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REVIEWS OF Rogers Cinema Marshfield IN Wisconsin

m marchand

Clean seating and great sound

Leanne Mayer

Has nice staff, good food options, not to many previews, and always clean.

Julio cabezas

Holloween was Good

Radhakrishna Sharma

Very courteous staff, decent screens and comfy seats.

Tim Jiles

Service was quick and efficient. Prices were kinda steep

Forest Greenman

Love the Mega Screen.

Matt Weis

My hometown cinema that I continually love to catch a flick at (especially during $5 Movie Tuesdays)! The thing I would address is the upkeep of the overall facilities since as of now the Mega auditorium is the most up-to-date of the 8 screening rooms available while the other seven are outdated as far as seating and sound goes while all eight have upgraded digital projection (DLP by Texas Instruments). Other than the auditoriums, I would just point out that the restrooms and the main box office/concessions areas could be updated. I know corrections like these take time and great financial investment, but I do want to see this cinema continue to prosper years from now. I love this place and will continue to visit my hometown cinema any chance I get!

Monica Groth

We love having this theater in our town. The staff is always friendly. It’s a gem to have

Brad Schiferl

Excellent staff, friendly and kind. Clean, organized plus diligent workers.


Cheap movies on Tuesday.

Jacob Erickson

Perfect movie going experience. Comfy chairs, large selection of snacks, and cheaper then most movie theaters.

Mark Sanders

Love the theatre. Prices are a bit high. But they do have dreamloungers in some of the theatres now which makes it like watching at home

Kevin Reckner

Good service. Great movie. Had alot of fun

Mary Volk

Watched Toy Story 4, free movie night it was very enjoyable

Wanda Veldman

Movie was great but the seating is quite old and worn.

Diana H

Love the look of the outside, nothing special inside. Staff was kind of rude

mike bentley

Hreat customer service

Nicholas Retana

The prices are high and the way the place looks inside sucks!

John Mueller

Here is the point to the owners: People with special needs and mobility issues are attempting to attend and support your venue. Please do some training for your workers to help special needs people.....not make it harder to attend. Holding a door for a wheel chair or helping get a rigid cup to place popcorn in for someone with stenosis in their hands are little, extremely low cost ways to help them enjoy the movies and to return in the future. History: Let me start off by saying....I have always enjoyed going to the Rogers Cinema. I like the old school downtown building and to support local community. I also like to take my Mom to the movies. She grew up near Marshfield, and she has fond memories of going to the movies when it was the Adler, The Relda, and now, the Rogers. Later in life, Mom has mobility issues, using a wheel chair and has stenosis, her hands being weak. Our Experience: We arrived 20 minutes early, the front desk person was not at her station, no problem, but stood at the glass entry door right next to us. She stood and watched, as we struggled with the self closing door on the wheel chair through the front doors, no offer to hold a door. OK sometimes people don't want to hold a door. I get it. Then we bought popcorn, it came in a paper bag, which my mom couldn't hold, due to the stenosis. I hadn't realized the medium size came in a paper bag. I explained to the three people behind the counter that with my Mom's hand issue, she wouldn't be able to hold the bag. To make Mom less aware of her issues and to preserve her popcorn treat, I asked for any rigid container, a larger soda cup, anything to make a simple accommodation so Mom could enjoy the movie and popcorn, as she did in that same theater growing up. All three workers just quoted prices for full soda's and full additional tubs of popcorn. I restated the accommodation and why it was needed multiple times.....with no change in answer. I ended up spending an additional $7.25 for an empty rigid container and dumped the bag of popcorn into it. So I paid $13.50 for one medium bag of popcorn. No one would help, so I really had no choice but to pay $7.25 for an empty bucket. We viewed a movie in theater #5. The sound level was so loud that is was uncomfortable. (I am in my 40's and have NO sensitivity to sound) yet even I struggled to tolerate it. An attendant always comes in to check the crowd, sound, and quality of movie, so we decided to wait for the attendant. One never came. After about 50 minutes, my Mom reached over from her wheel chair and asked me to get her out of there, as she couldn't take any more. It was a terrible end to what I had hoped would be a fun time at the movies for my Mom. I understand employees don't always perform as you train them. Sometimes they are distracted or have too many customers. In this case though, there were at least four employees, it was a very slow Sunday evening, we were the only people entering the front theater doors, I was the only person at the snack counter, etc..... When conditions are like this, it would appear that workers have just not had any training and that they need to be authorized help make accommodations. Please consider training and authorizing workers for special needs requests. Thank you.

Dr Gaurav Singh

Nice theatre. Few options for snacks and refreshments. But otherwise it's a nice place to see a movie.

