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REVIEWS OF Coleman Worldwide Moving IN Alabama

Mark Peterson

Everything went very well. However, still missing a screw for one of the legs of my sofa that a crew member said he put in his lunch box.

Wendy Person

Worst decision I ever made choosing this company. Supervisor hung up on me because I told her how upset me and spouse in regard to pieces missing etc.

Sara Beal

I scheduled an time to get a quote from this company over my lunch hour. I had to drive 40 minutes round trip to get there and they called 5 minutes prior to the appt when I was nearly home to say they were running late. After waiting 45 minutes, I had to return to work. They tried to coordinate for someone else to come out later in the afternoon but I feel that this is a good indication as to how reliable their company was and I therefore, did not hire them.

Mary Virginia Coleman

Coleman Worldwide Moving has helped me move multiple times throughout the past few years. They helped me with my most recent move to Nashville, TN and the entire day went so smoothly. I highly recommend their moving services!

Christian Comeaux

a wright

Dewayne Charles

Great time

Mathew West

Outstanding in state move. Very professional, on time. Worry free move

Savannah Shoemake

Dick Martin

As with all sales people, promises made but not kept. Packers did not label boxes correctly, some could not spell. The last item put in box was the item on the label. Salesman said all help on truck are regular employees, but when truck was unloaded in our newly constructed house, two were temps, hired just to help with this job. The two were always in a hurry and forced large items through doorways damaging walls and corners. Instead of carrying one awkward item ar a time, they would carry two, banging anything in their way. We were told anything taken apart would be put back together. Wrong. Large shelving in garage was left in pieces after I was told they would be put back together. Screws in bed frame were not even finger tight. Items were not protcted on the truck and were marred, sctatched, or matted down from weight on top (couch). Now it’s an exploration of the boxes trying to see what goes where. What labels there are, many face the walls. Difficult to turn around to see content description. Oh, and typically we got a low quote that changed after truck was weighed. Probably a tactic to get business why not give a high quote and surprise customers positively. Need someone to supervise stacking of boxes so they don’t lean agaist walls and are not upside down. Packers managed to break a large trophy that had been moved 10 times since 1974 without incident. Still opwning boxes with erroneous labels, e.g., box labeled books that had plastic glasses. No books at all. Somone needs to supervise packers, and the the supervisor needs a supervisor.

Brittany Bischoff

Omar Al-Hendy

Ricardo Morales

Profesionales,honestos y eficientesal 100%...Muy Recomendables!!!

Petra V

Great costumer service throughout the whole move! Could take more care packing things!

Donté Tuck

Darlene Brown

Randy Green

Larry Frazier

The worst moving experience you could imagine. Fine furnishings destroyed,upholstered chair cut with box cutter, floor lamp broken, dirty handprints on sofas and chairs. Unbelievable!!!All because of rushing around and being careless and disrespectful with our belongings . I would not under any circumstance use this company or recommend them to anyone . Please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

Marissa Coronado

Ask for Joe Trotter, he’s the best!

Brittani Smeltzer

First and foremost ALWAYS ALWAYS ask for a reweigh when your stuff arrives in a town close to your destination and right after everything is unloaded. I've done enough moves(they are all military)to know that a lot of drivers are dishonest about weight to make more money. Everything was unorganized from day 1. The packers were very young, one being underage and alot of our stuff was thrown into a box without being wrapped. Day 2 the loaders were great. The day my stuff was unloaded everything went ok, the unloaders were great. The driver did not have the proper paperwork that was supposed to be signed and expected us to just magically unpack all of our belongings that were labeled incorrectly to produce the paperwork that he should of had. Now we have him and other people calling all the time asking for this paperwork that wasn't our responsibility in the first place and trying to pressure us to just sign it without writing discrepancies on it. Our initial weight was almost 2,000 more than our 2nd reweigh before delivery. Very disappointed that we can't do one move and have honest people that arent just trying to make more money off of people that already have so much going on. This company is so unorganized and nobody knows what's going on. Also Nobody showed up to my first appointment to have someone look at all of the stuff in my home so I had to wait another week for that. We were assigned a lady to work with? I didn't know that because we didn't get any phone calls from this woman at all.

