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770 N Springdale Rd, Brookfield, WI 53186, United States

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REVIEWS OF Marcus Majestic Cinema IN Wisconsin

Bluden Cromwel

Excellent theater, extremely friendly staff, and very accommodating. My favorite theater in all Wisconsin (although Marcus Menomonee Falls, New Berlin and Delafield as well as Johnson Creek AMC are all great as well! ).

Octavio Rivera Jr

Super clean, and friendly staff, and the seats are amazingly comfortable

Mike Clancy

Nice seating ..good selection of movies

Debbie Kaad

Love the dinner dine and bar! Staff is great!

patrick aiman

Great place to get a new job and or see a great movie

Life's Good

Very nice and presentable theater. Only gave 4 stars because they need Dream Loungers in the Bistro area.

Eric Jacques

So far the best Marcus theater I've been to, and I've been to a lot of marcus theatres.

Wendy Regan

Being "old school" it's quite an experience to see and partake in such a large venue. Enjoyed my experience

Angela C

The employees are always so friendly, helpful and nice. We always try to go to the bistro if we can make the movie time. The service is incredible and the menu has a variety of things: burgers, pizza, appetizers. My one complaint is we didn’t realize we could get concession snacks and drinks from our seats as well, so we got soda before finding our seats and when we asked for a refill half way through the movie, we were told they can’t refill concession soda cups and we’d have to purchase another one.


We always have a great time,but this time there was woman who checked her phone a couple times I started to say something then I realized it was my wife

Swati Mullur

This is nice theater. To watch movies especially every Tuesday it's 5$


Excellent place. Big screens, good popcorn. The rooms are small. It felt like my living room.

Beth Milinski

Always love this place. Great seating, comfortable and very nice people.

Jessica Elizabeth Owens

Get the dreamloungers! That was one expense I did not regret. Nice clean theater, didn't freeze you out, sound and picture was perfect. Love it

Glenn Guan

One of my favorite cinema, special discounts for students


Love this theater!!!! Almost felt like I was in a new city with all the lights and loved what they all offered as far as food and even a little pub.

William Hand

Beautiful theater complex. Wide assortment of feature choices. Nice complement of food & refreshments. Freindly staff & fair prices. Over all, a very pleasant experience

Victoria Spaude

Huge! Amazing theatres! Love that all screens have the huge reclining and heated seats! Makes going to a movie so much better and worth your money because your really feel at home! You used to pay alot of money to sit in small uncomfotable seats with minimal leg room but not here! Welcome to living room seating for every movie! Not even including all the extra amentities like dinner, drinks, and restaraunts/bars inside


Perfect place to take the kiddos! Nice reclining seats and plenty of space for my young boys to move about without disturbing anyone around us. We will definitely be coming back here!

Jessica Carson

Nice and clean. Beautiful facility

Susan Holz

Love this theater. I drive 20 minutes when there is a theater 5 minutes from house

Andrew Leath

Awesome movie experience every time.

lucinda jones

Friendly staff, the seats are comfy, The Bistro food is really good.

Caitlin Smith

One of my favorite dates with my husband! We often will eat in the bistro for dinner and the food is always delicious and the servers are attentive. We love the buffalo chicken spring rolls and chicken quesadillas. We enjoy being able to use the app to pick our seats and know exactly where we will be sitting in the theater. Highly recommend this theater!

Mark Harder

Went to the luxury seats and they were great. It's the way to see the newest Avengers movie.

Matthew Karge

Comfy seats. Would give five stars if I didn't have to get a home equity loan to pay for popcorn and a soda.

Emily Ozburn

It's awesome that you can get restaurant food there. The whole thing is fairly expensive which would be okay but the bathrooms are gross.

Alice Kopca

Preview movie the Good Boys was very good, hillarious!

Littlemsp D

We enjoyed the grand opening for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. It was such a wonderful experience. The theater was clean, staff was friendly and welcoming and the whole event was something to be remembered especially for all the Harry Potter Fans!

Brian Wohler

Amazing dinner and movie experience watching Avengers: Endgame. Staff was exemplary and the service was not at all disruptive to the movie. Well done. I will be back.

