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REVIEWS OF Marcus Valley Grand Cinema IN Wisconsin

connor napper

This place is super nice all the screen rooms are all at the top in luxury and you always can get the best seat in the house

Theresa Porto

Love going to the movies... the reclining seats are a treat

Stephanie Heise

RECLINING CHAIRS. Need I say more?!? I prefer this theatre over the west side Marcus because this one has the recliner chairs in all the rooms. Very comfortable! They have a lot of great offers - like the Summer Fun Series where tickets are only a few dollars, making it a lot more affordable for families to come. They also have every Tuesday is $5.00 movies for all show times. Not going to lie, we pretty much only come on Tuesdays because it's such a great deal - but seats sell out quickly, so stop in and buy a few hours prior if you plan on going. The do have kiosks when you walk in so you can buy tickets without waiting in a congested line. The theater is very clean. Our family loves coming!!

Was Nearly

Great theater. Leather recliners everywhere! Nice and clean and the popcorn is good.

Tia Jones

LOVE it here. Comfy seats, good movies, and a restaurant with beer. Prices are high as always, but this is common sense with a theater. Sneak the snacks in, buy the soda or maybe a beer; we all know the drill.

Julie Anderson

Seats are nice a comfy. One next to me a little sticky from someone spilling pop. Second time I've been there when it's been hot. They needed to turn on the air & only 1 of 4 ceiling fans running.


good place to get pulled over by the cops that leaves in the middle of the night driving around with my teething daughter so she can sleep

Brandon Spreeman

Went to see the movie "GLASS", well worth it. Only reason I give 4/5 stars is due to it being somewhat cold in the theater. Unsure if it was just me, I had my hoodie on the whole time. Well worth the money to sit back and relax to a nice movie. Good job Marcus Valley Grand Cinema!!

Shannon L

Best theater in the fox cities! Great food from the grill area & super comfy seats. It gets a little chilly, but small blankets are allowed.

William Bowers

Clean and very comfortable chairs

Kelly Krause

While driving to Marcus Valley Grand Cinema to see a movie, my son had a blown tire on 441 during rush hour traffic. He had to miss the movie but called to see what he could do with his purchased tickets. Not only did they honor the tickets, they got him and his friend in to see the next movie and sat him in an area not normally used in order to make it happen. Our family loves going to the movies and we will continue to be lifelong customers here! Thank you for making a rough night better for my son.

Brian Clausen

Even though the show we went to was packed, the theatre was clean, well staffed and the temperature was perfect. (Temp outside was 8 degrees) Always a great place for entertainment!

Daniel Mancheski

A very well kept movie theater. Seating is very nice, clean, and comfortable. Food/snacks are very very very overpriced as any movie theater is. But other than the prices, I don't have anything negative to say about this place.

Gail Cardo

The seats are comfortable. The temperature in the building was comfortable. The theater was clean, and the ladies room was clean. Movie (well, previews) started on time. I can't comment on the quality of the refreshments since I did not partake, but there seemed to be a lot of variety. I assume the food and drink it's priced similar to other theaters, which is to say very expensive, but I did not verify that. I plan to go back to Marcus Valley Grand.

Rosa Watkins

My husband and I love to go to this Theater. We love the recliners and spend most of our date nights here. The bonus is Reel Sizzle, the food options are great.

Diane Pryitt

Enjoy all the time.


Nice place. Nice staff. Comfy seats

Patrick White

Handicapped access was limited.

steve stoll

This is a nice place to catch a movie and grab a quick bite from the grill that they have.

Yon Abel

Facility is clean, seating very comfortable. Good prices for seniors Tuesdays and Fridays. Like all theaters, snacks are very pricey, wide variety to choose from.

Robert Jenkins

Shout out to shift head Franco who was able to transfer reservations I accidentally made at another Marcus theater in town. Very cool about it.

Derek Moore

Didn't have any problems here. Recently renovated with new seats in the theatre that can almost turn into a couch if you have a partner in the adjacent seat. Be careful to select two seats together because only two seats are connected to make privacy. The map does a great job of making sure the seats are together. The one issue I had was the Real Sizzle closing too early. I don't think it's not too late to have open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. The Real Sizzle is a great place to find something to eat besides popcorn and candy. I usually get a Vanilla Shake when I come here. Overall, the experience and atmosphere is great and I love coming here over all other movie theaters in the area.

