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REVIEWS OF Micon Cinema Eau Claire IN Wisconsin

Brendan Harahan

Amazing upgrade! Electric reclining seats almost like leather seats. Coll temperature full bar and food! Hd with great sound. No complaints for $9.50!!! Also great staff!

Lisa Martin

Love the remodeled theaters,the bar is excellant. The only theater we will go to.

Adam Meddaugh

A++++ amazing movie theater I've been to a lot all over the country and this is by far my favorite between this one and then the one in Chippewa Falls! I love the seeding I love the screens I love the people the prices are grades the food is reasonably priced! Great movie theater!

Christina Smith

Love this place! The reclincers are such a nice touch

Mike Ellefson

Great place for movies with the comfy recliner seating!

Kris Schwennsen

Went to see how to train your dragon 3 and enjoyed it. The only issue was someone was using a concrete drill next to the theater and we missed about 5 minutes of dialog. UPDATE: I received an email from Micon for my address and received 4 tickets to make up for it. I'm happy to see they made things right. Was at3 stars, but I gave an extra star for customer service!

Shane Abing

This is a great theater and we enjoy going here and obviously enjoy the recliner seats. Have had a few run ins where some lazy folks didn’t want to move out of our seats which happens in this day and age with rude lazy folks around. Overall though it’s great location. The food is interesting though. I have only had it once and the both the chicken strips and loaded tots were freezer burned and tasted like an old freezer. I would try other food though but ask ahead what is frozen and what is not and stay clear of frozen items. Unfortunately I assume most of it is frozen.

Aaron Midthun

No movies before 1pm? Daytime movies are more convenient for parents with kids in school during the day. You may not sell out but I would think enough people would buy tickets to pay for the extended hours of operation. Also if this were the only theater doing it you would have that market cornered.

E one Plays

It was a good movie experience. I don't like the assigned seating arrangement they have now, but that might be because I am use to just heading in and grabbing whatever spot I like when I get in there. I wont take a star off for that though since it's just something I'm personally not use to here. The reclining seats are always nice.

Amy Brunsvold

Great night with my daughter & her friend. So comfy...

Lynne Nord

Typical theater...comfortable seats

Mitchell Reisdorf

Very comfy chairs. Possibly the most relaxing theatre yet

ashley matysik

The reclining chairs make you feel at home!

Darlene Allard

Take good care of the Theater and staff is polite

Westley Bennett

Micon Theaters are simply the best theater experience you'll ever have. From their friendly staff, to the VIP Lounge, to the plush recliner chairs, I can't imagine a better night out than visiting a Micon theater!


I'd give 5 stars if they had real butter.

Travel Fun For Everyone

By far our favorite theatre in Eau Claire. There are reclining seats in most of the theatres!! We love their popcorn too!!

Erin R

Love the recliner chairs! I am spoiled now.

Fred Nilsson

Website will not let you use free tickets and concessions was a mess! So many people and not any rhyme or reason to the long lines! Use stantions!

Slim Jim

Comfy seats and great sevice

Sheila rIeck

Loved the reclining seats !

Chelsea Rogers Meagher

Pleasant staff, good snacks, great, comfy seats!

Sylvia Raey

I like movies and food. The reclining seats are very comfy and nice.

Susan Goetsch

Great prices and very friendly staff. And helpful as well

D Owens

Very nice place. The actual 'recliners' were comfortable. The theater was small and pleasant to be in. Would like to have something similar in Va. Beach. The pretzels were disappointing, tasted like they were grilled...not very good.

Jon Boy

Everything about this place is great! Being able to recline while enjoying a movie is a huge bonus. Always a great experience each time I go.

Sandy Wagner

The recliner chairs are great and the movies a wonderful to watch here

Hunter Angell

Micon is the best theater in the area. Bar none. You can be reclined in a comfy chair drinking a DC comics inspired drink eating chicken tenders watching a Marvel movie. Beat that. Aaaand you don't have to suffer through 30 minutes of commercials including 4 coke ones. Looking at you AMC.

Mike Dayton

If you have not been here recently, your missing out. Comfy reclining seats. Plenty of room for yourself. Will be going here often!!

jason lazzeroni

Haven't been there in awhile but love the new Reclining chairs

john schram

Best movie theaters in Eau Claire are all owned by Micon. We went to AMC and we had the worst experience ever. I love being able to pick your seats and their reclining seats are nice treat to.