Richard Coll

Awesome place. Some theaters have lounging recliners and then there's the bistro seats which you order appetizers, dinner or drinks while watching your movie.

Melissa Jarecki

We're here all the time. A nice experience at the movies. Good food options. Great seats.

Ziggy Nanii

Super nice in the inside and very updated looking

JT Koppa

My favorite movie theater in town. There is one closer to my place but I go to this one instead. They have all the things I want in a theater. The things I like the most: "Take Five Lounge;" great food options, DreamLounger® Seating and 2 UltraScrean® . They have done a great job of making this one of the best in the area even over some of their other Marcus Theaters. Staff is usually great never had issues with finding times or refunding tickets if need be.

Caleb Hein

I always go to this theater because of the dream lounger seats. Sitting in a comfortable reclining seat makes the theater experience worth it. Buy your tickets on fandango ahead of time to pick your seat, and make sure to pick the dream lounger theaters unless you want the bistro. The previews start at the listed start time of the movie and run about 15 minutes.

Michael King

Best place ever I would recommend but is is just a little bit further away but was worth the drive

Dreyson Anderson

Toy story 4 this time. Great experience, as always!

challa kiranmai

I love that they have recliners. Their food court has lot of options and offers


Mozzarella sticks are the best!! Love the bar and big screen protection in there

Andrew B.

A really nice movie theater. Clean and spacious, and the lounging seats are awesome. Prices are movie prices and the food is expensive; that's to be expected with theatres unfortunately. Take advantage of the deals and rewards card.

Neil Bleise

Huge place very clean recommend visiting on Tuesdays $5 and a movie and the seating is outstanding

Liz Boushley

Ok I sincerely hate picking my seat prior to going into theater. And popcorn was dull and not fresh. Seats were comfortable. Chilly theater. I would rather pick my seats when I go inside to see what theater is like. Besides I don’t like being by people that turn me off so I won’t go hardly ever again

Krista Jean

We went on a Tuesday night and it was packed! I recommend to get there early always, there was no seating available when we got there to see the movie that we wanted, so we had to see an alternate movie. We saw the Nutcracker and it was very good. Good movie for older children I would say definitely over the age of five. It was very whimsical, and the computer Graphics were amazing

Rose Lynn

Oh my gosh, where do I start? This place was could say it was Majestic! The food is so good, especially the mozzarella sticks (ask for extra sauce)! if something is not fresh or not to your liking just tell them and they fix the problem and be nice about it.The prices are high but that they only way the theater can make its money! The seats are so comfortable and if your in the ultra screen the seats are heated! They are doing a good job at keeping things clean, there have been a few times I've been there and they were doing some deep cleaning. When you buy your tickets they are so very helpful and yes ticket prices are overpriced but if you don't want to pay the price then just rent the movie instead and don't complain. Then there is one employee I always go to if she is working and she is a complete gem, such a sweetheart. She knows everything about the place and can be very accommodating, sometimes more than the managers! She'll help you with anything and you could be having the worse experience but she turns it around quickly. She is so real and genuine, I recommend going to her if you are there! Plus their reward program is great! You can get free popcorn and discounts like if you buy your tickets online your service fee is waived. You also get notified about special events and are invited to them. All of this is free to because it doesn't cost anything to be a member. I know you probably won't sign up for them because of the emails but the emails are so worth it! Also, not everything is going to perfect all the time and you have understand. I've seen so many people get yelled at when they are just doing their job. It breaks my heart, what is this world turning into? I mean you're not perfect and I bet you make mistakes in your life so why get mad at them? Now I will leave you with this lasting thought..."You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall. *If you have questions about this theater or life just ask!

Etta Whitley

Nice theater for the family very comfortable seating and food is delicious

August Knight

Accommodating as always. One of my favorite theaters to attend.


Went here on opening night to watch advengers endgame and the place was packed. Despite the large crowd the location had more than enough people working there was little to no wait for food, restrooms, and ticket lines.

Julie T

We went to sse lion king in the bistro in our waiter was on top of his game super friendly super helpful and went above and beyond

Unknown Unknown

Theater was hot and smelled like a litter box. I paid $50 to sit and almost gag on stink!

steven Sonnentag

We go here for every movie now, just the heated recliners in the winter it's so nice you use your jackets like blankets and it traps the heat in. Always clean and freindly, prices are high but that's every movie theater

Beth Wisniewski

Our fav Marcus theater. Many people don't know they can request pure white popcorn topped with real butter here!! Its the only one we know where we can get it. Same price. Always clean too!

