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REVIEWS OF Rogers Cinema 7 IN Wisconsin

Jamie Pulchinski

Clean, spacious, friendly staff!

Christina Lee Breu

Was good. The seats could be more comfy but i was told thet are getting new seats soon so that won't be a problem soon.

Mustang Sally

I saw Christopher Robin. Good Show

Charlotte Raab

Great movie but you need to turn the heat up.

Debbi Holcomb

A little outdated for a college town.

Tanner Hoffmann

You don't have a choice unless you're willing to travel. Improvements are added very slowly, but they seem pretty far behind the theaters in other towns. Staff is great, it's as clean as you'd expect an average theater to be, and they have nearly everything you could want at concessions.

Nolan Pluke

Each Tuesday features $5 admission and concession bargains. We were so happy to see Overcomer was playing. Rogers Cinema 7 is obviously well-managed; the evidence includes efficient, pleasant staff and very clean, well-appointed theaters. Despite having no local competition, this small chain keeps up with concession trends and has a good online presence.

Lori Arthur Erickson

Friendly staff & popcorn is fresh & delicious! Theater was smaller but worked fine for movie & audience attending & I LOVE they don't make you CHOOSE your seat b4 movie

Becky Kirsenlohr

Nice clean place

Andrew or Joby Arnold

Nice chairs!! Love "Overcomer" film!

Bill Collins

Other reviews of the seating being comfortable encouraged me to give this theater a try. I drove from Nekoosa, passing by the theater in Rapids, and I have to say it was worth it. The seats are great but it's also the staff and the facilities, just a wonderful Midwestern experience all around.

Micki Martin

Love the $5 movie night

Duralum carpets

Great place to see a movie.

Nina Skweres

Awesome theater!

Truman Johnson

Great employees movies were great the food was great, over all pretty great

Katie Hoffman

The seats were comfortable. There were different seating options that made it accessable to many different people of varying physical ability levels. The only thing I would change is the location of the bathrooms. They were hard to find for someone that hasn't been there before.

Tom Mccauley

Real nice people, we had a little accident told them came and helped us clean it up and were still very nice to us afterwards. Very Nice Visit

christie yong

Clean, quiet niece, movie theather, with a huge curvy screen

Justin West

Great popcorn and movie chair was broke though

Cindy Liebl

Great place to watch a movie.

Mel Yo

The theater has several movies showing at once and is clean. They did not replace the marqee when someone damaged it. So that is less convenient if you like to drive by and see the shows. Some of the theaters have newer comfier seats. The bathrooms are regularly cleaned- a lot of people use this theater so that matters. They have a wide array of snacks. But not many for people with corn or dairy allergies. Would be nice if they would get some corn free soft pretzels. Mmmm pretzels. The best theater I went to ever had pretzels. All in all it is a well maintained theater with many sometimes to meet movie goer needs and discount tickets on Tuesday.

Juan Almanza

Cozy lil theater.

Tommy Amann

The theaters feel like they are aging quickly. I have been attending since I was a young child and not much has changed. Especially when compared to competitors such as Cedar Creak Theater who have made huge gains in customer comfort and amenities. Would like to see some upgrades. Still a decent place to see a movie.

joe harvestine

Seating comfortable clean popcorn and candy a little pricey but overall a good experience

Mark Long

Enjoyed the mega screen

Ali is Nothing

Cozy seats

Rebecca Albert

Great movies, comfortable seating, delicious popcorn. Love $5.00 Tuesdays!!!

Dan Frye

Place is great for watching movies. But stay away from the consessions.. WAY OVER PRICED.

Ryan Flowerette

It is a clean facility. It also has Friendly staff and high quality screens.

Douglas Creamer

Nice Cinema. Has a great mega screen. Friendly staff.

Jason Poeske

Best theater in town. Comfortable seats, decent picture and sound.

Ken Dugenske

Good theater

Chad Jones

Nice place to watch movies. Newly renovated and two mega screens. Tuesdays are budget nights with $5 tickets and concession stand deals as well.

Taryn King

The theatres are always clean, and popcorn is always hot and fresh


I think the theater was great. They got new chairs AND a new floor which looks really cool, everyone who works there is so nice and they help anyone and everyone, the prices are actually great! I've been to a lot of places around Wisconsin and they have the cheapest prices in the area. They are always sweeping the carpet to make it look nice for customers which is very professional. I like Rogers way more than Marcus. At Marcus they overprice you for everything and they make you pay for SEASONING to put on your popcorn, and it's not even a big seasoning container! At Rogers you can put as much on your popcorn for FREE. The only good thing about Marcus is their reclining chairs but Rogers has everything else perfect. Marcus on the other hand...could learn a few things.

pat flournoy

Overpriced. Uncomfortable seats. Small screen.


