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REVIEWS OF Silver Cinemas' Market Square Theatre IN Wisconsin

Joe Mirenna

This is a great theater. Clean, comfortable, and best of all really good gourmet chocolate bars for under 4 bucks. Doesn't break the bank and movies are as recent as possible.

Yerhighness Queen

Best popcorn ever!!

Cat Gardiner

Great second-chance movies

Tomas Gonzalez

2.50 for a big screen. Good way to spend some time if you don't have any ideas of what to do.

elora Kastenholz

The movie prices are great but the candy prices are regular so just bring your own

Megan Reed

Best movies, best popcorn, best prices, worst seats, but who cares!

Kathryn Wolf

This theatre is a terrific value! Discount price always and fresh popped popcorn (delicious!). Cozy, smaller venue also offers quality chocolates and has easy parking right in front! Take a sweater, though, in the summer as the AC can be chilly on those super hot days.

Mick Dutcher

Great place to see movies inexpensively. For the price of a single ticket at other places, you can get a movie, popcorn and drinks for the family!

Min Thant Tun

The ticket price is worth it, even though the films are bought a bit later after their release. Great atmosphere, and nice if you are a bit tight on pocket money.

Danny Zawacki

Listen kiddos as I tell you about how this movie theater was like the one I used to go to as a kid. Cheap tickets, $3.50 per person. Overpriced concessions, but they gotta make their money somehow. Rows of bucket seats. Standard size screen. Standard sound system. Noticeable difference compared to other screens, negligible. If you want to have food catered to you while you lie on your back in an overstuffed, oversized recliner with built-in heating, as Mark Marcus or whoever tells you about his family and tries to relate before you spent twenty dollars on a seat for the movie that came out a hit minute ago, then this theater isn't for you. If you like movies but don't care about or want to pay for the frills, I'll see you at Silver Cinemas.

Ruth McIntyre

My grandchildren and i love this theatre . Great admission price and delicious popcorn~~made fresh . Friendly and professional sales people . Good location at market square . But one on the east side would be great also, since i live east of madison . Thank u so much for making it affordable for us to go to the movies . We plan on going again this weekend .

Beck Frame

Love going on a cheap date to this theater. Close to everything so you can easily do something else before or after the movie in the area.

Mary Schumacher

Great low prices and good popcorn.

Sai S

Not a great place to watch movies. The theater is just okay, big with average sound system. The concession stand has nothing but pop corn and drinks, wish they had a little more than that.

Mary Payton

Great film! Love this theater!

Evan Buxton

Cheap tickets ($3.50) for movies that have moved on from regular theatres. It's a bit barebones, but I can't argue with the price.

J Seay

Great theater! Certainly not the newest selection or the fanciest technology, but a good selection none the less and the rates can't be beat. Great place to take a 4 year old because if they can't make it through the whole movie for some reason you haven't blown $40.

Mark Porter

How can you possibly beat a $3 movie ticket?

David Wick

Didnt even know this place existed. Hidden off the main drag. Clean, low prices, with older type theatre seats that were surprisingly comfortable. (Sometimes the new recliner seats are TOO comfortable, lol).

Michael Schmitz

Unique movies at the best price.

Matt Engebregtsen

Second best cinema in town (behind Point Cinema)!

Danny Spencer

Can be noisy and staff does not want to react to complaints. They usually allow light and noise to continue.

Sean Hanke

More like a real movie theatre than a budget movie theatre..only $3 to see the movie martian and it was packed...don't let the low price scare you...I'll be going there for movies a lot more!

Emery Farah

Can't beat the budget prices!!!, but seat comfort and ambience are outdated accordingly.

Tamara Bradley

always clean. staff is really nice and affordable

Joshua Ksioszk

Friendly staff, great prices, and a refill on large Icees make this my go to place for the movies I miss in first run theatres.

Alan Sherman

Okay seating nice staff just no food options only popcorn and candy but $3.50 movies you can't go wrong.

Jeremiah Brod

Outstanding value. Very friendly staff.

Kevin McPherson

Best movie value in Madison by a mile! Great concessions and staff who really care about their patrons. Go, you won't regret it!