Kyle Coughlin

This cinema is by far the best in all of Wisconsin. The seats were comfortable, heated, and best of all....far away from other movie goers! (Didn't have to hear anyone chew or pick their nose!)

Amy Galow

The lounge seats are fantastic and the food is surprisingly good.

Ian Fiebig

A fine Marcus theater. A little nicer then the ridge. I only once had an issue (tickets were accidentally sold to a private event), and we were comped for that. Always busy on Tuesdays, pre buy tickets and still arrive early for concessions.

Karen Lewis

Very nice place

Kim Grossmann

My favorite place to watch new movies, great place for action films or a film you want to see on a big screen. The lounge chairs are comfy in the Ultra screen theatre, book your seats ahead for convenience. For new release movies I do recommend getting there a little early if you want to hit the concession stand and watch upcoming previews.

Bonnie Von Rueden

Seats are so comfortable!! Cheetos popcorn so good!!

Jocelyn Khalifa

Came on a Tuesday. 3 movies I was interested in were all sold out, bummer. Other than that once we found a movie to watch, Childs Play, we had a great time. The lounge chairs are AWESOME. I havent found another cinema near by with them. Great time overall.

Haunted Minnie

Movie theater with tons of food options. Nice people, comfortable seating. Come here very frequently.

Sara Scheely Johnson

I went to see the Farewell on Sunday night. The film has subtitles and they were partially cut off by the movie screen. I went to ask an employee for help. There were no obvious managers around so I went to the ticket counter and tried to get the attention of a female employee. She wasn't helping anyone, but she gave me a death glare and said: “What?” As if I was inconveniencing her? Meanwhile I was missing several minutes of a movie I paid $12 to see. There was no way to walk over to her because of a gold barrier separating the ticket counter from the lobby. So I beckoned her over with my hand. She honestly expected me to shout to her about the problem. The woman acted like she couldn’t be bothered to assist me and practically rolled her eyes. When I explained what happened she got on the walkie talkie and a manager promised to take care of the issue. Which he (or someone) did within a couple of minutes of me reporting the problem. I just can’t believe how rude the ticket counter employee was to me. I won’t go back to this theater again.

Georgejon Malboeuf

The inside very nice.. But they did not have a show as advertised to see Stephen King's ; it.. Very disappointing. They said google screwed up.. NO THEY DID.. NO ACCOUNTABILITY BY MGMT. ALLOWING GOOGLE TO POST THEIR MAKE BELIEVE MOVIE SCHEDULE.. LEFT. ANNOYED !!! Also didnt see movie ...

Eric Grow

Awesome theater, only reason not five stars is Greg Marcus apparently thinking everyone wants to see his face on a giant screen before every movie!

Ruben Micheel

An excellent place to be they have dream loungers so it's very comfortable

Alex Miller

One of the best theatres in the area. It's always pretty clean, and they are always showing the most popular new movies

D San

My favorite movie theatre.Always clean ,professional and hot food.

Gerardo Martinez

I love the old nostalgic vibe going on with the combined modern style theatre. I miss the piano man.

Terina Cunningham

Awesome movie theater. Wonderful seats and amazing sound.

Scott Mitchell Mitchelk

We love this place. White popcorn is delicious. Always a premier on Thursday and Tuesday is a crowd of fun loving movie watcher. Tuesday is discounted to 5 dollars. Awesome place. They even have a dine in theatre.

Donna Reed

The Theater itself was great - It would get 5 stars, but the popcorn, which is an integral part of the experience for many movie-goers, was absolutely the WORST i have ever had anywhere! Half unpopped or uneatable kernels, and the rest soggy and hard to chew at an astronomical price! Shame on you, Majestic! Made the experience less enjoyable than it should have been for the price paid for the eight of us celebrating a birthday.

Allison Wirtz

So nice. Great food and drink options - even has an ice cream place. Comfy, spacious, automatic reclining seats. Clean. Movie sound isn't too loud.