Towan Kellom

Fedalyia Terry

Michael Heidank

Never use Coleman unless you absolutely have to. Their Hawaii branch put my kitchen items (unaccompanied baggage that is meant to be delivered much faster) on a boat instead of a plane and my two boxes have been sitting in a port in LA for over 3 weeks. I shipped a car from Hawaii to Atlanta faster than they could ship 3 boxes that weighed 220 pounds in total.

Charla Coleman

Brady Hiner

Sean Miller

Hired Coleman for a 60 mile move for a 3000 sq ft home. Had $4000 in damages due to furniture not being wrapped, some items not being boxed, etc. Thankfully we purchased full value protection, but it took close to 3 months after filing the damage claim to receive an offer. With the size of Coleman, I expected the best, but obviously fell very short of that. And they certainly were not the cheapest. To say I’m disappointed is a huge understatement. Would not recommend.

Terrie Pullin

Vlad C


stephanie Dawson

Super slow packers, I think they realized they were getting behind and just started throwing belongings in boxes without wrapping. Expensive wooden handmade helicopters, memory lamps.... Normally, you have to be careful or they'll wrap and pack your trash, but not with this company! Seemed like they could care less about our belongings. We have a lot of damaged wood pieces from careless carrying/moving strategies, too. We are now going back and forth over claims for damages. Wish I could attach photos here. I would have asked for a different contract had I know we'd end up like this. Not worth it, go with someone else.

Kimberly Hernandez

We moved from Fort Campbell about a month ago and it has been a nightmare. The packers that came were friendly and courteous and yet the packing was terrible. Most boxes were labeled wrong and many of the huge garment boxes labeled clothing actually just had items thrown inside, with no packing paper, and many things were crushed, or broken. The box labeled screws and bolts had xmas decorations in it and the actual screws and bolts were missing. Our spotbot carpet cleaner was just thrown on its side with no packaging and broken. While they were very careful to wrap used, empty candles, there were pictures and mirrors with no packaging and just ended broken. T.V. stand missing, T.V. frame broken, bed destroyed, many things are missing along with framed military awards. They say no liquids get packed yet liquid make up was just thrown in a box with powdered make up, crushed and broken. Some sort of green liquid all along the outside and inside of the large boxes. So although they were very friendly, the actual packing itself was terrible. Im heartbroken to see all of the broken things and worst of all, the missing items. I hope no other family has to deal with them.

Jody Brown

The staff here was friendly in the truck rentals that we partook in.

geneva Lunsmann

We PCS'd from Fort Campbell a month ago. They sent Coleman Moving Company to pack our things and move them. Many things were broken BUT what is heart breaking is we are missing about 50 boxes. We were told a different company hauled our items. I am not sure what happened between Coleman and the hauling company but our boxes have not been found yet. We are missing both my kids baby items, professional pictures, my video camera with all my videos on it, half of my 6 year olds room (her clothes, bedding, toy box). This move has been a nightmare and I have spent many days crying as I realize more and more stuff is gone that can not be replaced.

Robert Clayton

M Dee

I used allied can line to move several times it was great. This last move was from hell. The movers were reluctant to do anything other than move things from the truck to the house. They refused to hook the washer and drier that they unhooked before the move, refused to unpack the TV’s that the company packed before moving and when I complained they proceeded to dump the rest of my things in the garage and leave. This after charging me before hand 10000 dollars. This is not how it’s supposed to be.

Joe Lewis

All about self

Crystal Love

This is by far the worst move I’ve made in over 20yrs of military service. Communication was horrible! My driver was the only shining light in the entire move. He was awesome, however the company should not be allowed to service the military. Do not allow this company to move you.

Katherine Nooney

How do I give less than one star? If I could I would. Absolutely worst move in our collective 20 years of military service. Zero communication and terrible customer service. Do not use this company you will regret it.

