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135 Wittig Rd, Tomah, WI 54660, United States

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REVIEWS OF Marcus Ho-Chunk Cinema IN Wisconsin

Bruce Lovell

Great place

Colleen Duranceau

I go to the movies at least 3-4 times a month if there's good shows. The theater is always clean. The popcorn is fresh, and the workers are great. If anyone doesn't have their rewards card I highly recommend it. I've earned many $5 and $10 free plus, free popcorn Tuesday and other deals.

john wright

Very nice place and staff was professional and courteous. It was very pricey but all the theaters are. Lol. All in all I WILL be going back again.


Very comfortable seats, best popcorn, great prices.

Mindi Kelemen

Cleanliness improvement would get more stars... Hopefully starting with removing the visible mold on the ice dispenser/soda fountain

wayne scheerer

Being from a bigger metro area this cinema is smaller then I'm use to. I'm a bigger guy and I was a little cramped, other then that the place was pretty clean and food was good.

Andi Cloud

I feel bad for this review because I love Marcus theaters. But the line was super long and out the door to the parking lot. They only had two ticket booths, it was a long wait. It was just horrible. The bathroom was disgusting, sticky floors and paper towels everywhere, not well kept at all. Most Marcus theaters I've been to have remodeled with the dream loungers, not this one, it's unfortunate. If you live close by I would go to the Marcus on Ward Avenue in La Crosse.

Amber Danielson

As typical the concessions are way over priced and the floors were gross but the seats were cuddle seats As the arm in between flipped up so you can cuddle with your date.

Heath Gillihan

Great place to watch a movie. Good prices on snacks for a theater too.

Jason Schuster

Great experience. Got a good Tuesday deal on the movie. Concessions guy got us good deal with reward card. Star is Born was good.

David Keith

I love this Movie Theatre. The staff in all Tomah places are Super friendly and nice. The cinema has semi comfy seats and a lot of drink choices.

E. Sully

Nice little theater for the area. Clean facilities, friendly staff, fresh popcorn, and comfortable seats. They also have great deals.

Susan Delaney

5$ Tuesday was nice, but the seats are old and a bit rundown and they are very close.

Shane Hric

Prices for movies was good. Had very friendly Counter service!

Carlene Baurichter

My husband and I love this theater. The staff is welcoming and very nice. Lines move quickly and we don't have to worry about waiting. Recently they have started a system where you reserve your seat when you buy a ticket so your spot is guaranteed. The theaters are clean as well.

nunya beeswax

The new reserved seating really slows down-the-line

Gary Story

Good experience, updated stadium/recliner seating. Screen was small but we went early so we had the run of the place.

Jacquiesce Rodgers

Nice reasonably priced theatre with velvet seats. They don't recline but armbars lift.

Titus Day

Loved the seats. Could have picked a better movie though.

Roselynne Rossenbach

Extremely upset! Checked the website for Movies times. I live 15 minutes away from the theater. Drove there only to find out that they where not open. They removed the late showing for all movies. Please make sure that your site is not listing shows for times that you are closed. Wasted gas and time. My son was upset.

Jennifer Dubasik

very nice theater and staff

Joan S

Good show buy a large popcorn and always just get little pieces. Disappointed use to be the best part of going to the movies

Daniel Smith

Nice place comfortable seating excellent parking good sound system in theaters and all latest movies

Jack Snake

It was clean and the pic on the screan was perfect very happy with the experience

Tin Man

Always polite. Good theatre.

Kelly Seehafer

Great service, typical pricing and pretty clean for a theater.

John Huffman

Nice seats! Good price.

Russell Wooten

Child screaming in middle of movie. Parent took forever to go out with child.

Steven Shelton

Everything was great. Clean and very comfortable

Todd Steffel

Staff is very friendly, Facilities very clean.