Renee Mazan

Love there seats. Very comfortable

Christie McCowen

Love coming here for a movie and a meal. They make amazing burgers! Love that you can build your own with many tasty options.

Jay Hoffman

Saw overcomer. Great movie!

Nancy Ermer

Luv the cushioned reclining seats. Always nice & clean, bathrooms are nice & clean. Great movie theater. Food & beverage prices could be lower.

Wendy Kopf

Getting upset with earning $5 here and there with my rewards and they WILL NOT transfer to use towards my tickets. So i end up paying full price. Tonight my arm rest would not go up all the way and was somewhat uncomfortable.

Kyle Kozlowski

A bit overpriced like most theaters but quite the food selection and a nice, clean facility. Security at the door and will call reserved ticket window.

Rich McWilliams

Nice Theater. Love the power recliners

Lisa Strehlow

Nice clean cinema. Reel Sizzle makes some great food

Robert Martin

We see all of our new movies here and have yet to be disappointed by the staff or the cinema.

Gary Meulemans

Love this theater. The sound is great and the reclining seats are awesome. The renovations they've done to this theater over the past few years have made me love the movie-going experience again.

Christine Maschke

Someone opened a door in my face which spilled my popcorn and I dropped my hotdog. I went to the counter without being sure what could be done in the situation. They asked for a Manager and she replaced the ruined food and assured me everything would be cleaned up and not to worry. Thank you for making the rest of my evening out that much better!

Richard Zilm

5 dollar Tuesday with free small bag of popcorn and awesome seats.

Korissa Schadrie

This theater is my favorite!! It is always well kept and clean. In addition, the staff goes above and beyond. When I was last here I ordered a rich chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups sundae, but was served plain vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups. I was dissatisfied and decided to mention this to the staff. As soon as I did they corrected the mistake and made me an entire sundae with fudge, caramel, oreos, peanut butter cups, whipped cream, & lots of rich chocolate ice cream - free!! The gentleman that corrected this for me deserved to have his efforts told to his manager so I requested to speak to his manager and she was so thankful that someone called her over to praise an employees efforts. In the movie viewing areas they have always been clean, the picture is crisp, & the sound is clear and excellant quality. Overall this theater is great and I reccomend for an awesome movie experience


Let me preface this with saying I am an audiophile who pays a lot of attention to quality audio. When I am having to cover my ears during 1/3 of the movie because it is over the top loud, distorted treble with minimal low end bass and obviously being distractingly painful, the movie was not enjoyable at all. With the disappointing visual presentation and down right unacceptable audio, I highly recommend people look elsewhere.

Kasper Appel Pedersen

I like their seats. Its very relaxing to watch movies in this theather.

Jessica Hayes

Recliner seats were super cool !!!

Patrick Hauptli

Always gone to this theater never had any problems. Comfy seats in every room.

Karen Hoelzel

Theater was clean. We had the lounger chairs and enjoyed the show.

Tim Stindle

The movie theater is clean and the staff is friendly. Order your tickets through fandango and avoid the show being sold out when you get there. The rewards program is worth it. The cafe has great food and shakes. Go on Tuesday for 5.00 and if your a magical rewards member you get a free popcorn. Highly recommend going here!!!

Mrs G

Love this movie theater chain! Staff is amazing, prices are fair, one of the cleanest theatres I've been too. Highly recommend!

Ward Much

Wow I love this theater the dreamlounge chairs are the bomb. Great picture on the screen and sound. Makes the other movie theaters not worth doing to. I will be coming again.

Travis Litton

Movie was good seats are comfy but at almost $100 for 4 people to see a movie I think I can wait for it to come out on DVD next time

Nicole Augustine

Very comfortable seats!

neal borchert

As always the visit at Marcus was great, the only thing I would look at is pricing of sodas, popcorn ect. , over 21 dollars for two sodas and a large popcorn is a bit much if you're on a fixed budget

Brian Boettcher

Great place to watch a movie, love the comfy seats.

Greg Stockwell

I'm not sure how anyone could go back to a regular, open-seating theatre again after going here. Reserved seats that all recline, alcohol sales, full menu, and all the regular theater items, too. Throw in $5 Tuesdays and there's few better ways to watch a movie. I've yet to have a bad seat or movie here, and I don't expect that I ever will.

shelly king

My favorite theater, love the dream loungers in every screen room

Sandy StevensBerens

Love going to the movies at Valley, however....I don't understand why it takes so long to post the Tuesday movies and times. Hollywood has their movies posted early on Friday. I order tickets every week for a group and sometimes it takes until very late on Friday and I don't want to miss getting good seats. Frustrating!

