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REVIEWS OF Studio City Mesa IN Wyoming

Chris Stanek

Excellent venue Best theater experience ever

Greg Waugh

Great place to watch movies with reclining seats!

Rochelle Nichols

Very upscale. Definitely a futuristic place to grab a movie. They even have lobbies to eat your food in, although one can still eat in the theatre during movie. The menu is very large, almost to overwhelming....I couldn't order due to the fact that there was so much to choose from, this is a good thing. I did select pizza but they were out, I started getting real overwhelmed after that when one of the staff was impatiently tapping his fingers on the counter, like I needed to get a move on. Cummon, don't make it so obvious that your impatient, I get it. Was a very nice staff member though when I offered a smile, a smile was offered back. The seats are pretty cool. They are electric and lean back. All in all this theatre I feel is way too upscale and def for the younger crowd, I not a fan of assigned seating. I was caught off guard. I highly recommend going here if you want a mini meal and something different than a traditional movie theatre.

The Eisenmans

Luxury seats, a sound system that you can feel. Good, although normal theater price, snack bar. Friendly staff. If you don't like a fairly loud, though crisp sounding, movie you might not like it. I like the theater for action movies, probably would be good for drama or whatever since the sound is well engineered.

Fusion Hotline

By far the best theater in town. You can't beat the reclining seats and it's surprisingly very clean. Good prices on tickets and concessions. Give this place a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Deric Davis

Good seats, good theater in general. The concessions layout is pretty bad. Get ready to wait 10 minutes to fill a drink on any opening night.

He follows always

Reclining chairs love them

Melanie Stull

Comfortable and clean! The staff is great and I'm so happy to have a place like this in Casper.

Andrew Legerski

Chairs are so comfy I slept through a whole movie. 4/5 will sleep in again!

Teresa Lenoir

Love the reclining seats. Makes it nice to go to the movies.

Susie Dennison

Comfy seats. Easy ticket purchase. Don't care for the fountain drinks..miss the plain old Pepsi. All the mixes make even plain Pepsi taste weird to me.

William Shehan

The next time I watch a matinee performance of Incredibles 2, I'll be sure to bring ear protection for my two kids. I hope they aren't dear, now. The surround sound was so loud, my wife, mother-in-law and I left early with splitting headaches.

Sofia A L

Love to see movies there! The only thing I will suggest is to have better ventilation at the concession area, burnt popcorn smell is horrible

Sheryl McLaughlin

Great place to go see movies, fast efficient help, comfy seats

Chrysta Politte

Recliners are comfortable. Movie prices are reasonable. Concessions are overpriced.

Mairia M

Nice updated theater. Recliners

Jayne Baum

Nice and clean even at 10 at night. Comfortabe seating and great movie!

Lori Hall

It's the frozen yogurt.

Brad Gordon

Love this theater, especially the Cooper. Great sound, awesome recliners. Great place to watch a good movie.

Brandi Mills

Great movies, very overpriced drinks, candy, etc... This is with all theatres. For my family, we will just wait for redbox.

Atha Quinn

It is a great place to go for a movie!!! Love the seats.

Victoria Tornquist

Comfortable seats.

Yellow Snowman

Easily #1 movie theatre in town; has the Imax-like ARQ, lots of food options(I mean it's still a theatre so be prepared to overpay for all food and drink), the option to prepay for seats to reserve, employees that are always nice. I really don't have anything negative to say about the Mesa.

Jim Valliere

Great seats Great food. Friendly staff

Patrick Bergin

Endgame was one heck of a movie

noam manteka

Not insulated, you can hear the sounds of the others moving inside, especially in the quiet parts of the movie you're watching. Also food is very expensive.

Irene Williams

Great place to watch movies excellent customer service, very clean and enjoyable environment! !

Kevin Torano

This is really a great movie theater. It has a huge screen and amazing sound system you can feel in the seat of your pants.

Renae W

We had such am amazing time here! They had previously let my therapy dog in on a previous visit, even though I forgot her paperwork. This last visit, we were late to our movie, they let us change our movie time. Then, we had the whole theater to ourselves, and the food here is amazing. The staff are A-1 at customer service, this will be our go to place in Casper for movies.

Nicholas Moyte

Very overpriced concessions. Nice theater overall.

Dollie Root

Great variety of shows & ratings to suit kids & adults. Roomy reclining seats are a definite plus. Snack bar is pricey but food has been good every time!! Favorite place to watch movies in Casper for entire family!

Vimby 210

Always good

Sawyer Cornel

I like the Mesa Theater a lot. The reclining seats are very nice. It is also nice there is plenty if leg room. It is a brand new theater so the screens and projectors are nice.