Marri Grace

Who is up for paying about as much as the digital download would cost? Big screens. Mmmhm.

penny poeschel

Good shows but expensive snacks

Ashley Dittmann

Yes they play some good movies

Crystal Bautista

Very nice place to watch a movie

Diane Meyer VanNote

Went to Tuesday night special rate night. It was fun to see a movie in the middle of the week. It's really great to have a local theater in town!

Robert Bob

I only walked by it so I really don't know

Gary Haley

It was great.Loved it!

Cheryl Von Ruden

Comfortable seats, lovely young professional attendants, great price.

Gypsy Bard

Rogers Cinema is always a fantastic experience. The people are courteous and on the rare occasion that something doesn't go according to plan, they make it right with their patrons. I give theaters a pass on their concession prices because, frankly, that is pretty much the only way theaters generate revenue. The money you put toward your ticket doesn't go to the theater, it goes to the studio that developed the film. The money you put toward popcorn, sodas and candy are what keep the lights on and the staff paid. Personally, concession prices at Rogers doesn't bother me. As for rating a theater based on how well you liked the movie you saw in it... seriously Cookie Rain? Seriously?

Hope A

It was okay albeit old

Matt Borchardt

I was watching The Lion King with my family when the power went out. We received a voucher to go watch the movie again which was nice. I just wish staff would've came into the theatre and announced their plan.

Rachel Fuehrer

Don’t waste the energy buying your tickets ahead of time, you still have to wait in the same line and you don’t have the option to choose your seats.

Bill Albanito

As a movie love, this is my go-to spot for entertainment. Always a friendly staff. You usually have to see something on the Mega to get the full experience though. The other screens ....meh. I do like that there are a lot of choices, so I understand that you do with what you have room for.

Anastasia Kohl

The theater is nice. My only complaint is hearing business talk from workers or owners. Should not be done publicly

Logan Schober

Ticket prices are typically $9 but they offer $5 movies on Tuesdays. Good selection of films. The building is quite old and they have somewhat kept the historic theme but the seating is nice and modern. Concessions are quite expensive though so I would recommend eating prior to going if you're hungry.

Pamela Reinbrecht

Great seats, great sound, great size of screen, Tuesdays are a bargain. All around good experience.

Bonnie Springer

I typlically have nothing but great service here. But with that said I took my diabetic son here today. He has his bag with all of his supplies. We ordered our popcorn and soda. While i was filling my soda the manager approached my son saying he couldnt bring his Gatorade inside due to a no carry in policy. Ok I completely understand but this is for his medical need. When I told the lady this she got really rude with me. We ended up throwing it away. When speaking with another lady that contacted me, she also became rude and said they were very accommodating to medical needs. This just frustrates me because we had purchased soda and popcorn, not like we were trying to sneak it in. Very disappointing! Not in the fact that they had to follow the policy (I completely understand that) but by the way both of the ladies handled the situation.

Hailey Fredrickson

Comfortable seats, friendly staff, good popcorn.

Kristen Schecklman

Theater could use a lot of updating. Tickets and concessions are a tad bit overpriced. $5 Tuesdays are a really good bargain though.


Good seats good movies

Chip and Salsa

I didn't est there because we were late but in past experiences the food and service was good

Derek Grossman

Popcorn was soggy and stale.

Brian Childers

Even though it’s a small town cinema, love watching movies here. Great place to take a date. Other movie goers are also courteous and that helps with the viewing experience. Concession stand is well stocked - you can be sure to find warm delicious pop corn or candy to nosh on while watching the latest motion picture.

Eden Aschenbrenner

It is nice but some of the staff is mean.

Jason Handrick

We went on Tuesday for $5 deal. Very nice theater and very friendly staff.

Marina Jackson

New seats are super nice!

Gwen Kittl

Love this place. Best movie theater ever. And reasonable.


always a fun time. Also i hate people who give bad reviews for no reason

Chris Walberg

My place for movies. 5 buck Tuesday is awesome

Dave Lindgren

Been a while since I went to a movie, but had a great time for sure

Robert Heron

Nice clean place to go watch movies

Fortnite rocks169

The people are nice. The theater provides great services to our schools and churches. The theater rooms are clean.

Allen Buttke

Old. School but kool saw Godzilla great place.

Denise PorterBecker

Mega Theater was "BIG" compared to other small town theaters. Pretty spacious and clean.

Suzie Cue

The employees are nice and and polite, the theaters well maintained and overall I have a good experience every time I go. One hangup I have is that far too often do I go and find the theater floor ridiculously sticky. It takes away from my overall movie watching experience if I feel and hear my feet coming unstuck from the floor every time I shift in my seat. I understand that it is not easy to clean the entire floor between showings however so I do not let that deter me from coming back time and time again to watch good movies.

Jonathan Amos

Very nice movie theater that is pretty clean. No large Imax screen but there is a larger screen. Usually no huge crowds and one can usually get a good seat in the theater.

