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REVIEWS OF Two Men and a Truck IN Alabama

Darius Yaghoubi

Tavis and his team were exceptionally professional and courteous for the entire process.

Michele Archuleta

From start to finish I was very pleased with the service. The movers made a difficut time stress free. They were very careful with my furniture, worked the entire time, and were very pleasant. I would definitely recommend 2 Men and a Truck for all of your moving needs.

Mary Cates

If I seem rambling and irate it is because Two Men and a Truck has broken my mind and spirit... First, they threatened to call off our move a few hours in with only half our stuff loaded onto the truck, effectively stranding us with nowhere to stay that night, because one of the guys said he had gotten a bug bite (in the Alabama summer in the country). We spent two hours worrying about what we were going to do while the movers sat in the truck, ending with me going to the store and buying a can of bug spray for the movers. Fine, but this was just the beginning... When moving finally resumed (with no actual bugs ever seen), the SAME GUY WITH THE BUG BITE soon fell to the ground and insisted that his ankle was now broken and that his girlfriend must come and take him to the emergency room "so he could get some Percocet." He was very clear with me that ice or anything else I offered while he waited for his ride would be of no use, and ONLY PERCOCET, specifically mentioned many times by name, would relieve his suffering. After elevating his ankle in the truck for a few minutes, the bug bite/Percocet guy had a miraculous recovery and walked on his broken(?) ankle inside to stand around, crack jokes, and watch the other two poor guys work until his girlfriend arrived. After he was gone, two remaining guys whipped into a moving frenzy trying to finish up and get gone. They damaged a bunch of our stuff (a bookcase, piano, an entire box of china, my grandmother's antique end table) and did not stack our boxes but left them in a huge jumbled pile before presenting us with a ridiculous bill much higher than our original estimate! Also, we understood that because we only paid to reserve one truck that they could not guarantee to move all of our things, but they left furniture scattered outside at both our old and new houses.... on the front porch and in the yard... and one guy had to come back the next day after we realized they had left our clothes dryer outside in the driveway. All in all we were outraged with how the day had gone and very reluctant to pay the inflated bill, but when we called the office to discuss our willingness to pay a lesser amount (what we thought, overall, would be fair) they told us if we didn't pay in full immediately we "be in small claims court tomorrow." Awesome! In the end, we paid them just to be done with it all. So, if this sounds like fun to you, go ahead and hire Two Men and a Truck! If on the other hand you value your stuff, money, and sanity, maybe look elsewhere...

Terry Collis

Move was easy and pleasant Jason and Moe were so polite and helpful. They were very careful in moving several of our antiques, and very careful as not to damage any of the walls or doorways.

Matthew Skillman

They got everything moved out pretty quickly. They arrived on time and moved everything back into the apartment. I couldn't assist in the move so having them do it was really nice

Lurena Casey

Wonderful experience with the two men who packed and then unpacked my parents' belongings. They were helpful,courteous, and experienced.

Crickett Petty

Great service. Very professional and polite. Arrived early, worked very hard. Would recommend.

Mary Thompson

I have used Two Men and a Truck more than once because every time I do the experience is outstanding. The office staff is courteous, knowledgeable and responsive. On moving day, they show up when they say they will, they are very considerate of my belongings, and they get the job done in the estimated time frame. Yes, it costs more than doing it myself, but it's worth every penny!

Adam Lee

Everyone that helped us was wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a more polite and courteous group of people. They were more than prepared to handle everything from floor to ceiling, even last minute changes we had to make. I've moved with several companies over the years and these guys are absolutely the best, hands down!

Ginger Cheatwood

These guys are great!!! From Melissa in the office, who actually listens to you, to the guys that do the heavy lifting, you could not ask for a better team!!

Rob Couts

Excellent service for a fair price.

Robert Winiecki

Excellent team and tremendous results. I'll hire them again.

Michael Whisenant

So I have used their service in the past for a larger move, and it was the entire home. Their pricing was a bit competitive for the same service as the legacy BRAND NAMES, and I was nervous about the TM&T model. The movers were professional, courteous and timely. Would I use them again? My company desires me to work from home, I need to move my office and who did I call? Yep TM&T, now I am picking up the tab, and while a bit pricy for what I might want to have happen, the rates are hourly, provide you a timely estimate up front, explain all the costs, and I have faith that this week I will have yet another pleasant experience. Yeah you might could get some folks off Craig's List for cheap, or get a U-Haul, but the peace of mind of just saying... Here it is, I want it there in the new location... Just peaceful!!!

Steven Stiles

Devin and his hard-working colleagues have moved for me twice in a year. They are the highest example of what any moving company would want to represent their brand. Serious hustle. Serious professionalism. Unbeatable customer service!

