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REVIEWS OF Micon Downtown Budget Cinema IN Wisconsin

Sine Co

Wonderful theater good service excellent time, seats a touch narrow but still comfy

John Alexander Jr.

Casual with authentic flavor. Come as you are and enjoy. If the technology was improved a little I would say 5 stars all the way.

Steve Hanson

The owners of this theater have really been sprucing up and making it a destination. Cheap movies ($4, or $3 on Tuesdays) and a nice selection of food and drinks. The pizza is actually quite good, and the other food looks fine, and much much better than the normal run of theater food. Real popcorn with real butter, and some nice beer and wine selections (nope, not the most exciting in town, but you'll find a few nice craft beers in there). Altogether a really nice place for an inexpensive date.

Tim Cornish

How can you beat a $4 movie? Especially in a nice and clean atmosphere. Plenty of room with the tables and the food is both inexpensive and tasty. Overall, the staff is friendly and takes care of each individual by delivering food to their seats. Best budget theater I have been to.

Jared Andress

4 dollar movies. Perfect for a good downtown date. Thanks for updating and keeping good movies rollung through.

Jordon Kunya

$4.00 a person (about half the price of a normal theatre) and $3.00 on Tuesdays. Normally not packed because they only have four movies at once and they're all played out at the regular theatres, but it's nice because it's almost never packed. The seats are okay (they are not the tall seats), and make sure you sit up close on the bottom level theatre (the room is HUGE). The place is kept pretty clean, and the employees are friendly.

lee swanson

Like the idea but the back row has NO room.

Jason Oliver

Great prices. Get food and alcohol served to a 'table' as you watch your movie.

Chari White

Great place for some family fun and the employees are always friendly!

Brock Blue

Great local cinema and very affordable. Just watch Spider-Man:Far From Home and I had a few good laughs with my buddy Joe. Definitely will visit again soon.

James Bates

Great place.

Jesse Friend

Really cheap prices, beer is about what you'll pay at a local bar. Food is pretty good. They've made this into a great place.

jennifer hill

Good place to see a movie on the cheap ticket prices are about 4 dollars service is great you can order food it cost a lot less to see a movie there then most places

Gretchen Oster

Love this place. Good beer and pizza. Reasonable prices, locally owned.

Alex Brandt

Pulled out my phone to read an important text, that I had just recieved, screen was on the dimmest setting. I even hid it so that people wouldn't be interrupted. Minute later I get yelled at to get off my phone and I mean like really yelled at, apparently these people don't understand politeness, I'm pretty sure that the worker that yelled at me was more of a disturbance to the other movie goers than my phone was. I mean I understand but the only reason you came in and yelled at me was because you thought I was recording. Also for the record I wasn't on the end so I could not have just slipped out of the theatre to read the text. I work costumer service so I know how to treat people and I think that they treated me that way mostly because I'm a male young adult. I'm not a movie fan and I as sure won't be after this encounter. I get it, my review won't matter because I only paid $7. But maybe it will help your company. I definitely won't go on my phone during a movie now, which is fine. There were a couple more things that rubbed me the wrong way, but that's a different story. Otherwise comfortable seats.

S Hoop

Nice cheap movie place. See titles that came out a while ago.

Maria Halpin

Good prices, searing is excellent with a small selection of food items. Good for a family movie night.

Ann Skora

Lumber Baron good movie

Richard Janowicz

Excellent seating, popcorn, and staff

Steven Berger

Love it! Eat food! Drink inside - so cool!

Daylon O'Connell

Great for a date night. Reasonable prices on everything.


Real butter! Two thumbs up.

Alyssa Thoms

Great movies for a great price. The service is pretty slow and cumbersome. They will not serve you if there is less than an hour left of your movie...

pat welch

Great food

Chris Staten

Great cheap current movies. Great deal on popcorn bucket

Ethan Schuelke

Cheap movies on the big screen and drinks! What more could you want!?

Andrea Phillips

Always will be the best imo

Nick Bartelt


AdamNatasha Wilkens

A Cool place to take the kids for a family night.

Max Grabara

We love this theater! The staff here is always friendly and courteous and really makes us feel at home. Food service is timely and delicious!

Joanne Lenz-Mandt

Old dowtown theater fixed up with some art deco details. Affordable food and snacks including beer. Some rows have tables to set your food.

Eric Freberg

Theater shows movies that have been out a little longer at a deep discount. Serve snack bar type food and bring it to you at your seat. The seats feature a table for you to place you food on. We had pizza and it was pretty good.

