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REVIEWS OF Schubert's Hartford Theatre IN Wisconsin

Michelle Wolff

Wish all the seats were recliners....

Izzy S.

I always go a couple times a year with family, and we are always pleased with our experience. Popcorn and food is always great, and the theater seats are comfy.

jill felber

Should have minimum age requirements. A family with a maybe 6 month old baby and a toddler of maybe 18 months were in attendance for the Lion King. They were good for maybe 20 minutes and then they could no longer sit and watch. Toddler was not able to remain in his seat and was hollering if they tried to make him sit. Was allowed to wander Up and down the isles and the baby started crying. Parents weren't bright enough to take them out. Very very distracting. Packed theater and no one in management asked them to leave. I think they could have been refunded and asked to leave with such small children or just refused entrance. Bad experience for anyone near them.

Gary Johnson

Great time at the Shubert theater. Reasonable prices and comfortable seating. Thank you.

Douglas Trost II

Popcorn needs work

Kyle Krebs

Great popcorn! New seats and amazing new high definition projectors!

Stephanie Stockton

Small theater. Average pricing. Nice if yu want to avoid larger crowds.

Randy Weishar

The staff was awesome, my daughter and I had a great night.

R Kluz

Smaller place, concession stand is pretty rundown. Nice seats in theater itself.

Jason Green

Great local and well priced.


Great small family owned theater. Prices are good.

Daniel Kluwe

Good movies, good food, good prices! Really my only complaint is that decor is very sparse. Makes it feel a little uninviting -- which generally isn't the kind of vibe you want a movie theater to give off. Could benefit from more interior seating or some kind of statement decoration. Maybe a little cafe like some other theaters in the area?

Elene Cawood

Always friendly and polite. Soft recliners in the theatres, too!

Erich Utrie

A nice, clean small town movie theater. Concession prices were reasonable and nice staff members.

Paul Bethke

Clean theatre, friendly staff. Very dim screen in theatre 2.

Andy Brooks

Don't let the location fool you, this place is just as good as any other theater in the metro area with the latest releases!


Nice recliners and good sound system.

Mel B

In desperate need of an update, be careful when you pick your seat. Wish you didn't have to wait 10 minutes for the pretzels, but for the price of going to a movie here I can't complain much. Their staff is always nice and friendly.

Mouse Vision

Ok, half the chairs don't recline

Juliet Steitzer

Pleasant with comfortable seats

Kristina Osborne

It's a decent theater. They do tend to keep movies a little to long.

Amanda Klein

This theater has always been a favorite of mine throughout the years!

Jim Randstrom

Clean theater, friendly staff, good movies!

Eric Bauer

Great theater with amazing popcorn!


Typical local movie theater. I, like most Hartford citizens, only really go here because it's conveniently close. My biggest complaint is the limited selection, although there is room for improvement elsewhere. There are better theaters, but I still enjoy going here every now and then.

Brian Fahrnow

Friendly staff, prices are a little high but I guess that's any movie theatre now a days. I like the remodel with the reclining seats, definitely was needed!

Jennifer Bowe

Love it here. The leather recliners are an amazing experience for watching movies

Jan Comaris

Good movie, good service, popcorn not as good as usual

Jim Kranich

Some outdated seating but overall very nice theater.

Charles Thierling

I go over to Schubert's almost every week for the Senior Discount. It is a clean comfortable theater. And the employees are always friendly and courteous.

Sara Hensel

Always friendly and rarely crowded

Littlemsp D

It was nice for me and young daughter to watch Night at the Museum 3. We had fresh popcorn and the prices were very reasonable. For a budget theater it was nice and clean and the staff was very kind. Pleased with my experience.

Karen Kletti

Love there special deals.And the comfy seats. When they actually work.

Destiney Dumag

Nice place and comfy seats! :)

Lisa Masters

It is freezing in the theater I couldnt take off my jacket

Lyda Sauer

The new seats are awesome! Employees are nice. Everything is kept clean.

Josh Thompson

Very nice and clean place. Some theaters now have the lounger chairs.