Zackary Grant

Fabulous place I love it.


CLEAN and comfortable. This was a nice experience, the way a movie (not watched at home) should be. There is another theater here nearly as nice but doesn't have the choices/Screens this location does- and that is why it gets five stars... Thumbs up!!!

tony balogna

Always great going to the movies here!

Ryan Scheid

Great experience every time. Concession line are always short and move quickly. Reclining seats are awesome!

David Coleman

Prices of snacks is crazy high $30 For two sodas, two Candy's, and one popcorn ... what's next I'll have to pay to go to the restroom?

Fire Killer

Love this movie theater! Great service, reclining chairs, HD screens and the sound system is nice and loud.

Gerald Penny

Toy Story 4 with the family... Win! The staff was polite, and the theater was clean. We'll be back!

Darla Keever

Great seating, a little too loud.

Andrew Tkach

Top notch theater! Great viewing experience!

Lisa Shrock

A little pricey.

Wendy Bassett

One of my all time favorite places to be! The staff is always kind and the theatre comfy!

Cathy Ross

Great movie theater! Reclining seats are heavenly!

Benjamin Willford

My favorite theater in town. Leather electric recliners. Real food in the theater. Decent prices, what more can you ask for?

Mahou Hobo

Fantastic reclining seats, super clean theaters, great assortment of snacks and a friendly staff. Perfect movie going experience and would highly recommend to anyone!

Eric Holbrook

Y'all coming to this place it is very cool!

Isaiah Vega

Unbelievable. The sound system was brand new, massive curved screen. Completely state of the art. I love in boise Idaho and we don't have anything like this. Loved it. Thanks for the experience.

Chuck Zbur

Very nice atmosphere fair prices and good snack selection

Mar C

Our favorite place to go for a movie. Comfortable recliners !

Mmustangg Ggnatsumm

Clean... Good popcorn... Reclining seats... Great sound system... Friendly staff!

Nathaniel Steinhoff

Great theater!

Ben Brubaker

I only go to the ARC at this theater. It is one of my favorite screens in the Country.

Blacky Exclusive

A place to go with the bois. You need to watch deadpool2!

cristina Terry

Our favorite theater. We live on the east side and drive to the west side to watch movies. We don't even bother with the east side one.

Joshua Baughcum

What a really nice movie theater . Price is average . Concessions are average . But the theater itself is very nice

Nicole Kurtz

Wonderful service. Excellent movie with comfortable clean seating. Always a good time at this theater.

Erica Smith

Great movie theater

megan moore

Very awesome place to watch movie. They have great movies, great snacks and I love the reclining seats. A nice way to spend some time out.

SteveLaura SpeesBon

A nice theater. Big reclining seats. Cozy.

Adam Raver

This is definitely my favorite Theater! It is always our first choice in Casper as they have all kinds of food choices and the best theaters with the reclining seats. The seats make all the difference! The only thing I hope to see in Casper Theaters would be a healthy food option. I have to travel out of state to ever see something like a small salad offered in a movie theater. I know it seems weird, but I do think it would be a big selling point for our already amazing theaters in Casper.

Ernest Markel

This place is the place to watch movies! They go above and beyond to bring you a great experience!

tom hanes

Great place to watch movies

Edwardo Squidwardo

My friends and I wore the same shirts and snuck in a God damn pineapple 10 out of 10 would do again

Coty Amen

Took our 2.5 year old and what a great experience he had!

Leticia West

This is the newest movie theater in town and although it's higher in prices, and the seating is limited, the picture quality is awesome!!!

Patrick Rizer

Awesome seating and a great place to hang out and watch a movie!

Linda butler

I love going to matinees. Whole theater to myself.

Austin L

It's a good all around theater.

freaky greg

Pricing on tickets are great, food is really high, and the theaters are amazing.

Amy Stone

Super cumfy chairs!!!

Jade Haar

Great comfy chairs. And great service one of the gentleman walkings the halls checking stuff helped me carry all my drinks and food to my seat. Very happy with the service. This is the only theatre i go to in casper.


The seating is nice but the movie rooms have a few recliners in a few of their rooms that really don't recline well. I have brought this up to several managers and had them see for themselves that the chairs are broken and we should either get our money back or get a half off the ticket price. In their eyes, nothing is wrong. They just don't feel like repairing their chairs but they sure can jack up usually every other month their food prices. They advertise every where that they have reclining seats and some don't recline like they are supposed to, that there is considered false advertising. This theatre unfortunately doesn't upkeep their chairs.

Debra Hall

Love going there to see movies

Shannon Ross

Nice theatre

Liana Marconyak

Make sure to pick seats online before you go. Not true stadium seats so sit back from screen. Reclining chairs are awesome with foot rests!