Monty Green

This place truly is majestic, the first time i visited this place I was blown away with how they fixed all my complaints with movie theaters. You can purchase your tickets online and select your seat ahead of time, solving my problem with always having to show up early to guarantee a good seat. You can eat in a bistro where waiters will deliver your food for you which means no longer waiting in long lines for popcorn. Also the chairs are extremely comfy and you don't have to share an armrest making things much more comfortable. This place also accommodates all your wisconsin cheese needs. A few years ago one of the employees introduced me to their mozzarella sticks. There is so much cheese that I hope you brought a friend because you will definitely want to share. You can order many types of pizza but my favorite is a large pizza with extra cheese. They also have parmesan cheese to sprinkle on the top to make it extra cheezy. They now have cheeto popcorn, and in case that isn't enough cheese on your popcorn they also sell Kernals seasoning with flavors like nacho and white cheddar. Also I have not ran into one food establishment that doesn't sell cheese curds, and this place is no exception. This is by far the best theater i have experienced.

Lauren Wolf

Go here if you want to take a movie premiere night from an evening staring at your laptop to an experience. Between the plush chairs and the waitservice at the touch of a button, Netflix better watch its back!

Ellen Dodd

We love the Bistro!! Dinner and a movie!! Multitasking!!

Jdolfin T

I entered the theater just before the start time of 10:40 am and the MOVIE was already playing. Not previews the MOVIE. We asked to have the movie restarted and the staff was ablivious to what we were asking and unapologetic. First and Last time I will be attending this theater

Lee Yuna

Great place to watch the movie. I wish they clean the seats more carefully. Mine was so sticky and very uncomfortable.

Megan Partington

Always clean, with great movie selections and friendly workers. We tend to arrive early for a beer and popcorn.

Mitchell Bringe

Went to see Spirited Away and movie was potentially being cancelled. After thirty minutes of waiting the feature finally started in Japanese after we had paid to see in english.


It has good service and delicious food

Brianne Judd

Just saw the new Halloween movie today. Great day for it, as it's cold and rainy outside. It was our second time visiting this theater and we enjoyed it just as much as the first time we went. If you choose the bistro experience, you wont be sorry. The food was excellent, especially the chicken strips and mac and cheese. They even serve adult drinks! All in all, definitely worth the money!

rick DuPont

Very. Nice clean and 5.00 Tuesdays movies

Coda Cain

No complaints my way

Yanna Kisala

I must say, I do enjoy the big leather seats, and the option of being able to order food off the menu while inside the certain theaters. I only wish the tickets weren't so ridiculously expensive, because not all, if not most, movies are worth $11.50. The update to fancy leather seats that recline is one way theaters now extract more money out of movie goers. Thankfully I go very infrequently to them. Better to wait a few weeks till it comes out on Netflix or one of those streaming channels.

drum line

Cozy environment the service is great the workers are friendly an it's a great place to bring family and friends. It's also to sit back an relax.

Ben Gorde

My go to theater in the area, always have a good experience here. Amenities are not as up to date as other Marcus locations, but it is always pretty easy to get a good seat, with the exception of Tuesdays (as with any Marcus location) Theaters are nice and dark with good picture and sound.

Carla Centeno

Wonderful majestic place to visit. Very picturesque atmosphere. Nice staff.They have a very cool restaurant right inside the theatre too which had the best food and best Signature drinks too. Very clean and neat. Will go back again and again!


One of the best I've been to. In the last few years they have made significant upgrades to the facility, seats, weekly programs etc. Food from their restaurant is decent on par with an Applebees, Culvers, etc.

justin geitner

The theater was great. Very nice recliner chairs and the great picture on the screen.

David Acevedo

Great movie & awesome food.

Coding Cat

Good, but DO NOT SIT IN THE FRONT ROW. It makes your head swivel in all directions, causing a bad experience. I went here to see the new Lion King movie, and the sound systems are also good. Recommended.

Kenya Witcher

Stunning and attractive facility,Yet I was let down by the staff for the kid's party & showing of 'The secret life of pets 2". Planned this event week's ago & was let down with the execution of the activities. One of the first to arrive, no drinks & no posters. Eagerly questioned staff & showed them the email announcement.( Shrugs & I'll see followed). Bought my boy's the kids treats popcorn, drink & fuitsnacks , hunkered down for the show. Won't be returning to this location. Spoiled by the other locations that decorate & really participate in the festivities for families, make the experience memorable .