Meredith Kamstra

Great seating theater there recliner s

Jared Cromwell

Great seats and sound. Really good for kids

Craig Loewenhagen

Decent prices. Comfortable theater seats. Arm rests fold up to accommodate couples to snuggle while watching a good movie.

Judi Stuart

Love the recliner seats and nice clean theater. Also like the senior discounts on Friday.

Brookie Maddy

We went to the lion king and it was amazing we had seats that reclined and they went back and fourth and they got us mints that was nice because from the popcorn and candy we had .

Nichole Ortega

Very friendly can't wait to go again

Doug Ebert

Best theater in town.

Riley Langfoss

Hobbs and Shaw was good

Nico Bryan

Seats are alot better then the Oakmall theater seats.

Trish Rodewald

Very Clean and the comfortable reclining seating was definitely a plus!

Aaron Rigby

1. RECLINING SEATS. 2. Has a bar 3. you can bring bar drinks into film enough said.

Alex Judkins

New theater seats are super comfy, and the ability to reserve seats in the theater makes it awesome for grabbing seats. They also always accept my movie passes without hassle. My favorite theater in town!

Jake Butnick

The four stars are for the theater itself. It has great employees that are very nice and always helpful. I would give the Vip lounge 2 stars because they have average food. When I went last there was an unattended child behind the bar and my food was burnt.

Carletus McMillan

Enjoyed the scares like never before. Great visit, great service great movie.

Shon Derifield

Just moved to Chippewa Valley Area just about year but haven’t made many friends in person yet. However, ran across a great group of people on Facebook that were meeting to see Avengers End Game and invited me join them at the Micon Theatre. I love movies and have been a Micon “Vip” rewards member at the Eau Claire location since the first weekend I moved here from Iowa City. I never realized, till showing up 45 minutes before the movie today as planned by the group that there’s more than one Micon regular price location in this area. After nobody else showed up I realized they may have gone to the other location and I tried to access Facebook to verify that but was not able to access the theaters guest Wi-Fi in the “VIP” lounge. I asked for the Micon guest password and explained the situation to several staff members including the manager who told me I had to call the FB group using the payphone and got a different excuse for not giving me the password from every employee I pleaded with, “ I don’t even remember it” “ the guest wifi is for vendors only!” “ this is a theatre, we don’t want to encourage customers to go online! “ I explained everyone was meeting outside the VIP lounge and I again explained, “ I’m not able to call those I met on FB and I would be flaking on the group and watching alone.” The manager shrugged her shoulders and said “ what ev! “ Nothing I can do! “ So, if you want to be treated like you don’t matter not like a Very important person at all definitely go to Micon theater in Eau Claire. Not the their competition at the mall who has Wifi with less espensive prices.

The sorrow child

I loved my experience. It was very nice the employees treated you well and don't get me started on the recliners so comfortable. I didn't notice any problems I enjoyed my time.

Britney Walker

Micon here in EC is my theater of choice in this area by far! I love being able to pick my seats before I get in the theater...the recliners are comfortable and spacious...also being able to have a few cocktails and pizza make it an awesome place to watch the newest movies :)

Brenda Kurth

Great place to see a movie! Love the new bar area and assortment of food and beverages

Harris Gore Family

I go there sometimes and they have awesome movies and great workers there.

Rydge Craker

Amazing place to watch movies! Most of the theaters have reclining seats. They also have a bar that serves food and alcohol drinks


Better than AMC at the mall. Cheaper too

David Schock

Nice place to go and have fun and watch a movie


Most times I’ve gone the seats were never quite full. The staff has never given me a hard time even when sneaking things in. The seats and dining section make it feel like a real classy place to go out for a night. Deserves 5 stars for sure.

L Raine

Love the new seats and snacks!!

Anita Thompson

Great place to watch a movie! Love the seats!

Allen Breeden

Seating is excellent. Reclining seats in at least some of the theaters, I don't know if all of them are. Their VIP lounge with food is nice, but everything is oven or grease-less fryer, and they don't have enough for the number of seats. Plan for a wait if you want food. Still an enjoyable night with the family.

Ameelya Davis

I lost my phone and they handled it very well


Excellent place best prices around besides downtown budget theater

Jered Shaw

Excellent place to see a movie. Comfortable seats that you can pick before you go.

Angela Mcintyre

This is my favorite local theater to take my family. I love the cozy seats, I started only going to movies that I get the new seats. The website has a * by the movie times that are in the theaters with the reclining seats. As far as I know it's the only place in Eau Claire where these seats are available.... Definitely makes going to the movies alittle more of an experience.