Kristina Garcia

Beware Rude Staff! Purchased 3 tickets for my hubby, daughter and myself. Proceded to theater only to find very few seats left, but back row had several. After trying to set there, a gruff woman said she was saving the whole row! My hubby went to get tix changed to next showing. The woman who he complained to was extremely rude! Definitly not a people person and was super unhelpful. So now we are having to see movie in theater without the stadium seats for the same price. Of course I feel some of this is my own doing as my hubby wanted to go to a different theater. No more local. No more Hartford Theater

Jim Crye

This is my favorite movie theater. Abbey and her mother are very friendly and helpful. It also is kept extremely clean. I watched @equalizer2 last night with my Mom and Dad. I love it!!! Keep up the great job!!! :-) :-) :-)

John Sage

Fantastic experience. Best time I've had at a movie in a long time

Becca MacCudden

Very nice, clean and economical theater with lounge chairs and helpful staff.

Mike Schmidt

Great theater, both overall and the individual theaters themselves. GOood prices, employees' attitudes, etc. Only problem is soundproofing. We were watching "Bohemian Rhapsody" the other night, and during the admittedly few quiet bits, we could clearly hear racket and music from the movie next door. . . and there's a pair of restrooms between the two theaters. If they could address that, I, for one, would be much happier with the experience.

Craig Von Ruden

i LOVE this theater. amazing customer service and great popcorn. they don't always have pretzels but they'll bring it to you.

Leigh Warner

All recliners, fresh made on the premises popcorn, pizza. Reasonable prices. This is my Favorite Movie Theater

Lori DuLong

So it was my first time to the movie theatre today. I have been contemplating about even writing a reveiw. I read others comments and one person just changed my mind about writing it. He said it takes time to make the pretzels but no big deal they will bring them to you. Not alwaya the case. When I was ordering my pretzels a employee was about to deliver pretzels to customers that were already seated. So when we are done paying she tells us to come back out of the movie in 10 minutes for them. I was in shock because of the other people getting them brought to them. I asked why I couldn't get them brought to me like they brought them to the other people. She told me there were 50 people in there and it would make it difficult. I was like okay, kinda confused but I thought well maybe the other customers were not in a so packed movie. We get our drinks and popcorn and start to go in the theatre. As we are finding seats I see the girl that brought the pretzels to the other customers. Same movie but for some reason I would have to miss part of the movie to get mine. I just moved to the area and wanted to give this movie theatre a try. I feel if you are not capable of doing for everyone don't do it for just some. Or even a better idea would be to get a machine for pretzels instead of putting them in a pizza oven and making paying customers come out of a movie they paid for to get them every 10 minutes or so. I had no other problems but not sure if I will ever return to giving them my business.

Kathryn Knapp

Not a big fan of the chairs, even though they have boosters my child was uncomfortable. The employees were super nice, the theater was clean so were the bathrooms. I love how they have a party room.

Timothy Becker

A wonderful place to watch a movie. Wide, reclining seats. Great , fresh popcorn. Friendly staff.

David Gust

A GREAT theater. Very comfortable reclining seats. Plenty of leg room. Very clean. Reasonably priced. I highly recommend this theater. Great staff.

D Harvey

Glad they have summer may need & $5 Wednesdays. Otherwise couldn't afford to go.


The qaulity of the theatre isnt amazing but they have a wide selection of movies

Cori Adams

A star is born, what a fabulous movie! Want to see again! Love the reclining seats!

MetaMan 5

Everything was great! Never had better experience, if your looking for good management and caring employees this is the place to go! Especially this Young Man Austin, he helped me out so well and was so patient and open to help me and many others and make our theater experience such a great time, if your looking for clean theaters, low prices, great (BEST) popcorn, this is the place to go! Also the sounds here were 110% better than anything Marcus could try to give us

Ronald Fickel

Great theater without the crowds. Luxury seating was great!

Raul Zamora

been goin ther for last 4 month had the best service till today the manager gave us the worse service that never expected from there wont be goin no be taking my business somewhere else,

Josh Kruit

Nice theater, friendly staff, good prices.

