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45 Aspen Grove Dr E, Evanston, WY 82930, United States

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REVIEWS OF Aspen Cinemas IN Wyoming

Randall Boyce

Best seats in a theater ever. I nearly fell asleep while waiting for the movie to start . Screen and sound were great. No matter where you sit, you have an unobstructed view. Very pleasant employees and the choice of seating is a nice option. 5 dollar Tuesday is a great idea, especially if you have a larger family. Best addition to Evanston I have seen since moving here. Done

The CringeLord

Clean establishment with great chairs and great costumer service

Dannice Peterson

Wow big improvement from past, loved the seats.

Michele Latter

New chairs are awesome. Improved sound as well

Garrett Smith

Not a vary many Mature Audience showings. It's good a great theater.

worboy17 wyoming

Went and saw the joker last night with my wife. The seating is amazing and the food is great. I felt like the sound was a little off as far as bass to treble ratio but other than that had an amazing time.

Shelly Tholl

This cinema has recently went through a major overhaul and remodel and is simply amazing! The staff are wonderful, the four theaters are clean, warm, seating is comfortable, and they show the newest releases. They take debit/credit cards and you can purchase tickets in advance. The only drawback is the website is difficult to find but with a little effort, can finally get there. The owners/managers are great!


So happy with all of the updates to this place. We used to have to go to utah for a good movie experience, now I can honestly say I prefer Aspen Cinemas.

E Mccloud

I really enjoyed myself at the movie I went to. It is very nice and clean. It was like watching a movie at home it was that comfortable. My only complaint would be when I went there were only 2 people selling tickets and it took a while to get in.

Debra Adkins

Great experience except no fresh popcorn for matinee. Popcorn was bottom of the bin and very kernally. But thos wouldn't keep me from going to the movies here.

Jared Rex

Always a great experience, thanks to the owners and the staff.

Louize Smith

I really enjoy going to Aspen Cinemas. The seats are comfortable. Their consessions are good. I especially enjoy their butter salt.

Caitlin Cantrell

Awesome movie theater for this size of town. Excellent service, excellent food, and great seats.

Tia McAndrew

Nice theater, it is kept clean, and the staff is very friendly.

Hope Dillree

Clean. Great concession setup. And awesome reclining chairs. I enjoy watching movies here, best place by far in Evanston and reasonable pricing

Timber Erickson

Great movie theater. It is nicely remodeled and has great customer service

Brock Stanley

We love coming here. They have obviously worked very hard to get this place looking as nice as it is. With the convenience here in Evanston as well as the good pricing, this beats going to any movie theater in Utah, hands down!

Joel Rodriguez

Decent sitting arrangements for the area. Good sound quality, awkward screen positioning but decent.

Levi Mecham

I love the couch seating. Great small theater.

Bee Tee

The recent renovation includes some of the most comfortable reclining seats I've encountered in movie theatres. They're set up in twos: perfect for date night. Popcorn is also excellent. Wide verity of other food items for those who want more than just popcorn. Nice clean restrooms.

Roscoe Clemmins

Great theater. Love the seating as well as the size. Comfortable and the staff are great.

Troy Milam

The seats are awesome! it was very spacious and clean. The price was great we could stay in town and watch as a family, for under $100 for a family of 6 (snacks and everything.) it was a great experience!

Alley Keosheyan

Just got back from seeing "Bohemian Rhapsody" at Aspen Cinemas and am SO grateful to our local theatre for bringing this movie out to our neck of the woods at the same time as the rest of the world. Love the spacious reclining seats (with cupholders, yay!) and the Dolby Surround-Sound, courtesy of the 2015 remodel. The ability to pre-reserve your seats online has been well-received by some, not so much by others, but for this movie that I've been chomping at the bit to see, I didn't mind it one bit - although it turned out I needn't have worried about it on a Sunday afternoon, we could have taken our pick of good seats. Ticket prices are reasonable, too. We look forward to coming back when "Rocket Man" (Elton John biopic) comes out!

