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REVIEWS OF Menomonee Falls Cinema IN Wisconsin

Jim Erickson

Havent been to the movies in forever. Think the Perfect Storm was the last show I saw. Amazing changes to the theater. I love it. Also love $5.00 Tuesdays@

Ancientbulldog games

I loved this theater I have been going to this theater all my life and enjoyed it especially going to see avengers endgame

Jenna Auton

Nice theatre! Been coming here for years now. It's really cool that they have the Dreamloungers!! $5 movie Tuesdays are a great bargain for families or large groups. The rewards program is wonderful - you receive points for answering surveys online and can redeem them for food and tickets!! Will continue coming back. We really like this place. :)

Digital Fight Media

How is there 5 people behind the counter and it takes 15 min to get popcorn? This is clearly Weak Management !!

Roy Li

Unpleasant experience.. No point in reserving seats that I paid for because someone else was sitting in our seats already and mind you we arrived around 10:30pm for a 10:40pm movie time. So don't waste your time reserving just come about 15-20 mins before your movie time and purchase tickets once you get there. Theater we sat in was very humid, popcorn was burnt and stale, the cooks were munching on our fries that we ordered thinking no one saw.


Fast & Great service, very friendly employee. I order Popcorn, freshly made... staff are always courteous. I attend this theater often.

Steven Rauch

Tuesdays is the best day to go to the movies $5 and if you are a member it is even better. And especially since the memory week end is coming Vets get a bigger one

Sarah Aronson

I would like it MUCH BETTER IF THEY STILL HAD THE PHONE NUMBER WORKING to see what is playing because we don't have internet access. Love, love, love the $5 Tuesdays!!! Need more help at the counter to get your ticket and select your seat. The ticket taker, Dean, is very nice. PRICES ARE OUTRAGEOUS FOR DRINKS!!!!

Betty Zimdars

Nice,clean good place to go. Chairs a super comfy


Marcus theaters is always great. I recommend to use fandango or book tickets ahead of time for popular movies as tickets might be sold out and the lines are usually fairly long. Prices are good for a movie theater, and popcorn and lemonade is fantastic. I recommend getting the large combo, seeing as how after the movie you can get a free refill. Candy is really expensive but it is a movie theater. You could go to the dollar store 5-10 minutes away and save yourself $5+ depending on how much candy you want. Just remember to hide in your sleeve or coat and no one will ask a question. :) theater is a little cold though so try to bring a extra layer, blanket or sweatshirt to keep warm. Some seats have a heating ability so that’s really nice but the button is hard to find(under the recliner button). Seats are really comfortable. Good theater.

Jeri Gonwa

Clean, friendly staff, good food and service. Family fun.

See Lee

Love the services and people that work here!

Randy S

I had a very good time good movie and popcorn

Nell E

The theater is always clean. The employees are always friendly. Have not had to wait in lines as I use the kiosks for tickets.

Athy V

Good clean place. Great deal on Tuesday for $5 and a free pop corn. But the machine that print the tickets is out of order. Try all 3 machine only 1 print out blank paper but we just show our tickets on the phone.

Ken Cutter

Just saw a movie and sat in a theater reclining seat the dialog volume was a little low background volume loud great explosions

Gregory Palmer

Went to see Joker on Monday afternoon. They didn't turn the bright lights off for the first 20 minutes of the movie. The lights made it impossible to see the screen. I got my money back and left. Don't think I'll go back.

The MinecraftOne

Always a great movie theater every time I go. Definitely am gonna return next week for $5 Tuesday. 5 stars

Anita A

My theater of choice in the Milwaukee area. Great experience. Great parking for handicap. Calm atmosphere. 4 stars because my seat didn't work and the entire row was filled with old popcorn and candy. I was in the first showing off the day.

Dee Adams

Beautiful!!! First time going and not my last!

Sneha Sree

Good place with amazing quality. Regular customer for Tuesdays $5 movies.


Been coming here since I was a kid and it still feels good coming back years later.

Paul & Lisa Heinisch

My family enjoys going to this theater. We love being able to buy tickets online and reserve our seats. And the can't go wrong with a recliner! Great theater, highly recommended.


