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2799 Cranston Rd, Beloit, WI 53511, United States

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REVIEWS OF Schubert's Luxury 10 Theatre IN Wisconsin


My favorite theater in the state line area, just not happy about paying 10 bucks for soft drink and pop corn

Holli Peck

Love the prices and self service food and drink bar.

Azrail TheDev

My son and I seen "Ready Player One" in the late afternoon yesterday. The staff was so kind. We had the place to ourselves and we really enjoyed our movie. Thanks!

Kathy Sandoval

Wonderful venue. Very nice to see The Sting and All The Queens Horses on the big screen.

Zavarra LafWyn

PunPun must think hes a punny guy. This movie theatre is great. Unlike what he says, it's a good kid place. The popcorn is made fresh. DUH, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. It is NOT stale. You get FREE refills, the management does a GREAT job, so please, ignore this guys review, because he obviously has no clue what he's talking about at all.

Blake Davis

Uncomfortable chairs. Poor general management. Never been there where I had my movie ruined by young teens who talk and not dealt with.

Blake Greenwell

Since it has fallen then risen under new management I'd say that the lux 10 is starting to shine like it did when it was first made. Thank you for restoring the quality of the cinema so that again family's or dates or what ever the case might have that bit of happiness

Toni Brown

I love this little theater. Kinda old and nostalgic but the prices are good and you get free refills on any size popcorn and pop. You can't find that anywhere else. Give it a chance people!!

heather may

An old theater that hasn't seen an update in some years. But the prices are much better than the more modern updated theater for first run movies.

Rocky Madden

Very nice theatre with midweek specials.

Natalie Dickerson

Saw a movie in number 6 tonight . Screen was very dark and picture very grainy. Very hard to watch.

Cynthia Allen

Luv the movies times and the movies people need to get out the house I know I do keeping grandbabies all day need a break luv my babies tho!!!!!

Curtis Whittier

Great theatre! Love to bring the kids!

David Siggelkov

Great theater. Always clean, great prices. No frills, but all the thrills.

Kris Seeley

Froze our butts off today seeing second act at 2:30. I didnt complain but its ridiculously cold there !

Matthew Staton

Turn the ac on. Chairs are close together.Place is cheap and the soda and popcorn is good.

Wendy Johnson

The prices are reasonable and I love their popcorn.

Brad Miller

Prices are getting higher but still competitive with other theaters. They do have free refills though and specials during the week. The last time I went here, I guess someone spilled soda on the floor and either told no one about it or it didn't get cleaned well. Because my shoes kept sticking to the floor. I spent more time focusing on my shoes than the movie. I will say that normally it is pretty clean though.

Miguel L. Rodríguez

Love the experience. As always. Thanks.

Armando Acosta

I went for watch endgame and was really great, clean place, not crowdy, tickets available on time, good seats everything was good

Cindy Hyland

Nice place, always clean. Prices are reasonable.

Britney Froehlich

Great movies! The staff was friendly :)

Kristina Olsen

Old and outdated. No longer uses dealflicks. Not worth the drive anymore. ☹️

James Anderson

Nice little theater. It is never too crowded and you never have to order online. I would reccomend if your not to picky about your theater experience.

colin fitzgerald

Awesome theatre. Needs new carpet, but otherwise stellar atmosphere.

Slee F

Good movies, old fashioned theater seating, fabulously proceed on Tuesdays, but a bit run down, including things line the occasional full brightness lightbulb replacing an amber bulb. It's kept clean, the staff is jovial, they partner with the local film festival, so sometimes they have neat things like a sing a long. I like it and recommend it, but if you're liking for a fancy experience, this isn't it.

