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6091 McKee Rd, Fitchburg, WI 53719, United States

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REVIEWS OF New Vision Theatres Fitchburg 18 + IMAX IN Wisconsin

Pete Niewold

Love the comfy seats but I've been there twice this winter and it has been freezing cold inside. Turn on the heat!

Samone Avery

They have recliners, hot food, and refills on popcorn and drinks. Love the movie choices, always new release. Great service from management.

Savage USAF Scott

The 9 am Sunday show was not crowded. I used an app. to get $5.00 off for this theater. Popcorn was good AND you put your own butter on! Our chairs were the kind tht rock back and forth as opposed to a reclining chair.

Ushmal Ramesh

It was a nice experience. The staff were helpful and I had no problems whatsoever. Seating was awesome. The only thing I noticed was that the sound was not as loud as I hoped I would be. But hey, the Tuesday special price sealed the deal!


What a dump. It was really nice when it was owned by Star but New Vision has let the entire complex go. You're better off going to one of the Marcus theaters.

Araceli Carrazco

Nice clean place to enjoy a movie, friendly staff and good snacks and I love the recliner seats

Wendy lucas

Great recliner seats


To dark when walking in. Waiting area needs better chairs and tables.. service is okay. Customer service at the concession stand have attitudes sometime. Could be better.

Tim Dingee

Could have better food selection. 15 dollar nachos.

Marcia burbach

We recently had our son’s 7th birthday party at New Vision and it was perfect! From working with Adam to set it up to Michael and the staff doing everything they could to make it easy and special the day of the party, it was a great day! Thank you to all for your care and first class service. Many of the other parents were impressed as well and I continue to spread the word about such a positive customer experience.

Cal Sprint

Great IMAX Theater! Jurassic World was amazing to watch there!

Richard M

This theater went downhill quite a bit the last year and a half. They removed and replaced the self-serve kiosks with ones that don't have chip readers (eventually, for awhile they just had one cashier). The self-serve soda-pop fountains always have sticky floors and so do the bathrooms. The theaters themselves usually aren't too bad and I tend to prefer this theater over the westside, but mostly because of the location. Like most theaters today they don't have much for an arcade but they actually have a machine now for a Ninja Turtle game. The parking lot can get feel a little stuffed at times, but it's hard to fault a place for being filled with people.

Andrea Athanas

Great place to catch a flick on date night as always.

Andrea Beaber

The movie and sound were good, but the place was an absolute mess. Theatre had popcorn on the seats, empty cups in the holders, and the entrance hall was completely soaked with an unknown liquid. The lobby area was totally littered with popcorn and other trash both before and after the show. Granted, it was a busy day (Christmas Day), so hopefully it's normally better. Not sure if I'll make a return visit though, considering there are many other theatres in the area that seem to manage the crowds better.

Brittany Lillion

This was the dirtiest theater we’ve ever been to. The carpet in the lobby didn’t look like it had been vacuumed in a week. The area around the soda machines was so sticky and puddled you couldn’t walk. The popcorn butter station was dirty, the napkins were empty. Upon walking into the theater, the carpet was soaking wet. Not sure if someone spilled something, but it would have had to been 10 people spilling their drinks in one spot due to the amount of liquid. When we got to our seats there were napkins on the floor and in the cup holders. We decided to try this theater since it’s closer to our home (less than 5 minutes), but will not return. Not worth the $50 we spent for 2 of us (tickets, 2 drinks and popcorn).

Keri Ferguson

Real IMAX, but horrible parking lot. Concession is nice with a few real foods (chicken strips). The theater has a reward program and a bar (pricey). Overall, nice place.

Eric I Farness

Good comfy seats. Moist Excellent popcorn.

Lisa Olmsted

Very expensive concessions! They didnt have the name of the movie outside the theater door. We had to ask where it was!

Dawn Gramse

Parking lot needs a lot of work but staff are friendly and comfie seats

Susan S.

They don't have the fancy reclining seats (or if they do, it's just in a few theaters, but it's still reserved seating and the chairs are nice enough. A well run theater. I've never had any problems.

