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2190 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan, AL 36301, United States

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Where is Greyhound: Bus Station?

REVIEWS OF Greyhound: Bus Station IN Alabama

Royce And Rheese gaming chanel

Very prompt and good service. City buses run on time too.

Will S

kevin familia

The older lady working was really helpful with everything. Including just talking

Buttetfly Freedom Forever

Monte Tobar

Nice and quiet

Walter Kyes


Lisa Brown

Scariest place I've ever been

Richard Lanting

I thought they were very professional and personal keeping everyone calm during holidays travel.


Indoor waiting and security nice

Sandra Noel


kellice Spencer

They need to have better cleaning and security

Princess Queshané

It's much better now than it has been in the past.


Service could be improved

Bryan Burke

They get you where you need to go but they also do it rudely

Donald Owen

Ok to get the bus. But you got to deal with the homeless people begging for money. And others smoking drugs.

Michael Pope

Small Greyhound station. Two vending machines inside along with a ma & pa store ran inside by a friendly older Chinese couple. They also sell phones and small electronic cables, headphones etc for the bus/train rides. Free wifi. Usually some homeless people occupy the inside of the station on a regular basis. Security is around the area. A McDonalds is across the street.

Bryan Hiller

Nice clean station, lots of security, clean bathrooms.

Kirabo Luis


Pacos Bill

Great place bathrooms are not clean but over all great place to catch the bus

Tracy Horn

It's a great bus stop but all the bumps there are annoying

sampath talluri

It's good place

Olawunmi George

Conspicuous location!

Phillip pc

No one can pick up a phone you go in they are slow and not nice at all

E. Ford

The place is a dump. The station needs a total rehab. No toilet paper or working hand dryers on both days I came thru the station. Call a Uber or Lyft, taxi's are filthy, the drivers are rude, and will not take you anywhere thats not $25 or more, even though refusing because of fare or short distance is against the city ordinance.

Devin Parker

Love taking the train but the train attendants are worse than TSA employees, very rude and short answered.

Brenda McCarthy

I have really enjoyed my schedule training under Mr. Rick Calloway, Motorcoach Operator Capital Trailways/ Greyhound. Very Very professional, safe driver, very thorough, and awesome instructor. The staff I have met in Montgomery AL Greyhound station and Tallahassee FL has been been a blessing.


Plain station

Angela Fowler

It will take you anywhere fast and comfortable no more sleeping at the wheel on long drives....

Aderes Ares

It's the bus stop...

Ronald Stafford

Too many times the buses are running way behind.

Tony Duhart

This lady was so rude to one of the guest that was lost no customer service skills wasn't helpful belligerent to the young lady that was lost ( the young lady was from a another country and scared) if I was her boss would have fired her on the spot

Rebalflag boy

Dirty bathrooms plus your on camera

Koyejo Oyesiku

Very dominant structure, hard to miss. Lots of families, people of all ages tend to pass through this station. Apart from the occasional trash, it was an uneventful visit and easy boarding my bus.

Manjul Saini

Bad service

Dan Love

John Book

The depot is small and filthy, the buses never leave or arrive on time, the ticket agents and drivers are rude, and the prices are way too high. The Amtrak instead, trust me.

Walter Quick

Inside flying J truck stop.

Charlie Regent

It took 30 min. for the csr to get to me. I was catching the 10:25am bus FINALLY when i went to purchase my ticket she said there is no more morning routes we just changed the schedule whaaaaaat? Like right now? She says yes. I went back to change my ticket and got a morning route. Hmmmmm. same person.

Stephen Michael

See ya

Jourdan West

Great transpertation

Doug Wyman

Bad panhandling problem

Glenn Wilkins

This is the main hub for the Kalamazoo Metro public transportation ( bus ) . I use the bus often and am very happy with the service . I recommend that people give it a try for a day and see the convince and practicality of the service .

crystal picard

Petey Tweety

No parking available on lot

Ervie Davis

Located in Flying J with a Denny's great customer service

Nemo Moore

Birds everywhere...