Ryan Smith

Only go of it's a must see now movie. I can watch movies with loud kids, on their cell phones, stuff flying around at home for free. This place is almost entirely staffed my young kids, and is often impossible tonfind a movie without loud obnoxious people blurting stuff out, or talking loudly. Staff will absolutely do nothing. I've had stacks of free passes and just no desire to ever go back, so when the passes expire it pretty much guarantees I won't. Shouldn't have to have people have to stand in on movies to watch people but this place needs it.

sush patel

Good movie selection, great concessions a little dark and dinghy

Randy W

We went to see How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World. The staff members were friendly. The temperature was comfortable and the popcorn was fresh. They also have a military discount. Overall it was a good experience.

buddy cornforth

I have had great experiences with Shubert's the price is reasonable and the seats are comfortable and clean good job

Min Yone

Terrible staff. I had gotten out of the bathroom and this lady told me I had hit her children. The problem is was that I didn't know that I did and to this day still don't. I had said I didn't know if I did. Later I sat back down and the staff had asked for a word with us. They had not considered my side of the story and just told of to leave. What's worse is that the kids were believed instantly. No one there even thought that they could be lying or have mistaken me with someone else. She was a pretty terrible mother too because we were in a PG-13 movie and she had 5 year olds.


Went to luxury 10 last night during storm. Movie cut half way through but the employees did their best to accommodate us with free tickets and we still finished the movie 20 min later. Not the most up to date theater but great time nonetheless.

Sarah Smith

Great movie theater but the food takes forever

Joel Seeger

This place shows and smells it's age. Saw a matinee and was the only one in the theater, so at least it's quiet! Friendly staff. And they show new movies! 84.0

Sharekia Mosley

Very hot no AC.Need to be remodeled soon

Nina Johnson

Had it all to myself...the screen was too dark for the night images of the movie. Could hardly see Kevin Hart in Jumanji. I wanted to see this by myself. I went to matinee and not a soul in there. The movie itself is over a month old

Chris Sharp

Really dark parking lot. Only one cashier when they were super busy. Bathrooms were kind of a disaster.

Julie Booth

Seats could be better. Prices much better than at AMC.

Billie Jean alfsmanana

It is a easy choice for us. I Love other movie theaters but this one has always been simple for us. It is close to were we live. They could up date a little but then the prices would change. I have been going here for 20 years. They are still running strong.

Terry Myher

Always enjoy watching movies here. Good popcorn too.

Casper D.

Like it..Good staff, Great pricing compared to other movie theaters. Can't go wrong with this all in all..The day pricing is "Awesome" compared to others..only down side..Some of the chairs are not broken but in need of repair..I would say about 3 pct of them. But overall can't go wrong with it Great place..Definitely would recommend it..

Joe Adams

Old theater. Hard to see from road. It is however priced fairly for quality of theater.

Kathy Grubbs

The employee, a young man and the manager where always very rude every Sunday evening on mine and my boyfriend's weekly date night. We stopped going after a couple months of the same type of service every time, the manager was right next to the young man whom was rude and not only did nothing, but was rude himself.

Darth positive

Ok listen, I been in beloit all my life... this place is good. It's local, cheap on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I mean yes some screens are bad but fam it's 5 dollars to get into any movies on Wednesdays. Plus the pizza is good as well there... But what am I to say I just been here for 19 years of my life right?

Daniel DeRoos

Great location theater, screens aren't special but have excellent week day deals

Christine Rakoczy

We saw The Nun there. Was THE scariest movie ever in a very comfortable theater:)

Johnna Abb

It hasn't been busy any time I've gone, which is so nice! It's clean and the people are friendly

Lazaro Perez

Great price on Tuesday!

Josh Vieth

Have only been twice in the past two years. Lights turned on before the movie ended both times, and during the entirety of one movie the projector didn't work properly, so the image was blurry. Not to mention the theatre almost never shows anything except the typical Hollywood blockbusters.

Zac Davis

Both Schubert locations, (here in Beloit, as well as Janesville), are clean, well managed, and have comfortable seating. The audio is well balanced and the movies are always in focus and clear. Popcorn has always been fresh and sodas have plenty of carbonation. The management and staff deserves credit. I recommend this movie theater!

Nikki Musso

Wonderful theater! I started visiting here instead of the amc theaters due to better cost! Absolute awesome!!!

Jason Turner

Seems like something here is always broken. I think they mop the floor in the men's room with maple syrup--it's always sticky.

