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REVIEWS OF All My Sons Moving & Storage IN Alabama

Daniel Retzer

Best moving experience we could have expected. Prompt, professional, respectful and courteous. Been in the same hours for 14 years and definitely not an easy move emotionally and/or logistically and they really took care of us. Highly recommend!

mia fiterman

Company booked two moves the same day, even though we had been promised help for the entire day...owner offered to come but we had to turn over keys to our old home...thank goodness we had friends there helping. Owner offered to come again to help another day...He tried to make it original promises were not kept. My in advance to make sure they stay.

Krissy Bailey

If I could give All My Sons, more than 5 stars, I would! I have use movers several times before, and never before have I received the level of service that I experienced throughout the entire process of this move. Scheduling my moving day and receiving my quote took no time at all, and I was shocked at the affordability off the bat! The pricing is super straight forward, and the is charged by a flat by the hour fee, with no hidden costs - it made it easy to help budget. I then received a follow up call from the local team that would be handling my move, personally introducing themselves and making sure I didn't have any additional questions. However, the move day itself is actually what floored me... this was no easy move, I was downsizing my parents from a 4 bedroom house with a basement full of stuff to a two bedroom apartment - so the move involved a LOT of stuff and several stops (between storage and the new place). Quinton (the driver) and his team (Quinteze, Jamaul and Colin) showed up right on time, moved quickly and efficiently, and never once acted like anything was a problem! They really went above and beyond, even taking items that we planned to give away down to the basement for us. These four guys were so nice and helpful, and really made what was a tough and challenging move for me, seem easy! I cannot recommend this team and the company high enough - I will use them for ANY move I plan in the future. Thank you to All My Sons, and especially to Quinton, Quinteze, Jamaul and Colin!

Barbara Cargle

First i was told 8am to 830am movers would arrive i received a call at 940am stating they were 15 mintues away. Finally at 10am they arrive and start but before could start. I was toldi have no tools to bresk down any of the furniture and asked if i had any tools. At this point i am already disappointed late and you can't get started due to lack of proper equipment . All i can say is wow and totally unprofessional. Then there is the can i use the bathroom the lead guy asked and i said yes he stayed in there 35 minutes on the phone while the other two worked. Then after all of that i get a sad story about the lead being owed money and had to go back to the office to get it. Stated 10 minutes tops. I arrived at the delivery locstion for a hour before anyone showed up. They finally arrived and started to unload my dining table top was not put back on correctly screws are missing. One of my pieces to my sedtional is chipped but the best part another 30 minute i have to use the rest room while the other to work. Now to the pay part I am charged for 7 hours of labor when it should have been 5 dont use them pay more for quality service.

George Sturdivant GOAT

Great Experience And Very Helpful.


I scheduled my move on May 10th for May 28th. I was told I would receive a call 24-48 hrs before the move to comfirm time. I did not. I contacted them less than 24 hrs before our scheduled move only to be told they over booked and if it was ok, would I be willing to moved the day back one day. So I agreed since they offered to lower the rate and make me the firts appointment of that day. So Monday came. I was told they would be there between 8:30a and 9:30a. I'm almost 3 months pregnant & I feel asleep about 9am. I woke up around 11am. No movers!!! My husband said they called at 10:48a saying they were behind and several workers called out. 8 to be excat. This is one of the reasons I originally scheduled my move for that Sunday--the day before the Holiday (Memorial Day). My husband was told they would be there in a few hours. A few hours passed, still no movers. We called them back around 1pm. Was told they were still coming it would be another few hours. At this point we are upset but we wait, and wait and wait. I took another nap this time with my 17 month old who wasn't to thrilled about being in the house all day with boxes everywhere. We wake up around three. Still no movers. My husband calls. It was a little before 4pm. He was told "the guys are finishing up a job now and they are headed your way". My husband asked what time can we expect them? He was told "between 5p and 6p". At this point we wait and wait and wait. 5:55p, NO MOVERS, NO CALL! My husband calls back, NO ANSWER!!!! Calls again and again and again. NO ANSWER. Around 6:10p the rain starts and it doesnt stop. It's heavy rain. 6:20p driver calls. Here is our conversation: Driver: We are headed your way Me: Sir it's raining, like really raining. Isn't our stuff going to get wet?? Driver: Yes Mam it is. Even if we use the pads they will get wet and then sit on your stuff. Me: I feel like I have no choice Driver: What do you want to do? Do you want us to head that way? Me: I don't know Driver: Mam we haven't eaten all day and we would like to see our families before 11pm. Me: Well why don't you all stop and get something to eat and maybe the rain will stop by then. Driver: Mam we don't get paid to eat Me: (Mouth drops), I'll just cancel. Driver: Ok call Chris Me: Who is Chris? Do you ha..... Driver: Click up (He hangs up on me) This all happened before anyone physically came to move our stuff.

