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REVIEWS OF North Shore Cinema IN Wisconsin

Matt Reiland

Nice local theater. Experience in the ultra screen is amazing. Heated leather dream loungers plus powerful atmos sound on a huge screen. Zafiros is currently under renovation but you can still dine upstairs at a temp table area until its complete sometime late Oct 2018.

Brandon King

By far my favorite Marcus Cinema location.

Liliana Mendiola

Awesome recliners.... order food from the pizza restaurant and it comes to your seats at the show. Great cocktails Fortineaux

Great movie theater...good comfortable seat..good staff..

John Church

Friendly conversing staff. Really into their job's. Enjoy this theater more than others.

Karen Copper

Tuesdays are such good deals at Marcus Cinemas! Come early cause theaters can fill up quickly, plus members can get a free bag of popcorn. Bring a friend or your whole family. Wish they had more theaters in Milwaukee proper.

Carla C

I went with family members to see Downton Abbey and was very disappointed that the picture quality in the Ultra Screen theater was horrible. The picture was not clear, grainy, and distorted faces. And the sound system is SO LOUD!! I have to travel farther to find a better experience.

Barb O

Very good movie-going experience! Friendly and experienced staff, clean bathroom, and the freshest, buttery popcorn!

Eugene Watson

Excellent Movie Experience With A Very Nice Staff Of People!

RaMonte RaShaun

I really like it here. Clean and friendly staff

Alexander Karos

No one can pick up a phone? Called several times to no reply.

Mike Clancy

Nice theater in Mequon area.

Jacqueline Zeledon

This is one of my favorite movie theaters.


Great! Love the reclining chairs.

Carolyn Morris

Good movie sad ending. Good reality check.

Da Sh

It's always a great time and if you're looking to save a buck or two then you can always check out $5 Tuesdays

Leonard S Benson

The experiences here keep getting better each time I come here!

Nell E

The staff was rude, the service was terrible, and the bathrooms were disgusting. The theater was not that busy. The bathroom floors were filthy, they had no soap in the dispensers, and they were out of toilet paper in more than half of the stalls. This was mentioned to the staff prior to the movie. After the movie nothing had been taken care of. I will not be going back to this theater.

Thomas Janik

Great theater, it's unfortunate the patrons here show no respect for others.

Weird Cookie UwU

Really love seats and 5 dollar Tues

Paul Rudolph

No complaints about this theater. Great seating options. Great sound and image. Usually staff is nice and helpful.

Janet Kosmatka

Great movie experience! It's about time they put Sofas in the movie theaters especially since they took away our outdoor theaters. Wheelchair accessible. They have several show houses inside building is quite large and also a full stacked bar and restaurant is in there. I guess people want dinner and a movie at the same time and it seems to be working out very well! I will definitely visit Marcus North Shore again!

Richard Olson

The girlfriend and I saw A Star is Born the other night here and it was great! Only a few seats left but damn they're big n comfy! Nice theater, clean and up to date sound and picture qualities. Highly recommended.

David Swoboda

It's a very good movie house. Only complaint is sometimes the volume of films is too high, but it's what Hollywood thinks we want.

Jamila Washington

I like this cinema a lot but everytime I go something doesnt work.

Shanan B

Always a good experience at this theater. Pretty much the only place I go to see movies these days.

Ray Jackson

Very great place to watch a movie! Never have to wonder if this theatre has reclinable seating because they're always on top of what's new! I gave my daughter's party here in the Take 5 Lounge after watching the Lion King! Very nice environment and theyre will definitely have future business from all the parents asking me how to book a party as well as business from me!

Gregg S

This theater is always a pleasure to visit. The seats are clean and comfortable, and the environment is very inviting. I'll definitely return.

Caleb Kopczyk

Our go-to place for movies. Clean, great pizza (from Zaffiros), and friendly staff!

Clay W

Very clean with great seating. The recliners are very comfortable and the sound quality is excellent. The concession stand provides a nice selection, and the staff is very courteous.

Yoshi Thao

Nice seats nice staff good food. Only downfall for me here in my personal visit was that i came here at 7:45 pm to watch godzilla 2 and its been over and hour and nothing has been played yet. Will probably not return here after this experience. But still the theater is nice.