Dwayne Perkins

Screens are small sound quality isn't that good and they don't shut lights off when movie starts but only choice we have in town their 3D screen is awful I do not recommend 3D there at all people have always been nice

James Copher

Prices are good, but movie experience is terrible. Twice now I've gone to see a movie and kids were running around or talking loudly during the movie. Staff is nice, but could do a better job of checking in during the movie.

Brenda Pardee

GREAT prices very outdated but still clean fresh food and great staff could go to machesney park but pay twice the price

brad hyland

Our go to theater. Great experience every time. Staff is top shelf. Popcorn deal can't be beat. Refill any size not just large. I'd give them 6 stars.

Deanna Rent

Not the most updated or clean movie theater but the ticket prices are fair and the staff is friendly.

Brian Summers

How does this place stay in business??? It is so cheap. This place is awesome!

Gary Douglas

The overall setting is just as I remembered as a kid. This isn't the latest in technology or the newest on the block, but its clean, friendly, and comfortable - perfect, safe, and affordable for families.

Leona Barton

I do like to go to this show, it is closer for me to drive too. But they are not open in the week days.. when older people like to go to the show...

Ya boi Scubapup

Awful popcorn, crowded seating, and they care more about the image of their company than customers. Don't go here it's truly an awful place. There are better movie theaters around the area go there instead. The only positive thing I can say is the prices are good on certain days.


So apparently the "frequent movie goer" card counts as a "pass" to see any of the good movies so they arent accepted. Last I knew a pass was something completely different, not basically a punch card that should entitle you to a free movie after spending almost 50 dollars on 5 movies. Sorry, but I believe after spending that much on movies in a super low quality theater with a super bright green exit sign reflecting off the screen I should be entitled to a free show. Very disappointed and will not be back!

Olufemi Bada

Aesthetics: 3 Sound: 3 Visual/Screens: 3.5 This theatre needs a revamp to the 21st Century. Seriously. This is a 'I really want to see this movie in theatres and my home theatre isn't gonna cut it' place to be.

Sara Martalock

My friends and i have tried MANY places and these guys have the best popcorn around! 5$ wednesdays. Matinee specials. Up to date. Service is always with a smile. Love enjoying movies here.

D E Kabor

The seats aren't very comfortable and the sound is too loud for such a small theater.

R Lip

Place was clean but run down. The worst part was that the movie wasnt very bright. It felt like we were watching a black and white movie. My eyes hurt when done.

Danny Trail

You can't beat the prices and the popcorn was great very fresh and love the butter on it, definitely the place to go

Alister Tuttle

This is the only theater Beloit has, and if it's not, so the one big enough to go to. All the chairs are 20 to 30 years old, if not older. It's not exactly the classiest a place.

calvin cosplay

i love the place popcorn is so good as a family rule you MUST bring some popcorn home for those that didnt go lol i just wish for comfier chairs

Patrick Cimino

Need security. Kids sneaking in and disruptive the entire movie. 9 to 13 year olds with no adult supervision watching an R rated movie talking and going in and out for 3/4 of the movie til they finally got kicked out.

Ben Gorde

Decent medium sized theater. Good pricing on tickets/concessions. Seating, sound and picture could be better (glowing exit signs cast too much glare on the screen). Showings don't usually go much past 9pm throughout the week.

Issa Jackson

Cute little theater! It’s really small and incredibly basic.

Zachary Streeter

Smelled bad. The seats are not comfortable.

John Wegner

Have been going here for years. We went Saturday and did not have a good experience. No heat in restroom and was nasty dirty. No butter for popcorn and very drafty in theater number 6. The only thing that was good was the price. Not sure that we will go back.

C Breeze

Terrible seating but a bit cheaper amc so thats a plus.

Holly Puckett

For the last 3 years this movie theatre was my hidden gem. They were partnered up with dealflicks and had a reward program with a punch card, after your 5th movie the 6th was free. This combination made movie going affordable. It also gave me reason to drive 25 miles out of my way and overlook the negatives. However, they are no longer partners with dealflicks and the new reward program is a joke. Really, 5 dollars off for every 100 you spend? That being said, the prices are no longer an incentive to over look the fact the theatre is very outdated. Reminds me of Northtown movies only 800% higher ticket cost. I don't know if new management took over but please reconsider the changes you have made. Otherwise you have lost very loyal customers.