Christine Stephens

Love that there are tables in front of your seats. Lots of room and comfortable chairs!!

Sam Faahs

Cheap and fun


I enjoy the recent renovations. Love the tables added in so people can have dinner. We've had the pizza there -love it. And the popcorn is good too. Plesant climate too. I would appreciate more comminicative and directing staff when us movie goers are piled in for a sold out show. All together I think its a novel place as it is in one of the older/vintage locations in town, which they've successfully brought back to life. Good for families on a budget as well. And will be looking forward to sampling from the beer/wine collection.

Jonathon Dambowy

This place takes you back into time, with current movies.

Sandy Wagner

Wonderful renovation on an old quaint theater

Angela Maiorana

Affordable dinner & a movie for the whole family

Ashley Bushendorf

Movie was great and the place was packed and also great!!!

Nicholas Shoemaker

Non table rows are so close together that your knees are touching the chair in front of you.

Brady Reetz

This is first time I have been to this theater since Micon purchased it. I was here a few times when it was cameo budget. Price have always been good at this location. I absolutely love the tables in front of the seats. Envision any theater you been to with stadium style seating. Now take the seats out of the odd numbered rows and add tables. They offer a dinner theater experience as well as some adult beverage choice. Cant beat the flat $4 rate, states $3 for kid but was advised flat rate of $4/seat. One couple was there with two kids but only paid for 3 seats, other kid sat between parent laps. 15 for king size snack (large bucket popcorn, two large drinks and 1 candy item). Free refills on the large popcorn and drink. For a budget theater, out-weighed my expectations. Micon did amazing things for the downtown theater. I felt the experience had trumped some I have had at some of the non-budget theaters, including some of their own locations. Great value, will come again. Next time we are definitely going to go for the dinner experience. Great Job Micon!

Thomas Benning

Seeing the movie Bohemian Rhapsody great movie great little theater

Ali Knoll

Since the remodel, this has become my favorite movie spot. The food is surprisingly good and who doesn't like a beer at the movies?

Gina Montague

This place is a gem. It is a small cinema downtown Eau Claire. We were pleasantly surprised how well maintained it is. Prices are great - they serve food and adult beverages too.

Monty Peterson

Great place to see movies that are just out of the theaters. They server a small, but good selection of food with a bench area at your seat. Cheap food, popcorn, soda and beer! Great for a date night or a fun way to watch a movie with the kids.

Matt Meierstein

Serves homemade pizza and pork sliders (at decent prices) among there standard theater fare. Also has beer and wine available for purchase. Kids movies will sell out, get there early. Only about half of the seats have tables for all your food, get there early.

Cory J Coulombe, beer and great snacks...what else?

David Poynter

After recent renovations, this place is a wonderful budget theater! They offer a lot of food, and some of the rows even have a table for setting your food on!

Jennie Harshman

Movie was cheap, seats fine


Love this budget friendly option for a family night out. Glad that Micon put some money into the downtown theater.

Brodie Broome

Went and saw the new blade runner movie, good seating and surround sound system

Chue Vang

Best place ever good food and good movies

Ryan Jacobs

It has a good selection of food, great seats, and cheap tickets. The only problem is that it was cold inside.

Maria D.G.

Amazing pizza, root beer floats, smiling service that looks you in the eye (thanks Jesse). The low price more than makes up for the little bit of a wait on a packed-cinema-Friday. Considering how small of a workspace and staff they have, I'm impressed with the quality of service.

Danielle Krueger

Loved that they brought back a classic- Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The family loved enjoying it on the big screen.

Derek Schneider

Good deal on tickets, the concessions are to be avoided, but since the renovations the character has been restored

Stacia Moreland

Affordable, good food and a very friendly staff.

Tabatha Voss

Cheap tickets. Fewer movie-goers. Dinner & adult beverages make it a decent place for date night.

Matthew Sjogren

What's better for new media absorption besides home streaming? Nothing.

Zach Cannon

Take the extra mile to take are snacks away. Are you going to search everyone in the whole theatre to make sure they aren’t on their phone or having snacks. This place sucks and I’m not coming here again.

Julie Lampe

Good movie and pizza at a great price!

Karl Lehrke

Best Theatre experience in a really long time. Great rates, comfortable seats, clean, AND good food.