Lynn Bitzan

Reclining chairs and they didn't blast me out of the theater.

vickey Triplett

Saw The Meg today. Pretty great. Comfy the whole time

Ann Smith

The seats are like sitting on heavenly reclining mushrooms of love and the screen is neatstuff

Lea Lockard

Love going to the movies

Wendy Thornton

Always clean, yummy popcorn and friendly staff. I'm spoiled and don't go anywhere else now!

Camille Lynn

I love the seats in this place but they need to sell lasagna.

Hunter Harvey

Super comfy and clean here and I love the reeling seats

Ben Stallings

The most comfortable theater I've ever been to. I had a great time with my family seeing the new Lion King. The theater is clean, friendly and has an awesome variety of concessions. Frozen yogurt, hotdogs and popcorn.

jordan crow

I would have given more stars, but we were not aware that If you take a child to a rated R movie, you get charged full price for them as an adult??? Stuff like that should be posted on their sites to let people know. We went and saw the new zombieland movie so it wasnt a bad rated R movie that my 12 year old would have been bothered by.

Charles Lytle

It is a nice theater but they are obviously staying in business because of their food prices. It should not cost more for popcorn and a drink than it costs to get into the movie. No wonder red box is so popular. You could buy a years supply of popcorn for the the price of 1 bucket of popcorn and a drink. Seriously!

Barry Taylor

A fun theater for family movies!

Heather Gilmore

We love this place. Very friendly!!


We had a birthday party with Mesa Studio City. Ben was very helpful and did a great job showing the kids the projection room!

matt schleuning

Pretty good

James Hamilton

Loved it the reclining chairs ...awesome

Steve Gilbertson

Great place to watch a movie. Very clean!

Jennifer Ross

Luxury theater with reclining seats.

Peggy Mahoney

Love the reclining seats, so comfy.

Shannon Barry

Great place good food and even better movies

Zachary Gallup

Great seating and theater experience.


Way too expensive and they put too much salt on the popcorn to force you to get a drink.

Kristen Hite

Love the recliners. At one point some of the seats' arms could go up to make like a loveseat thing but I don't know anymore. I'm okay for paying $1 more for good chairs though. Food prices are pretty outrageous but it's a theatre so I don't expect anything else.

Paul Jones

Excellent atmosphere, sound and a feeling of being in your own living room

Joshua Bloomquist

Comfortable seating. Clean bathrooms. Good concessions.

Patricia Doane

Very nice place to view movies. They have reclining seats & really good pizza.

Stephanie Renner

Lots of fun. Concessions are expensive but lots of variety!

Nate Smith

Like all theatre, the concession prices are a bit too much. 5 stars if concession prices were better.

Russ Forney

Good selection of movies, only complaint some sound from 1 movie may be heard while watching another.

Derek Eckenrod

Comfortable seats, plenty of options for snacks, however, expect a $20 per person average. Date pack (large popcorn, 2 drinks) is $20

D. McKinney

Best movie theater in Casper.

Eric Bingaman

Hurricane highest is a must-see movie! Action packed, and I would pay to see it again it's that good.

The Noodle

Really comfortable chairs!

Jennifer Feather

A great movie theather

Jorden Zellers

Great theater. Super clean. Love the movie posters in the hall.

Amanda Gayhart

I want to give this place 5 stars, but it's way to loud in the movie and in the lobby. I feel like there should be a warning sign on the window letting people know you might leave with a headache and ringing ears. My husband, Sister, and 13 year old nephew have all complained about the noise also, so it's not that I have sonic hearing or anything along those lines.

Jerad Champlin

Seven dollar hot dogs? Enough said.

John Winsted

Nice theater with recliners and lots of food options.

Alpha 986

Great staff and great films

Steven Nason

Great Theater. Recliner seating. Not bad!!

Duane Gray

Love the seating (lounging) a little pricey but great service and great theater.


The show House is a very nice studio, to sit and enjoy a movie great seating, sound, consession stand,restrooms,ticket area and rewards system, I would rate it no. One in my books or double A!! I have been in A lot of theatre's in my life I am 75 yrs. Young! When I was a young man I worked in a movie House, and I have always loved a good movie, it gets you away from the every day grind of life, for a hour and a half or 2 hrs! And gives you a better out look on life, it is sort of a therapy for me!!!

Levi Harper

Great movie place love the sound and chairs!!


A little dirty, cupholder etc and as always pricey. Love the seats and screen, sound.

Karynda Garnica

Love this place. Great friendly staff. Its like my second home here!