Geoff Hoggatt

Good for a small town. Good people. I just wish the cinemas were bigger

Shanon Hoefler

What's not to love? Amazing new seating. Amazing new sound. Awesome new screens. Friendly new staff. It's a great place to watch a movie in Evanston!

Kevin Burleson

They have done an amazing job renovating the cinema and making it a place to want to return to. The chairs are so comfortable, and the screen and audio is amazing. Absolutely wonderful.

Bree May

What a great movie theater! Definitely would recommend this theater to everyone. Friendly staff, fresh food, and a clean environment with awesome seats!

Riki chef

Very nice theater - great seating and sound. Like the concession set up and staff is very nice. Great addition to our town!

Don Casper

We found our first visit to the Aspen Cinemas to be a very enjoyable experience. The prices were reasonable, the lines at the snack bar moved along quickly (partly due to the self serve soda dispensers) and the seating,,, Oh the seating!!!! Plush electric recliners with cup holders and plenty of leg room so people could pass by when fully reclined!!! How cool is that?!!! We found an evening's entertainment to cost way less money than traveling to the "City". The only down side I could see is that Coke products were not offered at the snack bar. Thank you Aspen Cinemas, I give you 5 stars.

Donna Middlemas

Amazing place and staff! I am so excited that I don't have to drive 80 miles to go see a movie anymore! The staff are friendly and enthusiastic and efficient, you can't beat great customer service. I will be giving this place my business time and time again, so pleased!

Lyndi Foust

I have been to this theater three separate times so far. Each experience was excellent! I love that they offer a variety of movies, and have $5 Tuesdays! My husband and I agree that it is the nicest movie theater we have been to!! The staff is friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make your overall experience enjoyable. They have exceeded my expectations, and will have my business for a very long time.

Hilary White

This theater is very accessible and accommodating. They were friendly and efficient when I asked to get our tickets exchanged for different seats because my husband wanted to transfer to one of their comfortable reclining chairs instead of staying in his not so comfortable wheel chair. I do wish they used coconut oil for the popcorn - it's still tasty though. Aside from that, everything is perfect.

Kadee Blair

They were smart with these! Maximized comfort with the new amazing seats. Self serve drinks, nacho cheese and butter! Can't complain for a second! Awesome service with owners who are just happy to be there! I would drive from Park City or the Valley any day over other theaters! Such a fantastic addition to the community and those around

Kevin Labresh

Came for opening night, which was also the opening of Star Wars and expected things to be relatively chaotic as a result. We were pleasantly surprised with the professionalism showed by the new staff and the efficiency with which they kept a big crowd moving along. Loved the new theaters and the reclining seats as well! I hadn't been to the old theater, but it's a major improvement from what I understand. It's so nice to have a viable local option for movies again! I hope these guys do really well!

Tiffany Pineda

This is the best small theater I have ever been to! Went and saw the Avengers end game their was only about 6 of us in the theater, it was fantastic any other theater would have been packed. The seats are very comfy. Definitely will be coming back to see another movie again.

Miraak TheGreat

Excellent service. And tones of kindly employees

Alexis Hickman

Love having a theater in town. It's so nice just to drive down the road to see a movie and not have to drive to Utah. The theater is clean and the staff is friendly. I love the relclinjng seats! Thank you!!

Jasmine Jordan

I love it here! great seats, yummy food l, though they should get regular sour patch kids. (Just watermelon flavor guys? Come on!)

Guy Caldwell

Very nice seating. Big theaters. Great place to relax and watch some movies.

Keyon Amirkhizi

I couldn't be happier with they new theater I've already been a couple times. the best part of this theater every seat is clean and comfortable. the staff is awesome and don't seem to hate their job and that makes for an awesome visit. Thank you

Denver Erickson

Soft recliner seats for everyone! Pizza, chicken strips, and as much salt and butter as you want. Great movie theater with a friendly helpful staff.

Samantha Miller

Wow....such attention to detail in every aspect! A drive 10 minutes across town and I feel like a 5 star patron in this establishment. Absolutely stunning ,if you have not been here, you are definitely missing out on a luxury experience in Evanston. The power reclining seats are an extra bonus to the feature movie. Great job Aspen Cinemas!!