Its the bus station, its going to be some nasty conditions it is what it is

P.A.Tx.PinUpGirl*88 Tiffanee

Dothan Al station is the best Greyhound location in my opinion

April Smith


Joe Casteel

Emily Mann

If you’re looking for a cheap ride back to Michigan from Chicago and don’t want to almost witness an arrest on the bus, don’t. Just spend the extra money and take the train or even fly. The service was horrible and the staff was extremely disrespectful and had an attitude. I was shocked at the way the staff talked to people in line, and to no surprise the same service was followed onto the bus. The driver was extremely rude in giving instructions about rules of the bus, cell phone use, etc. Our driver kicked people off of the bus that appeared to be for no reason from where I was sitting. When the people refused to get off the bus, she quotes, “I’m from south side Chicago.” The cops were involved and the entire trip got put off of schedule. Extremely unprofessional and disrespectful staff. Next time you think greyhound, seriously think somewhere else because it was the worst way I could have ever spent $30.

Brelynn .

This is a review for today, August 30th, 2019 schedule 5515. 1. This bus was 45 minutes late and behind schedule. When he arrived, the driver was short tempered with a bad attitude. 2. Upon leaving, the bus traveled through several side streets making sudden stops and running stop signs without coming to full stops. 3. Once we exited the city, the bus traveled for AN HOUR before the driver realized we were HALFWAY to TOLEDO and not ANN ARBOR as we were supposed to be. Therefore, we had to turn around and try again putting us 2 HOURS BEHIND SCHEDULE. 4. At 11:15pm we left Love's in Marshall, MI. The driver proceeded to go East (Ann Arbor) for 20 MINUTES, before he got turned around. For my entire trip the buses have been 45 minutes to an hour behind but nothing matches this level of incompetence. Because of this, I missed my transfer Kalamazoo to Grand MI and was stranded 12:30 am to 4:30am when I caught an Uber. Greyhound Bus You are the absolute worst. Because of your poor service I was forced to take a $60 rideshare home. I will communicate your poor service to friends and family and every opportunity going forward.

lisa mullen

Wanda Windmon

Needs to be cleaned and stop people from hanging out sleeping.

Krissy Olson

Perfect way to go from one destination to another.

Lameka Alston

Nice buses good drivers continual Greyhound Indian trails

November Rain

Had to ride the bus to Ann Arbor

Bobbie Jo Parsons

Please clean the bathrooms with bleach or peroxide. The sinks have mold under the rims.

Shajuana Coleman

Good service

Patrick. Doc Lange

Need to take care of out side rift raft!! Need better security


Just traveling.

Benedicta Akyaamah

Great experience

Grace S Logan

No help in Kalamazoo Michigan at 430am

David Reardon

Located at the bus train station in Kalamazoo tried to get information on a trains departure time in March7th but nobody was at the window so I left

Big Miz

Terrell Sanders

Buses always late

Jermaine Blackwood

Heidi Kludy

Food spot in the back clean and looks amazing its a cool spot

Maxine Williams

Very nice

Sean Barrett

Extremely efficient,clean and friendly.

alexis miller


shawn matthews

Rough area, no security to speak of. Cops roam the area around the outside. But it got the job done...

Kellice Spencer

It's always unclean and smelly and their restrooms the security needs to do a better job but the people running the city buses decent otherwise even the Greyhound buses are never clean when I get on them

Donna Clear

Kamazoo Metro Transit is my way of getting around where ever I need to go!!

Tiffany Whipple

The bus station its self is ok all except they don't have a bus but only 4 times a day at my house. 2 times between 745 and 820 then the second round is 3:50 and 4:20. People who live out this way can't even get to work anymore because of this schedule. It truly sucks. But other then that it's fine. The bus drivers are awesome and drive safely. The bus fare is reasonable

Waheed Syed


David Garl

they are always in the hood wherever they are

Myesha Snipe, A.S.T.

Wonderful.... If you travel on Tuesday or Wednesday, and if you buy your tickets online it will be cheaper...