Todd Jensen

Nice seats. Prices good before noon.

Michaella Adamson

Staff is fast and overall pretty friendly , concessions are extremely EXPENSIVE but the theaters were very spacious and comfortable. The reclining seats are such a nice feature.

Carrie Jordan

Love the reclining seats. Clean. Only place to kick back and enjoy a movie with family and friends

Sally Crank

If you see any movie, in any theater, your experience is going to he a good one. The theaters are clean, the seats are comfortable, the concessions are awesome, and the staff is superb. ARQ is just amazing. I go to ARQ movies all the time in the Cooper theater. It is the best viewing experience Casper has to offer, and you can't go wrong.

derek steffen

Was clean and neat. Even during a rush the waits were short.

Jerry Clemens

I love the reclining seats. The online reservations are nice. Surprisingly no-one has every checked my ticket. Not sure how much money they are losing daily from this. Think they can bring prices down and start checking so we aren't paying for folks sneaking in.

Doug Clark

Very happy with the movie complex! Good service by friendly people.

Stephen Cobb

Super comfy seating. Great picture and sound

Mary Jo Hibschweiler

Awesome great sound system.

Jessika Williams

This place is great for family watching the only thing that can make an improvement would be more handicapped areas in the back to instead of all in front so maybe ramps instead of stairs

Jill Wilson

It was awesome! So comfortable and clean

Ezmerelda Champlin

no line and tickets are quiet cheep


Great place beautiful

Lee Owen

We love coming over to the Mesa! Nice and clean! The Cooper was amazing to watch Aquaman on!!

Mark Hildebrand

Great theater with nice reclining seats.

Justin Dimas

Nice theater, no cheaper than anywhere else but love the reclining seats

Lynne Carter

Favorite place to watch movies ! Love the recliners and having a studio rewards card. With this card, I have ended up saving money . Nice variety of hot and cold foods and snacks.

Dixie Meadows

Great place to go watch your favorite movies

Mary Jane Herdt

I give it 1 cuz I can't give it zero! Checked in at mobile kiosk. Red light turned green, bleeped and good to go. Nope. Get snacks, go to last theater down the hall, need paper ticket. Hike back to front desk, stand in long line (avoidance of which was the purpose for mobile tickets) and get paper tickets. Cashier says printer is not working at kiosk. "Out of Order" sign would be nice. Back to theater but wasnt given 3D glasses. Back to front desk. Cashier says "Yay, I prob-lee should-a given ya those" Hike back to theater. Sit down, grandson's chair doesn't work. Back to front desk. "Someone will come to theater in a minute" Movie shows up and fixes chair. Not impressed about whole experience. Oh and I was charged 2 times for my tickets. The refund "SHOULD" appear on my statement in 7-10 days. Didn't take them 7-10 days to take my money. WILL NEVER RETURN!!!

Justin Forney

Favorite movie theater. Hopefully they put in an imax theater someday.

Delaney Star

Nice place, pretty good movies. There are reclining seats, and the snacks are a little over priced but... it's a movie theater sooo, that's to be expected.

Chris Vaughn

Great seating. Loved the movie! Incredibles 2

Nicole Coleman

Always easy to pick up online tickets.


Very clean, comfortable seating, ticket pricing reasonable. Outrageous prices for food and beverages, though I guess that's the norm. Skip the popcorn, costs more than the movie and definitely not worth it.

Kevin Dickerson

Pehaps the best place in Casper to see a movie

Brooke Hansen

The seats are nice but it's pricey!!

Wendy Degroot

The theater great went to get a drink refill during my movie and they had the dispensers turned off. When you pay so much for a drink that comes with a refill you should be able to get one.

Wyoming Rayne

We only go to a movie maybe 2 to 3 times a year because it cost us $50 for 4 of us. That includes a little snack. The food is insanely priced, but very good. I like using the rewards card to get a free movie ticket from time to time. I kind of hate the assigned seating but the system works. The seats are comfortable and the rooms are small and not too crowded.

Tobias Johnson

Friendly staff.

2A Talk and Politics

Always a good clean place to watch awesome movies

Chris walsh

The chairs are the best most cozy theater seats ever

Terry Golkowski Jr

Very good seating. Multiple show times. Its great

Micah Dierenfeldt

Best theater I have been in anywhere. Not very well watched though. Altogether a good theater though. Kids (teens) often talking during movies. (Have had to ask them to stop more than once. Not just comments but full conversations at full volume.)

David McDonell

Great theater with reserved seating.

William Cardran

It is a great place to view a movie is vary comfortable seats

Krista Bauer

Awesome night! Great seats, convenient!

james ormerod

Love this theatre the food is great and clean


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