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REVIEWS OF American Eagle Moving & Transport, LLC IN Alabama

Julian McMillian

Hakeem, Alvin and Reid were awesome! They were absolutely professional, helpful and went above and. beyond to ensure that my experience was enjoyable. They were an outstanding representation of the company. .i would definitely recommend American Eagle’s services to anyone who is looking for a moving or transport company.

Latarsha Brown

Dewayne and Hakeem were the best movers ever!!! They were patient and very helpful! I love great customer service and will be using them again soon!!

Roderick Johnson

Hakeem, Justin, and Jake were awesome!! They moved my things quickly and efficiently

Denise Rozier

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!! My original move in date was Jan 4 they never called the day before to confirm I called them & apparently they had NO RECORD of my move on their books but had my groupon voucher in their records to take my money & they reedeemed it on the 4th...on the move date I ended up paying additionally $130 going over 30 minutes because according to them my time started when they called me 30 minutes prior to their arrival which made no sense but they moved everything quickly I just wont be using their service again...myra & their front staff are terrible

Kinyata Duncan

I had the amazing opportunity to have Gabriel and Seth come and help me. They were very polite, professional and fast. Took amazing care of my items and even perfectly placed them exactly where I needed them in my new place.

Karl Moor

Can’t say enough good. Have used them three times over the last two years and wouldn’t consider using anyone else. They work hard, fast and are careful with our belongings. James and Darius did in the amount of time we needed what 5 guys would do. Outstanding. If you can request them then please do. You won’t be disappointed.

Naomi Stephens

Rod, Raymond, Hakeem were the best. They moved us in very quickly and efficiently. A very commendable job !!

Pierce Debusk

Rod and Seth were great. Saved us time and money. Would recommend to others.

Juanita Sims

Another Great Moving Experience with American Eagle Moving and Transport. My movers, Hakeem and Kobe, were professional, personable, quick and efficient! Everything you'd expect from your movers! Great job guys! My fourth time using this company and I would definitely give them a 5-star rating if I'd been informed prior to the move that they'd increased their hourly rate which cost me more than double what I was prepared to pay after using a Groupon. That was the only disappointing thing about this move.

Jessica Austin

Rod and JJ were excellent! They handled my things with care and were very efficient!

Julia Berry

They were terrible. Took there time didn’t get but a couple of items and over charged two extra hours. Never use them

Jenny Vance

Fantastic experience. Dewayne and Seth hustled the entire time. They were friendly and professional. This was the easiest move I've had ever!

Candice Rice

Hakeem and Rod were so great moving me today! They were very professional and fun! Highly recommend and ask for these guys!

Lynn W

Dewayne, Donald, and Jerred were Awesome!!! They went out of their way to make sure all of our things were moved in a professional way. They also went out of their way to make sure that all of our items were handled with care!! I will definitely use this crew again. They were friendly and had great attitudes!!! They deserve the biggest raises!! Thank you American Eagle!!!

Nelson Stirtmire III

DeWayne and Rod did an excellent job! They were very efficient, friendly and got everything taken care of in a fast manner!! I will use them again.

Ethan Summers

I can honestly say this was one of the worst experiences I've had with any company. We bought a Groupon and scheduled a move. Everything was great. When I called American Eagle back to confirm, the next person I spoke with told me they could only arrive in a four hour window, despite the previous rep guaranteeing an 8:30am arrival. When I called back again just days before the move, a third rep guaranteed a 7:30-9:30am arrival. At 9:30am the day of my move, no one arrived, no one called, and no one answered the office line. We scrambled, somehow found a Uhaul on a Sunday, and moved ourselves with the help of friends and family in a pinch. The moving crew called me at almost 2pm that day to let me know they couldn't make it and that we'd have to reschedule for the next day. They had my window listed as 11-4pm, despite my multiple calls to confirm. The moving crew couldn't care less. I called the office the next Tuesday to discuss a refund. They told me to take it up with Groupon and that it wasn't their problem. My experience with American Eagle Movers is that they're a failure of a business. Who just doesn't show up to a move? Who thinks you can just reschedule for the next day? Who doesn't even bother to call until hours after you've missed the outside window on the appointment? Who thinks it's not their problem that they completely failed to do their job? If you want your move to happen, go anywhere else.

Rebecca Hayes

The movers were very professional and efficient. Despite moving all of my furniture and a lot of boxes from a 2nd floor apartment to a 3rd floor apartment, they were quick and did not tire easily. My only complaint is that I wish they had made more things clear to me when I made my appointment. I was unaware of the additional gas charge, and I wish they had gone over with me the pricing for additional time that went over my 2 hour coupon. Overall a great experience, and they saved me and my family A LOT of backaches and sore muscles!

