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REVIEWS OF Muscled Up Movers IN Alabama

Philip Schinetsky

These guys did great work. They were very efficient, and took great care of my furniture

Jeff Clark

This moving company I would not recommend. They moved us an hour away and the people that came to move us were 3 Guys when they said they were going to give us four. They were not very careful with the furniture and handled it carelessly. I believe the name muscled up Movers gives the employees the idea that they have to show off and handle the furniture on their own. They don't understand when you move someone's high-dollar furniture that it's not a gym it takes two people to set stuff down to make sure you don't scratch it. After the ordeal of breaking dishes, and getting my furniture chipped up, and scraped across the concrete. It took at least a month to get any sort of compensation through the company and even at that it was not compensated all the way. The managers and the employees at muscled up movers are difficult to deal with.

Beth Somebody

Very bad experience. Took numerous calls to get someone to call back to schedule the move. Showed up on time with 2 guys. 1 guy stood around for most of the first hour until I said something. Then they BADLY damaged our leather sofa sectional and a bedroom set during the move. It took nearly 2 months to get a repairman to the house only to be told the damage is not repairable. We are still waiting (6 months later) for final resolution on damage. WE DEFINITELY WILL NOT USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN NOR WOULD WE RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE ELSE.

Melissa Stewart

Best movers I've ever had! We've used them twice. They are quick, courteous, and professional.

Amber Lirette

These guys were lifesavers! We moved from out of state and we had the muscle to pack up at home, but not when we got here. I sent in a message on Facebook and got quick responses and they were able to schedule me before I had to bring the rental truck back. Marquise and the gentleman working with him were super polite, efficient and quick, even after already doing multiple moves previously in the day. We will definitely be calling them back when we move out of our rental! Thanks guys!

Lori Fischer

Had a one time one item move across town that the Muscled Up Movers did a fast and effective job on. Will use them again if when the need arises.

Terry Ganoe

These guys did a great job. Very professional and accommodating. I would definitely recommend them.

Cole Morrison

Jimmy, Houston, and Ben were great! They were able to unload both of our PODS in just 3 hours. All three were polite and efficient. The quote I received was exactly right and I was not charged any extra fees. My wife and I would definitely recommend them.

james ivy

Among MANY negatives, one of the biggest was certain items like my ps3 just happened to go "missing". They also broke an electric recliner and damaged other furniture. They knocked a hole in my new apartments hallway wall. The movers were very unprofessional. All in all I highly do not recommend them if you have valuables and any furniture you don't want broken or torn up or value your money and time.

Wanda Watts

Great moving company and we would definitely do business with them again! Reasonable prices to!!

Mongolian Pete

Jeremy Romberger

Highly suggest this company, everyone I worked with to get my move done was very professional. Joseph has a really good company!

Logan Ojermark

Andrew and Marquis did a great job moving our stuff quickly and carefully. It took them 2.5 hours to move a 3 bedroom apartment worth of stuff with some very heavy furniture and they had to carry it to the second floor. The only thing that broke was the leg of an old heavy dresser. (I was so sick of the dresser anyway so I ended up taking the legs off after they left.) They offered to come back and fix it and I declined the offer. They were friendly and got the work done well! I would hire them again.

Slim Q6

Jon Raynor

The guys did a great job! They were quick and very friendly! I highly recommend!!

Melissa Harrison

My schedule changes from week to week, and Muscled Up Movers fit me in on a Sunday morning at no extra charge! The crew was fast and efficient. Finding out my new place was 2-story was not a problem for these guys. Muscled Up Movers are the best!! A neighbor used another company and not only had to keep the boys on task, but is still awaiting reimbursement for a broken china cabinet. Muscled Up Movers knows what they are doing. Don't hesitate to give them a call.

Kassandra Stephens

Outstanding! The guys were very nice and handled my furniture with extreme care. (Which, in and of itself, is amazing because I have very heavy, antique, real wood furniture plus a sleeper sofa.) They were also very gentle when setting the furniture down on my brand new hardwoods and made sure not to leave one scuff. I was absolutely impressed with their efficiency, getting all my items moved out of the apartment and into my house in 2 hours flat during this crazy heat! Thanks, Muscled Up Movers! I will definitely be recommending you to friends. :)

Michelle de Jongh

Fast and professional These guys were awesome! They worked efficiently and quickly. They didn't charge extra or complain that the move was into a 3rd floor apartment. They were polite, friendly, focused, and actually seemed like they were enjoying it. I'm so glad we hired them.

