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REVIEWS OF Marcus Renaissance Cinema IN Wisconsin


Love the place. Amazing sound on every screen. Great ice cream and bar in the lobby. Seating set up like you are home on your own couch or recliner.

Lightner Productions

In terms of movie theatres, this is by far the best in the area. With dream loungers in ever theater it makes the movie viewing experience better than any other competing theater. Would recommend this place to anybody!

Jodie Statler

Very nice! Great seats, bathroom was dirty though.

Erin M.

Nice theatre, and comfortable seats. The Employees get treated like garbage though .. Work long hours and barely get a break.. and when they do they are told to hurry up! On a side note: Jordan is the most friendly worker there, always has a smile on his face.

John Herrin

Great seats, great deals. Excellent service and food/drink options. Place is clean and well-maintained. We drive 20+ minutes to see movies here.

Benny Ortiz

It’s only $8.75 right!? Marcus Cinema’s system glitches on a recent purchase we made to see the Lion King. I don’t realize that even tho I purchased them on the Marcus Cinema Sturtevant site “the system” purchased them for their Addison location which I’m not close to and have Never been to. We don't realize the error til we arrive at the theatre on time only to be turned away. The cashier tells us that I need to call Addison that same night to let them know so that I can get a refund. No courtesy tickets for sending disappointed patrons, kids away, only call them tonight to ensure a refund

Ceilidh Fellows

This is the best cinema in the area. It's always clean and the seats are comfy. They recently moved to the recliner seats in all the theaters. It's rather pricey, but they do a $5 Tuesday deal if you're budget conscious. Just make sure you order your ticket a few days in advance as Tuesday seems to be their busiest day.

Jeffrey Peters

Great theatre. Great seats. Great employees. The Marcus theatres are heads above the rest and continually improve their facilities. Movie night with class!!

Amanda Fojtik

Went to see One upon a time in Hollywood ! Was a great movie! Nice seats in the Ultra screen !!

T. Barrios

Went to see Lion King with my family. All the room Lights were on untill 15minutes into the movie. We barley were able to see the picture went to ask can somebody turn them off they simply said "we don't have alot of workers today!" what a bummer spent 60$

Lisa Reyes

Cozy theater. Big reclining seats. Nice atmosphere

Aleksandar Urosevic

Beautiful theatre with a penchant for details. Multiple registers open when the crowds are large and I never end up waiting too long. Theatre is immaculate and the staff is nice. Definitely recommend it


Idk who makes these movies but they're great :)

Will Ross

Marcus theater is always a good choice. Nice atmosphere, except this time person checking tickets could have been a little friendly.

Julia Hoak

This place is hit or miss on customer service. Today was a miss. First, there was no one to scan the tickets. There was a long line of customers waiting to purchase tickets. When I asked if she could just scan mine, I was told to wait in line. The idea of purchasing online is to avoid the line. Then the cashier's computer wouldn't work. The line became longer. By the time it was my turn, her scanner wouldn't work. The manager finally came, and said to just go in. Then there was only one cashier at the concession counter. The manager did get another line open. We just about missed our movie. Not a good experience today. I hope it improves or we will find a different theater.

angelica ibarra

Always a great time even tho everthing is expensive


Clean and courteous great experience

Martin Hernandez

I seriously don’t the point of having someone answer the phone half the time they don’t even answer & even when they do they’re literally no help at all. Worst service you could possibly have at a movie theater.


Love this theatre, very nice and clean. The recliners are very comfortable

Monique Rogers

Worth the drive from kenosha


The seating is so comfortable. I can really watch a movie in comfort. There isn't track lighting on the floor, which causes issues my depth perception. A great theatre experience.

Carney Wilson

The entire site was dirty with trash everywhere from the parking lot, to the concession stands both inside the counter and outside of it. Meanwhile your workers are standing around talking and giggling . There was one helpful person who helped me find a glove I had dropped inside the theatre . Other than that, the cleanliness needs to be improved .

John Hirschfeld

Our favorite theater. Food is great. Concessions are always staffed well and we are a big fan of the dream loungers. Always clean including the restrooms. Definitely lately recommend the Renaissance for all movie enthusiasts. We also use Fandango to buy tickets and reserve seating.

