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REVIEWS OF American Movers and Storage LLC IN Georgia

Kelly-Anne Stiffler

AMS were fantastic for my move. The guys arrived on time, were friendly, careful and worked tirelessly throughout the long 8 hour day. What's more when they accidentally left with my parking permit still in the van they posted it back recorded delivery the next day. Would highly recommend.

Giselle Labonte

The quoting process was absolutely outstanding. AMS was responsive, extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Their quote was timely, well formatted and detailed. A great high end solution if you are looking for quality movers. Thanks for all your time.

Kamal Regal

Great service great people. They brought back everything in one piece

Diane Jobe

WARNING! This is a bogus company. Do NOT use them!

Hannah Levington

Very good. I don't speak very well english and they help me with eveyrthing. very happy thank you

Nina Green

Hello everyone very good work and no problem at all. good move and good team yes!

american wide

Christina Rezzo

Very satisfied with the whole move. Excellent service.

Ashley Dearnaley

Do NOT use this company. I was misled by the great reviews listed here. After a thorough inventory, I was quoted a reasonable price. The day of the move, brokered movers turned up. They immediately required an extra $400 as a bulky item fee for our larger items. I called the AM&S customer service agent, Kate, who assured me that the fee would be reimbursed as it was not listed on my initial paperwork. Then, once all of our stuff was loaded, the movers informed us that we were likely to be over the estimated weight by 7,000 pounds and that we would have to pay ~$4,000 in addition for them to unload our belongings. I called the 24/7 customer service number, but nope--no one was available and the message said to call back during regular business hours. We were moving out of state, it was late Saturday night, and we were left to come up with several thousand dollars to ensure we would be able to get our belongings back on Sunday morning. The movers insisted we meet them early the next morning so they could unload, rather than the originally agreed upon day later that week (which we were depending on to properly clean the house we were closing out and to drive up to our new house in a different state). When we met them at the house, they insisted on payment before they would unload anything. Once they had the money, they didn't take care with most of our belongings. Almost every large piece of furniture was scratched and dinged. The hardwood floors of the house were scratched, and most of the door frames were damaged. Nearly every box was stacked upside down, despite having a clear label of the correct orientation. Once they left, we discovered they took our toolbox with them. They mailed it back, but it arrived cracked. After multiple emails and phone calls to the company, I have yet to receive the $400 reimbursement for the erroneous bulky item fee, nor have I heard a single explanation as to why our inventory weighed nearly double what they estimated. This company quotes you a nice number compared to other companies, but in the end, you end up paying more, with damaged items and more stress than necessary for your troubles. Steer clear.

Deborah J. DuBost

All the 5 star reviews are from staff to boost their ratings...... Buyer beware.... Moving from Florida to Texas they were 3 days late and had promises as to why they were late, truck broke down did not read invoice to what kind of truck we needed. They used Penske rentals.

Benjamin Berman

Very satisfied, thanks to the whole team for a great move! Super easy.

Kerry Laurence

Me and my wife were moving from LA to Vegas and it was all organized and well put together by the team. they handle every state so it was pretty straight forward. They confirmed months in advance too and let us know if they had any questions or concerns about our furniture before hand. Cool!

Diane Levesque

We were moving from New York to Florida and we had a lot of stuff. We arrived by car to Sanibel FL and our stuff was there that afternoon! They moved quick. They even helped us figure out some home issues. Complete and perfect service!

Robert Boucher

We had a last minute move and they managed to fit us in. The guys arrived on time and helped us pack up the house without a rush which made it easier for us! They were very friendly and helpful throughout the day and took extra care with our fragile objects. I was greaftul for them doing all the heavy lifting and carrying in the rain. Thanks AMS!

Nancy OConnell

Loved their service. Would definitely recommend! Had a very smooth move from start to end. My condo was emptied in less than an hour. They also took great care of my fragile items. Thanks!