Kat [Kimberly] Jones

Not careful, disrespectful and DIRTY. AVOID!

Andrew Schnipke

Friends used them...and there stuff came up missing and when they filed a 10k suddenly was found but damaged badly..chunks out of dresser's..etc. Probably try another company..this one doesn't care...

Kevin Kirby

Michal B

They packed my house up and my husband did a walk through but didn't open up the drawers. He figured that was basic in packing and that what you are looking for in a walk through are whats left out like chairs etc. When i walked in layer I found a significant amount of things left behind. Mop, step stools, sealed dog food bag, sealed lotions, and everything under the bathroom sink. In the kitchen everything in the dishwasher and 4 drawers were left unpacked. They had to come back to pack what was left. The woman( her name is Lyn) from the first packing job came back and she was not too happy to have to pack again, that was clear. While she was trying to pack she would pick things out that she didn't think it needed to be shipped and with toss it on the counter and she had a problem with me wanting to pack the dog food. I asked why can't she pack it because it's sealed and she said we don't pack that kind of stuff but in the end she ended up packing it because obviously it was okay and she just didn't feel like packing it. After that I saw my son's cologne bottle on the counter and as I went to go put it in one of the boxes she physically shoved my hand away in a rude tone said you cannot pack liquids! Then she proceeded to tell me that I should have double-checked the list and if I have a problem with what can't be packed I need to take it up with transportation. I felt she could have just said sorry we cannot ship liquids so we won't be able to pack that. There was no professionalism here no explanation of how things were done just downright rude and nasty. This woman physically touched my body. She further disrespected me by telling me that my husband should have said something to her when he did a walk through. I told her that she should have have packed everything in the house and that we shouldn't have to look at every single drawer because it is the basic rule of packing to empty out every cabinet. I mean this woman stayed down stairs and packed the pantry and kitchen the whole time while these men did every single thing else! Also, I myself did not see the papers about what should or should not be packed and I was unsure of the rules but instead of this being explained in a nice professional manner it was yelled at me in my own house in front of my four children. It took everything in me to maintain my composure and to tell this woman that I was going to report her for the way that she was acting and for having smacked my hand away. She assumed no responsibility for anything that she did and kept blaming everything on the other packers from the last time. When I did tell her that I was going to report her she said she was going to report me. I questioned her as to what needed to be reported on my end she stayed quiet. One of the women who was there packing with her the second time apologized to me on her behalf for the way I was being mistreated. At the end of the day it was this woman with her packers that forgot a lot of things and they had to fix the issue by coming and re- packing. If she had a problem with it, it should have been done right the first time. The clerk over the phone told me that the manager was going to deal with the situation but I highly doubt that anything will be done about the matter. Lyn should not be moving military families!

Attondra Obanner

Mizz Coxx

L Gay

Everthing that was done on the pick up was excellent. However when it was delivered they did not put the screws in the china cabinet. I told somebody from Coleman and they said they would send somebody out to fix it, it's been over a month and I have not heard from anybody at Coleman. I cannot get the screws in there as it is heavy and nobody here can get the china cabinet moved.

Marissa Kerlin

Not reliable, poor communication, unresponsive

Luis Hernandez

Christian Ohms

Abigail Kozain

Broke my TV and would not come out and take photos to reimburse me the money for what they broke. Lost a bag and would not even comment about it.

John Simmons

They moved my ex-wife to California thank God

Dale Brooks

The BEST Movers in Dothan! Coleman took care of all my family valuables during the move. No items were damaged. They worked hard all day and did not complain about all the stairs or weather conditions. I will recommend Coleman Allied Van Lines to all my neighbors and friends.


Brooke Melchor

A friend of mine recently had a move and recieved the moving boxes full of rain rot and mold. She demanded to get new ones for her move. Once the company built new, my friend looked inside and on the wall was written “cry baby”. How unprofessional. For one, rain rot/mold are a health risk. My son has Cystic Fibrosis and if any of the mold or rot got onto his/our belongings we would have had to trash everything! TWO, It’s disturbing that this company does not care for their customers in these aspects.

