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REVIEWS OF Palace Cinema IN Wisconsin

C C Carr

Saw Captian Marvel in a standard theater and it was really comfortable! I'm sure the Ultra Max would have been even better! Highly recommended!

Victoria Lee

Lots of parking, great service. Pizza was even good. Kind of expensive even for a theater but fun. Seats were amazing.


Tried the wings bogus... tired the nachos bogus.... tried the “thin pizza” can’t even make a decent pizza omg :( imagine having a good theater with bomb food

Tim H

It's a movie house. 5 Stars... Nuff Said.

Eric Ludwig

I really like that you can order food here. Dinner and a movie all-in-one.

Deepthi Rao Polsani

New theater with new recliners seats, with fantastic sound system, every time we visit we had very good experience.

Deborah Thompson

Nice place to go to the movies

Lisa Larson

My favorite theater, hands down. Luxurious feel, great screens, good food. Newest movies. Highly recommend.


This place has not disappointed us yet. Love it...

Elixsis Nexsus

My favorite movie theater. I can pick my seats, everyone is friendly, food options are great if you go bistro. Everything is better than I could have asked for. Plus the dream loungers are so comfy.

Leroy Schofell

Love it nice comfortable seats that recline like a recliner soft comfortable you could fall asleep in won't go anywhere else

Erich Utrie

Love this movie theater! Great seats....the Bistro option is so cool. We watch all the blockbuster movies here!

Nick Cervenka

I work in retail so I understand requests being delayed due to being short staffed, but we placed an order in the bistro after for two drinks and a large popcorn about five minutes before the trailers started, buzzed the server about 2 minutes before the actual movie started (after 20 minutes of trailers - and she went to take our order like she forgot the first one), and once the order did arrive my drink was warm and the ice melted.

Aisha Howard

The prices are to high they out weight the experience of the movie showings

William Miller

I can't watch movies anywhere else. This is the best. It you are hungry they have a bistro theatre where you can eat while watching the movie. Recliners everywhere. Soda machines with every flavor known to man. Heaven.

Phillip Moffatt

The theatre was very clean and the chairs were very comfortable. We went to see the nutcracker movie and the image was top quality. The staff was friendly. The popcorn was typical movie theatre smothered in butter flavor and delicious! Best experience in a theatre!

Kimberly Queisser

Amazing theater experience. It is a 30 minute drive for us, but well worth it. The seats are comfortably spaced and you can just sink into them. Popcorn is always fresh and the food thay we have gotten there (while on the pricey side) is very good. This is the only theater we will go to- especially for a 3 hr Marvel film. We'll be back in July for Spiderman!

joshua beauleave

Awesome movie theater. Food and beverage service right from your seat in the movie, including bar service. You can choose your seats when you buy tickets at the counter. They have a full menu; burgers, pizza, fried chicken... definitely going here again.

Tyler Sanden

I love this theater its had me coming back for the comfort of a reclining chair while I watch the big screen. The pretzels are tasty with plenty of cheese. Seeing a movie here has always been a pleasant experience.

Roxanne Hooper

Love the lounge chairs... however, ordering food is a ridiculously long wait and pretty much cold by the time its brought to you. I ate cold French Fries tonight while watching Auqaman... 5 stars if they work on getting the hot food out....

Angie Maney

I will never go back to this movie theater the line was long one person working went to get Nacho's and popcorn and the cashier walked away when I got to the counter and when she came to the counter look the other way and ignore me in the theater the wait staff did not come and ask me and my husband do we want anything and just went to the Caucasian couple next to us and walked by and forth and still ignore us and they only give good service to they on very racist place

Amber f

Saw spiderman there, while the showing if 'Spiderman: Far from Home'. Give him a raise !

Rebekah Thompson

I had never been to a dine in theatre and for my first time: I absolutely loved it! Same amazing reclining seats but they had seat warmers. Waiters come to you at the push off a button to take your order. Our waiter was phenomenal super polite and have really good recommendations on the menu. Of course we went to watch the new Avengers Endgame and I couldn't imagine a better way to see it the first time. Love the Marcus Palace Cinema

Donthegamer !