Kurt Holm

Love the chairs,the food is really good,and now they have beer!!!! Slushies, pretzels and cheese,huge screens... Free refills on large popcorn!!! Yes

Nick Blair

The reclining chairs are amazing!!! Along with $5 Tuesdays it's great!!!

Katie Giese

Seats are always comfy. Great movie

Wade Schultz

Dream Loungers are amazing! More than your typical theater. They have a large screen in the lobby area that I've seen sporting events on. You can the regular popcorn, candy, soda but you can also get sandwiches and other hot food. alchohol is also available. Best theater in the area

Valencia on The beat

One of my favorite place. Honestly, I don’t go there just to watch a movie. it helps me to feel relaxed, every Friday night after work or Sunday night as I’m getting ready for Monday. It’s also a place to create memories with your friends or family. They have comfy seats, different kinds of drinks and food. It is a good environment for everybody.

Aaron Vandermause

This is a solid location to catch a movie. All of the auditoriums have reserved recliner seating. The Superscreens also have Atmos surround sound. It's lots of fun to view the best picture series here every year. The bar & grill in the lobby actually produces some tasty burgers and sides. Removed 1 star because of a screen artifact that appeared during all the best picture films this year and close inspection around seating areas reveals a need for detailed cleaning.

Steven Dickinson

Had a date with my wife. Clean

Biff Floodstrand

Theater was clean, and all of the staff were incredibly kind and witty. Thanks for making an impromptu movie night excel in my book.

Hugh Mann

A few of the theaters need some maintenance on the audio systems, but other than that it's a fine place to see a movie. Bathrooms could stand to be cleaned more often.

Sam Bigelow

We bought our tickets online, and got our ideal seat with literally no wait! I scanned the card used to pay for the tickets at one of many kiosks, and we got inside in less than 2 minutes! Movies are VERY expensive, IMHO, but our experience tonight was flawless from start to finish, from the cleanliness to the friendliness! I wish I had gotten the name of the wonderful young lady who served us at the snack counter, because she was so wonderfully patient and explanitory to me when I was confused about the combo meals. It was the first time for our 2 and 4 year old daughters, but they did well because of how much space we had in the dream loungers! We WILL be back!

Zack Birkner

My favorite place to spend money, and the seats are the best!


By far the best theater in the area. Comfortable seats - great staff. I like the fact you choose your seats before you get in. Food area is also a bonus - expensive, but freshly prepared.

Areeann Pollard

Nice quite area was great from the restaurant hot n fresh. I was amazed at the speed n availability for Spider man:far from home.

Molly Conrad

Most excellent time! Love the seats!

Chris Fisher

I was a customer at this location for 8 years, dating back to when it was still a Regal cinema. The customer service I recieved was always friendly and top notch. I enjoyed discussing movies with a number of the employees and got on a first name basis with a number of them. I decided that I loved my experiences there enough that I became a part of that team 2 years ago in 2016. I can say that I thoroughly enjoy my job with them. Being able to give our current customers the same level of service that I've recieved has been a real blessing.

Stacy Duclos

$5 movies on Tue, of course Avengers was sold out. That's to be expected though. Always friendly staff!

Dawn LaBrec

Love this theatre. Theatre 11 has a super loud air conditioner. Please have it looked at.

Sheryl Schmid

The most comfortable seats I have ever sat in at a movie, if you get chilly easy like I do my suggestion is take a blanket in with you I did and it was perfect.

Joon Rothmeyer

Friendly staff. Well staffed. Overall an enjoyable experience.

Michelle Hedtke

Love the comfy reclining seats. Nothing better than the Super screen and 3D movies

Amber H

Great place. Friendly staff. Comfortable atmosphere.

Sara Schumann

Very clean theaters, LOVE the dream loungers! Friendly staff ready to help at the counters. Food was fresh and hot.

Carrie Johnson

The theatre is always clean and comfortable!

Victoria Tickler

We saw A Dog's Way Home and absolutely loved it! Using 1 student discount for my nephew made it pretty affordable, and the free hot chocolate was an extra bonus! Good popcorn, slushy, and so comfortable recliners! Pretty friendly and helpful staff too. Thank you for the great movie going experience. I/we will definitely be back, Especially for $5.00 Tuesday!