Logan Hoffman

They did a great job, great service by a great company!

Andrew Driver

The team was good that moved our house! Chandler was outstanding and Freddie was great! All the guys are professional and hard working.


Chandler, Ty, and Kendall were extremely professional, efficient, and just a pleasure to be around. I will definitely be using Muscled Up Movers for my next move!

ABC Cleaning and Restoration

I can't begin to describe how happy I am with these guys. They have been superb with helping me with my moving needs. They were on time, quick, and very courteous. If I need anything else moved I will definitely use them and highly recommend. Each time I've spoken with Amanda and she has delivered on each and every aspect of my needs. If you need something moved call Muscled Up Movers and ask to speak with Amanda trust me you will not be disappointed.

Jason Simpson

Demonte, Kendall, Anthony did a fantastic, professional job for us. Great movers!

Lynnette Feusner

James and Austin were amazing! They moved a heavy piece of furniture for us and helped us organize our garage which was total chaos after our recent move. They followed our instructions carefully and moved our boxes in the time allotted in a professional, courteous manner. We will definitely call Muscled Up Movers in the future and recommend this service to anyone needing moving help!

Judy DiMaso

Horrific. So many broken items it's unbelievable. For example, a delicate glass dragon was thrown unwrapped into the bottom of a large box mostly full of books. Needless to say, it was in pieces. STEER CLEAR OFTHESEO UNCARING BRUTES.

Dave Parkhill

Great guys with great attitudes. We were a bit in panic mode, but KJ, Marquis and Evan went above and beyond to help us out. We hope not to move again, but if we do, we are calling these folks...


Candice Bastin

This is a very good company, they work hard and make sure to take care and pride in what they do. This is by far the best moving company in Huntsville, AL. You need good quality and hard working movers? Muscled Up Movers, is the company I recommend!

Cynthia Beisel

I have moved several times in my lifetime. Never have I had a more caring, careful team in my whole life. You want the best go with muscled up Movers you won't regret it. Two thumbs up for this company.

Rob Austin

Excellent customer service, have used several moving company’s before and wouldn’t recommend anyone over these guys. They do it the right way!

Jared Fleming

Reasonable pricing for the movement of my safe. On time. Friendly. Professional.

Robyn Powell

Well, they were late showing up, they didn't have the truck which what was agreed on. The guys first trip to the truck with our belongs was dumped off the moving cart. They were very nice young men and yes they worked hard but that doesn't mean much if your things get damaged. We also agreed on four movers and half way through the move one left. When we arrived to our knew home they did not put the items where they were supposed to go and let me tell you when you have a disabled veteran that can not help and two women have to move this heavy items you get a little upset. After all said and done there was damage do everything to our coffee table. The guy that I guess was in charge took pictures and said we would be notified, that has been over three months ago. No call back to date. This item was bought for us by my now deceased Mother-in-law. So glad they held to their word. That was sarcasm if you was wondering. I won't use them again or recommend them. I would rather pay more for a better quality job and not people that doesn't stay true to their word.

Mel Howard

This as the best moving experience I’ve ever had. The person on the phone was very thorough and concerned with all details before my move. VERY helpful. Then the day of the move the two gentlemen were very nice. They were also quick BUT careful! My couch wouldn’t fit in the doorway but they tried every possible way to make it fit and I appreciated that. They were never frustrated with me and listened carefully. I’m recommending them to everyone I know.

Dave McGough

Muscled Up Movers gave me a $541 estimate to move a used hot tub to my house and move my old hot tub to the curb. I hired them based upon that reasonable estimate. After the move the total bill was $1017. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Brandi Hill

i would recommend them they worked hard and efficiently moved me to a second floor apartment and it started raining as well but they still took care of my belongs no damage

Tristram Evans

I've used Muscled-Up Movers for a number of large-scale commercial moves. Their team has always been courteous, well-informed and professional. Their quotes are accurate and they get the job done quickly and efficiently. They treated our furniture with great respect, taking care to thoroughly wrap the more delicate items. I will continue to send my repeat business to this excellent company, and highly recommend you do the same!

James Villano

We were moving on a budget. The guys came in, moved everything damage free. No breaks, no chatting; they came in, got to work and got it done. We have used them before and had the same experience...they are the best!

Sonya Griffith

In preparation to move to Ohio, my parents hired Muscled Up Movers to load their U-Haul truck. They were extremely satisfied with the 3 guys who did the job! They were on-time, efficient, very nice and SUPER STRONG!!

