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REVIEWS OF J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. IN Alabama

Stonewolf Gshota

(Translated by Google) God (Original) gud

Kathy Smith


Great place to work

Trista Tatro

Carey Hairston

Outstanding place to work

Craig Jackson

Jerry Magee

Richard Gallup

Dallas Griffin


Jordan Jeffreys

Harold Booker

Luis Gonzalez

Don't know?

anthony currence

I've worked here off and on for going on 3 years I like the place good people and dispatxhers. 2of which are Rick Navarro, and Ross Estes, that are the best fleet managers I've had my entire trucking carrer. My hats off to them without my current fleet manager I have no job I would be sitting. Allot of people say bad bad bad bad. No it's the driver wanting what they want. I'll be honest here no I don't like a 100 mile run if it gets me away from a crowded area I'm fine with it I don't care about the miles think of this if you sit all week and never move and idle your truck your broke. If you run those 100mile loads guess what 1500 miles at the end of the week are better than taking an advance and going home trust me. As a driver for in hunt I say to all drivers stop complaining your hired to do a job do it.


Randy Edwards

This company will be bought by BNSF very shortly. Don't buy into the Schneider merger rumors. They don't need 3000 worthless trailers and 300+K mile trucks. BNSF will sell off jbhunt piece by piece. And all the corporates will be bagging groceries.

Angie Rosignol

New to this and everyone was so helpful and friendly. Guy that washed the truck went out of his way to fit us in on a tight schedule. Showers etc were super clean.

Timothy Miller

James Carter


That Checkpoint #$%@s

Marek Piłat

Daniel Ruede

Melvin Newton

Arthur Kirk

Great staff and facility. Shop was very fast at repairing the issues with truck.

justin crawford

Long shop time great job

Sean Clark

Twice this week JB Hunt trucks have pulled out in front of me on my bike out of the yard in Cicero. These trucks should not be allowed to make a left turn onto ogden. There's no reason to use that entrance to block 4 lanes of traffic to make a blind turn when there's another entrance yards away. This company should be fined and shut down.

Justin LePage

In need of serious driver manager swapping

Marqui White

Joan Russell

Good training

Medicine Man

2 company cars and if you cant find a space the yard dog will make one for you...

Eric McCutchan

Elias Gaona

Tony Vienonen

John Ji

JB Hunt installed the new over the range microwave that I purchased from Costco. the installer didn't turn the fan motor over to fit the wall vent configuration. called and requested them came out again to fix the mistake. installer showed up the next day and uninstalled the microwave, left it on my kitchen table, then left. He stated that according to the policy, he wasn't supposed to install microwave in the first place.

Luis Lebron

Troy Stefko

For the love of god. The jbi drivers in here drive like it's the end of the world. No flashers or headlights. Almost got hit walking. Slow the hell down.

Nour Eddine

Arthur Reese

Wladyslaw Petuchow

HHGrehuhmuh L

Your drivers need to do better.

Michael Williams

Gallo Transportation

They really do not care about you dispatchers not know what they're doing they have the freight and the equipment for you to be moving but they do not know how to work properly they dry out all their work to third-party companies instead of keeping the work in-house they do not care if they don't care about the drivers or what the driver makes

Lisa Washington

The best Trucking Company my husband has work for in his Trucking career

Marlon Perez

Good company

Narcis Tudose

Like others location!!

Leonard Harootunian

Nice place good size yard. Everyone is very friendly. Local access to Highway I-55 and local railyards.

bren harris

Best company to work for 10 stars

Unclle Crappy4K

Pacella company how save they are with JB containers.

Randy Cramer

Mark Taylor

JosephPpllL BernallplPLpPLLl

Carlos moreno

Zelalem Zergaw

Pretty good size yard

Ali Salama

Joleen Miller

Don't waste your time! I had been corresponding with 6 or 7 people for a month anticipating a new job position. I was 100 percent honest on everything they asked me and I still got messed over! They set up an initial interview for me in the beginning to discuss the position and see if I wanted to move forward with the hiring process, I drove 1 1/2 hours one way and the interviewer wasn't there! They didn't tell him he had an interview that day and he was out of town! 3 hours out of my way for nothing, Stupid me should have dismissed this job at that point. Two days later I got a phone call explaining position and was interviewed over the phone. He apologized and said if I wanted the job it was mine. I thought about it for a couple days then called him and accepted the job, with the understanding I needed to give my current employer a 2 week notice. I wanted to give them some time to find my replacement and get training started. Of course they say, and in the meantime I keep talking to multiple people, do online training that took 3 days. In the meantime people in the office are telling me different locations as to where I will need to go for training. Another clue, that I should have stopped the process. I contacted property managers anticipating a move due to the travel time, and was 24 hours away from signing a lease. Finally, 2 weeks later I leave my current employer, I drive 4 hours to Chicago for orientation and they tell me that I'm not on the orientation roster and they aren't hiring me for that position because I don't have enough experience! I was supposed to start the following Monday and I've already left my other job! This job was a local route driving job, and then they said, well, we might have a non cdl job for you? I don't live anywhere close to a terminal of theirs so how is that going to work? If I wanted an office job I would have applied for one in the beginning. I've had a cdl for 16 years, but only a Class A for 1 year with only part of that driving due to a work injury. Now, I'm without a job because my previous employer filled my position that I just left.