Neha vaish

The American eagle Moving & Transport was great, I highly recommend them. The email correspondence with them was extremely helpful and straightforward. The drivers arrived promptly and called me on my mobile to let me know they were here. They wrapped any delicate items carefully and dismantled any furniture that was too big to fit through the door. Everything was loaded onto the van promptly and delivered safely. They unloaded everything the other end and put furniture back together. A great service highly recommended!

Mz Punkin

I used this company about a year and a half ago to move....everything went well...because of that experience, I decided to try this company again. Well I bought the groupon, called and made the appointment to move. I was told that they would arrive between 11am-5pm. I waited, called the office around 1:32pm...left a vm...still no update. Long story short, after numerous phone calls, voicemails and email attempts...they never arrived and I never received any updates. They never showed up!! I am beyond disappointed!!! Very unprofessional!!! The groupon was redeemed....yet I never received any services.....

Abby Burns

American Eagle moved me this morning. Vasco and Keith were the best. Very polite and got the job done. Such a great experience! Definitely recommend them!

Brittany Sport

Hakeem and Charvis went above and beyond to get my husband and I moved. Everything was handled with such care and professionalism! These two guys are grade A movers and are very nice. Highly recommend!!

Shaun Fassina

This company showed up on time, Rod , Allan, and Seth got the job done quickly and professionally. Nothing was damaged and they were super respectful and polite. I had zero bad experiences with them. With the groupon deal this was a huge money saver.

Cody Taylor

Tyler, Rod, and Kobe did an amazing job. These guys were nonstop from the time they arrived to the time they left. I purchased a Groupon and expected to pay extra but they moved it within a two hour time frame! I'm definitely going to use this company again with the quality of work they did!

Laura Parramore

The movers Kobe and Vincent were amazing. They worked very hard and were amazing. Ian, the operations manager, is horrible and a disgrace to this company. He was NOT professional and had an attitude while I questioned why the hourly rate was more than my "two hours of movers" on groupon. If you can go through this company and not have to deal with this scumbag, the workers are amazing.

Susu Ingram

I have used American Eagle movers at least 6 times. This last move was the absolute best service I have ever experienced. Coby and Justin were the movers. They were on time,professional and very accommodating! Thank you for a great experience.

Gustavo Zuniga

Just used them today. Two guys by the name of James and Charvis came. They were punctual, fast, and efficient. Usually the circle of business works on a 2 out of 3 ratio. You can either get good service, cheap, or on time. But only 2 out of 3. But these guys pulled the trifecta today. My wife and I are very pleased with there service.

Chelsie Gaggin

I wish I could say I was giving this company a 1 star review solely because my items are still MIA almost 2 weeks later, without any update on when I should expect the delivery. But instead, my biggest disappointment with American Eagle Moving has been their terrible, miserable, lying, and deceiving customer service. Do not be fooled by the overly eager sales reps that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside right before their company completely screws you over. Just be aware that the moment you hand over that 35% deposit and the movers pick up your belongings those friendly sales reps will disappear FOREVER. When trying to coordinate my re-delivery I had sent at least 10 emails to Justin, Andy. and Jenny without a single reply. After sending my last email titled "URGENT" and still not receiving any response back I was forced to call the incompetent Customer Service 800 number. Each member I have spoken to in Customer service have all claimed to be a manager and have neglected to show one ounce of empathy or understanding towards my situation. Instead, they have been extremely rude and have talked down to me at every opportunity possible and for some reason are incapable of following up on their "I will call you back this afternoon" promises. For the past two weeks I have been told by multiple customer service reps my delivery will not take any longer than 14 business days. Earlier this week a rep informed us that a driver has been lined up and we should expect to receive our items this weekend. When following up on this information we are now told that none of that was true and no driver is set up and conveniently enough, now that the 14 day mark is coming up the delivery window has now magically increased to 21 business days. I think any sane person would understand my frustrations at this point. But not American Eagles very own customer service manager, Sasha. Not only was Sasha the opposite of caring and empathy but she actually had the audacity to yell at me. Yelling at your customers...enough said. And lets not forget I was told by my sales rep, Justin, that my items would be stored in Denver (my delivery destination). Were my items stored in Denver like I was told? You guessed it...nope. Instead everything was stored in California without my knowledge. And that low quote of $2,800? Try again. Once my items were picked up by the movers that number sky rocked to $5,400. You have been warned.

Jenn Holmes

Very good experience. Hakeem and Chris didn't waste time, they were pleasant and did a very good job. Reasonable pricing. I will suggest this company to anyone needing to move.

Mollie Lichter

I have used them 3 times and always have great customer service and great care with my items being moved! Jeff and James were very efficient and quick! Would definitely recommend especially since there’s usually a groupon!

Kristi Brunetti

Vasco and Hakeem were fantastic! They were extremely helpful, friendly and quick when it came to helping me move. I would definitely recommend this company and especially these to for your next move.

Deshawn Edwards

Hakeem and rod were fast and very professional.