Melinda Harrold

I like that they have the Fathom events there. We watched Rifftrax tonight.

Krystal Jacob

Good staff, nice facility, never a problem here.


I like to go here to sit in the dark and stare at the wall.

Lance K

Super fun experience wish the bathrooms were closer

Isabelle Carroll

My family and I frequent this location for the $5 Movie Tuesdays. We see whatever movies we've been wanting to see and we always leave happy. I love the little old lady who checks the tickets. She's my favorite.

Connie Stellmacher

Excellent movie theater but pop corn, candy. drinks pricey for families

Noelle Wozniak

One of the best theatres I've ever been to! Dream lounge is the only way to watch a movie

Matthew Vermeern

Really nicely upgraded since I was here last. Super comfy seats and great screen quality.

benjamin bricco

As always a great place for a movie.

John Poperl

Awesome from staff to the building itself.

Elizabeth Materna

The theater screens at all Marcus locations are consistently too dark, especially for 3D movies. Next time you are there pay attention to any actors facial features. In dark or night scenes you can barely make out their faces! I had this problem in both Appleton locations and both on the deluxe super screens and the smaller screens. I complained multiple times during Rogue One and the manager said "it's supposed to look like that." Forrest Whitaker's face was impossible to see. I ended up getting a refund after 45 minutes and left. Same issue with Infinity War, Solo, and most recently Captain Marvel- the entire final fight scene was nearly impossible to make out. This is an industry wide problem but I'm hoping more local people will realize this, complain, leave negative reviews, and hopefully inspire the theaters to TURN UP THE PROJECTION BRIGHTNESS. Also who designs reclining seats with the buttons INSIDE the chair? Oh and those Greg Marcus ads are crazy annoying, everyone knows he's a douche. Magical Movie Rewards is lit though and the Valley Grand Real Sizzle employees make a damn fine Vanilla Malt!

Liz LeBlanc

Love the Marcus!!! The reclining seats are a game changer! I used to hate the movies but since the new seating I have gone to more movies than I ever did before. The staff are all very friendly and accommodating. I am a picky popcorn orderer and they always do it right. This theater has changed what going to the movies means to me and I love it!

Carrie Carmody

All dream loungers.... what more can I say! Not to mention, this one serves booze so if your feeling the need for an adult beverage it's an option.

Abby Brochtrup

I saw a really good movie it was a lot of fun

Matt Kenney

Went to the Captain Marvel premiere in 3D even though my wife can't see in 3D. We enjoyed the movie, but thought the prices were expensive for both the movie & snacks. It was my birthday though so it was worth it.

Norma Niemuth

Love this theater! Everyone helpful and kind. The dream loungers definitely make sitting back and enjoying your movie as comfortable as being home.

Ron Dennis

Comfortable, clean,good service, great sound !!

Jeff Hoverson

Dream loungers are amazing. and the fact that I can sit in a beautiful recliner and have a beer while watching a movie is awesome.

Jeremy Davis

Always a great experience. Clean auditoriums, fresh popcorn. They have the awesome dreamloungers and the Superscreen.

Newbie VonNewberson

Best theater in the area, hands down. Food prices have gone completely insane, though. A drink and nachos should not cost more here than what I paid in Los Angeles, folks.

Kris Pillar

Marcus Valley Grand theater is definitely progressing from a traditional movie theater to an experience. In today's digital world I can stay home and watch a movie for much less than I can at the theater. But here I do get much better picture quality and sound during the film. The recliners are a nice addition making it a more relaxing experience. They added a restaurant and beer bar for those who want to make it a more inclusive event, either for an after work movie or a casual date. The only thing that is missing is table service in the theater.

Maddie Reed

Big comfy chairs and plenty of movie choices!

Jordan Perry

I mean, it's a movie theater, but has more than some other movie theaters. For example, it has chairs that you can adjust, and make comfortable depending on what you prefer

A Christopherson

Took 6 teen boys there. Felt safe enough environment to be able to drop off and come back later to pick them up. Boys had great time seeing a movie they waited for a month to come to local theater. They have great deals boys spent $5 on each ticket.

Tim Schell

The Lion King was great however the prices are outrageous at movie theaters and will not be going back as I would be rather watch it at home on my blue ray or stream movies

Rachel Dorn

Worst experience I've EVER had at a movie theater. You should NOT treat your customers like criminals. Bag checking is one thing, but requiring me to walk my bag all the way out to my car and carry in my personal belongings individually is the worst customer service I've ever received. I've been a customer a long time, and I will NOT be coming back. Could not be more disappointed in you ruining this theater I've been going to since a kid.