Jean Calhoun

We arrived intending to see a specific show (as listed in the paper) only to find the theater had decided last minute to not show it in order to accommodate another theater for another show. We understand but it was very disappointing all the same.

cupcake girl

Just live the ease of getting to this cinema we find the seating to be incredible comfortable

Ben S

This place has great stadium seating and good screens. Clean most of the time. Surround sound is cool. Prices for food, snacks and drinks are high imo.

jordan johnson

Tuesday is the day to go love 5 dollar movie nights

Molly Campbell

Great place to go on week days since it's mostly empty. They have $5 Tuesdays. It's clean, has great snacks and all the first run movies.

Jasmen Godfrey

Amazing place for people of any age. They change their movies every Friday depending on how popular the movie is. Doesn't cost much.

Nathan Rave

They were the last place without assigned seats but I still sat where I wanted

Ryan R

Good theater. Offers military discounts and $5 dollar Tuesdays

Mary Jo Hunter

Pleasant place to see a movie. Nice!

Melanie Butler

Food at snack bar tasted stale. Movie was great and theatre was clean.

00 00

Outdated but cute theater

Susan Lloyd

Great service! Clean and quiet.

Samantha Stark

Nice, well taken care of cinema. Good food/snack choices and I love having the rewards card I can use at any marcus cinema. I just hope this one eventually gets the reclining seats!


I love this cinema

Jamie Milheiser

I think that they could be a little more organized. Utilize their emplyess better to SERVE their guests. Not have a person standing next to a cashier talking about what they are doing that weekend while they have 10+ customers trying to order their snacks prior to their movie starting. Aside from the lack of management, We enjoy the theater in Tomah.

Sam Komay

Always an enjoyable experience watching movies here! The staff is great.

Lynn Stratton

Love this place! Staff is always so nice and funny too.

Dwayne Hefner

Very good staff, great popcorn and comfortable seating. Usually has all the top movies that are out.


The movies is awesome and $5 Tuesday is even awesome

Dustin Meacham

They have an awesome deal when it comes to Tuesday's.

Michael Cowart

Nice theater.

Judy Gallant

We are avid movie goers and love this theater! When we came to Tomah we had no movie theater. We were so happy to get the HoChunk Theater. The staff is always smiling and very helpful, the place is always clean, and the seats are very comfortable! Thank you for the theater!

Michael B

Very clean. Comfortable seats.

Frank Wilson

Allways clean, staff usually knows up coming movies

Beth Wolpert

Always a great Tuesday $5 movue and free popcirn

Hwa Young

Friendly staff and very knowledgeable about policies and movies. Food is always expensive like any typical theater... You have to purchase one of those popcorn flavor things if you want flavored popcorn since the popcorn they serve only has butter on them. Good seating, picture, and audio. Usually not too crowded if you go at the right time. Tickets are about the same price as tickets at other theaters.

Winnie Zander

They don't post what time they open only when the shows start.

austin bader

Thumbs up the picture quality is better then most around here very and Comfortable seats

Julz Madison

didn't want to leave the comfort of their seat, movie was good too

Gary W

Nice clean theater

Braeden Melter

Good prices for tickets. Average concessions. Better than Sparta theatre.

Heather Clauser

Nice seats and friendly staff.

Brian A

Took our family there for the last two Tuesdays when it's little bit more affordable, those still cost over $40 for tickets and food for four people. We asked for them to butter it every couple inches and the employee nodded her head each time and then proceeded to fill half of the popcorn been with popcorn before putting butter on it. Seeing this I again asked for her to put butter every ensure to for the rest of it and she nodded her head and said okay and then proceeded to fill the rest of the bucket before she putting butter on it. This happened on two different visits in a row and both of them required us to come out multiple times and have them add butter to the popcorn. The first time this happened, we just ignored it. The second time and especially when we had to come out at least two additional times, is ridiculous. Especially for what we're paying for the popcorn. We've never had this problem before so hopefully it's isolated. The theater is very clean most of the staff are very professional and we really enjoy going there. Very disappointed in the popcorn issue as it was intentional. Not the employee or employees were trying to sabotage it, they just didn't care.