This location isn’t the best. The floors were dirty and our seats recliners didn’t work. The staff are pretty friendly but the theatre isn’t the best. I only come here if I have to as there is better options that are only a little further away for me. Overall they just need to work on keeping the place clean and maybe I’ll check it out again. Edit: after reading some other reviews maybe I just came on a bad day. I’m just saying how my experience was, but your experience may differ.

Arika Kaosa

Clean theater. Large reclining, heated seats. Wide selection of drinks and food. Large screen inside the bar for live sports.

Bryan King

Good clean seat

Sylvia Cowan

It was clean and the ataff was curteous

Joseph Hynst

Very nice. Staff was pleasant and theatres were clean.

John Bell

It's okay not better than Brookfield

Mary C.

The staff is good. The movie deals are good. The recliners don't always work and are ALWAYS ALWAYS STICKY!! Bathrooms so so....

Mallory Kling

As someone who once worked at this Marcus location several years ago, I am incredibly disheartened by my experience last night. My partner and I came to see a 10:05 movie. We arrived at the theater at 9:50 and had bought our tickets ahead, so we were ready within seconds of arriving to buy concessions. This theater has three concessions lines - one in the center and one on either side. As we walked up we were told that they were closing the center register - meanwhile, the lines for the other two registers were extending into the hallways to the auditoriums. Seemed like a bad move to close a register down during the rush for the 10:00 round of movies. We got in line, and it took multiple minutes for each customer transaction to occur - upon getting closer to the register in line, we quickly determined why. The two staff members working the register were having lively conversations unrelated to work and were extremely slow working and inattentive to customers. A man two people ahead of us walked up to the counter and stood waiting for thirty seconds as the associates in front of him stood talking, not working and completely ignoring him. Mind you, this was after this man had waited at least 12 minutes in line to order. Also, the conditions of the lobby were absolutely disgusting, and would never have been tolerated in my time working here. Popcorn littered the floors, cups and salt and napkins piled up on every surface. I understand things get crazy in a rush and it's difficult to keep up, but maybe the staff who you cut after closing that center register could have at least swept through the lobby before punching out. After we finally got our popcorn and went to our seats (10 minutes after showtime), we watched the movie for about 30 minutes, and still no usher had come and closed the door to our auditorium, meaning that noise from the hallways spilled into the theater. We had to close it ourselves. I'm assuming this establishment is under new management since my time, and I have to say, they took one of Marcus's best area locations and totally trashed it. People used to tell us they would come from cities away because we had the cleanest lobby, freshest popcorn, and best service. This is the complete opposite of that. I will be taking my business elsewhere, something I never thought I would do after being a Marcus girl. I was proud of this store, and now I'm just grossed out and sad. Hopefully you guys pull it together and get some new management and strong leadership, or you're probably headed out of business.


Places is clean easy seating the all around good place to watch a movie. Tuesdays are the best save big money day. This place made me feel like a big shot

Collette Revels

Pleasant movie experience. Staff tries to rise to the occasion when it gets busy (2:00pm on a Saturday), and they bounce back quickly and keep it flowing. Great demonstration of teamwork when one cashier was finished with his customers, he helped the other one make sure he got out his large order of 5 large popcorns andb5 sodas I enjoyed the separate bar area near the concession stand. And the seats are SO COMFORTABLE you almost want to take a nap. LOL

Andrew Dionne

Above average movie theater with good seats and big screens

Bina Chauhan

Very nice n comfortable

Brian Schultz

The movie was good, at leaat what you could hear of it. The other people in the theatre were loud and obnoxious and disruptive throught the entire movie. Will not go to the theatre again

David Waszak

I love that they have bar and chairs that can recline

Steve Varisco

Extremely nice staff. Food ok+

Keese Amya

Avengers with the young king... Simba... Service was great

Doug Roska

This theater is definitely one to go to. The service is really good, the workers a very nice, and the theaters are very well kept. Definitely one of the more comfortable theaters I've been to.

Robert McCaigue

Wow what a great place to watch a movie with family an friends. Plus the seats recline, oooh yeah..

Wyatt Higbee

Really Good Theater: I saw Avengers:Endgame , the seats were really comfortable, the sound system excellent, the restrooms clean!

Max Meinel

Great staff. Great place. Very small town feel.