Robert Williams

Great place to eat, drink and or see a movie. 2 ultra screens and the most comfortable seating in the house. Other screens have great new seating too. Just dont fall asleep.....yes there that comfortable

T.J. Wulf

Amazing food, drinks and service!

Robert Trester

Reclining seats, first run movies

Derek gray

Love it everyone is nice easy to find movie area and searing went and seen IT chapter 2 only bad thing is after a hr you start swearing bc the seats are leather very cozy just if your a person that gets warm real easy recommend dressing lighter in clothing


Wonderful screen, wonderful seats. Dream lounger is amazing other than the arm rest in the middle makes it quite uncomfortable. Went to see the joker, good movie, nice staff, pretty clean for a movie theater. Nice loud and clear speakers with a very good view of the screen no matter where you sit.

Ce Ce

Great seats, movie selection. Staff is very patinet with customers as I was getting anxious waiting. Bravo to the staff and shame on me for lack of patience waiting in line!

Karen Pawlak

Saw Godzilla, fantastic movie! Watched the film in the dream lounge theater. Forever spoiled for any other seating.

Rod Davidson

Comfortable seating, great sound system and you can order food that's delivered right to tour seat. What's not to love

Ris Werth

This is my favorite theater! The seats are comfortable. The screen and sound quality are wonderful. The food and drinks are stellar. I've always gotten great service. Marcus employs the best, at least in my opinion. This is where we see most of the movies we go to. I love it!

scott olson

Awesome. I saw movie Overcomer. Great seats parking and facilities

Tonya Johnson

I love this theater! Relaxing, clean, large and always had the top new movies. Also I like the food & service

Goog D

The food is so pricey & the online pictures of the cinema show a place as if you can call waiter for your food. That was not the case. We were fully prepared to dine and watch the movie. My friend & I had to got FuudRuckers, which was amazing, because I don't trust cinema food, other than popcorn and a drink.

Brett G

Great place to see the latest flick. Nice variety of food selections.

Osogladiator !

A very nice theater. Make sure to buy tickets early. Show times for popular movies are often sold out.

S Hink

Would be nice if the front ticket staff wouldn’t talk you out of an end seat saying a wide arm would be comfortably between you and your husband. I LOVE end seating- do not listen to placement for your self by staff- I ended up next to someone which I do not like sitting next to strangers smacking on stinky breath popcorn... go into get pretzel bites and wait 15 minutes while the line next to me gets pulled through in record time- wow

Carla Tate

Movie was great but not completely comfortable. A bit chilly

Jean M Weiss

Saw movie about Judy Garland very well done. Drugs were problems even in 1950s and 1960s with celebrities.

Albert Olivarria

Great Theater, very clean and friendly associates.

Kris Lyth

You can't get better than dinner with a movie. The Bistro theaters are great! Attentive friendly staff. Reasonable food prices, especially when you consider you don't have to worry about being too early or late for your movie. I haven't been to the ultra screens in years but now with reserved seating and improved projection & sound I can only imagine how great it is.

Mark Hoglund

Awesome theater comfortable heated recliners, awesome picture and sound. Good food great variety.


Very nice theater. Nice choices of food and drinks. Clean and people are actually always quiet during movies here.

Ullas Vishwakarma

Excellent place to watch movie. Especially like there Ultra screen theater for amazing movie watching experience. Not so much food varieties but still liked it. Also well managed and not too overly crowded. Highly recommended!

Janet Sullivan

Love the lounge area, the recliners are fabulous. The only downside was I had people on each side of me like 4 on my left and 3 on my right... There was like 20 people total in the theater, so 8 of us were all in a row in row E. The other 12 were spread out up n behind me. Of course the popcorn cud be cheaper!

Marty Christensen

Super nice theater easy entry $5 tuesday and free popcorn cant be beat

Julie Schulz

Overall great theatre, love the seating and cleanliness. Only complaint is the volume of the movies are way too loud, which made it hard to enjoy the movie.