Tanner Cain

The best moving company by far! Fast, affordable, and great service! Both Kobe and Vincent were amazing movers. If you are wanting to move use this company and ask for these two!

Davy Ridout

This company just told me they are keeping all of my stuff I have $10000 worth of stuff they were supposed to move from Texas to Seattle I paid them already and they have stolen all of my belongings.. Derek the owner said he is going to keep all of my stuff that they are not going to help me they have stolen everything I have already filed a police report and I'm going to the Better Business Bureau and I'm going to take them to court

Rae Bolton

Great experience with American Eagle! Charles and Hahreem were fast, friendly, and efficient! Appreciate all their help!

Matt Logsdon

Jeff, James and Hunter were fantastic. Very polite and worked quickly.

Drew Gann

Overall good experience. Movers were very friendly and very efficient while simultaneously being careful with all of our goods. The only reason I knocked off one star is because they gave a four hour window for when they would arrive and we called and asked for a more narrow window and they said we would be the first and they had no one else before us but still arrived after 10:00. Overall though excellent work guys!

Nathaniel Aaron

This is a bad company to hire for a move. I referred a couple of people to them. They don't have the proper experience to move furniture. They always over charge customers for the trip to and from during the move. Never again will I refer a friend or even a stranger to this company. Be better off to look around for a different company.

Clarissa Silva

Can’t give enough stars for AEM! Rod and Seth were professional efficient honest and And very respectful with every single item that they carried in and out. Can’t rave enough about these guys they wrap your furniture they shrink wrap it they’re very careful and bring every item into the home excellent excellent service consummate professionals!

Kimberly Brooks

My experience will this moving company was horrible. I'm giving them one star because I have to rate them. I was given a 8-11 window. I was never contacted by the company or the movers. I had to constantly reach out to the company. Each time was told something different. It started out with the movers are waiting for the rain to stop which is wasn't raining in my area at all....FYI they are located 11 miles from me soooo...yeah. I advised the company it was not raining at all where the move was taking place. I had to call numerous times. So, after them not showing up or calling during this 3 hour window the guy gets an attitude with me when I express my concerns if they're coming at all and I didn't understand why the move was delayed because once again it's not raining where I am and didn't rain the entire time they were supposed to show up. Don't use this company!! They start out nice and their prices are cheaper but you get what you pay for. I also bought the 2 hr voucher on Groupon which I will never do again. I rather pay big bucks for quality service. This company compared to other moving companies I've used is like comparing a can of sardines to caviar...horrible horrible and again horrible!!

Tricia Page

We had a great experience with a recent move across Birmingham. Hakeem and Darius were polite, fast, and efficient. We really appreciated their willingness we place items just where we needed them. I would definitely use this company again, and I will definitely ask for Hakeem and Darius!

Parker Griffin

Just finished up moving with Jeff and Hakeem. Everything went smoothly and quickly. Great company to use for moving. Jeff and Hakeem handled everything professionally and with care.

shay cooley

Theo Seth and O were Awesome! Thanks for the help!!!

Tracee Stoves

Kobe and Hakeem were very professional and fast...they were both very nice... Oh and Ian the guy who took my appointment was even nicer... The whole crew did a great job from appointment to delivery

Ashley Morris

Great experience!!! My movers James and Vasco were excellent on time and efficient!!! Will use again!!!

Andrew Pollard

Please, no matter how tempting it is to buy that Groupon and use this moving service, stay far away from it. Just take my advice and do not use these movers. We spent almost three times the amount I was expecting, from my phone conversation with the office personnel. I understand that the discussion with the individual from the office was not an exact price and merely a quote of the estimated cost; however, how does a company say it should take about 3 hours to move you, when you inform them of every item you have to run, and then it turns into a 7 hour process. Keep in mind that the weather was beautiful, there was hardly any traffic, and the move was only around 4 miles. I feel like this company lures people into a trap. It seems like this company knows that they will attract people with the Groupon and then once they start moving you, you are at their mercy and on their time window. Let me say that this moving company believes in breaks on your dime. I understand that movers need to take a break especially in the heat; however, the movers that I had took numerous breaks and did not notify me. I am also upset that the movers threw empty water bottles and cigarette butts into the breezeway and parking lot of my apartment complex. I am not satisfied and will forever until the end of my days tell everyone I to come into contact to about my experience. Stay away from these people!

Ryan Rogers

Had a wonderful experience with Dwayne and James as my movers. Highly recommend and will be using them again in just a few weeks.