Tom Malia

Total douche bags, blocked my driveway with their truck while moving my neighbor. No consideration whatsoever. Their workers look like bums they scraped off the street. So, according to the workers on this job their truck was only one inch blocking my driveway, so I guess everyone in America only has a 3 inch wide driveway.

Danny Franklin

Could not be happier with the guys you sent out to the house. They we're so careful with all our antique furniture. Very sweet, polite, respectful and totally professional. Will use you again. Thanks so much.

Barbara Bragg

The young Men that moved us were very profasional in everything they did. I was well pleased with the service they provided. I would recommend your company to others that are considering a move.

Shirley Garrett

The first person I worked with to plan our move was Melissa. She promised an estimate by email the next day, but didn't follow through. I called back and Samantha took over and arranged everything to meet our needs. Our two movers were excellent. They handled our furniture with TLC, were professional, and timely. I would have given them a five star review if Melissa had followed through with her promise on the estimate.

Lisa Sorrells

The guys were very professional, quick and knew what they were doing. Will highly recommend to anyone!

Howard Lockwood

Movers were very professional and had a great attitude. I would recommend two men and a truck to move .

Salome Beler

Very timely and professional and finished in under an hour. Got my things in storage even though I didnt get the right size but they figured a way to get all my things in there with space to give..Will definitely be using again, when I need my things moved from storage.

Ethan Collins

I have never worked with 2 Men & a Truck, but the people who we bought our house from did and they damaged the wall just a little during the move. The manager sought me out and put a business card in my mailbox just to make sure nothing was left that needs to be fixed. That's integrity if I've ever seen it. If I move anytime soon, I'll be using this company because of that right there.

Phil Williams

Moved contents of one bedroom apartment into a storage building. Fast and professional.

Valerie Davis Wolski

As always, the team was professional and excellent in every way even with this difficult move. Luke, Justin, Jalan, AJ, and Sebastian were all so helpful and courteous and excellent for those two days! So were Kilgore and Tony during the time they were there! This is the only moving company you should ever use!

Lynda Blough

My experience with Two Men and a Truck was beyond excellent. They were very professional in every way. I cannot say enough about the crew and the job they did. They took extra care with every item. They aimed to please -- and did that very well. In addition to care of the furniture, they took care of the truck to keep it clean as they went. Everything had a place and was placed there. I would not hesitate to call them at any time.

Nic How

I will inevitably need to hire movers again but I will not be using Two Men and a Truck. Having said that here's the email exchange between '2 Men' and myself. RESPONSE FROM ‘2 MEN’ AFTER I SENT FEEDBACK USING 3RD PARTY WEBSITE We received your reply card this morning and I wanted to touch base with you again. We take rely cards very seriously at our franchise. They effect bonus structure and our rating World Wide. If a customer ever feels like we did not exceed their expectations, we want to investigate and find the solution. When damages occur, we get on top of that right away. October 4th, you and I spoke about your end table damage done during the move on October 2nd. Keith reached out to me yesterday to let me know that has been repaired. I am so glad that has been taken care of. If there are any claims to damaged furniture or walls, we ask that it be reported as soon as possible. The claim period is 96 hours (4 days) after the move in order for us to honor the repair. Anything reported after that we cannot honor. I know your move had a hiccup with a mover becoming ill. We did swap him out and of course took some downtime to do so. You were not charged for that time. I took a look at your moving bill and you were estimated for 8.50hrs. The hours charged on moving day were 8.25hrs. From what I can see, the move did not go past the estimated time, it went under by 15 minutes. Unfortunately, we were unable to control the mover becoming ill. That is certainly not something that happens often. We did our best to get a well team member to you as soon as possible. I plan to meet with the team on you concerns on moving boxes. The box dolly isn’t meant to be used indoors. We use it from truck to front door. If you were on the 2nd floor at the load – we wouldn’t use a dolly for boxes because they could fall off and items would then break. However, it could have been used more efficiently at the unload. I will discuss this with them. Thank you for candid comments. We use each card to analyze our service and improve where needed. MY RESPONSE: Let me start by saying I'm STILL finding damage to my home and furniture and it has been well over 4 days. As far as the 'repair' to my end table goes I sent you pix of the 'repair'. Not faulting the guy who tried to fix it, as I'm sure there is only so much he could do short of replacing it. My original estimate was for 7 hours. The only reason it went up to 8.5 was because I called and added 6 pieces of furniture. Being that I had the delivery people take the additional furniture to the new house and your people never had to move it, the move time should have taken 7 hours or less. Correct? I told the woman I spoke with I didn't want your company padding the time just to eat up the additional 1.5 hours for the added furniture. I had more furniture moved in less time during my move from my old house to the XXXXXX Rd address. Downtime wasn't charged?? In addition to the time it took to exchange the 2 people, (more than 15 minutes), the fact that they took 40 minutes to try and figure out how to remove the refrigerator door, only to have me do it shows that statement to be false. What about the bleeding on my refrigerator, the floor of the townhouse and the walls of my new home? What about them not knowing how to install travel bolts for the washer? What about your staff running into the garage after the move was supposed to be done to drop boxes when my daughter opened the door to pull in? What about the items put in my mailbox after the move was supposed to be done? So no Ms. XXX I would not say my expectations were exceeded because they were never even met. Sincerely, RESPONSE (Edited for space) SHAME ON YOU! Your comment about "inherited damage from rotting, and not caused damage by our team" is a lie and we both know it and so do the ones who did all the damage. What about the walls of my brand new home or my other furniture? I see the lengths you will go to in order to try and negate a negative review. And what about the other items I listed?