Alan Wysocki

Great family cinema complex. Neat and clean facility and a courteous staff.

Sean S

Getting really ghetto. Never used to need security there growing up. Thanks Milwaukee.

Nicole Vonloh

The cinema is great, movie was great, but my vehicle was broken into while in the parking lot, with several items stolen... even with 2 sherriffs on site. I would recommend to use the parking lot with caution!

Dorothy Barnes-Miller

Its my favorite place to see movies. Love those reclining seats.

Christine Millen

it was great there was a man there who sold my son and I his handicap seats because there weren't any left and I had just had surgery

Memi Greene

This theater is nice it has the comfy seats and a bar ( if you are 21yrs or older). The food selection isn't as great as the Bistro Marcus Theater in Brookfield, however, they have a decent variety of finger foods and pizza. The movie theater floors aren't sticky and you can usually get a nice clean seat before the show.


Great theater, wonderful seats and lots of options.

Bryan Taylor

Would give 5 stars but u can rarely hear a movie when u have the audience making noise

Dionna Black

Great place nit messy and has the best customer service

Kiddoonabike pogo

Oberall great experience. Only dislike was the cashier at the consession counter. Rude and careless but the trip was made up by everything else.

Eric Grow

Good theater, but really wish Greg Marcus would stop thinking everyone needs to see his face before every movie!

Maurice Henderson

Wonderfully peaceful and great for all ages and very respectful nice people there customers and workers just perfect for all ages and couples

Sabrina Johnson

I love how the movie theater looks when u pull up ... everyone looks nice going in there. I take my daughter and her friends.this is the best movie theater in Milwaukee WI.

William Wigley

Not the worst place but very over priced for the staff to be so rude. The place is nice enough to see a movie but don't be late otherwise you might have trouble with working the control of your seat.

Ina Rae Acevedo

Luv the seats and the friendly staff! Had a good time.

Sandra Petoskey

Comfy recliners with plenty of room!

M Brown

IF you haven't had the Pleasure of the full on reclining seats, please enjoy your Movie " Try not to fall asleep "

Saltini The Great

This is definitely the best public theater in Southeast Wisconsin. Nearly every room has loungers, amazing staff, nearly every food is delicious (based on my preferences) and I can always count on this theater having a new movie in its doors. Just make sure to check their website before going to see if the movie is there due to all the new movies it has at once.

Jeremiah Schmidt

Was supposed to see which mind you was only showing yesterday "The man who killed Don Quixote". They let us sit there for like 20 min they did not know how the projectors work. A member of the audience was asking was it this or this or did it not copy over right they had no answers. So this once in a lifetime event ruined have issues with the staff when you show you're a best picture festival guest and they refuse to give you the discount. I never have these issues at the majestic in Brookfield I highly recommend going there. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was giving me a refund for my tickets and movie passes to make up for it.

Boo Boo


Warren Pleugers

Great Theater!

Sandie Rich

Breakthrough was an awesome movie. Everyone in the theater clapped at the end. The staff were very sweet. Nice clean, friendly place to go

Ramnik Tiwana

If you want to enjoy watching a movie lounging in the comfort of leather recliners this is where you need to be. The theatres are not crowded like some of the nationwide chains, located conveniently near eateries, gas stations, with ample parking space. The staff is really friendly as well.

J Vandergraft

Nice theater! The leather reclining seats are awesome! Tried the new PLF theater, bigger screen and way better sound system for $2 more per person. I think it was worth it.

D Donanld

Purchased tickets on-line for the first time and a staff member noticed that I was just looking at the machine, so she rushed right over to help. I enjoyed my movie in a heated recliner seat and free buttered popcorn.

Theresa Turner

Lion King was very good. Enjoyed being with the kid.

Andy Sirianni

Hard to give a good review when the movie itself had technical issues. While they attempted to fix the issue they sent a young boy in to explain to the crowd of relatively angry people what was going on. Eventually, a manager came and told us they couldn't fix the issue and we could all get a refund or stay and watch the film as it was.

Kathleen Krieser

Great movie. Great customer service.

CykoMF Harley

They really put out the welcome wagon for kids this morning. Free treats and activities to commemorate the release of Dumbo.

