with the service and THANK YOU for an easy and professional move!

Stacey Culp

We priced and spoke to every mover in Atlanta but my conversations with Bill Boone at Atlanta Peach Movers were the easiest. He helped me identify the types of items being moved so my quote was as accurate as possible. I especially loved that they sent over three movers so there was always something being moved to the truck. They were extremely thorough in wrapping my furniture and there was never any standing around time. Unfortunately, we did have to file a claim for a baby gate that was missing a few pieces, but the claims process was easy and painless and we received compensation within two weeks. Overall, I would recommend working with both Atlanta Peach Movers and Bill Boone to have a painless experience while moving.

Erica Donaldson

Atlanta Peach Movers is awesome! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to move!

E Jerrold

We just had a FANTASTIC moving experience with Atlanta Peach Movers. To say we are "picky" is an understatement…, but Cruz and his team were terrific and we've never had a better moving experience. We can HIGHLY recommend Cruz and his team and your company. Julie Chokos, thank you for working with us on pricing and the storage in the truck. We interviewed 4 different moving companies and you were the only one who wanted our business enough to work with us on the storage pricing. Julie was experienced in the industry and set very realistic time lines and rates and made sure our items were properly crated if they needed to be, but didn't suggest lots of "extras." Again, we are grateful for the care that was given to our items and our homes. They wrapped each piece thoroughly and carefully carried all things. Not only did the perform their job duties well during the move, but they were the happiest, friendliest group of movers we've ever had. The entire process moving out and then in was actually a fun one with little to no stress! They took a lot of pride in protecting things and making sure nothing was damaged on their watch. Hopefully we won't be moving again ourselves anytime soon, but we will definitely refer our friends and colleagues.

Dustin Smith

Was going to get a Groupon but decided I should get a group of movers that were professionals. I paid the professional rate but received the maintenance man as the lead mover. They were doubly late as they moved my 2 PM to 1 PM but didn't show till 2:45 PM. Was not given the chance to review my furniture as "We are slammed. I got another after this and have to go fix two walls." 340 dollar deposit then 275 once they "finished". 610 dollars and every piece of wooden furniture is scuffed noticeably. Didn't have tools to take apart furniture. I left customer feedback with the same info. No call or acknowledgement in over a week. Must be nice to be a big client because if they treat them like I was they wouldn't have lasted 30 days in business. Fully regret my decision. Edit: Just so there isn't anyone thinking this was resolved in some way. I did reach out to Atlanta Peach Movers on July 1, 2019. As of today July 16th 2019 there has been no correspondence. Seems like the reply to the review was an attempt at saving face and hoping no follow up would happen. Still regret the decision as well.

Steve Norton

I called Atlanta Peach Movers to determine if they could do a move from my home in South Carolina to North Fulton county in Georgia. The young woman that answered the telephone put me on hold 4 separate times. She asked me 1 very simple question each time and then put me on hold only to come back and ask me 1 more very simple question the next time. The 4th time doing this she told me "This is the last time. I promise". She then proceeded to tell me that she would have someone call me back.

Kellen Stennett

Atlanta Peach Movers were fantastic for my recent move. They were professional, courteous, and did a great job. They were able to move everything I needed smoothly and without incident. The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars is that they were costly. My 3 bedroom house was estimated to be much cheaper than it was in the end, and almost all of my belongings were already boxed up when they arrived! Just remember to add a few hours onto your estimate that they give you, because it took them a very long time. Great service though, and very nice.

judy Williams

Atlanta Peach movers was the most unprofessional and unorganized company I have ever worked with. They broke and damaged many items in the move. They didn't deliver 1/3 of my stuff on the scheduled delivery day and then sent the second delivery without even confirming with me. The movers showed up with my stuff on Labor day weekend!!! When they were moving me out of my house one of their trucks broke down and the movers sat around for a couple of hours waiting for a replacement truck. The day was long enough, but to not have a back up plan was inexcusable. At 9:00pm they were just too tired to finish and out of cigarettes, and had to come back the next day. Which was inconvenient for me and caused me to have to rearrange how I was moving my family, since we were moving out of state. The packers were also unprofessional which is why so many items were broken or damaged. They clearly did not know how to pack fragile items since many things came broken and the amount of packing paper and tape they used was insane. I spent five minutes unwrapping an item - to find it was a pen. They used at least 5 pieces of wrapping paper and a bunch of tape for a pen. What a waste of time and supplies. Supplies I was paying for. Please be aware that the way they treated me before I signed and the way they treated me after I signed were very different. My recommendation is to find a different company to use.