Tonya Tehranie

Just moving a small shipment from Japan to Columbia by way of Charleston, SC. Expected date of delivery was July 5, 2016. Coleman American company finally scheduled me for July 28th at 0830. After speaking to a few unprofessional representatives, including one who quit last week, (Tanya), Tyleisha (who his fairly new) stated that the delivery men are still "on their way" and it is now almost noon. She could not tell me what time to expect them to arrive, how many men there were, or even the size of the truck so I could make sure they had available parking--she couldn't care less. Plus, the office manager was out of the office today. I plan to ask them if they had another delivery before mine or if they are coming late to drag my time out so they won't have to do anything else today. I can only imagine how they will unpack my items. I hope that the military will not use this company for local moves again. We are spoiled and accustomed to on time and professional services through the military and it still is always still a stressful time and much patience is needed. Nevertheless, this office is most likely the worst moving company in the Columbia Metropolitan area.

Hervislines Corporation

R G.

I worked with Tracy on my recent move and she was so helpful and amazing to work with. She showed up on my move day to check in ( which was on a Saturday) I was running behind trying to get everything ready for the truck to arrive. I was about to have a mini meltdown. Tracy pulled her sleeves up and worked with me in getting everything boxed up. By time the truck arrived we were both wiped out but without her I would never have gotten everything done in time. The movers were awesome and courteous- Tracy stayed with me until I told her to go home and be with her family. This was my 3rd move with a moving company-I have never had a sales person work so hard for me. After a few moves I know they are never perfect but my last move with Coleman has set the bar pretty high. I would highly recommend Tracy and Coleman Worldwide Moving.

John Huffman

Darren Abercrombie


Bill Griswold

Aubrey Trueblood

Eileen M

Packing up was fine but they unwrapped all the furniture while on the truck at delivery and all my finest wood pieces were scratched and gouged. They also had filthy hands and left black handprints all over my white upholstered chairs. Would not recommend.

D Doerr

From the initial visit by the estimator to the moment the empty moving van drove away, my wife and I have been completely satisfied. The packers and movers and office support staff were highly professional, careful, courteous and otherwise a delight to work with. I would certainly recommend Coleman for your next move.

Damien Wright

I had a great experience with Coleman. The guys did a great job! I will use them during my next move..Thanks!

Sabine Walker

Today I finally got my shipment, the Augusta crew was very accommodating to mine and my husband's schedule. (We had to reschedule the delivery date on multiple occasions). We had Derrick, Tim and the other man's name was Eric if I remember correctly. The day before my things arrived I got a call stating that my stuff would arrive between 8-12. They got here at ten(ish) and did a great job. They set up my kitchen table, sofas and two beds. Overall I'm pleased with the work they did and would recommend.

Josh Silcox

Paid extra to go with what I thought would be a trusted national name Coleman Worldwide - Allied Van Lines. When moving day came, 3 random guys showed up in an old u-haul branded truck. Where are the uniformed employees? Where is the orange Allied truck? The crew demanded money from my fiance once they saw TVs and Wall Art and started using our boxes and materials to construct makeshift TV and Wall Art boxes even though we paid $200 for Allied to bring their own. Left the home a wreck and took 7 hours to load up a small 2 bedroom home (was told 2 hours). At the end, they couldn't fit everything on the uhaul truck so they stacked my lawnmower on top of my propane grill damaging both items in transit. Claims for both have been denied so far. Loaders inconspicuously marked every single item as damaged/defective. Sales lady Tracy never answered another call from us after she secured our business. She promised to be there at the time of loading to direct everything and she no call no showed. We paid extra for what we thought was a reputable national company. What happened is they brokered our business out to random dudes with a rented uhaul who made inappropriate advances at my fiance while i was out of the state. What an absolute dumpster fire of an organization. Avoid at all costs!