John Huwatcheck

$5 on Tuesdays?!?! What a DEAL!!! PLUS.... Big recliners for everybody, free small popcorn(with a baggie to take home if you don't finish) it's a Marcus cinema!!! I mean, if you haven't been to one of these, do yourself a favor and treat yourself, and your wife or girlfriend, and your family to the " Marcus movie theater experience!!! Relax, and ENJOY!!!

Lisa Free

Angel has Fallen is AWESOME

Lloyd Ebert

We enjoyed ourselves, but the theater was fairly warm. Would have appreciated them running the AC

Soulful Archer

Clean and had an ok time. Did have slight problems with my seating and the last time I visited, there seemed to only be one mens room working. Not the type of thing that should happen in a very public place with so many people traveling through in a day.

Carla Centeno

Very nice place here. Great food, snacks,candy and popcorn.Very good Signature drinks at their bar too.

Bjørn Stevensøn

If everybody could just shut the hell up during the movie that would be great

Mary R.

Great family fun.


Who knew there were movies at 8:30 in the morning? Comfy seats and we had the theater to ourselves... which is a good thing, the girl I was with always talks during the movies and I worry she'll bother people. But this was great, she only annoyed me!

Heather Crisp

The prices are ridiculous! And we had to clean the seats off before we could even sit down. Food all over the floor too.

Rachael Strange

Warning!!! The entrance and exit road has HUGE speed bumps and DEEP potholes **********


Great food. Great seats (Cushiony and reclines and some are heated) and friendly people.

lenora johnson

I love marcus

Tiffany Wilbern

Always Clean and friendly...

Marybetg Eilbes

Temperature in theatre was way too warm. It's no longer $5.00 Tuesdays because they now add tax to the price. Nice specials on Tuesday. But concessions are really what they make their money on. They also need to have a few more employees scheduled on Tuesdays & open up a couple more lines for concessions. Recliner seats are wonderful!!

Michelle Vitous

I like this theater but the last few times I was there have been disappointed. The popcorn was stale and the kids acted like they didn't want to bother getting my mom and I a new batch... Also my mom received a coupon at the end of August (her birthday was 8/28) for a free junior soda. We tried getting one yesterday however they said that she could no longer use it. Okay fine. But my birthday is this month and nothing was on my rewards card? If this is not an added incentive then do not advertise it. If there is a specific week during the birthday month that the customer is supposed to use it then they need to be aware. The kid had no clue and was not interested in finding out for us either so we just left.

Danielle Kuehn

Went to see the Joker. It was awesome! If we go to movies we go on $5 Tuesdays. This is the first time we havent gone on a Tuesday in years. Needless to say? We wont be going on Tuesdays anymore! It was so nice not to deal with crazy lines and a gazillion people!


Great stuff good movies and the food that they have there you can order for your movie so great

Bryan Glass

Great place. We go there often. The theaters are well kept. I rarely went to the movies during my life (I'm 57) because I hated the seats, after an hour it's just not comfortable. Also the price, by the time I paid for myself, wife and kids, it's almost $40, just for a movie.... Now with the reclining seats it's enjoyable to sit through a move, especially the long ones like "Avengers - End Game" that is 3 hours long. Also they have $5 movies on Tuesdays, that is what gets me in there with my family, it's affordable. They also give free online purchases and free popcorn for members of Marcus theaters, and membership is free so it's a win win win. With online purchase I can choose my seat, and if there are no good seats left, I'll choose another date. Before, when I'd show up and pay, if there were no good seats left, I was stuck paying for something I didn't enjoy.

dororo Griffin

Good popcorn good seats good drink and icei

Sandra Irving

I went to see the avengers it is a nice theater

Julie Rack

Clean and comfy! Food and ticket prices high except on special promotional days

Thomas c5

Loved it good place to watch a movie

Astarte God

This is a great place to see a movie. They have reclining leather chairs which are very comfy. You can also get all kinds of food and beverages. Even pizza. I would love to see another movie here. The price seemed a little high at first but the theatre and sound system made it worth coming here. And the men's restroom was clean.

Terri Wright

Would have enjoyed it better if the quality of the movie would have been better. I don't believe it was how the movie was made but the setup in the theatre. Downton Abbey theatre 16 was dark, not clear and bad. Not an enjoyable experience. I will watch movies at home.