Good big screen with decent sound. Comfortable chairs.

Jethro Jester

I like to wait one week to go to the new releases traffic isn't that bad

Aaron Zimmerman

Clean theater, good selection snacks and the movie quality is excellent.

Dawn Kerske

Live the new seats! Very comfy!

Maggi R

Staff and movie selection are great, however many of the screens are a bit underwhelming in size. Seats are not reservable and have a lot of wear and tear, although they seem to be preparing for changes soon based on the test chair they have in the lobby. If you're looking for a local place and don't want to go out of your way to the Marcus Cinema in Marshfield this is a good option.

Mitchell Stewart

This theater is by far the best place to see a movie in the Stevens Point area! Employees are great and you can always count on fresh popcorn everytime you visit! Big fan.

Local Guide

Great place which offers majority of the movies currently released. They are fairly small but it isn't unusual because of the population in it's location. Staff is very friendly and accommodating especially for those with a handicap (at least they were when I came with a family.member with difficulties walking)


Comfy seats, nice screens, and good movie selections. Concessions can get a little pricey but that is any theater.

Shannon Evans

New chairs are comfortable!

Julie Western-Zuge

I thought the new seating was uncomfortable.

Studio Atelier

Comfy seats and friendly staff to get you in the movie going mood. Not to mention EXCELLENT screens

Spencer Thompson

Excellent small local theater. There are two mega-screens and the employees are very nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend this theater.

Anna Valerious

Service isn't the friendliest, prices are high, cotton candy was old...really really old and crunchy...I go there only if it is an outstanding movie that I have to see before it comes out...

Eric Greenfield

The movie experience was pleasant and my shoes weren't glued to the floor by the end of the film. I'll take it!

Todd Kobs

Love the 5 dollar movies and the mega screen one of my favorite theaters.

Luna Meadows

The sound was amazing, the popcorn was great, and let's be honest if it doesn't have good popcorn it's not a good movie.

Jason M79

Always clean, nice seats, amazing popcorn with refill on the large tub.

James Meyers

Good choices in movies and snacks!

Dean Parks

Very nice theater. Ticket prices are very good compared to your big cities. Screens are large, seats comfortable. Tuesdays are $5.

stephanie goretski

Great place to enjoy a movie and popcorn!


Love the popcorn, love the megascreens, love the staff. One time I went in during Christmas break and witnessed one of the managers cleaning up puke in the hallway while people were swarming around her trying to leave their movies - now that's dedication! Only comment is someone once told me Rogers had a secret menu item, which I'm here to confirm is not true. If you ask for the Reel Deal Zero, you'll be met with blank stares. Oh well, the free popcorn seasoning makes up for it.

M Bink

Great movie, comfortable seats

Krystal Clermont

Love taking kiddos to the movies. They love going and getting their treats. Always have a good experience when go to the movies

Amanda Zag

The trailers are not appropriate for a G rated movie! My 8 year old shouldnt being asking loudly "Mommy what does ERECTION mean?!?! "Mommy! What does CHLAMYDIA mean?!?!" We are sitting down to see Ugly Dolls(rated G) And the trailer was for POMS - a comedy about senior women in a retirement facility. I have given good reviews for Rogers before. This is a big slip up. I am NOT a happy mommy. Update : The staff was courteous and said they would correct this. I'm going to follow up and make sure they do

Edie Zdroik

It was great but the sound was too loud. Next time I'll bring earplugs

Renee S

Spent $13 on tub of popcorn and soda for a matinee. My daughter cannot drink anything carbonated, so she brought a small bottle of milk. A staff member took it away from her during the movie! This has NEVER been a problem before. We will NOT be back... I'll drive to Cedar Creek next time.

Jack Kijek

Always love seeing a good movie here!!

Diane Dusenske

Trace Adkins can act as well as sing. Saw I Can Only Imagine. Good movie.

Renee Carlson

Great popcorn, very clean and friendly staff. Would like to see them post which Mega Screen a movie is on because #7 is not good for the disabled.

Mackenzie McNichols

Service was great!

Alexander Willis

A great theater. Always have tons of fun with the kids.

Bengt-Erik Hellgren

Good deal on Tuesdays!

Khristiaan Ummel

If it's not Tuesday its too expensive! $40 for two people to watch a movie and eat some snacks. No thanks I'd rather buy the movie for that price !

John Curnutt

Old school like 1980 Cinema. Poor sound, lower portion of movie projected ont patrons heads/seat backs. I didn't do 3D,. It must be a little better

Dan Hyman

Just saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi with the kids. The show was sold out (glad we bought tickets in advance). Despite the cinema being packed we were able to get seats together, get our snacks without waiting in a huge line, and had a great experience over all.