Jennifer Strickland

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! My mom paid them a deposit and also minimum 3 hours rather they are there for 1 hour or 3 hours when they come out and they ONLY MOVE 2 items and the 2 items that they moved for her ended up costing her more money to fix what they tore up! I am very upset over this and not only bc of them doing my mom this way but also bc she called to let the person in charge know about it and they had the nerve to tell her she should not have been so rude to them! I’m sorry but asking them to please be careful bc they had already cost her money by having to fix what they tore up is not rude! Then the 2 boys that came out cussed at my mother! She even let that person know about the mouth they had and still blamed my mother! My mother requested her money back and the man had the nerve to tell her that she will not get it and there is nothing she can do about it! I don’t know about y’all but this is not how you run a business! I have noticed that this company does not put the negative ratings on them that I googled and found! So with this being said, I will let you decide on if you really want to throw your money away by handing it over to this so called company! But remember, you will also be taking a HUGE CHANCE ON HAVING TO SPEND MORE MONEY ON FIXING WHAT THEY BREAK OR RUIN BY ONLY MOVING 2 ITEMS AND THEN CUSSING YOU AND WALKING OUT LEAVING YOU TO PAY ANOTHER COMPANY TO DO WHAT YOU PAID THEM TO DO! IM NOT RATING FOR JUST MYSELF BUT ALSO X’s 8! The reason why is bc there is 8 people that is here wanting me to rate for them also! WORST COMPANY EVER They will not hear the last of this! My mother did not deserve to be treated the way she did and I do not appreciate this at all! I will be moving in the next few months and I will not be throwing my money away on this company! Not only myself but there is a few other people I know that is needing a moving company also but we will not be using THIS SO CALLED PLACE

Simone Lanier

I moved today 5-2-17 my guys where awesome very energized and self motivated. I really liked working with them. If I ever had to move again I would definitely choose all my sons! Thank you.

Elena Collins

Our move was quick, efficient and care was taken not to damage any of our things. Great experience!

Donald Rizzardi

Their three man crew (Josh, Shane and Edwin) were timely and polite, even as the temps were in the mid-90s. They treated our family's heirlooms as if they were their own...would definitely use this company again and would certainly recommend my three service professionals!

Rachel Meadors

I will only book with All my 2 sons. Always great. I have bad experiences with 2 men and truck, but never all my sons. Friendly, hard working, trust worthy.

Lulu Regard

Do Not Use!!! To anyone who is moving right now...Do not waste your time with All My Sons Moving Company! They are so unreliable! Made an appt. with them almost a week in advance. They bumped our time 3 times and then cancelled. Worst of all they did not call us about the last 2 time changes, we had to call them and then they cancelled with a text?! Moving is stressful enough! Then your movers don’t show up!! Don’t waste your time. There are so many other reliable companies out there.

Jeanne R

Shane, Edwin and Josh were wonderful! They were very professional, courteous and prompt! They were extra careful with my grandmother's furniture, and took great care to reassemble it. We would definitely use them again! Thank you for helping us!

Zachary Bryant

They had a new guy quit on and during the transitioning of bringing another employee to help they charged for the inbetween time. Also, the manager was very rude over the phone and would not listen nor help and insisted it's not their fault. They are extremely greedy. Final thing is they tore up the sides of my furniture to the point you can see the wood inside of the couches. Dont do business with these guys!

Justin Watson

This was as great an experience as moving all of your life can be. The movers (Joseph, Jacob, and Jeremy) were incredible. They were prompt, courteous, informative, and engaging. I knew what to expect every step of the way. I would definitely recommend them and will be using them again!

Andrea Childress

NEVER AGAIN! This company took 10 hours to complete a very simple move. I was left with several broken items and have been unable to locate my candelabras. The job started with three movers at the 6 hour mark, they sent an additional man. The movers came unprepared (no tools to remove the washing machine) and to top it all off after wasting 7 hours the “boss’s” son refused to move the washing machine. I had to call the office before they finally agreed to put my perfectly fine washing machine on the truck. Toward the end of my hellish experience with this unprofessional company, I asked the movers to move a piece a furniture and they agreed claiming they had to run to the truck to grab something. After a long wait, I went to check on them only to see them pulling out of my driveway. Long story short... I was out of $1200 after being quoted $700. Save yourself the aggravation and money, GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!!