Pat Tetzner

Went to see Overcomer! Excellent

Liza Blackburn

So relaxing.


Awesome!! Great movies. Just a little expensive. Very great overall.

Maureen Donohoue

Great movie, very comfy seats, too bad people think it's ok to shout their commentary during the movie!

carlos cortez

Good place yo watch móviles way and drink

Meng Lee

Good place to watch movies

Michael Voeks

Went to see Ad Astra, long movie but I've seen better movies by Brad Pitt, sort of dragged out. Police presence was very noticeable both inside and out of theater because of Joker movie. That's okay for me. Don't need some Looney shooting up the place because he hates his life or the world.

Mary Middleton

The seating are comfortable. We received a nice welcome. The sound was acceptable in the theater. I will need to come back for the discount Tuesday special on the tickets. We all enjoyed the experience.

Jorge Aguilar Segura

Wonderful staff, excellent food selection, and comfortable seating added to the enjoyment.

Deedra Teat

Nice place big comfy reclining seats. Did not want anything to eat or drink so I could not rate their service. Overall nice I will be back.

LaRhonda Wells

Great time! Cold water in restroom only issue.

Dan K

Not always easy to get out of after a popular movie, but it is generally clean and the dreamloungers are a must now. We make the 20 minute drive to this theater over other local options regularly.

Kev south

Cannot beat Tuesday 5 dollar movies and 1.50 hot dogs.

Tammy Carter

Tuesdays are definitely the best days $5 any movie and free complimentary popcorn yay

Rick Lopez

Everything from the food,drinks and movie experience was 1st rate.

Matt Velázquez

Super clean and easy parking!


I used to like them before they installed the new seats. The new seats are a PITA! They are a lot more narrow, the heat turns on constantly each time I shift in my seat, and the recline button is located at the WORST place, next to my front pocket. If you have something in your pocket, every time you move the seat will move because you activated the switch. Marcus sold out to jamming more people into their theaters with smaller seats. They do recline, but everyone has reclining seats now. I’ll just stay home and go to the West Bend Cinema which is just as nice.

Kevin Rice

Great Time, Will attend again!

Troy Kofler

Great theater. Clean and recently redone.

kelly R.

Great movie theater. A lot of different movies playing. Awesome recliner seats. Standard movie theater concessions but they also have a bar and like a restaurant to order like burgers and food to take into movie with you. Very neat and tidy. Overall a great movie theater!

Ms Lisa

The seats smell bad, it's time to clean them. I went on $5 Tuesday night that's a plus, but $69.00 for nacho chips, small sodas, burger & 3 frosted was a bit excessive. Yikes!!

Kimberly Larson

So nice! $5 Tuesday's are the best too!

Kelly McFarlin

A great theater and friendly staff. Clean and comfy too!

Sharon Robinson

We enjoy coming to this theater. It's always a pleasant experience. It's a clean environment. The services is great the people are wonderful. This is a wonderful place to bring the family. Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Patti Gerhardt

Too expensive. $18 on a Sunday morning for a child and an adult. Comfy seats though.

Julianna Schick

Took the kids to see toy story 4, we loved the nice clean dream loungers. Will definitely be back

Betty Hoefs

Seats were so comfortable. If you go at the right time you can alwas get a seat.

Michael Zeman

Zaffiro's pizza and beer? Great place to watch a movie !!

Tim Genz

very clean and managed nicely

Pastor Kenya Harris

Great place for the movie a little crowded on Tuesdays

Marie F

Generally, this is a great theater. Clean, friendly, comfortable. The new DLX theaters with larger screens and heated seats are a great added luxury, adding to the convenience of choosing your seats at time of purchase. I also enjoy their promotions. The only issue I've run into is under-staffing or under trained staffing at some predictably peak times, occasionally during their $5 Tuesday promotions, and particularly evident today. A big movie going holiday with Tuesday & holiday promotions (I would not mention it if it were only on an odd big box day like today had I not run into it at other times). Overall, though, staff is friendly and helpful adding to a great moviegoing experience.