I have never been to a better movie theater it is amazing hear the chairs are awesome mole lazy boys I should say

Jessica Greffin

Comfortable seats, as long as reclining option works...we have had a few experiences where we've gotten a dud. The popcorn is good, but sometimes when you go early in the morning..I wonder if they use the popcorn from the night before? It's cold. The best deal is to go very early in the morning and get reduced pricing. Or $5.00 Tuesday as a rewards member is a great small popcorn!

Brittany Moran

We ordered our tickets online and used our rewards card to earn points and save money and time at the cinema. The large drinks can be refilled for free, the popcorn tastes great, and the reclining seats are very comfortable.

Jennifer Alfaro

Love the perks of being a card member and $5 Tuesdays with free popcorn and $2 hotdogs

Angie Murillo

I enjoyed the experience but I must say it was very expensive..for two people it was around 50.00 including

Linda Cokinis

Do you guys still have your air on? It was freezing in there and it's only 40 outside

Ted Krapf

The Bistro was amazeballs! Great seats, food was great, large beer was not skimpy, drinks great, good food, great service. Rock on Palace!

Joshua Virts

Best I've ever been too.

Jed Pulley

I love going to the movies and Palace is a great theater. The seats are very comfortable and the screens are good.

Alan Arneson

Love the recliners. Like the atmosphere. Good design.

Sunshine K. Vang

It gets really dirty when really busy , like on a tuesday......

fatimah al-namer

Best place to see the new movies and you can order your food without interpreting the movie

michael goethe

Great setup with assigned comfort seating. Food available is pretty quality even at movie pricing. Never a bad show even if the other patrons are mouth breathers unable to stop talking.

Lisa Boswell

Extremely nice, definitely recommend this place makes the price worth it. The recliner seats are amazing

Tonya Jones

Just love this theater, but rising out of hand Price's is going to lessen how often we return.

Heather Hollister

They always seem to have a good amount of staff so traffic is always moving. Food is pretty decent actually, we like to eat in the bistro theaters all the time. Chairs are all awesome and everything is well maintained and clean. I would highly recommend this theater!

James Burris

Nice theater with a great environment and a family friendly attitude.


Top notch seats, movies, and food. Kind of pricy, but it's a movie theater. I honestly don't go anywhere else

Brayan Rivera

Well today I was disappointed in marcus palace cinema I took my 16 year old cousin to see crawl.after I bought everything food, drinks and the ticket they told me that she was not allowed to see the movie because it was rated R .even do I'm 25 years old I was her chaperone in this situation. she still was not allowed to see the movie.I have come to see many movies with her that are also rated R which are action movies,scary movies And I never have the problem to see the movie with her. we are movie buff we like to go to the movies to have fun and talk about what we think about the movies. I'm disappointed and really upset I took my time of driving that far I Got Out from work early to go I see the movie. I TO BE DINED TO SEE IT I Was really Upset,I have ask the manager for a full refund of everything I bought I was so mad I didn't want to stay there any longer.I left Marcus palace cinema really mad and upset and also really uncomfortable because it kind of looks like the manager didn't want to give a full refund for everything that I bought he was nervous when he was talking to me.

Lynne Warren

Has all you need good food lounge seating

Swift Morris

It was awesome. The employees there was super nice. Food was delicious n delivered hot. The recliners was super comfortable. Thumbs up y'all!

Kurt Swanson

Had an absolutely awful viewing experience in the bistro theatre. Firstly volume was not loud enough. Secondly, wait staff, who apparently are instructed to settle bills with 30 minutes remaining, which is completely non-sensical, walked through during penultimate scenes. This was followed by idiotic movie goers turning on cell phone flashlights to either write tips/sign bills or insanely pay cash, disrupting and nearly ruining the cinematic experience entirely. For how much movies cost this is asinine. Have patrons pay with card only, take their cards, and have them settle at the end of the movie either in the specific theatre itself or out front. If they bail, they lose their card and/or have to a pay a fee. Would take 5 minutes to create this content to show movie goers so they don’t fail like buffoons and damn near ruin the flick. The movie fortunately was great in spite of all the ineptitude of the theatre. Strongly recommend NOT viewing movies in the bistro!