Mary Hughes

"The gentlemen that moved me went above and beyond to help in my move. They were very nice and courteous. It was a very stressful situation for me and they understood and made it a breeze. I was thankful to have them that day."

Richelle Sandlin

We used Two Men and A Truck to help us move a few years ago and because they did such an awesome job, we're using them again for our current move. The movers are professional and courteous and took great care of our furniture. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is moving!

Dudley Fagan

The three man crew of Ryan, Tony & Camron were absolutely great- they took great care to protect furniture and our home, Best crew we have had in 22 moves! Price is very fair and they truly provided a professional and customer oriented service to us. Highly recommended for any move.

Jeff Korotky

We used Two Men and a Truck recently and the service was outstanding. The 4 gentlemen that moved us were true professionals. They were very polite, courteous ("yes sir, no sir"), diligent, and took pride in their work. The crew leader, Jeff, was organized and did a great job of communicating everything to us from time, expectations, and process. During the move, a quality control person came through to ensure that the move was done to our satisfaction. Once we got settled, the bill was almost exact to what was quoted (to the dollar). They have obviously done this several times and knew exactly how long (they charge by the hour) the process would take. We will definitely use them again in the future.

Sherri Stroud

The 2 gentleman were right on time and finished earlier than the estimated timeframe, so the bill came in under estimate! Very nice young men!

Shane Porter

Jamar & Jay did an amazing job. Young, emergener, polite and professional. They treated my stuff as if it were their own. I was a little worried about the hourly rate, but when I saw them running back into the house for more, that eased my mind! I can't say enough good things about them! Samantha, in the office, also super helpful! Great experience all the way around! Good job folks!

Renate Johnson

"Your website made it easy to do business and your customer service was great. I almost went with another company but they did not get back to me on a timely basis and didn't even have an item list! Your website was easy to use, the movers were on time and very professional and last, but not least, your customer service agent, Sara was great! She was always helpful and I never felt like I was asking too many questions. Most importantly, I felt like my items were in safe hands. I haven't moved in a long time so I was very apprehensive about the whole process but your team relieved me of all that tension. I have told many people about my experience and I will use you again if needed.”

Dave Hargrave

Outstanding experience. Very polite, worked hard, and genuinely cared about taking good care of my stuff. Will definitely use again.

Michele G

The office staff is great. Anytime I've called the office, the staff is super knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. Moving is stressful, the great office staff and fantastic movers make the process painless. The movers were very professional and courteous. They showed up on time and were super efficient. Everything went perfectly, no dents, scratches, or dings! A great experience for sure!!!

Scott Grabner

I was recently promoted and relocated for my job, and I had to move as quickly as possible. I thought to call Two Men And A Truck because I met Stephanie, the Marketing Manager, at a local event in Huntsville approximately two months ago. I called the company and I had excellent service from start to finish. Thank you to the whole team, and thank you to AJ and Yeager for all the heavy lifting. I highly recommend if you need a quick turnaround for a move.

Rose Fletcher

Movers were great! On time, worked hard and timely, were careful with household items & furniture. Will definitely be using them again in the future if needed!

Judy Monroe

2 young men showed up right on schedule, they were neat, clean, polite and respectable in every way. We will use them again and we recommended Two Men and a Truck to our landlord who will be needing some office furniture moved around. Thanks for your service.

Carson Seeley

movers were great and got the move done under budget. would definitely use them again.

Haydn Griffith

Two Men and a Truck were great from the moment we booked the movie the move until after it was done and the price was good I will definitely use them again the two guys that came to our house we're really fantastic that kept moving made the quick move go quickly and we're very friendly

Lisa Lee

The young men arrived on-time and worked very hard to move our items. They climbed 3 flights of stairs to reach the goods and carried everything down to the truck in the heat of the day.

Jim Boyle

This professional moving team knows what they are doing, and they arrive prepared. When my mother needed to move, the crew was polite, courteous, and made sure that she was happy with where everything was placed. All items were protected and secured for the move and during the placement in her new residence. I highly recommend this business for their commitment to customer satisfaction, the safety mindset they bring to the job, and the way that they make sure that everything is cleaned up before they finish. We will use them on our next move. Give Them A Call, and see what they can do to make your next move easier.