Collin Gill

I am surprised it is not out of business

Chris Kaiser

It isn't the newest or flashiest place, but it us clean and cozy, the staff is great, the popcorn tastes good, and it still feels like a Big-Theater movie experience. That and it is just under half the price of the theater in Machesney Park and Rockford. It's the best bang for the buck. Please support this place.

Joe Allen

Clean n good movies

Sarah Hyser

Tuesday's are the best. For $10 you get a movie and a medium pop and popcorn.

Adam Bush

Went today with my girlfriend for a matinee of Midsommar and the gentleman working the counter was very kind and attentive even though they were short staffed. I inquired about getting one of their posters and he gave it to me after the showing with no trouble! Great theater with a kind and attentive staff!

Sue Doman

Very good price. First run movie. Unlimited pop corn pop. I love this place

Christina Vernon

They have really good movies, new and old, and drinks and popcorn.

Susan Shanks

Older theater but clean and the staff is friendly. Hey here's an idea if the folks in the area want a better theater how about patronizing the establishment. If there is more profit more money could be spent on the fix ups that I hear people complain about. I would hate to see Beloit lose their theater because they are driving the extra miles and spending the extra cash to go elsewhere. I am amazed this theater can remain open at the low prices. And BTW the popcorn is great!

Jill Geiger

The volume of the movies is overwhelming! Hard to enjoy.

Edgar Sanchez

If you feel like you just want to go watch a movie is ok but do not expect nothing fancy inside or I good quality movie

Natasha Banks

Cold and drafty with uncomfortable seating - good popcorn though!

Pam Kulpa

This is a good place. Reasonable price. Good movies

Law enforcement Supporter

Went to see adventures endgame last night. It was a alright movie. BUT.... There was holes in the ceiling, The self service popcorn machine was a mess, And one of the levers on popcorn machine was also broken, soda machine was out of ice...


No beer, no food. And not their fault but Halloween sucked. Everyone thought it would be a rob Zombie RRR RATED. UNFORTUNATELY it's a pg rated Halloween

Carla Sitko

My husband and I were stranded in Beloit with a broken down truck. Our hotel was very close to the theater, so we decided to take in a movie - we got to chatting with the manager who was at the till, and she so kindly gave us free passes to come back later to see another movie! It was so nice, and so appreciated! Thank you!

Sheila Boggs

Movie was suppose to start at 345 it is now 4:00 and it still hasn't started

Connie Jones

Great bargain on Tuesday. I will be back.

Bobbi Yttrie

Good deals

Debra Majeed

Beware of watching Black Panther at Schubert in Beloit. Told by staff that a bulb needs to be replaced and won’t until manager gives approval. Left a message for her. My q: how long will theater management shortchange the theater experience of Beloiters? Price same, quality is poor. You may not notice if you haven’t seen this film at another theater as I did earlier today in Mchesney Park. I wanted the Beloit experience. Walked out. Staff was kind enough to give me a pass for a future visit no no warning given at point of purchase. If $8.50 price— theater response — is meant to compensate for lower quality viewing, say so and customers will be informed. Regardless of bulb maintenance schedule, staff aware that picture quality is negatively affected. Customers

Beau Lindsey

Some of the reviews on here are unrealistic.. If you come in on a Friday night this place is packed with high school kids.. THEY MAKE MESSES! fine theater thank you

Jen Jen

Great deals on movies. Free refills on pop & popcorn. Theater is dated and no frills but it's adequate, especially for the price!

Dan Webster

The place is a dump. Not sure why but they just don't maintain the place.

David Bennington

The only theater in town. This place has seen better days, I image all theaters are this way though. Typical over priced concessions. We got 50% off tickets because the theater we were in didn't have heat. So we has to wear ours coats the whole and it was still a little chilly, but the picture quality and sound were good. The theater was so so as far as cleanliness.