Natalie M

LOVE what they have done with our theater! LOVE being able to go to a movie right down the street from our house! LOVE the reclining seats! LOVE the customer service-- When I ordered popcorn, they offered some fresh that would be done in a few minutes so I (jokingly) asked, You'll just bring that in to us when it's done then? And they did, they brought it right to our seats!

Monika Schulthess

Loved everything about the theater! So clean and enjoyable and the staff was super friendly! So excited to have a theater near by to go and watch a movie! It could have been a little bit warmer in the theater but it was a great experience!

Dustin Zuehlsdorff

Nice remodel, friendly people..

Dorothy Milewski

Always great. Good staff and clean. Last night the popcorn was a little stale but we were at thw last screening. Bathrooms were very clean as well.

Victoria McQueen

Best theater I have ever been to. Friendly service and excellent accommodations. You can't ask for a better place to spend an evening.

Aubrey Morrill

Aspen cinemas is doing an awesome job! Their staff learned quickly, and the environment is nice, especially from what our old theatre used to be! The love seat seating is so comfortable, it's nice to be able to recline and relax rather than sitting in hard seats trying to get comfortable the whole movie.

Al C

Awesome! The whole place looks amazing! Best part to the seats(which includes reclining your feet which we love) is the middle console lifts up, so if your sitting with your sweetheart you can cuddle or sit closer to them. They hired amazing staff! We will definitely be coming back!

Kati Benton

Great customer service. Very clean and comfortable. Great place to go see a show.

darin denney

Showed up to watch a, movie after checking times online only to find out the showe we wanted to see had been switched to something else without notice kind of frustrating

evie Chamberlain

This is an amazing theater. My family loves the reclining leather seats that are very comfortable to sit and relax in. They are really clean and make sure it stay clean after each movie is over. The employees were handling my kids (which there were 5 of them with me) with kindness while they were trying to get their orders figured out. Will be back and have no complaints all and all we love this place and now my girls are talking about wanting their birthdays to be here

Jayceen Craven Walker

It's like a brand new theater!!!! We are so grateful for the new owners and how wonderful the space is. The seats are amazing and the staff is wonderful. It's great to be able to reserve and buy your seats on line so you don't have to be there to rush the space. We'll be back again and again and again.

Nicole Harris

I enjoy going here. Friendly service and yummy fresh popcorn.

Lisa Van Langen

It's a luxury movie viewing experience for a great price. The sound system is great, the reclining leather seats are awesome. The only down side is that when we take all 4 kids, ages 20 months to 8, we're spread out so far because the seats are generously large. Aspen theaters definitely has our business.

Randall Kallas

Best theater Evanston has ever had. The new management has really turned the place around. I live a 1000 miles away and this place was at the top of my list when I came to town. BTW the popcorn is awesome, so grab a big bucket of popcorn and enjoy a movie.

apriL Gordon

Perfect place to cool off from the heat of summer or the bitter winter.

Jenna Broadbent

Always so fun!!

Cheri Fagin

All of the time, work, and money that was put in to renovations were completely worth it. The theater looks amazing, and the seats are the most comfortable theater seats I've ever used. The entire experience was amazing! Thanks for all your work.

Darin Linford

I love Aspen Cinemas!

Michelle Nay

If you love watching movies this is the place to go.

Brenda Iler

This is a wonderful state of the art theater! The reclining seats and being able to select my seat and buy online before I went was great. The lobby and theatre was clean and staff is very friendly and customer oriented. I was impressed that the staff waited patiently until my family and I had exited the theatre before coming in to clean, even though we were the last to leave the theater.

Melanie Ann

I had watched films here when I was little and it was great but now my experience here was amazing. other than not being able to spin the prize wheel ( wheel was there when I was little)

Karrie Meacham

They have reclining seats, so we love going to this movie theater!

Misty Bollinger

We went to see a children's movie with my 8 year old daughter. The theater is wonderful! The cost is reasonable, the new seats are awesome and the service was great too! I know we'll be going again in the near future!