Ali Rahman

Hygiene 1st, not wearing gloves while serving popcorn and apparently don’t know how to scoop popcorn without placing his finger inside your bucket. Having three flavors of icee and two are only working, peak hours should have 3 lines open for efficient service, not here. This is why I’m willing to drive to amc in the Dells because small town theaters don’t want to get with the times . Food, because you won’t upgrade your menu (2018) I’m forced to go to Culver’s and get what you should have on your menu and bring that in. Please go to a metropolitan city and see a movie ( Reclining seats, hot food, coffee, beer, staffing at peak times, ) . I hope no one opens a theater in sparta or wyville that’s better. Remember sears?? Couldn’t get with the times.

Todd Bloomingdale

Not a bad location for your family or date night needs. Pretty clean location that does have stadium style seating. some of the prices on the concession are semi steep but overall am pleased with the location.

Andrew Starr

Awesome staff friendly and helpful

Kathy Hanson

I am temporarily in a wheelchair. I had to use the women's bathroom. The bathroom is very difficult to use with a wheelchair. I was not able to get in or out of the wheelchair & reach the toilet easily. I actually had to stand & hobble on my good leg. I had to then back out to get out. Granted, I am not super good at using a wheelchair, but it really shouldn't have been this difficult. Otherwise, my experience during the movie was very nice.

Kevin Roh

Nice clean theater. Great prices.

Heather Mae

Rather expensive. I strongly suggest eating before you go. Even a soda is close to to 5 bucks. With popcorn added another 8bucks. Adds up way too fast. I'd rather wait to watch the movies on Netflix or when they come out on TV

Yannick Roberts

This place is empty...And crazy affordable... Amazing experience when your the only person in the theaters

Lion rage jungal

Clean, seats are comfortable, but prices for food is outrageous

Ronald Jerdee

Good theater, seen Deadpool 2

jayson sullivan

Friendly staff and good deals on tuesdays.

Collin Jeidy

Nice facility, lots of previews. It was clean, the staff were fine, and the seats were pretty comfy. The screen and audio were both clear. The previews were about 20 minutes, so arriving ten minutes after our movie starts will hopefully improve our experience.

Tracy Stoll

I find it interesting that you do not play many of the comedies in your theater that are with African American casts. Examples, Madea Movies, Kevin Hart movies, Tiffany Haddish, to name a few.

Tyler Wood

Drove 45 minutes to arrive around 1:30, the movie is scheduled at 1:50. They didn't bother putting up a notice that the power outages several hours earlier messed their system until around 1:15. Thanks for wasting our time.

Scott Eighmey

Always a nice experience. Comfy seats, friendly staff.

Daniel Mata

Small theatre but it has the movies and food.

Marcus Wilson

Great staff

Jamie Davis

So good never using another movie theater again

Pam Gowin

Yummy popcorn and great movie time

Joan Bjerke

It was a blessing. We need more movies like that.

Cassie Salzwedel

Very clean and employees are friendly.

Monica Lopez

We had a great time

Jessica Bilski

Nice place, but why are movies and snacks so expensive?! (this place is not any more expensive as any other theater, and they have a special on Tuesdays where movies are only $5!)

Nichole Atikmen

Workers nice n helpful

Don Magers

It's a good theater. Clean and we'll managed. Lots of choices for movies.

Gerald Fushianes

Staff is friendly and the theater is clean

Rodney Calkins

Love coming here with my son and dates with the wife

wyatt hanson

Very nice theaters

Anthony and Betty Wantuch

Seen the curse of la larune. 2hrs long and got a little predictable

Becky Nawrot

Place for family

Mathew Rohde

Always a great place to watch some movies. Good deals too

Gary Falcon

Nice seats

Chelsey Woods

$5.00 tuesdays are good! The popcorn & drinks are a bit pricey, its a clean place, the workers are always smiling. They added a new feature which was seat selection. I think seat selection is a FANTASTIC addition.