Bacķ Wøødś

Not one of the best movie theaters but still a good one. Food was very good here and you get a pretty decent amount for the price you pay. I personally think the BistroPlex is better.

Robert Zielinski Zielinski

Extremely wonderful place nice staff all theatres should be like this one

Ricardo Soto

What a great place to see movies in. Not been to many Movie theaters but from where I have been, Marcus Majestic comes ahead. The dream loungers, prices, specials, and the food they offer. Excellent place to see the biggest Blockbusters

Sea Eun Kim

We loooove the dream loungers at Marcus. I never consider a recliner for home but after watching from the loungers, there is always a “hmm, maybe..” every time! Not a fan of the bistro movies. Food is just ok and it’s really distracting. I prefer kicking back with some popcorn.

Eric Rice

My wife and I love going to the bistro. Dinner and a movie, you cant go wrong. Our big complaint is that the chairs in the bistro suck. I'm hoping that the upgrade them soon. Otherwise we will probably start looking at other options in the area

Ryan Gibbon

The comfiest theater I've ever been to. Plus, it has a full service bar in it. It might be heaven.

Arma Purdy

Clean, courteous, not over-crowded nor chaotic [like another local Marcus theatre]

brad miller

The Majestic theater is a wonderful place to watch new movies. Constantly upgrading there sound and video equipment so viewers can have the best experience possible. The grad entrance by the concessions even at there busiest hours give people room to move with bumping into one another. They also have a few areas to sit in nice couches and chairs if you arrive early for your movie, and the bar and ice cream shop.

Jarrod Sears

Very nice theater. The dinner and a movie screen is interesting and I'd do it again, but needs better seats. The seats in the normal screen rooms are top notch as is the audio and screen. Very clean bathrooms every time I've been, which a lot of other theatres have issues maintaining. Food selection is much better than most theatres and reasonable prices.

Dan Steiner

It's as advertised... You watch a movie in a padded office chair, and waitstaff will bring you food and drinks. The food is good, but pricey.

storm jernigan

Great to have 5.00 Tuesdays.

William Talatzko

So much better than Mayfair AMC. It's not even close.

K Kumar

Nice theater... Enjoyed ultra screen..

Werner Morales Padilla

Nice venue, with the latest in audio and video. You can rent the theatre room for meetings.

Andrea Kolff

I tripped going into the theater, and everyone was so kind, and understanding. This was I think my second time here, and I was VERY impressed. Everyone was very professional, and making sire I was okay

Tiffany Ayala

We went to see Avengers End Game. I love that we can per order tickets. They have updated the movie theater so much in the last 10 years. I will keep going back.

Heather Gracyalny

Great seats and food

The Hansen Family

Always a pleasure. And this location had the most amazing buttered popcorn, I think they used real butter, which The Ridge on S Moreland does not use. I recommend this location purely for the popcorn!

Mahmoud Elewa

People get loud when eating in the bistro room but the other rooms are good. They had students discounts on Thursdays (don't know if that's still a thing) which was pretty cool. Prices have been going up in general however

Jeffrey Williams

We went to see "Angel has Fallen". If you like action films, you will probably like this film.

Jaime Jones

Who doesn't love a good movie. I tbi k with amount of profit Marcus makes they could lower prices a bit.

Mike Pellerin

Great experience here. We don't watch movies anywhere else. The bistro is decent too. Food is fairly good. The seats are what make this such a good place.


Luxurious movie theater, lots of food choices,nice staff,and very clean. I would of given 5 stars but the didn't have COTTON CANDY. LOL

Ahmed Obeidat

We like the location. Nice for families and friendly staff

Bob & Nick

July 3rd 2019 9:00am I walk in, not a person in the lobby to see except 4 employees. I walk over to purchase my ticket for a 9:30 movie and as I'm choosing on the touch screen the seat I want, the employee checking me out gets short with me and points out the small hand made sign on the electronic seat chart that the "Touch Screen Does Not Work" and I needed to tell him which seat I wanted so he could choose it for me. It's early, maybe he didn't wanna be there but probably one of the coldest ticket takers I've ever dealt with. I take my ticket and go over to concessions and there's a guy with a beard and girl working. I ask if there's is where I can order a coffee. The guy, with his arms draped over the register looks at me and says "uh, we'd have to brew it and that takes 2or 3 minutes" not moving from his spot on the register. I looked at the two of them and said "well I wouldn't want to trouble you" and walked away. What's the point of having a nice looking theater, with prices higher for the same exact movies that are available in my local theater for a lesser cost, if the employees are garbage?? Should change the name To "Not-So Majestic of Brookfield".