Marianne Shipman

Ben and Juan were very courteous. They did a good job of moving my furniture and arrived on time. I would definitely recommend Two Men and a Truck to anyone thinking about moving.

Jim Glasgow

We had a great experience with Two Men and a Truck. Guys showed up on time and started loading. Everything went flawlessly. I would definitely recommend Two Men and a Truck to anyone that is going to be moving.

Tom and Lisa Barnett

These guys are great! We have used this office on multiple occasions, everything from complete household moves (4 men and 2 trucks!!!) to help rearranging heavy furniture between floors. They are always professional and courteous and they hire great young men and train them well. The prices are fair and there are no surprises. We will continue to use Two Men and a Truck whenever we need the services of a moving company.

Kimberly Payne

The movers were great. They were able to adapt to the change that were presented at the time of the move. Two Fantastic guys.

Lowell Edmonds

Great experience with both the company and the employees. Arrived to make move on time and were prompt, friendly and very efficient.


Two Men and a Truck in Huntsville, AL have an excellent team! I worked with Thehya to schedule my father's out-of-state move. She was fabulous! She thoroughly explained the process and the estimate. Afterwards, she was always prompt in calling me back when I had questions and following up when appropriate. Thehya is polite, kind, caring, timely, and knowledgeable; everything you want and need in a successful team. She is a rockstar! Thank you for a great experience!

Jay Meek

Everything worked seamlessly on our move. The crew showed up on time, were very cordial, super efficient and careful with our furniture, and took time to listen to us about what we wanted. Highly recommend this company for your next move!

Leslie McAnnally

I had Two and a Half Men move a few items for me, and the two young men that moved me were Deshawn and Jalen. And, they were beyond professional, beyond polite and good old school manners!!! Extremely satisfied!

Michelle Leger

Our movers were great...friendly, professional and fast!


Great job! Thanks. Will use again when needed.

Dena Trammell

Blake and Luke did a great job with my move. They were thorough and conscientious, and took extra care with my antique sideboard. I’m very satisfied with Two Men and a Truck.

A Google User

Riggins and Daniel were very courteous, respectful, and outgoing. They were extremely fast and at the same time they were very careful with my belongings. As far as the admins who scheduled my move and the one who called to check if everything was ok. You ladies rzi

Alesha Davis

Wonderful. Respectful young men . Had my entire household completely moved in under 4 hours

Pinkie Pink

A little pricey

Darrin Anderson

I've used Two Men and a Truck for 3 moves in the past and every time they have been outstanding. Prior to using TM&T we had a poor move with a competitor where we lost valuables that we know were stolen. I've never had any of those concerns with them. They always have been able to complete the move in under the estimated time though I'm sure it helps to provide them bottled water for refreshment - they are very appreciate of the drinks. Moving is hard work! Usually, after the move is over, a manager would follow up at the move-in site to see if we were satisfied. Actually, I'm not sure who I would even consider using for local moves that I would trust if it wasn't for them.

Janet Porch

Have used Two Men and a Truck three times in the last two weeks for relocation move to Huntsville. They have made this part of a major transition seamless. From the office staff to the movers, I couldn’t have asked for more professional and accommodating people. I had the same movers, Rashun, Andrew, Hunter and Kevin. These polite and friendly young men worked so hard and precise you would have thought they were moving their grandmother’s belongings. Thank you Two Men and a Truck for treating us so well.

Henry Lemley

These are great folks. Much better than the last people I used. They take such Exquisite care with your possessions and your house. They take their time and they do a good job. Don't let the name fool you, these aren't just a couple of Jack legs in a pickup truck. This is a skilled logistically well-organized large operation. They go out of their way to make the entire experience seamless as possible. Oh, and they are very polite young men. And the lady who organizes the move is about as sweet as can be. I'm very glad with my choice. I hope I don't have to move again, but if I do, I'm going to use these folks.

Devon Croom

This was my first experience with a moving company to relocate. Due to cost, i only needed someone to move me out of a second floor apartment into a uhaul that I was driving to my destination. The two young men, Antonio and Vaderick, moved me out and were AMAZING!!!! They were both professional, kind , not to mention fast! I only wish they had moved me in!

Kim Mitchel

"The office staff prepared me completely for the move, used follow-up emails and a phone call to make sure we were all set. I had some questions and I sent emails and they were answered promptly. The moving crew, 2 men, were excellent, courteous and cared! I would recommend them to many and in fact, I already have!!"

Mark Hammonds

Great work and a very hard working crew. I would have these guys move me anytime.

Blue Horizons

Friendy service, reasonable price, very fast and efficient.

Toby Chastain

Great experience with TMAAT. They were very professional, took care of our stuff, and did an outstanding job. Will use them again if I ever need to move.