Teresa McDaniel

bathrooms really need to be cleaned, bus drivers are extremely rude and Greyhound also lost all my luggage and almost 4 weeks later and I'm still trying to locate my luggage.. VERY unprofessional ppl.

Carolyn Webb

I use the metro bus. Timely and clean. Nice drivers


Just a dingy old bus station not much to it... not a big fan of Greyhound bus lines anyway. People are very rude. They rudely throw you off the bus at certain stops even if you"re sleeping, and the seats are very very uncomfortable. If possible I'd find another way to travel. Oh and I forgot to mention the Boarder Patrol entered the BUS at one stop. Armed with guns and very scary looking. Like I said find another way if possible.

Gregory Colbert

Gloria Gamble

$15 to put my bag on the bus

Matt Mallory

Near the blue line and very busy.

Lezley Bryant

Peter Matthew

First trip on Greyhound in a long while The staff has been helpful, the buses clean, and on time. They just need to clean the stations and waiting rooms. If you're not in a hurry, ain't a bad way to travel.

Liz Isit

I'm going back to work

Akash Limaye

Clean and Safe,

Zachary Maronek

Almost always receive friendly help and safe drivers!

Charles Harris

Graeme W


Susan Austin

Never on time

Robert Nunnery

Peaceful ride

Edythe Ford

Its a dump.

Linda Wiley

It was a nice time

Creshia McCulloh

Was just passing through but loved look!

Francisco Vásquez

Restrooms unattended, very smelly, so are the busses.

Walt Thomas

Luv it

Cj Keltie

Beautiful old building

Camille Somebody

It's ok

Sandra Lewis

Great driver.she made long trip enjoyable.

George Davis


Tim Bigham


Ann English

I love taking the Greyhound. The seats are so much more comfortable than an airplane. There is usually wireless internet as well as electrical outlets. Employees are always friendly.


Its their buses, ride em if want.

Amber Miskovitch

The bus station is in a bad place speciality catch the bus. the buses are usually on time the only thing I don't care for all the baggers out front

Lukenia Jackson

The prices for city bus is decent, the station is clean

Trish Highlund

Dirty... I wouldn't take my children there for fear of what they WOULD see.

Dareal JamesHarden

Ken Chester Jr

Nice architecture regarding the station exterior, but it could use a few restaurants or other amenities for travelers inside.

jeffrey braman

They need to have more of public safety officers in sight not just watching security cams. Prevent BS from happening instead of after the fact of an incident.

Rev. M.

The staff are friendly and very helpful. Not much there other than the waiting area, but it's a bus stop... Very close to several takeout places and a convenient store, in addition to other shops. Easy to get to and well taken care of and clean.

Dakotah Munn

Nice ppl

Marty Adams

Historic train station with modern convenience.

Richard Lell

Jennifer Brown

Small workers have no customer skills

Jeff Ruimveld

Need more police patrol

SB&Nell Branch

Not the best place in the area but when you have to get where you gotta go its beats walking everywhere

Sheila Johnson

Beautiful building! The staff were helpful and knowledgeable, and the bathrooms were clean! In fact, the whole place was tidy. A lot of people move through it and it still runs smoothly. However, there is a mission right across the street and a lot of people hang around the station who have no business with the station. Be advised that you will be approached by panhandlers. The station staff and police do their best to move them on but, there are a lot.

Malachi Stillettoe


Wendy Randall

Bill Rowels


Yolanda Weatheringotn

horrible place

anissa johnson

Randall May


Sumit Saha

Good bus service

Shawty Yae

William Osborne

John Long

Not a whole lot of space for business....

Scott McDonnell

Tabina Danieta

I usually do not give bad reviews and let things go. But greyhound deserves 0 stars. Not even 1 star. The first time I rode with greyhound, the bus was delayed for three hours. I decide to give them another chance, and just now the bus is CANCELLED. I have a flight to catch and there’s no other buses. I have no idea how to get to the Chicago airport from Kalamazoo. Greyhound wouldn’t even give me a refund. I have no idea how to express how upset I am. NEVER use greyhound.