Ki Morg

I would have rated my experience higher if it wasn’t for one huge thing. The guys forgot to pack a large area rug left in my bedroom. I notice the rug was left 15 mins from when the two men left ( Rod and Seth). I called to inform them of what had happened. The young man’s response was “ Do you been me to come back, or something?” Of course, I needed him to come back and move the rug from the home to the storage where everything else was. Why wouldn’t I? I did pay for a service and the area rug can’t fit in my car! He finally agreed to turn around and come take care of the issues. However, shortly after we hung up he called back to inform me that he would be running behind and would like to come around 3pm to get the items he forgotten. After being highly annoyed I did agree. Well, it’s 7pm and I haven’t heard one word from him. I also called the office to ask if there is a way to get a percentage back for their mistake since clearly I’m the customer. The women told me that I would have to wait for them to come back and it’s nothing she can do about it. Did I mention that I gave each guy a $20 extra tip before noticing this mistake? I would never use them again.

Melissa Ralph

Ron and Seth were awesome! I got this service on a groupon and it was a great deal. The guys were friendly and professional. Would definitely pass this company on to friends!

Natasha Fletcher

My husband waited all day from 11-6 and the movers did not show up. No notification or information as to why they didn't. Update: I do not appreciate being called about changing my review when the front office didn't call me back to find out what happened on Saturday. I called several times while the office was open and left a voicemail. I had to call them to get my move rescheduled. I would have given extra stars for the workers because the actual movers that showed on Tuesday were great and I appreciate their hard work; however, the front office is unprofessional.

Joseph Denaburg

Very pleased with my moving experience. Garon got sick half way through, but still pulled it out the best he could and Rod and Seth were awesome. Quick and easy. I will definitely use them again.

Ellie Stayner

Hakeem and Vasco were absolutely amazing! So timely, professional, and friendly - even when they were exhausted from carrying everything up 3 flights of stairs to my apartment! I can't thank them and American Eagle moving services enough.

Robin Jones

Hakeem and Charvis were great! Two nice and professional gentleman!

Zachary Pugh

Yeah tried using this moving company and they quoted me low to get an 1100 deposit then they called 2 weeks later and did an inventory list and made me pay another 1200 for a deposit then upped the estimate again when they showed up for the move and when I told the movers to leave they wouldn't until I called the cops bc they were getting angry and scaring my wife and I'm out over 2 grand and have to move not use this company bc my Initial quote of 3500 ended up being 8k but they wont jack it up til they get that non refundable deposit

tammy dailey

This is our third experience using American Eagle and every time has been terrific! Seth and Gabriel helped me today and Seth actually jogged back and fourth from the truck to the storage unit. They were fantastic! I highly recommend this company. Thank you so very much!!!

Chelsea Dean

Edited to add: we received half of the hardware but not all of it and it wasn’t in the bag we had it in which was very secure. The crib is still unusable. We had a decent experience with our movers, however they were late and were not able to get all of our stuff in their truck (we had a 1400 sq ft house so not that much stuff). We had a hard job for the movers at our new house and they didn’t complain at all, although a few things were dropped and broken. However, my low rating is due to the fact that the bag of hardware for my babies crib that was attached to the crib likely fell off in their truck. We have tried to contact the movers multiple times and offered to come to them and look in the truck. Unfortunately the hardware is not something you can get at a hardware store and the company said they don’t send out the hardware packaging for that crib anymore so my babies crib is unusable until we get that bag. We tipped the movers extremely well and I am very disappointed in the fact that we have had no response back. I’d be happy to change my review if we get our hardware back.

Karneisha Cummings

Charvis and Tony did an awesome job! They were careful and moved me in quickly with no hassles!

Joan Inman

Great moving experience! I used their deal on groupon a couple of weeks ago and was definitely impressed. Hakeem and Charvis were excellent. They moved everything out of my one bedroom apartment in Southside in about 30 minutes. Really nice guys, professional, and great work ethic. Would definitely use this company again!

Danny Andrews

Gabriel, Tyler, and Allen (Keith) were awesome today. Arrived early, worked quickly, were careful with my furniture, and had friendly and positive attitudes. Very good experience from beginning to end. Couldn’t recommend more. Thanks guys!

Young_Savage 69

I had the pleasure of having Coby and Jock moving my apartment today. These young men are the best! Both were very professional and very polite. They worked very hard in the Birmingham heat, even sprinting back and forth, to ensure that I would not go over my 2 hour limit. I was very impressed with them. These guys need a raise! They work too hard in this heat moving other people's heavy items. Thank you so much American Eagle. I will hire this company again for our next move.

Samantha Ferrell

They were great!! Taylor was awesome and did everything in his power not to go over my 2 hour window. We went over just a little bit but nothing to bad and they don’t round up so I didn’t have to pay for a hole hour I didn’t use. I would totally recommend them.

Marcus Thomas

I must say I'm very pleased on the job that was completed by Hakeem, Vasco, and Jacob on yesterday. Hakeem made sure he explained everything properly before getting started which was a plus in my opinion. These guy's arrived with a great attitude and got the job done within 4 hrs even though it started to rain. I highly recommend using American Eagle Moving.