Jacci O.

The theater was clean and the staff was friendly. The popcorn was very good. We will definitely be back!

Jim LeClaire

One of my favorite places to watch a movie. I love the selections of food from their Reel restaurant. I have love this place since before Marcus bought the original place out.

George Monroe

Great big screen enjoyment!

georgiana rebic

Great location, various ways to get tickets, improved concessions options

A.D Gamer

It was a very good experience and the lines at the snack stand was short.

Nancy Menn

Super comfortable seats. A bit cold so I bundle up. $5 Tues and Young at Heart (ie Senior) Fridays. Lots of food and drinks available. A great theater.

Steffany Di Biase

Best recliners in every theater plus food and beer

Tansy Van Lankvelt

The level of comfort you can reach going to the Valley Grand is incredible. Don't be afraid to bring a blanket and some slippers--you'll see other people there with the same idea and no one will think it's weird. It's a little pricey at the Real Sizzle restaurant inside buuut the donuts there are worth it. Large portions and super tasty.

Ellen Beno

I grew up in Ripon where the 1st Marcus theater is still open. Every Matcus theater I have been to is great.

Doris Palfrey

My favorite movie theatre. Great popcorn.

Tiffany Thompson

Love the Seats! Very comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy a new movie

R. Hermes

Been awhile sence I've been here. Love the reclining seats. Along with more room will come more often now.

Horizon Weier

We went to see IT , the movie was awsome. The seating was so comfortable, I couldn't believe how relaxing it was. Now for the popcorn and pretzel those were terrible! The popcorn was cold and flavorless and the pretzel bites were so hard they must have been there all day. I won't be buying concessions if I go back.

Josiah Hawkins

The best cinema to go to in regards to small releases and events in the Fox Valley. All of the staff members are friendly and their selection of concessions is larger than the west Appleton theatre. If you're looking for a small film or tickets to a special event showing this is place to check.

Larry Ellerton

Bit of a confusing setup. Love the recliner seats!!

Allen Blodgett

$5 movie tuesdays are awesome! Get a Marcus membership and get a free popcorn with each ticket. Great value!

Jamie Rabe

We went to see the Addams Family and the seats are so comfortable that I fell asleep! $12.50 gone! Careful , too much comfort!!! Just saying...

Jesse Docken

Excellent theater, good seats and food!

Cathy Fredericksen

had not been to a movie theater in over 15 yrs ... what a WONDERFUL change !!!

Janet Stratton

Good experience overall. Seats were adjustable comfy but not the ig cozy dream lounger type, like one step down. Good concessions and attentive staff. Only minus is the self check in which can be a bit confusing to some less tech savvy. But they do have staff to do direct ticket sales if you feel like skipping the ticket kiosk.

Kasper Pedersen

Nice theater with nice seats. It was a little to cold for me in there though.

Heather Tucker

This is our favorite theater. We love the $5 nights with free popcorn and the loungers are awesome! Service is always great too.

Jessica Douglas

Just watched "It Chapter Two" and it was very awesome! So glad we went to watch it!!


Don't be afraid to ask for extra butter ! Love the old lady that rips the tickets she is a hoot !!

Chris Dijkstra-Ivory

We love this cinema. It is clean and the lounge seating is super comfy.

Patricia Katzman

This is our favorite theater in town. A further drive for us than Westhill, but it offers so much more. The stadium seating offered in all the theaters is a plus. Also being able to pick your seats & buy tickets from home ahead of time makes it ideal.

Cory Kazik

Theater is nice. All screend have the recliner seats - which is awesome. Very pricey, though. $35.00 for two adults and two kids 5 and under on a Sunday afternoon. Also ate at the grill. Food was decent, but because of price, we will not be eating there again. $63+ for four small drinks, burger, chicken sandwich, and two orders of mini-corndogs. Going to the movies shouldn't be upwards of $100. Guess we'll just have to keep that for the rare treat.