Karen Phinney

Nice place but we had to sit in the first row so it was kind of hard on the neck to watch. Should be back just a little more.


Probably the best movie theater in town. The chairs are nice and comfortable and the Bistro, which is Food ordered to your seat, is good. That being said you do pay a premium for getting food at your seat but its worth it.

Freddy Machado

Great showings, great accommodations, great place to watch movies. It has been a true blessing in sun prairie.

Agnieszka Karkoszka

Great cinema ! Comfy and reclining seats are just perfect to relax when you watch a good movie ! Definitely we will be back :-)


It's the closest theater to me since they closed the East Side Marcus theater. Probably the most comfortable seats in town, cushy leather that zooms out so you can lie down. They have $5 Tuesdays and special screenings all the time. Wish they played more small films though, seems like they only have 3-4 blockbusters half the time.

Craig Richardson

Your manager helped us tonight with our tickets and seating as I forgot to bring the print out of the tickets , and greeted us after the movie to ask how we liked it, very nice , your lucky to have a man like that , I am a 65 year old worldly guy and a fair judge of talent , this young man has been judged ,excellent.

Wesley Mclinn

Clean and comfortable with lounge chairs

Deanna Grimes

This is my go to movie theater. It has Pepsi spires which is pretty unique. The seats are all recliners.

Bradley Rollo

Clean and very nice theater.

Nicholas Prieve

Standard Marcus theater so a good standard experience..skip the mixed drinks at the bar though made very weak(corporate profit margin no doubt in play)

Micheál Ó

huge theater with great selection of movies to watch, and food served in some showings. Seating can be REALLY comfortable, which is nice when you're VERY tall like me. Virtually everything about this place is as good as it would be if I were managing it. A few things that I found offputting: sometimes the sound is just TOO DAMNED LOUD. I'm in my fifties, but my hearing is still great, and I don't need to be blasted in my seat. Staff could use more training to be competent at what they do. I've experienced several minor mess-ups that add up to being annoyed. When you bring me the salad I ordered to eat during the film, it should be obvious I'll need utensils, right? Had to ask for them. I also wanted to know which showing of a film was in 3D, and nobody could tell me. I've got a prosthetic eye, and a film in 3D is NOT watchable for me. All in all, it's a great place to watch a film, and nicely located where people in Sun Prairie and places northeast of Madison can conveniently get to it without driving all the way into town.

Reid Magney

Nice movie theater for Sun Prairie and East Madison.

Edward Urfer

Staff that doesn't look happy to be at work... Chairs that were broken or unplugged. Probably a 30 employees on at the time and the place was trashed. I expect more from marcus cinemas especially with the prices you charge. Looks like I'll be visiting flix brewhouse a lot more.

Chris Holloman

Worth the drive from Watertown. Love Marcus and their Ultrascreen.

Monterio Evans

It was a awesome experience as always..nice staff, food is always good and hot and fresh..the parking is nice.. ECT

Victor Kumapayi

Comfy seats, speakers were on the softer side.... Wish the screens didn't have the black bars at the top and bottom; why not have the movie fill up the entire screen like Flix Brewhouse? Still enjoyed the experience

SilverBullet SS

Great movie experience but just this last time we went for John Wick 3 we ordered food and over an hour into the movie we still didn’t receive it. We went up front during the movie and asked where it was and they hadn’t even put in our order yet, so we got our food when the movie was almost over and it was somehow cold. Spent 53$ on tickets and 65$ worth of food and drinks for only 3 people I’d expect better service.

Kia Vang

Went there with my family to watch a film. And supposedly they have accommodations for people who are hard of hearing/deaf. But when we arrived, they only had 2 captioning devices available for the whole theater. But one was missing parts, so there was only one available. Two members of my family are deaf. So they had to share one device, which meant they had to lean over to share the captioning device in between their seats. But what was worse, was it didn't even work after switching parts and trying everything.After spending 15 minutes of walking back and forth trying to get help on the device, there was nothing the theater could do. So instead of watching a film with no type of accommodations, and just blankly staring at the screen, I had to gather the kids up and leave the theater. Man they were disappointed. We did get a full refund as well as receive some free "we're sorry" tickets to try and make up for it. But what's the point of coming back if they're not going to fix the problem? The same thing is going to happen next time, anyways. Do better Marcus Theaters.

