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105 Joyce Kilmer Ave, Piscataway, NJ 08854

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REVIEWS OF Rutgers Cinema IN Wyoming

neley morales

$7 movies. Clean, friendly movie theater on campus

Max Hampel


Saad Zahid

Gr8 8/8

Manveet Kaur

Very nice & cozy..!! Great staff..!! Calm place..!! Loved it..!! Will go again..!!

Jason Cunas

Great place if you wanna catch a movie at an affordable price. Concessions are a bitboricey though. Would give it 5 stars, but the popcorn is a bit salty, so beware.

Danielle Fuchs

Clean theaters, great popcorn, and friendly staff, especially Brandon!

da ruff life

Great little on campus theatre!

Sam T

Being a resident in Piscataway this movie theater is pretty convenient. The movie theater is also very inexpensive. It is conveniently located on Livingston Campus by a yogurt shop and other food placessuch as Qudoba and a diner. The theater itself has your typical theater food such as popcorn, nachos, candy, and other snack Foods. The bathroom was very clean and so was the theater. The birthday parties are pretty inexpensive as well it's about $10 a kid and that includes a popcorn and a soda. When having a birthday party you get the whole theater to yourself which is pretty cool especially if it's a kid's birthday party.

Shahid Afzal

nice place, highly recommend recliner seats as they will be better than regular seats

Jacob Heifetz-Licht

great murals out front!

Khanh Le

Cheap tickets with student discounts

malek maddah

Best movie theater everrr! Jade & Coleen were so helpful throughout the entire ticket-purchasing process. They offered extra butter on our popcorn and gave us melty cheese. Wh n we overfilled our ice cups, they immediately came to the rescue with spray nd napkins. Never going to another theater again!!!

Juan Huertas

It may not be as big as an AMC theater, but the quality of it is just as good. Surprisingly for an on-campus college cinema, it was clean, well maintained, and and very enjoyable. Also, the prices, especially if you are a Rutgers student, beats that of any cinema conpetitor that I know of. I have watched several movies here and plan to watch more in the future.

Sotirios Lewis

Low prices for students. Had some great memories here.

Theresa Lofton

Very clean nice small theater. I loved the place. It is very affordable and has all the new releases. The people are great. Don't get worried about it being on a college campus if is removed from the main areas. Parking was easy just look for lot 112A behind the building. I will be returning definitely.

Michelle Sanders

Nice theatre only has two movies featured. Other wise nice on theatre to catch a movie on Livingston campus.

Eunice Lee

Love this place! Friendly staff, great prices, and a clean environment. The movie murals outside are gorgeous and the small business vibe makes this place my go-to cinema. PS: go on Wednesdays bc they have free slushies!! I definitely recommend checking out Rutgers Cinema!

Shenghung Kuo

The ticket price is very good. The chair is ok. However, the audio volume is too loud for me.


A hidden gem! I threw my daughters Birthday party here and the staff were so helpful. Great venue for neighboring residents to the college.

Erika Rears

This is my favorite cinema! Will be coming here even after I graduate!

Rodney McNeill

It's very loud speakers but it is a movie theater.

Daniel Morris

my new favorite movie theatre. clean. current movies. inexpensive. i did triple take on prices and popcorn and drink. it took me back thirty years. only inconvenience could be parking. employees were super friendly. i will be a regular...

Jared Hannah

One of the best deals going in the New Brunswick area. Awesome movies available and very intimate seating in each theater. Plus there's tables if you choose to eat a larger than average snack


Space good & kind

Drew Gaffney

Super cheap for students. Nice clean and comfy environment. Always gets good new movies. Wish it had more showtimes though.

Vamsi Avinash Gunji

Small theatre and very untidy place. No space for people to walk through seats.

Ben West

The prices are great but the theatre is really small.

Bridget Y

The seats aren't luxury and the theaters aren't big, but it is a fantastic option for students. You can either walk or take the bus from anywhere on campus. It is very affordable, and there are always some great movies to pick from.

Joseph Shenouda

Great cinema at Rutgers

Jay Dorreno

Great ticket prices, comfortable seats. Service is good.


If you have your student ID (it might have to be a college ID, correct me if I'm wrong) then you can get a movie ticket for a so much cheaper price. They play the same movies as anywhere else, so it's a good deal. Even the regular tickets aren't too bad compared to a lot of different theaters out there. The only thing is, it's not some big franchise theater, so they don't have that many movies up at a time. They usually have 2-3 movies up but they would still play those popular ones, so it's all good.

barry ger

Great price. Clean

Michael Sammy

Screen and rooms see small but overall good experience.