Eeowyn McLaren

Love this theater!! Seats recline, there's a bar if you want to stop for a drink before or after your movie and the good is amazing!! Order at the counter and you get a buzzer to take to your seat and they let you know when to pick up your food.

Mary Pintar

Always enjoy the people

Josette Elia

Have to love's the ONLY place in Racine to see a movie.

Cindy Cook

Went to marathon of Academy award nominated movies Two Saturdays in a row. Had a great time. Loved the films

Jennifer Holden

Love $5 Tuesdays! Best deal in Racine

Adam Love

This is a classy place with comfortable seating. The reserve seating is nice and the food is good. Friendly staff and a fun experience overall.

Michael Duchac

It's been about 10 years since I saw a movie. Boy how things have changed. It used to be a gross tiny chair with gum, cum, popcorn, soda, etc stuck to it. I was pleased to see nice big reclining chairs and a menus with many different things to eat. 5 stars if the restrooms fot more attention.

Sergio Bravo

Cant beat 5 dollar Tuesday EVER!!! Just wished you guys also had PPV Boxing matches already!!

Bob Wolff

Ultra Screen is Ultra Awesome ! Surround sound Fantastic ! Comfortable seating Comfy ! Self service drink area was a disgusting mess of spilled soda , with a bacteria laden straw dispenser that every patron's filthy booger fingers had already dipped into 500 times before I got to it for my straw. Choose not to use a straw at all that day. Didn't get the flu yet either ! Coincidence ? I think not. Bring along a small pillow or two for a most comfortable and complete viewing experience. Just don't use the straws. Clean restrooms were a plus.

Stephen Salemi

Nice theater, comfortable seats, and good service. I seen Joker with my wife and we both had a good time.

erica rodriguez

Most of the staff is pretty friendly. Good selection of movies offered.

Kris Gould

One of the better theaters I've been too.

Alaina Michelle Karpinski

Avengers:End game very good.

Rick Orta

Very nice seats,good service,good price for the matinee

Laurie Doyle

Comfy seats, clean, friendly staff. All around good place to go to see a movie.

tatiana aguirre

Comfy seats and nice and cool in the theatre

Jennifer L

While the theater is nice, I wouldn't recommend seeing movies on opening night here. There was a lot of talking and screaming at the screen when we went, not to mention the contact high I got from just walking through the vestibule. Experiences like this are exactly why I don't go to the theater anymore and it was nice of them to remind me, I guess.

Diabolus Exterminus

Not the cleanest. & the staff is lackluster

Tiffany Zarletti-Passe

Love the Dream Loungers. The theater is always very clean and there's always a good variety of movies playing.

Deedee Smith

I really like the owner He makes you feel we are one of his families.

Sherie Dickmann

Our FAVORITE family time going out spot!! Great staff!!

Sound Decisions

Reclining seats, comfortable. Great place to see a movie

neurostar 419

The best theater ever. Miss the video games. But love the big confy chairs.

Holy Moly's Donut Shop!

The location is pretty decent and love the condiment stands but the worst part about theaters is even with paid seating people still take your seat. Not wanting to confront them or make a big scene, it makes you not want to go. That's a pet peeve for me.

william schultz

As with most cinemas , I believe way over priced for an hour or two for a movie. The place is nice but you can tell the staff is way over worked for their pay. Management don't seem happy either. I think it's probably a hard business to work in . Food is mediocre for the price. Even there new restaurant and bar are way to over priced for what is served.

speter awaken

Nice selection of screens, the bar is awesome & a nice variety of food for every ones taste.

Lady Lonely

Service was amazing if not a bit slow. Only had two cash registers open and quickly tried to get through the large wave of people who came in. Staff did great however!!

Yolanda Ramirez

Prices are way too high, on the food specially, but the place is clean or at least you see cleaners around talking. But everyone is friendly and fast on orders. The instrument players in the lobby is a nice touch ! I love movies !!!

Christopher Lindeke

Always an amazing time.

Katina Honor

Nice Family outting to take everyone to.