Ashlee Whitman

Love this place simply amazing service people its clean and relaxing and all around amazing

Angi from God Oakley

Busy but plenty of parking. Comfortable seating. Great experience.

Kerry E. furnauri

It's a great theater with awesome sound. Food is great in the bistro. Wood fired pizzas are fantastic. Great seats for a date night, wear your PJ's and bring a blanket for the best "home" movie experience!

DJ Panda

Movie was good. (Glass) The food and drinks did not taste very good. The movies had the recliner seats which was nice.

Lynn Malone

Advertising in the beginning was way too loud. Waitress never asked if we wanted silverware. Then when we got our food she said they had no salsa and asked if we wanted it. Well we specially asked for sour cream and salsa when we placed the order and nothing was said then. So she said they had to make it then. So we had to wait for that too. Food was good when everything was finally together.

TheHooligan Show

Love coming here to relax and watch a new movie

Char Goetz

luxurious but a little pricey!


This place is always amazing. Get the avenger cocktail. Worth. The only weird thing is the owners advertisement before every movie..

Jake Matteson

Once you get past the fact that the food and drinks are astronomically inflated, it’s a very nice experience. I took my wife to see Aladdin on five dollar Tuesdays, and the seats are comfortable, wait staff in the bistro theater was adequate. I got a brownie sundae, and she simply got an order of fries. With a tip it was around $20.


Great pricing, and great movies! The seats are very comfortable, and the place has a nice, safe atmosphere, with large movie cups, sometimes featuring upcoming movies, and soda refilling machines where you can mix and match flavors! The seats are a beautiful red leather, and they are reclined, and some of the time heated. The movie bistro seats have a waiter, who will get your drinks, and food. They are very polite, and all around, are a great staff. I would recommend Marcus theaters for a date, a general hangout, or a place to go with friends!

Chucky Ree

Best movie theater in the area for sure.

Brittany Alsum

Great movie and time w. Friends, but parking is a joke. Also prices for snacks is more than your movie ticket... sad. Otherwise nice seats anf time.

Malia Niles

With recliner chairs and fresh popcorn this is is the best place to take your family and friends to relax and watch the newest movies.

James McCann

The Take Five Lounge is NOT worth it. We figured getting to the theater an hour and a half before our movie would be enough time to eat dinner, but of course we were proven wrong. Its 10 minutes before our showtime and I'm still waiting for my sandwich.

Chris Keppert

First time going to this place, was EXTREMELY impressed! Floors were clean, no long lines to wait in, tons of snacking choices. They have a full service bar here that looked fairly nice, didn't go in though. This place also has theaters that you can order actual meals & eat/drink while you watch. Have a beer or mixed cocktail too! Food is reasonably priced, taste was just okay, nothing very special. After eating, move the table trays off to the side, put away the divider & cozy up next to your sexy partner on your date night with a warm blanket(bringing your own) & heated seats.


Absolutely amazing experience watching a movie here. I saw IT and not only was it was great. The cleanliness is suburb and the atmosphere is the best. This deserves more than 5 stars.

Chelsea Renz

Love the bistro. Very comfortable seating. Prices aren’t too bad

Danielle Stevens

Our 1st visit was very friendly. This was our 1st time here and the staff plus management were very patient with us. We had no clue about how things went at this theatre. It is very different then the one we go to back home. The seats r so amazing and comfortable. U defending have to go here for supper the food is awesome. We will definitely be coming back every Tuesday for 5 dollar day. Thank you guys keep up the great hospitality. Now with this said for our 1st time. Our 2nd, and 3rd time the staff was not friendly while getting our snacks at the front counter. We r to get free refills with our membership card. The shift leader refused to give me and my daughter a refill cup because we bought it from the Bistro not front counter, but he gave my boyfriend one. Very disappointed in the service they r now given to customers especially the ones that come in every week. Management should talk to front counter about there service.

Dennis Davidson

Nice, comfortable lounge chairs for seating.

Tony Rodi

Best movie experience ever. Dream loungers are very comfortable. Reserve seating is a great feature. Looking forward to many more visits.