Jessica Hengst

UPDATE-2 months have gone by and the company has still not responded to me with a resolution for the terrible service OR my lost items. The good reviews are nice, but it's easy when things go according to plan. A good company/business is identified when their operation does not go according to plan and they own the situation and do what is necessary to make it right for their customer. This is as terrible business. Their reviews on the website I believe are fake since I cannot even locate their FaceBook page they mention. Don't make the same mistake I made. I have reported their business practices to the BBB, and here is the response I received from the BBB. Look them up on the BBB before considering them, and you will see additional reports the same as mine. "The Better Business Bureau has made several attempts to contact the business regarding the complaint. We regret to inform that we have not received a response from the company. The BBB develops and maintains Reliability Reports on companies in our service area. This information is available to the public and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your complaint, the company's failure to promptly give attention to the matter will be reflected in the report we give to consumers about them." DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Did not stick to the guaranteed schedule for pick up and delivery. Uses third parties to complete moves when they guarantee it is all done through them only. Showed up 3 hours late for pick up with one man and his 15 year old step son to do the job. they loaded my belongings into a budget rental truck. Did not deliver next day as guaranteed. Arrived 3 days later at 2am to deliver belongings at apartment complex where people are sleeping, and there is a strict quiet hour rule. Mover came alone, and didn't have anyone to help him with the job which definitely required minimum of two movers, so me as the consumer had to help unload and move all my own belongings in the middle of the night. I am 30 years old, 115 lbs, I live alone and I am recovering from a shoulder injury. I am not a professional mover that's why I hired a moving company. From 2am until 5:30am I moved everything I own into my new 4th floor apartment with a man that does not even work for American Movers and Storage. I have been calling and requesting a resolution to this terrible situation, and have received 0 follow up or call backs. They also misplaced two of my lamps and have provided no follow up on my missing items. They moved my stuff from one Budget truck to another truck sometime during the 72+ hours my belongings were missing and the entire company was unreachable. Their after hours phone lines for assistance are automated and hang up on you, and the email address on their website comes back undeliverable. My belongings were trashed and damaged. Jeff Woodford is the Sr. logistics Coordinator that sold me a service they could not follow through with. Kate is the manager who does not follow up, and can not provide resolution. Michael is the "boss" who cursed me out and told me they don't work on my time, and I will have to make myself available when they are able to deliver my items. After being guaranteed a delivery on Tuesday 3/5 at 6pm by Kate, which is 48 hours after guaranteed and scheduled delivery time and date, my belongings arrived at 2am Wednesday 3/6. No empathy and no care that they messed up. No attempts to make anything right. YOU SHOWED UP AT 2AM WITH ONE PERSON!


I was very satisfied with the excellent customer service and kindness I received from amercian movers. At first I was very hesitant of choosing this company because I seen a complaint below but I just finished my move and I’m finally in California .. One of my end tables got scratched the owner called me back and gave me $75 and I went and bought a new one I was really appreciate of of that so nothing goes perfect but they did everything they said they were going to do.

Johnny Stapleton

Was duped into using this company based on the fake reviews I read online. They are not accurate!! Furniture was left with lots of dings and scratches, and the movers were late the morning of the move with no call. After looking back at their reviews, its now obvious to me that they write all of their own. Every "person" that reviewed them has also reviewed the same 2 companies down in South Florida. Dishonest company.

Gerry Labonte

This company was recommended by the guy that moved my car, and he was right. They are on time and good price. Im happy with my choice!