Thomas Brewster

Have nothing but good things to say

deonka oneal

Michael Parker

beware moochers and panhandlers but most of the time i just catch the bus

Ehrisaia O'Shannon-O'Keife

Dirty, smelly and full of bums.

Bobby Leppen

I put my hand up I was less than 30 seconds away the bus stopped to pick someone up and instead of waiting for me he took off so I had to reschedule my doctors appointment which is over a month later I'm not happy about that he was running a couple minutes early but he couldn't wait 30 seconds not happy about that

Blaine Love

They need to invest in a clock

Matthew Reid

It was a decent area aesthetically but the homeless people hangout there and panhandle for money constantly. That is illegal and they should be ushered elsewhere.

Kathy Elliott

Mikki Gillette

Brandy Nicole

Kerry Santana Pletcher


Niomi rose

Lifetime travel great prices great people.

Michael Henisse

There 4 times a week nothing special

Linda Harnage Herrin

corbin king

Linda Ware

Fast and friendly.

Destini Perkins

The worst means of transportation ever. Will cancel your bus and not tell you at all. Not even email. Customer service is non existent. Just don't even try it, and you'll be thankful

Zara OuO

Literally one of the worst bus service I've had to experience. The drivers were bad and the buses were falling apart unless you got lucky. Sometimes even the service was bad or the people were just rude. The buses were sometimes 2 hours late to a whole day late yet when asking them for 1 min to use the bathroom they refuse.

Gigi Flowers

Close early like 6pm. So not useful at all


As expected, everything was!

Amit Patankar

Waited for my bus here once. Good experience - in eventful (which is good ) great connectivity between bus and trains

He Shane

Aight seats was hard but inside was ok

Anthony Parent

Good if you like train rides

Anthony Lockwood

Right on time after a 9 he delay

Jon Mravec

A nice bus and train station

Amelia Davis

Sketchy place. The buses aren't always on time and there's no announcement board to display delays.


When you're waiting for your train or bus, highly recommend the shop at the other end of the station. Good place to load up on snacks, inexpensively. And the staff is incredibly friendly.

Wendy Somes

Great time on trip

Johnny Taylor

Great service

Tyrell Wilcher

Tonya Jefferson


Paul Bradley

ahsin smith

They suck the worst ..use Amtrak instead people...

Danal Shears

Buses start running at 6:15am but the inside don't open until 8:00am have change or tokens already or your stuck because of the open time.

Michele Mayer

Easy to navigate and purchase tickets!

kkitty69 .

Emily Randolph

It's ok just not comfy for someone who hasn't slept due to traveling

Aly Johnson

Nice clean bus station but staff were not very helpful in keeping us informed of late train etc. I had to use the app to tell me it was gng to be an hour late. He waited 20mins past due time to tell me it was delayed.

Tieshka Sanders

The csr was very nice to me and helped me get checked in on the bus .

Harrison Mungai Macharia

Nice seating area

Heather McAffee

Luv luv love

Honey 609

Nice place and great customer service. Need to clean the bathrooms but other than that great.

Allen Trice

As long as I know what I traveled a lot of time. I'm from Kalamazoo, Michigan you know.

biggranny000 .

The bus came 2 hours late and through that missed the other upcoming buses that they were supposed to switch to, leaving people stranded, they have to buy more tickets and find hotels. Greyhound should be responsible.

David Caudill

It's a bus station what do you expect

yung visionary is dabrianna

Just listen for your bus

DOC Vorres

You can get any where from here

Mercy Krui

Cool ride

Mervin Placeres

Robert Lipscombe III

Actually miss the "old days" when a "station" was actually almost a small train depot. Full sevice food, drinks, etc....just not the station of days past. But, it gets the job done. Courteous folks there which is a major plus.++

Eva Baht Israel

I don't like missing buses!

George Young Jr

Tristen Tristen

people are never at the desk when their supposed to be

Chauncey DatGuy

Kinda cool. Everything was organized.


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