Kyle Klitzke

The best theater in town. They have assigned recliner seating. Theu serve beer and amaxing burgers. Kinda pricey but I understand that is where theaters make there money and the portion size is quite large so I feel like I'm getting my moneys worth.

tito villarreal

Had burger fries a beer, price on food could drop 1.50 a little high, sat in a better recliner than mine at home. Great night


Service at ticket booth and concession stand was excellent. The theater was clean. The movie started on time. The volume of the movie and room temperature were both pleasant. Popcorn was popped fresh and was tasty too. Lots of advertisements for others shows were setup too.

Stacy Tignor

We love this place. Yesterday we watched the new How to train your dragon movie. For $5 Tuesday.

Peyton Granato

The seats were very comfortable and the screen was easy to see, but the wait for food took very long. Also I ordered oreo churros which I personally didn't like.

Desmond Garcia

The grill burgers are amazing and their fries are amazing. The entertainment is stellar. Place is always clean and staff is always friendly.

Rebekkah Weyers

Overpriced, but friendly staff. They need to add more dream to the dream loungers. They become very uncomfortable and stop at an awkward position.

Lisa Scanlan

By far the best theater in the area. The seats are all recliners so you will be so comfortable during the show. The theater is clean and the service is decent. They have days with great deals too. We love Tuesday movies for $5!

Julie Fischer

Tpok my grandsons to a movie. No school day.

Lorenzo Ball

The hamburger joint inside the lobby has soo good burgers - you gotta have one b4 you see a movie - OMG - don't doubt me please!

Heather Rhode

Always great for date night food, wine and a show in comfort.

Rachel Franz

Our favorite theater! Well maintained and the seating is excellent!! We've been going here for years and it's always great!

Jennifer Smith

Comfortable and spacious seating. Great value on a Tuesday night when you're taking a whole family. AC was blasting a little too strong considering it wasn't that hot outside (bring a sweatshirt/blanket).

Dawn Brown

Not a good movie. Place is comfortable

Zach Duwe

Great Service, clean, Popcorn's always the best. Super comfortable Recliner chairs. Overall always a great experience.

Ashley Montour

I always love it here! Seeing a movie is so easy, and affordable when done right. The staff has always been really kind, helpful, and fun. I go almost every Tuesday for some me time. Its pretty clean, the concessions are great, so many different options. Burgers, popcorn, ice cream, shakes, nachos, beer, wine, cheese curds, hot dogs, etc. The options are extensive. And honestly the burgers are absolutely to die for. I was pleasantly surprised. The best feature by far are the dream loungers in EVERY auditorium! If you go on a Tuesday, it makes for a very affordable date night or family night. I highly suggest you order tickets online in advance on Tuesdays though. Go see a show here, you won't be disappointed, even if the movie is terrible, your seat will be unforgettable lol

Rekkr One

Awesome after the remodel. Seats are great. Did get over charged 4.00 for soda and was quickly refunded by management. I live closer to the West side cinema but I make the drive for here because it's just better.

Laura Liesch

Awesome experience! Movie was a bit loud, but theaters are spacious and the loungers are very comfy! We love coming here!

Bee Yang

You can reserve spots and the seating is very comfortable

Blenny Kravitz

Usually a good experience with fresh tasting popcorn unlike some other theaters I've been to.

Angela Hummell

Comfy reclining loveseats in every screening room and great sound. Helpful and courteous personnel. The one negative thing I could say is that concessions are super expensive.

Bill Morgan Jr

Always a great experience, other than the cost that is.

Joe Peters

Very nice theater. Big screen, reclining seats, very fancy stuff, check. Remember to go on Tuesdays, which are cheap movie days. I DEFINITELY recommend this experience!

Mrs. Google

Careful manager is very unfriendly. Oh and loud teens in theaters I had to shhhs. Go to valley it's way better.

Hotcuppa Cocoa

Seating is so comfortable! Food is delicious. Employees are always super friendly. Love this place!

Brian Wood

Always a nice place to go. Love the $5 tuesdays

paccy muhire

A nice place to spend your weekend

Adam Kapla

Every theater is a lounge chair theater. Seen IT Chapter 2 here. And enjoyed it more then my other marcus theater in Appleton. Made all the difference

Chelsey Smith

Had a good time, nice place, but outrageous in pricing. Two adults and four kids ages 5 and under cost us $80 and for a large popcorn and two drinks put us over $100. No wonder people stay home and movie theaters aren’t a big thing anymore. Who can afford that?!

Vanessa Zeise

I love going to the movies and this is a great cinema. It's beautiful and the chairs in the auditoriums are very nice.

Deborah B

Wow big change to this place. Quite comfortable seats in the theater.


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