Badabing Edwards

Wish the seats reclined but other than that not bad when you don't want to travel an hour to see a movie.

Edward Blackdeer

Good friendly staff and new movies shown.

Felicia Wanna

Need new chairs again. Other wise love this place.

Maia Dobson

Clean theaters, friendly staff. Price is comparative to other places. Visiting from out of town... smaller theater than what we are used to. Leg room between seats is small.

Amanda Crubaugh

The seats are pretty comfortable. Everything is clean. The prices are quite high however so be prepared to spend quite a bit on a regular day/night. They do have $5 Tuesdays I believe during the matinee times. And a rewards program.

Janelle Stoikes

Clean and comfortable

Susan Waltemath

Very clean and everything was working. Film ran very smoothly!!

Defcore Durz

Clean facility, friendly service and concession prices that are far from the worst a cinema can offer. Especially love the bargain movie Tuesday with $5 admission. Well worth a visit.

Tori Jones

Amazing!!!! Deseray made our entire night incredible!!! That girl needs a raise!!!

Dennis Hassinger

I really like this theater. I know when I'm going to load or deliver at Ft. McCoy that I'm going to this place and watching at least 1 movie. Fresh popcorn and friendly people!!!!!

Remy 69

It was really cold in there

Raquel Mckichan

Enjoyed movie night with family . Clean and chairs comfortable

Edward Hicks

Decent theatre nice discounted pricing.

Todd Edson

Nice theater but they need more staff, Dr Pepper in the fountains, and more reasonable prices.

Wild Amateur

A little expensive But very nice

Gideon Welch

Great theatre i really enjoyed my self

Crystal Dawn

This place is a great has great atmosphere and amazing friendly staff plus the cheaper prices on Tuesdays!

John Nelson

Great little theater. I do work here so maybe I am a little biased.

Tonya Traywick

Nice and clean but food was twice the price of the movie

Roxanne Scott

Nice theater. Lots of viewing options.

Ken Hanson

The man who gave me my ticket was nice along with the girl who was in the theater when I walked in. Good customer service but the theater (theater #4) was very dirty. Every space in between the seats had popcorn and gunk in between them. Almost made me want to leave but I didn’t want to waste my money.

SwexyPlusSizePoledance Mama

Outside the snack bar being over priced, the service is pretty good.

Michael Meixner

This theater has implemented a"choose your seat" policy. I don't like it and when I walked into the movie, I asked if anyone else liked it. There were several " no's", and no yeses. Please change it back, it also slows down the ticket line significantly.

al smoldt

This is one of my favorite theaters! And I visit them all over the country (well, kinda). The staff is super friendly; the popcorn is always fresh; the restrooms are very clean; the price is right. Good job Ho Chung!

Butch Pasch

My parents take me to movies.

Larry Nofsinger

Kinda heavy on the houses side

Iam Ghost

The movie was good but the theater is a bit outdated for a Marcus cinema, they really could use the upgraded electronic recliner chairs at least.

Andrew Zuelke

Great selection of movies. Just saw Alita!

Derek Bankston

Good theater with decent prices. The pop machines are open for patrons. Much better than getting a cup of ice with a splash of soda.

Carla Williams

Awesome people... Comfy chairs

Justin DeCora

Snacks are a little pricey but great place to watch a movie


Great place Brother's keep it up your doing great

Central Atom

It was great I think some people would really enjoy the place just because there is a wait doesn't mean it's not great.

Crystal Skiff

Great place to watch a movie with your loved ones. The seats are super soft

Heather Williams

Great prices. Comfortable seats. Clean atmosphere!

Jon Carlson

Excellent service and tasty concessions

Flower Boy

would it kill y’all to play an indie movie for once??

Paul Gaede

The staff is very nice, and the seats are very comfortable.