Beth Nolan

Jonathan Edwards

Don't use this company. From the jump, it was awful. In Kansas, they missed a whole closet full of stuff when packing. Underestimated the space on a truck, screwed up the inventory. Truck was a no show the next day. The day after they sent the B team to pick up the rest of our stuff, which a good bit of it never made it. The Augusta crew was interesting. Several damaged items, boxes that looked like they were thrown off a 3 story building, the wood dining room table had no padding on it whatsoever, with a wooden crate laying next to it. They just don't care....

Megan Slone

Haley Skaines

Wonderful customer service hands down. They were friendly and careful with some of my older stuff. Highly recommend.

Arlin Richards

These guys did a great job of moving my mother into her condo. They were recommended by her new community , and I can see why! They put her mind at ease during a difficult transition.

Melissa Wheeler

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! A representative came to our house so they could give an accurate estimate and we received a quote with our requested move date and then the representative kept dodging our calls and not returning messages. The representative called one week before our move to inform us that they could not move us because they are booked through July!


Good luck with communicating with them. I used this company to move from SC to IN and it didn't go well. We paid for a mover not a headache, this model of sub contractors makes it easy for them to mess up. Nothing is ever their fault or problem, no ownership of anything ever. It is always someone else's fault or responsibility. Hell, I just need an invoice to submit to my employer and they can't get it done. Good luck with an insurance claim or anything complicated. This company has sold out their name and maximized profit and you suffer for it. You will not have the experience you expect from this company unless you expect anger, frustration and apathy. You'll get those in truck loads.

Kaitlyn Harris

Have moved many times and worst experience with a company NEVER again will we use them! Cracked our front steps never did we see the $150 in repairs, washer was hooked up wrong causing it to leak and cause $150 worth of damage. Damaged pots and pans, damaged table never saw a replacement for that. Won’t even communicate with us about anything!!! Never again will we use them and wouldn’t highly recommend NOT using them! Also, they booked out third part for the wrong state and city!!

Andy Gartman

We give Coleman Worldwide Moving our highest recommendation. The overall experience couldn't have been better. From estimation, to packing, to loading, to unloading everything was smooth. Other than two minor objects everything arrived safely. Considering we moved a three bedroom home that's a great job. You can use this company with confidence.

Jade C. Scott

Sam Kellen

Don't walk, RUN away!!

Dyan Spinnato

Coleman moved our family locally last weekend. The representative who came to give me a quote on the move was quickly responsive to my email inquiry and got my quote prepared in less than 24 hours. He was appropriately detailed, and the quote was reasonable. The quote he gave me was what we paid- no hidden costs. He stayed in touch and took care of details to make our move happen, even on the weekend before Christmas. The crew who moved us were courteous and took good care of our property. They showed up on time and did a fine job. My only negative comment is that there seemed to be some lack of communication between people at the company. For instance, the crew came without mattress cartons, though the representative who gave the quote said they'd have it and put it in the quote. The crew said they weren't told this. There were other small things like that as well, but the crew handled these problems fairly gracefully, and all turned out well. I would recommend Coleman to others.

Stephen Vincini

mike wells

we had a good experience with Coleman Moving in 2014 when our household goods were shipped from Long Beach Ca to Columbia SC and Coleman was the delivering carrier: so it seemed reasonable to use them for our reverse move: at first it was a little difficult getting ahold if someone which we came to realize was because they are always busy. Once we established contact with Joe Trotter everything proceeded quite smoothly from the estimate to the wrapping & loading process to final delivery in Long Beach.They also lined up an auto transport carrier to haul our car to Long Beach. Both deliveries went off without a hitch.The driver phoned us the night before & i gave him directions and he arrived on time and unloaded our furniture quickly and efficiently. Likewise the auto transport driver called us the night before and gave us a three hour window which he met and delivered the car in the same condition as when it was picked up. Have nothing but compliments for everyone who i dealt with from start to finish. THANK YOU for being professional efficient and courteous from start to finish. mike wells

Tommy Scoggins

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