Matthew Berk

Job relocated me twice in the last 6 months had terrific move on the last one and this one was even better. Affordable and dependable! Thank god for the 24/7 customer service line because when I wasn’t able to sell my washer and dryer 12 hours before the move I added it to my inventory and they still honored their price. I would recommend this company 11 times out of 10, from the reps to customer service to the movers everyone works professionally and efficiently. Thank you to American movers and storage hopefully I don’t have to move again anytime soon but if I do they’ve already earned my business for life

Steven Weathers

I booked services to pick up in South Texas, 11th hour vehicle breakdown with no other vehicle in area to cover this obligation that was already secured with $825.00 deposit. No alternative was provided, but I was assured by moving coordinator and a supervisor (Joseph) that my deposit would be returned immediately. One week later and no return of funds, I contacted customer service for resolution. Supervisor was not available at the time of my call which was 11am. I stated I would wait an additional hour and then call on the half hour. As promised, I waited the additional time without a response from Joseph or the customer representative. Upon calling back, I was placed on hold before being told my refund would have to come in the form of a check, but the accountant that has to approve the check will not be in the office until Thursday 21 Feb 2019. Elapsed time from booking to hopeful resolution will be greater than 10 days. I asked to have the check overnighted. Response was tentative. My concern is the customer service representative apparently does not have access to the people necessary for her to be effective in her role. I would not recommend this company to move me from one side of the street to the other. Absolutely no follow up conversation from the moving coordinator and/or Joseph following the aborted pick up on 11 Feb 2019. At what point would any member of this organization realized there was an open account with funds due back to a customer and taken appropriate corrective action? Extremely disappointed. I was able to secure services with A new U-Haul U-Box product for half the price of American Moveds and Storage. Hope this helps in elevating your level of service and customer satisfaction.

Alexandra Kristin

I had to leave my bike and belongings in storage for a month. I was dreading this but it actually went super smooth. Great price, and great team!

Bobby White

This company doesn't want to earn an honest dollar by doing an honest day's work, they only exist to rip off as many hard working folks as they can. Most of the positive reviews about them are FAKE! I had already moved half the stuff in my 4 bedroom house from Pa to Texas myself so my wife hired these guys to move the rest of the stuff down since they gave us a $4500 quote. She gave them permission to withdraw a $2000 down payment from her bank account then saw a week or so later they'd helped themselves to another $2500 without notifying her. They then told her that they had miscalculated & were doubling the original quote & therefore needed more money down. My wife was there alone & pressed for time & didn't feel like she had any choice but to continue despite the extra cost. On the day of the move they sent a subcontractor there with a truck then demanded yet more money to load the truck even though they had already collected $4500 which was supposed to be half down, then tried to inflate the cost of the entire job yet again by switching from a weight based price to a square footage price well over $12,000 to move half our stuff that was already boxed & packed other than 2 beds..! My wife finally told them to get lost & although she got scammed out of $4500 we started all over with another company because if she would have let them leave with our stuff they would have more than likely held it for ransom until they emptied our bank amount. Stay away from these guys & warn your friends & family..!

Gary Billburg

Called the company was given quote of 5k for move from San Diego to Utah. They called back a few days before the move and claimed it would be more. So at this point they have 3100 of mine. Driver shows up at 8:30pm, Ivan said would no fit in truck (Russian accent) and wanted to charge me additional 4000. Told him to leave, and rented a truck myself. Same size. Only 3/4 full after we loaded. Was told no refunds. Avoid at all costs. Rent a truck, hire laborers it'll be half the price. These guys were crooks. Notice how there is nothing in between 1 star and 5 stars. I'll give you one guess who is leaving the 5 star reviews. They claim not to be brokers but they are 100%.

Kandice Leward

Great long-distance move. Kept in touch with me the whole way through. I gotta say I was surprised because I have used another company before and was prepared for the worst but everything was good. recommend

Karen Aldrin

I used your company to help me move and clean up after I moved out because my landlord said I had to deal with the end of tenancy cleaning. I don't have any complaints. Everything the technicians did was ok. The cleaning also was successful as my landlord called to thank me for arranging it and said he was pleased with the results. So I wanted to come and thank you for everything you did for me and making my moving out super easy.

Renee Angel Fernandez

I had a good experience. They were careful with everything and customer service was on point.