Sonya Justice

I own an interior design and professional staging company as well as being a local Realtor. I have used Muscled Up Movers with all my clients and on all my moves for my company. They are great to work with and always take care of my and my clients! Highly recommend!

Melisia Anderson

I was very impressed! I have used a local moving company before( I won't say which one) and these guys took better care of the items we had them to move than the one I have used before. Chandler and Michael we're great! I will be using them in the near future again. Did I mention their prices are very reasonable??? Well, they are... The other company priced REAL high when I got an estiment. These guys even made an extra stop to drop off and pick up. I highly recommend using Muscled Up Movers!!!

Bob Druckman

Douglas Stewart III

Ty, Kendall and Chris showed up on time and worked nonstop getting our furniture moved. Overall experience was great. I would definitely recommend them.

Krystal Hsu

We used them for two hours to load our POD for a long distance move. The two gentlemen were crazy fast and very professional. They had a carpet for the walkways to protect our floors and door frame protectors as well. They wrapped our furniture and were very careful and courteous. I would HIGHLY recommend for any move and will most definitely use them again in the future.

Jeremy Patton

Wow, awesome service and fair price! Kendall and Svante were very professional and nice!

Kevin Pierce

Muscles Up Movers did a great job moving my belongings. They were professional, knowledgeable and motivated to get everything done as I requested. I definitely look forward to hiring them again for my moving needs.

Amy Smith

The movers were on time very polite and very efficiant!!! Would definitely recommend them to family and friends and everyone!

Joe P

Just finished up our move yesterday and I didn't want to waste any time to review. Due to the crazy closing schedules of the houses (both on the same day), they kept our stuff in the trucks overnight for a very reasonable price. To be honest, the cost of the whole process was more than reasonable considering how much was moved and the fact it took place over two days. The most important thing to me was the fact that every worker I met over those two days was extremely nice and hard working. Everything was moved without any incident. Chandler (team leader), AJ, Evan, Devin, and KJ were all great guys. They showed up on time each day and actually made the process pretty stress free. Thanks for everything guys.

Janice Smith

Working with Muscle Up Movers not only for my furniture/boxes, but an awesome team who took stress away from me and cleaned my house before the new owners moved in. Both set of teams were awesome and made my move to my new home so much easier and definitely less stressful. I highly recommend this group for your next moving / house cleaning needs.

Morgan Johnson

Excellent service! They even replaced our fridge door because it got a little dent during the move. They were great to work with and did a great job!

Debbie Montgomery

It all depends on the crew that is sent to wrap, pack and move your furniture. The first day's crew of Packers did a great job. The 2nd day crew of movers did great as long as we were there. We had to leave early to secure a storage unit. We stayed in constant contact with the movers and specially asked if we should return and they said no we will meet you at the unit. A piece of furniture was damaged during the move. The worst part is when we returned to the house, the garage was packed with items, even wrapped items, they didn't bother to load. Many articles were still inside the home. I was frantic. I had a walk through the next morning for the buyers of my home. My precious friends brought their truck and loaded their truck and my 16 ft trailer to capacity. Still too many items. I called several times, my daughter called and my real estate agent called several times to get this resolved. I was in tears. After paying $3300.00 they offered to give me a discounted price of $90 an hour with an estimated time of 4 hours. I said how could you do this to me? The second truck had plenty of room to take the other items and now you want to charge me for travel time and a truck? After about 2 hours I told them one flat payment of $155 to finish the move. After about 6 calls they finally agreed. The two young men that came to clean up the other crew's unfinished job, Quo and Andrew, did an awesome job with a great attitude. You will not get an exact cost for the move. They do an hourly rate of $120 to $155 plus cost of supplies and truck rental, etc.. So if you think it's going to cost $2500, it could turn out to be $3500. Do not leave your house until everything is pack and go to location with the crew.

Cindy Hayward

Muscled Up Movers moved a baby grand piano for me. Every step of my experience was positive with them. Jill did a great job communicating with me and organizing the move. Four people showed up to do the move, which made me happy it wasn't two guys trying to move such a large object. Austin was the moving team lead. He and all his guys did a GREAT job. They disassembled, wrapped, moved, and reassembled the piano quickly and, most importantly, very carefully. Thank you to the entire team!

Kimberly Dutton

Great Workers. I experienced complications with the place I was moving into and was not able to move in on the move in date this company worked professionally with me to make my issues of moving as smooth as possible. Very friendly and professional and well mannered workers.

