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REVIEWS OF Wildwood Movies 16 IN Wisconsin

Rochelle Frye

Some of the theater has been updated but not all. movie I saw today I could hear the movie next door pretty clearly.

John Elzy

Decent prices, the concessions need some help, they are trying to upscale the theater.

M Lantta

Floor was dirty/sticky, arm on the chair was wobbly, and it was quite cold for being April 29.

Big Chuck da Yooderhas

Theatre smelled foul, floors were filthy and sticky - completely disgusting.

Stacy Day

I love taking my son to watch movies here. Always a pleasant, clean experience.

Lisa Larson

Terrible experience recently. It's sad how dilapidated this theater has become. Floors were sticky, none of the recliners worked, signage did state they were vandalized. Tripped and got hurt on the loose floor siding light strips. I'll just be going elsewhere from now on.

Joshua Hauser

It would have been a full 5 stars if their reclining seats actually reclined like they're supposed to, and their women's restroom wasn't completely blocked off with "out of order" for our whole movie. My lady really had to go afterwards. You can also hear the action from neighboring movies too, which sort of removes you from your movie at times. 4 stars is a very solid rating in my opinion.

Adam Perrino

I love you so much. You hold such a special place in my heart. Also one of your bathroom stalls has "watch out for limbo dancers" written in it and that just makes you so much better.

Kent Persons

Good movies lol

Aaron McKinney

1000th review.

Jena Billings

I visited while traveling for work, trying to kill some time. It wasn't busy at all. Matter of fact, I watched my movie absolutely alone in the theater. Kind of cool. Close to shopping and restaurants. Decently clean and average priced for movies.

mary murray

Very outdated. No loungers. Not clean. Outdated machines as in soda and butter. Just needs lots of help and tending to. Put a little money into this place.

Sandy Cook

It was fine.


Chairs and theater stink horribly and the chairs where breaking same with the toilets. .

Kelly pfeffer

Lousy seats. Was the most uncomfortable movie theater I have ever been at. They jammed so many seats together and you are practically sitting on the people next you. Would not recommend this place.

Joe Schauf

This place is a joke. If you have gas in your car and time, DRIVE TO ROCKFORD OR MADISON. There’s always one person to take tickets for a huge line of people, the snack selection is laughable at best, and the bathrooms are gross. They ripped out dozens of old chairs to replace them with recliners, yet replaced these 40 chairs with like 10 recliners that are weirdly placed and spaced. The best part is they now have signs that due to “misuse” none of the recliners recline- sounds ironic but it’s true. Finally the screens have yellow spots and are dim, and the floors are usually filthy. The one plus is that the staff is usually nice, but besides that this place sucks.

Carol Starling

It would've been better if people didn't bring toddlers that cry through the movie. Small children get scared & cry as soon as it gets dark & the sound is just to intense for them. Bring your children when they're like 4.5-5yrs. Leave the babies with a sitter.

Heather R

Quaint older movie theater with newer modifications to some of the seating. The prices beat the heck out of Illinois though. So to save $30 to take our families to the movies we’ll make the 30 min drive to this cute little theater!

Mike Blevins

Big comfy recliners easy refill sodas and popcorn Pepsi products

Amelia Brown

Nice and clean. Comfortable seats

Mike Fozio

Fix recliner’s and the floor to to slick.


Good staff amazing seats

Brittany Ranum

Good selection of movies. The new reclining chairs are decent. I'm hoping that eventually they will get more food options. Don't get me wrong, I love popcorn, but that is the only thing, besides cleanliness, that I would change.

Amanda Long

Something was seriously wrong with the projector tonight. I alerted staff to this but nothing changed. Hoping that was because it couldnt be changed until the movie was done... It is the theatre directly behind concessions. Noticed it during the entire movie, it was a really annoyance.

big poppa

clean but must get better seats

BA Reid

Surprised so few were there on Black Friday. Only one cashier so just a bit slow to get in. Saw Bohemian Rhapsody so sound quality was important to the film but was a little lacking.