Jason Lange

My favorite place in ec to see movies. Booze and food!

A Wisconsinite Of No Importance

I prefer the Chippewa location just because i feel some of the screens here suffer from being too small. This is not Micons fault as they purchased this from another owner. They have made some great improvements to the facility such as the super screen and the awesome seats. I prefer this theater chain greatly over AMC.

Jen Wiggin

Recliner seats are so comfortable!! Best way to watch a movie!!

Jonathan Doran

Was in a remodeled section, and loved it. The reclining seats are super comfortable. The concession prices were very reasonable as well! Think we found a new family favorite theater in Eau Claire.

Eric E

Two words: reclining (leather, super cozy, incredible) seats! Concessions are expensive but that’s any movie theater these days. We bought our tickets online and skipped the big line at the counter.

Dean Bjork

Comfortable reclining chairs in a sweat box is no treat for how much they charge. Summer time, turn the sir on so you can enjoy.


I’ve never been let down by there service or there movies


Amazing Place. When I first ate here the popcorn was like eating a burger that was made by the finest Cooks! The staff was amazing and understanding and very nice. The chairs were so nice and neat. Though there were some lost things in the theater and popcorn on the floors, The theater maybe should at least remind the Viewers to try not to throw popcorn everywhere. I can't wait to Bring my friends to See Avengers Endgame on Friday! Thank you Micon Cinema for being the best Theater in the Country!

Rich Kernan

Great spacious seats, nice audio!

Jeffrey B

A great date night and first time going here. We had purchased our tickets online ahead of time and had selected our seats. We arrived about an hour before the movie began, they scanned our phone and we went towards our theater. On our way we stopped at the VIP lounge. We Each had a drink and split an order of cheese fries(delicious). About 15 minutes before the movie we decided to go to our seats. I ordered another beer for the movie, we got some popcorn and a soda as well. The seating was comfortable, the theater clean and the overall experience was great! Every person working was great, the bartender was very nice and we had a great night!

Angela Borgne

Comfy power recliners giving you the best of film in theator & at home comfort legally allowed.

Kristina Marsolek

Nice seats. Decent prices for a movie theater.


Disappointed in my experience. Your reclining seats were too comfortable and I ended up sleeping through the entire movie.

chris maag

Book your tickets ahead of time. Pick your seats. Power reclining seats, what's not to love. They also sell actual food (bar fare) and alcohol. It really is nice now that they remodeled the place. Clean and very comfy seats.

Kathryn Lyons

Love the comfy seats and picking your seats in advance is awesome. No need to go early and hope for good seating. I just wish the sound was a bit louder. That being said, I do prefer Micon over the Mall.

Adam Brantner

The new reclining lazy boys are amazing. 3 hour movie was no problem in the new theater. Totally awesome!!!

Kimberly Mickelson

Great customer service and clean!


Love the recliner seats, definitely brings a great experience to the movies

Elizabeth Bump

Nice seating, decent prices, I liked that they had a $5 box with everything for a kid. Staff was friendly, transactions were easy. Lost 1 star because the bathroom sink was plugged and the bathroom cleanliness could use some work. Other wise all around great place. We will return.

Debra Capobianco

Good theater

Bonnie Pospisil

First time there..everything was, bar, seats...planning on going back soon .. drove an hour to get there.

Michele Richardson

Super nice. Bring a blanket if you get cold easily

Broc Stefan

This is the one with the big comfy love seats, beer, best in class concessions, and mediocre screens and speakers.

Angi Jackson

Super comfy! We had an amazing time!

wicked crazy

Love this place nice workers. Cheap be for noon. 4.00. so I won't give it a 5 more like

John Tschida

Great place to watch a movie!!

Jacki Tallman

Such a great theater. Still like when I was younger and would go to this theater.

Donna Martinez

So comfortable I enjoyed my time with daughter and granddaughter...the movie was great!

Thomas Burton

Great theatre. I love the new reclining theater seats!

Katie Boldon

the popcorn is AMAZING and I LOVE the chairs


Happy to see movie theater investing in updates!

Scott Henslee

Great seating friendly staff

Enoc Quinteros

Exclusively come to this theater for the recliners. If a movie is showing anywhere else and I want to see it I will wait for it to come out on Blue ray or Netflix. Once you watch a movie this comfy you'll never want to sit through another movie without them.