James Irwin

I had a very bad experience with this company, had a list of issues and damages. However, even after everything, no follow up or anything. I cannot recommend this company.

Karen Anthony

We used these guys to move our business. They were very efficient and pleasant to deal with. I would definitely use them again and have already recommended them to others. We had used 2. M In. A Truck previously, which we had no problem with, but found Muscled Up Movers to be a little cheaper, more dependable and a delight work with.

Marie Harris

We had a great experience with our team, Austin and Derrick. They were on time, professional and very hard working. Our move was done in just 3 hours. It was the easiest part of having to move. Would definitely recommend!


My experience with Muscled Up Movers was fantastic. The price was extremely fair. Everyone I spoke too was extremely kind and informative. Andrew and Anthony were the two movers for us and they were excellent. They made sure they were very clear about the process, asked us lots of questions to make sure they got things right the first time, and they didn't damage a single thing. I can't recommend these two guys enough for the job they did. I will be using Muscled Up Movers for any moves in the future and will definitely be recommending them to friends and family.

Mark Palmer

Jake Cushen

My wife and I recently bought a new house. Upon her insistence that she wanted the move to happen as quickly as possible I relented and we decided to hire movers. This is now a battle I wish I’d fought harder. The two houses were about 5 minutes from each other. 3 trips and 10 hours later the 3 guys they sent finished up. With a bill that ended up being roughly double what we were quoted we also came away with some new accents to almost every piece of furniture that was moved. My wife’s china cabinet is now missing a corner. Our newly refinished floors have several new beauty marks where furniture was obviously sat down and then scooted. One of these scratches is maybe a dozen feet long and is right inside the front door! I happened to be standing nearby at the time and was too late in pointing out that the high chair the guy was dragging was digging into the floor. I then overheard one of the other guys mention that because I saw him do it they had to fill out an incident report. I wish I had known to be watching them move every piece constantly. There are a couple of pieces that separate into top and bottom sections. These were both improperly reassembled with new holes being drilled and screws being stripped instead of aligning them properly. Our dresser was used to scrape a nice, long line of paint off the bannister. I watched the drawers of that dresser come flying open about halfway up the stairs as it was not wrapped in any way. Our son’s toy chest was turned upside down (with things inside) and scratched. His dresser was scraped and had a panel missing. A couch and chair each had one of the other’s legs with one that was screwed in so badly that I had to go buy a replacement bolt to even put it back together. I eventually started unloading boxes alongside them as no one apart from myself seemed to be in any kind of hurry. It’s beyond frustrating for this whole ordeal to have cost so much and to have gone so poorly. A furniture refinishing company is supposed to be coming out later this week to hopefully repair some of the damage that was done. Even if that ends up addressing some of the issues the fact that there has been so much added hassle to something that was supposed to make our move easier is unacceptable.

Ana Rosales

Brilliant! Prompt, helpful, and hard working. Very pleased!

Mary Ann Huscher

They were the best! We had Jahsiem and Judge- they were very kind, hard working, and treated our things with care. They were also very quick! I would recommend them to everyone. The company as a whole was also very customer service oriented- they answered all of my questions and they were great with their pricing. I would never go with anyone else.

James Beckwith

Loved my movers and clean with muscles up movers and sweetheart cleaners

Shannon Motyl

My boyfriend and I used Muscled Up Movers on Saturday 1/28/2017. Anthony and Andrew could not have been better!!! They were fast and super efficient on getting the things moved!!! I will definitely give Muscled Up Movers a call when I need them in the future!!!

Christopher Moffett

I needed a heavy safe moved and called Muscled Up Movers. Within a couple hours I had three guys show up ready to move the safe. They were professional, prompt, and courteous. They had the right equipment and moved the safe to my new home without any problems. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again in the future!

David Barbee

Very well mannered and muscles!

Brandy Hicks

brett maxey

I called them last minute (on a Sunday) to do some de-cluttering and they fit me in. They made it easy on us and the guys were very polite and professional. Plus it's Reasonably priced from my research! Definitely will be using them again for the final move

Andrew Austin

Best Moving Company in the world.

Jack VanHook

They were quick and great to work with! Planning to use them again.

Katrina Moultrie

Lauren Webb

We had a great experience with the team at Muscled Up Movers from start to finish. Their customer service was first rate, the movers took care of our furniture, and they were pleasant to interact with. Would absolutely recommend them!

Jim Clark

These folks have helped me with two moves and have done a fine job each time. I am impressed.