Amisia D

Cheap tickets but food is very very expensive.

R Madison

Awesome to see the best movies at a reasonable price.

Linda Meyer

Agree with the positive posts. Sadly, since I've moved, I no longer have this theater as an option and no theater like it nearby, so sad for me. I still check what's playing there just in case.

Michelle Kruse

You will not have a reclining chair. You will not have glitz. You will simply have a good movie at a bargain price.

Mike G

In a time when we need cheaper seats for a movie and second-run movies this is a place to go I like it we've been going there for almost 20 years since we lived here nice place thank you


cheap tickets, friendly staff, clean restrooms and good movies. Love this place and will definitely be going back.

Randy Shapiro

I believe in TOTAL Truth, Integritty & everything that goes along with it. This is who to be any other way will end up hurting me! Thank you!

Nicole Zhao

Reasonable price, good service, what else do u expect!

Alan Sheldon

Can't beat the price!

Mark Chandler

Best place to see those movies you love on a big screen if you can't afford or don't have time to see them on their first run. Despite big screen TVs there's still nothing like seeing a movie in a theater. Buy your concessions here because it's the only way a place like this makes some money and stays open.

Christopher Jordan

A very nice theater for the price. Easy parking and friendly staff is an added bonus. I have to say I was impressed by my first visit.

Doug B

Great for second run movies at a nice discount.

Sterling Martin

I love this place. Concession is well priced and is a great place to go for movies you missed in the theatres.

Isaak Allen

Saw my first late night movie here 10 years ago. Absolutely lovely little spot for seeing some of the big hits from earlier in the year. For $3 you can't find better.

Jeni Baker

Our favorite theater in Madison! They get many of the top movies after they've been out a while. It's a guilt-free treat to enjoy two matinee tickets, popcorn, a drink, and candy for less than the price of two regular tickets at the mainstream theaters!


Cheap movies for cheap thrills for an afternoon day....enjoy some movies and soda...pass on the pop corn here...found it a bit chewy for myself.

Zach Feig

Good theater, unbeatable prices

Bruce A Johnson

$3 movies. Need I say more?

Andy G

Friendly staff and comfy seats. Can't beat the price and when you throw in the cost of snacks, still cheaper than the first run theatres. Looking forward to our next visit!

Ron Steiner

Friendly staff. Good popcorn. Value pricing.

Nick Dmytrenko

Classic, old-school theater without the modern amenities, but the price is right.

Lon Schwartz

These R great folks w/ good movies & great poopcorn (that's what U do after U eat it!! (LOL)!!

Constance Steinkuehler

Perfect size theater that is t one of these soul-sucking warehouses. Nice staff, clean space, even swerve Divine chocolate for purchase: yea! Oh, and tickets are very cheap.

Nancy Orr

Love this theater. No reclining seats, so I don't doze in the films and the popcorn is always good. Better than the high priced places

Kim Hay

A redeemed second run theatre with reasonable prices and great popcorn! Go! Clean RR too!

Ken Sabroff

Best space in the city! All respects. A jewel, here in Madison. See if you don't agree!

Matthew Laux

Good theater to see a cheap movie. The seating isn't stadium, which kind of stinks when someone sits in front of you, but what do you expect for a cheap movie experience?

Cuchiren Denthoneth

Very clean

Howard Isnor

Excellent popcorn and ticket prices!

Adam Martin

Best value in town. Great staff too.

Mike Zirbes

What a great discount movie theater. Wish I would have found this gem sooner. Hardest part was to find the entrance around the back. Ignore the construction.

Bryan Sullivan

The budget theater on the West side. $3 movies. If you missed a movie when it first came out, you can usually find it here a few weeks later.

Sandra Ruiz

Employees are very nice and place is always clean, plus best price....

Sandra McGettigan

I love their cheap movies can't beat $3 So you can get $20 and take you and ur man to the movies and get soda with it and still get change back.

Haripriya K

Worth the ticket price but the seats are not that good

John Eich

Love the cheap prices!