Neekan Nasiri

The movie experience is amazing. Seating is very comfortable and the foods great. It is very clean and inexpensive. I would definitely recommend it.

Janet Konczal

Magical and super affordable on Tuesdays. good happy hour and good service. Took my 6 year old we had a great time.

dalynn wade

Polite staff. Convenient & upscale movie experience. Liked the recliner chairs.

K Gee

Good theater. Food orders have been messed up a few times, but they worked to correct. But that's the concession area.

Oreo Riese

Amazing you should go there everybody's got their you know what never mind I don't hear anything

Will Young, PGA

Great local theatre. Homely and never too busy. We will definitely go back.

Cody Barczynski

A great place love going there to watch movies, concessions are fast enough room into a movie late and still make it to opening credits. They always manage to keep it clean!

Carolyn Pearson

Great me and my fiance went on a date it was fun and the food was awesome

Cool Will Steele

Used to go to Menomonee Falls Theaters, but now I will start coming here. Awesome service!!!

Lorrie Dallas

The theater 8 was not cleaned well and it had a strange smell. I feel the seats should be cleaned better.

Edgar Jordan

Clean facility and nice atmosphere. However, my large popcorn was mostly crumbs. Very surprised that they would serve that considering the cost.

Lawrence Sanders

Really nice place to see a movie. Lots of variety at the concession stand from popcorn, candy to tacos, pizza and pretzel bites with dipping cheese. Lazyboy type seats that recline and allow you to put your feet up. Staff is top notch courteous and professional. Kiosks avail for tickets. Would give 5 stars but when we went to see Endgame bathroom upkeep was atrocious. Not good considering it was a three hour movie. Liked that they deliver your pizza to your seat if you don't want to wait for it.

Innocent Ilouno

A well organized cinema

Beth Tinsley

Normally we have a great time, but this time was rough! The lounge was not staffed to get a drink before the movie, the popcorn was burnt and stale, and the soda was flat. Not the best experience! Be cautious on Sunday nights!

Tina Houston

Great theater but lack of management for the kids running things. They are great kids who have no support when they don't know how to do something.

John Wright

Beautiful place to relax

Beth Woodward

Nice recliners, AC not too cold

Peg Harloff

John Wick was great. Employees were friendly. Only complaint, the leather arm rests were extremely sticky.

Holly Uren

This theatre is outdated and the service at the snack counter was awful. The associate was rude and sarcastic.

Christine Brettingen

The reclining seats are nice, but not worth the extra cost We went to Saukville Marcus the day before (Saturday, so not senior Friday or discount Tuesday) same time, same senior discount. Had a $20 gift card, paid for admission, and a bag of candy for $4.50, and had $3.75 left on card, so $11.50 for two tickets. $17.00 for just two tickets at North Shore. Also couldn't find anyone willing to tell me how many points I had on my Reward card. Guess I'll go back to Saukville even though it's all Marcus and I'm quite disappointed.

Cave Fischer

Lobby personnel are great. But some of the young cleaning crew were loud and vulgar. They took their break out in the hallway and were using bad language with little children near them. This wasn't the first time we have witnessed this there.

TC Stillwell

It was my first time at Marcus North Shore Cinema my first time in Mequon Wisconsin. I am visiting from out of state working here for a while and went with friends to the movies. It was terrific outing 4 movie food it was great a nice variety and there was even a bar for the adults. Jonah, the bartender, made a fabulous three Tequila margarita and was very informative about things in the area she is a credit to the lounge there and made me feel right at home I would love if a Marcus Cinema came to Atlanta. Marcus Cinema in Mequon showed me Wisconsin Style hospitality and as a southerner, they made me feel like they appreciated my business I will tell everyone I know that I need to eat during my stay here about it and that they should visit

Farid Qureshi

Good movie experience with the family - thumbs up. Very friendly staff, clean cinema seatings & well maintained restrooms

William Greaves

Enjoy the theaters and amenities; however, would suggest the ticket kiosks be re-programmed as usually cannot swipe a credit card to pick up tickets. You must enter confirmation code instead.