Fresh Boy 12

Good place

Cristian Tapia

Possibly the best affordable cinema in all of NJ if you have a Rutgers student ID. $5 dollar tickets for the matinee if you have a Rutgers school ID. Regular time is $7 if you have a Rutgers school ID as well. Also large popcorn and large soda I believe is about $10 dollars with a free refill. They also have the latest movies available.

keyisha Anderson

It ws very good

Anuj Pradhan

For what it is, it's awesome. As a student, you really can't complain.

Patrick Nosker

Great prices for students but the popcorn buyer machine has been out of order for months and during a showing of a movie the video cut out for three minutes.

D'Andre Brooks

The customer service is amazing and the popcorn taste pretty good.

sarah George

The staff were friendly and nice....great prices but the it was a little messy

Seif Juban

Audio is ok, screen is kind of small.

Rahat I. Pat

Cheap rates, popcorn and other edibles, good screen. Bargain cinema.

Rachel Romano

They have the latest releases and beautiful cinemas with great sound and video quality. The only thing is that they have limited seating so plan ahead. Also the snack are expensive. However student discount for Rutgers students makes up for it.

Chika Ehirim

Super clean and very affordable!

Abubakarr Talib Jalloh

A place of schedule, its the first cinema I went to in US and its totally good

Swapnil Pharate

It university movie hall not actual theater full screen

Kush Patel

This theater has the best value prices I have seen in the central Jersey area for students. All students regardless of age or school receive discounts at the box office. The concession stand prices are also cheaper than other local theaters. Only downside is that the screens of their auditoriums are a bit smaller. Still worth going to though.

Joshua Tedesco

If you have a Rutgers ID, I don't know why you'd go anywhere else.

William Hopkins

Awesome location, great movies, excellent prices!

Walaa Ahmed

Very nice place

Dakshath Gowda

Really nice... Sounds, visual, everything's perfect

Kevan Richter

This place is ok. It looks like it was designed by someone who only knew how to design college lecture halls. The seats are somewhere between ok and uncomfortable. Also, they have less seating than a larger theater. Overall ok. They have a frozen yogurt place next door.

Neel Rathod

Make sure you show up early cause people try to sneak a seat and staff is too lasy to check unless it's an event


(1 star for this)Went to see Hide & Seek. Only 3 ppl was there including me and my girl. Movie just started 1-3 mins in we weren't talking but I cough few times and rocked few times made squeaking sound not loud but empty theater. The girl that was 1 row in front of us all the way at end (2 seats from end right side. (Me & my girl seated center). Gets up and walks out. Once reached the door stops turns around and says "That's very distracting" and left and told. Few mins later employee came and told us they got a complaint and told us to be quiet. (5 stars beside above accident) I been here few times and it's great place to come. I prefer here over AMC. Giving 5 stars for overall place to come and pricing.

Maurice Smith

Me and my daughter always come to the movies there good movie theater to visit


The Rutgers Cinema is extremely clean, and filled with wonderful staff. Especially a women named Danielle, she was very professional.

Kevin Lin

Pretty good for catching a movie around campus. The seats are comfortable and the projection is nice and bright. When it's not a movie theater, it's a class room so there are fold out tables on the seats also.

Sarah Phillips

We had very fond memories at this theater. I remember when it first opened and we watched a great assortment of movies from Hunger Games, Marvel movies and more! They show the most popular movies that are shown at local theaters. Most recently, we saw Huntsman: Winters War and I was impressed by the sound quality. It even made me want to download the ending credits song "Castles" by Halsey. The concession stand food can be pricey but that is the case in all movie theaters. The food prices are actually cheaper than those in NYC theaters. The security often checks bags for hidden food or drinks but there were some instances where they were not there and did not check (maybe low in staff). But the staff at the concession stand are friendly and helpful. After each movie, the space is thoroughly cleaned, making it pristine and comfortable for the next movie screening. The bathrooms are also clean and modern. The seats are comfortable and spacious (comes with cup holder, space between seats for items and even portable desk table since they are converted into lecture classrooms during school hours). I never had problems at this theater and only experienced great, unforgettable moments. Plus, it is conveniently located by Livingston Plaza and Student Center bus stops, Starbucks and 16 Handles!

Jon DeLucia

Clean cinema and nice experiance. Chairs are uncomfortable. Nice staff also.

Andrea Arocho

I had my daughter s birthday today. A great time. The kids had the theater to themselves.