Chi'Race Williams

Over priced drinks that were weak and not made properly. 27$ for 2 doubles never again

Jeremiah Brod

Not the most friendly staff. They often act as if you are an inconvenience to them.

Chris Perron

Pretty standard theatre. Comfy seats. They have a nice Coke machine.

Swaraj Save

We visit this theater many a times. It’s nice and clean. Good food and reasonable. They even show Bollywood movies and that’s cool.

Laura Werner

Nice and roomy. Reclining seats are so comfortable! Concessions are delicious.

Ashlee Bittrick

Don’t leave anything behind!! It was my friends birthday and we went to go see a movie and I had this wallet that went around my wrist and after the movie we left and I forgot my wallet and we went back to get it and my $20 was missing out of it! We called them after we left and they put the usher that found it on the phone and she said that all she did was carry it to the lost and found and she was the only one that touched it and she didn’t take anything. She was obviously lying because no one else would of took it. And then the manager said he couldn’t do anything because it was the ushers word against mine. This was a few months ago but I have not been back since and plan on never going back. Sun prairie one is much better and cleaner!!

Vishal Potti

The seating rows are well spaced and the recliners are comfortable. Movie watching experience is a class apart compared to local competitors.

Hailey Z

When I attended the movie theater the other night there were a couple teenage boys working the concessions and I had ordered some pretzel bites that were cold. Plus the boys didn't even offer us a receipt. Anyways, when I got into the theater and started eating them, there was one pretzel with a bite taken out of it and saliva where the bite was taken. This is completely disgusting!!! The food at this movie theater is already expensive enough, and this just makes it even worse. And if you have a problem like this they aren't the best at responding to emails...

Graham Delafield

Tl;dr : Average experience doesn't merit the high price of tickets and concessions. I love a great movie going experience; by far one of my favorite breaks-of-routine. My experience here was typical, but nothing exceptional. The showing room was clean, the reclining seats are nice, and the facilities are well-kept. However, the average experience, limited concession selection, and on-par amenities do not merit the (in my opinion) high price of the tickets and concessions - $15 for a matinee ticket in a reclining seat and $7+ for a large drink. If you are part of a large family and buying tickets for more than 2 people, I highly suggest you find a theater that provides you a real treat for the price you are willing to pay. It seems that this theater recently changed management, so maybe the experience will improve with time!

Amanda W

Not only is this entire place a disgusting mess, you have kids working the concessions who have no idea what customer service is. I'd like to address why people dont use the theatre. Aside from the bathrooms fit for no one, and the mess...your prices are rediculous. Almost 10 bucks for popcorn and a soda each?? New vision? New owner? Try a reasonable price and put your staff to work. You will need a biohazard suit in the bathrooms.

Kayla Clevenger

Good prices, seats not always available, you can buy online tickets

chad scidmore

It's a nice theatre reasonable ticket prices. They have recliner seats in most of the theatres so they are super comfortable, but there's limited seating in each theatre so I would recommend booking tickets ahead of time because they can sell out good seats quickly. The concessions are really expensive, I know theatres are usually expensive, but it's about $5.25 for a box of candy or $9 for a soda, I personally find it insane, but other than that it's a nice place


Watched Kesari, an Indian Movie..Good

Raythe Darkfur

Great theater, wonderful staff, no problems with the projector or the theater itself. We went to see Detective Pikachu, super great experience all around.

Alexander Bajoon

Wonderful place to visit with family and friends, or even by yourself. The ticket pricing is not too expensive and the workers there are very friendly and helpful. The only issue I have is the overpriced concessions. The theater itself is wonderful in terms of the reclining seats and not too loud speakers. I would carry a sweater or hoodie because the theater can be often be cold.

ᗪOᗯᑎTOᗯᑎ ᗪᗩᗪ

Excellent movie theater! Seats are large and comfortable. Bathrooms are super big, fresh, and clean. Food service convenient and appealing. Games for kids. Friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Venus Anything channel

Epic shazam was everything I imagined and yet im.26 yrs old me and my boyfriend enjoyed the new vision the seats were so comfortable we almost fell asleep :) take your kids to see shazam its glorious

Kailey Shields

Worst movie theater I have ever been to. The customer service is some of the absolute worse I’ve ever experienced. The new frozen yogurt machine wasn’t working right and I asked nicely if someone could try and help me and I was looked at like I was a burden. I waited at the concessions for over 5 minutes before an employee even noticed me and decided to come over and offer me help. Save your money, or better yet go to a Marcus theater. What a terrible experience.