Robin Whitmore

Clean, comfortable seats, good sound. Enjoy going there to watch movies.

Roan Blue

It was awesome!! Pretty comfortable seats!!

Sam Lundquist

are you kidding me? who built this beautiful cinemas in such a crappy town? I don't mean to bag on Evanston but besides the new loony bin this may be the nicest, cleanest building in town. the seating is awesome. my only complaint would be that their theaters could stand to turn up the thermostat a couple of degrees. Great place!

Sherry Kennedy

Love this place always clean and have great movies playing

Kevin Hutchinson

Newly renovated theater with many modern upgrades. Ticket prices are reasonable and the seats are super comfy. A great movie experience overall.

Beverly Norris

This a completely different movie theatre! Evanston was in dire need of a place like this. The snacks are quite good, the theatre is clean, the recliners are wide and comfortable. No need to go out of town anymore. Thanks for a great upgrade

Patrick Floyd

Best theater ever! Huge seats and great snacks. I won't take my kids anywhere else.

Bob Brown

Great theater

Holly Blair

The service was friendly and welcoming . The seats are so comfortable and the movie was on time. Clean facility. Great experience. Can't wait to go again!

marty madrid

Definitely my favorite, most comfortable movie theater!

Harrison Tooley

First of all, this place used to be in serious need of repair and remodel. This was done recently and it is actually comparable to movie theaters in larger cities such as Salt Lake City or Ogden where used to go because this one was so bad. Great seats, good popcorn. It has the new extra wide recliners.

Rebecca Goodman

1st time I'd been here since the remodel. Love the reclining seats & the sound system ROCKS!!

C Rains

Great service. Very clean. Popcorn is fresh. Great movies.

Ruth Ann Swanteck

Great reclining seats, great service and top notch movie selects

Tyler Sowders

The theater is a huge upgrade to what we used to have. When I went, it was quite busy, but to my surprise the employees did more than well greeting all of the customers, making sure they didn't stand around waiting, and making sure they got exactly what they wanted. I didn't have to wait long to get my ticket, and the lady who was at the counter was very friendly. The theater was very clean, even though it was very busy. The seats were very comfortable and the whole experience in general was amazing. I recommend going to this theater if you want to watch a movie in a good setting. Thank you :)

Mikke Ohearn

Chairs are plush food is brought to you can't get much better

Joe Terech

So glad someone took the old place and did such a good job making it so comfortable. Huge oversize recliners and cup holders. Screen is not so big that you need to sit in middle. Every seat is good. No problem seeing over person in front of you. Smiling, friendly, helpful staff. And you get to add your own butter. Even the parking lot is repaved. Quite an investment. This place was a long time coming. Now it's up to us to make sure this place is with us for a long time.

Laurel Higdon

Such a fun movie experience. The seats are comfy with a great view of the screen. My family loves going to movies there. My kids even thought it was fun to go to a late movie in their pajamas--that's how comfortable it is. The owners are amazing and very friendly and accommodating. I love how supportive they are of the community. This is definitely a pleasant movie experience.

Tony Leon

For a small cinema they are great. Electric reclining chairs, plenty of snack choices, four screens, and very clean. Might be the best cinema for a rural location. Only flaw is no liquor license, but I won't knock stars off for that.

Helen Tucker

Love this theater. Very comfortable seats and great popcorn.

Rob Stevens

Nice and modern facility. Friendly and courteous staff. Not getting 5 stars because the movie kept pausing.

matthew keeffer

Oversized recliners, cheap concessions, you put the butter on the popcorn yourself! The only limitation is it's in Evanston, we had a wonderful time

Tammy Anderson

Seen Aquaman. Great movie. Seats are comfy. Food is a little pricey, but great place for Date night.

Erinne Beachler

This theater is amazing! The concessions are fresh and good tasting, the reclining seats are the most comfortable I've ever experienced in a theater, and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I highly recommend it.

Brittnee Johnson

The new renovation of this theater is amazing! Went and saw star wars last night. The seats are so big and comfy and I love how you can lift the middle arm rest! Makes date night all the better. The staff was so friendly and everything was very clean. So happy to have a quality theater right down the street! Will definitely be back!!