D. Leo Petty

Love this place and have mostly got great service and enjoyed date nite here. Last visit there is a new guy whom doesn't seem to like his job

Jeff Rye

Clean newly remodeled and a great price for a dinner and a movie. I would definitely recommend. Only suggestion would be to have a better variety of food/ dinner selection.

Darryl Dahl

Loved our experience!! Awesome staff, excellent value, delicious concessions and comfortable theatre

Debie Buttke

I found it to be very nice. Lots of people there. Very nice & clean

Chris Herman

Great place to watch a movie!!! Love it. Always wait for a movie I want to watch again and go for food and a couple beers!

Robert Franz Lee

Great little cinema. On Tuesdays, there is a $1 discount so admission is only $3. Bring the family for dinner and a movie here.

Missy Bablick

Adults only 4 children 3 very nice theatre

Kevin Krzysik

Excellent theater. Very clean, friendly staff. Why pay more to go anywhere else?

Bryan Kujawa

nice place, great prices, popcorn is what you pay for, enjoyed the tables at the seats!

Chuck Shoemaker

Nice little theater. Enjoyed going

corey jevne

My experience with Micon has always been good ones! I only ever had one issue with them and that was few years ago. And they rectified the situation immediately. I was very thankful and impressed on how they handled the situation. I also love the improvements they made to Budget theatre. But, I wish they would have kept the funky orange seating that they had near the bathrooms. Other than that, I love the new Budget Theatre!

Jeff McCabe

Awesome Moviehouse

Michael G

UPDATE: The theater went under a major renovation last year and it's now even better. It now has new screens, digital projection (which I view as a con, but I understand why they and everyone else had to), better sound, new seats, and food and drinks (alcoholic too!) that are served right to your seat in the theater. Pretty cool and gives you lots more leg room as the rows are further apart. Best thing is they still retained the charm of the original building and the same cheap prices. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Old school, vintage theater. For the price of admission I really can't complain. If you are looking for a modern, cutting-edge movie theater experience I would suggest going elsewhere. For $2-3 you get to see a movie on a big screen, but that comes with pretty dramatic cuts in quality. For example: the screens are much smaller than modern theaters, the seats are very old and cramped together, and the sound is lacking. My biggest complaint is that there seems to be no sound proofing between the different screening rooms because I could clearly hear movies being played next door during my movie - more than a little distracting. However, the place has some real charm what with the outdoor ticketing, the antiquated fixtures and architecture, and the overall feeling you are seeing movies the way you may have in an earlier era. Again, for the price I can't complain, and I definitely suggest catching flicks down there. However, for movies I really want to see in the theater for that big, modern theater experience I will go somewhere else (in the Chippewa Valley that means either Micon Chippewa Falls, or Eau Claire).

David Stillman

The remode looks nice lots of room seats were nice

Daniel Trewin

Cutest theater I have ever been to. Only 2 movies to choose from keeps it simple. Even better, tickets and food are extremely cheap. Best deals are on Tuesdays where tickets are only $3!

Lauryn Hoy

Excellent service. Been here many times over the years since 2005.

Eric Severson

Lots of biased nostalgia here( I saw return of the jedi,karate kid, and back to the future in this theater), but still a great theater to take your kids for an affordable night out.Seating is very comfortable and some of the seats have tables for food and drinks. Tuesdays are a bit cheaper, but obviously busier. Modest menu(including beer and wine) if you want more than popcorn.This offers modern comforts along with the charms of yesteryear.

Glenette Brown

Love the prices and convenient location

John Cusick

Greatest prices for movies that are still new!! My wife and I are seldom movie goers and this kind of place is perfect because they have movies that did well in the box office and show them for cheap after the big cinemas are done with them. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Brandon Johnson

The budget theatre has been around for years and recently started serving beer and food. I was there a few months ago and will never go back. I ordered chicken strips and they brought them to me the chicken was raw. I brought it to the counter and showed them and the only thing they did was make me new chicken. I asked for a soda to wash down the taste of raw chicken and they made me pay for it. The least toy could do for serving raw chicken to someone and potentially getting them sick is give them a free soda

Lawrence Allen Gorton SR

Price low for a good movie


Great time, love the upstairs the most. The upgrades to this theater really make it an enjoyable time.

David Wheeler

Love catching a movie here when I come to town!

Golden Noimarina

Best movie Place ever!

Sherri Toelke

First time going since the remodel and new dine while you watch service they started a few years ago. It was fun. The food was decent and fair priced. Would definitely do it again.