Robbie Hearan

Clean. Hot popcorn. Great Movie experience

Stephanie trejo

Soo we went to see MA the weekend it came out ... but my husband bought the wrong date , instead of Saturday he bought for Friday since we had plans with friends to go see it on Saturday!! We didn't know he did that and when we went to the movies on Saturday are tickets were not valid ... we talked to the manager and she was nice enough to honor our tickets since there was still plenty on sitting left !!!

Cristina Hernandez

I had always preferred to go to Sturtervan because I had always seemed the best place to enjoy muvies until this past Friday 19 / July 2019 where the seats that we use could not move the one I had could not recline and the next one was already in recline position & not able to move it either. we stayed like that so we did not lose the movie and when we wanted to inform the manager she just said oh! Well, you should have come to tell us to fix it for you. She continues saying that was very easy! Making us feel stupid for not having gone to her and losing part of the movie. I do not feel treating well. It was very annoying that situation. for that reason I will not go to that cinema anymore.

Autumn Hejl

Love this theater! It's my favorite

Tony W

Live the theater. Good food.

Patti Enriquez

Really enjoyed the movie. The seats (lounger) where excellent to sit in.

Dan Rodgers

Great place to see a movie. Lines for snacks are too long.

caleb davis

Its a movie theater.. Last time i was there the popcorn was stale. But the cocktails there were pretty well made.

Shawnda Pablo

Best movie theater I've ever been to

Julie Bellante

Popcorn was delicious, service was friendly and helpful, movie was great!

Katie Peek

Bought our tickets online, all the slef serve get your ticket were not working when I entered my code or tried to use the scan bar, I tried 3 different machines all did not work. Went to get popcorn there were 3 people ahead of us, only 1 register open on a Saturday night at 9pm but there were 5 employees behind the snack counter and only one employee doing the work and the rest standing there looking at everyone. The theater was clean.

Karen Ewing

This theater is always nice, with the exception of some of the staff. Today was a prime example of this. I'll elaborate below. We came in late to see a showing on the UltraScreen. There was only one worker at the ticket counters and she was assisting another (large) party, so we (just my husband and I) went to one of the ticket machines instead. We selected the movie, time, seats, pushed in the card, received the transaction notification instantly, though the machine did not provide a confirmation nor did it print the tickets. Our first thought was that it may have been out of paper and just glitched out, so we went to the machine next to it and inserted the card after selecting the option to print tickets for already purchased... except it said nothing was found (despite our card having already been charged). So, we went up to the ticket counter (now empty) and explained the issue, including what movie we were there to see and what time. She proceeds to ask if we have any sort of confirmation number or ticket on the app. We didn't use the app, so... No there. She asks us what movie, we had already mentioned that... Okay, no big deal. She pulls up the bookings and asks if we're someone else. Nope... Okay. She then pulls up the seating for the showing and asks what seats we had picked and proceeds to tell us the ones we mentioned initially are broken so we couldn't have picked those... Uh, okay, why were they green on the ticket machine then? At this point, I'm just baffled at the sheer complexity this is getting to. Your machine screwed up, we can show you the charge, print us some tickets, y'know? No. She ends up telling us "Well, you can sit in those seats but if someone comes in with tickets for them, you have to move." We were already running late at this point and I was now flustered, so I just gave up and we left the counter WITHOUT TICKETS (mind you, I collect them for a frame at home so this is immensely frustrating to me in itself). Anywho, I've been to this theater several times in the past and this was my first visit back in several years (I had been living out of state). I'm happy to see it's still a nice theater and has upgraded over time in correlation with other theaters. The heated seats are nice and dream loungers are always a plus. I love the UltraScreen and the sound seems to be just right in the theater here. Food is theater food, a step above average typically. I'll end this on the reiteration that the main problem I tend to ever have at this theater, or most Marcus theaters really, is the staff. They give the impression that they're overworked, underpaid, and lazy. I would hope Marcus pays well enough for this type of job, so really, slap on a fake smile at the very least and be professional.