Brittany Stoltz

Nate & Vasco were great. Patient with our kids running around , hard workers and professional. No complaints.

Sheyla Afina

Dewayne, Benjamin, and David are very quick and friendly! Highly recommend if you are looking for a moving company!

Clayton Lewallen

Previously used this company and had a very successful move. However, my most recent move was a complete disappointment. The movers damaged furniture, walls, and stairs. When I emailed the company and shared pictures of the damage (within the contractual time frame for damages), I received no response. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT hire this company, even if it costs you a little more - you get what you pay for.

Jarred Sherrer

Darius, James, and Chris were fantastic! We had an evening move, and I know these guys had already been working all morning. They COMPLETELY filled up their 26 Ft. truck. They worked hard and were fast. Some of these items were super heavy but they made it through the nearly 5 hour move that would have taken most people all day. I don't know how they have the stamina to do the work they do. All three were super nice the whole time. Good job guys!

Amie Guice

Hakeem and Jeff were incredible movers. They were extremely efficient, and their kindness was unmatched. The office was very easy to work with, as well. Without a doubt, we will use Americans Eagle for our next move.

Matt Burbank

UPDATE: I spoke with Ian and we discussed what had happened. Overall he was very sorry about the situation and wanted to make it right. I respect him for that and want to reflect my rating as the overall move was great. Mistakes do happen and the company wanted to try and make it right. The sad thing is the move was pretty good overall, other than the movers breaking my table, but mistakes do happen and they tried to help provide guidance on getting this fixed. The one star is for their operations manager, Ian. They have a policy that you have to file a claim within 48 hours, but they can take their time with getting back to you. They first question you on why this happened. Honestly, you should ask your movers why it happened and ask us if we saw anything different. Not, “just making sure his stories match up.” The pictures we have sent you should be all of the evidence you need. We were then told they would work on the paper work to help get us reimbursed for the damages. Another week went by and we still had not heard from Ian or the company. I received another call from Ian and he asked if they could just send someone out to fix it. I said absolutely, in the end that is all we want. I did tell him that we really needed it done by the weekend, it had been about 3 weeks and he was just now getting around to this. He said I will check with my guy and call you back this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest. I still have not heard from Ian. If you set an expectation you are going to call someone then you need to do it. Even if you are still working on it, it would be nice to be updated during the time you promised you would call. We had to find another way around this and get it fixed ourselves. Movers were great but I cannot in good faith recommend your company due to the poor customer service and lack of professionalism by one of your managers.


Our crew, Hakeem, Tony and Vasco, far exceeded any movers we ever used anywhere! They were wonderful—courteous and hard working.

LeAndrea Harris

Hakeem and Vasco came on time first thing in the morning smiling and ready to work! They Emptied our entire POD in about 45 minutes (It took us almost 2 days to get everything in!) . We have a piano and few other large heavy items and they didn’t complain even once, they saw it as a challenge and took it head on while still keeping a smile on their face! We would most certainly use them again if we ever decide to move again!

Chelsea Nortick

I had a great experience with this company. My moving window was 8-11am and I was called promptly at 8am confirming that I was ready for my move. Vasco, Haneem and Chris were amazing! They were courteous and efficient and there was no damage to my furniture. Would definitely use this company for future moves!

Faith Givan

I needed to move a 2 bed 2 bath apartment and I am so pleased with the efficiency and professionalism that I received. Hakeem, Alvin, and Ray showed up bright and early and they worked hard and fast! This is my second time using the company and I would use them again and recommend to others, for sure! They were pleasant, courteous and careful with my things! I'm so appreciative! Thanks so much!

Joe Donohue

I highly recommend this company. If you’re looking for diligent, trustworthy workers, this is definitely who you want to hire. As long as you account for their commute both to and from their facility you will be pleasantly surprised by the price and the workers. Both Dewayne and Rod were phenomenal in their efforts and got it done in a timely fashion while also taking care of our stuff. I enthusiastically recommend.

Bob Gilbert

We had American Eagle move some furniture in our home and we are extremely pleased since the work was performed in an efficient and professional manner. Hakeem and Vasco were the employees that moved the furniture for us and they were very polite, hard working men. We would use them again for any future moving needs.

Cathy Wall

James and Jeff were great! They were very productive, respectful, and moved everything with no damage at all.

Kelli Creamer

The guys who moved me were awesome. However, the actual office management is horrible. I had damage to a piece of furniture and the light fixture in hallway of my condo building was knocked completely out of the ceiling and is hanging by wires. After a week of emailing and calling, I finally spoke with "someone in charge", who is actually an office manager and cannot handle any of the damage issues. She said that they never received any of my emails and it probably went to junk. I emailed again and they conveniently found it. I still have to wait another day for Ian to review it and who knows how long until I hear something from them regarding the damages. I'm being fined for the damages and I guess I'm having to pay out of pocket for the light fixture to be fixed. Absurd.