Sean Kennedy

Love coming here with the family.

Richard Rice

Reclining seats are very nice, plenty of legroom when getting up to use bathroom or get snacks.

Allie Matthies

Love the dream recliners and burgers at the big screen bistro!

Jose Misas

Love this movie theater! Its clean and you can't beat their $5 Tuesday. If your a member (it's free btw) on Tuesday you also get a free personal size popcorn bag. Never had an issue here and their seats are comfortable. I normally like the bistro due to the wide selection of food and heated seats! Price (if you dine their) is standard restaurant pricing that you'd see at any chain restaurant. I also use their app for buying tickets and seeing future showtimes with no issues. Overall, great theater and I wish they had one in San Antonio when I used to live there.

Mark Kaminski

Stretch your budget here on Tuesdays ! Also a fine choice on any day of the week.

Rusty Deshaney

Gotta love the $5.00 Tuesdays makes a trip to the movies affordable

Edward Herman

Rambo last blood great got to see it.

Alexander Arnn

Terrible service. Went in on a Saturday night to watch a movie with my girlfriend. Got the seats we wanted. Walked and noticed that the seats on our tickets were actually front row. Asked the waitress what it was about. She said she’ll check on it then proceeded to take other orders. So I went to the front to see why this was and she said oh I don’t know I pressed those seats but now their sold. She offers a refund but I won’t see the money back for a week. Thanks Marcus you suck. See you never.

Jerold Witte

Great theater, clean and comfortable.

JROC Little

Dont advertise doing birthday parties if you dont have anything to offer. No party packages? Lastly dont have people stand in line & wait then have to speak to a manager for them to say you dont offer any packages. You wasted my time & YOUR time. Put the information online & or in a pamphlet. Do yourself a favor if you offer birthday parties or accommodations offer party packages.

John Galetka

By far, the best place to see movies. The bonus of being able to pick your seats is invaluable. They have Icee’s! The other added attraction is the reclinable seats. You can’t go wrong with seeing a movie here.

Jake Van Dyke

Love this Marcus Theater. All nice seats. They have bistro theaters where you can order things while watching the movie. And it's always really clean and well kept.

Andrew Peppin

Big screens, big chairs that recline and great sound. What more can you ask for? I'll tell you. You can ask for any drinks, food or snacks while you sit in one of the special bistro theaters. That's right Wisconsin, you can have your beer and drink it too. Brought right to you in your comfy seat. Only reason you'd have to get up is to use the bathroom. But I think we'll all be happy keeping it that way.

Andrew Suneson

Went out here for the dine-in movie experience. The person who served us was absolutely amazing, much better than most restaraunts. Theater seats were great. I would recommend this theater to anyone looking for a premium viewing experience.

Pamela Hoard

Alw as us clean, comgirtBle seating and restaurant serves food inside the viewing rooms. Young and old enjoy the beauty of this new area in Sun Prarie, WI.

Allison Rortvedt

I would never recommend anyone working here. They don't have any respect of any of the employees at all.

C S.

Watching Lion King on a Tuesday night, and the staff is still serving food after movie started. Stood in the way of the screen for several minutes, then proceeded to talk very loudly with a guest about a food mix up - was so distracting. People were glaring. She should be whispering or better yet STOP SERVING FOOD ONCE MOVIE IS STARTED!!!

Matthew Pribble

Great theater the leather seats are amazing and they recline definitely worth the long drive lot better than what I have back home

shante cameron-cuesta

Love this place. Great food and drinks. I just hope they bring back the surf-n-turf!!!!


Great service and really Nice staff

Felicia Wallace

The service is good and so is the food

pyron dragona

Just saw hobbs and shaw was not expecting HEATED SEATS yeah awsome and you also can get food ordered in some of the theaters

Doug Risch

Excellent theater with great food, beverages of all kinds, and wait staff. Great service. You can order food and drinks from your heated, reclining seat and they will bring you your order when ready and check back on you. Foods a little pricey but good

Rosemary Williams

So super great. I love the comfy seats and the big sound and large screens. Such a treat every time

Christi C

I don't like how tickets are sold these days and it's pretty sad when my own TV's picture is supremely better but the experience was pleasant.