Abbie McCormack

Had a great experience with these guys. Had a 2700 sq ft house and had to move it all within 10 hrs. I was going through a divorce with 2 babies so packing and moving was very stressful. They sent 4 men out to move me and it was the easiest move plus o had a comedy show during the entire move. The guys were very friendly and hilarious!!! They made me laugh all day while hustling to get my things out carefully and as quickly as possible. They did far beyond what they had to do. I appreciate them very muc and wish i could find out who those 4 guys were to tell them thank you. They will never know how much better they made that move for me.

Anthony Bates

Two Men and a Truck moved us this morning. Yager and Issac are young but both know what their doing. Both are great, respectful and careful in their duty's. I would highly refer two men and a truck.

Tina Maddox

Two Men and a Truck Huntsville went above and beyond our expectations. We have 4 locations our stuff had ended up in after an emergency move. They were able to load from all 4 places and then put EVERYTHING into our new home. The guys were professional, personable, and efficient. We will definitely use them again if given the need. Thanks so much!! Highly recommended!!!

Mutaz Musa

paying 115 per hour for chris to come and ask my wife to be his friend, he is good friend tasha general manager said defending chris cultural to be friendly with customer. be aware

Kate Watkins

Our furniture was handled with great care, as if it belonged to the moving team. The team was polite and informative and hard working. This is my third time to hire Two Men and a Truck and every move has been superb. Thank you for doing the hard work - it was worth the expense.

Michael Stone

The sent four guys for the move. They were all very polite and worked very hard. They were careful with my antiques and made sure no damage occured. I am very pleased with my move! FIVE stars!

Carissa Brock

The movers were excellent and worked hard getting my belongings up to a third floor apartment!!!

Justin Knighten

The office staff (Samantha and Melissa) were extremely gracious and helpful in scheduling my move and the movers (Jake, Daniel, and AJ) we very professional, friendly, and fast on moving day. I would highly recommend Two Men and a Truck!

Vicki Bryan

Awsome experience from setting appointment to moving day. The guys were very respectful of my possessions and pleasant to work with. I will definitely use them again when I move in 6-8 months!!

Kent Lowman

The two young men that handled my move were friendly, helpful and they showed up on time and went straight to work. They asked questions to clarify what exactly was being moved and where I wanted it to be placed at the new location. From the time they started, until the job was complete 4 hours later, they were working hard with no breaks. They handled my furniture carefully and made sure I was satisfied before they completed the job. Overall it was a very positive experience.

Green Sky

I was originally very nervous about hiring a moving company but these people made the entire process simple and painless, from start to finish. The booking agent that I spoke with on the phone was very polite, thorough, and accurate in explaining everything to me. My movers (Ben and Alec) arrived at the beginning of the estimated arrival time. They introduced themselves upon arrival, went over general information to ensure that I completely understood everything then they immediately began working on moving my boxes and furniture. They worked very quickly while remaining mindful of the furniture, walls, door frames, light fixtures, etc (upon pick-up and drop-off). Additionally, it was over 90 degrees outside, they were doing manual labor, yet there were polite and had great attitudes from beginning to end. One of my major fears in the beginning was that the movers would move slowly to run up the clock, but this was Not the case at all. They were very quick, careful, and thorough, and because I had everything boxed-up and ready to go when they got there, this resulted in a final rate that was substantially cheaper than what I was quoted. Overall I will definitely use this company again in the future for all my moving needs. They made this entire process so much easier and I wish I had hired this company before for my past moves. [**Helpful Tips for Those Looking to Move: 1.Be courteous to your movers. 2.Vacuum out your love seats, sofas, chairs, etc. 3.It really helps out everyone involved in the moving process (including yourself and the movers) if everything is truly boxed-up, packed-up, secured, and easily accessible so the movers can work more efficiently when they get there. 4. Don't leave items inside dressers/desks/etc. as it makes the items heavier and unsafe for travel. 5. Make sure not to overload your boxes (they're movers, not super human) 6. make sure the boxes are securely closed. Mark fragile boxes as such, as well as marking heavy boxes so the movers are aware 7. if you can, offer cold bottled water, sports drinks, sodas, and snacks, etc. This costs under $10 and it is helpful to your moving team and it can help them stay hydrated, especially during the summer.] 8. Don't micromanage. Movers have done this many times and they know the best strategies for moving your furniture safely. 9. Stay out of the way, but be available in case there are any questions. Don't disappear on your movers

Bob Stell

Very good service. Arrived early....twice!

Shane McDonald

The Two men and a truck crew was on time and very polite. They wasted no time in doing the job they were hired to do and was very careful with not only the furniture but also the walls. Would hire them again if needed and really enjoyed and was the deciding factor that they did not have a minimum number of hours that you were billed for and only charged for the time they were there.

jeremy goforth

The 3 movers we had were great. They were all 3 very polite, worked very hard and took care of all of our stuff. If I ever used this company again I would recomend the 3 guys we had. They were awesome!!!! Jeremy

Gretchen Johns

It was wonderful to have an amazing crew make our move in easy! Will definitely use them again. Highly recommended!