Rafael Ortega

New girl was not very welcoming she must have though she was at her house

Josie Davis

We saw Mary Poppins returns, the sound was great, the seating was better than it had been in the past. My only problem was my 9 year old grandson used the bathroom and there was inappropriate pictures on the bathroom stalls so he told the staff and they responded with a "yeah so" so the next time he went to the bathroom he warned a father that had a very young boy not to go into that stall because of that picture.

Applied Knowledge

It's time for a remodel. Seriously guys. Send a reply and I'll give you my idea.

Stephaine Giraldo

Never go on Saturday night nothing but school kids that can't sit down for a movie

chris. frenchy pageau

Good sound but old and outdated location. Small chairs dont come here if u over 260 lbs

Cathy Phillips

Good show, no toilet paper et paper

Joel Meyer

They have really good prices, and awesome popcorn, the theaters are a little outdated, but clean, overall it's a great theater

Jan Ward christophersen

Yes I have been there, numerous times. It is close. And the movies are cheap during the week. And as far as the facility appearances go. Not really sure how long they can let this time capsule stay open. Needs to be gutted. Odd sent . As far as faculty,,,, lack of maturity is evident. My friend brought the pop corn back to the counter. Because it didn't taste normal. And i thought the blue ice, tasted like cool ad.e. Of course this is my opinion. S.O.S. Oh yes free refills Oh yes, there is punch cards. And if that is suppose to be new, I've seen the new.

Tasha Laveen

Im very disappointed with the assistant manager of this theater!! Tonight was supposed to be a fun family movie with our kids. The people directly in front of us sat on their phones the whole time while 2 of their young children talked loudly through the entire movie. I went up to the assistant manager and very nicely told her what was happening and asked her to say something to them. She walked into the theater, walked to the very front, and then walked back out. Never said a word to the parents. After she left it only got worse! The mom sat on her phone, twice her flash went off in the dark theater, her son kept turning around on his knees and stared at people, the other child kept talking very loud and then they just started letting the kid walk around the theater in front. I ended up having to confront the parents myself. Everyone in the theater was thanking me for saying something. This IS NOT the responsibility of movie goers!! After the movie I went the manager to confront her about not doing her job. To which she told me that she walked in and heard the parents shhh their child so she walked out. Well of course they did once they saw her. When I asked for my money back she gave me attitude. Money I might add that we weren't supposed to have to pay for a "free movie". But that's another story from when we attempted to get advanced tickets and no one could figure out how even tho we had our canned food donation. Thank you to that assistant manager for allowing our movie to continue to be ruined!

Lisa Graae

I personally loved it you definitely can't best the deals the rewards and than the Wednesday,Thursday deal.its very clean, the staff is super nice

Tammy Geister

We go to this movie theatre quite often with NO issues. Pleasant service fresh popcorn. love the 10 dollar Tuesdays and the punch cards.

Andy Norman

Went and seen yesterday awesome movie very very good as good as Bohemian Rhapsody

Christi Bringe

Hidden Gem in Beloit. Great place to catch a flik on a Friday night. Fresh hot buttery popcorn, great staff. Cinemas were clean, comfortable. Sound quality was great! Movie started on time. Best thing Wednesdays are only $5.00 I will definitely come there again.

Joshua Manring

Affordable. Terrible sound system. Hot in the theatre. Good option for taking the kids to a kids movie, but save the movies you want to see for another theatre or your home theatre.

Douglas Dwyer

Frequent movie go’er and like to support the local theater. I’m here once or twice per week. The prices are better than anywhere within 45 minutes. Plus, they honor military service with a discount. Free refills for everyone not just “elite” club members. Staff is small town friendly. Anyone studying for a career in Human Resource, Customer Relations, etc. should observe Caitlyn (sp?) do her job there. Shuburt sometimes has problems with projection lighting being inadequate ( my pet annoyance) but that seems to have improved much lately. Sometimes you have to remind them to dim the ambient lighting as it glares onto the screen. Would suggest not going to a pg-13 movie on Friday between 5 and 9 pm. Feral teens are very rude and disruptive. They do get warned repeatedly but not removed. Staff will happily reimburse your ticket if you find it intolerable. Overall tho, a theater worth attending

Juan Trejo

Prices are great popcorn are great and free refills on popcorn and drink no matter the size

Ana Rocia

Price is decent but this theatre is failing. They need new management and new workers. I went there on a Monday for the latest showing and no one came in to clean after. There was popcorn and beverages on the floor. I assumed that someone would come in later until I tried to get something from the concessions and a worker told me that they were closed and were waiting on me to leave. Something has to be done about this movie theatre.