Damonica Webster

If you are moving or relocating call my guys up. Calvin (saleperson), Dru, Dewayin and Randy we outstanding. Price are very very affordable.

Tamesha Turner

All my Sons is the most reliable movers I have ever dealt with. They arrived at 8a and was done by 10:45a. Collin, Zack, and Joe (I really hope I got his name right) were very funny and I am looking forward to working with these guys again. I had to move out my apartment very quickly and the stress that I had up until Friday was gone. I would recommend All my Sons for your moving needs. Fast, friendly, and reliable with great prices.

Jennifer Lerma

Dewain and Sherman were my movers and they were so thorough and careful-treated my things as if they were their own. They also never stopped moving! They made moving day very easy for me and I will definitely use them again!! The office staff was great through my whole booking process and and answered all my questions!

Ricky Patterson

I really appreciate the professionalism and customer service we received from everyone at All My Sons. Even though I was stressed, they made it go as smoothly as possible. They took great pains to protect our antique furniture and even the everyday stuff as well. Shane, Kevin, and Josh were awesome to work with and super polite.

James and Jasmine Kemp

All My Sons did an awesome job with me move. Blake, Demetrius, and Nate were professional and did everything they could to handle my things with care. They paid great attention to where things were supposed to be, and they made sure everything was to my liking before they left. I'd recommend All My Sons and specifically Blake, Demetrius, and Nate for anybody that has moving needs in the greater Birmingham area!

Bridget Mann

From making the appointment to the move itself my experience was great.

David Alexander

Horrible! Don't believe the sales pitch when they come out to do a quote. -showed up late morning of move -the older guy in charge of the crew spent the whole time complaining about how the other three weren't doing a good job but never did anything to correct it -were suppose to send three movers to unload at destination, only sent two -we just replaced the hardwoods, which they knew, and were suppose to do "full protection" on the house. The full protection stuff somehow did not make it onto the truck -they took about their make shift floor protection towards the end of the move, before they were done with the dolly's, and scratched our new hardwood floors -tried to overcharge me on the unload since it took the two guys a lot longer than was quoted (they were suppose to send three), and I had to be the one to catch that and say no I'm not paying more than the quote. Then their manager acted like they were doing me a favor by giving me some discount on the labor. Overall, awful experience, stay away, don't believe their sales pitch. I'm not sure if other moving companies are any better, but they can't be worse

Jenn Burns

Horrible movers. Three movers got into a brawl, took their shirts off and fist fought on my front lawn. I had to break it up. After I threatened to call the police two movers took off running and were never seen again. Also, a mover stepped through my ceiling, and All My Sons Pelham drug us along for a week saying they would fix it, but they never did. Stay away from All My Sons!

Judith Erwin

Contacted 5 yrs. ago & they stood me up!! Will never hire again!!!!

Tiffany M

My service was superb from beginning to end! I received at least 3 phone calls from Ben from the point of my reservation. These calls were always pleasant and I was left feeling reassured and informed about what to expect. Three young men showed up promptly at 8:45am. They quickly packed my 2bd/2ba home and delivered my things to the destination. The young men were very polite and well mannered. After the service had been completed, one of the young men showed me an itemized listing on the iPad and I spoke with a gentleman over the phone who took my payment. Everyone I spoke to from beginning to end was soooo polite! Ben is awesome ! It is a 2 hour minimum and my move was right under 2 hours. Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience and would recommend All My Sons to anyone!

Whitney Robinson

If you like your belongings being damaged and even some of your items “misplaced” then this is the company for you! Management is decent when trying to resolve issues but you cannot trust their employees as far as you could throw them. We hired them to move my mother this weekend and what do you know, two of her items just so happen to be “misplaced”. NEVER AGAIN! Save yourself time and go with another company.

Jean Seay

They made my move due to fire so much easier than I had ever planned. Thanks!

rick haynie

Great, very professional, fast and very careful to take care of my stuff. I would recommend all my son's to anyone needing great movers.

eric petersen

Sunnie leigh Graydon

Blake, Josh & Trey helped us move this week and were fantastic!! They were polite, kind, hard working and patient!