Spencer Lohr

A great theater with great screens. The concessions are overpriced, but that's normal for any movie theater. Just wear cargo pants and sneak in your own candy.

Howdy Doody

Great movie theater....but they should have 10 minute intermission on 3 hour movies

T. Horkan

We love Marcus Palace Cinema. The staff is friendly and trustworthy!! My son left a new Tommy Hilfiger jacket at the theatre with his wallet and $50 cash in the pocket. He didn't realize he didn't have it until we got home. I called the theatre and a staff member told me the jacket would be in the office for us to pick up. We weren't able to pick it until 2 days later. The jacket, wallet and cash were all there for us to pick up!! Thank you Marcus Cinema!

Stephanie Jacobson

I love everything about this place but the highlight of my visit is most definitely the alcoholic beverages

Rachael Vossen

Very nice theater! The lady we bought tickets from was crabby with my husband though...he didn't hear her instructions on how to choose your seat the first time and she was super cranky when she re-explained it. Other than that, the rest of the workers were nice and the theater was very clean. They have super nice reclining chairs that are really soft. The arm between two chairs can lift if you want to sit closer together as well. Very spacious.

Fritz Heiden

We were flat out ignored at the bar, so we left. It wasn't even busy.

H. G. Anderson

Well designed theater. courteous staff, always nice to visit. Could use a bigger parking lot but that is a small complaint.

Jen Rupp

LOVE this movie theater!

Steph Vosberg

Love the Dreamloungers... could be a tad warmer in the theaters.

Emily Kultgen

Really loved our first experience here! Helpful and enthusiastic staff member (maybe a manager?) assisted us through the process and was happy to accommodate a physical disability in our party. Extremely comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you!

melody robbins

Love coming to the movies. Can't beat $5 movie Tuesday. Good advice if you want to go on $5 movie Tuesday buy your tickets early Tuesday morning or Monday the day before to make sure you get what you want. I love the reclining chairs I love the fact that you can drink a beer while watching a movie it's a great place to go

kyle boss

Marcus palace cinema is a great movie theater with good food and drinks, its nice and spacious with a good verity of theater to choose from. Go on Tuesday if you can all the theaters are $5 even the ultra screen.

Vintage Toy Hoarder

$5 movie Tuesdays are the best. Great food. I wish the line would move faster though.

Sean Cottrell

Nice clean movie joint,. Good number of screens, and close to many dinner and snack type places.

Richard Slone

A great movie experience. Extremely comfortable seats, fantastic sound and picture. Concessions are typical theater overpriced food although some of the food in the bistro is pretty good and not too pricey.

Jenny K

A comfortable fancy theater. There are a lot of things to do here besides see a movie. There's an arcade, a restaurant, and bar too. It's clean and organized. The movie seats are also all recliners. You can adjust your seat during the movie. I'd give this place 5 stars if they served hot popcorn. Popcorn is ice cold. And if they didn't fail to mention you can't enter after 11 PM. We drove all the way out from west Madison. And there was just a printed sign on the door. They really ought to mention that on the website. We wanted to miss the previews, not get locked out entirely.

Josephine Gordon

Love going here to watch the latest movie releases! Love the Bistro and the wonderful food. Yummy❤

Kyle Weis

Fantastic theater. It it was closer to my home I'd only ever go here.

David Fawcett

Great sound, perfectly sized huge screen. Reclining chairs are very comfortable.

Adam Meck

Gets a one star because the sound is terrible. I can barely hear the movie! Go to flix brewhouse now that's a theater.


20 minutes of Preview is nauseating. Recliners are cool.

Dustin E

Go here all the time with wife and kid. Place is always clean and the seats are comfortable. Depending on the movie or where your at you can get food delivery to your seat. I enjoy there food and liquor selection.

Jon Carlson

A decent clean theater, would visit again

h. 95

This theater has become a shopping mall. They actually allow local businesses hawk their wares past the ticket taker. Need to hit the restroom really quick during your film? You'll have business cards for hot tub installation shoved at you without being asked. And what happens on the screen is an afterthought at Palace. They use bulbs that are lower wattage than the projector calls for. Go watch a big blockbuster at Palace, and then watch the same movie at home on your 55" TV 3 months later and wonder at the difference. Outdoor scenes shot during the day are bright! What a concept. Pointing issues like this out to inept Palace mgmt is a waste of time, one needs to contact corporate to get anything done. Market Square and Flix are the only non-University theaters in the area where you can see a properly projected film.