Peter Ryan

Nice large reclining seats

Crystal Wilkins

The theaters have the big chairs and more than half were broken and not even in the theater. Its disappointing to have this be our only option for a theater and have it look the way it does.

Richard Kucken

Great movie's fair prices clean friendly place

theresa b

Terrible small chairs, great John Wick 3 movie

Michael Wright Jr

Decent theater

Troy Morton

Always very nice not loud people and I'm able to enjoy what I'm watching and I can make my popcorn the way I like it.

michelle seipel

The place is a dump..broken chairs, chairs ripped out of the floor and very dirty. Famlies had to split up because of chairs missing in tbe isles. Worst movie experience i have ever had. I go for the experience and the movie. I had to split up from my group. I will go to Madison Marcus theater from now on.

Margaret Anderson

Excellent movie

Tonya M.

Finally added reclining seats! Clean theater and welcoming staff!

Chuck Dunn

As theaters go, it's pretty average, but at least the staff is nice. $5 ticket days push it over the edge.

Julia Allison

The theaters are dirty and outdated, the updates they have done look rushed and unfinished. With other amazing theaters in the area I will no longer give this theater any business. I suggest you do not either.

derik pollock

If I could give it less I would. Even though in the last few months the staff changes have made it better. So, they're trying to make some progress. If you have a tight budget it's the place to go. Otherwise you should travel.

Sarah Cooke

Not very clean and broken chairs - we drive 45 minutes to go to Johnson Creek

Jeff Weissbuch

movie was good but to pricey plus popcorn seemed old and to pricey

Terry Carlson

Went to see avengers endgame. Love it

BobNMandi Ware

Disregarding the cost of going to the movies nowadays, clean lobby and bathroom. Theater was nice, but chairs are a little uncomfortable and the volume (per capacity) was a little loud.

Eli Matrix

Took my girlfriend there to watch the movie called 'The Mule'. Btw that has to be the worst movie in the history of drug smuggling movies, if there is such a category. Anyway, that's for another day. So the we go to buy tickets, and this teenage girl asks for our ID's. Mind you we are both over the age of 18. We complied and showed her our ID's, to which she say, "you both look you're 21". Well, that didn't make sense, but we had bought the tickets and we really wanted to see this movie. We ordered popcorn and slushies, to my surprise, they gave us small cups as opposed to regular sized cups. This wouldn't have bothered me if they told us the truth, which is they ran out of cups. Instead, they stuck to their lies that those were the cups they offered for slushies. The theater is dirty. The one phrase you don't hear from the employees there is, "Nice job cleaning". The place is filthy. And what's up with the B.O? Get redbox or buy a dvd and save some gas by steering clear away from this theater.

Haley Kaminski

Always cold, never clean.. and I see they’re trying to update with the new seats, but when I was there for the premiere of Halloween, half of them couldn’t even recline! Would rather drive to Sun Prairie.

Karen Tiffany

There's a large selection of movies for children an adults. Popcorns fresh. Has the latest movies of coarse. Price is comparable yo other theaters.

Shaun Anderson

Sticky floors, chairs that are broken, and I can hear the movie in the next theater. It's a shame I will be driving 30 minutes to another theater instead of coming back here. Just keep your theater clean, actually carpet the place, and invest in new screens as the yellow burn in spots were all over the screen!

J Mac

Poorly maintained and needs to be updated. The theater is fine in a pinch but just doesn't stack up to modern theaters. I almost always drive an extra 30 mins to either go to the theater in Sun Prairie or Lake Geneva. They are both up to the current standard for a theater. I gave them another chance when the last avengers movie came out. As I had seen what I thought was updated seating to recliners in online photos. It turns out it wasn't (or the ones I tried worn't working) just extra cushioned seating and on top of that only the front section was updated the back section was still the classic seats. After testing for recliners I sat in the classic seats as only the front row was free for the new cushioned seats. both arm rests were not fully connected and sticky in places. Also the screen was discolored so the image was not as good as it could have been. It is a real shame that this theater isn't updated. As personally it would save me an extra hour round trip to see movies but also seems like it is in a good spot to get a lot of business. With the near by towns and being right off of 90. Maybe it already does and that is why they don't bother updating. I personally don't think I will be a customer until the theater is updated. Movie tickets are too pricey and only going. So for me it is worth the extra commute to get a truly good experience worth that cost. Hopefully one of the bigger chains will come through buy and update this place.