Good first date

The Photographer Dude

Visited this place one time, and I have to say that this place has got great vibes. You've got all college people hanging around and watching a film here is just entertaining mostly because people are super chill. Would love to go back there soon.

Jonathan Maple

Great cinema, they even offer free movie nights for summer students with a free popcorn + drink, clean and professional.

Terrence Seamon

Great place to see first run movies

May Fung

Super great prices if you have student or teacher IDs. Chairs are not that comfortable, but they show the current blockbuster movies, no complain.

Daniel Clark

It's cheaper than other movie theaters, and fine. Get there early.

Martina Soliman

I saw Dunkirk 5 times here! My favorite movie at my favorite cinema. The students who work there are polite and well-mannered. This cinema really cares about their customer’s experience and want to make sure you have the best time.

donald nicholson

Clean, great price, popcorn is the best

Michael Shafran

Seen great movies here, comfortable seats that have a good lean back angle. Even though it's a small theater, sound and picture are great. Not IMAX of course, but good screen size. My biggest problems are: 1. The ticket taking/printing/ripping process makes no sense. They need to separate the snack line from ticket printing line and allow phone tickets. 2. If you get there too close to show time the only seats left are at the front and VERY close (happened twice for me, neck still has a little soreness)

Claude Smith

Pleasant staff, clean environment and comfortable seats.

Jerry Sandoval

Great service, great prices, comfortable seats, small theaters

Dana N

A great local theater experience. Tickets and food are ridiculously cheap if you're a student, and still reasonable even if you're not. They regularly have events and advance screenings so it's worth keeping up with their social media accounts. The theaters themselves are spacious and clean with cushioned comfortable seating. I'd recommend this theater to anyone.

Peter Lombardo

Great place

Xuemei Wen

Always a good place to go when I am a students there , ticket is good . The environment is ok .

Mayank Ahuja

Great cinema and cheap for students too! Would be better though if they show more movies!

Tank Venable

Movies are cheaper with better quality will be going there from now on

Manan Parekh

Only complaint is that the screen could be a little larger but overall it's nice and a ton of fun

Parth Patel

Nice slushies

Hector Romero

Nice place to enjoy a good movie.

Luna Light715

Cheap tickets for really good seats. I love how it's a public cinema because I can bring family and kids are only charged $5 before 4:30pm.

Thomas Moon Kang

Recommended if you can get student ticket prices, about half the price of normal theaters. The theaters and screens themselves are about two-thirds the size of normal screens. Movie selection is also tiny (about 3 films at any given time) but they're usually good ones. Make sure to look up times in advance online.

Aman Gupta

Decent theater and good prices, especially for students


It was terrible to find no staff in the cinema after the movie, especially they had taken sth from you promising they would keep it for you.


Small Screen theatre

Nick Marrone

Great prices, friendly staff, and the screens/projectors and sound system are all much better quality than you'd expect for a theatre of this size. Certainly worth going here over most other crowded, dirty theatres. Students get even more of a discount, of course, so you better get your filthy Student ID out.

Varun Shah

great for rutgers students - worth it for the ticket price.

Gracie Adriana

Small but nice, wish they had morning showings

mindy brezak

The Rutgers Cinema is a phenomenal venue for hosting an event! Alex and Jocelyne were awesome and super helpful! Our guests had a wonderful time, as did we. I would certainly recommend this venue for all your future events :)

Ian Wardell

I wish they had better viewing positions. Increasing prices. Still cheaper then other theaters.

Scott Kaj

Was great reasonably priced, which included refills on drinks and popcorn. Will definitely be going again

J. G.

Great price.

Dan Flint

Reasonably priced tickets and snacks.

Darryl Haze

Awesome prices (helps being an Alumni). Great for going in groups.

Andrew Deng

The A.c. it's maintaining a ridiculously cold temperature. I personally bring my jacket there in the summer.


It’s a little cramped. But overall not bad!

Dennise C

Booked my little brother’s birthday party here. Him and his friends got a private viewing. Each guest got popcorn (perfectly buttered) and a drink. We also paid for each guest to get pizza. The pizza took forever and didn’t taste great but all in all, everyone had a great time. The staff was also very friendly and patient with us.


a phenomenal establishment for the youth of this institution who want to enjoy pleasant cinematography. Jade and Colleen are the kindest employees in this Univeristy as they helped through every step of the movie purchasing process

John Pichardo

First run movies with comfortable seating at a great price.

David White

Great movie experience in a clean/new facility. And the best part: discounted movie tickets.. half the price of your regular theater tickets with the same cinematic experience. Need I say more.