Mitchell Kraemer

An exceptional theatre because of low costs, ALWAYS friendly staff, new seats in many of the auditoriums, and lower-than-usual concession food costs!

Diane Howe

Very nice recliner seating. Prices good!

Alex Neuman

Great little home town theater!


Sort of pricey, snacks not always fresh. Comfy recliner seats.

Amber Chapman

Never to busy, great prices, always a good time.

Kelso Gonzalez

I love this theater! We visit it frequently and I prefer it much better then the nearby Marcus theaters. Popcorn is great and the staff is always very friendly.

Cyndi Snyder

It's good for what it is. Needs major updating. The people are always nice. Reasonable prices. Check out their daily deals!


Making some nice improvements with some very comfortable reclining seats with raised foot rests. Would be awesome if they were in all of their screening rooms.

sherri seib

Loved the recliner seats!

DommY CS

Nice little theatre with reclining seats in most showings. Good prices.

Peter Muesch

Great movie theatre

Jason Knight

Great place to watch a movie! Very comfortable seats!

Tee Pridemore

Love their new theater seats big and roomy

Mark & Kitty Kielisch

Good service and decent prices for a movie, and pretty clean considering christmas break time of year.

Lora Labre

Prices are good temp. Was cold popcorn is ok but allot of small pieces

Chris Schlessinger

Another small town jewel. I feel comfortable spending my money here. Order a pizza, they will bring it in to the theater when it is done. Spend your money here, you might get to know the staff closely also.

Randy Witt

Moved from to Hartford, WI recently from a large Midwestern city. Was a bit suspect of the theater when we drove by, however my family thought we would give it a try. Initial reviews spoke of issues with the seating, size of screens or other issues. We saw none of that. The theater staff was extremely friendly. The theaters were comfortable. The popcorn fresh. The sound...DTS sound...which sounded great. Prices were typical for many theaters, however popcorn on Monday is free (3 scoops if you bring your own bag), Tuesday is $10 for a ticket, med drink and med popcorn. Free refills on large popcorn and...I believe soda refills are a quarter. It's a nice option for family entertainment and they are doing a nice job competing against larger theaters which offer amenities such as IMAX or stadium seating.

Nicki Luang

Not to busy

Eric Borden

It's a pretty standard movie theatre, especially considering the locale. Recent renovations brought more comfortable seating. Video and audio quality were acceptable.

debra mazurek

I love that theater. Friendly people. Low prices & Senior age is lower than most theaters. Thank you.

J. W.

I lived in Hartford for a very long time, early on the Hartford theater was not the best quality (audio/video) so we would always go into the Falls to a Marcus theater. Well now the problems with Marcus and the lack of respect people have for not following the no cell phone rules, brought me back to Hartford. What amazing updates they have made in audio, video and the luxury seating. Staff was great and friendly. Really not difference then a Marcus theater now and way closer to home. Will be going back for more!

Marie XoXo

We live in town and I feel at home everytime I watch movies there only a bigger screen

Jason Beals

Clean for the most part (broken seat with Caution! tape on it???), friendly staff, absolutely cold inside!

Deez Nuts

I live less than a mile away and î've been here several times. I've had problems maybe twice and they make up for it. One problem was a movie not working and they gave me a few free tickets, AND allowed us to see the movie next time for free. The staff is always friendly especially the curly dark haired medium length chick with glasses. She's always super friendly. Idk how she does it. I work with customers and I wanna slap them. They always bring me out my pretzels and they're always delicious. I've seen reviews where people say the popcorn wasn't that great. Well I've been coming here for a long time, years, and it's always been good. Though I usually get pretzels. They also have nacho chips too and I think pizza. The chips are good, kept heated. Haven't had a pizza yet so I don't know how that is. I think it's Palermo pizza and I've had that pizza frozen and it was gooooood. My only problem with this theater is occasionally they don't have a movie I wanna see and sometimes there's not very much salt on my pretzels, but hey, I shouldn't have a lot anyways lol. And now they gave me a card where if I present it they'll stamp it and I get a free movie on my sixth visit. Can't wait to see all the comic book movies here this year. P.s. I'm an avid movie goer and I come here at least once a month. Today I'm here seeing two movies. The revenant and the forest. I'm in the lobby now sitting on a couch waiting on a friend to see the forest with.