Carol Mattison

Wonderful place to go for good movies... Some of the theaters have big cushy reclining seats however, they need to update the rest of the theaters! On Tuesday they have specials, tickets are $5.00 or you can get a large popcorn and a large drink for $10.00 refills on both popcorn and drink. The rest of the week the tickets are $8.00 ( I believe ). I will say the prices on the snack goods and drinks are very pricey and the drinks are watered down. The place is very clean, the selection of movies are good. The parking is also good and plenty of handicap parking.

Mitchell Draeger

Besides the 6 children being let in to see "Child's Play" with their careless mother and having them running around the theater the entire time and using the seats and guard rails as a jungle gym it was a nice theater. Young kids should NOT be left unattended in a theater and should not being seeing movies like that. Control your offspring.

Sarah Woodbury

Needs updates. Not very clean.


Pretty good but chairs could use some work

Amber Loizzo

Fun no complaints

Michael Cowart

Nice theater. Bobtail parking in the back

Joseph Rice

I think most of the other 3-5 star reviews cover this theater well. Solely on the fact that I have been to a lot of 5 star theaters and a lot of 3 star or lower theaters, this theater hits the mark at 4 stars. Service is good, well spaced seats, and you can get your ticket within a minute of walking in the door.

Kasie Andrews

Friendly employees. They layered the butter in our popcorn which is a huge bonus! The prices are very affordable. Haven’t paid these prices since 2004 in Massachusetts! Chairs were comfy. It looks like they are supposed to recline so I wish they did. I also didn’t understand why the comfy chairs were only in the front and not the back. But overall it was a great experience!

Tessa Case

Very clean theaters and very nice staff

Larry Nau

Too expensive. Popcorn and soda $11.00 come on now. Movie price for seniors way too expensive. Cant return.

Tori Peterson

Comfortable lounge chairs and 5$ Tuesdays

Jo Robins

They got new reclining chairs and improved their sound system. Gotta commend them for that. But when I brought my friend from Milwaukee here, he proceeded to say "this place is worse than our budget theaters, and costs just as much as our high-end ones". This theater could use an upgrade. It's not bad, but it's nothing special either. Janesville could use a bigger and better one, as the city has grown so substantially in the past decade. We just sort of tolerate this theater, or we drive up to Madison for a better experience.

Travis Smith

Freddy and Steven are GREAT workers. Freddy is the plug. (Sorry freddy hope Burger King is treating you well)

Ali Amundson

We love the big chairs, wish they still did $10 tuesdays

Hannah B

Definitely needs some improvement, it's kinda outdated! Service is not the best either.

Roberta Waugh

Nice big comfy chairs but they didn't recline. When we inquired about a senior discount for my mother the ticket taker said yeah we have that and didn't offer it to us and we were charged over what the website stated for prices and we were charged adult prices for the kids.

Jim illinois

Very nice old school movie theater. Prices are very good

Anna Hersrud

Great Prices And Friendly Staff Always

Darnell Williams

Small theaters with comfortable reclining chairs, not bad.

Josh 987

For the amount of money you spend to go to the movies nowadays you would think they would have working seats. We are in theater 10, and none of the reclining chairs work. Even though the film is good, the atmosphere here is less than desirable.

John Smith

I went here once to give the cinema scene a try as I had not been to one in ages. This cinema, was a pretty weird setup though to get tickets. I asked for some pretzels with chese dip, at the concession stand both of which were not even ready when we arrived. Lol. To top that all off, one of the drink choices at the fountain wasn't working. The cheese in the pretzels wasn't even that hot and the pretzels were burned on the bottom. Place was pretty filthy too. I remember, that I got some rather unfavorable symptoms from the lukewarm nacho cheese. It's these teenagers today that think they don't have to work and expect good things to happen to them that are ruining businesses. When you get to a cinema before it opens for work, you need to do everything to make sure it's clean and everything is ready for the customers to arrive.