Crystal Wright

Damaged my furniture and lied to me also my home too

Lindsey Conway

The actual moving team was awesome, fast and careful. Getting them there was another story. I booked two weeks in advance for an 8am move. The afternoon before the move they called and postponed until the next day for 4pm. On the rescheduled day 30 minutes before they were scheduled to arrive they called to cancel. After telling them I had no other options as it was a holiday and I couldn't even rent a truck they finally sent a team. They arrived 2 hours after the scheduled time. It was after 9pm when the truck was unloaded and my things were inside. And I still paid full price. Will not use again.

Kristie Carty

My name is Kristie Carty ,and I am the sales and Marketing Director at Sunrise Ridge Assisted Living in Trussville , Al. We have many movers in our community with helping new residents move into their new home. "All My Sons" sent 3 young men to help move a resident . Josh , Josh and Zach were incredibly polite and also courteous. All 3 facilitated the move very well, and there were no problems experienced . I truly appreciated such a smooth and easy transition for the family I was working with . It's important to have no mishaps on moving day! Thank you to all who were involved ! Especially Josh, Josh and Zach!

Ryan Staniscavage

We have moved several times because of my job and this one was the worst experience. This time, this was a local move. It was an easy move for the movers as well. I had already taken most of our things, but I hired All My Sons to move a few dressers, an fridge, washer, dryer, and a couple of game tables. We also had a large piece of furniture in storage. But, they didn't have to move beds, clothes, dishes, etc. The move should have taken about 2-3 hours. My move was scheduled to start at 8am. At 7:45am, I received a call that due to DOT requirements, the driver could not arrive until 10-10:30am. I get it. I work with DOT every day. But this was poor scheduling and the last-minute notice wasn't pleasing, but I was willing to let it slide. But the driver did not arrive until 11:45am. I had an important appointment at 2pm that day. I told the driver we needed to get moving. He replied saying his boss called him at 10am wanting to know if he could work. Now, I finally know the truth. At first, the guys were moving well. They loaded up the house in about 35 minutes. I was pleased. Then we dropped by our storage unit and the driver was more interested in looking at our pictures or checking out our motorized toys. At this point, I knew he was dragging his feet and running up the clock. They finished the move in about 4.5-5 hours. We were moving to a new home that we built. They scratched the staircase in two places pretty severely. I spoke to the supervisor and told him about my complaints. He asked me what I was looking for. I told him I would leave the resolution up to him, but I knew if I ran my business with this type of communication and lack of urgency, I would lose my customers. He responded, "Well, you were moved today and the guys have to get paid." So, I paid, but I promised myself I would leave reviews everywhere I could. I was completely disappointed. The response below seems to be the same cut and paste response issued by All My Sons to every negative review. I gave All My Sons the opportunity to make the transaction right over the phone. I told them I would leave the remedy up to them and the response I got was, "You got moved today and the guys have to be paid."

Shania McMillan

Terrible company to work with men are lazy and unfriendly!! Will not do the job! They will waste your time and not come through for you! All my sons is a HORRIBLE company to use! PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM! The job will NOT get done! They left me in a big bind

patricia persons

This company is a rip off!! I moved from my daughter's home to an apartment;no more than 8-10 miles. The movers took shelves out of a bookcase and now the shelves cannot be found. One of the movers Trey seemed out of it. He was extremely lazy. He loaded a table from outside that I didn't want. The items in my drawers were all over the place. I was originally told it would be 90.00 per hr. Ended up at 99.00. Management is uncaring. Prices are made up as they go along. This company is the worst. I am out 500.00 and the shelves from my bookcase. These con men need to be investigated!!! Never ever again!!! Don't waste your time and money.

Dionte Madden

I actually have never done a review on Google but, All my Sons Moving made my move so easy, I feel like I have to. I had to move to Nashville with a two day notice, and All my Sons was able to come through for me. They showed up on time and made sure to give me a courtesy call to let me know they were on the way. The price was actually cheaper than what they quoted me. The crew that moved my stuff were professional and quick. I have moved 4 times for work over the last two years and this was the first move where I didn't have any of my stuff damaged or missing. If I ever have to leave Nashville, I would use them again for moving services.