Justin Peck

Muscled Up Movers made my move from Toney to Huntsville an easy transition. They showed up on time and ready to work! They were very careful with everything they moved. The team was very respectful and listened to any suggestions I had. The move was hard work but they did the heavy lifting! Thanks again.

Joseph Banks

Brad G

Great moving company, have helped me and friends several times

Juanita Washington

#1 red flag Okay if you are renting a truck to pick my merchandise up #2 red flag, when you have to cover your floor your self number #3 when they get lost finding your home #4 the guys are not professionals If the top # doesn’t stop you number 5 will they took my grandson football sign by the Vipers, knock holds in my walls and want do follow calls to see how there’s staff did. This company

Jamie Saunders

Highly recommend them! One of the three guys, Will, was especially great.

Dustin Hicks

James, Harold and Ben did an outstanding job. They arrived, got right to work and stayed on task all day in the cold and rain. Saved my back on some very heavy truckloads. I would highly recommend the crew. Very courteous and professional. Thanks guys!

Brenda Barton

Jeremy Owen

This was the first time that my wife and I have used a moving service and I have to say these guys have set the bar incredibly high. They were fast friendly and most of all professional. Took the time to get the job done right. They explained the contract to me from the start which was great because we were on a time crunch. There wasn't alot to move but the items were extremely heavy in a few cases. These guys come highly recommend in my book and being in a service industry myself I expect the same quality I give and these guys came full force with 5 stars.

joe analog

Kendall and Kameron were the most professional and courteous movers I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Absolutely the best! I highly recommend Muscled Up Movers!

Dr Robert Barker

Shannon L Austin

Max Coleman

100% satisfied. The two gentlemen that came to my house were fantastic! They couldn't pull their truck into the driveway, so they had to carry every item down a very steep incline and then walk back up to get more. They were efficient, careful, and extremely polite. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Anna Spear

Great attitude, hard working and efficient!

Katie Yenigun

The 2 guys that helped us move were amazing! Ty and I believe it was Bret. They were funny, quick, and careful. They made sure to not hit or damage our walls. They were so awesome! I'm so glad we used them.

Craig Maples

Great experience from scheduling to the moving day. The guys made sure everything was taken care of in a timely manner. Highly recommend

Joshua Hicks

Terrible experience with them. They dented most wall from each room to the door, smashed the frame around the doors they went through, and broke most of the furniture they moved. I would only use them if you hate your stuff. ***************************** In response (i cant seem to reply), the move was under Charis Hicks, and it was September 3rd. I patched and painted everything in the house we moved out of, but some dents are still in the house we moved to. I have also bought the parts to repair the refrigerator and furniture. I appreciate that you're trying to make it right, it's just a frustrating thing when one is already stressed with moving, and then has to deal with repairing everything afterwards. There is a difference between accidents and carelessness, and unfortunately, this was the latter.

Amanda Bolan

Andrew and Anthony were fantastic and speedy!

Deborah Lesher

I am a Handicapped guy and they did a great job with my move from SE Huntsville to Meridianville.. They did exactly what I asked and at the agreed on Price. When they missed several boxes they offered to come to my old residence and loaded the boxes into my car. I did however have to unload the boxes myself at my new Home. Be very careful to follow their policy of you inspecting and letting them know of any damage to anything. I called with some simple damage to an end table and I was told that my 48 hours had passed and that was all there was to it. Because I missed my 48 hours I was out of luck, So if you use them look at everything as they take it off the truck

Rose H

Don't use Muscled-Up Movers! Movers and the support staff were very courteous, but the actual service was horrible. Movers were constantly texting, I found one guy sitting on the bed I had just put together myself. I had to constantly keep asking them for help moving items. Also, I received a quote over the phone, which the company did not honor. I went to their place of business to discuss the invoice with the owner, the office was hard to find. I had to stop at the Military surplus to ask where they were located and he said next door in the gym. The office is in a gym with a sign about 12 inches big posted on the gym door, almost impossible to see from the road. When I spoke to the owner Joseph about the quote vs. what I was charged, he said, "Well, you don't have the quote in writing." And he ended our conversation with "Peace Out." There was damage to a few furniture items, they sent someone out with a Ziploc bag of furniture markers to fix, which looks terrible. My yard was torn up by the moving trucks, pretty extensively, but they agreed to replaced some of the sod, but they used the wrong kind of sod. I was very specific on what grass I had.