Rory Collins

Great small theatre. Me and my wife use to go on dates here when we were engaged

Brian Adamski

Service was a little slow but the theater screen and sounds system were excellent

Myra Westphal

Movie was good however there doors could be a but more handicap friendly and stay open by them self

Jordan Stuebs

Good staffing, but the place is a bit run down. They have recently updated the seats in the larger screening rooms, but the smaller ones need attention.

linda geary

Great staff.. friendly.. clean .. I really liked the screen.. will definitely go back..

Matt Bauman

The new seats are so comfortable

Jen K

Way back Wednesdays are the best

Brian Robinson

Great theater. Multiple screens. Very clean.


Love going to the movies never had an issue here

bev collins

The lion king was great. Very uncomfortable chairs.

Michael Provost Sr.

Cheap seats on Tuesday nights. Decently comfortable seating, picture quality was good, popcorn was alright. Problem was that one of the front sub-woofers was blown and any time it was used, it sounded like a mic plug being pulled out at full volume. Really annoying. Theater 6 had the problem.

Sarah Martin

It is a comfy theater for the most part but there's nothing spectacular that I have to say. The employees here are nice enough and the theater is pretty clean.

Paul Lyons

Saw Peter Rabitt, was really good


A great place to watch movies and enjoy yourself!

Jim Wall

It cost an arm and a leg to take a family of five till movie these days better save up if you want to get a large popcorn and sodas cost an arm and a leg to take a family of five till movie these days better save up if you want to get a large popcorn and sodas

Tiffany Carter

Small and quiet. I like all the different seasonings you can put on your popcorn

ubaldo quilantan

Good place for a great movie....

NicholeL Pecher

Saw Annabelle Comes Home tonight. Clean, comfortable theater, as usual. Seats modern & not worn out. Staff competent & restrooms clean.

Pookie Rosa

Mike from Marshfield is the owner and totally changed our experience! If you ever have an issue it is well worth calling or leaving him a FB message. One of the few true "local" business. Due to tech diff he went above and beyond.

Jeremy T

Theater is good, I've gone here as my main theater for the last several years. Only complaint is seating isn't the most comfortable compared to higher class theaters. Definitely not the worst though! Still comfortable, just wish they can one day update. Screening is great, audio is great. People are my only complaint really, which has nothing to do with the theater. I hate when people talk obnoxiously loud at before, during or after the movie.

Duane Helgeland

Theater is nice. There are 7 venues, some are nicer, with headrests and more leg room. The only issue is there is no street sign. Makes it harder to locate. And there are no opportunities for drive by decisions to see a movie. Only way to know what is playing is call or online.

Tom Greenhouse

needs a technology revamp but is fine for the price on 5$ tuesdays

Tami Call

Just saw The Lion King! Awesome!

Jeff Rice

The best theater in Stevens Point. The Mega Screen auditorium is a lot of fun to see a movie in. Comfortable seats. $5 Tuesdays is a great deal.

Alan Hetzel

Saw the Grinch movie and its going to be most favorable Christmas movie. My grandson also thought it was a really good movie. The theatre was comfortable and seemed clean. The attendants were friendly and courtious.

Crimson Fox

As usual an excellent experience.

Robert Eslinger

It's a little older movie theater in a college town, there isn't much to ask for. The employees are very nice and always have a smile, the theather was clean, just a little out dated.

Rick Rogers

Very under staff,could use some new seats as they are a little uncomfortable.


We love the theater style seating and the big screen. It's sometimes hard to find seats in the middle but we've had good viewing from the sides as well. Mostly all up stairs so if mobility is a problem you should get there early enough to get seats on the bottom tier. Staff is quick and plentiful. Bathrooms are clean and plentiful. Never had a problem with parking.

Barb Maciejewski

Seats weren't very comfortable Food prices a little high


The employees are always very nice. The building itself is clean and well-maintained. The seats are REALLY comfortable!

Blaza Honamonareechi

Love the mega screen!

mj zimbauer

Good concession stand, pleasant staff

Sherry Rutta

Wow its grait

Leon Teeter

Haven't been there in over 20 years you got me confused with somebody else

Nikki Galkowski

Always a good time! Friendly staff good value on snacks!

Philip Fusco

Comfy seats and friendly staff

Tami Natywa

They have large theaters

Adrian Albrecht

This place comes in handy for viewing movies.

Paul Meshak

Clean theatre, friendly staff. New seats for patrons. Reasonable prices

Clint Coady

Not sure if the Air Conditioning was off but it was a bit toasty in the theater. The movie achieved this review 3 stars.