Yannick P

It was a great move. I have 4 big dogs so the ball was in the moving team's court. They did everything and it was fast and efficient. Recommended

Christina Harris

Please do not use this company under any circumstance especially a long distance move. My mother used them to move some stuff from my grandfathers estate over 9 hours away. At first everything seemed fine and then when the movers showed up they tried to charge an extra $400. After calling customer service we did not have to pay that. We used their 30 day free storage and called a week before it was up. We were told they would call back in 7 to 14 days to schedule a delivery. As I’m writing this now I’m having to rush to get a money order to pay while my mother is out of town working. They sent her a text this morning saying delivery was today all of a sudden. We are not prepared to fully take this delivery but now we will have to since we are being threatened an additional charge of $500 to schedule a delivery on another day. The after hours customer service isn’t picking up. Just don’t waste your time or money. This is ridiculous. Update: they broke the wooden hand carved antique mirror from my grandparents home and broke the tv stand and also lost the bottom to it. The leg of my hope chest is broken, the handle on my end table is destroyed. I’m surprised the other pieces made in in one piece.

Kevin and Gail Pepin

Great experience well done! We got the packing service as well.

Vannessa Leppek

Made a deposit to this company. Many promises of no outside companies. Its just a few guys and their own truck. An unmarked truck shows up at our house, 2 days AFTER our original scheduled day, and hours later than they said. These guys have no id. They told us we arent going to pack us, like we paid for. We can't get ahold of any one. So we send the random truck away. We got a uhual instead. As my husband is picking it up, this company finally gets ahold of us. They have no idea why their guys weren't there. And they want to get us someone else out there. We're already days behind schedule so no way are we waiting. Now they won't refund us anything!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!! If I could give no stars I would. Beware of this scammy place!

Joseph Portige

Great service cool guys!

Sue Harp

This is a WARNING!!! Stay away from these scammers. They are a third party moving company. What does that mean?? Well, that means you make a contract with them, pay them money up front, then on moving day ( if they show up) another company (if you can call them that) show up. Do they show up with uniforms and trucks bearing their logo? Oh no they do not. A truck from Enterprise rentals shows up. Are they from American movers? Of course not. Though I was promised that they had their own trucks and men. The salesman Peter Nelson was very kind as he lied to me about everything. Also when they come to your house the second company charges you more money! It ended up costing 9,500.00 dollars to move 300 miles! Now when my furniture arrived EVERY piece was scratched or damaged or broken. My couch is the only piece of furniture that was not damaged. I was assured any damage would be taken care of. It has been a month since sending pictures of damaged items with no response as to how they will handle the situation. So this is fair WARNING. Find a reputable mover it will save you in the long run.

David Kellerman

All went well. Absolutely brilliant service. Punctual, helpful and efficient. The team worked so hard and very professionally to pack up all our belongings and move to our new home. Would definitely recommend

Christina and Rob Jewelry

This time we moved our home, not the jewelry store. The movers were in time, packed diligently and took care of putting blankets around the items to avoid any damage. I was satisfied with my choice and my husband couldn't agree more!

