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REVIEWS OF Studio City UW IN Wyoming

Shan H

Nice updated features with a variety of concessions.

Todd Larsen

Awesome seating

Layne Ogle

They do not have customer service when you need help.

Echo Preston

An amazing high-tech theater with extremely comfortable seating. The staff is very cool very laid-back and helpful. The popcorn is outstanding and not greasy or stale or chewy. The screens are click crisp. The sound is at exactly the right volume and mixed accordingly as a movie geek I really don't mind paying the ticket prices to be at this theater

Short Trips and Tips

Keep waiting for the frozen yogurt

Rajiv Khadka

Best place in town for a movie.

Leina Nishida

One of the better theaters I've been to and comfortable!

Julio Brionez

Great snack selection, seats are comfortable, and you can reserve a seat online so you don’t need to sweat getting to the theater early. The location is also close to Almanza’s in case you want to get a pre-movie burrito and horchata.

Ken Kriebel Jr

Great place to watch movies.

Natalie Acheson

Wow!!! This place is full of amenities!! The chairs are really comfy and the screens are huge.

Nicholas Figueroa

One of the classier movie places I've been too fully reclinable chairs great selection of drinks and fresh dippin dots. Excellent movie and sound quality and good service.

Sada Pan

We were told that no outside food or drink was allowed. Which makes sense. But they didn't even allow us to bring our water bottles inside, even after I had offered to empty them. My husband had to go put the bottles in the car. They were very rude, and I believe it was a manager who was being unreasonable. The theater itself is very nice though.

Sheila Sanchez

Love it, great customer service, very comfy seating

Jedediah Perrote

Very nice theatre. Love the seats and room. And the prices didn't break my pockets. Definitely going here to see any movie that I think of seeing in the furture.

Ashlee Byrd

We couldn't ask for a better theater. Food, staff environment... All wonderful!

Jesika Smith

Great theater. Not to expensive. Really nice snack bar.

April Martin

Seats are comfortable! Food is good too

Justin Parker

Great place great employees

Andrew Piel

Great prices and quality service

Renee Scott

Very good place to watch movies. Friendly staff. Comfortable atmosphere..seats. Good snacks.

Edward Maestas

Clean, spacious seating. Lots of food options. Overall, it's an enjoyable theatre experience.

Jessica Vinal

Power went out while we were here and they got everything running as quickly as possible.

Nicole Bailey

Love coming here it’s always a great experience

Lisa Morton

Very welcoming

Kyle Mitchell

Still uses reserved seating, still an awful idea. Will be a nice theater once they fix that.

Gerri Lynn Owens

Small town girl here who had no idea you could recline in the ubberly comfortable seats provided! No big heads in the way because of the strategic placement of the seats. Who knew!!! The employees seemed happy to help and greeted us with a smile! Great theater...Thank you!

Becky Ferris

Great service

W.E. Beasley

A great experience as alway. Watched The Goonies and felt like I was a kid again. It great to watch it on the big screen again.

Anetra E. Parks

Great deals on Monday and Tuesday nights. Very comfortable chairs. Spacious.

Sera Akin

Always love it. Staff is super nice and they're popcorn is the BOMB


I love this theater!! We drove through Laramie on our way home from California and we stayed at a hotel next door to this theater. Great seats, snacks and people!! Not to mention I want to move to Laramie because it was do beautiful!!

Alex Ackermann

Never had a bad experience here. It's a great theater!

Michael Simmons

Best theater in Laramie. Serves Pepsi products.

Danielle Tapson

Reasonably priced tickets. Concession stand is high $7 dollara for a XL soda.

Sidney Com

Staff is friendly and the theaters are clean. Its pricey but that's pretty normal

Nicole Harris

Very clean. Friendly service.

Tyler Blaylock

The prices are good. Seats are comfortable.

Priscilla Abeleda

Seats are nice and comfy. Very clean. Spacious. Very good audio. Fast service.

Elise Verley

Great seats, screens, and sounds. Horrible! Horrible popcorn! It is better if you don't get butter. Seems like it makes you feel sick if you get butter. Go to the other theater if part of the experience of the theater is to eat popcorn.

Grace Gapter

Very cool! The inside has ice cream, nachos, cinnabun, various candy, and other items. And the theaters are comfterbul with really good movie options

Clayton Winter

Studio city is where it is at! We ended up seeing a movie on a Tuesday afternoon and the power went out. Life happens and they ended up comping us two tickets for our next movie. Something they had no control over and stepped up the service too the next level. Amazing service, great staff, and a wonderful facility.