Dick Johnston

Always friendly and helpful employees with the old fashion movie prices I truly appreciate.

Jules Crego

An inexpensive and old style theater. If you think you missed a movie try here. Always a good selection of movies, snacks, with low admission..

kristen Brantner

Love waiting for movies to be this cheap! Great time taking all 5 of the kids. Large popcorn 3 sodas and 7 ppl seeing a movie was 45.00. I go to the movies not to sit all comfy on a reclining seat old school is just fine with me.

Cruz Morales

Affordable friendly place with good movies and snacks

Tauni Koch

Great price, great popcorn, no large crowds

Rodrigo Palma

Amazing location for those who don't drive. My and my son always enjoy good movies and for half the price. Hope they stay in the neighborhood forever.

Kari Risley

I love this theater. The last movie I saw was great, it was one that I don't believe any of the other theaters even had and the older gentleman who sold me my ticket was very very nice. I plan on becoming a regular here!

David Boyden

My family loves this theater. Great titles and the prices are excellent very nice staff as well.

Brenda Broughman

Best popcorn in the area! I love the affordable price and the homey touches with Halloween decorations.

Debby Taschler

Always a great place to catch a movie


Great value for a good time!

Gerald Travers

Good movie. Very dark inside auditorium made it difficult to see the movie.

Scotty Rorek

Great Discount Cinema


Crazy cheap tix and tasty popcorn. Great way to catch movies you missed. The amenities are in dire need of an upgrade, and the sound, chairs, screens etc won't blow you away, but what do you want for three bucks a ticket? I hope this place never leaves Madtown.

thomas edwardson

Good popcorn and soda


Fairly bare bones but all movies are 3 dollars all the time. Seats are basic theater seats so you definitely feel them after a while but again, only 3 dollars. Movies come out a bit later than original release but you still get to see them before they stream. Popcorn and drinks are a tad cheaper than other theaters so that helps one want to do it right since the ticket only cost 3 dollars. Parking is a bit trickier now as they are building new apartments in what was previously parking lot.

Ed Kowieski

My wife and I are retired - and find the affordability of the movies to be inviting - and try to attend a movie on our "date" each week. Keep up the theatre experience for everyone!

Neshia Campbell

Great quite place to go see a movie and bonus only $3!!!! Can't bet that. Grab your friends and go see a movie!!!

Sie Sar

This is such an affordable and enjoyable We're lucky to have this place. STOP bringing in your own the theater so we don't loose it.

Michele L.

I'm a big fan of more traditional theaters like Market Square Cinema - I don't really care for the big reclining seats (and limited seating that almost requires an advance ticket purchase) like they have in Marcus and other chain theaters now. I love that I can go to Market Square Cinema and watch a good movie on the big screen at a very reasonable price.

Christine Knox

The best popcorn!

Adam Lenarz

Good sound good screan. Messy floor

David Cagigal

Always consistent

Brian Broughman

Best popcorn... Best prices... Friendly staff... Clean... In my opinion THE best deal for a movie date in Madion.

Erin Foley

A bit nostalgic but what a bargain! Even the popcorn was less expensive than full price theaters. My only chance to see this film in Madison, and what a deal

Christopher Pfeifer

Good enough quality for the very cheap ticket price. A reminder of what it used to be like to go see a movie. Be aware that the parking situation has changed and can be a bit confusing.

Jiju Charath

Nice experience. We been here many times. The staff is friendly and accommodating. We never had any issues here over our 15 or 20 visits in the past 2-3 years. I recommended my friends here. Many of them didn't know about this place. I like seeing movies in non-crowded theatres. This place is always fun.


Great place. Happy they upgraded to digital and stayed open. Last of a dying breed of 2nd run theaters. Allows us to catch those we missed on 1st run at a more affordable price.

Tanner Nimke

Decent theatre. Ticket prices are really cheap, which is great, but the theatre itself isn't like other chain movie theaters. For the price though, it's hard to complain.

Tammi Hoefling

It's a jit and miss for good movies. But nothing's better than that ticket price! It's also nice that it's not always completely packed. Not a fan of overcrowded theaters.