T Tripps

great place to take whole family...

Sherry Rudd

"A dog's journey home." Great movie! Super comfortable seating.

jacob KRAUSE

Good seats in the leather recliners. Price is average. Popcorn is lacking in butter, salt, and overall texture. Not best around but best in town.

Laura Reali

Seats are roomy and cushy, staff has been very pleasant, concessions are as expensive here as anywhere else (although I do like the $5 kids' special on concessions), the theatre is clean / well-kept ... but I can't get a hold of anyone there. The phone rings and rings and finally an automated voice says, "sorry, this number hasn't set up any voicemail". I tried to order 4 tickets only for Toy Story 4 and the web page is acting up. I either purchased the same 4 tickets twice in an attempt to get to a confirmation, or I have purchased zero - I can't tell, and I can't get through to someone to help. If you're going to list your phone number online, man it or provide some automated information or voicemail options.

Erik Weyers

Recliner seats that can be reserved ahead of time, a variety of drinks including alcohol, a wonderful experience?

Brian Carr

The movies are cheap (especially on Tuesday's) and a really good price and the quality of food is worth the price


Good popcorn lol

Kim Meisel

Awesome to visit the Red Cedar Church in Eau Claire on Sunday!! Love that it's in the theater. Comfy seats, great message, wonderful worship team. Cant wait to come back

Sara Sonsalla

Awesome theater, everything is super clean all the rooms have reclining seats. Plus you can't beat 5$ movies every Tuesday.

Starla Chambers

Make sure you're well rested because the seats are so comfortable you will fall asleep

Layne boldon

The chairs a so comfy and the popcor and nachos are delicous!

Aiden Reiter

A great place to see movies. I absolutely love that all of the seats recline.

Karen Noger

Love the small feel of lobby area. Great full service theater with reserved seating. Clean and up to date.

Lester Safemaster

Amazing seats.

Amber Sutherland

Love the recliner seating and fair price! AMC sucks, they won't remodel and we'll only go there if they have a movie Micon doesn't offer.

Rellim owlbear

Great seats good picture what else do you need it's a great theater

Lynette Meier

Love the recliner seats! Could have been a little quieter tho, the previews especially were really loud! We saw A Dog's Way Home on Feb. 3rd - excellent movie :)

Susie Hutchens

It was great! From ease of purchasing tickets, price, preselection of seats that are SO comfortable. They even recline! Concession prices are very reasonable. Terrific Theater!

Brendan Hanrahan

Major improvement, electronic recliner comfortable chairs, great sound system with high definition screen and sound. Order tickets ahead and pick your own seats!

David Marshall

Love the service! And the theaters are usually pretty clean

Joshua Andrew

Tried to buy tickets online for a show for my family of 5. Their system wouldn't let you reserve tickets where you wanted to. You could only buy on the end of an aisle if you had 5 people because you would leave "a single seat open." Evidently Micon doesn't believe single people watch movies and prohibits you from leaving a single seat when you have a large family. I went to their box office as soon as they opened and the tickets I wanted were taken by someone else and there were no longer 5 seats left together unless you wanted the break neck seats in the front row. The manager on duty just smirked at us and said that's the way it is. They lost my business with a poor system and lousy customer service. Boo!

Rebecca Kralewski

Seating is fantastic


I love the seating. The seats are so comfortable and there is so much room to walk around people. Also, they have a cool new thing that you can pick your seat when you buy your ticket. The staff is usually pretty friendly but they are a little slow at the cessation stand. Overall, I love it!

CJ Ackley

The upgrades to this location have made it my new favorite theater in the area!

Kyle Diesterhaft

Nice theater! The seats are comfortable and roomy enough. Clean!

Karl Wise

Great place to watch a movie. Reclining seats, clean theater, was able to purchase tickets online, including location of seats ($1.50 per ticket extra). Good tasting popcorn, also.

Cody McMahon

Went to see Toy Story 4. Not only was the movie hilarious, but the movie theater itself was awesome. Its honestly been a while since we've been to a movie, but there are power leather reclining seats. Ticket prices & popcorn/soda prices were still outrageous, but overall it was a good time.

Patrick Lewis

Very nice theatre setting. Very comfortable!