Erica Durand

We hired this moving company back in February of 2019. We had set a great price and felt confident in our agreement. Fast forward to months to when we were supposed to be picked up. We called 3 days before pickup and informed them that we had more than we had agreed upon and a new price was given a little more than doubling our cost. Now, we did have a lot more than originally thought so we agreed on 82 pieces getting picked up and everything was good. The original "deposit" was paid and we paid an additional "deposit" for the additional cost. (Up to 2500 at this point out of 5200 that was agreed)The movers were supposed to be there Thursday. Thursday came. No one showed or called. Friday came. No one showed or called. We started calling and were given multiple excuses as to why they weren't there yet and the time kept changing but we were assured they were on the way. Midnight Friday comes and still nothing. We called 42 times back to back till finally someone answered. We were told it would be Saturday morning. Saturday morning come.. afternoon comes nothing. We start calling again. We get told that the movers are filling the truck and will be there soon. The 2 boys that show up from a different moving company (sparks) in a 24 foot pensky rental truck that's about a quarter of the truck filled already have no idea how to use the lift gate. Scratch up the driveway of the rental property we are moving from. Ask us to buy them dinner because they are hungry. The proceed to tell us they need gas money because their company credit cards dont work. So we give them $400 cash and a check for $1,700 (up to $4,600) to pick up and go. On the paperwork they write our grand total of $5285 and note or cash/check payment. We sign and give them a date for delivery. We get a call 4 days before our delivery is scheduled and are told we owe $3177 and they will be there the next day. We inform them we will not have possession of the new house for 4 more days and it should say that on the forms we signed and also, where is this $3177 additional cost coming from? We got mixed answers of it was use of the truck, it was our booking fee, fuel cost, a broker's fee. Just a bunch of lies. The mover tells us he will talk to the office and get it straightened out. The next phone call we get is a week later informing us that we now have to pay $4,777 because they had to reschedule $1000, and a $600 shuttle service? We call. Get the redelivery fee waived but the shuttle service would still apply because they have to move our stuff into a smaller truck to deliver. We call and call and call. We get nowhere. It's been over a month and the most we have gotten is an offer to refund $500 to us. They altered the form we signed after they picked up. They lie to us daily. We still do not have our belongings in our home and now they are threatening to auction off our belongings. We have contacted the police and lawyers. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON! YOU WILL NOT SAVE YOURSELF MONEY! You will just feel helpless as they scam you for every penny you have!

Rita Segura

Great quality move, professional team. My son used this service to move interstate. He told me he was very satisfied with everything, especially the great price.



Kay M

I think this company is run by sociopaths. Search them for more reviews, all the positive ones are likely fake. SPARE YOURSELF!

Zahra Danir

Very polite thanks for the good work. Will recommend

Leah Gaveena

Great company, no complaint!

Lori Valery

Lots of things to move and little time. Found them on internet and called to book. Received a quote over the phone and I booked them because it was last minute for us. All in all great. Thanks !

Luis Paul

I called in last minute because my movers cancelled on me. They took care of me right away and had me scheduled the same day. Amazing. They saved the day.

Remy Accomando

5 stars to the movers! they were very efficient and quick. clearly had done this thousands of times before! it was quick and great.

Max Lindberg

Very satisfied with company Highly recommended !!

Joseline Bitho

STAY AWAY !!! SCAMMERS!!! They lie about their status as brokers, they provide no customer, never call you back and don't care if your stuck without anything but the shirt on your back. I contacted American Movers and Storage for my out of state move to Arizona. After shopping around they had the best competitive price and after thinking I was confirming all the items I needed to ensure a safe and successful move I found out the hard way that they lied from the start. The movers that came to physically move my items were not from American movers but instead from a 3rd party vendor as I found out American movers were actually brokers in addition I was told that when my items were picked up they would be moved out of state immediately that was a lie as well as they sat in a warehouse in Illinois for over 2 weeks before getting moved out. The price changed and what I was promised about price adjusting based on weight didn't happen.. another lie. I sat in Arizona with my 3 small kids with no clothes, beds, towels NOTHING for over 2 weeks just praying I would get something soon. My stuff finally got to Arizona with boxes missing and I have been trying to get someone to help me with that. I either get voicemail or get some guy telling me he'll call me back and they never do. Stay away from reps Jack ( supervisor) Joseph and Richard ( owner) to name a few. They all lied and it came from the top!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...

Anita Romano

They had everything ready to go to pack and make sure everything was secure.

Brant Bittner

Worst company I have ever worked with. Never knew where my furniture was or could tell me when it would arrive. They were clueless, their excuse, "well that's the moving industry...REALLY?!! No call backs at all. Customer Service is not there. FInally arrived TWO WEEKS LATE. Broken and scratched call backs on a insurance claim. I strongly urge anyone to avoid this company.

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