Eleah Jex

I only went once before they made all of the improvements. Now its absolutly perfect, wonderful seats and friendly staff. Love going here, especially with family.

Daniel Pantle

It's great! the staff is very pleasant and patient with our participants that are disabled and in wheelchairs, the remodel is just made a world of difference for going to the theater in Evanston Wyoming! thanks guys! ;)

carol k

Great re do. The best place to go for a night out with a movie now.

KeriAnn Seher

The recliner seats are awesome! We did a double feature new years eve day and really enjoyed being able to cuddle up to watch our movies. The staff was nice and the theatre was super comfortable.


I have seen two films at this marvelous new theater and I plan on seeing many more. My family and I were very impressed with the comfort and cleanliness of the facility as well as the friendliness of the staff. Great popcorn too!

Jamee Eggett

Love this theater! Great seats and great movies. The food is a bit pricey but I love that they have such a variety of foods to choose from.

Julia Murray

Very comfortable, roomy setting for a movie. All the seats are great.

Melissa Badertscher

We had an amazing experience! We highly recommend everyone to visit this theater. Great customer service, clean, warm and great prices. We will be going back a lot! We are so glad to have a great theater back in town.

Kristie Bartschi

Best place ever to go to a movie. Love it!

Ryan Honeycutt

Comfy seats. Local friendly staff. Better concessions and more screens would be nice but that's nothing the happy people at the counter can control.

Tyler Tholl

Aspen Cinemas is a small town theatre with all the amenities of a big city, down-town cinema. Our community has been asking for this for so many years, and the ownership has done such a tremendous job of filling the niche once again that we had lost for so long. Thanks to everyone involved at Aspen Cinemas for making it such a great place for my family, Cheers!

Ramey Hatch

Everything thing is brand new as it is newly remodeled. Very nice atmosphere with super comfortable reclining seats. Excellent customer service and owned by a wonderful family who is dedicated to bringing the best to their customers!

Roy Klinesmith

Great local movie theater for the southwest Wyoming area. Comfortable seating and food delivery to your seat. Small town business at it's best.

Brian Davis

Great theater! Very comfortable seats and great customer service!

Donald Morgan

Comfortable seats, good movie food and nice people!

Graig Heiny

The cinemas are very clean comfortable good sound now and I do enjoy going to the movies now and then in Evanston.

Connie V. Scott

Had the opportunity to visit the newly renovated Aspen Cinemas last night and was highly impressed. The work they have done on the interior and exterior is great. The theatres themselves are beautifully done, and this was no small task! The facility was clean, bathrooms were don well, new seating is amazing! Nothing like getting to recline and enjoy a movie like you were sitting in your own living room. The new owners have gone out of their way to bring a quality theatre back to Evanston and have accomplished that goal. Well done!

cindy dewitt

Nice theater! Great recliners to sit in and nice and clean. It's about time Evanston has a good movie theater!

Seyed Yadegari

One of the most comfortable theaters.

John Lester

Sound was good, people were friendly, seating was comfortable, and the theater was clean. A very nice change from what we have had. We went on a Tuesday to take advantage of the special pricing. Thank you for having a day like that. We wouldn't have been able to afford to go as a family without it.

Chris Lloyd

Definitely made Evanston's movie theater a more welcoming place! I love their prices and how comfortable the chairs are. Great place!

Kay Rossiter

Beautiful job they have done in making it look like a real theater. The movie was great and seating lovely. The folks were friendly and helpful. I will definitely go again.

John Thompson

this place is awesome, i love how you can order your seats online and let them the qr code.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Would have gave this 5 star's but the last 2 times I have been here theatre and seats very dirty. But At least they are comfortable reclining seats big thumbs up...

Russell Greer

Nice and clean. Annoying kid on my left kept putting his legs on my seat.

Daniel Soper

I love this place. Seats are easy to get and comfortable to sit in.

Kaiti Sanchez

Great movie theater just super over priced. A pizza the size of my shoe was like $8. That's kind steep.