Doug B

Good theatre. View movies here on a regular basis.

Olivia Lee

Actually pretty good. Surprised me in the nicest way possible. Maybe it was because I went and saw a scary movie in the daylight and came out...and it was still daylight because we went at like noon. Idk. Reality is a little different when you come out of a theatre with daylight

Kathy Stoikes

Very disappointed!!!! Had to wait 15 minutes or more to get a ticket with only one person ahead of me. Needed to call the manager. Only one person selling tickets. Missed the beginning of the movie.

Toremy Jayroe

I’m writing a review for a different reason. I own a small in home Child care and asked if we could have a tour. Adam the general manager and his staff were so accommodating and friendly. They went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed. Thank you for being such great hosts to such a small bunch of kiddos, it made one guy in particular VERY happy

Jared Bender

The seats are fine, but one can easily see pixels on their IMAX screen, which can at times break the suspension of disbelief.

Anandan Sundaram

I really like this place. The theater is big. The screen is big, good sound effects.

James Payton

My favorite movie theatre. I think their free rewards program is the best. Free movie on birth month, $2 off concessions per ticket purchased online and you can't beat the $20 bucket of popcorn that you can refill for $4 that's only $2 when you take off your online ticket purchase.

Heather Young

Clean theater. Nice staff. Parking lot needs serious resurfacing.

Joe Z

I visited this theater today and will likely not be coming back. The place appeared clean, the popcorn was kind of fresh and I was pumped to see the movie. Unfortunately, there was fruit flies or something that kept flying around in front of the projection. The result was a shadow on the screen and was quite noticeable. This was super annoying and more than once took me right out of the story.

Zach Hickman

The theater seats recline and comfortable when watching what ever type movie your in to.


Decent place, but haven't been in awhile with the new Marcus Palace Cinema


The only Imax in Madison. Has $5 Tuesdays and many special screenings of smaller and old films, which I love. Only con is the parking lot has the worst potholes in town.

Robert Gates

Love the new recliner's , always alot of selection.

Matt Laffin

Favorite theater in Madison comfortable chairs and ooo lala big screen

Natalie Senecal

This theater used to be a great additional option for movies. But as it has been sold more than once it has slowly gone down hill. The menu is extremely limited at a time that menus are actually a bigger deal at theaters. There is no longer pizza or anything substantial food wise, which was a perk before and a perk that most of the other theaters have. The bathrooms are always dirty and in disarray and even the hallways at non-peak times have popcorn and paper debris. I was just at the theater to see a Star is Born and when we got out of the theater the trash can right outside the door was beyond piled high with soda and popcorn containers. It's a shame---we still enjoy the process of going to a theater, it just means that we will go to other options first.

Declan Crego

Now this is a GOOD THEATRE. The staff is courteous and quick, the food of course, is quite expensive (as usual) and the theatre experience is great. The process of getting a ticket and getting into your seat will must likely never take longer than 5-6 minutes. Once inside the theatre, the seats are HUGE and they recline as well as kick up footrests (only if you want it!). I have gone here many times for IMAX, 3D, and regular showings.


My favorite theater, I go here for every movie that I see. The dream loungers are very comfortable and it's never super busy which is a plus.

Eric Sawyers

I've been going to this theater for a very long time and I typically always enjoy myself when seeing a movie with friends or the family. Really comfortable recliner lounge seats and seating is reserved which is nice for planning ahead with larger parties or a family of 5 plus grandma. A little disappointing that not all of the theaters have the recliner seats, recently saw a movie in IMAX and the tickets were significantly more $ per ticket but when we arrived we found that the seating was normal theater seating which was uncomfortable, not very clean, and very tight together. Several times my seat back was bumped unintentionally by the movie-goer behind me. I'm sure it listed the seats as normal and not recliner lounge or whatever when we were purchasing the tickets but we overlooked that detail, we won't next time. Overall I like this theater a lot, it is convenient, has a great variety of movie times available, and the prices are typically decent, I'm sure they're working on it but they could make some improvements to their other theaters or cut the costs on some ticket prices. Also please turn down the volume just a little bit in the IMAX theaters. Plus side, my grandma could hear perfectly. Negative side, I felt like I wanted to plug my ears to protect myself during most of the loud action scenes.