Mike W

Good price for tickets and concession. Very nice workers.

Preston Mayer

Rogers Cinema is a local movie theater that never disappoints!


Lost a wallet during the final showing of the night. Was returned with over 100 dollars missing. Employees told us there was nothing they could do. Guessing the cleaning company has sticky fingers.

Ryan Purvis

Excellent movie theater. Very clean. Very friendly workers. Excellent popcorn.

Rick Slone

Nice place. Pricy but clean. Good seats and the sound is good. Usher helped us find my kids missing shoe in the dark.

scott webby

Good place to see a movie. I wish the concessions were a bit cheaper so I could afford to go more often.

Kathie Kelley

For movie house nice place

Dustin Turner

Staff is great, the food is awesome, parking can get a little tough when it starts getting full.

Sultan Mahmood

Seats are ok. Needs renovation

Nick Ludwiczak

It's a decent place to watch a movie. We went to the day time 2D movie on the mega screen. Soda and popcorn was about what you would expect from a movie Theater.

Bailey Cichon

The cleanest movie theater I have ever been to. The staff is fast to get people through line. Always a great experience at Rogers Cinema!

Cory Bowe

Always have a great experience!

Tina Pasciak

Great service, needs new updated seats

gregory fifield

We had a good time

Pamela Stangl

5 stars. Love the popcorn!

Brookelynn Abel

Uncomfortable. Unclean.

Sandra C

Please do not rate a theater by how you liked a movie. The service here has always been great, and I enjoy the Tuesday specials and free movies they show at times. I like this theater and hope it stays in business in this economy..

Nevik Solskar

Friendly service, ok screens.

Erik Schlagenhaft

Place for me and bestie to catch a flick!!

Ale Herrera

Good movie selection but the movie theatre needs to be remodeled.

Lori L. Fabry

Shazam! Great movie food staff love the flavors for popcirn

matt miller

It is costly to go but worth it

Christina Le Voy

Great friendly service, clean environment, and high quality showings!

Brittany Hegge

Comfy,nice theater

Teddy Kelveski

So pricey not worth it unless you see 3D

Joshua Miller

Surprisingly large on the inside. Even though some of the screens are smaller (they are older) I still enjoyed watching movies on them. They often play the new big blockbusters on the larger screens. The prices are pretty standard as far as tickets and concessions go.

Laura Zahn

Had computer problems. Interrupted our viewing.

Vain King

Cant give it a zero star for awful service the staff disrespected me and treated my nieces like less than human they wouldnt allow me to sign for my nieces to watch a movie even though i legal guardian ship for them because i am no 21 i am 19 i turn 20 in april i have never been treated so poorly and disrespected in such a way wouldnt recommend coming here if you have children who like horror movies this is not the place to be

Rebecca Anderson

Great little theatre. Prices were average; very unique floor plan- they pack more options in there than you'd think!

Diana Rayburn

Staff were nice and popcorn was delicious.

Aiden Vandre

A little small, and when comparing it to other theaters some things that they had I wish rogers cinema had. But their $5 movies on Tuesday is awesome!

Bonnie Brazzale

Local theater with good sound and popcorn

Julie Vehrs

Popcorn was salty on this visit.

Charles Anderson

It's a movie theater. It does what movie theaters do, satisfactorily.


Great seats and great employee's

Michael Lindau

Family orientated place to enjoy bucket of popcorn and a movie

Richard Berg

Good movie and pleasant atmosphere

Samuel Draeger

Love watching movies. This place has more then one bathroom. Lots of screens for watching movies, so more then one show showing at a time. Also they keep clean. They have snacks at the door.

Michelle Quinnell

Theater was uncomfortably cold and I can often hear movies playing in adjoining theaters during the movie.

Robert Pilsner


Tyler scheel /lifeleadership

Go there on Tuesday night best time

Donnella Maynard

My husband went to the movies here. Prices are very resonable where movie tickets are concerned,however the concession prices are off the charts! We did get popcorn though and it was delicious! I think they must have just cleaned machine because it was the best popcorn I have ever had in a movie theater.

Sierra Braun

This is an average theater in Marshfield, but the seats are nice and it is rarely overly crowded, as far as I have experienced. The theaters are big and clean, relatively comfy seats. They also have a wide variety of movies and friendly staff.

Daniel Koehler

Seat comfortable 3D was amazing a must see

Batyah Raphaelle-Grande

Friendly staff, clean theaters, good movie selection. I love the customer appreciation nights also!

Christina Quartullo

Love the 5 dollar movie Tuesday. They have a mega screen and you have your snacks you can get!

Arctic FoxX

I've never had an issue here except this last time, where it was slightly louder than usual. Not to the point of pain, but the speakers were clipping.

Robert Groskinsky Sr.