Dillon Muir

Bugs flying around in the theater during my movie, missing and broken chairs, dirty, minimal staff working (ticket booths closed on a Sunday and only one person working concessions and tickets), torn up/missing patches of carpet with straight concrete all throughout. I'm so bummed that the only theater in Janesville is this poor excuse of a cinema. The owners are either broke and milking the last bit of money out of this place they know is on it's last legs or just don't care. Please get a Marcus Theater or AMC here.

Matthew Stoikes

Outdated, partially staffed every time we come. And we only visit because it’s 8 minutes away from home. Sticky floors that are unfinished. Unclean seats that can’t recline. I mean, literally, none of the seats work correctly. The day a brand new theater comes to Janesville, this place is toast. And to top it off, a few months back, we watched an entire movie as if you turned the brightness down on your laptop all the way. It’s not like this place is the worst, but most times I pass coming here because I’d rather watch a movie at home on my flat screen then give my money to a place that never improves.

Raul Soto

screens are pretty dark compared to other well-known theaters which make a lot of fast scenes hard to understand what's happening and audio is just okay. not worth the price when other places offer a better experience for lower price ticket.

Joe Rau

This place needs some serious love, the movies are good but the atmosphere when you're not in a dark theater is ki da sad

Susan Pickett

Nice theaters, clean. I like that you can get one free refill of soda and popcorn.

NelcoFabwerkz Nelson

Have been coming here for quite a few years. Older style theater with smaller but numerous screens/rooms, most of which have been remodeled. Really great ticket prices but best of all, you can refill your own popcorn of any size, as often as you'd like, and put as much movie theater butter on it as you wish!

Ana R.

Always loved going here since i was a kid

danielle brandenberger

We took 7 kids to see a movie this morning/afternoon and we were pleasantly surprised. The place was clean and the staff was friendly. The popcorn machines in the lobby were a huge hit with the kids. Free refills is a plus. It's sad that many of the recliners were broken, but that's not the theater's fault, it's because people don't respect the property.

Jonathan Scott

Nice movie theater

Dan Freund

Recliner chairs don't work

Alexis Johnson

Good service and atmosphere, bathrooms need to be cleaned better. Good theatre quality too.


While the movies showing are always great the theater it self needs a ton of updates. It's old and kind of gross. I was in theater 10 and looked forward to the comfy chairs. However I had to change seats 3 times before i found a chair that was actually functional.

Keegan Jinsky

Average movie theater. Good popcorn and decent seating. There are premium seats if you attend a new release.

Travis Witt

Good atmosphere for families.

Caring B

Such a good place clean environment cheerful employees great people keep up the good work always been proud of you all..

Brandon Bernard

It was good nothing the movie theater could have done better just the annoying 12 year olds behind me that talked non stop

Karen Miller

Ugh! This theater is the worst! It needs to be dozed and replaced with a new facility. It’s very outdated, the chairs are unbelievably uncomfortable, and it is really dirty. I noticed that they are upgrading the seats to recliners in several of the theaters, but only in the first few rows (???). I hope they plan on replacing all of the seats. THAT would bring me back to this theater!!


A little bit outdated but it was a nice experience.

Dave Germain

3 star because some of the recliners doesn't even recline and they need to clean the cinema more before each showtime...and maybe some air fresheners please..compairing it to Marcus Palace in Sun Prairie that charge the same price for movie,wildwood movie 16 is faaar way behind..please fix this place.

Thyra Fosmoen

I took my niece to see The Grinch in December. The chairs were really comfortable. However, there wasn't many seats in the theater so we couldn't see the screen that well. The popcorn was fresh and good. The drinks were delicious. The staff was really helpful and quick to get our food for us. I would recommend this theater to others.

Sawyer Vetos

I have been going here for 10 years, and I've been to Madison cinemas, and a Sun Prairie cinema, and this is as equally as amazing as those. Keep up the great work!