Destiny Jones

Saw shazam, best movie ever and best pop corn and slushie flavors evva❤

Jon Martin

First time at this Marcus location and was honestly surprised they had the Take Five lounge. The bartender was kind and answered all my questions about the food. Got the food and took into the theatre and enjoyed some surprisingly good food for a theatre. It always baffles me that theatres have actual good food and not low quality stuff. Had a bad experience at my local theatre (not Marcus) so I will be coming to the Menomonee Falls location for my future movies.

Bradley Wirth

Saw Unplanned amazing moving movie people life is conception to natural death❤

Gether Mercer

Marcus Theaters has done a great job with the renovations at this location. It's been a while since I've been patronized this establishment. Now there's a bar with an array of drink choices and a seating area with a wide screen where sports play on the screen. The staff was helpful and professional. Those little additions has a tremendous impact on this location. I enjoyed my time at the theater.

Mary Ring

Not freezing comfortable both sound and atmosphere

Jesse Sieber

Usually very clean and helpful service

Fallon Jefferson

Lovely place , good seats .

Felicia Granados

Love food options but pricey. (I Know that's part of the experience)

Jovan Granderson

Great place to go see a movie clean and with great service I recommend.

Scott Golimowski

A very comfortable place to watch a movie.

Logan Schmitt

I usually go to this Marcus as it's close to where I live. I've been going here since I was a kid. In that time it's gone from nice to so so and back to nice again. The remodel they did a few years back was well worth it. Now you can enjoy more than just popcorn and soda as they have a pizza pub as well. The added bar is very nice too. All seats are recliners. -1

Nichole Casey

Very disappointed. Worst customer service I’ve ever had. Cashier Malik didn’t say a word to anyone, never said hello or the total , nothing. Just a black stare for everything. It was super disrespectful and I watched him do it to multiple customers after me.

Nakia Johnson

Something was biting my G-Baby during the movie. We reported it as we saw several bite marks on his back

Simone Payton

Nice place for $5 Tuesday ..

Brussian 16

Workers were inexperienced and couldn't anwser any of my questions. They were super backed up, with it being then release day of Endgame. For such a huge movie release they were very under staffed, with only 3 registers out of 6 open.

Darci Johnson

The heated recliner seats are amazing! Great theater and great ambiance! Wonderful overall experience!

Jennifer Hennes

This is a comfortable theater. Nice sound. I find it to be cold with the air conditioning but I always carry in a blanket. I love that they hire physically and mentally challenged individuals.

Elvina Roberson

Not friendly

Denise Sweed

This particular visit wasn't great. We went to see End Game and something had broken so the curtain wouldn't fully open. We weren't notified or given the opportunity to see ot the next day. Disappointment.

John Strange

Very good prices on tickets, movie food prices discounts on different days.

Don Anderson

Clean, quick box office. Only one employee running concession stand during week day afternoon. Missed sale. Ultrascreen isn't any bigger than large screens in Saukville Cinema. Friendly employees.

Michele Kelly

Love it very clean and comfortable, worker's are friendly and respectful.

Robert Seefeld

The Marcus family tradition continues as they reach out to everyone. To help bring people together and share in the thrill of watching a movie. Just to be sute ... It's OK to take that special step and treat yourself to a few hours at the movies with sn atmosphere of fun and wonderment. Why not plan to do this today.

Lisa Brewer

Staff is friendly, but my recliner didn't work, then the recliners next to us didn't work - needs some up keep. Popcorn wasn't fresh. This theater was one of the first with leather recliner seats in all theaters, but it is in need of renovation.

Brandon Belanger

I love the seating, the food is really good, I really enjoy going to this movie theater.

Camille Johnson

Many theaters, decent ( not plentiful) parking, some special discount s, food $$$, safe.

Sheria Moore

Spacious, reasonable pricing, and huge screens

Alena Chernysheva

A very nice place! Dream lounger recliner seats are just amazing, the sound quality is good, can't tell the same about the picture though. + our friend's recliner mechanism was broken, luckily he could take another seat, as it wasn't very busy that night.

Cheryl Burns

When my husband tried to use the restroom 3 guys were playing dice on the floor with a pile of cash, not ok, we won't be going back to this location again

Alex Werdin

super clean and comfy chairs. (foods a little expensive, but then again it's a movie theater)

jodi struck

Very good family movie.


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