Swaroop Kumar

Coming here for the past two years now. Has the best chairs (read, recliners/sofas) in the city. If you plan on coming here, make sure to pick a movie that's being screened on the Ultra screen. Its humongous and immersive.

Devon Mallory

Nice therater. Chilea clean and chill. I love the recliner chairs.

Kipi Guentner

The handicap stalls in the bathroom near the lobby aren't wheelchair accessible, but the rest of the place was great.

Veronica Ann

Nice and clean! A little small, but I had fun!

Annette Lloyd

Had a gluten free pizza with mushrooms and onions. Hardly any cheese on it and onions were raw. Mostly sauce. Used to the GF crust not having alot of taste but toppings were poor. Waste of money.

UknowIknow Weknow

They bring your food to you except for hot dogs, popcorn and drinks. Its always clean when we go

CykoMF Harley

Great service as usual. Glad to see Spyder is back!

drew king

the manager is not helpful and doesn’t seem to want money for the business. He’s the worst manager I’ve ever talked to in any of the places i’ve been. I love marcus theaters in mequon and he ruined it.

Alontae A Payton

A vary good place to watch the newest and latest movies...

Thomas Schultz

Number one issue is design. The person has to go all the way back or the person behind cant see the bottom quarter of the screen.

Tim Roberts

Nice theatre! Great concession set up with separate area to fill your own fountain drinks and add your own condiments. Theater is very fancy, well kept and very clean! They offer a wide menu of concessions delivered to your seat plus the ability to carry in food from the two restaurants on site.

Dank Frowns

It's a Marcus. They're all the same. Comfy seats, cringe promotions.

Seth Was Here

Really uncomfterble seating, only minor complaint I'd that our seats were unplugged and we had to re plug them in.

mike wester

Always friendly staff here and has reasonable ticket prices on Tuesdays. Please fix your sound system in the middle theatres though please!

Robert Myatt

No theater compares to Marcus. The palace is better, but still a great movie experience.

Tom Lawrence

Always a great time. I only wish service at the concession counter was quicker. There are plenty of people working, it just seems they have no sense of urgency.

alisha Williams

Amazing place. But my seats didn't go up.

Kimberly Krueger

$5 Tuesdays! The guy taking tickets by getting into character of the movie we were seeing. It's great to see people having fun at their job.

Mapiys Burmingham

Clean and quite very laidback i will go back again

Kareena Jaiswal

Worst movie experience i’ve had. Went to see two movies on Tuesday nights. People in the theater were constantly talking, getting up and walking back and fourth, and going on their phones. Staff did nothing and the movies were unenjoyable. Also saw Annabelle 4 (a rated R movie) and little kids were sitting in the theater yelling and talking. Awful experience.

Corgi Feet

Self serve kiosks didn't work. Only 1 staff long lines.

Osogladiator !

One of the most updated theaters in the area. You can expect the usual movie theater pricing. However, they do have two full service bars and a full service restaurant. Dinner and a movie couldn't be easier. In addition, if you go any day other than tuesday (that is their $5 movie night) you'll probably have no problems with crowds. If you decide to brave Tuesdays, the value is certainly worth it as they do move through the snack lines pretty fast, I would just advise getting there a little early. Parking is available on site, but wraps around the building. Just be aware if you park in back you'll have to walk around to the front.

nancy jalowiec

That old guy at the ticket desk...just a little too bossy and rushing. Hes been like this forever..but when you work in customer service you need to change your attitude

Ebony Whitson

The menu at zaffiros is different here than other marcus theaters. It was nice that they bring the ordered items to you rather than you have to leave out of the theater when the buzzer goes off.

Brandi Wright

Alot better then the one in Germantown.

Luke Redman

Amazing but one hallway has been smelling like puke for about 2 years now, and smells the same.

Luis Roman

This cinema is ran by Marcus and they do a pretty good job, the majority of the staff is friendly, its location is great and quiet and the Restaurant is accessible from the lobby, my favorite.