Sherry Abela

Very nice theater an friendly staff. I couldn"t find ticket prices on their website. A little high priced on refreshments $32.00 for 1 adult and 1 child 2 pop and 1 popcorn is pretty steep.

Brent & Trisha Rust

Absolutly a dump. Bathrooms a mess. Threatre was not cleaned from previous showing. 3/5 seats broken. I am done. Rather risk the interstate drive to Madison then ever go there again.

Ks Reviews

Very unsanitary... needs remodeling.. funky oder, bathrooms are dirty .. unattentive staff

Casey Schultz

There was a loud ringing during the entire movie. Very high pitched and annoying. After many complaints were made, they said they would send someone to fix it. Nothing was fixed or frankly changed. The manager (not sure if you can call someone this unprofessional a manager) said that it happens and there was nothing she could do even though our movie experience was effectively ruined. She never checked to see if said issue was fixed after telling an employee to fix it. Travel to Madison or go online. This theater is outdated, very dirty, unfriendly, and all around a waste of money. The picture is subpar. The seating is nice in some areas but generally, travel further for a movie and go to a theater that treats it's customers well.

Mike Layman

Love jexi

rich gruber

Great movie facility but needs a bit of attention to "fine" cleaning

Linda Kitzman

They have great movies. Tuesday is a great day to go.

Amy Rubenstein

The people that work here are always very nice and very friendly and the theater is always clean and the popcorn taste good and I really like going here

camilla rykiel

This theater needs a little update! Besides that if you want to see a movie prices are decent.

Anne Johnson

Good prices, but older style theater

Kay Sargent

The chairs are awful! They are so low that they interfere with the full screen of the movie. This is on the main floor. I am assuming the little balcony area might be better.

Brianna Carothers

Nice theater, good prices.

professionalrn1993 Ware

Seats are comfy. Surround sound is excellent.

Gabe Storms

Wildwood is average. They should revamp their screens, seats, and sound systems. Competition is 30 minutes away, begging the question, "should a drive for a better experience? "

Jake Ninjaeye

Subscribe to my YouTube channel jake ninjaeye

Ella Ames

Love the movies and comfy chairs here!


Large selection of current movies at one location.

Jo Marc

You get what you pay for here. Lower price than some other theaters, but seating is unkept and dirty. A lot of reclining seats are broken and don't actually recline. Lots of unused room, few decent view seats.

roger manecke

Could here a humming sound through out the movie. Saw the lion king in 3-d

Autumn Ferreira

This place, to put it nicely, is REALLY REALLY bad. The recliners don’t work(literally none of them), and are all at the front of the theatre. Grossly overpriced. Go to Sun Prairie if you can!

Tim Schafer

I love this theater but I wish they had MORE of the reclining chairs. Having fibromyalgia is rough when the reclining chairs are all filled

Dale and Marcia Peterson

Twice we've gone to a movie only to get to the theatre & find the movie or the showtime listed online & in the lobby is not available due to scheduling changes!


They make some very yummy popcorn. However the snacks are a little pricey.

Ryan Payne

filthy chairs, the room was not even cleaned, movie started late very bad experience stay away from this place go find an AMC or an IMAX

Valeri Whitmore

The employees were not friendly. The seats were extremely short and uncomfortable. My 6' husband could not get comfortable. When we first got there, 15 minutes before showtime the theater was very dark with nothing playing on the screen. The lobby and bathrooms were dimly lit. However, the prices were ok ($26 for two evening tickets, a large popcorn and a large soda).

Mar Wolf

A horrible experience it was. You can tell it is financially falling apart. I could not believe how low the seats were to the ground. The movie was very blurry or hazy looking. The cement floor felt sticky. This place needs to seriously be updated.