We went on a Tues. morning two of our 4 seats didn't recline. I had got an email saying boxed candy was $2 but when we got there the woman at the counter who was extremely slow said it was only one kind of candy that was on sale none of us wanted that kind so I put what I had back not wanting to pay the high prices. On a positive note the movie Aladdin was very good.

jessie Olivares

So much fun watching a movie with the new recliners

Andres Rosales

You know it's a nice place to go with the family or with friends just wish the previews wouldn't take so long

Carla Centeno

Beautiful theatre inside and out. Looks so majestic just like it's name

tim thoennes

Great theater. Roomy comfortable seats, great sound and delicious concessions!

David O'Day

Love the wide open lobby, Super and Ultra Screens, Take 5 bar, Zaffiros Express, and everything else about this cinema!

nico flores

Amazing theatre. The most comfortable theatre ive ever been to.

Mia Washington

Comfortable and enjoyable.

Douglas Hamilton

Great place to go to for movies! And the popcorn is oh so good! Great prices and plenty to choose from at the concession counter. Friendly staff who are quick to serve you and assist you as needed. Facility is always kept clean and maintained. Plenty of parking and is handicap accessible. Easy to spot from the street. Highly recommend seeing a movie on the Ultra Screen!

Batman Samm

Very quick ticketing process. Found seats fairly quick, seats are sometimes dirty before the movie starts. Love to come to this theater

Jessica A

The food is great, the loungers are so comfy and I always have a good experience there!

Rachel Rangel

Great movie Hustler was. Great

Gina Langridge-Marlowe

Love it and the deals they have

Amy Lutkus

This is a great theater! Comfortable seats, tons of good food and drinks, plenty of parking. And $5 Tuesdays are the best! You can get tickets through the app and skip lines. You also get a discount on popcorn and snacks on Tuesday. Great reward program too!


Great theater. Tuesday night is not a good night to visit. Extremely crowded because all shows are five bucks.

David Mendlik

Accommodations fantastic, unfortunately staff this morning brought it down.

Michael Grendel Ramos

Great service amd comfortable seats

Beyond the Dust

Good movie theater and good popcorn. The prices are reasonably fair

Ben Bracker

Its the movies. The one we seen was with family so what could be better? Buttered Popcorn, cheese and pretzel bites, and m&ms. Oh no! Ways to stay awake...It was one of those things to do once in awhile. Oh ya, we ate at the little restaurant in the theater before again, I think it was a date... I let my wife read this: She smiled brightly with joy and said, "Oh ya, I remember that." So not only was it a date but memorable....

Tamira Walton

Clean, cozy, and comfortable! Best movie theater!

Casey Burke

Beautiful theater and very well kept. The day time staff always seem to be very unhappy though.

Angela Cantu

Very comfortable seats! Amazing sound!

Robert Striegel

First time inside this amazing theater to see the Advance Premier of The Art of Racing In The Rain. Enjoyed a Zaffiro's pizza in the lobby bar before the show. Then we proceeded to the showroom and was surprised by the plush, roomy and cozy seats which also reclined. All seats provided an excellent view and sound system was excellent. Can't wait to go back for another fantastic viewing experience.

Jaymee Smith

Great place for a date night: dinner, drinks, and a movie!

PAUL C. Steffensen

Nice but the sound was deafening in the theater.


Great venue and awesome food in the restaurant part. Prices are always high, too bad its the norm. New seats in the theater are great too.

Lee Shaver

Marcus Renaissance has been the best theater in the area since it opened. Their previous chairs were a bit better than their current ones, but the Ultrascreen is still great, in spite of this minor disappointment.

chiquita bolling

Not too packed this tuesday great service awesome experience.

Richard Bowman

We love this cinema, but we hate the new Marcus app. We purchased tickets last night for our local Marcus cinema on the app, but upon arrival we were told that the tickets were for a cinema an hour and a half away. There is no way to get a refund through the app, and Marcus has no customer service number to get a refund for the tickets after the app screwed up. I would have to drive the hour and a half to the Markus location the Tix were for to get my money back. This is just poor customer service. Otherwise I would give 5 stars all day long.