Maddie Teddie

I wish zero stars was an option. Used to be one of the best area theaters but has become one of the worst. Understaffed, very badly behaved patrons literally yelling obscenities at each other during films, phone usage, litter everywhere. Will not be back to Mequon. Would rather drive a half hour to another city where people still mostly have common courtesy.


Great for movies food is pricey

Cynthia Finnie

I really like the diversity and the courtesy of the Man management team and staff as a whole. I didn’t notice any power playing with the management. I enjoy myself better when I everyone is treated equally. The courtesy and cleanliness of the theater is inviting. Thanks and continue the good work

Lenny Johnson

Being a resident of ozaukee county it bothers me to know how horrible this theater has become. We went there my wife and I was upset that a rated R movie had a person show up in there with 3 children under the age of 5 and half way through the movie the smell of marijuana covered the room. We will find a new place to go seeing that management here only cares about a paycheck.

Blackjack Sass

I love this theater! My dad, my boyfriend and I always come here. The seats are comfortable and the food from their restaurant is great. And of course they have plenty of movie snacks. We even have a rewards card. We will continue to come here for all the new releases and even their special screenings. No other movie theater in the Milwaukee area comes close!

Kev south

Great theater and half price hot dogs on Tuesdays awesome

Kristina Randall

I love the seating and the emplyees are very friendly.

Kelsey Burke

Consistently good service and clean theaters.

Roger Gordon

Very comfortable recliner single and double seating. Wide and roomy plush chairs plenty of leg room. Ticket prices, $5.00 and up. Attached Ziffiros pizza parlor. Popcorn and drinks $$$$! All in all, a positive experience.

Sara Mapes

Movie theater is great. The stars are for the theater. However, had a terrible experience in the restaurant. Terrible waitress and managers. Couldn't believe the way we were treated! Made reservation for 1 1/2 hours before movie was supposed to start and were late. Just unbelievable.

Carlos Martinez

Love this theater!! Sooo clean and the people that work there are great

Barbara Smith

Going to the last late night movie was ok.

Mike Powell

I like the Ultra screen. It's a comfortable and better experience than the standard screen. I can get a better experience at home with my surround sound and UHD TV than a standard screening room. Snack bar prices are ridiculously expensive. The only advantages I see are going on a date to a public place or if you have to see the movie when it's first released. It would be nice if they could show sports playoff games or maybe other major events like pay per view. Boxing, concerts, Indy 500, Olympics etc. The bar and food delivery to your seat is nice. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes for parking and standing in lines. And the #1 thing I dislike is it's so hard to find a phone number to get a real person on the phone if it's an emergency. Everything is automated.

Kyle Greenhow

I never realized how much difference i would notice going to a high end theater, until after trying two other theaters in this area. I am so impressed with Marcus, that my wife and I will only go to Marcus for our date nights! Also we are frugal, so we get the member $4 large popcorn on the unbeatable $5 Tuesdays!

hasbro co.

The staff was wonderful. Bright, cheerful and enjoyable. Overall what I loved most about this movie theater was the seats they have was worth the drive from downtown to north shore. Luckily I am small enough to lay down in the seat when fully inclined protip for you all out there. Summary please visit this movie theater you will not be dissatisfied.

scott nelson

Dream liners are the best . First went for Father's day. Was surprised when we got there with a free snack for fathers . This is our go to theater.

Trevor Tolman

Decent theatre with comfy seats. Even in front row you’ll get a good experience.

Mike Harloff

Great place for date night. Dinner and a movie all in one.

Momma K

LOVE the reserved seating! Comfy recliners! Downfall, concessions is very slow...particularly on $5 nights!! And they don't require long hair be tied back. Case in employee with very long blonde & black hair scooped up our popcorn. Sure enough, halfway through the movie I reached for some popcorn and out came a very long black hair. Couldn't eat the rest. Yuck!! Reason for only 3 starts? Slow concessions and no hair net requirements.

Maurice From Milwaukee

Good experience, good customer service


Seats were awesome. Popcorn costs a fortune! Thought I was at Miller Park.