Brony Stimson

Food is great Nice people comfy chairs

James Reed

Staff are very polite have respectful

Ron Reed

It was awesome

Mallorie Hamel

They are very fast about getting things done but they are good at not rushing people. They are very nice when you walk out of the theatre by saying "Thanks for coming" and things like that. I have not had a single problem here. They are super nice, helpful, controlled, and I love it here.

Kyle Downey

Great rewards program. The ARQ theatre is fantastic. Fried pickles are good too

Brandi Crouse

Comfortable nice people

Juanita Valerio-Vergara

Great seating and fast service !

mark nagie

Comfy chairs. Smaller theaters makes for better viewing experience

Kat Benkman

Very nice and clean, with a brand new building and appliances. Everyone there is kind and helpful. The chairs recline (my favorite part!) and the theaters are a nice size. The snacks and drinks are overpriced, but that’s to be expected at any theater.

Melissa Madrid

This movie theater is one of the nicest ones I've ever walked into had so many different choices for food, free refills and was so clean and had free WiFi. Extremely appreciating them having a special event for the Fly Film Fest(IF4) 2018 had amazing surround sound and amazing picture. Love to getting a chance to go thank you and cannot wait till next year

Edward Hensley

Awesome theater! Great addition to Laramie! Huge screen in the Arq theater, and delicious snacks at the concessions. Also, $5.50 on discount days makes going to the movies extremely affordable. Lastly, the rewards card makes racking up concession cash very easy (especially if you have Movie Pass). All in all, this is a fantastic theater.

Zainab alzaki

I like the lazy boy in there and the buttery popcorn so fresh!

Ryan Abell

ARQ movies are great. Pricing is not as bad as I expected including food.

nicholas wilcox

This theater is very nice looking and that is about it the popcorn was the worst tasting popcorn I have ever tasted in my life maybe this theater should look at getting popcorn from a different supplier like Ace Hardware there pop corn is always very good and they have the business relations to have enough popcorn to supply a movie theater.

Lauren Meisenheimer

This is the first theater I've been to that doesn't allow you to refill a refillable popcorn bag the next time you visit the theater. Also, the first theater I've been to that doesn't allow you to bring in a personal water bottle, and the courtesy water cups they offer are tiny. Popcorn is a major reason I go to the movie theater instead of watching movies at home, but this policy is discouraging my return to this theater.

Melissa Aguirres

Great place.

Lisa Fagley

The chairs are so comfortable and the temperature is great, not too hot or old. Excellent theater experience

Terri Armas

Omg it's so comfy and relaxed

Shasta Rosales

Nice place

Devin Fly

Awesome movie theater!

Ethan Dutcher

Great recliners, great staff, nice theaters.

Steven Hamlet

Very nice place!

Kenton Cheauma

Just over all good .

SantaFe Riser

Affordable luxury


Good chicken tenders

Milhan Moomen

Good place. Comfortable seats.

Zavier Bates

Very nice theater, cheap tickets and food, relaxing seats and great staff. I really had a good time.

Lena Anderson

Very clean, lots of food and drink options. Comfortable seating. Great rewards program.

Dave McG

Pricey but otherwise a nice place

Alaenna Bieganski

Great place! It's super clean and comfortable. The kids I work with are always welcomed and accommodated. I only put 4 stars because of the prices in comparison to the other theater.

michael simmons

I love that they serve Pepsi products and that the fountain station is self service.

Bethannie Potter

The absolute best little theatre I've ever been to. So modern and super clean.

Collin Townsend

Very clean lobby, everything is very nice looking. Beautiful theaters too!

Garrett Young

Great theater and all, but compared to others for what you get, it is overpriced for everything from tickets to concessions. I appreciate the gimmicks like ARQ and Atmos once in awhile, but for a poor student, it is hard to justify going there unless there is a steep discount.

bibek baral

The experience was fantastic. Seating was comfortable. And the staffs were very welcoming and friendly.

Stacy Frye

Low prices on tickets and food. Seating and viewing experience is amazing. Amazing. Wish we could take this theatre home!

Dragon Tamer

Clean, decent price, reclining seats

Debi grassman

Clean, roomy, and friendly staff !!!

Barbara Powell

Very nice facility but the volume level is so LOUD! You must have ear plugs, probably won't go back because of this.

Wyatt Derr

Grate food and amazing theater their 3D movies have amazing quality

Jeff Ernster

Love this place. Staff is great. Food is good. Recliners are comfortable and picture and sound is great.

ACDC174 my robloxs account

To loud for me

Nathan Hayes

The staff is friendly which is always good. We went to one of the arq theaters which I'd recommend for a big blockbuster. Comfortable chairs which recline but still leave enough aisle for people to walk past without bothering you. It's a nice place to see a movie.

Kris Quade

I'm always impressed with the very friendly staff. And, it's consistently the cleanest theater I've even been in.