Bobby Redwood

One of my favorite theaters! It feels like going to the movies a decade ago--no upsells, no inundation with marketing, no mega-recliners with craft cocktails...just friendly staff, great popcorn, and well selected movies.

Michael Fields

Great prices for movies, nice visuals & audio, and they don't have a thousand irrelevant trailers before your show

Lenora Rodin

$3.00 Show nice.

Cece R

My son had missed the Ape movie so were delighted to find it on the big screen. The price is unbeatable, the popcorn is delicious, the staff warm and welcoming. The restroom is spotless, the cleanest public one I've seen in quite awhile. The screen and sound no different from newer venues maybe better.

Edward Miller

Big screen Theater at a fraction of the price. Yeah, the movies are a little older that the new release, but the kids still love the Big Screen and popcorn! They have a Kids pack that is just right for a movie!

Dane McLean

$3 movies. Friendly staff. Some of the smaller titles shown here too.

Nathan Hall

Seats were uncomfortable and the movie was dark and hard to see. Not bad for the price but not were I would go again.

Kathy J

Love this place!

Latoya Mitchell

Great and affordable place to bring your family.


Love this place!

Judith Rouse

Price good and movie theater ok

Charlie Virgil

Best movie value for the entire family in Madison, WI.

Susan Bartlett

Film is important to us and this is our favorite theatre in Madison. We love the laid-back atmosphere, the vintage seating in the theatres, the price of admission (!!!), and the snack bar is fun. The staff does a wonderful job. We appreciate going to the movies where it seems to be about the movie experience and not about soaking us for every nickel they can get before we leave. Even the audiences there seem more relaxed and appreciative of the films. We love Market Square!

Ryan Kavanaugh

Planned on seeing a movie today, but when we arrived, their credit card machines were apparently down. I almost always never have cash on me so unfortunately we had no other ways of paying. The rude gentleman behind the counter mentioned there was an ATM machine at the corner of some mall and pointed off in a general direction. After walking around for 15 minutes in the cold we ended up going home. They did in fact have one working credit card machine behind the concession stand, but they didn't want to sell movie tickets at that station. What ever happened to businesses that care about customers and their business they bring them? How difficult would it be to just direct people over to that machine that need to pay with a credit card? I will likely take my business elsewhere in the future.

Delsa White

Worth crossing town yo see Idle of Dogs. Three bucks.

Robert Radford

A comfortable and affordable place to watch good movies ... and get nice snacks.

Tina Hamilton

Great theater for older movies

Jay Edgar

The place is a little worse for wear (watch out for potholes in the parking lot that could swallow a medium-sized dog!), but for $3 a ticket, it can't be beat! Seats are comfortable, sound and picture are just fine.

Chad Theis

A decent theater at a great price!! $3 for a movie makes it affordable.


Silver Cinema's Market Square Theatre is a Madison West Side gem. The price is always right and there's always a selection of films that you didn't get out to a full-price theater to see. The cinema has a range of films to suit most tastes at any one time, from children's animated films, action and adventure, and more thoughtful dramas. Follow up with a drink at a local bar to talk about the films and it's a great night out.

The good the bad and the truth!

Super friendly staff and for the price is great way to spend a few hours. The snack prices are higher but it balances out the cost of the movie. I will keep coming back for more!

Kathleen Held

Love the cheap ticket price and best popcorn!

misian taylor

Okay popcorn. Okay seats. Cheap movies, so that is fantastic.

Toni Steensen

A great place to take kids and it's cheap


Great prices for a casual date or bring the family for a budgeted fun time.

Michael Lyman

Great movies and inexpensive

Jason Kowieski

Five stars based on value.

Timothy Paneitz

It is the price that brings you in. Not anything else.

Tawni Stenberg

Great price, great entertainment!

Axis Bloodmoon

lowest prices in town, bring your own snacks though.

Kristi Everson

Good deal ☆

Kate Harris

We LOVE Market Square - great prices and that "classic" movie theater experience, which we love. PLEASE open a Market Square Theater on the east side!!! :)

Roger Blum

Cool place great prices and a good place to see older movies that are no longer @ the big theaters.