Lunas Night Guard

Movies...chairs...popcorn...sodas. Cant really mess that up.


Whenever I'm craving a movie and some goooood popcorn * Rogers Cinema in stevens point * is my go to destination. The staff are nice, the seats are comfortable, and the clean up crew does so good, you will * NOT * notice any scraps. EVER.

Danny c

Nice place

Katyna Haskins

Went to see Bubblebee. Such a cute movie. Loved it. Cinema is usually cold though so bring a sweater.. Otherwise had a great experience

Carrisa Westfall

First time there; great experience!!!

Donald Werle

Theater clean. Fast service. Great popcorn flavors. $5 Tuesdays are great for the family.

jackie T

Clesn movie started on time. Employees friendly

Chris Wendt

Even though they have pretended to keep up with the times, this theater is a dated relic of the late 90's early 2000's moviegoing experience. Uncomfortable seats, barely functional air conditioning, small theaters with mispositioned screens so you have a neck cramp from looking up, sometimes they'll have audio issues (A friend sat through Avengers:Infinity War with basically mono sound at a very muted level to the point the audience was hesitant to react to the movie in an audible manner). The Dreamlounger experience that Marcus/AMC/Regal offers is vastly superior to what you'll get here. A moviegoing experience should be one of comfort, ease and enjoyment. You will find none of that here. *update* They have put some money into upgrading the seats which is a welcomed addition, so now they are like easy chairs without the recline feature.

Rick Liebenthal

Clean cheap place to catch a flic old school flair is a huge plus

Jacob Hoppman

Wished they had real food and beer.

Robert Brigando

Nice theater, great seating with room to walk in the seating aisles with out bothering others. The theater is clean also. I had a great date night with my wife.

Wren lol

Great place! Bit pricey but that's because it's necessary

Jake Silloway

Up to date theater so so prices pretty clean, nothing too special but u won't be disappointed.

Eric Hambrock

Good place to see a movie!

Jessica Lashua

Pretty good. Like $5 Tuesdays. And Customer Appreciation where they show free/cheap movies. I wish they had reclining seats, like other movie theaters I've been to.

Derek Matuszewski

The only decent thing about this theater is the mega screens, all the other screens are old, outdated, and just downright terrible! I refuse to see another movie at this theater that is not showing on the newer mega screens. Please update your older screens or I will keep going to Cedar Creek Cinema where every single screen including their smaller ones are updated with fancy dream lounger reclining chairs.

Nancy Dailey

I love your popcorn

Robert Scott

Tuesday's is 5 dollar movie night! It was very empty last time we went. Let's fill it up! 25 bucks for the family to watch a movie in the theater!?!

Sam Hess

Got to love the Mega Screen! Comfortable chairs and excellent sound quality anywhere you sit. Just watched Suicide Squad there on Tuesday. $5 2D movies every Tuesday... Awesome. I would give them 5 stars if each theater room was as nice as the Mega Screen room. Feels like you are riding in coach for the same price as first class.

Brian Servey Jr

Great place to watch a movie

Anthony Garbacz

I would change the location of the bathrooms and I wish the snacks were cheaper but that is how they make money

Timothy Stephenson

Wonderful Atmosphere

Troy Pallen

Dirty bathrooms new seating excellent

Naomi Wanta

The new seats are awesome but when a person asks for butter on their popcorn you would think you would get at least a little bit of butter. Not a drop!

Wyatt K

Great service and amazing popcorn. Very cheap on Tuesday. Absolutely amazing


A very nice theater with clean, comfortable seats. Very accommodating when I could not attend my designated showtime due to work obligation and permitted exchange for a latee showtime. Reasonable pricing for the shows.

Davidson Le

I like it

Mary Werger David Smith

Love the recliner seats!

Travis Brooks

Great place to check out new movies

The Nevster

Endgame was good, expensive food/snacks

Luis Casanova

Once you have seen movies in the mega-screen you can't go back to regular screen.

Melissa Villa Hovde

Service was great and I enjoyed the movie.

KT Nelson

Cheaper than a Marcus or AMC, they don't play too many trailers before a movie, & there's good popcorn. Nothing too fancy but it's pretty solid for what it is.

Tina Vannatter

Big, modern and clean, but still chock full of the class and grandeur of the early days of the big screen. Helpful and cheerful staff, delicious popcorn, and current movies... Roger's has spoiled me for other movie houses!

Lynne Ulrick

Movie great. Popcorn and candy priced way too high.

Kaydyn Nelson

The movies there are great! Wish they had recliners though so we don't have to travel all the way to Wausau! Overall great place!


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