Charles Garrett

Our move - 3 offices plus a few extra items - went very smoothly. The gentlemen - and all four indeed were gentlemen in the truest sense - were very professional, courteous and accommodating. We would definitely recommend this crew and this company.

Charles Ray

They had me scheduled with 3 guys and a truck on short notice. Both the customer representatives and the movers were friendly, courteous and responsive. The move went well.

Senior Moments

"Office staff more knowledgeable than the competition. Our two guys were efficient, careful, and respectful. Only half of our move is done, so we will use Two Men And A Truck again, especially if we could have the same two guys move us."

Sheila Sharp

Very efficient, professional, and cooperative service with the moving team. Highly recommend.

Holly Russell

Excellent customer service and caring movers. We have used them several time and have always been very pleased, especially Terrance he always is professional and goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy. Thank you for all your help moving our furniture so our basement could be renovated.

James McClain

I have moved quite often. These two guys were the best I have ever hired. Curtious, respectful of my items, and never stopped moving. These two guys are excellent representatives of Two Men and a Truck. Thanks so much. Regards, James

Mary Summerlin

They were very professional and took good care of my furniture. Will certainly call again when I have things to move.

HIrome Fujio

Blake and Justin did an outstanding job of moving furniture from my father-in-law's condo to my house in Madison. They ensured all items were carefully wrapped and loaded inside the truck to preclude any damage.

Selina Mason

We could not have been more pleased with the work that Two Men and a Truck performed for my husband and me as we moved from our home of 14 years that had TONS of storage space filled with antiques, exercise equipment - you name it, they handled it with care. The crew was prompt, prepared, professional and courteous for two very long days. I overheard them commend each other for their hard work. This company must have a wonderful training program because it's not often that you hear such positive feedback from co-workers. I would definitely recommend this company.

Tricia Palmer

Friendly, professional and quick!

Bill Hass

Complex move professionally done.... Excellent services at every stage provide by both Two Men And Truck management and on-site movers. Probably most impressive were the two men who made sure that every aspect of the move was accomplished without any problems. The availability of extra staff on both ends of the moves was a big plus. We chose Two Men And Truck over other movers because they offered advantages not available from the others.

E Mitch

I had a wonderful experience with Two Men and a truck! I had to make last minute changes and coordinate a move over the phone and outside the state. The persons I dealt with were always pleasant, professional, and solution orientated. They executed a stressful move flawlessly! I most certainly will use them again! Eric,

Keith Warner

Fantastic experience from start to finish. Our movers, Mo and Austin couldn't have been nicer or better and they took great care of our belongings and our new home while moving things in. And how they kept going in the heat and humidity for almost 12 hours was beyond us. Would definitely use again!

Patricia Black

Very professional movers. Asked clearly where boxes and furniture was to be placed Great time frame too No time wasted

Jon Levin

The movers arrived at the beginning of the time window. They were efficient, polite, and very professional. An excellent experience with the company.

Bruce Wilson

As usual,,they were on time,,had me loaded,,drove acrosstiwna and unloaded in 2.5 hours,,nothing broken,,very polite... This is my fourth time to use them.. was going to try someone else but if it ain't broke,,don't fix it..

Lori Hall

I had to move my old family piano to my daughter’s house. Two Men And A Truck sent three men to move it. They arrived right on time. The men wrapped the piano carefully and meticulously, loaded it onto the truck and unloaded it at my daughter’s house just as carefully as they had packed it. Since the piano was a sentimental piece, I was thankful that they took such care in wrapping and moving it. The men were efficient and quick, and therefore took less time than I had estimated..... less cost! After they left each house they carefully set everything back in place, and they did not let the cat escape!

Josh Schreiber

You won't find a better group anywhere. Polite, careful, strong young men who take pride in the work. They're also involved in many charities and community outreach efforts. Exceptional people to work with!

Virginia Whitmire

We recently used 2 Men & a Truck, and the movers were great. They showed up ready to work even in the pouring rain, and finished the job in less time than estimated. The office people however are a huge let down. We received an email from the Director of Business Operations that we're being mailed a check since we were overcharged a bit. It's been over a month and still nothing. They say it'll be mailed, nothing. We've called countless times and have gone to the office, and to their convenience, this director is out of office. Too many voicemails have been left with absolutely ZERO response. Great business ethics guys

Tracy Engler

Updating my previous 5 star review- after getting ready to sell the house I moved from I noticed the movers were not careful with my walls, trim or doors. I had a lot of touch up work to do before I could sell. Also, a box was damaged while moving and all the dishes inside broken. Since I packed it myself the company assumes no responsibility. Next time get some buddies and move yourself, you’ll save a lot of money and have the same amount of damage to your home and belongings. They did have a great attitude and I didn’t have to do it myself which is the only reason I’m being generous with a 3 star review.