Nathan Thompson

Its kind of a dump, the staff are usually very pleasant, but I think they have there hands tied on what they can control!! The owners are obviously cheap and only care about their bottom line. Invest money into problems now and your guest will be happier, which in return will give you word of mouth and good reviews, which in turn makes people return and spend money and then you make bigger profits, it's a simple plan. I often travel all the way to Madison just so I feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

Dee Wolf

$10 for a movie ticket and no reserved seating. This place is an overpriced joke. The theater had busted seats and floor that was missing carpet. It's clear the owners are just collecting phat paychecks at this point since they have no competition in town. All it would take is one AMC to put them out of business because they aren't even trying. Go to another theater.

Chad Henning

Very dirty, the bathrooms clearly haven’t been cleaned properly in a long time. $10 Tuesday deal is gone I guess.. I was sticking to my seat as I watched the movie. Bugs were flying at us during the movie...I don’t see why I would ever go back... Id recommend using the flashlight on your phone on your seat before you sit down.

Dean Mcfarlane

Tuesday great deal


The chairs dont recline! Must fix this asap!

June Jarach

The chairs were much more comfortable before

Breezy Peckham

Great place for a movie in the Janesville area. Would recommend to a friend!


The reclining chairs dont work, great they have a sign stating so, but that doesnt give them a free pass to not clean them. We went early to the movie and tested the recliners to see if we could find two that work, they all had popcorn in them, bathroom was gross, and only one of the bubblers worked but I passed since it was caked in lime. This is why i will NEVER come back.

Trevor Balk

Prices are thru the roof chairs are broken

Stephen Hinz

First off when we got there the neon lights were off. We thought for sure it was closed. Then we had free movie tickets and they told us that you cant use it on a new release movie. Nowhere on there did they say you can’t. The popcorn was nasty. Especially for that price! Their were a few seats with popcorn spilled all over the chairs that looked like it’s been there all day. The quality of the show was terrible. It was blurry and very bright.

Ken Primus

The theater sucked. The reclining seats dont recline and the soda machine dodnt work

Savannah Mulrooney

I’ve tried to give this theater the benefit of the doubt because it’s one of the last entertainment attractions that isn’t a fast food restaurant in Janesville... This place is ridiculous though. Drinks and snacks are overpriced ($3.25 for a bottle of water...seriously?). There is absolutely no heat in the entire building—My family and I had our gloves, hats and jackets on while we watched a movie (and we were still freezing). The staff there could care less, and the place is overall falling apart. If you’re going to charge what you do on tickets, snacks, and drinks, you need to make the experience somewhat worth it. Don’t waste your money or time here—head to Madison or Illinois. These theaters charge just as much (maybe a little more), but the experience is worth every cent. Great food and drink options, reclining seats (that aren’t awkwardly placed and are actually comfortable), some even serve beer, reserved seating, and you won’t go home feeling like you’ve been ripped off.

Shawn Zimmerman

This theater is serviceable and fine. It's the only one in town, so if you want to see a new movie and not drive more than 30 minutes, you have no choice. That being said their theaters are comfortable enough. Process are what you would expect too, high but normal for average theaters.

wendy witt

The movie was great the facilities were disgustingly dirty. Where we sat in the theater there was garbage everywhere. The bathrooms were unclean I was so disappointed again. Used to be like this all the time. It got better and now it looks disgusting again. Don't have time to drive all the way to Rockford or Madison but if I did I would.

April Almanza

The theatre rooms are pretty small. Also dirty, but of course I blame the patrons for making the mess as when we left the movie, there were 4 or 5 employees coming in to clean it. The seats were comfortable. I think popcorn and drinks were a little cheaper than other places.

Noah Kelm

It's best to go to Madison or Rockford to get a good movie experience.

Serena Anderson

Great prices and always updating website with shows and times

Dylan Roach

Overall good I would reccomend them cleaning a little better was trash on the floor and the seats of many seats

Kelly Bascom

We rarely use this theater. The seats are cheap and often broken. Would rather drive the extra miles to Madison for a better experience.

Bradley Hanson

It was ok. The prices for food alittle confusing. The recliner in the theater didn't work.


Saw a great movie! It was what you'd expect. Expensive food and drinks. Other than that the movie theaters were clean, and the service was alright. The staff seemed very friendly, but annoyed most of the time. Their website is a little off on times sometimes, so we had to be watchful of the times. 7/10, would visit again.