Matt Johnson

I'm rating this experience as being "ok". I've used 2 different moving companies in the last year, All My Sons and 2 Men & A Truck. In short, I'll likely be using 2 Men going forward because it was just a better experience overall and worth the difference in rate per mover. Positives: The All My Sons (AMS) hourly rate, per mover, is far less than the competition in the field. Their sales staff is persistent in booking orders (which I like - some don't). They call a lot to check in and see what they can do to help. The movers didn't really sit around; they moved with purpose most of the time. The movers were very nice and did everything they could to provide good service. Negatives: We were scheduled for 8-8:30am arrival; they didn't show up until 10:30am. Furthermore, I had to be the one to call to find out why they were late (had to call 3 times). The operations gentleman/rep that I talked to about their delayed arrival was straight forward but more in the sense of being border line rude. Just my opinion at that time; and I'll admit I was heated & mad having to call 3 times so the rep could have been nice the whole time but I wasn't truly listening...the underlying issue had something to do with the moving truck needing gas and their gas card limit was too small for what the moving truck needed; getting approval for the gas was what created the delay. Ultimately, the ops office set up the movers for failure. Moot Points: I don't know that the movers were properly prepared for my move. I don't know if I did a poor job of describing what's going to be moved, or if AMS didn't communicate to the moving team. Bottom Line: I needed a moving company to move items. AMS did that. I wasn't blown away by their service.

Hannah Payne

In 2014, I had them help me move from an apartment to a house. Everything was going well. They moved fast and were nice guys. On the way to the new house, I decided that I would go get a couple boxes of doughnuts and treat the guys. My husband headed to the new house. When I arrived, I expected to see the guys there already. They didnt show up for TWO HOURS. We only moved 14 miles. My husband, and I were just at the house waiting. They said they were stuck in traffic on the interstate. My husband went back to the apartment and all they way back to the new house using various routes. To this day, we don't know where they actually were. It ended up costing several hundred dollars more for "travel time." We chose them because they had the best rates, but that was a mistake. We are getting ready to move again, but I will never use them again. The thought still upsets me.

Grace Philpot

I highly recommend All My Sons moving company. Dwaine (and Colton) and his team of movers were professional, courteous, and wasted no time in packing and loading our things. They were also absolutely methodical about carefully padding, and packaging our fragile belongings in such a way that absolutely nothing was damaged or broken during our out-of-state move, even though the drive was nearly 10 hours for the moving truck. Dwaine and his team were also very accommodating and flexible regarding couple of unorthodox requests we made. They were both efficient and exacting in how they handled our loading and unloading and everything was completed in a timely manner. Dwaine drove our truck, and managed our move (and his team) in a way that created a stress-free environment for us and though this was the farthest we've ever had to move, because of Dwaine, it was the best move we've ever done. They were excellent! Request Dwaine and his team if you use All My Sons Moving and Storage.

Tammy McCabe

Dewayne is awesome! He is a packing machine! Best mover that we have ever had! Randy, Jeremy and Chris are extremely professionally. I HIGHLY recommend this company. Seriously, the best movers we have ever had!!! -Tammy & Greg

Shane Caton

Rough start but couldn't asked for a better crew and experience would use again

Daisy Smith

The guys were very respectful and professional I would most definitely recommend you all for any moving needs

Kal VonGal

Terrible experience. Damaged both home and furniture and management refuses to return my calls.

Randy Williams

Corey Baginski

In 2013, we used AMS moving. It was the worst experience. I have the emails to/from them to prove it. They offered us a "settlement" as long as we wouldn't say anything bad about them. We didn't take it. Many of the same claims match ours. I totally believe they're scamming clients. If you need proof, I'll be happy to email it to you. Avoid them, at all costs.

Nala Evans

I have used All My Sons twice. The first time was for a local move and it was perfect. I decided to use them again for an out of state move because they were the cheapest for the long distance. My two movers were great with getting me packed up and got to my location in a timely fashion. However, I noticed that they left a few items. I dismissed it as an oversight. However, I noticed several dents and dings in my belongings at drop off. I also noticed that some of my items were never delivered after they left. All My Sons promises to disassemble and reassemble whatever is needed, but my movers refused to put together my dining table. After a phone call to the HQ, they gave a meager attempt to put it together but then stopped because they “didn’t know how to put it together”. I paid over $1000 for poor service and called to give feedback. I was promised a callback by a manager within 20 minutes and no one ever answered. If you can spare the extra funds, please use a different mover for long distance. I was also charged an extra $100 until I caught the error.

Mary Thomas

To Stephen, Nathan, and Sam you are amazing people with really big hearts. You helped me on a very stressful day of last min moving that literally made my headache go away. I am forever grateful for your understanding and compassion on this day. They were so professional and gentle with all of my belongings. They did not tarry and linger longer than necessary and they stayed within my time frame which helped my budget tremendously. I am so pleased with this company. You get exactly what you pay for, genuinely fast and thorough!!! Thanks again ALL MY SONS you are awesome. I will tell everyone to call your company when they have to move.