Chrystalline Lauryl

When I moved to my apartment, I called Two Men and a Truck because I just wanted someone to carry everything over. I had most everything boxed up already, and planned on throwing a few more things in boxes between picking up the apartment keys and meeting the movers. Well, I was still going over the new apartment (for the move-in inspection) when they called to let me know they were ready to come - they were considerably early. Since I wasn't ready, they said they'd get lunch and then come over. When they got there, they went right to work, hauling stuff out to the truck and padding and tying it down - no loitering or hanging around. I even got more stuff loaded than I'd thought I would be able to do in the two-hour timeframe. At the other end, it was the same thing in reverse, hauling things up to the second floor quickly and efficiently, even though a lot of it was really heavy. No, they didn't wrap things against sweat, but I've never heard of anyone doing that. Wrapping things before carrying makes it more likely to slip and fall, and I'd much rather wipe off a piece than have it broken crashing to the ground (or worse, injuring the guys trying to carry/catch it). Also, all they left in my carpet were the pressure marks of their footprints, easily brushed away. Nothing was damaged, and since it was in fall weather, there wasn't a lot of sweat/dehydration trouble. All in all, it actually took less than the minimum two hours, and they'd placed everything right where I wanted it. I was thrilled, and when it came time to move again, you'd better believe I called them again. Even more awesome, she told me they guarantee the lowest box prices in town!

Liza Harrison

Awesome service! Such nice young, professional men and wonderful job done!

Willie Taylor

Quality Service, On Time Delivery, Fair Pricing, and Professional Movers. I will be using 2 men and a truck again.

Sherry Green

We highly recommend Two Men and A Truck. They are very professional, from the initial scheduling with the office staff to the moving crew. They took care in moving our furniture and are very reasonably priced. Huntsville is lucky to have this company!

Kris Reckrodt

Professional and fast. They made moving as painless as possible.

Rebecca Brothers

Brandon and Ahab from Two Men and a Truck helped me with my move yesterday, and they couldn't have been more courteous, careful, or fast! They were amazing to work with! I would definitely recommend Two Men and a Truck for your move, whether it's just across town or a longer distance. If you can, ask for Brandon and Ahab in particular --- they're great! Thanks for your help, gentlemen!

Karen Fananapazir

This was the third time we have moved with Two Men And A Truck, and we were extremely pleased with the way in which the move took place. This time it was four movers,and they coordinated very well as a team. They took care in preparing the items of furniture so that no damage was caused. They worked very efficiently and were always courteous. I will definitely continue to request their services in future.

Dillroy Schmoot

Above and beyond. Not sure what this company is doing to hire out the best talent, but they are doing it well. The movers show up on time and are ready to get moving. They pay attention. They don't damage walls or furniture. They are fast. They are courteous. Reminds me of how things were done 30 years ago. Please keep doing what you are doing - it is excellent, and it is the exception.


Best moving experience ever! From start to finish the office and crew were positive, courteous and conscientious. Professional in every aspect. They even finished earlier than expected, leaving a few hours of the weekend to relax. Thank you 2 Men & A Truck!! I highly recommend.

rich kitch

Fast. Polite. Friendly. And the quote was spot on.

Robert Wilkes

I hired TWAAT for a 450-mile move. I also hired them to help me pack. The two young men TWAAT sent arrived a little late. One worked steadily and one spent a lot of time on his phone. The packing went very slowly. When I unpacked the boxes TWAAT had packed, I discovered one reason why. Rather than use bubble wrap on the bottom of the boxes, the packers waded up packing paper into paper balls. This puzzled me at first then I realized that I was paying for the paper they were using and the time it took them to make the paper balls. Packing of the truck went well. At some time in the moving process, the movers broke my LCD TV and that complaint is still unresolved. When they unpacked my furniture, they hid the damaged TV behind some living room furniture. They assembled two beds they had moved but had lost the bolts for a brass headboard. They did not tell me about that. I found out when I made the bed and the headboard fell against my head. One of the movers who unpacked the truck was short and over-weight. He seemed to do most of the work including moving boxes into the basement. I explained to the mover in charge where I wanted the boxes to be placed in the basement. When I went into the basement, the boxes were placed in random locations. The condition of the boxes indicated that the little mover had dropped on the concrete floor. His physical condition may have contributed to not being able to place the boxes on the floor gently. By the way, several of these boxes where marked “Fragile”. One additional issue was with insurance. The TMAAT move scheduler actually sold me the insurance. I was told that the insurance, which added about 10% to the cost of the move, would provide replacement insurance. What I was not told was that TMAAT would decide what that means. I can tell you this, it does not mean find out what it would cost to replace to replace and we will pay that amount. After I filed a claim, they told me that it was their policy to fix items rather than pay for them. However, they have never offered to do that. In response to the owners comments, I believe they have me confused with another dissatisfied customer (after dealing with them, I can see why). My problem move with TMAAT took place eight months ago. The problem with discussing this with you is that you have a take it or leave it attitude. The first offer you made me was for a $200 TV that did not come close to the TV you damaged. Why didn't you repair the TV after you damaged it? You have consistently claimed that that is your procedure and yet you have never given me that option. The movers who care, are you? Let's see: you broke my TV and did not mention it to me, you lost the bolts to the bed headboard and did not mention it to me, you mislead me about the extra insurance I bought from you, sent a guy to pack my kitchen who was more interested in his cell phone (he also missed entire drawers and moved items into drawers he had emptied), charged me while your packers wadded the paper you were selling me into balls rather than use bubble wrap, the cell phone guy delivered three wardrobe boxes but took one with him when he left (I paid for three), sent a guy who was undersized and overweight to unpack (he was the one who dropped the boxes on the concrete basement floor). This could go on and on. I guess I can thank my lucky stars that I hired the movers who care.