Judy C

Arrived at 6 pm and was told wait time for table is 25 minutes at the Zaffiro’s. Got seated at 6:45 pm with waiter Michael. Not sure why I’d to remind him 3 times for my lime to add to my drink. Not sure why use his fingers to handed me the 2 slices of lime instead of a dish or a pick from the bar?! Food arrived overly dried and not fresh at 7:15 pm, maybe Michael forgot about us and were left in the kitchen for too long?! Note, 3 other tables with another waiter got their food before us! Not sure why they got their 2 tenders and we didn’t?! Not sure why their burgers came and our not?! Don’t get me wrong! We loved this restaurant! Never ever have complaints, this is the first! Btw, Michael seemed to be gone from time to time for a long time each! I’d to ask another waiter for napkins!

Jackie Rosenwald

Awesome. Great comfortable seats.

Daryl Sole

Too many of the theaters are relatively "small" compared to other Marcus Cinemas. They should not be showing relatively new released films in theaters with very limited seating capacity. Still highly recommend this theater.

Toy S.

My favorite theater!

Andy Feuling

One of the better of Marcus cinemas in the Milwaukee area. Always fast and efficient services.

Chris Shook

Love the movie buff usher. And the UltraScreen is awesome. Love Tuesday deals too. This is the only theartre we go to now. Too bad Saukville went low budget. Time to remodel Saukville guys=add an UltraScreen and better seating.

Tonia watkins

very nice clean and comfortable experience my go to theater my Adults not many teenagers at least the times I go....

Bernetta Hill

My go to movie theater! Senior prices, relaxing lounge seating, good popcorn. It's all I ask for in a movie house. Nice clean bathrooms, from my experience!

Youssef Farhat

Great seats, very expensive food items. $15 for a bag of popcorn and soda...

Pugs Pugliese

It's a movie theatre. What can you say? Baseline is three stars, with a bonus star for the dream lounger reclining seats and bringing your food order to you at your seat.

Matt Boyce

There is always a funky smell in their west hallway. Just off smelling. Ultra screen is nice and most other theaters are just OK.

Aeron Varnell

It is a great theater comfortable seats. Someone was sitting in my seats so the theater made it so that nobody could buy the seats we were sitting in and also gave me 4 free movie passes for the inconvenience

Brian Matha

It takes way to long to get a refill on popcorn, probably missed 20 minutes of the movie

Shane Johnson

Love the seats, theaters are clean. Popcorn sucks. Always bland or burnt.

Justin Durtschi

Great theater with really nice staff!

Amanda Wagner

Absolutely love this theater. Make sure to say hi to Spider. He is usually taking tickets and is my favorite part of the North Shore theatre. He truly sets this theatre apart from the other Marcus cinemas. He is so knowledgeable about so many movies and always is up for a good conversation after what ever movie you go to see. He makes going to the movies a true experience.

Tim Kovacevic

Good seats, good price, friendly staff. Watched End Game there. Was awesome.

Suzanne Brown

Always our go to cinema. Staff are friendly and efficient.

Willie Lamar

I really love this location. It has great employees and great service.

Virginia Semons

Me and my coworkers love going here ever Tuesday.

Christina Trost-Esposito

Nice staff with a quiet atmosphere. A true cinema experience.


Exactly what you would expect. Except...Northshore has a gentleman who takes your ticket and gives you a quick (or lengthy, if you desire) opinion. He is on point and sweet as a kitten. You can pay a lot or use the deals to save $$. Clean and comfortable.

Loveable Dominique

The seats are so comfortable that I always end up getting TOO comfy during the movie

Linda Larson

Very comfortable plush seats. First time I was ever assigned a seat in a theater! Courteous and friendly employees.

Marlene Dalback

Nice place very clean

Marshall Lee

Bathrooms were very clean and the food is great.

Nicole D

Comfortable seating and awesome environment! I am not a regular movie goer but this theater could change that! Did get popcorn and soda, both were good.

Patrick Mack

Mens bathroom in terrible shape.

Daniel Burke

Always clean and the staff are friendly especially the ticket takers. It's great to get a last minute review before heading into the movie!

Paigehunt H

We love this place but why can't I use Samsung or Google Pay yet?

Patrick Davies

Very comfortable reclining seats. Nice theater.