Trent Heard

Amy Frost

I was about to embark on a long distance move, and was worried about loading my rental truck. Muscled Up Movers sent Austin & Jason to load my truck. No one could ask for nicer and more efficient guys. They were absolutely terrific! They made my move much less stressful.

Joe Kirby

I've been involved in three moves by Muscled Up, two of which I was the direct customer. The first two moves they did exceptional, no complaints, but the third move ended terrible and cancels out the good of the first two. We moved a whole household out and back into our house for renovations. The move out was great, the move in was not. Even though the move out took 8+ hours, during the move in at the 6 hour mark the lead mover was calling the next customer telling her they would be on her way in an hour. Because they were trying to leave my move "early" they started complaining about putting together furniture. Something they did happily before. They decided at one point they couldn't put my bunk beds back together, which they had done before. The timing of them just calling the other customer to move was suspicious that they now couldn't offer the service. I told them fine, put the master bed together and then they could leave, and over this weekend found they had left out half the screws for the framing under the mattresses and a cross brace I had to replace on my own dime. Sorry Muscled Up Movers, no more recommendations. Please look at how long previous moves from the same customer take before scheduling back-to-back moves, especially when customers are paying four figures for a move.

Amanda F

These guys are the best! Extremely strong - each guy was moving big furniture by himself. Very polite and thorough. Worked quickly and didn't waste any time. Definitely worth every penny!

Jodi Wilson

We came down to Huntsville AL from Michigan to pack up my brothers home after he passed away. We were on a tight time frame and when the movers we had paid for through the Uhaul website failed to show up I googled movers and found Muscled Up Movers. It was a long shot but I called at 1:30 PM on a Saterday to see if there was any chance to find help for that same day. The gentleman I talked to was very kind, called around, and found me help. We were desperate and they did not take advantage of our situation, they charged us a very fair rate, the same we had been quoted from the Uhaul site. Muscled Up Movers were at the house an hour later, got the large furniture into the trailer for us and much more. They had everything packed up for us and in our cars and trailer within two hours. The two movers were kind, efficient, courteous, friendly and careful. They saved the day for us and we are so grateful. We would use this company in a heartbeat.

Stacey Painter

The guys that moved me today we're great. They was very respectful and did a great job. I don't know what I would have done without them. If I ever move again I will be using this company again.

ryan cechovic

Very efficient and very nice. Antwon and Demonte moved some of our larger items that we had very quickly and carefully. They were able to load everything into our trailer in one trip which we did not think could be done. And they did it all (up three flights of stairs too) under the two hour minimum. We were very happy with the communication at Muscled Up Movers as well. We had confirmation calls reaffirming all of our information and Antwon and Demonte gave us a thirty minute heads up before they arrived. We were very happy and would use this moving device again in a heartbeat. Thanks again! -Ryan and Kayla

Christa Welch

Highly recommend! Kara is a huge help!

Andrew Stinnett

kandbsmallwood .

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how great of a job the team on our move did! Even on a rainy holiday 8+ hour move, not once did James, Graham or Harold complain. They were all very kind, professional, tactful and efficient. James did an outstanding job as the crew leader and Graham and Harold were awesome at listening and getting the job done! We will definitely be recommending your company and services to those in the market for movers. Keep up the great work! -Brittany and Keith Smallwood

Mark Johnson

Amber T

Love these guys! Makes moving easy, fast and efficient !! I recommend them to anyone who is in need of movers.

nicholas poppe

Fantastic customer service, everybody seemed to genuinely care about my personal items and went out of their way to ensure their safety.

Becky Staples

Thanks Tim!

Lorrie Green

I highly recommend the team at Muscled up movers! They take great care of their customers and have a great passion for helping people with the entire moving process!

Joshua Coad

Barrette, Harold & Chad did an excellent job in my recent move. What was supposed to be an easy move wound up being more complicated and longer than any of us projected. The guys continued to work hard with a positive attitude despite being thrown a curveball. They took great care with our fragile items. I will definitely use Muscled Up Movers for my next move!

Brian beaty

If you need movers that care look no further. I never saw men move with such care and precision. Would highly recommend them to people who really care about their belongings. Will be calling again!

Joe Martin

We have used Muscled up Movers twice for in town moves and have great experiences both times. Polite, efficient, hard working guys who did an awesome job for us. These guys hustle! No milking the clock here, you get what you pay for every hour.

Aimee Young

Amazing service! I had a wonderful experience with this moving company and highly recommend using them!