Kade Sims


S McGuire

Best movie theater ever!

Shae Conrad

What a great theater! Great experience for our family! We especially love the 5 dollar Tuesday pricing. We have a large family and it makes it affordable to see a movie as a family! So glad to have something this nice in our community!

Rebekah USA

Best theater in town, lol jk! Other than IMAX this is the best theater I have been to. I HONESTLY love this theater. The menu is really good. I love that they are soooo willing to bring our food to you, right to your seat. When the popcorn machine was broken down we refused to go to 7 different showings/movies because the popcorn is really REALLY PHENOMENAL. Now I have to say the theater oughta invest in popcorn seasoning. At least they don't get angry when I flavor my popcorn on my own. If they did I might have to just go to Utah to watch all movies.

Heidi Neff

I love the update and the seats are nice. The staff are always friendly and prompt. Good service with a nice movie make a wonderful night. Thank you so much!

Drew Steier

After a remodel and new management you wouldn't even recognize this place. The new management have been running the theater for a couple years now and they are still making improvements. Everything from better selection at the concessions stand too more improved guest comfort in the theaters. It is definitely worth going to check out and see what they have going on.

Daniel Applebee

My family went to see the new Star Wars at Aspen Cinemas on Christmas Eve. It was a fantastic experience! We purchased our tickets online and redeeming it was easy. The popcorn, and drink arrangement is great (love the self serve drinks and the extra flavors you can add). The new seating is fantastically comfortable. The image and sound quality of their new system is excellent as well. I couldn't be happier with what they've done with the place. I will absolutely go again :)

Jason Kaynor

This is possibly the best small town movie theater I have ever been to. The seats are comfortable and recline electrically. The auditoriums are very clean and they deliver hot food orders to your seat. Although the screens are not like the massive ones in the bigger cities they are cozy and give you a more intimate movie watching experience. The staff is very friendly and you definitely get that this is a family owned theater.

Mariah Sellers

Comfy, recliner seats, great sound, and a good selection of movies and concessions. It was awesome!

Lindsay Petersen

We are so excited to have a nice theater in town close! We tried it out last week and took our family to see a movie, the staff was friendly and helpful, the seating is amazing!! It's also nice being able to purchase tickets online, and at an affordable price

Nate Sponenburgh

The city is going to have to re-pave Aspen Grove Drive next summer from all the traffic going to the newly renovated theater. The place is awesome. Great concessions, great seats, great employees, and most of all the GREAT dedicated owners. They have worked very hard to give this community something that the residents of Evanston have been asking for for years. Please realize this project was not cheap and that the owners have taken on a huge financial risk to provide the community with one of the best movie experiences you will ever have. Please be mindful of their risk by being respectful to the employees and the facility. Our continued support is needed to make sure it is a success.

Christa Combs

Finally a great place to go for family fun!! Clean, friendly, comfortable

Kristopher O'Neil

Nice new place but the managment are constantly spying on you through their camera and walking in and out of the movie you are watching I thing the night we were there the mangerr had her whole family in here office ...just made you feel in comfortable.

Kim Owens

Great seats, popcorn, over all great experience

Judy Wilkerson


Martin Moreno

I love this theater. Modern and clean.

Melody Long

I love this place! Movies are my guilty pleasure and I am here every Tuesday for 5 dollar movies and the best popcorn!

Mike Daniels

Super clean! Super friendly people! Great prices!

Anna Kunz

I like that the facility is clean and the employees are friendly. I am not scared to watch a movie in town any more and I will even order popcorn from the concession stand. The prices are reasonable and the movie selection has been great so far for only having four screens. I love the $5.00 Tuesday too!

Jose Liberato

Is Great thank you

gimmpy 428

Nice clean cinema, with reclining seats.

doug L

Very nice theater. Will go back.