Tabitha Lane

Great prices, food to make it a full occasion

mark strack

Good food and drinks. Awesome sound and comfy seats. Prices can’t be beat.

Amie Bogumill

Lots of fun!

Quin Walworth

Best way to watch movies.

wicked crazy

Went to see wizard of Oz sold out it was amazing

Gerardo Licon

I love this place. Cheap admission, you can drink a beer while you watch your movie, and their pizza is one of the best in town.

Joe Mabie

The Budget theater is exactly what it should be. Simple and cheap! Having food options and beer is great and while the upstairs theater can be a bit tight for me both theaters are well kept.

Heather S

My favorite theater. Great prices and real butter... not "orange mystery liquid."

John Ashley

very cozy theater...

Michelle Golden

Love that you can order food and have an adult beverage during the show. The theater experience is quaint.

Thomas Burton

Great place to catch an affordable movie. I love the budget theatre and after the recent remodel it is even nicer than it was.

Lance Sanden

Good atmosphere, but seats are a bit close and not as comfortable

Katie Boldon

I love the new updates they did!

Daniel Hunt

Cheap theater with semi-current movies! It is an older movie theater, so its character and charm is unparalleled. Perfect for date night!

Barbara Screnock

An old theatre but lots of fun!

christian jasmer

Prices are great and the staff is very friendly. The theatre is clean and well kept with comfortable seating. They offer pizza and other items that are not normally found at most theatres. The only challenge is finding parking. We had to park a block away because the street is packed. Overall an exceptional experience and I will be returning for other movies down the road.

Kayla Marie

Comfy seats and plenty of leg room if you sit by the tables. Food is ok - nothing special, but I haven't had anything bad.

T Tripps

great value for the family ...

Matt Jewell

Love it - cheap and family-friendly!

Sherry Rudd

I haven't been to this theater in years. But it was an extra special treat to watch an old fam like Die Hard on the big screen again. Enjoyed my visit to the theater tonight. :-)

Melissa Schlorb

I like the bar like tables in each row. The pizza was amazing.

Erik Weyers

Cheap with a variety of food and drinks, including alcohol.

Jason Brantner

Great prices, food and drinks. Epic movie popcorn bucket is a great deal. Staff is friendly and always upbeat.

Lisa Lu

This movie theater downtown offers nostalgia mixed with some modern amenities at a price that nearly anyone can afford. Concessions are good, alcohol is served, and food is served right to your movie seat. There are little tables in front of your seat for setting food on. We sat near an aisle and only had thing is one of the runner lights shined up into our eyes the whole time. We wish they would have dimmed those lights. Can't beat the price at $4, and $3 on Tuesdays.

Jerome Berg

Great low price date night!

Owen Kircher

GREAT movies cheap prices awesome service and a great location

Layne boldon

Great pizza and beer!

Cory Patterson

Affordable theater that has been updated to have modern amenities, but still has the nostalgic feel.

Thomas Laney

Old time.

Lisa T

The volume of the movie was so quiet you couldn't hear all of the dialog! And the vacuumed the lobby during the movie which was loud and distracting!

Lisa Hedrington

We went today for a matinee here because it's the only place it was showing what I wanted to see. The two men working were carrying on a conversation. I waited for them to finish. I ordered my tickets (he gave me no tickets - forshadowing), I ordered my popcorn. I had enough points to get a free popcorn and soda. He didn't offer and acted like it was a nuisance so I just paid for it. I requested to butter and salt half way through. He did not listen. I was irritated so I requested he please do as I asked. He was irritated and walked over to the garbage and dumped it all out and started over....while he helped other ppl and I had to wait each time on the side. We ended up going to our seats...then I realized I had the wrong seats! I sent my kids down for the food order and soda. The young man w dark hair helped my kids & was very nice and accommodating. He needed our tickets to change our seats. Poor kid. I left him a tip I felt so bad. I didn't think I was asking too much of the original service provider. He simply was not listening - at all. I was there wrecking his day. Lol. I'll gladly pay extra for being able to butter and salt my popcorn halfway through. I'll go to Micon by Festival from now on if you'd prefer too. The service is far better. I pay more and I'm ok w that. Idk what was up they kids hind end today.

Don Byrne

The downtown cinema in Eau Claire is a great place to kick back and get comfortable for a long movie and a quick bite. Great sound, clean...great place.


Always a great place to watch a movie. Low price, good food options, and table space to eat.