Darci Johnson

Lovely theater! Great snacks. Awesome seats. Highly recommend!

knives 3000

Always a fun place to enjoy a nice movie with someone. And everyone is very friendly plus the seats are probably the best part.

Sally Schweitzer

Ate at the Bistro Theater while watching a movie. Always a fun to expetience.

Kim Estry

Nice theater staff is typically very friendly. Bar area is a nice place to stop before a movie to get a drink and you can take it into the movie with you. Food options are good, expensive but for a movie theater about what you would expect. Would be nice to have more vegetarian options. Love going to the movies that are showing on the Ultra Screen, it's the best way to see a movie. If you want to go on a Tuesday you SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE AHEAD OF TIME. They sell out so fast on the day of.

Travis Newmann

Always a pleasant experience. Great theater, awesome pictures and sound. Sometimes long lines for concession stand but usually managed well. Very clean.

Dee Campbell

It's always a pleasure to visit this ShowHouse. My family enjoys this particular theater. Thanks

timothy bantz

The Majestic is a great theater,though I don't go to a lot of movies I love the layout and ambiance. The reclining seats are wonderful

Voltaire Nalls Jr

Incredible detail inside andnout

Rafal Stefaniak

Lovely and glowing cinema. I'm not a fan of dine-in cinemas do to uncomfortable seats, but this Marcus cinema surprised me. Seats were very comfortable and plenty of leg room to stretch. Staff is really friendly, and keep the theater clean. Watching Madea family funeral was fun experience.

Facely Garcia

We have a really good time avery time we take the kids + the place is always clean comfortable recliners and movie sound is great, thanks Marcus theatre.

Lanigan Elvin

I love this theater. Definitely the nicest one around.

Bowling Highlights

It is amazing. I don't know where to start. The popcorn is amazing. All the other snacks are awesome. The commercials before the movie are actually interesting. They have really cool soda machines. And much more!

Stephanie Kohnke

Could use more drink dispensers. They are the ones where you add your flavors. There were only two so naturally there was a line. Barely made it to the start of the show. The temperature in the theater was uncomfortably warm. Popcorn was also soso. Recliners were nice though.

Evelyn Wells

Saw a great movie and had hamburgers.

Alexander Reese

Great . Fun. Pretty dang expensive but the food is higher quality. Delicious Ice cream. New comfy chairs are amazing. Love it. Will be back sooner if I get a coupon otherwise I'll return for the next big movie I can't miss.

Ryan Zacharisen

I went to see the 12:45 PM showing of John Wick 3 Parabellum on May 27, 2019 at Bistro 4. The movie was great, however the failure in leadership at the theater was astounding. They has assigned only a single server to the theater. I do not remember the young ladies name, but she was working as hard as humanly possible. She was running around and helping everyone she could. Unfortunately, she was set up for failure from the very beginning. The theater was nearly fully occupied and it was impossible for a single person to assist that number of customers. I attend the bistro showings often and usually have great service. That sets a standard I hold you too. That standard was massively undercut by today's experience. As I was leaving the young lady was nearly in tears trying to process all the duties heaped upon her. This is completely unacceptable from the management at this location. Your failure to plan for holiday attendance has placed undo stress upon your employees and shows how little you care about both your employees and customers. Both myself and numerous patrons around me agree that you failed not only the customers with poor service, but your team as well. I attempted to find a member of leadership to speak to in private but was unable to locate anyone. Therefore I wanted to reach out and let you know that your treatment of employees leaves me disgusted. I hope things improve in the future. I believe I will need to take break from the theater and find another regular date night outing for the foreseeable future. Thank you,

Alex Werdin

Always clean, and the person that schedules the movie is very nice to talk to and deal with.

sergio rosas

This place is pretty good in every aspect when comes to movies /food /drinks but typically they are out of root beer !!!


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