Da Castle

Good small town theater

Brenda Reynolds

You can enjoy the parking lot movie's and food

Amanda S. Imse

Amazing! Rarely busy an are re doing theatre also with reclining leather chairs!!!!¡!

Lynnellen Proeber

Use to go and it was very friendly I’ll be going tomorrow because Menomonee Falls is double the amount. I have to be out that way anyways.

Chrissy Broker

Everyone is always so nice and helpful.

Dennis Blankenship

Clean and reasonably priced. Some of the theatres have the comfortable, reclining seats. Refreshments are priced like most theatres. Nothing special in that area. It's the closest multiscreen so it gets props for that.

Richard Neils

Comfortable seating. Reasonable tickets

Xander Sterman

The seats drive me crazy.

Kristin Thurloff


Karen Buntrock

Much nicer than I expected clean lounge seats and reasonably priced

Phil Jackson

I go to Hartford Theatre very often. It is a real nice place and has very helpful and courteous employees. They have a great selection of current movies. The concessions are very good. I especially like the popcorn.

Ralph Kops

This is simply a nice movie theater run by nice people with fair prices. What else could you want in a movie theater.

Carol Lange

Spacious, comfy seating, great sound, and sharp viewing!

Robert Pedersen

Small and simple. Clean tho

Joyce Ray

Clean small theatre. Great for meeetings

Kathy Robinson

This is our "secret" movie theater! It is actually just as close to us as the nearest Marcus, but way less crowded on average. It has the great lazy boy type seats in some of it's theaters. And $5 Wednesdays if you ask for the special pricing!

Gabriel Holub

Fair price, great recliner seats, wonderful picture and sound quality, tasty popcorn. I had a good time!

Alex Bauer

Love the popcorn and the luxury seats!

Mariah Cornish

It's a great little theater. Love the new luxury seating!

Will Landrum

Cheap seats and great deals! Reclining seats too! You cant beat that!

Nick Butcher

This is a privately owned theater they show all of the latest files. 7dollars gets to in before 5 pm. Popcorn is always fresh. Good selection of sodas and snacks. Several of the theaters have recliner seating. 8 theaters in all and all are comfortable. Theater has always been clean. Management is great. A fun place for a lazy day out.

Rebecca Rahn

I prefer this theater over Marcus and west bend cinema. Combo prices are better, people are nicer and their theater is just really nice. Reclining seating just like the others... plus every 5 movies you pay for, the 6th one is free

Alan Weber

Enjoyed it very much

Beth Sager

They have worked hard to update, it shows. Good deals for snacks and movies! :)

Howard Henrich

Great family friendly venue! Clean, comfortable and cozy.

Katherine Kolins

Schubert theater is like my home away from home. I'm a big movie buff who cannot afford to go to fancy theaters constantly, and Schubert is very affordable (especially now with those blue stamp cards - pay for 5 movies get one free!). I have even tried applying for a job there since I love the environment and friendly staff so much, but unfortunately it seemed they had tons of people competing for a position there. I have been a Hartford resident for years now, so I know that under new management Schubert theater has really improved in overall quality. It truly is an entertainment spot to consider!

Tami Neitzel

Love this movie theater! Great prices on tickets & food plus new lounge chairs.

Andrew Wood

Nice improvements recently. I have been here several times and have been pleased

Craig Weiss

Great value, good food and decent seating

Patrick Richter

Nice to have a local family owned theater! Also 5 dollar Wednesday


After the show was over and credits were rolling with everyone leaving I turned on my phone to literally check for a second. And a worker told me to turn off my phone.. like really.. everyone is leaving. Get off your powertrip.. will not be going back. Icee is overpriced and more of a slushie (smaller than expected, but I usually go to Marcus).