A good movie theater that provides both 3D and 2D entertainment on large screens

Marie Bliss

Clean and nice seating

Cody Fellenz

They played the wrong movie

wendy brueggeman

Great theater. Hope they never quit. Maybe I'll bring ear plugs next time if I wanna sit up front again..

Jennifer Nelson

The employees here are super helpful. My husband and I love going to movies but have recently been injured and are both on crutches. The employees go out of their way to carry our soda and popcorn to the theater for us, so we're still able to have concessions when we go.

Christopher Crandell

Great place to watch movies

anita canfield

Saw Mary Poppins great movie

Kirit Lezotte

Great prices good seatin

Sara Zifko

Perfect temperature, great treats, kind employees, and good location!

Alexandria Franck

I like it there it is really fun for kids and adults

Sue Marth

Horrible, advertised a 11:30 show and the building locked up. Star is Born.

Julie L

Nice to have one but I wish the prices were realistic

Dan Koehler

Comfortable wide seats average price for a theater

Michelle Larsen

Good family fun.

Jenny Arrowood

Decent place. A little to pricey, and the movies are way to loud

William Severns

Standard movie theater... over priced unless you catch a matinee, or go on a Tuesday. Oh yeah and no IMAX

amber walsh

great staff and the theater is well taken care of

Scott Harrison

Good time at the movies

Tyler Conner

Over all. Needs updates. Badly. Seats not so comfy. Snack not that tasty. Normally we head to wausau but didnt feel like traveling that far this time

mobofthedead115 935

They have ok movies

Pam Djorup

Nice staff. Only has matinees on weekends during the school year. In the summer it's much nicer having them every day.

Scott Ralitz

We enjoy going to the movies about 5×s a year. Just wish they could invent better seats.

Glynda Gosse

Theater is nice, should have more concession workers on a Saturday night

Laura Michlig

Great theater.

James Mueller

Great experience, clean environment, friendly staff.

Scott Kindberg

Saw "Unplanned" with my wife and friends. Thanks Rogers Cinema for having it here

Andrew Spencer

Historic movie theater in the heart of Marshfield. The lobby is cramped, but the mega screen cinema is expansive. The other cinemas lack stadium seating, which is disappointing. There are, however, an abundance of screens, so there are often a dozen or more movies showing on any given week. Five dollars for Tuesday tickets, which is great. They often offer customer appreciation deals in summer.

Bill Collins

Wonderful little theater kept up to date without losing the small town theater feel. What a treat it is to go here! It's clean, inviting, and cozy. I would definitely recommend this theater!

Michelle Gilbank

Over-priced, but all theatres are. Good service and clean.

Pamela Weber

Good place to watch movies at

David Marsh

Nice place to watch a movie. Especially on the Mega screen. Average selection of snack bar items. And Tuesday nites are 5 dollars per ticket. it gets busy


Love the environment and atmosphere. Great employees, clean building, awesome movie deals.

Terresa Sternitzky

Tickets are like half the price of tickets in Eau Claire.

Heather Westley

Love that they have free movies from time to time. It is a great theater

Big Ounce

Had a fun time. Staff was polite and food tasted amazing.

TJ's Customs & Auto Restorations

Consessions are a bit pricey but the setup and movies are great

Jenna Wickersheim

gr8 service and it was very busy but still able to keep up

Calming Wrath

Clean and great popcorn.

Gil To Stay

Just saw the goonies, it brought me back to good old times

Greta Anderson

The snacks could have been better other wise all good

Matthew Bushee

What a great theater! A lot bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside! Just saw Star Wars here on their big screen! Awesome! Comfy seats, too!

Linda Schmidtke

Very good

Thomas Aver

Ait so they don't check your ticket and u can refill as much as you want to

samuel smith

it is not that bad of a cinema, but things are starting to get old and run down.

Brenna Laru

Great place but very pricey

Robby Hartwell

Hell.. nobody was there. Had the whole movie to ourselves! Felt like we were at home watching the movie in the den. Actually was able to HEAR the entire movie. Overall.. great time!


Excellent customer service, clean, had a great time!

Tina Vannatter

Awesome place. Awesome service.

Troy Opsal

Great staff, nice acomadations. Wishing they're had more screens! !

Mike Yakaites

Decent local cinema. Easy to get a seat during off peak hours.

Silvia Romero

Rogers cinema because I have very awesome movies the best popcorn the best cotton candy and the best candy someone could ever happen like the Nerds those are my favorite that's why I really like Rogers cinema mostly because they have very nice movies that's why I like that cinema

Desirae Parrish

Comfortable seats, nice and clean, bathrooms we're clean too

Kaylee Tlusty

It's a basic movie theatre. Prices are about the same as others. This theatre definitely needs updating as the seats are a bit uncomfortable and overall the place is dated.


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