Jacob T

There is always an issue at this theater. Movie projectors not working, leaving movies cancelled with out any notice on their website - Which is where they CONSTANTLY tell people they must look at, because they claim all other movie sites are incorrect. So, after looking on their website Friday, my friend and I, with our dates decided to see Jurassic World. We arrived at 9pm for the 9:20 3d showing. The guy working the register kept insisting that it started at 9:50. That we had to refer to the Schubert Website for details not other websites... Which, as I said, we did. So, we paid for our tickets - paid the 3d price. Went to get some starbucks, came back for 9:50 show. Went in and realized they never gave us glasses, ran back out to get our glasses and the same guy said, oh... the 3D showing started at 9:20! I said you told us NO, made us come back for the 9:50. Never offered a refund for the difference. His response was essentially, "Oh. Well enjoy the movie." Gee, thanks!

LeeAnn Severson

They kept the lights on in the theater for the entire movie.

Robin Cimino

Out of control on a Friday night. High school kids jumping and knocking over the ropes to get into a sold out movie. No security..not a safe place to bring your kids!

Mary Ramage

Im glad this place stayed open. It's something for our family or kids to do sometimes. I miss the original experience from I went as a kid but glad it still remains. I love the deals throughout the week just wish my schedule allowed it, lol. Overall still fun place to go. Small arcade gives kiddos something extra to do to!!

Terri S

Luxury? Small seats, they don't recline like Marcus, sound system is mediocre at best. Restrooms were clean.

Ann Dellenbusch

Gave it 2 stars cause every time I go, there's kids coming in and out of the theater, ( with out tickets) coming in half way during the movie. Being lound, rude, running around and on there phones, The manager didnt do anything about it.

Mary Jo Knueppel

We enjoy going to Schubert's since is so close; it's a bit dated but they are working to update seats. Popcorn is always fresh and made in smaller batches so it is, staff is usually friendly and helpful.

Laura hardimon

Has reasonable prices. Good movies


Ladies rest room needs some TLC (do or handles missing or broken on stalls coat hooks broken also).

Jeffb B

Its an awesome place to go for your movies very reasonable on price. The awesome girl even layered my butter on my large popcorn you can't ask for anything more !!!

David Ziegler

The sound is harsh. Get a sign or two up. Do you know how many times I've drove past that place. There is one once you get to the front then look up. It's your basic rinky-dink movie house. The popcorn was almost burnt once but just let me at the sound system.


The floors are sticky and the snacks are pricey.

rebecca stewart

First time in this theater. Great price, movie was clear and quiet, the staff were freindly. Bathrooms and theater were clean, popcorn was good and free refills on any size. We will be going again.

RaeAnn Shaw

They are going out of business. Don't clean the bathrooms. There toilet paper is on the back of there toilet.

Dale Moritz

Excellent ticket price. Nice theater.

Angel Willis

Very nice, always a good time.

SarahJane Wells

So much better since the new ownership took over. My niece and I went to see Catching Fire in November 2013, and it was almost as cold in the theater as outside. The popcorn almost made me sick. In November 2014, we came back (blankets and extra gloves in hand) to see Mockingjay: Part 1, and were pleasantly surprised that the theaters were toasty warm and the popcorn was excellent! All without increasing their ticket prices or concessions prices significantly (if at all).

Chase Blondell

Clean moderately priced. Can be updated, but still a good place to catch a flick

twins vlog

The experience is amazing on Wednesday it 5 bucks a person the theaters are great but the service isnt

Julie Meuret

The maniger new the game's in the theater did not work in still let them put monny in in thin therein to kik thim out so pretty much the manger stolid money from kids

Shannon Schoville

Seating is tight and does not offer much leg room. Facility is aging/dated and could use refurbishment.