Brylaine Zimmerman

Harkeem and Charvis are lifesavers. Completed our full house move in 3 hours, carried loads of heavy furniture down flights of stairs, and even reassembled the furniture for us. We really couldn't have done it without them. American Eagle will definitely be my go to company for any future moves. Thanks, guys! You rock!

Darius Gamble

Hakeem and Charvis were very professional and efficienct during our move. I would recommend them as your next movers.

Beth Biedron

We had a wonderful experience with Mimi and her moving team. Very thankful to have had an easy transition into our new home. Thanks again!

brian martin

Kobe and Hakeem were friendly and efficient. They handled my belongings with care. Would recommend.

Staci Mitchell

Do not use this company! They are horrible! I purchased a Groupon and even called ahead to ensure that I would be able to use the groupon that they advertised and was told I could. So I scheduled a move two weeks ago and they redeemed my Groupon. I followed up one day before my move and they told me they had me scheduled and someone would be able to call and move my items to my storage unit between the hours of 11am - 5pm. When 2:30 approached the day of my move I called again to confirm and to get an estimate on time, and was told that I was scheduled and I would get a call when the movers finished their current job before mine. 5:30pm rolls around and no call nor any movers to move my items out of my apartment. I tried calling the office and they were closed. NO ONE called or even came to move my items. I typically do not give reviews but this one was of a very high magnitude and a HUGE inconvenience. Luckily I was able to get my money back from Groupon after explaining my situation to them. If I could I would give 0 stars.

Quintasha Hampton

Vasco and Hakeem are very professional gentlemen. They were able to get us moved in a timely manner without any incidents. We will definitely be using American Eagle Moving & Transport again and we will request Vasco and Hakeem.

Angela Moore

Do NOT use this company. They scratched up a lot of my furniture, misplaced (probably broke) a dresser mirror, took a ton of time to load and unload so they could charge you an outrageous amount of money for the move. Pass the word ..... protect your pocket book and your assets. I called them on Tuesday after the move but they didn't tell me I only had 48 hours to send in pictures at that time...of course. So when I did send in pictures they were like sorry about your luck!

Hillary Whitworth

Movers were scheduled for today at 1pm. I received a call this morning at 9 asking for a reschedule for tomorrow, due to rain. I told them that it is going to rain consistently for at least the next week due to a tropical storm, so rescheduling seemed pointless. After talking briefly about the weather and whether or not a reschedule would actually be beneficial, they agreed and said they would be calling me back about an hour before arrival time to update. 45 minutes prior to my appointment time, I had not heard from them so I called to confirm their arrival at 1pm. I was told that all appointments were cancelled for the day, but that they could come another day this week. I have a very small window to move from one apartment to the next, so moving days have to be planned very strategically. Rescheduling was pointless when we will be facing equal amounts of rain tomorrow. Now I not only have to make further arrangements with both apartments (costing additional prorated fees of $55 a day) but also am troubled by missing work for a second day. I thought I was saving money by using American Eagle movers, but once you calculate the missed time from work and the prorated apartment fees, I would have much rather gone with a more expensive company to save time and money. Huge inconvenience.

Megan Maier

UPDATE: Still no reply to my email, but they had time to add a false comment to my reply. To see email trail, please see pics. I have made several attempts to get an explanation of the poor service and compensation for my damaged furniture. Absolutely horrific experience. I waited to write this review for months after sending this company an email to see if they would attempt to make things right, but they did not. Summer 2018 I moved from one side of the apartment complex to the other, not far at all. Here’s what happened: only moved a few pieces of furniture, no matter the size one person took one piece, pile of blankets on the truck higher than I am tall yet not a single one was used, put each piece at tail of truck and pushed it all the way to the front then back to the tail, broke off a cabinet door they specified would be replaced and not compensated, scratched up EVERY piece of furniture they touched (most of which I had to replace myself). Company never responded to my email, which reads: ”Good Morning, The cabinet with the broken door was broken while moving at which the men moving said that it would be replaced, not reimbursed. I understand what I signed and I greatly appreciate you all covering it. However, what you are offering “per weight” barely even covers the cost of the cabinet, which means it covers none of the 9 cube. I’m going to be perfectly honest and say that I chose only that one 9-cube organizer because I didn’t want to be a pain. Truth be told, all but 2 pieces of furniture that was moved was damaged to the point of needing replaced. I understand per the contract that some items “weren’t made to be moved”. I moved with these items by myself from the coast without damaging a single item, yet 3 people who move things for a living couldn’t do it without ruining my furniture pieces. After your movers left and looking at the damage, all I could do was cry. I was so upset that all my things were ruined. What made it worse was that on the truck was a stack of blankets taller than me, yet not a single one was used. All my things were pushed across the length of the track rather than wrapped and/or carried. I chose this company because of the good reviews, but I am so disappointed. As it stands, I cannot write a good review and when I do, I will be including photos of the total damage done to my things if this cannot be resolved. I want to be able to say the movers did a good job and that the experience was great, but right now I cannot. Now I am having to spend money because of your movers, whereas if I hadn’t hired them I wouldn’t. I feel like I am paying double here - once for your services and again to replace many pieces of furniture. I understand what the contract says and what I agreed to, but if I knew this is how my hard-earned possessions would be treated, I wouldn’t have signed a single thing. Please present this to your manager/owner. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.” Below are pictures that were sent with the above email. There are a few that were not included in the email but I have put here to show the damage. Found this company via Groupon. Under no circumstance would I recommend this company, especially since I NEVER got a response to the above email.