Steven Earsley

The employees make the difference. A positive experience. Thanks Leslie! Steven E

S Mcgraw

glinda gregory

Chris Kennedy

New job.

Steve Anderson


Patrick Carpel

Catt Roose

This company has been absolutely terrible to deal with on my delivery. They scheduled my delivery between 12:30 and 4:30 PM. I got a call at 12:33 PM from the driver saying that he would be here in 20 minutes. After an hour goes by I call the driver and he gets extremely rude with me and tells me there is no parking just to find out he is at the wrong address. I provided my accurate address and waiting 30 minutes and when the driver did not arrive I called to make sure he was not having trouble finding my downtown apartment, he answered in a very rude tone and told me something came up and hung up on me. I never heard back from him so I called Customer Care to see what was going on with the driver and they called the local office, Becca in Customer Care let me know that the local manager told her their was a situation and he would get it resolved and call me. After an hour I called back and spoke to a Jaime in Customer Care, she called over to the local office as well and when she came back on the line she told me that the local manager would not tell her what the issue was but he would call me. I then receive a call from some random guy named Jeremy who said he was handed a slip of paper that said they need to just do my delivery tomorrow. I made it very clear I am not available on Friday, I cannot take off work on a wim since I had already taken TODAY. They were not understanding AT ALL and by the end of the conversation we had to agree to Monday, they yelled at me, threatened to hang up on me, and treated me poorly when this was 100% their mistake. I would give 0 stars if that were an option. If you have a choice, do not do business with this company. I unfortunately did not have a choice but I made it very clear to the company that hired them the horrible experience I have had and I can only hope they hold someone accountable at this awful company.


Good company

amber hiscock

Perry Harrison

Todd Feitl

Not much to say... Only go to drop off overweight or damaged containers. Back lot is usually ridiculously tight but it's not like they are the only ones with 400 trailers in a space built for 200.


John Kotvis

Robert Lucas

Patrick Kininga

Whatever people about JBHU it's myth

Philip Kimathi wa Kimathi

Good people. I will carry a load for J. B Hunt anytime. I took a load with them and it was the best. What I like most about the company is their customer service and good relations with their carriers. If it was possible I could add more Stars to them.

a e

Corporations panners and dispatcher

black wolf

Josue Fernandez

Great opportunity great staff good company to work to work with.

James Valentine


Operation is very unorganized. Colin was very rude and lacked sufficient customer service training.

Wade Whitaker

Mark Miller

Excellent company to work for!

iTruck Logistics

I like working with them, nice app and customer service, they pay you detention if it happens, not like majority of crooks who will try to avoid it and pay you only if you threaten them with filing a claim on their bond.

Terry McDaniel

Great place to work


Jessie Battle

Good company

Jon Naselius

Ryan Jeys

Lace Herron

Jared Mason

Aaron Adelmans Truck parts

Matthew ott

This place is packed but still nice


Good company to work for!!!

Demetrius Farr

Rachel Pope

Rude staff, delivery was over ten days past due.

1st Gen. Trucker

Denise Walker

Equal opportunity

Anthony Dunbar

Great place to work

Elvira Ramirez

Adam Medley

It's work.

Ryan Wigness

They couldn't find our house so they called to say that they had to reschedule for a later time. I called multiple times and sent text messages with no response. When I called customer service they checked with the manager who said nothing could be done and it was a legal issue that they couldn't deliver at this point. I asked to speak to the manager and he had conveniently just stepped into a meeting. Waiting for his call back but not holding my breath. HORRIBLE customer service.

Edmister House

Horrible Horrible Horrible Called and scheduled delivery, stayed home all afternoon from work, finally called them at 5pm, no record of ever calling to schedule delivery, no delivery, food spoiling. Horrible incompetent company.