Ms. Love

Really clean and well kept. Friendly staff and great service!

Donald owens

Movie was great. The area I sat in, I noticed a foul odor

Ricky Hendrickson

Cleanliness: 9/10. Service from ticket counter: 10/10. Service from food counter: 2/10.. I asked the woman for a large popcorn and she rang me up and said sure, then I waited for about 3 minutes as I watched her hand other people their items before me and kept looking at me. I had to ask someone else behind the counter to actually get it. And when I told him he gave me a look as if I lied to him for free popcorn.. What am I, broke? What a joke..

John Morisson

Nice theater. I say the new avengers movie here. No problem with the sound or picture. The Popcorn was fresh and the bathrooms were clean. Ill come back for sure.

Jerry Radke

$5 Tuesdays! Not the best theater I've been in, but very nice. Comfortable recliners. Could stand to have a little more dressing up done. A lot of bare cement floor.

Patrick Hassett

I went inside John wick 3 and it cost me $7.50 and for that I have to give it five star. this place isn't a movie theater that should go down in the record books as the greatest place ever but for $7.50 it was a pleasure to go to.

Autumn Grace

I am very disappointed with this theater. All of these reviews that are giving more than one star are SO FALSE.


Offers some current movie choices, but not as much as I would think considering it’s 16 screens. Cheap alternative to popular theater food. The inside of the theater is a little dated in terms of how worn it is and how old the decor is. There isn’t a big difference in price between this theater and more updated theaters. I won’t return to this venue.

Veta Ogden

Loved the seating!

Michelle Herzog

The theater is a mess all of the new chairs are broken and everything is way overpriced.

Misty Bomkamp

Every theater I have been in (for as long as I can remember) are filthy, I want to remember my own Clorox wipes next time! You can see grease on the seats and garbage everywhere. Half the reclining chairs do not work, hard to get 2 chairs by each other. Very disappointed. This theater is getting worse each year.

Vivian Creekmore

Update: The reclining chairs were vandalized by customers. So... not the fault of the management. And, I have never seen the theater dirty. Updated theaters with luxuries can cost over $20/ticket! This is a great theater with great popcorn and great prices. The criticisms are BS. I have no connection to the owners or employers. If you are comparing it to luxury theatres with leather recliners, then compare the cost, too. A ticket can be $17.oo and up for luxury. I'll take the savings.

AJ MacNaughton

Been here a few times and I have been pretty happy with it. I particularly like the free refills on both soda and popcorn. The theaters are a little dated but the price is right.

Shane Ewing

Screens are small, seating is minimal, price not cheap. You can hear movie going on in next theater.

Tara Grant

This is one of the worst theaters I've ever been to. It's completely outdated, the joke of a concession stand is ran by incompetent people who clearly don't want to be there, there are very few choices and it's one of the most expensive concessions stands that I've ever been to. The seating sucks and it's filthy. The bathrooms were disgusting and so was the rest of the theater. There was popcorn everywhere, trash all over the floors in the theater and hallway. My family and I will go to Madison if we want to see a movie where the theaters are way better and so are the prices and food.

Tiffany Cate

Awful!! Missing 3/4 of the seats in the actual movie theater! I was practically laughed at when I asked if they have a deal on popcorn on Tuesday, which they used to, I will never return here again no matter how back I want to see a movie!!

Larry Wofford Sr

I love that theater, but the lady at the concession stand was very rude and seemed to be predudice at least towards my wife and I

Damian DuVall

Very rude to my associates and I, false advertisement, and very rude, obnoxious, and hostile.


Nice theater. Nice staff, good food, and pretty clean.

Debra Fox

The popcorn had a lot of shucks . I had asked for butter to be put on about half way full and then on top. The cashier wouldn't do it.

Sherry Wasser

Would have been better if recliners worked but not their fault when people come in and abuse them.

Peggy Lovejoy

Like the new sests.wish they werent getting ruined by vandals and immoral people already


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