kelli adams

The service was awesome!!!! My movers Hakeem and Jacob provided exceptional service and were extremely respectful and kind! I will most definitely use their service again!

Danelle Campbell

Rod and Seth were phenomenal. They got the job done in a short period of time. They were easy to work with. I would definitely recommend and appreciated all of the hard work.

Brittany Cornelius

While the movers themselves were great! I will never suggest this company or recommend them! They do have any customer service skills in the main office. Make sure people understand that you charge from the warehouse to warehouse not when the movers start the job. If there was an accident on the free & they don’t make it to your home for 1 & 1/2 that’s free money to them. I do not like that! I don’t give away money! When I move the movers didn’t show up until 845 when the appointment was 8 & then they left at 1030 but charged me to 1115 when they got back to the warehouse. This is something that wasn’t explained on the phone & I had 2 separate moves with no explaination. MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING! No you can not come back saying anything because as a company who’s slogan is “Your Move is Our Move” but you don’t care that customer is not educated when the appointment is set up! When I asked after the move the response was “we assume you already read everything”...ok.

Lisa Bice

Kobe and Jacob just convinced me that customer service and "a job well done" is still alive and well in the moving industry. These guys were pretty darn close to perfect (and I don't give out that praise lightly) with a superior balance of friendly professionalism, skill, knowledge and efficiency. Not only did they do a great job, finishing up under time for a 2 hour SuperDeal coupon, but they also made the entire experience fun!

E Broughton

Dewayne and James did a great and efficient job - called and showed up when they said they would and were very pleasant.

Rick Federico

Hakeem and Rod did a great job. They were very careful with our belongings.

Cory Seidl

Dwayne, David, and Allen were rockstars! Professional, concise, courteous, and fast. They took care of our stuff with great care. Highly recommended!

IanBradley2010 .

These guys are awesome! Super fast and efficient! Dewayne, Benjamin, and David were our movers. They provided great customer service and worked extremely hard, these guys deserve a raise!

Danielle Murphy

Kobe and Hakeem were fantastic! They were right on time and got the move completed quickly and efficiently!

Sandra Harris

I was very pleased with this company, the price and the employees. Hakeem and Jerry were very professional, courteous and attentive to detail. They worked hard, diligently and consistently--"never slacking". They took great care in handling my furniture/personal property; making recommendations as to the best way to prepare my furniture for storage. I would really like to have these young men on the "final" leg of my move.

Carl Emmons

Hired American Eagle movers off a groupon. I knew if they went over the time I’d have to pay extra and I was fully prepared to do so. In today’s world you’d half expect the employees to take their time in order to get to charge me more. Not Dewayne. There were three movers that came with the truck. All three were polite and worked hard. The leader was clearly Dewayne as he gave the game plan and moving/packing strategy to the other two. Let’s put it this way, I had $20 each for tip and I thought that was a really good tip. However, watching them bust their tails and get my washer and dryer down a terrible set of basement stairs, I honestly think I short changed them. Dewayne is a real leader, a hard worker, and a good personality. I will definitely recommend to anyone, him and whatever crew he brings.

Laurie Forester

We were highly pleased with the service Vasco and Jeff gave us today! They were quick, efficient and careful with all our furniture. We were only slightly disappointed because they were supposed to move us on Saturday, but they got behind and had to come Sunday. It still worked out but we had to rearrange our schedules to get everything done.

Michael Shenk

Dwayne Gaddy and David Rice were phenomenal. They are super fast, and really great guys that really got us settled. Thanks y’all! Highly recommend American Eagle Moving & Transport. A+++

Lynn Clifford

Dewayne, James, and Rod are very professional, prompt and informative. They had my things moved quickly and took great care of them. If I could give them six stars I would. Thank you so much!

Kymyonna Epps

I am still paying for this move which cost me over $300! Til this day I am going back and forth with Ean because the movers they sent out were very unprofessional in their demeanor as well as moving my items. My washer and dryer unit is no longer working properly and it only started having issues when they moved it. I am having to pay a professional to come out and correct their mistake. On top of that the second time they came out to my new home they were asking for another tip when they didn’t properly get the job done the first time. I have never in my life dealt with such unprofessional people. And for Ean to tell me about being professional when his company in fact are the unprofessional ones is a huge disrespect. DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE IF TOU VALUE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND BELONGINGS. Because I still had to move majority of my items that were left behind.