V Stuart

Love the chairs and all the different food choices... Still movie theater expensive but not as bad as other places I've been.

Ban Jo

Laramie now has a second movie theater and it's as great as the other one but in different ways. Studio City is super modern and the chairs are virtually reclining they're so comfortable the theaters are a little small but that's because the chairs are so comfortable! There's lots of theater food here as usual it's a little pricey but the food at Studio City is very good. Easy parking really close to the university and also close to downtown this theater is a winner.

Richard Morell

It's a great space!

Icesunset Lps

Always great. Thank you so much for the early bird movies!!! As a single parent it makes it so I can treat my kids!!!

Duane Hemsher

Great place

Savannah Hook

The movies playing are new and the watching experience is pleasant and enjoyable. However, the staff often fails to communicate well when you have questions or concerns regarding policies and ticket availability. If the staff were more helpful and informed the experience would be even better. The water bottle policy and popcorn refill policy are particularly problematic.

Averie Perriton

The best cinema in laramie hands down. I have gone to see many different movies, and have always had a good experience.

Kathleen Clymer

Very comfortable viewing.

Eden Mcbride

Comfortable and affordable

E Mo

Clean theater with cozy, reclining seats. Good service staff.

River Heide

A movie got cancelled and they gave us a free upgrade for the next showing, they were very apologetic for something that wasn’t their fault. Very professional and nice!

Edward Battig

Always great customer service

Nikhil Shetty

Good theatre in Laramie

Luis Montes

Comfort and clean

Cody more Wyoming videos Laramie surounding Carson

Very nice facility I left a one star previously because of the way you had to get back into the theatre from concessions went in yesterday and changes are great love this place for all the amenities and great movies and sound system and great selection of new movies. Another nice thing is being able to pick your seat

Anita Pullem-Cruz

Always newest movies. Seats lounge back and are fairly comfortable. The staff is pretty friendly, and always willing to help.

Blue Baron

Great movies haves every thing ITS GREAT!!!

Bucky Studmuffin

This is a fairly new building so everything is very nice inside. Lots of snack options including hot foods. A little on the pricey side but the picture quality and the services available along with the new building make it worth the extra dollar or two.

Think First

This theater is not Laramie friendly. First, they only offer student discounts to UW students. So much for high school. WTI, LCCC and anyone else visiting. Second, the ticket prices are higher then Regal. Third, the employees are rude. They do not care when a problem or complaint is voiced. New and that's all it has going for it. Not worth the money..

Tel Johnson

Overall really great theater. Really nice staff and really modern atmosphere. Honestly had the same feeling as the high end big city theaters I've been too.

Judy Hoyt

The movie was not too loud . Nice comfortable chairs

Shannon Manger

Clean & modern. Small Theaters with good seating

Leticia Millan Bishop

New! Friendly employees and this deal for kids in the summer so many movies for $8 awesome!

Bradley Steege

Pretty pricey and can't bring in own water bottle but friendly staff


Very poor customer service, especially by the manager. Never will I go in there again.

Andy Duvall

A nice new theater, the first new theater in Laramie in decades. Big, comfortable recliner seats are a lot different than the traditional theater seating from when I was a kid, but somehow it feels a bit odd to be sprawled out watching a movie. The only criticism I might make is not necessarily specific to this theater, but the sound system is so loud and the previews so packed with deep vibrating tones that it can be physically unnerving. The audience is presumably focused on what they're watching, and there are no competing sounds in the theater, so it seems unnecessary to be so loud.

tim selliah

Very comfortable seating


Great place!! ARQ is the best screen, good food !! Useful rewards!!

Steve S

Awesome Theatre!

Alex Ke

It is fancy some kind , especially in Laramie. All theaters are small ones, which I like. The sellers are warmful and the popcorn smells so good, even I don't like eat it. The only thing is the heater is not warm enough. Kind of cold today.

Jacob E.

Studio City is a buzzier, pop style theatre that caters to the family fun night or the Ross Hall double-date night with its wide selection of fizzy drinks and snackaroos. While the price is higher, the popcorn rather meh, , reward programs leaving much to be desired, and movie selection mainstream as Ken's love for Barbie, avid moviegoers may want to opt for the comfier Fox down the way for a little more variety and at times, peace.

J Stafford

Very nice theater, brand new, reclining seats, huge food selection. The Arq curved screen is nice.

Ericka Espy

Love that they have a rewards card and they run popular movies in several theaters so its easier to get a seat. Its very clean and inviting. They have an awesome choice of snacks!

Mahendra Kumar Bengani


connor fitzgerald

Great, comfortable seating and decent concessions.