Suzanne Maples

I have used them two this year alone in moving family. Very nice and polite. Arrived early both times. No surprises in fees. Everything told up front. Will use again.

Bill Hedges

This was the fourth or fifth time I have used Two Men and a Truck for personal and business moves in multiple cities. I have never been disappointed. This team was very professional, very courteous and did an overall excellent job of moving us. They were right on time and worked efficiently throughout the day. There was no damage incurred. Their truck and equipment was in excellent shape. The support team at the office was also excellent. They do a great job of communicating, coordinating and follow-up. I highly recommend Two Men and a Truck for your moving needs.

Janet Brown

This is the second time we have moved with Two Men and a Truck. They are fast, friendly, efficient and have the most awesome "can do" attitude. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

kzcmsp .

The guys were great. Quick and efficient. Price was great. Would not have wanted to do this myself. Will call on them again in Huntsville, AL.

Karen Short

Our moving crew Lou, Sean and Daniel were terrific. They took great care of our things when moving. They had a great attitude, worked hard and went the extra mile for us to get moved in a timely manner."

Big68 Lowend

Trying to text you too high too high to buy

Michael Shull

Both movers were very professional, handled with care, and finished well under the quoted estimate (they were still jogging up the truck ramp after moving HUGE wood furniture). Highly recommend.

James Jones

The crew did a great job. They handled everything with care, and they didn't waste any time. It even came in as less than the estimate since it was by weight. The only complaint I had was that the crew's supervisor rushed them towards the end, and in an attempt to please, they forgot several of their tools at the first house.

Deborah Chastain

Guys were great as usual!! Will definitely use them again on our next move!

Lee Sanders

The movers were very efficient in packing and moving as well as being very polite. Very nice young men and I trusted them with my Nana who was my representative in my stead while I worked. They even took the time and consideration to help her up and down the stairs. Wow! Thanks, guys! Everything was packed wonderfully - no broken or scratched things and amazingly enough, the total charges came in slightly under their estimate. Super job by staff, coordinators, and movers. I have no doubt who I will go to again in a future move and recommend to friends and family.” Lee

Jenni Dansby

Our movers were friendly and very funny. They showed up promptly and clarified a few details before getting to work. I felt it could have gone a little faster but understand they were trying to ensure nothing was damaged. Price was reasonable. Definitely recommend them for anyone planning a move.

lee swaim

I actually work for two men and a truck. The guys are some of the best and courteous men i have ever met and this is coming from a military police background. They have a good attitude about the job even if it's going to be a long hard day. Everyone is very motivated and want to make our customers as happy as possible by the time we are finished. If i ever do have to move they are the only ones i would recommend using them either today or when I'm 80......even if i am a little biased. I know how we operate and how others operate.

Jane Gillespie

Two Men and a Truck were absolutely wonderful during my recent move. Darrion and Juan were courteous and respectful. I would highly recommend Two Men and a Truck.

Ayten Clark

I would give them 5 stars if our new refrigerator doors didnt get scratched and dented all the way around and also the laminate floor at our old house was damaged when they moved the refrigerator!

David Francis

Fast, prompt, and courteous. No problems to report. Had it completed in a third of the time they quoted (therefore the bill was less as well)!

Carolyn Thrower

Good but they have become too expensive for me

Gabriele Jackson

I hired Two Men and a Truck two years ago, and was very satisfied with the way they handled my furniture, and belongings. The movers were very professional, and worked in a timely matter. From all the moves I experienced being an Army wife, this company is the best! Therefore I requested to be moved by Two Men and a Truck again.

Cynthia Holt Anderson

Dalton and Ashton did a wonderful job moving furniture back in my house from a remodel. They had initially moved it out and I was so pleased I requested them again.

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