Friendly staff fun place to bring friends and family great food

Jessica Garton

Great food amazingly cheap prices. Very clean theater

Mike Rothbauer

Great date night. The budget tickets and the beer/pizza while watching the movie was awesome

Jonathan Niemi

Watched "Sing." Great atmosphere.

Unlucky Ducky

I have been going to this theater since I was a kid. I remember seeing Aladdin here it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I'm here. New improvements like bar tables in front of the super comfortable seats and pleny of leg room make this place a five star winner by all means.


Truly an Eau Claire treasure. The best popcorn ever. I'd rather wait to see a movie here, than see a new release.

J Christensen

I love the cheap movies with very adequate seating and good concessions. I will be back!

Jill Scholl

Very friendly staff, nice atmosphere & affordable prices

Adler Orr

can't beat the price! great food too.

Chanel Clark

Fun place to visit!

Donna Hamler

Best popcorn ever!

Kristopher Jackson

Wonderful theatre. Great alcohol offerings and lots of tasty food too! Terrific way for a guy like me who doesn't have a lot of money to be able to take my wife out on a date. Comfy seats and very nice screens.

Amy Nelson

Nice place to go on a mom and me date . Clean and friendly.

Ethan Perry

Who doesn't love to go to the movies for $4? It was cheap and I had a great time!

joyell enger

Good place to watch a new movie cheaper with comfy seats

Jackie Johnson

Great prices and warm atmosphere!

Liz Oliverson

Nice clean theatre, tables to set popcorn, etc. on as well as serves food and booze! Great prices for tickets, typical/decent prices for concessions. Will be back!

Melissa Johnson

We love the downtown cinema! Not only is it cheaper, but the popcorn is the best in town w/real butter!! Tabled seating if you want to eat, and those who choose to, can even have an alcoholic beverage. Nostalgic fun for all!!

JK Simm

Cheap admission and fun food to eat. Order your food when you get your ticket, and they bring to you when the movie starts. I can't get enough.

Eric Stephenson

The downtown theater lives up to the Micon name. This place is great for people on a budget who still want to catch a movie. The upper theater is definitely smaller and provides more of an intimate experience. Clean place, friendly staff, and nostalgic atmosphere make for a fun time.

Nathan Rhodes

Great place to watch a movie for cheap. They also have food and beer and wine so you could do dinner and a movie right here. The only downside is downtown parking can sometimes be a challenge.

Tori Lin

Very cute. I love the bathrooms, for downtown and a plave with history it is well kept and very clean. There was a bit of a line but that is understandable and doesn't effect my rating. Cute and cheap. Parking was confusing but we figured it out. Its a nice walk. Very nice, will be back again

Jer Lor

Budget friendly and great place to take the kids. 100x cheaper than the other theaters around town.

August Martin


Michele Shrader

Nice small theater, just wish kitchen would have been open on our visit. We had hoped to eat lunch, popcorn wasn't so great but it was cheap.

c.d. simion sr

Veteran's get a discount.

Shawn Myers

Great theater.

Wayne Knuth

Awesome , just watched bohemien rhapsody down there , very nice since the remodel.

John De Silvio

Love what they have done to the place the only place where you can see a movie and drink a beer

Kyle Van Wyhe

One of the best date night spots in town. The tickets are cheap as are the concessions. The addition of a kitchen makes the experience so much better. Things have changed since the remodel, but the atmosphere has stayed the same. This is definitely a staple in the Eau Claire experience.

Eric Fischer

Wonderful place for movies and a date night!

Christopher Telisak

Great value for a theatre experience! Concessions are great.

Ezekiel Jo

Economical night out!


First time enjoying the remodel, they have tables in front of your seat now, and a large menu, takes dinner and a move to a one stop shop

Rebecca Margaret

Love the staff and movies.

Valerie Way

A blast with good food at a great price!

Matt Hoy

Newly remodeled, but still has the "old theater" charm. They show second run movies for $4. The projector and sound equipment are new and look and sound great. It's usually not crowded, and you can get good seats fairly easily. Much better than the first run theater, and they serve food too! Pizza is pretty good, and they have wine and beer. The seats in the back have counter-tops to hold you food. Seats are roomy and comfortable. Can't beat the price or convenient location.

S. Schram

Excellent ticket prices! Lots of menu options. Only down side is when you're seated in the the middle of the row, and the people sitting in front of you order food, when the staff delivers their food they interrupt the movie by blocking the screen.


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