Jim Jersild

Excellent theater. We drive past our own local theater to go here.

Lord Drake

This is a good place to see a movie. The chairs are great!

chris deters

I have always had really good service here whether it be a regular theater or a bistro never had a problem Everyone is always nice and courteous and I just love watching movies here and come here for all the big movie releases like Avengers and Star Wars and big movies like that

Tara Welsch

We go quite often and usually are very happy with experience. Our only problem today was there was quite a wait to get a soda cause 3 of the machines were out of ice and there was only one straw holder that had straws in it. By the time we got our sodas the movie was starting.

Denise Rudersdorf

It's always clean and the staff is friendly.

Brandon Thomas-Tomczak

Last time I was here strong winds knocked out the antennas that link to the DRM services, so the movie wouldn't play. But it's cool, we got free passes for our trouble. Used the pass today but the theater was evacuated because the sign out front caught on fire. Hands down my favourite local place for drama and entertainment. The shadow hand puppet shows from a phone's flashlight on a blank screen was frankly better than most movies I've seen.


i yelled at a girl bc im crabby as hell, i mean im bleedin right? too long buckeroo. im sorry girl that i yelled at, now youll be in my thoughts for around 5 years.

Ankit Janamanchi

I am super happy to have this theater as my local one! The place is always clean, and the theaters are cutting edge.

Austin Kenworthy

Service is great, atmosphere is awesome, drinks are stiff and the seats are comfortable

Kacy Grommesh

You just can't beat their $5.00 Tuesday's...great movies, comfortable lounge chairs & free popcorn to boot!

Gary Manke

Best theater ever. Very good food also

Drew Alling

Hands down my favorite theater in the area. They also just added direct online purchases to their website. The bistro shows are always a good choice as the food is above average and the seating is always good. I probably go to this theater three or more times a month with friends to enjoy the most recent films.

Annie Buss

Was fun to go see the second angry birds movie however the ice machine was broke and I had to leave the movie 4 times to go check it. They did give me a refund before I left

Wave runner Rentals LLC

We have order food EVERY SINGLE time we go to the movies. No matter what if we order tender, burger, whatever they never bring your the dipping sauce. Sometimes food arrives cold, huge disconnect in the kitchen. My recommendation? Of your hungry.. eat somewhere else

Rosie Baataoui

Love the big bistro their food and the new movies..

Brad Graham

All seats are nice with power recliners. Wish they (Marcus) had a movie subscription service of their own and served come instead of Pepsi

Sam Johnson

They found another way to scam you. First they charge you 15$ for a movie ticket then they force you to buy a 15$ drink on top of it with thier "one item minumim" policy that litterally forces you to spend ridiculous amounts of money just to enter the theater. Absolute garbage. Was way better a few years back when they had the old theater and weren't trying to scam people

Randy Sincoular

Comfortable place to watch a movie. Seats are adjustable and very relaxing.

Amy Hurt

Has online reserve seating. People are nice

Chris Johnson

The movie was good (Lion King), but there was zero ice so we drank warm soda. The restrooms were horribly dirty and the men's at least were out of paper towels. The floors were fairly nasty throughout.

Matt Luebke

Only place we go to see a movie. Well worth the drive from Janesville!

Terri Venden

Really nice movie going experience.

Tony Peterson

Great place to go if u want to get ripped off any other day than tuesday

Christin Shouse

Great theater! Love the drinks and the tacos.

Lucas Newcomb

This is one of the best run movie theaters I have ever visited. Food is great, prices are reasonable (for a movie theater), and the individual theaters are very comfortable with a quality A/V setup. It is the place I recommend most for anyone visiting from out of area.

Crystal M Peterson

I love the Marcus Palace Cinema! The reclining, plushy seats are amazing, not to mention the wonderful made-to-order food. The Wisconsin Burger was delicious! It's a little pricey, but I made it into two meals because it's so big. Excellent theatre!


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