Claire Jolly

Pretty big, never had to wait in line, good selection of movies. The seats r comfy

Liz Buchanan-Beegle

Went to see Avengers Endgame and I was SUPER impressed. Staff was dressed up as characters which the kids loved of course. Very clean bathrooms and theater. And the clean up staff at the end reminded everyone to not about the movie as they left so as not to spoil it for the people waiting to come in.

Edward Smith

Nice theater, but their pop corn was nasty. A lot of unpopped kernels.

Cheenou Xiong

Server said my total was $17.25 for a large combo. Last time I came here, large combo was around nine dollars because I wanted a large drink and medium popcorn. In which I was told I could get a better deal if I just get a large combo. I guess it depends on your server if they feel like screwing you or help you. Plus, nobody changed the lemonade syrup. It was still out halfway through the movie I was watching. I'm not going to hassle around with people who want skim my money and don't know how to do their job. Get it together or I could go somewhere else.

Mark Hayward

I love this theater. Everything is nice, and in good shape. So many theaters!

Joan Bazan

I love watching movies in the IMAX! I HATE HATE HATE the paper bags for popcorn and that you have to put the oil on yourself.

Grant Johnsen

I would highly recommend the recliner seats over the updated yet none reclining IMAX seats. Over all a great experience and me living in Fitchburg Its in a really nice convenient location. Infact I remember when it was still star cinema when you walked in you got this really really strong movie theater vibe as you should. But now when you walk in it feels more like a really weird restaurant with all the updating they did, but still I really enjoyed the experience and that's all that matters.

Melissa Deke

Reclining leather seats, full bar, very expensive movie type food. What more could you ask for

Reid Magney

Comfortable, clean. Good place to see a movie.

Emily Barry

This theatre has seen better days. Renamed from the old AMC, this New Vision Theatre had everything a typical movie theatre today has: recliner seats, respectable concessions, and personal seat selection. Something this theatre has going for it compared to it's local competitors is that tickets in the morning are $5 - regardless of the day. We spent half the money for tickets than we would have if we went somewhere else. While that was nice, you could see this theatre is aging. Ignoring that, it's one of the best deals for a movie in the Madison area.

Rob Meisenburg

Very courteous and clean. Also great options for concessions and bar. Great seating.

Erica Whittenberger

Nice seats and good deals on Tuesday.

Don Johnson

An excellent movie going experience.

Monterio Evans

Parking was terrible and they sold us the wrong tickets to the wrong movie making us late for The movie we wanted to see and The popcorn was not fresh..the nachos was stale.

Jarod Claudia Minnickel

I-Max was great and the sound was so good.

Bill Reichardt

Always ends up being the last choice in theatres. Food prices are absolutely insane, you look up and its as if you are seeing prices for junk food in the year 2050. The lack of quality and huge ripoff in pricing AFTER tickets being the most expensive in the area is insulting for a place with odd decor that is always under construction for the past 3 years and has a parking lot right out of a warzone. Not a fan.

kristen Brantner

Staff was friendly and helpful. I didn't realize the price just time! We would've picked another theater that was cheaper for an 11:00 move. Thought 11.50 per person no matter the age was steep considering other theaters have discounts during the day.

Victor Kumapayi

IMAX was SO immersive....felt like I was using a VR. Crazy.

rutta ouk

I give it a four mainly because movie theaters are just great! My only feedback is that they just need to have a little better system when it comes to ordering food :/. Unfortunately I waited a while for my food and 3 ppl just went up and grabbed the my meal who I know ordered after me. Again nothing major I know they were busy but a better system in place would be nice so no one walks off with my food :)

Shane Cook

Fantastic screens and sound. Messier than in past years.