Andrew Farrell

They take any college student ID for $7 ticket

J Mu

It was speedy and awesome! I went to watch Deadpool 2 so I won't have to be the reason my friends can't talk about DP2 because of spoilers. The staff were amiable folk, with one suggesting to follow them, The Rutgers Cinema, on Instagram for free ice shake, smoothie, or whatever is the name of the drink. Also, included with my order was large, buttered popcorn; the bag was refillable, but one the other hand, haven eaten prior, I could barely finish the bag. I watched the movie on a Wednesday afternoon so seating was most certainly available. The path to the auditoriums for the movie is simple architecture; all that was required was to walk down the hallway for at minimum 10 secs and voila! Now, you're at your seat. Watch the credits for all Marvel movies and thank the staff, they made every seating pristine and no litter found at any row or area. Definitely a must for RU students due to student discounts.

Travis Ragland

Cozy, good popcorn, movie night at home vibe

Luce Daphney Paul

Low rate with Rutgers student ID. There are also special combos.

Tarakur Rahman

I go to Rutgers and have class in there during the day. The halls are nice and the seats are very comfortable. It's a convenient location for rutgers students. Most popular movies are played and ticket price is comparable to other theaters. The food can be pricey.

Ismael Nunez

Better display than any franchise theatre, but with less seats, giving a private ambient to the place. Also, the prices are significantly lower than other theatres. It's certainly my go to theatre.


Awesome place. Comfortable seating, good food.

cat wu

Price is cheaper than other theaters, but it is not a traditional theater with full screen. Basically, it just like a normal college conference room with a big projector. Resolution and sound aren't that good.

Jasmin Kaur

Clean and comfy theater! Especially great for students, has great flicks and prices. Plus near lots of tasty eateries.

Zaurbek Badiev

The tickets are cheap, the seats are nice, and the staff is polite. However, the theaters are a bit smaller so it's easier to hear people talking during the film.

Cassandra Brinson

Love the spacious theater

Juanita Daly

The staff is awesome!

Andres Rivas Pardo

Great movie theater. Although there are only 4 rooms, the seats and the quality of screen are pretty good. Very comfy theather.

Liam Davies

It's a cheap theater, but the prices properly reflect that. Wouldn't recommend seeing a movie you care too much about here but it's good for a cheap night out.

Arthur Faison

Sweet hidden theater with good prices. Good job Rutgers!

Rasika Tata

Comfortable seats.

Zoë Kitchel

Small screens, but cozy atmosphere and good prices!

Sade Ford

Cozy and alway a great place to go for a cheap movie. Filled with students from RU, and good deals for students. Fun and Friendly environment for a movie, will feel like your watching at home with the family because people will react.

Celestine Chong

This may be the only place on Rutgers campus open on breaks and major holidays. It's decent. Staff are nice students; I like the dynamic of being there. Food is normal theatre price expensive and mediocre. Ticket prices can't be beat though. Ticket prices with student ID are $5 for matinee shows, and $7 for evening shows. Add $1 for online transactions. As they say in their pre-movie ads, lowest prices in the state The cinema is used for class during the day. There are tables that can be used to study in the lobby.

Kam Hi

I actually like it there then most cinemas

Mehul Vora

Smaller screens but cheap and the popcorn is fresh. Occasionally they will have specials at the concession stand. Save even more if you're a student.

Dmitriy Nikitin

No frills movie theater with $7 tickets for Rutgers folks.

Caelynn Grossman

All the snacks of a regular theater -popcorn, candy, soda. First run movies, low prices, and small theaters so you don't have all the noise of the large number of people coughing etc. Definitely recommend this place (although at the same time, don't go and let me keep this secret for myself!)

Lauren Roynestad

Really clean, really convenient and priced really well. Anyone with a student ID can get a ticket for $7 and all others pay $9 for I ticket, I believe. There are great deals on drinks and snacks every weekday, just not on fri-sun. It's a fully functioning movie theater so they have new releases. The seats are comfortable, the staff is very friendly, and its overall a good movie theater.

Brian Havens

Student prices are the best in the area. But you have to listen to loud college students during the movie

Malik Wright

My little getaway that's close to my home. No fancy perks, just a good old fashioned movie with my lady.

Kyle Dettman

Stupid cheap prices especially for students. The chairs aren't reclining, but they are leather and comfy. The concession stand is low priced and has everything you would want.

Jason Hobbs

Decent, but small screen. Nice sound system.


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