Mesha Denise

I really like this theater. The staff is really nice and the theater's are clean. I would definitely recommend reserving your movie tickets on Tuesday ahead of time.

Marchelle Hutchins

Nice theater, Good movie, but disrespectful people(talking thru the "Whole movie). Otherwise I Enjoyed!

Taneka Williams

Staff was great! I liked how they helped us in a timely manner we're nice and friendly. The food was good theater was clean that's always a plus.

Anthony Murphy

Was our favorite movie theater. Will have to pass up Marcus theaters from now on. I made a mistake and took my watch off during movie because it was bothering me.. left it on my seat by accident when we left. Last showing of the night in that theater #. Realized first thing next morning that it was missing... Called right away. They went to look, didn't find it. I was told their staff does not clean overnight and that a cleaning service comes in to clean. I asked for that services contact so I could see if they have it was told they could not give out that info but would call them and call me back. No call back, when I had to call again they had no idea and wouldn't help... How sad. I should not have left my watch, they should not have stolen it. I'm sure Marcus uses same cleaning service for all theaters.. I don't do business with thieves.

Bob Bennett

We ate at Zafiro's. My wife and I both enjoyed our meals. Really enjoyed the movie. We also like the reclining seats and ample leg room. Very nice way to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon!! A+++

O'Rell Williams

My favorite theater of all time. We always have a great time, and occasionally we run into Mr Marcus!! I predict he'll be there for Avengers End Game, and hope to run into him again. Very gracious and obviously a movie lover!

Nick Kelley

Every time I go to this theater, people talk through the entire movie. This time I even went to get the staff to help, they said they would and did nothing.

Leslie Gibbs

Good service, clean bathrooms!!!

Athena Muhammad

Spacious, comfortable. Take advantage of the $5 Tuesday's and rewards program to save money!

Elizabeth Fisher

This Marcus Theater is a great place in Mequon. The dreamlounge is the best.

Ashley Johnnies

Awesome theater with very comfortable seating

A. I.

Best chairs and viewing angles I've ever seen at movies


Spiderman Forever ... Nice reclining seats. $4/5oz milk duds box

Liam Bates

Great movie theater! The electric recliner seats are very comfy and a nice change from other cinemas 'luxury' seats. I wish you could book online without having to pay a fee though especially as seats sell out very fast here.

Brandi Stotts-Quezaire

Favorite movie theater to go to. The seats are comfortable and you don't have to deal with the large crowds at the other more popular cinemas.


Movie Theater was comfortable. But the Ladies bathroom sinks were FILTHY! Full of MOLD, Bacteria and Germ! I don't understand how THEY could expect anyone to wash their Hands in THAT Filth!! I have been there three times and each time I inform them at the counter. Just Nasty!


Clean. Comfortable seats. Pleasant staff.

King Berry

The restaurant has some of the best pizza. My sons work there and when they come home with the pizza, its always fresh and delicious.

Mildred Weston

The sound was too loud!!!! The seats and customer service at concessions were marvelous!

Squirrel Thomson

Clean, friendly staff, great seats, good Tuesday deals!

Arielle Williams


Riva Treasure

I accidentally purchased tickets to the wrong Marcus theater through the new app. The staff was helpful and called a manager to help figure the situation out. Within minutes Andy, the manager, found me tickets and was very helpful to remedy my mistake. Thank you Andy!!

Precious Williams

3 strikes your out! 3rd visit: I usually buy tickets on fandango to make it faster to check in but that's impossible here. Their machine never matches the tickets with my credit card or members card causing me to get in line. The old lady cashier doesn't know what she is doing so she held up the line. All she had to do was enter my confirmation numbers but she was too busy looking through my phone for what idk. I asked for a manager since she could not pull up tickets with confirmation numbers, out of no where she magically appeared with my tickets! She ruined my entire night. 2nd visit: I ordered wings and I never received them. Asked for refund. No offer of anything. 1st visit: I bought tickets on fandango, the staff claim they dont see a purchase so they did not let me and my son enter. I came back with proof of purchase but we missed the movie by then. Was able to catch the next movie but I should have received something for wasting my time and frustration.


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