Levi Nothdorf

They need more scanning options for online tickets, like all the AMC theaters have kiosks for that. Otherwise the experience was good. Comfortable seats, plenty of room to walk through aisles, overall a good clean theater

Jacob McRoberts

My friend and I were about to sit down and start watching Godzilla when we entered the theater and noticed a group of 6 people took our spots. The theater was pretty much empty so we decided to just sit somewhere else. However, these people were extremely loud and kept on talking for the first 30 minutes of the movies. Not only that, but one individual was talking on their phone on speaker, and someone else every minute or so was taking pictures with flash. Just about every rule there is in a movie theater to deter disturbance, these people broke. My friend and I asked them several times to be quiet and if they could take their phone call elsewhere. It seems as if they didn’t understand us at all, because their behavior didn’t change in the slightest and they were speaking Spanish. We then called the movie theater to get the situation handled. A man by the name of “Caleb” answered the phone and I told him the situation. Within 2 minutes 2 workers were there and gave the people multiple warnings and eventually kicked them out because they still weren’t listening. They also gave us each 2 movie passes and apologized. This situation was handled very smoothly and professionally by the 2 workers who dealt with those rude people. That is why I am rating this place 5 stars. Thank you

Kristian Zintel

Facility is great. I don't understand their loyalty program, though. Concession process seem to always be different.

Matthew N. Fuller

Easy handicap parking and clean theater. Buttons to open door for handicap easy to see. Clean restrooms. Handicap area easy to find and seats have nice arm rest. Also seats have foot rest however seats were a little stiff. Great screen great place for whole family.

Zeexue Xiong

Great staff and great prices. Would like to see more upgrades.

Patty deWeese

Great workers! They are always so sweet and helpful. Seats a very comfortable and show always starts on time. Price of concessions are high, but no more than other theaters. We go there quite often.

Jeff Saenger

Great reclaining chairs and nice open, clean space

Spencer Talley

Prices are jacked and way to expensive candy is $4 almost $5 when u can buy the same candy for $1 and popcorn Is way over priced


Best theater in town in my opinion. Limited ads before movies (unlike AMC and Marcus which are intolerable on that front), great facilities, novel movie selections, friendly service, with an IMAX.

Zachary Graham

Movies are great.. who doesn't love movies? I ordered a small drink.. Just a small drink.. "that'll be $7.10".. New Vision Theaters, this is why people, myself included from now on, smuggle snacks into theaters. You need to fix this. It should not be considered ethical or lawful, by you or anyone else, to charge me 1&1/2 times the cost of a full case of soda for one small drink. It's ridiculous and you know it. So stop robbing us

David Williamson

Very friendly staff and great movie theatre. A number of screens with great time options too. I've only ever had a positive experience here.

Abby Monteith

Good theater, seating is great - very comfortable. The popcorn/food is way over priced.

Shayna Weisnicht

Basically what you expect from a movie theater. It is much better than when it was AMC though. They've updated and improved the staff. I haven't tried the bar but they have a rewards program in place and the seats are VERY comfortable. They also have $5 movie Tuesdays.

Erik Bakken

Weird. They have the big recliners and assigned seating. When we got there, there were only a few seats left. Then the theatre was nearly empty for the film. Didn't make sense to me.

Claudia D

I enjoyed coming here 2 x,a month with boyfriend .it was nice to have date night.

Kirsten Natasha

I love the addition of the froyo machine and the little extras that you guys now offer. Yes it is expensive but that's the movie theatre. The chairs are so comfortable and spaced nicely. I don't go to the movies often but when I do I like to go here

Geoff Wild

I really enjoy this theater. It's very comfortable and a good price for a movie theater. I haven't been in the IMAX so I can't speak to that specific theater. My one gripe is that they don't have their smallest ICEEs available for purchase everyday. Sp instead of getting smaller ICEEs for my little kids, i end up having to buy the larger ones if I get them.

Sarah West

The staff are great and the seats are the most comfortable I've ever say in at a theater! They recliner and put your feet up, and are soft so you feel truly relaxed. It's definitely my theater of choice!