Kaela S

Comfortable seats, predictable snacks, and a good selection of movies. Everything you could want from a movie theater, but nothing exceptional.

Alex S

Cheap ($3) cozy local cinema.

Lisa Sommers

Ticket price for matinee great! Food higher. No cup holders on seats but for price of ticket was happy.

Matt W

Market Square Theatre offers an interesting mix of films, from second run showings of blockbusters to independent and foreign language films. The theater has changed much since it was built in the mid-80s, but there's no beating the $3 admission price and reasonably priced concessions. The quality of the popcorn is top notch. For an older theater, the sound quality is great.

Isara Argent

It may not be recliner chairs but the price was right and the service was good.

Joel Serre

I think they recently updated their projectors! Cheap movies that have been out a while. Concessions are inexpensive too. Good place for a cheap date.

Chad Asmus

Always fun to see a movie

JR Info

What a great deal, especially when you have a big family or bring your kid's friends along. Prices are unbeatable - 2 or 3 bucks a ticket! Who cares that the movies are 1/2 year old? For that price we can wait. Staff is friendly, facility is clean, regular seats - which is fine with me. All that fancy reclining drives me nuts, because they take up so much space that the only 10 good seats in the back are usually filled and you end up sitting in the front row. So overall VERY happy, that Madison got this theater!

David Skrede

Budget theatre with fresh popcorn

Roger Fletcher

Best popcorn. Ofcourse the ticket prices are great too.

Tanner Fliss

Cheap tickets, friendly staff, great movies. What's not to love?

Julie Anderson

Good prices, great night out without spending a bundle.

Scott McKinney

I love the price. $14 for four people. The big guys can't beat that. So, if you're patient, this is the place to see movies.

Alex Hawkins

It's an older theater but the price can't be beat!

Amy Pierquet

Great theater at a reasonable price for families.

Tipsy Bass

Still a great place to see a cheapo movie. Staff is friendly.

Jose A Carus Jr

This Silver Cinema Market Square (6604 Odana Road, Madison , WI) is a great theater. The theater is very clean and well maintained. Excellent movie selection. Excellent admission price of $3!!! The bathrooms are very clean and maintained. Above all, the employees are exceptional. They are helpful, friendly, courteous, and always working...they are great! Concession stand is pricy but no more than all other theaters. Only issue found is that sometimes a single theater is rented by private groups and higher prices are charged to the public ($7 last time) for admission to that theater, but this is not known until you get to theater. They do not post this in adds...adds state all movies same price...deceiving...false advertising. Great job overall except for this private rental price hike!!!


It's nice to go here to watch a movie at low cost. Seats are a little uncomfortable. Very nice staff.


Very good price and good selection of movies!

Brian Christensen

Old unrenovated theater means cheap tickets for you! Great bargain if you don't need stadium seating and 30 flavors of Coke.

Lynsey Clark

Great price, leaves $ to buy popcorn and soda yay! A great place to see movies before they hit DVD or if you would rather have the theatre experience than just renting a movie. Definitely my favorite place to watch a flick, employees very friendly and good locations.

Deana Thorson

Staff are friendly & helpful. Popcorn is fantastic! Movies are good & price is CHEAP!

Lauren Barko

Affordable, clean, quiet place to watch movies before they come out on DVD. Paying less than five dollars a ticket is amazing and you still get to "go out to the movies".

Andrea Brown

Love this place! I rarely get to the movies in time to see things in the theater and this not only gives me a second chance, but is SUPER affordable!

Pat Flynn

My favorite theater. Low admission and great concessions.

Arne Hartmann

Not too bad for an inexpensive theater???ok, concessions!clean,nice,good acoustics!Good Job!!;)...


Hot, stinky, uncomfortable, muddy picture and terrible sound. $3.00 admission earns a second star.

Mary Suess

Cheap seats

Jake Karll

The prices of the movies are really cheap($2-$3) but this comes with a catch; all the blockbuster movies take 2-4 months to hit this theater. The concessions are pretty bleh. The popcorn is bad but the prices are low for a movie theater.


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