Rosa Castañeda

Matthew Bell

Joseph Morris

The Truckers Cafe Buffalo chicken and soup or Crispy chicken and soup out of this world

Richard Goon

They said I'd never make it in this industry....16 years ago

Laura Kelley

Michael Storrs

Francisco Escobedo

(Translated by Google) This is where I work. (Original) Aquí es donde trabajo

Elzbieta Arendt

Mary Ice

Good people in Chicago

Jezrael Wilson

Aaron Yates

anthony wright

Jim Mrazek

Mohammed Khalaf


Susan Ratsey

ZERO STARS. HORRIBLE. They scheduled my delivery then called to change it to a Saturday. I was assured that they would deliver on Saturday. Received an automated call that delivery would arrive between 9:30-1:30. Delivery never showed and no customer service available for assistance because it's a weekend. So basically just wasted half my Saturday morning and will probably have to waste another 4 hours waiting when they finally come back on Monday to reschedule yet again. Incompetent and will definitely be complaining to the business that is using them for deliveries (Ballard Designs)

Brian Haggerty

Professionalism At Its Finest.The Most Family Friendly Company In The United States.Top.Tier Customer Service

Tim Tucker

friendly place ,hostile fleet managers ,load planners,other office staff friendly &courteous

Ray Adams

Levi Byington

There are a great company to work for the only thing I did not like is they did not had a fuel bonus and very little loves on there fuel list

Sterlin Suttles

Also this terminal was very busy they are still very polite they get you in and out had trouble with a trailer I was out of there in 10 minutes it took me longer to find a parking spot so they could look at it.

Scott Milkeris


Myers Collins

Good place to work especially if you want to be home everyday

Greg Ward

It's my job and I love it.

Kaitlin Stanmyer

Original delivery window of 11:30am-1:30pm. 6:20pm and still waiting.

yacoub jubeh

Scott Hurda

A great place to work

Kathie Hennesay

Thanks for being so helpful

Christopher Conner

It is a very good employer I have been with this company going on two years and I can honestly say I have no complaints whatsoever anybody looking for a good job I would highly recommend this company the dispatchers are great the few dispatchers that I have dealt with I would like to publicly acknowledge them for everything that they have done for me to keep me rollin 1 dispatchers name is William whims my current dispatcher name is Suzie they also have a few guys that deal with the new employees and their names are Fred and Christian so to those dispatches I greatly appreciate everything that you have done for me and everything that you have instilled in me

Maricruz Davidson

Llenisimo de camiones

Robin Soto

A great company could use better pay

Mark Kwiatek

art zimmerman

John Cannady

Showers, kitchen, and good maintenance shop

Jason Mack


Mussa Bekri

Great place to work

Travis Parry

No advance notice of today's delivery, was told when they would deliver when they got here and missed the delivery because of it. Has been rescheduled for a week from now, and have been given a 9 hour delivery window. Because apparently I have nothing else to do in my life but sit around waiting for them.

Juan Sanchez

Great place to work

Mohammad Alfraihat

they cut are rait down pay air mills cheep rait but the staf are ok .

Rory Simmons

It's a yard.

S Proper

Love working here!

terry hudson

Big money J.B

Kenneth Sanders

Too controlling without sharing helpful hints to improve productivity. Need to share info with weekend/ nightdispatch.

Curtis Van Der Hart

Bob S

Juan Lopez

Leonard Morris

Not a bad place to work

Joey Veres

Love working here. Great company, lots of freight,good dispatch team!

Mohsin Sardar Durrani

Red Honey

Wi-Fi, clean bathrooms

Jermeel Williams

Jose Lopez

(Translated by Google) My work's place (Original) Mi lugar de trabajo

Jason Schroeder

Cory Tyler

Good company

Raouf Morrar

B Gideon

It is a good size yard and they have a yard dog that will help you get a spot but the Intermodal guys need to slow down. I've seen them hauling ass thru the yard from intermodal entrance to the front gate and vise versa.. GET YOUR GUYS UNDER CONTROL!!

Agent L0KEY

42 acre parking lot, 8 bay repair facility, restroom has showers, hot food lunchroom, workers are friendly and free coffee.

Lord Sefalid

chaorong lin

Rose Dobson

Marvin miller

This company is terrible I was Was scouted by the recruiter for dayshift once I was in orientation I was basically threatened to take the night shift or leave so I took it because I needed the job. Once on the job they communicated with me very little and terribly there were times I would sit and wait for over two hours just to hear back from them on top of that I wasn’t assigned a truck unit for the first seven months of my employment I was in and out of trucks and never had one of my own also I was sent to multiple places that were closed wasting my time and not making any money. Also I was terminated by the company because the first time I tried to call off because weather conditions were horrible I was then al threaten to come into work and if I didn’t I will be terminated I went out and slid off the road risking my life for this company and still was terminated so please do your best if you want to be treated as a human being avoid this company preferably the Chicago yard.