Kathy Boutwell

This company is as bait and switch operation. Buyer beware. They quoted me a price to move from Canton, GA to Newnan, GA, on the way called to state I must have more stuff than quoted as the weight was considerably more upon truck weigh in. No. They would not unload unless I gave them a credit card upon showing up at our home at 8 pm that night to begin unloading. The cost quoted was $1800, the price went up to $3000!!!. I had no choice, they had me captive and would't unload unless I paid up. I have moved 16 (!) times in my lifetime and this move was by far the worst experience of my life. Buyer beware.

Brian Naugle

My wife and I needed help moving on short notice and All My Son's was able to to accommodate our request which was good to hear. Which chose to hire movers because we just completed renovations and wanted to avoid causing damage to our newly renovated house. They told my wife they had an early morning opening and a late morning opening. We chose the later option because of our work schedules. They showed up an hour earlier than we expected and we were not prepared. The staff was nice and they did not waste anytime getting loaded. When I arrived to the house my wife was disappointed. When we called AMS to arrange the move we asked them if they could assemble some items. My wife was told they disassembled and assembled. When my wife showed the men the items she was told her they would only assemble what they had previously disassembled at the pickup. It might have been a misunderstanding on our end, but I'm not sure why it would be a problem since they charge by the hour. The most disappointing part was the damages caused to our house. We know these men are working hard and furniture can be difficult to move through hallways and doors so we expected minor scratches/dents might occur, but in two places the damage was beyond what I would call minor. The casing on the front door and one of the hallways has chunks of wood taken out of them. While we still would have been annoyed.. If we had we been notified during the move we would have let it go. Nobody said anything about the damages and now we will have to make repairs to work that was just completed. Nice people to work with, but they need to work with their staff on communication to their clients and honesty.

Randi Childers


Polite & professional. I highly recommend.

Krista Linholm

The crew that moved us was fantastic!!! They were in and out very professional and courteous. We got a very reasonable price and would use them again. There was only 1 broken item, which in my opinion for any move is amazing!! My only issue is with scheduling. Josh the guy that scheduled our move gave us a 7:30-8 am move time, then it was changed to 9:00-9:30 am then I called after 10 am to find out where they where. The guys arrived at 11:30 am to begin. I called and booked this move on April 4th for an early morning move, we actually had a move date of May 11th. Even after confirming 24 hours in advance for our move time of 7:30-8:00 there was a job before us.

Sally Norman

Eric and his crew were awesome. All of the office and sales staff were very helpful. The estimate was spot on. First time we ever used a moving service and may they made it easy. Thanks to everyone at All my Sons.

Joanie Bernard

This moving company delivered everything they promised! Two young guys arrived in their large, clean truck and immediately started to move our stuff to the truck. These guys NEVER STOPPED! Up and down the stairs they went, each lifting heavy things alone, and seriously, never. stopped. Our belongings were unloaded in the same quick manner, by the very polite guys. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a great price and great service.

Kira Renée Darling

This is a great company! The last time I moved I made the mistake of using ‘College Hunks Hauling Junk’ and ‘junk’ is exactly how they treated my stuff. I learned about All My Sons through their excellent employee named Charles. He’s very knowledgeable, helpful, very strong, and I highly recommend him. A+ service and 5 stars all day long.

Jamarius Johnson

I had a great experience with them. From the initial call, the site visit and finally the move. Very prompt and courteous. I had a pretty complex move that lasted from 8:30 am to 5pm and the rates and professionalism made this moving experience stress free. I would recommend this company.

Sarah Morgan

Customer service was excellent however movers arrived and mentioned they had "just woke up and found out they had to handle my move!" No dolly and scuffed the walls trying to cram the couch out the door. The worst part is they left without closing the door to the truck because it is stuck open! apparently they let it fly open, could not close it and left

Hannah Crain

I’m giving them two stars because the actual movers themselves were nice, once they actually arrived. I was supposed to move at around 8 or 9 in the morning and they didn’t show up at my house until 1:30 pm. The manager claimed that one of their truck’s battery had died and they had to wait until another truck was available. I understand these issues happen, but it is extremely inconvenient that they called about this 15 minutes before they were supposed to arrive. I had no other day to move as I had to work at 7 am the next morning. The manager could not give us an exact time for when the movers would arrive, just that they would be arriving some time that day. The person we talked to on the phone was condescending, saying that they’ve been doing this “for 20 years” and that “they’d handle this situation” while refusing to give us an estimated time of when the movers would be here. At one point, we’d try to call and they wouldn’t even answer the phone. I didn’t have time to wait around for them to show up. I guess I’m surprised and grateful they showed up at all, given the other poor reviews about this moving company. It sounds like they have serious management issues. I will never be using this company again.