Josh Law

Raven was awesome has great customer thank you!

Anna Weaver

If I could rate them no stars, I would! Using them to move us was the WORST mistake I have ever made. The first round of movers they sent us were lazy and extremely rude, one of them even got into a verbal fight with my neighbor. He also broke our antique table and the entire move took over 14 hours for a tiny house! When I was promise 6 men, they sent 3 and they were the bottom of the barrel, let me tell you. After fighting for weeks about my table being broken, the claims manager decided to "take care of it". She got me linked with "the best furniture guy" "a very Christian man", who cannot fix furniture to save his life. He had the table twice and was not able to fix it, actually he sent it back to me both times saying it was fixed and it broke again within 5 minutes. They had to split our second move up into 2 days, which is not what I was promised either. I am still trying to get the table taken care of in which I was promised I would be taken care of, ha 1 week later and still no email or call. They are the WORST company in Atlanta, do not hire them under any circumstances.

Charles Joseph

Very flexible On time clean and professional.

Jeff Michaud

I have used these guys on several occasions for moves, always found them to be on time and reliable and the bill to be what they said it was gonna be. Pretty unusual for the moving business. I have had issues with other companies. I got to know the guys at peach through all the charity work they all do around town. If there good for the Braves good enough for me!!!

Lorena Caballero

Atlanta Peach Movers made my last move the easiest yet. They were very professional and efficient. Shakira did an excellent job of making sure my needs were met. The movers did such an excellent job. They were very quick and efficient and moved me into my new apartment in under three hours. I will definitely be using them again!

Kelsey McGrath

I want to compliment the staff- everyone I spoke to was so friendly! They are very quick to respond too. I requested a quote and they reached out immediately! Unfortunately, the moving quote consultant didnt show up for our appointment so we went with another company. If we hadn't already had another quote I definitely would have rescheduled because they were so accommodating and friendly!

Eric Mihelich

By far the finest moving company I have ever used. Super courteous, professional, friendly, on time and they did not break a thing. Even better they were less than their price quote. If you need a moving company look no further the Atlanta Peach Movers!

Kathy Nelsen

We have used Atlanta Peach Movers three times, first for our son's local move, then for our own local move, and finally to do some furniture moving for us. Each time they did an outstanding job, arriving right on time, confirming the time prior to our move, and sending outstanding people out to do the job right. I would never think you could love movers, but I love Atlanta Peach Movers. I would recommend them to anyone (and I have!), and we would use them again if we had another move. I only write reviews when someone does an outstanding job, and APM did an A+ job for us. Congratulations on running a first-class operation.

Greg S

The most professional movers I’ve ever used. They were on time, friendly and hard-working. Use every precaution to make sure none of the furniture was damaged I highly recommend Peach movers!!

Maddy Cahill

A company with a heart! When my mother passed away in a nursing home, there were only a few pieces of furniture to move. For sentimental reasons, I wanted them. With shopping around, I was quoted some bizarre pricing or minimums. I spoke to the folks at Atlanta Peach Movers & they understood my situation. I was given a very fair price and told about how long it would take. I received a call when they were 15 minutes away to coordinate. They were on time. No furniture was damaged AND, even finished before the time they predicted. I will use them again and recommend them highly.

Robert Baeten

The best moving team in town. Prompt, polite, professional and efficient. I have used them on two separate occasions over the years and was extremely satisfied each time. I was comfortable with them in my house and around my family.

Dave T

1. Great moving staff. Henry Williams was the onsite supervisor moving us out and two days later into our new home. He is very professional and a great guy. He sets a fine example for his team and they respect his leadership. 2. The packers are just okay. You pay by the box and if there was a paperclip in a drawer they would pack it in a 2'x2' box. Yes, I'm being a bit over the top, but not by much. 3. Atlanta Peach Movers will not come to your home to do an estimate - they just do it by phone. I answered all the questions as accurately as I could but they blew the estimate by a factor of 2!!! Good grief!! Totally unsatisfactory. In all, I would not recommend this company unless you are okay with the real price being twice what they estimated.

Kelly Sutton

Words cannot explain how wonderful the staff of Atlanta Peach Movers is. I compared prices with many different companies, not only did they have great prices they offered great customer service. Every member of the team made sure my move from Georgia to North Carolina smooth and seamless. I would highly recommend this company! Thanks again Atlanta Peach Movers!

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