Amanda Smitherman

I am highly pleased with Dewayne and David. They arrived at the time they told me they would be there and really done a great job. They moved fast and took extra care of my furniture. I highly recommend these two guys and this company. It was truly a great move!!!!! Thanks Dewayne and David!!

Tiffany H

The worse! Confirmed my time slot for 8 am to 11 am. When I didn't hear from anybody by 9 I called and they said they had me down from 11am to 5pm!! I told them that would not work and they finally showed at 10:17 after "working it out". DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR GROUPON ADD!!! I knew I would get some type of bs by doing a coupon but child! For $80 for two hours of “moving services” They charged me for 30 minutes drive time to me 38 minutes of loading 13 minutes of driving to the new location (but they round to the quarter) 28 minutes of unloading and 30 minutes of driving back to their warehouse (they rounded it up to 2 & 1/2 hours) I came out another $123 for half an hour extra (of time not used moving) and the mileage I suppose. I've spent more for less so I didn’t mind paying extra (for actual moving services) since I expected to get the house done but they didn’t even try to fill the truck on the first trip but offering to take another trip for the rest...for more money. I paid them more for driving than I did for actual moving!!! It's a scam!!!! I still have half of a ONE BEDROOM APT left to move!

Kathryn Garikes

I recently purchased a Groupon for American Eagle Moving Company. I called American Eagle to confirm the date, time, payment method and then purchased the Groupon. Then I called American Eagle back and gave them my voucher number from the $85 Groupon that included 2 Hours of their Moving Service. American Eagle got my information and confirmed the time and date with me. The day before my move date American Eagle called to confirm they were coming. They said to be available between 11am-5pm. Around 3pm when I had not heard from American Eagle, I called them to check-in and they said they would be calling/coming closer to 5pm. I said thats fine, but then never heard from American Eagle. I called American Eagle around 5:15pm and left a message because American Eagle was closed. Around 5:45pm a mover called me from his cell phone and said that they were way behind and not coming at all. I had to move out that day (no other options), and ended up having to call friends/family to move me. Neither party will reimburse me my money, apologize, or own the fact that the paid service was never completed. I would NOT recommend American Eagle Movers or Groupon at all.

IIPA Central Office

All I can say is "SCAMMERS"! Please do not use, the most unprofessional business ever! Threatens you with police for payment of huge over-charges! Horrible experience and would never recommend! I see that your not in California, as that is what my "Rate and Review" states in Google. And no need to worry about looking at my invoice. I have it burned in my brain. This is about you, American Eagle Moving in Greystone, Birmingham, AL! No mistakes at all! Today is 2/13/19 and my move was on 2/6/19, I still haven't heard a word.. If you are reading this, please take heed and do not use their services.

Bailey Callahan

I previously used this company when I moved a year ago. Had a fantastic experience. So naturally, I decided to go with the same company.... ...completely different. 1. One of them was smoking and literally blew out his smoke while entering my home. 2. One of them asked to use the restroom at my old place. No issue, he went and we started the day. Then when arriving to my new home, he once again asked to the use the restroom. I stated it would be fine for him to use the restroom downstairs. He proceeded to take a dump in my new home in one of the bedroom restrooms upstairs. Very unprofessional. 3. They were somewhat rough. At least compared to my previous experience. All of that being said I could have dealt with that. The final kicker (#4) was that one of proceeded to try to friend request me on my social media account after they had left. My information is not for your social use and it made me feel very uncomfortable because my significant other was not present during this move so I was alone. Obviously, I will not be using their services again and would not recommend this service to anyone else.

Vanessa Carmack

Kobe and James were amazing movers. They are hard workers and got the job done quickly. Unfortunately, my POD wasn’t big enough for all my stuff and they had no issue taking the things that didn’t fit to a local storage unit. Kobe and James went above and beyond, and I would definitely use them again!

Linda McIntosh

Jeff Ingram, James, and Cameron did an excellent job moving our home on June 14. The office staff were amazing in scheduling the move. Will definitely use again.

Linda Gooldrup

I had the pleasure of meeting Kobe, Jacob and Ahmund today, and they were very professional and so nice! They asked me where I wanted them to move things to and made sure I was pleased with everything. They could not have done a better job, and their work ethic was exceptional. I will definitely call American Eagle Moving & Transport again. Linda Gooldrup

kelia miller

James and Dewayne were awesome fast and efficient with my stuff!!! GREAT service! I would have love more of a break down on how the final payment is calculated at the time of the scheduling but overall the process was easy and fast!!! Will definitely do this again in the future!!

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