J Christensen

I went there for the cheap Tuesday night movie for $5 the theater was good the entryway was a little bit in need of attention.

Roger/Shari Cummings

Good theater even if snacks are pricy

Donna Derkacy

Nice clean theater

Liddy J

We stop here for movie night when we're passing through. We ask if we can stay parked in the lot for the night and they don't mind.

Debbie Geier-DeLaLuz

Pop corn was cold and tough:/ very expensive.

Eugene Bell

Clean, nice staff, stocked well, nice theater

Richard Erickson

Good movie theater, especially for a small town. The staff are always friendly and generous. Look forward to my next movie!

Amado Carrasquillo

A family oriented location. Is a very old style of movie theater. They need to change there ticket check up when a movie that is brand new is out cause it doesn't matter if you pre bought your tickets the line to check and buy is the same therefore you could expect a longer waiting time and probably having to seat on the front and that clearly is what you try to avoid when you get tickets in advance.

Morgan Harris

Had tickets for a movie preordered and we get there it's sold out which is fine but the manager says to me good luck finding a seat while I'm 38 weeks pregnant we ended up leaving and not seeing the movie bacause there was no where to sit... definitely will not go back to this theatre.

Reece Kohn

Assigned seating printed onto the ticket. Interesting modification, good customer service. Attentive and respectful, good place to take the family for a movie night.

Carol Moore

People are lazy, always playing on their phones. Very poor customer service, and not Veteran friendly at all.

Scott Geiger

First time visiting this Marcus location. Very nice but no stadium seating or recliners. Popcorn tasted old and I was at first movie of the day at 10:10am!!


Hands down the most comfortable chairs, and not overly crowded.


It’s terrible with the new assigned seats. I went to go watch Spider-Man and the movie had started and my ticket was a seat in the front row but I didn’t want to sit in the front row and there were multiple seats open. I sat in a seat farther back that was open and someone came and told me I had to sit in my assigned seat in the front row.

Debbie Crow

Chairs in the movies are comfortable. Clean theater.

Klarista Spragg

Always love visiting. Staff is friendly, clean facilities, lobby, and theaters.

Bob Gutsche

Very nice theater. The best time to go is Tuesday as prices are really inexpensive on Tuesday. Also Friday is a good day to go. Just be aware the snacks cost more than the show.

Justin Spaulding

It was very clean and the staff were polite.

bob andrus

Movie was good

Lisa Anders

We are used to bigger city theaters and anematies that come with that are not provided here. That aside this is a very nice smaller town theater. The staff is friendly and always willing to help with a smile. The personal tray carriers for drinks/ popcorn are usually always dirty/ greasy etc so asking for a clean one is helpful but you may still be getting a cleaner dirty version. I have experienced a movie that was excessive with person on phone using flashlight, talking, texting, children running entire theater. Although I could not enjoy my movie the staff did make it right and did give tips how to deal with this in the future. They have great deals that would be wonderful for your family and recommend to get out with your family

shinky shank

Very cold. Workers are nice, place is clean. It suffers from the usual overpriced movie theatre snack prices Nothing too spectacular.

Brenda Roher

Nice clean place,down side, dont get some good movies.

Sandie Rzeszutko

The seats are so comfortable here. It is the first time I've ever been in a seat that was as comfortable as my recliner at home. Friendly staff also. One down fall is they charge for ice.

Roxann Calkins

Nice theater, loved the Grinch movie. $4.25 for a small bottle of water seemed excessive. Still a good experience.

Nick Rhea

Giving this place a 4 / 5. The only thing keeping it from being a 5 / 5 is their movie selection. They play 90% of the big movies but now and again they don't play some of the biggest / best movies hitting every other theater; the movie "Arrival" being the latest to not be shown here. Popcorn is crazy priced like usual but blame the movie companies, not the local theater. Always a clean place and they do quite a few midnight showings for blockbusters like Star Wars or The Avengers etc etc.


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