Doreen Prybylowski

I am not much of a movie theater person, but I must say that I have enjoyed going to Aspen Cinemas. I have been there twice since it opened and each time the experience was great. The seats are great, the theater was very clean. Staff has been kind some slower then others but they are new learning and in training. It is nice to be able to go to the movies here in town and not have to deal with the crowds in Utah (stresses me out) Prices are a little high for a small town theater but still worth it. Thank you

Kalei Bright

Nice seating. Comfortable chairs. Much improved theater from years ago. Remodeled entire theater.

Amanda Linford

We love Aspen Cinemas. The seats are amazingly comfortable and the theater is super clean. Reasonably priced tickets, fresh popcorn, friendly staff, and first run movies in our very own town will keep us coming back! Thanks for giving Evanston an awesome new place. No more driving out of state to see a movie!!

Trudy Holt

I LOVE Aspen Cinemas! So nice to have a clean movie theater with comfortable seating and great customer service. I like that you can purchase reserved seating both online and in-person. One of the best things is to be able to view movies in Evanston and not have to travel.

Carlos Cazares

Love this place

Julie O'Connell

Love this theater! We've been 3 times already and are looking forward to our next movie outing! Great movie selections, family friendly, wonderful customer service, and the best seats in town!

Lisa Cornia

This new theater is awesome!! Clean, new, and luxurious :) It exceeded our expectations and we have had a great time going there. And to have it right here in town? I still can't believe it!

mark midgley

Not the best price for the movie selection they provide, but a very nice venue.

Aimee Nielsen

Aspen Cinemas has done a terrific job turning around our local theater!!! It is by far my most favorite theater now! I love that the seats recline which means you don't have to worry about the person behind you having their feet on your headrest or armrest or just bumping your seat throughout the movie. It's also a great excuse to cuddle with your date! I also love that they have self serve drinks, and condiments, making topping of your butter or drinks fast and easy so you can get back to your movie. And finally I was very impressed with how clean their restrooms are! It was a refreshing change from the last theater!!!

Ricardo C. Rodriguez

Everything was excellent. Customer service was great, seating was very comfortable. I knocked a star off because the viewing angle was not the best. The A/C was off most of the time and the leather seats made me sweat a bit and sticky. I enjoyed the movie though.

April Gordon

They let ya put the butter on your popcorn yourself, so ya get as much as ya want. Plus I love how you can adjust the foot rest to your liking.

Tammy Jensen

This is the best thing to happen to Evanston in a very long time. Thanks for bringing family fun back. The seats are incredibly comfortable. It's warm and inviting. Your staff is super!

Carrie Rasmussen

Beautiful cinema, all newly renovated. Comfortable, leather recliner seats. Food prices are a bit high.

paul Bettinson

I really enjoyed my experience at Aspen Cinemas. I have been there twice now. I was pleasantly surprised when I first walked into the auditorium. I wasn't expecting the very nice reclining chairs, and how comfy they were. I am so happy and exited that we have a new theater. The new owners are very nice people. I hope they are very successful from here on out. Thank you guys for the new and improved theater! The only gripe that I have is that $10 is just a little steep for a town this size. I would like the price to be anywhere from $8.50 to $9.50, but I do love how they have the $5.00 for any show all day on Tuesdays. I will be coming back again, and again!

Dustin Myers

The Aspen Cinema is a far cry better than it used to be. They have comfortable reclining seats, clean theaters, good fresh popcorn and good movie selections. The people are kind and helpful. Especially compared to how it was this theater is excellent.

Samantha Brown

Clean, comfortable and friendly! We’ve had several great experiences here and will always recommend it!

Kari Merrick

I absolutely love the way the theatre has been updated. It is so nice to be able to see a movie and not have to leave Evanston. My family has enjoyed discount Tuesday's as it enables us to see movies more often. The owners have been very helpful and are quick to help if you have a problem or question. The reserved seating is wonderful and the ability to purchase tickets online is a time saver. All of the staff has been so friendly and helpful. This theatre is CLEAN and has wonderful restrooms. Thank you so much we had a blast.

Stacy Hill

The website messed up when ordering tickets and we didn't catch it till the day we were going. It had ordered the day I purchased tickets instead of day I selected. I talked to the owner Dave and he made it right. Such an awesome facility for our town.


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