Greg Smith

This move was for my daughter and it was terrible from the initial first call to the last piece of furniture coming off truck. We were told 8-9 am but when it reached 8:30 we called local office and spoke to someone named Chris. He sounded very rude on the phone. Apparently had a few issues that morning delaying crew getting to our house. So they finally arrived later in morning. Everything was off to ok start until I noticed a lot of cursing going on that was upsetting. I asked them to please tone it down and be professional. That just pissed them off even more to the point they were being very careless with the furniture. The manager Chris was calling crew throughout day over and over and over yelling and screaming at top of his lungs to where I could hear every word from across the room in kitchen. I asked what was that? And crew said oh he's always like that. So now crew is trying to rush and throw everything on truck on top of already not doing a great job. One of the crewmen even made the comment we are way overworked and underpaid and management is horrible. Needless to say we have a lot of damage, the movers hate management and their jobs, and we had to pay for a horrible move. I spoke with friends afterward who encountered a lot of these same issues. Even had same issue with managers calling a ridiculous number of times. Get these people out of business as this seems to be a reoccurring issue. I will also be following up with BBB and stopping payment on my credit card.

Mark Midyette

Our move was only to a Pod in the driveway while we renovate the house, but these guys were on it, on time, and took care of our funiture as if it was their own.

Eryk Johnson

I'll give them 1 star for all the current reviews being 1 star reviews. The workplace is toxic. They treat their good helpers and movers like they're easily replaceable. They can't keep good workers because of this. The manager also forms favorites and knows what she's doing when she distributes out certain jobs to workers. I use to work for this company but after all I've seen I wouldn't call all my son's to help move your family. I've had dear friends use this company also and they'd complain about all the smoke breaks and mostly would complain about communication with the management. I use to tell customers all the time that we can only help the moving end of things and that we, the movers, can't help that All My Sons overcharges for material. I've seen so much circus acts at all my son's. The workers getting in fist fights and even taking it across the street. They run their business like a drama soap opera. Not to mention the management forming favorites and even having affairs with employees. Theirs also "gang" members that work here and they keep it all in the family. When I worked for all my son's my best friend was going to use them and I told him to ask for me and my dad (my "dad" works there what I mean by "keeping it all in the family") and when my friend couldn't get me to cover his job because of unknown reasons I told him to just use another moving company because you will be disappointed and better off moving your own things or calling another company that cares. All my son's doesn't care about a good portion of jobs because the workers have 2 0r 3 jobs a day and they either hurry up and damage things or they milk the clock and overcharge on materials. Sue me but it's the truth. Could say more but I'm not.

Tiffany Bell

One of the best moving companies out there. Very attentative, prompt, and responsive. Scheduling is easy. The owner was kind to just ask how my expierence was. Above and beyond. Working with Josh, Dre, and Terrell are the best! Bright futures ahead of them. I will only use them for my future projects.

Marissa Baker

All my sons was great! The only negative was that I had an appointment for 9 in the morning and they didn't get there until 3:30 that day, but the office warned me about that when they confirmed my appointment two days in advance. Movers did not stop moving and made sure all of my things were safe! The weather got really bad so they had to keep my stuff overnight so nothing would get damaged, but delivered everything early the next morning without an extra charge. Movers and office staff were very nice and helpful. Will use all my sons in the future!

Ashley Johnson

Kera leverette

Moved yesterday and had a fabulous experience! Dewayne and Josh were awesome and took great care of our stuff! We had a good bit more than what they were expecting, but they still had great attitudes about it and got the move done. Will certainly be recommending for friends and any other moves we have!

timothy bass

The movers were very professional and handled my furniture with care but the total price was way over what was discussed by the owner and there were fees that weren't mentioned. I was told they charged by the hour but what wasn't mentioned was they charged for equipment used and travel. The 3 star rating is strictly for the withheld information.

Hayley Zorn

Colin, Blake and Nathan were AWESOME. They were so quick, efficient, thorough, careful and friendly. The office staff and managers called in the middle of the move to check on things and made sure I was satisfied from start to finish. No question, I will use All My Sons for any moving needs in the future. You can tell they really care about their business and know how to provide high quality customer service.