Kenneth Houston

Love working here

Eduardo Melesio

I will forever treasure my time spent there

Carlos Garcia

Best trucking company.

Joey Taran

Good runs in intermodal but chicago shop sucks....5 hrs to change a damn tire

P .

One of the worst brokers

Tk0 Grow20

Marcus Griffin

dennis j

Some of their drivers drive their trucks like it was a car, not cool.

C Capps

Drove intermodal for last year and half for them out of Cedar Rapids to Chicago until my company truck broke down been sitting all week and they don't have enough trucks to put me into a different one....I can not make a mortgage or car payments on breakdown pay! The last expense i will have is rental car home!iwith JB Hunt is a rental car home

Luis Garcia

I'm tire men for more than 20 years maybe they need me to fix there tires

Danielle Vance

My boyfriend started here a a year ago and he still absolutely loves it. At all locations we been to the staff and people are amazing. And jb hunt appricates thier drivers and doesn't hesitate to pay them for thier time. I am greatful for jb hunt. I'm just a passenger but I'm just very thankful. Thank you jb hunt!!!!!

Karissa Fetrow

JB Hunt - The Final Mile Denver. Wow where to begin. The original driver refused to deliver my refrigerator (due to stairs that I told them about ahead of time or wanting to start his holiday weekend early or both?) the Friday before Labor Day and left my family and I without a fridge until the following Tuesday. The driver, Jorge, also complained about delivering our washer & dryer and made my husband help him and his team member (this was a first floor delivery). We left it on Friday afternoon that we would be their first delivery on Tuesday morning. Tuesday rolls around and no one called me and I had to call several times before speaking to someone who could help me. Finally talked to the account manager, Steve, who said he dropped the ball and no one would be there until Tuesday afternoon. Great. Upon delivery, they damaged walls in our brand new home and Carlos, one of the delivery "experts", damaged our fridge by dropping the handlebar and catching it on the fridge. Now I am trying to get ahold of customer service to get my exterior fridge drawer replaced but every rude person I get the pleasure of talking to in this company keeps sending me in circles and no one will take responsibility. I hope you don't have the displeasure of having your appliances delivered through these guys they are rude, irresponsible, and do not take pride in their work or customer service.

Nancy Wadleigh

On time, courteous, friendly, one of the best deliveries I've ever had. Thanks J.B.Hunt!!

Geovanny Cabrera

Kris K Findlay

Gotta luv trucking!

Gary Hallas Sr

A wonderful and a Great place to work.

Joey Joseph

Great bunch of people who are going to be a good fit together ☝

White Pine Logistics inc

I was longer wait for a guard than l come inside, drop their trailer and come back to the gate

Grant Miller

Cory Nelson

so far all they have been dishing out is B.S. & lies... I can't pay my bills on b.s & lies... I'm just hoping I don't loose my new house I had built or my new vehicle.... not sure how much more b.s. I can take from these clowns

ivan tarlev

Gerardo Soto

José N Chavarria Sr

Solitaire Freeli

Phil P

I called JB hunt a couple of times and left automated messages for a call back.. I know JB hunt has alot of calls coming in and going out.. thanks alot for calling back and taking your time to help me.

fadhil obeed

DaM'ona Green

Today is a good day today it's my birthday today

Paul Jungers

Daniel Dey

Very professional organized. Rudy and Jolita were terrific!

John Clauson

Parking lot is too small, but the dispatchers are great.

Timothy Dennis

Not a company I want to work for again


Big egos rude staff. Ive worked with wealthy celebrities in the past and saw how being humble led to success. J.B. hunt is at the bottom 2 trucking companies in the stock market right now. Negative attitudes lead to negative dividends. The fake high and mighty Greenbay staff needs management training extremely bad.

Robert Folberg

Great place to be a driver. It's the only trucking company that truly puts the driver first.

Edgar Vazquez


Almost Everyone that works at the Memphis office is awesome from Kyle, Nick,Rick and my awesome dispatcher Torry and the worlds best planner Tricia are all nice and supportive. The best team that I have ever worked for since I started trucking. Hard work pays off.

Ramon Neira

Khaki Blue

Trash Ass Company

Tom Roose

Terrible company. Every aspect. They are rude, and will lie, repeatedly. The company I bought from, that choose to use them for delivery made a huge mistake. They will have to get the severe discount they give me, back from this terrible company and it’s worthless employees.

Andrei G

One of the worst brokerage company in transport; from accounting to dispatch, just terrible!

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