Thomas McConnell

Reserved seating, comfortable, great screen, good concessions

Ann Hardin

It's an ok sized theater. There aren't very many rows so I would reccomend being at least in row D.

Steve Bachmeier

I thought it would be a budget theater (I'm just passing through town) based in the outside, but it's actually super swanky. Very modern and a nice surprise: all of the chairs recline!

James reed

Very polite people

jiwei kang

Because that is nearly my apartment. But the service is not well.

Brandon Justice

This is my favorite movie theater in the numerous cities I've visited.

Mitch Quade

Very nice theater with large recliner chairs.

Joy Hiser

Staff are helpful, accommodating and courteous. Food is delicious. The Theater is neat and clean.

Rajesh Chandra Deb

Cheapest option for watching movie in laramie

Mark Harpster

Although a new theater with all the amenities, Studio City suffers from the same mind-set of the other cinema in town, Laramie Regal. Namely, let's exclusively show the latest blockbusters, teen tearjerkers, lame special effect horror movies and voiced over full-length cartoons. Neither establishment understands that there is a relatively large crowd of middle-aged adults, the elderly and intellectually curious young people in Laramie who appreciate smaller scale movies with excellent acting, interesting storylines and novel premises. That's too bad for them and us. We stay home and they lose out on revenue. Devoting only one screen to films of this sort would resurrect the enthusiasm for film-going that existed several years back when the film society of Laramie brought in movies to the old Wyo Theater.

Justin Meyer

Nice place, prices are a little crazy though, even for a movie theater.

Ron Wild

This is new movie theater. The seats are recliners and are comfortable. The price is reasonable. You get to pick your seats and if you buy early you can sit where you like. The sound system is not overwhelming. I have watched a few movies here and keep going back.

Pedro Benavides

Really enjoy there seats

Illyana Gallegos

Amazing workers. Also the chairs are retractible

Jaren Long

My favorite in town.

Tigerman 273

Its a really nice theater, the seating, and movie quality are amazing. But, all the food and drinks are very overpriced. Its $5 for a box of small candy.

Eben Boehm

Lots of screens, good options for snacks including grilled food, large popcorn seems a little smaller than other theaters.

Sean Rasmussen

Clean, fast service, comfortable seating. Can't ask for much else

David Kolp

Quick effient help at the snack counter, comfortable seating

Mike Killean

Awesome theatre for Laramie. The prices are kinda high otherwise it's fit as a fiddle.

Jodie Binning


Leroy Barlow

Comfortable seating. Volume was a little too loud in the theater

Haefen Zebra

Nice new theater in town, certainly a pleasant experience. Prices of food items are about what you'd expect at a theater, but not far too expensive like some places. Has leather reclinable seats, though they aren't as wide as the Regal theater down the road. Staff is friendly and you get to select your seat at ticket purchase.

Xavier Michael-Young

It's a great theatre that offers a plethora of food and drinks. The seats are also reclining and the screen is bigger. Just what I wanted from a bigger, newer Theater

Stephen Martin

Dont mind anything about the new movie theater. Very kind and friendly staff. But the butter for the popcorn needs be replaced asap!!! Please!!! And maybe go with coke products


Pretty awesome, some prefer Fox theater as the seats are a little bigger. I can't complain, place is clean, seats are comfortable and recline. When you purchase your ticket you pic your seat. Concessions has a lot to offer pretzels, Nachos, pizza, Nathan's hotdog, ICE slurpy. It's like a little cafeteria attached to the popcorn station that you take to your seat. Large curved screens and Dolby Atmos sound. Would visit again.

Winter wolf Cookie

It was great

Chris Jensen

Came for Captain Marvel movie, very good. Had large butter popcorn & large drink. Only theater in town that has real butter (not flavored oil) & ice tea without a sweetener. Excellent taste.

Lea Crouse

It's new first time to go into the building . Fabulous loved the seating very comfortable

Mitzi Welsbacher

Great movie theater except for the fact that I can see a movie cheaper at the fox regal

sonja wild

Great experience

casey trader

Awesome, comfortable roomy seating.

Myron Burnette

Nice theater, decent food

Terri Colling

Great theater, super customer service

Its_Gretchen For_Real

307 Film Festival 2019 2nd fantastic

Lauren Hulit

As a family member of a person with intellectual disabilities, I really appreciate the choice of seating. When I go to the theater, I can get a seat in the back with my sister in case she has a meltdown or overstimulated so we can exit quickly. The staff is super accommodating as well!

Chad Petersen

Super clean, fast entry, and great recliner seats!

Elizabeth Journey

I love studio city!!! Its always clean and well maintained! Also the theater member perks are amazing. $5.50 movies on Tuesdays and you get a free movie ticket and $5 for concessions when you build up your rewards! I wouldn't go anywhere else


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