Philip Schlosser

The new reclining theater is freaking fantastic. Now if they would let you come in your PJ's and let you be barefoot...even better

Steven W

The reclining seats are awesome

Russell Durkee

Best place in the Chippewa Valley to watch a movie. Besides Micon Chippewa Falls

Jonathan Kueker

Great theater! Really outstanding experience every time I've gone to see a film here. The seats are very comfortable and the concessions are very fairly priced. If you're local, grab the refillable popcorn bucket and the price can't be beat. I haven't been to the VIP lounge yet, but the service at the box office and concessions has been friendly, fast and attentive.

Shannon Shaw

Love love love Seating there beautiful reclining seats. WISH YOU could order from your seat and food got brought to you This is one and only***

Mary Dawson

Love the reclining seats! The prices are great on everything! And $5 Tuesdays are so nice to have!

Daniel Still

Most comfortable theater in the area! You will have a great experience

Angel Knight

They have confy chairs you sit back to adjust. Zzz...

Justice Sahm-Mercer

It was a beautiful experience. There was reclining seats, the seats were extremely comfortable. And to top it all off, there was a bar!

Bev Milo

Very clean until the end of the movie... I spilt some popcorn.

NoHomoTho Really

Its ok

Kristopher Jackson

Fantastic staff, food is on freaking point, the drinks are good and strong, seats are almost as comfortable as my damn bed. Yaaas queen, slaaaaay!

Anna Maria Baumann

We're new to the area, and this theater was recommended by friends. We brought our grandaughter, and will definitely come back!

Jennifer Jacque

Great place to see a movie. I like that they have the bar to wait and have a drink before the movie. Plus it was warm, movie theaters always seem to be cold.

kenneth Haugen

Nice seating comfy

Dianne Lueder

Very comfortable seating and you get to choose an exact seat number. You can see what is available before you enter the theater. Special pricing some days to save you some money.

Paul Anderson

Love the remodeled theaters and reclining chairs. Ticket and concessions prices are pretty good compared to others. Much better than the theater at the mall.

Derek Samuelson

I love this theater! Every screen has recliners. Large assortment of concessions, as well as a separate bar that makes drinks that you can bring into the theater! I’ve always had good service here and will keep coming back!

Rory Minnich

Excellent theater!!

Mark Connely

Clean but in the middle of an update looked nice anyway

James Merritt

Friendly staff and the theater's have loungers for your comfort.


The seats are amazing! Watching a movie in luxury! Only suggestion is more butter when asking for buttered popcorn!

Cold Chimp

Very nice interior. You get to pick your seats so show up early for the best experience

Bryce Vogel

Look a little older but well kept with comfy seat.

Michelle Swosinski

First time using this theatre and saw Spider-Man: Far from Home. $5 Tuesdays is an amazing deal! Also the popcorn was some of the best I had and the theatre seats are super comfy. They are squishy and recline. Will be using this theatre from here on out.

Isaac Schmitt

Do you like movies? Do you wish you could eat and drink more than popcorn and an expensive soda? Well these guys have you covered! With an expansive food menu and a full bar, you can watch your movie and have a beer or cocktail! How many other theaters do you know let you do that? On top of that, they have luxurious reclining seats, and the sound and picture quality is top notch! I know no better way to enjoy a new release than watching one here!

Yuri Kiev

Not bad. This place seems to be well run.

Samantha Shafer

Love their reclining seats. Literally the only reason I go here.

Miranda P

Love the chairs. So comfy

Meegs Tomtom

This is a very nice theater. The seats are comfortable and roomy enough. The floor where clean also. The movie screen was nice and the sound was good too. May be a little loud at times but the quality was there. The staff was also friendly except for a young lady who sold us the tickets. There was no hello and no thanks from her. She was sitting there looking away when we approached and looked away again after handing us out. I'll gladly return though. The wife and I enjoy this theater.

Joseph Smith

Best theater in the Chippewa Valley. The screens with recliner seating are fantastic. And the ability to select your seat in advance is something every theater should do.

Janie Heitkamp

It is a very nice place to go to movie. Love reclining seats


Theater seating is great.

Jolene Kosakoski

Love that you can reserve seats online. Great service, great mixed drinks, and great food.

Josh Gehring

Best place in eau Claire to watch a movie. Much better and more inexpensive than the mall.

S. Schram

LOVE Micon!!!! Reasonably priced AND you're spoiled with luxury seats. It's clean, staff is friendly, popcorn is fresh. I really appreciate the effort they put in to keep their customers happy. Makes AMC theaters look like a joke! Thank you, Micon!!!!!!!


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