Shelly Lukowitz

Very friendly environment and food is good

Brooklynn Swoboda

i always manage to convince my boyfriend to come to this theater, and every single time we're beyond disappointed. the older woman who works here is just plain rude - every single time. the younger staff who work here are usually very nice. the parking lot is ridiculous - no clear lines painted for parking spaces so everyone parks randomly. we nearly got parked in last time we went. the food is mediocre at best and the nachos are usually stale. only a few theaters have dream loungers, which is fine but the seats in the other theaters are uncomfortable. we don't go to the movie theater often (a few times a year) and i try to tell myself next time will be better, but find myself disappointed time and time again. we'll be taking our business to a different theater in the future.

Charles Farley

Not as fancy as the big chain theaters but not as pricey either. Good new seats Good value.

Jodi Malone

It was nice, the recliner chairs are ok, But the sound is really loud, But a nice place to go see a movie, and it is close to home.

Avrie Schaschwary

I like going to this movie theater and the movies and food are great!

Devon Koester

As a person who lives in town, I spend a lot of time in the Schuberts theatre, and it has it's pros and cons. to start, the service is very friendly, since it is a small town, (16,000) the theatre has anywhere from 2-5 people on shift when there are new releases. the prices are affordable, $5.25 for afternoons and $7.25 for evening. and I pay a total of $12 and get a large combo 9popcorn and drink), free refills on everything. not like at the Marcus or Nova where it's 7.25 always and like $5 for a large drink with only 1 refill or a $1.00 refill (Nova). BUT the popcorn is sometimes a little stale yes, and some seats are slightly broken. and don't get me started on the kettle moraine appliance ads. IF you can get around those cons however and want a theatre that is reasonably priced, and actually has staff that shows emotion and smiles, then the Schuberts theatre is that place.

Sue Lake

No issues, great movie, Paddington 2.

Joan Greeb

Always happy with my experience here. The seats are large and comfortable with good leg room. The theatre itself is clean and neat with a good sound system and a friendly crew of employees. Bathrooms are neat and clean as well. Me/my family go to Schubert's Hartford Theatre about once a month. Popcorn with a soda is a MUST!!! Delicious!!

Charles Miller

Big parking lot

Kit K

They just put in those recliner chairs and half of them don't work. Tiny screens with speakers only up front. Friendly people, expensive food, but at least it's clean.

Gwen Steger

Very nicely redone. Love the reclining chairs. Makes you feel like home watching a movie.

Pete Fanning

Popcorn was amazing. So much so that I had a refill and ate it all too. Theaters are kept clean and seats are very comfortable.

Tina M Pridemore

Love this theater and it's great new seats plus the service is wonderful

Michael Kester

First time going to a movie since getting out of the service. Was really looking forward to a pleasant experience. Got the family all set and ran outside to put on my glasses. Accidentally tried to go in the incorrect door and was met by an extremely rude woman who appeared to have no affiliation to the theater. She in a very unprofessional demeanor opened the door and asked how she could help me. I simply replied, "I am just trying to get in to see the movie I paid for." With a big sigh opened the door to allow me in acting as it was a huge inconvenience to her. She also proceeded to remind me the other door was the main entrance. Do me a favor, next time put a sign on the door big enough for people to see or just extend some courtesy. I think I have put enough on the line for you to give me that. I would understand if I was trying to sneak in, but I wasn't. Here's a better suggestion, don't open the freakin doors or just keep them locked. Good thing I don't go to the movies more often!!

Aiden Masters

Love the place. Family-owned theater but was completely surprised how nice and modern it looks on the inside it also has extremely good sound. It's definitely a place to go to support your local movie theater chains like I said the outside it looks a little bit old but the inside is nicer and they have a great sound system and screen.

Marie the cat

Nice, small theater. Also, it has more reasonable movie tickets than other theaters.

Mike Ehrlich

Nice theatre for a relatively small town.

Mari Fleischer

I like that they have more Family Friendly Movies that aren't played elsewhere often ... i.e. God's not Dead, Miracle from Heaven, etc. Staff is friendly. Place is clean. Popcorn good. Definitely coming back!

pamela whipple

A wonderful local theater

Rick Hash

Good value. Nice and clean. Comfortable seats

Jenny Zignego

This is a nice small town, family owned movie theater. They offer daily specials, matinee pricing, and child/senior discounts. The staff is friendly, too!