Georgette DN

Friendly staff. Just wished the pretzel bites weren't always hard

Emilly 5

This is a nice theater to visit and I've had great experiences in the past, however... Tonight I went to see Happy Death day 2U and I arrived early, but trailers and things usually start 20-30 minutes before a showtime. The movie started at 9:55, I was in the theater at 9:30. By 10:05pm there was still a blank screen so someone else got a manager. Finally they started the trailers so by the time to actual movie started at 10:30... It was the Lego movie. Someone else again went to say something and 10 minutes later an employee came in and said it would be a few more minutes... Until the trailers prior to our actual movie started. I work 6 days of the week and I rarely get to spend time to see movies anymore... So I couldn't spend 4 hours at the there until 1am because the theater messed up. The employees didn't care, all just standing around anyways. So I got my refund and left by 11pm. Just an extremely disappointing experience and the lack of care from the staff for their own mistake just added to it. I wish I didn't have to, but I will more than likely be driving farther to another theater next time.

Nashell Riley

Great movie,Brian Banks. Popcorn, delish

Brandi Thompson

Movie was great! Fix the bathroom sinks. Half of them don't work.

belinda sanchez

I love going here it's so relaxing w the recliner chairs

Samantha Netzinger

If the prices weren't so insane this would be 5 stars. This theatre is incredible, though. Very fun and has great food


Good. Recomended to go here.


I love the growth of the Marcus Theatre. They make coming to the movies seem like a classy getaway. I even travel from another city to come to that Cinema in particular. I love the ice cream, food, drinks, POPCORN!! all the space. I will always and forever be a loyal Marcus Movie Goer.

Michele Kirby

Cozy atmosphere with awesome chairs

Jennifer Schaubroeck

A good movie theater. $5 Tuesdays are nice. The women's bathroom seems dirty and most of the seats in the bathroom are broken.


Amazing popcorn, and movies. Love it!

Karl Ostby

Love the Ultra Screen. .

Lesia Smalls

Nice, clean & workers are very accommodating.

Mark Weitkum

In light of the high prices these theaters charge today (they charge over $5 for a single cup of soda/pop), your best bet is on $5 Tuedays. And bring your own snacks & beverages. Only downside is, the immature teens come on Tuedays, and they're rude as hell. They can spoil the evening.

chris luz

Comfort seating in heated, reclining lounge chairs. It doesn't get better than this. It's nice you can take buy cocktails to take into the theatre but they are really pricey.

stacey scola

Nice theater. Great seating

Rae Ann Geisser

Nice theater but the sound is WAY too loud!

Collin Hawkinson

Excellent theater to visit and family friendly. Definitely recommend going later in the evening as there are fewer people.

Benjamin Spargur

My favorite theater near by, only wish they served food and drink like the Bistro Plex. Still a great place with the most amazing Ultra Screen.

Felicia Granados

I really like the movies.

Randy Brown

The $5 Tuesday is great, along with the free popcorn, however all the people eating the other foods is really quite annoying. The smells and noise of crinkling plastic wrap, is too much.

Ruben Acevedo

Top notch service at the ticket counter as well as at the concessions. Clean theatres and good food at their restaurant as well.

Charity Squires

Marcus Renaissance is a nice theater. It is very clean and comfortable. They have a wide variety of snacks and food. A great bonus is there $5 movies on Tuesdays!


This is a very nice theater in terms of beautiful building & comfortable reclining seats and all the latest movies however you pay the extra price for it as well (although they do have a nice deal on Tuesdays for $5 plus free popcorn) however what bothered me most was that when I used my MoviePass card (yes it still works most of the time)I was left with a balance of 50 cents I so I had to go to my car and get it. when I came back she said it's actually a $1.04 (she forgot to add the tax)..... fortunately I grabbed two dollar bills even though I had thought about just rummaging for the $0.50 but she was very uptight about that extra $0.04 so I had to break another dollar bill just for the 4 pennies. Its little things like that that makes or breaks a place. She could have said "don't worry about it" but instead she had to make sure she got her four extra pennies. It was eleven dollars for the earliest show of the day which I don't mind paying especially since I'm using MoviePass but in terms of making me feel at ease I didn't feel it because she was so worried about four pennies. As patrons what we would like to feel most is to be appreciated by the employees, because by going there we are helping to pay their paycheck and so you would think they'd be happy for us to be there and do little things to make us want to come back, like say "dont worry about the 4 cents" ( I wonder what would have happened if I had just grabbed the $0.50 from my car or just a dollar and didn't have the extra $0.04 . would she have made me run back for another four pennies? ) Thanks to most of the other workers there who are a bit nicer and more appreciative.