Deborah A Cruse

My husband and I go weekly to the movies. We usually go twice a week depending on what is playing. The Staff is Very Friendly and just Awesome. The prices are right and know one compares except one other near by which is out of town . The specials pricing though the week and the punch card Is Great to use for Free Movies. Get the blue punch card if you haven't it saves. Try it you'll like it.

Mike Skeens

Great place to catch new releases movies high on concessions tho

Manuel Gradilla

Decent price and good popcorn

evona hill

I love Beloit. I must say I am so happy that we have the frequent movie goers pass and the ten dollar Tuesday deal. I love the friendly staff and the popcorn is great. Also great idea of adding pizza and nachos and all the cool new games in the lobby especially the photo booth. Now I have to be honest have to step up on the housekeeping, seats kinda smelly sometimes, one movie too hot (no air?) One we needed a jacket, floor sticky and yuk last time I went to rest room. Come on Beloit!!!! lets step it up a bit. Still love ya though. I am there every week, I know you guys can do it.

Jeanine Champeny

Great price, but they let very small children in the Halloween movie!! They need to watch the ages of kids going to certain movies!!

wasssuupp !!!

The quality was great and the theater was clean and well organized. I would have gave it a five star if they had fresh popcorn.

Tristan Wordlow

I love this place, really. It's not small or shanty, but you get a more personal feeling when you're there as opposed to being inside of another AMC and that's really important. I've been here a lot as I live down the street and I'm never disappointed.

Brittany Jariabka

Decent theater. Clean bathrooms. Could use some updates.

David Zimdars

We would go there more often if the seats would accommodate us "widebodies"!

Logan Smithey

Nice theater me and my friend go here everyday for the $10 Tuesdays because why not and i will say that the guys bathroom is clean but on one of the toilet paper dispense things there are bad writings but that's all and movies should be a little bit brighter but the quality id good.

Movie Buff

This theater needs a major over-haul. The parking lot is horrendous. The theater projectors are often broke, or for various reasons the scheduled movies don't show when they are listed. The popcorn is dry. Some of the theaters themselves have seats covered with plastic. And now the roads to get to the Schubert Theater are ripped up and impossible to traverse without lengthy delays. This theater is the pits, but it is all we have in Beloit.

Darlene White

Enjoyed the movie but some of the seats smelled like vomit

Braxton Webster

If your going to go here sit close to the screen, as there always people walking back and forth, also if your sensitive to flashing lights not go, as people flash on their phone is always flashing when they get texts, if your gonnna see a scary movie your probably gonna see a bunch of ppl on their phones with brightness turned all the way up. The best part of it was the musical chairs, as ppl are always getting up and changing seats. I’ve meet 5 new ppl that sat next to me, Also there gonna be talking too, also of taking so if you have trouble focusing beware. Mangment says they will ask you to leave if you break the rules, that’s probably the biggest joke I’ve every heard, as they won’t. I hate to complain to this small theater, as they have big rivals, and I enjoy 10 dollar Tuesday with popcorn and soda included, but I am actually thinking of paying extra to a bigger theater to get a more enjoyable movie experience, to me it’s the management that won’t remove distracting people and people who just want to talk, as everything else about this theater is a okay,


The house lights stayed up, even after pointing it out to what looked like the manager. Take the extra 15 minute drive and go to another theatre.

David Rebarchik

I was expecting more....

Jessica Watkins

Not worth it. No visible updates in many years. For the same price, you can go down to MP and have bigger, nicer seats and a larger menu selection at concession.

Lamont Appling

I'm glad I found this hole in the Wall it's been a while since I've been in a theater I had a blast.

Cheryl Harsevoort

We've enjoyed this local theater for so many years. Best popcorn too! :)

Dwain Mayfield

Great theater! Don't know what movie theater pun pun went to, obviously not Schubert, because had he been to this one he would see how fantastic it really is, and how great it is. Guy hasn't got a clue, please ignore his review. Schubert is a WONDERFUL theater, and I go here on a regular basis, I'd say once a month if not more.

Doug Shaw

Dirty, cheap, not great at all...


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