Tom Chubaty

Great place to see full screen movies. Like all movie theatres these days, concession are EXPENSIVE, but at least the large popcorn and drink have free refills. If money is not a concern, then you can enjoy a drink at their full service bar. This theater does have dream loungers which are super comfy. Still very enjoyable!

Brock Hummel

The workers were very rude and horrible customer service. And we’re very goofy looking. Save your time and buy your own theatre

Alicia Vorpagel

I'm a huge fan of this place! Always clean, amazing seating,and a great staff!

Isaac A

Been there for dozens of movies...always a great time and comfortable.


The IMAX hasn't been renovated since theater attendance began dropping so you're stuck in seats from the 90s squeezed together like you're flying coach even though it'll be less then half full even shortly after a major release for 5 dollar tuesday. I've heard their non-imax rooms have nice seats, but they literally have imax in their name, so that seems like a cop out.

Talia Oberling

One of the managers and a ticket counter worker went above and beyond to help me find better tickets for the opening night of Avengers Endgame. The young manager (wish I would have asked his name...) even let me go back to the IMAX to see if I thought our 2nd row tickets were too close. He and the gentleman that worked at the ticket counter really wanted to help me and they were so kind. They gave the best customer service experience I have had in a long time!

Lee Haralson jr

Good seating clean theatre good picture but really really expensive. $60 for two tickets with 2 pops and popcorn combo.

Marvel Roen

Nice quiet relaxing recliners quick and easy check-in prices are a little high for confessions

Andrew Snyder

Saw Avengers Endgame. Theater was clean and comfy.

Wade Kapanke

Nice theater. They have updated thier theaters to be Stadium seating with recliners. It is very nice. I would go there again.

Adriana Rojas

Really outdated , little food options. Save your money go to the flix and brew or sun prairie theatre.

Ryan Bailey

Super comfy chairs, standard outrageous prices. Still 5 stars for changing from cramming everyone in like sardines to the recliners. In the past I often regretted going to the theater half way through the movie from being packed in, now I find myself thinking I should see more movies. Love it

Erin Enger

Price for snacks is terrible. My family of 4 could have went to Red Lobster for the same price. When they took our order there was a new person so I get mistakes happen. However the only thing he had right was the drinks. We ordered Curley fries two of them and pretzel bites two of them. He had 4 large popcorn plus what we said. The only thing going for it was the movie was good.

richard rogers

Worst experience going to a theater! From the service to the food it was all terrible! Overpriced and I was served a burnt pizza and refused to take it and then was delivered a half cooked one! Very disappointed and I will never go back!

Jonathan Yankovich

I really like this theatre. We saw Aliens on a Sunday night — the original! How cool is that? Nice small theatres and comfy seats.

Stephene Clark

Comfy seating and big screens but ridiculously priced concessions

Maxwell Anthony Tegen

Great place to go great service and great experiences just seeing if you stay at this

Tammy Downing

Great screens and sound in the theaters. I am a member of the rewards program which is fantastic.

Justin Pugh

You can't sit closely to the person next to you with the recliner seats! Just so you know. ;-) The non-IMAX theater seats are similar to the ones you'd find in a Marcus theater, but the divider that folds up doesn't fold up completely, and it's kinda awkward whether it's up or down. It makes it impossible to have a continuous "loveseat". I didn't care for the lobby ticketing area, it was confusing and cramped. There's vertical signage in the theater that's a little unclear/difficult to read. The parking lot has many large potholes and doesn't appear to have been taken care of. The actual auditorium was clean and free of any issues. Overall, though, this theater is definitely on a level below Marcus Palace or even Marcus Point, in my opinion. But, seats aside, I'd feel comfortable returning here if I was going alone.

Andrew Suneson

Love the theater here. Since the renovations have taken place, the theater has improved a bit. My only beef is the "convenience fee" for booking online. However, just go to the theater and there is no fee for that.

Pamela Hoard

It was a Tuesday at 4:30pm. Cheaper tickets. Lobby was not very clean. They need new carpeting, my opinion. Staff was very pleasant. Seats were fine but aged and some probs with adjustments.