April Brown

I would like to Thank Muscled up Movers for helping me with my move. This was a first time experience for me but the job was well done. My team leader was Alex, along with Unit and Jamar. I'm not going to discuss why I had 3 movers but they all were very manner able, and professional. Alex made sure he kept in contact with me every step of the way. They worked for me in the rain and most people don't do that. I didn't have any help at all, but they were with me every step of the way. I just felt bad that it rained on them. The thing that matters the most to me was the character and the way they took care of my things, that's what matters the most. Thank you Alex, Unit and Jamar for all your hard work. If I move again you all will be my go to guys.

matt shelton

Derek Johnston

Two movers came out on 5/18 to pack an ABF trailer for us. They worked for 4.5 hours then proceeded to close the bulkhead and put the ramp back in the truck. Then I was told that the truck was full. After paying, I inspected the trailer and found there was still a lot of space left. Furthermore, many of the last items were packed careless (wood surfaces in direct contact causing immediate scratching, etc). After having to wrestle the bulkhead off by myself, I proceeded to fit 15 more boxes onto the trailer. After contacting management, I received a message that seemed to cast the blame on me. It was suggested that my use of frustrated and deceived were simply because the stress of the move adjusted my "professionalism or choices of words." In short, use someone else if you want someone to accept responsibility and liability for the quality of the loading job.

HoodLife Muzik

Anne Adams Lary

Ty, Kendall & Barrett moved a piano for me. They were prompt, very careful and friendly. The flat rate for the piano move was reasonable, and scheduling was quick and easy.

Aisha Brown

Cris Rodriguez

Blake Carter

Short notice move and professionally executed. The crew touched base the day before to confirm time, location, special requests/instructions. Upon arrival, they got straight to business and hustled til the end (95 degrees and brutal humidity). Took excellent care of our belongings while remaining efficient. Genuinely pleasant crew to interact with. Top of my list to recommend, regardless of job size.

Aaron F

These guys did a great job. Polite, professional, and got the job done quick.

Ineke' Allen

drexyl twickenham

they moved my stuff and did a great job.they called me before they came looked at all my stuff and began the move.within a couple of hours.everything went smoothly.great job.i would recommend them to a friend or anyone moving.

The Guardian Mail

Could not ask for nicer more helpful movers.

Meredith Johnston

These guys were top-notch - John H, Joshua H, Marquise and Houston were so helpful! Very professional, efficient and just good guys! Would definitely recommend MUMs to my friends.

Janis Vickers

I highly recommend this company. I'll definitely use them again. Professional and hard working young men. Our move came with challenges and they rose to the occasion. Thanks so much & God bless , The Vickers

Margaret Morris

These guys were amazing. We had to move last minute, and they made themselves available for us. They squeezed us in and then they showed up to handle business. They didn't mess around or waste time. They got the job done fast. It was such a huge weight off my family's shoulders (both physically and figuratively). We will definitely be using them in the future.

Prabhakar Kansal

They guys were awesome, did a fantastic job. they moved our households seamlessly, completely hassle free move, movers also did external bindings kind of add on extra scratch free security layers on sofa, chairs, executive desk,treadmill and many others semi packed households stuff's in a very calculative consumed time, I would highly recommend this service if someone are moving locally. We packed ourselves and asked movers to grab and deliver at new family home. We also labeled each box and they put those boxes directly to designated area at new home. thanks for such a nice service.

Tasha Wiley

Had a wonderful move with Cedric, Antoine, Derrick and Cody in May 2016. They guys worked hard, never took a break, and were both courteous and professional. They took good care in moving our belongings. Also, even though it's VERY hard work, I noticed they all seemed to be having fun and enjoying each other while they worked. Great experience with this local small business. Will definitely recommend them to others.

Molly Cook

Amazing team! Highly recommend them. They move quickly and handled everything with great care.

Pattie Duggan

I hired Muscled Up Movers to move three large pieces of furniture from my third floor apartment to the Habitat ReStore. Andrew and Will arrived on time and loaded the items very quickly with no damage to the items or my home. The price charged was the two-hour minimum stated when I booked the move. I used Muscled Up Movers three years ago for a complete household move with equally excellent results. I have used other movers over the years, and Muscled Up Movers beats them all!

Dennis Woods

They moved my entire apartment in less than 3 hours. They were professional and worked quick but carefully. If I ever move (hopefully not for a long time) I will definitely use them.