Lanny PPool

They kept the line of communication open until move was complete. The crew was very careful and made sure we were satisfied. The equipment was very presentable. They would have gotten a five but I didn't get a receipt or offered one.

Nate NeSmith

Best moving company in the metro Birmingham area. Edward and Tim do a great job in the office. Movers are all polite and professional. Great company

Kelsea Nassif

INCREDIBLE experience. Very polite, very quick, and exactly the price I expected to spend. I didn’t have to do a thing! They brought padding, tape, and shrink wrap and took great care of all my things. Very thankful for Justin and his partner! Couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks, guys!

Terri Nicole

Did a great job working within my budget. Friendly courteous professional service. Would use again and definitely recommend.


What ever you do, PLEASE, PLEASE do not use this company!!!!! Very unprofessional, unethical and plain rude!!!!! I WISH I HAD READ PREVIOUS REVIEWS BEFORE I SCHEDULED A MOVE! AAANND I WISH I COULD RATE THEM A ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called several weeks in advance to schedule a moving date. The customer service was awesome! I even called back several other times to verify some other information. NEVER IN ANY OF THOSE CONVERSATIONS WAS I GIVEN DIRECTIONS HOW TO SET UP MY HOUSE FOR MY MOVE!!! Saturday, April 13, 2019 the movers arrived. They walked through then had me to sign some papers. They begin to move a few things. The heavier set gentleman was on the phone. Still no moving going on! The next thing I know a lady shows up , introduces herself and said she was doing a walk through. I said okay. She walked my town house and stated to me that I need to clean my dresser off. There was some sticky residue on there. I said okay and cleaned the dresser. I went back to sit down. I noticed they had packed my TV and I needed it because Direct TV was headed to the new location. My friend was coming to pick it up the TV. I went to the truck to get the TV. The manger and the heavier set guy were behind the truck smoking cigarettes. So I asked, "Were we moving anything today." "You all are on a smoke break and nothing has been moved!" She said , no ma'am. We are getting ready to move you. "I suppose what I said led to what happened next" She sent the African American guy into my town house to let me know they had to CANCELED my move today. I guess because I was African American that was the reason for sending him. He had no explanation. I asked since she was the manger why didn't she come and tell me what the problem was and why my move was canceled. He said she a White lady. In other words, he was sent to do the dirty work! By this time I am furious! I call the office and some gentleman couldn't really explain either. He just said it was cancelled. I used some unprofessional words and hung the phone up. I called back to speak to her and she stated that there was no room for their dollies to pass through, there was an odor and it was not clean. All of those were lies! I don't know any place that will be clean when you are moving. I had all of my boxes and bags in one location. They were labeled and separated. The only items upstairs were the bedrooms. I used some more unprofessional , choice words again! My issue with the entire thing is NO ONE explained to me how to set up for the move or came our prior for a walk through. SHE told me that was COMMON SENSE! I gave some more unprofessional , choice words. I live in a town house which does not have a lot of room. I can not help how many items I had. I did contact corporate office and explained EVERYTHING! I even expressed that I used unprofessional words and I did apologize to the corporate office. Thank God I have awesome family and friends!!! They moved me with no hesitation and never complained. What about the people who don't have family and friends in the city! Treat people how you want to be treated! KARMA is for real!!!! SO WHO EVER READS THIS DON'T EVER USE THESE RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL, SMOKE BREAK PEOPLE IF YOU CAN HELP IT!!!!! UGGGH!!!!!!

Merri Edge

Beware They low ball the estimate. Quoted me 477.00. I only moved 2-3rooms of furniture. 6 boxes. total charge 1200.00 they took forever. charged 238.00 hr. overtime. more than any lawyer or surgeon makes. Beware.


The guys that moved my belonging were very professional, polite, and did a wonderful job. Even though I lived on the 3rd floor those guys did not stop working until my apartment was empty.

David Richardson

Brooke O'Brien

We had an unusual request and I was worried about the price being too high. We needed to move furnishings from a rental house in rural North Carolina back to our house in Birmingham. John and Chris at All My Sons moving were extremely accommodating. Their prices were very reasonable and gave me all the information I needed up front. They kept in touch with me at just the right time. And then we get to the guys that actually did the moving. They looked like kids, but they were true professionals. Furnishings were wrapped in blankets to prevent scratching - I was just amazed. No marks on the wall. Josh, Josh, and Chris were just fabulous. I will definitely be calling these guys when I move again. Highly recommended.

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