Robert Chiesa

We go there regularly because of the special theatrical arts performances (e.g., Royal Opera House ballets and operas) that they have. It always looks like it is dirty and needs a good cleaning, unlike the 2 Marcus theaters in the Madison area (the Point and the Palace theaters), which are very neat and clean. We only have popcorn and soda at the movies, so I can't comment on the food except to say that the popcorn and butter are not as good as that at the Marcus theaters. The recliner seats are nice and comfortable, especially when watching a 3+ hour performance, but no better than those at the Marcus theaters. Any the pothole-riddled parking lot is a disgrace! If it weren't for the fact that they show special performances that are not shown anywhere else in south central Wisconsin, I would have rated this place 1⭐ and would never go there again!

Russell Chernak

This is a nice theater but the lobby is so dark that it always feels like I'm walking into an abandoned building. The theaters are nice and well kept. I have never experienced a technical issue with any movie here. I also like the ability to butter my own popcorn. It would be nice if the popcorn came in buckets instead of bags though.

Aja Gurney

I like this theater, very big and a fun environment. They have to be better about cleaning theaters between movies. I seem to always fine trash in the cupholder or in my seat.

Ryder Schwagler

Good theater, nice recliners.

Shana Johnson

Prices are my issue.

Roylene Garrett

The movie Toy Story 4, was delightful for this senior viewer.

Sujata Majumdar

nice movie theatre...even Bollywood movie is also has nice seating shop is also can get popcorn, french fry types snacks...drinking water is has parking area

David Cheung

This is a great theatre. It is clean both in the theatres and the bathrooms. The screens are clear and the sound is good. When you enter, a staff member will permit you to choose and reserve your seats. So it is important to reserve early otherwise you may not get a seat you desire. Inside the theatres, look for your row letter on the floor. Letters are in 1 foot red squares that are part of the carpet design. Seat numbers are on the front of the armrests of the seats. There are buttons to recline the seats on the right armrest. It is a black hard plastic circle that is hard to see in the dark.

Dan ''Spiffy'' Neuman

I remember when this was first built, as "Star Cinema". We were so excited. I honestly dont remember why. It was just another movie theatre. Maybe it was Madison's first iMax. Now it's showing signs of wear. Stained carpets, ripped seats, leaks in the ceiling. They have kept the sound and projection equipment current. We bought our tickets on their website and did not receive a confirmation eMail. I called customer service, left a voicemail, and got no response. I eMailed, and they sent me back out confirmation code. When I got to the theatre, no one had any idea how to deal with a confirmation code in an eMail. They sent us to the manager. The whole process took ~20 minutes and we were late for our movie. However, the staff was very friendly, tried their best to be helpful, and we very much enjoyed the movie. Dont buy your tickets on their website. Dont expect a shiny new theatre. But the staff is friendly and they have all the new movies.

Jeff Golden

This theater hits the sweet spot between too fancy and affordable. The reclining seats are very comfortable, and the half-walls between rows make seating feel private. It's easy to forget there are other people in the theater. My kids love seeing movies here despite being younger.

Justin Coenen

Normally very clean. Recommended 5 Stars!

James Reuter

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody. I don't go to the movies that often but this was very comfortable with good seats and a good sound system.

Jenny K

One of the best theaters in town.

Tawni Stenberg

There was a big spill and nobody bothered to clean it up after we reported it. Very few seats available for reservation shortly before who time but the theatre was empty.

Andrew Comstock

The show played well with good quality. The oversized reclining leather seats were amazing. The front ticket kiosks were having trouble, but we got there early enough that switching kiosks wasn't a problem.

Andy S

This is the cleanest I have ever seen it. Usually popcorn everywhere and paper. The real hazard is the parking lot with holes so big, well watch out for your little children! They need to fix lot soon before getting sued for car or personnel damages which New Vision would lose in a lawsuit. Very friendly staff and they explained a lot of their promotions well! Sign up for new vision card/discounts it pays!

Todd Bentley

Great seats and sound

Troy Stevenson

Costs a lot more than my local movie theater but loved the seats.

Scott Johnson

Closest major theatre for us to visit, the seating is comfortable and roomy, staff has always been pleasant when we visit. If there is any complaint it would be that cleaning is some times hit and miss.