Mike Orlebeke

Nice theater!

Alex Crimmings

As reasonably priced as a movie theatre can be with clean theatres.

Glen Lentz

Great staff and service and awesome atmosphere and theaters, I love this place! Been going there since I was a kid and never get sick of it!

Dorthy T

Love the theater. Best popcorn, better then any other theater around. Seating is great. People are great.

Ron DeLaBarra

enjoy the new seats

Brian Wenninger

I try to make this Theater my 1st choice every time. The staff is very friendly. The seats are comfortable. You cant beat the prices!!!!

Teddy Frey

Great place to go see the new realises.

sam wannow

Very expensive and the seats are not comfortable other than that great place to bring the kids to watch a film.

Steven Schwarz

Is it small? Yes. Is it outdated? Yes. Is it easy to get opening night tickets? Also yes. It's not usually my first choice being that I live in Slinger, but when I want to get away from the masses to enjoy a new movie, this is definitely the best place to go. They do have good concessions like others have said, but if I were to suggest anything, it's getting new seating. They need an update if they want to compete with Marcus Theaters in Menomonee Falls.

scott Eifler

Chairs were not working in theater 1 but comfortable. Will go back...

Dean Harthun

Clean,well run small town theatre. Updated and reasonable.Larger then expected.

Josh Crimi

Nice place


Great theater! Affordable prices on food and tickets!

Cathie Hohn

used to be a great little theater....lately, not so much :( STALE, cold, dry popcorn....recliner seats are nearly impossible to fold down...wish they would have left things alone....

Kriss Hauser

Enjoy Schuberts Hartford Mivie Theatre, my grandson Max and I saw "Bumblebee" tonite, the staff is, friendly, helpful & the seating, comfort, atmosphere is wonderful. Max and I had fun at a pretty quiet matinee.

Pat Clemmons

Have been coming to this theater for years. The staff is always friendly and polite. The theater has been upgraded. The prices are reasonable, especially for seniors. They always have the latest movies. If you have not been to this theater give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. Be sure to ask about their frequent movie card. The recliner seats are in and are comfortable. Also check out the specials on Monday thru Thursday.Up dating this post in 2019 Still love to come to this theater and see first run movies at a reasonable price. Staff is always friendly. Restrooms are always clean. Large parking lot. Treats customers like friends.

Penny McGee

I like taking my grandchildren to the movies but I feel the popcorn could be a but cheaper, they make enough money on the tickets soda and candy the least they could do is give better deals on the popcorn.

Jenny Schwanke

This place is getting better but could really use more updating. That aside, movies are always shown with excellent quality. Food is always good as expected quality. The environment is clean and inviting.

Josh Knapp

Ok prices, out dated seating and screens.

Barb Ruka

Where do I begin? The seats are terrible. Most are broken. Very uncomfortable. My back was killing me by the end of the show. Also concession stand is very slow. There were two lines with probably 15 people in each line. My male clerk was unbelievably slow. Also the popcorn is not very good quality. Lots of that kernel stuff. Skip this theater and go to a newer one. This one needs some TLC very badly - especially the seats!

Heidi Newland

Always great staff and the popcorn is delicious! You never have to wait in lines and the shows start on time...

Cheryl Kopacz

Love me a small town theatre! Easy to park, comfy seating, great popcorn = great experience!

Oreo Lily

Great if you can get reclining seats. Younger staff is helpful and friendly. Good pricing on Weds.

Chloe Roth

Make sure your recliner works b4 you commit to your seat

Silent Builder

It's kinda dirty there

Tim Brown

That popcorn was awesome!

Gloria Anderson

My husband and I just got back from a date at the movies. This theater was way better than I expected. The parking lot looks a little rough but the inside is beautiful, big, and CLEAN! The chairs are comfortable and the prices are decent compared to other theaters. Will go back and will recommend at work!


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