Debbie Jacohs

Get here at least a half hour early. Not sure if they understaffed or what but if you want something to eat and drink with your Friday night date night, good luck. Very dissatisfied.

Lauren Gruba

The dream longue was amazing comfy big seats, love the heat warmers. The only negative need more people working concession.

Ram Mohan CH

Very nice and clean environment. Food is also good.

Jake Peterson

This is one of our favorite theaters to go to in the area. The Ultra-screen is a must when seeing all the biggest movies that release. And the other screens are great as well! The fact they have the bar you can get alcoholic drinks and food to bring with in the theaters gives an added bonus. Love coming here!

Jesus Gonzalez

There was musky smell in room 5. And there was lights on the screen that was coming out of the projector room. Other than that the food and drinks great.

Susan Daye

I bought tickets online and when I arrived there wasn't a kiosk that could scan the barcode on the phone, as was indicated in the confirmation. I went to the ticket counter instead. The theater hadn't been cleaned between showings... Popcorn and trash laying around (popcorn on the seats). People should clean up after themselves of course, but the theater personnel should at least do a quick check and spot clean.

Vickie Brown

The popcorn was stale pretzel bite were fresh

Anne Yust

Love the seats, the new menu, pizza is good . And quick to get in.

Kim Estry

Great staff, wonderful seats. The theater is always clean. My interactions with the managers and associates are always pleasant and professional.

Margie Davis

Love the ultra theater and they have live music sometimes

Ed Thompson

Very updated movie theater. Great seats, lots of snacks. The Tuesday deal the give you is fantastic

Natalie Fetzer

My favorite theater in the area. Always clean. Popcorn is good, chairs are comfortable. Would highly recommend.

Christopher Quinn

If you love movies, you'll really like this theater.

Thomas Visintainer

3D movie experience was great for Avengers Endgame.

Littleonetwo _

Has a good number of theater rooms including an ultra screen which is like a mini imax experience pretty cool. Seats are super comfortable can lounge and depending on the theater can heat too. They have a food service option I haven't tried. Is a good theater that offers huge deals on Tuesdays!

Matthew Bruce

Love going here on Tuesdays for $5 movies and free popcorn. Dream loungers are the best

Raphael Bencriscutto

Comfortable seating, music in lounge ice cream

Charles Sloan

Clean and spacious viewing area. We always love the food and drinks, pricy but good quality.

Kyle Carson

Best theater in the multi-county area. Clean theaters, friendly and helpful staff. Better concessions and has a bar. Highly recommended for a movie night

Sherille Sanders

Take the kids from my job (Almost Home Academy II) every year for the summer, they love it

Evita Gustin

Just love it here

James Leonard

Clean and very friendly service chars are great!!

Brian Jacobson

Underrated compared to the rest in the chain. Which is good, you can get a ticket on a Saturday night without long-standing reservations.

Nick Cage

I enjoy going on Tuesdays.

Katrina Ausse

The theatre itself is nice. Insane prices and an incredibly rude staff will make me drive to Kenosha from now on.

natalie cuevas

This is how to experience movies! The most luxurious movie going experience. All I was missing was a lap blanket ☺ Tuesdays have the best deals to make you feel like a superstar when your funds are low.

Meghan Johns

Usually really happy with Marcus but very disappointed that they had 2 very slow people running concessions for a line of 8. Saw 3 employees walk by to go clean and the manager was too busy chatting to even notice that we waited 15 min for popcorn and a soda. Ridiculous!

ima kidatheart

Great seats - great little restaurant!!

Judy Agallar

Went to see break trough the movie is very good. The movie theater was really clean.

Margaret Stratman

I wasn't there. The poor manager (6/2/2019 11:20pm) had to endure my ANGRY call. She kept her cool and understood my anger and I appreciate that. Shes amazing and obviously a hard working person who cares about not only her job but people.


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