David Waggett

Yesterday I had the opportunity to make some new friends in the Moving Business. I am a long time resident of SE Huntsville Alabama. Chad and Jacob Fincher from Muscled Up Movers made my moving experience a 10 Star. Being a former athlete and a far cry from the man I once was, the Business name caught my attention. Chad and Fincher were top notch, trustworthy, and professional Muscled Up Movers. If you have a Big or small move I highly recommend you give these guys a call.

Mark Moore

Moving can be a hassle. But this time it was a breeze. The guys were friendly, efficient, and careful. I couldn’t have asked for better service. And they didn’t break the bank!

Robert Graham

Well, the truck got unloaded. However, it was clear they went way too fast and carelessly, trying to get out of there and to the next job. Hopefully none of the fragiles got broken. I know time is money with movers, but I was a bit disappointed after having Muscled Up recommended to me.

Julie Godwin

Our move was excellent! The two guys arrived on time, walked through the house to see everything that needed to be moved, and then worked hard till the end! They wrapped EVERYTHING, took care of our floors and door jams, and had a positive attitude the whole day. Our movers were fun, respectful, and very hard working!

Andrea Curtis

We hired Muscled Up Movers to load our moving truck over this past July 4th weekend. They ran a little late, but called us an hour prior to let us know the adjusted time, and everything was awesome from there. These guys - Barrett and Demonte - showed up to work. We ended up not getting a truck big enough for all of our stuff (which was TOTALLY our fault), but they packed our truck like a boss! They communicated very well, were very respectful to me and my family, and worked very hard. I highly recommend them for any move you have.

Audra Morris

Super professional, friendly, and hard working! They definitely know how to take care of your belongings and work very fast. Highly recommend!

April Chassee

Kara from Muscled Up Movers always takes care of me and makes sure my other friends are as well. Her customer service is top notch and I have seen how the movers handle the heavy furniture and wrap it so the edges don’t get damaged. They take great care of my furniture!!!

Beverly Randolph

As I am preparing to move in a few weeks, I had a ton of questions, Jasmine has been a delight in answering my questions and replying to my emails and calls quickly and kindly. She is making this a great experience!

James Robinson

Have always been very curtious and accomedating when scheduling

Penny Tyler

Muscled Up Movers is the best moving company I've used. They have moved me as well as moved purchased items to my home. Always careful to wrap items and give the best customer service I've seen. Before, during and after your move they are there for any concerns or simple questions. The team is so courteous and want to make moving a good experience. They did their part right!!

April Goodmon

Rico M. Williams

Muscles up movers were on time and did not take any breaks! They remained professional, as they effeciatly moved my belongings to my new house! With the help of them I was able to move in, unpack and decorate within 2 days! Devonte and Marcel (the two movers) were awesome!

Millie Patterson

Amanda Barnes

They were on time, efficient, and professional. We had some very heavy furniture to move and they moved everything with no damage and set everything back up. They did a great job and we'll use them again in the future.

David Buchholz

OTHER moving company quoted us at 9 hours with 4 guys and over $1k. Muscled up Movers sent 3 guys and did it in 3 hours. Saved us time and money. Beyond thrilled with what they did for us.

Mckisha Davis

Muscled up movers exceeded my expectations and took a huge load off my back. Literally Great service

The Stever’s

The best of the best

Grant Hutcheson

Muscled Up Movers made the entire process of moving painless and enjoyable. Their pricing was very competitive and they did not nickel and dime as other movers has done in the past. The team that showed up to move worked fast while being very considerate of my items. I would recommend them to anyone moving local or out of state.


I had a very large and heavy piece of furniture that I needed to be moved upstairs. They came over with the proper equipment and made easy work of it. Very professional and respectful of my home. They didn’t ding anything! Great price too!

Knotss Man

They were fantastic they were prompt professional very helpful took the time to make sure that my property was well secured and moved in a very safe and efficient manner I highly recommend them to anyone making a move with any large equipment and truly these are some big guys no joke they have muscles

Charlie Holley

I hired muscled up movers a few days ago for a local move and the two young men who moved us did an outstanding job. They were there a little before start time, moved our furniture professionally--including wrapping it when needed, and were very respectful. I highly recommend their service.

James Bowman

Lori Moreno

Muscled up movers helped me move twice ! It made the moving transition so much easier when you don't have to worry about your property!

Paul Jaggers

Highly recommend this company! KJ and Judge were very courteous, professional and quick to move items. They moved everything with care and much quicker than I expected.


Janelle Sonnenberg

Great service! Very fast and the movers were careful with our items. They took the time to wrap the furniture and protect our home. They were also the cheapest in the area! Would defiantly use again!

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