Very nice theater.

vikram stanam

Best recliner seating. Lot of drink and food options .

Andrew Foley

Love popcorn station that the West side Madison location lacks.

Silver Tongue

It could be a little cleaner, but this theater is comfortable, prices are decent, and the screens show me what I want to see.

Eric Podzorski

Dirty and popcorn was full of kernals.

Jazz Disch

Customer service training (I understand it's a entry lvl postion)Decent price. Theaters not very clean and employees could use a little more

Liz Ramirez

Love the recliner seating. Pop corn bucket must get can bring back to fill it for $4.00.

JR Info

Dirty! They don't clean auditoriums after every movie. So when you walk in, there will be popcorn and napkins everywhere. Our seats were sticky and wet. Absoltely disgusting. They are in need of better management!

Rocky Blanco

My favorite and best movie theater on the west side of Madison. Very clean, organized, and great seating. Always has the latest movies as well as foreign films and special viewings of classics. Great food and drink selections (including alcohol) and a wonderful cheery staff. Definitely sign up for their free rewards program to get discounts on concession items.

Roger Fletcher

Popcorn tastes cheap. Seats are good. Better at point.

Izzy Telfer

Efficient and friendly, we loved our movie.

James Luscher

Three o'clock wasn't crowded (if you like that), comfortable seats and enjoyed POMS

Todd Spencer

Seats are great, sound is awesome, but theater was stuffy and too warm

Taylor Gerdes

Love the comfy cushiony recliners. Pop had a funny taste, but overall, clean, nice sound system, and the like.

javier gomez

I'm not sure if the place was just filthy because Wisconsin is dirty when the snow and ice and slush and salt gets massive, but it was very dirty in this place. The only reason I'll give this a 3.7 is because of the on point , legit customer service that the managers and employees implemented during my transaction. They as a team went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my hot food order was exactly as I expected it, and when it was not, they did not even bat an eye at my complaints and instead moved immediately to fix my problems. Well done!! I'll definitely be back for more of that. Thanks guys

K C Aranda

Been here plenty times. I think it is better now than it was before. We saw a rat but gave it another try after the name changed. So far no rats.

Brandilyn Radunz

It was our 1st time at this theatre.The staff just seemed 2 assume everyone had been there b4. Even after asking 4 help, both the ticket & concession sellers were rude.The theatre looked clean, but the cupholders had trash in them. So at 1st glance things were good.But customer service was terrible I would not recommend this theatre 2 anyone new.The temperature & sound was perfect .

S Warren

1st visit to this theater after name change to New vision. Theater was dirty. Popcorn on floor & in seats. Candy boxes on floor. We went to 2 movies & both theaters dirty. It is obvious that the theaters are not cleaned between shows. We usually go to Marcus & they clean theater between shows & have free popcorn on Tuesdays. Expected much better for a theater in Fitchburg.

Brad Ladwig

Very comfortable and nicely appointed. The concessions were more overpriced than other theaters. They also don't waive the convenience fee if you purchase through Fandango even if you have their loyalty card.

Chris Enstad

Really nice facility although it's starting to show wear around the edges.

Patricia Roblee

Very cold in the theater. About 65

Ryan Olson

This place replaced the old AMC and made it better. Reclining seats is the first and foremost improvement. They added a bar too. I go to movies in the morning, and I appreciate that tickets are the cheapest then ($5.55). For other times of day, they are about the same price as any other local cinema. I will award a cinema 5 stars the day they offer reasonably priced concessions. Until then I will continue to save money by bringing my own from the grocery store. FYI the parking lot is not for claustrophobic people

Dakota Dorn

Great place to see a movie away from the crowds of the other theaters. Took a star because of the parking lot being in such disrepair.

Alex Kocher

sticky spots and rips in the theater seats. Trash on the theater floor and best of all the matinee price was $9.75 on the weekend. We were going to get a soda, but the smallest stand alone soda size was over $7. They did have free small cups available for water, the smallest bottled water was $4.55. At least they still do $5 Tuesdays. I understand they are under newer ownership of this location after AMC moved to Hilldale, but these concession prices really don't seem justifiable compared to the other theaters in the area.


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